Sunday, May 28, 2017


And so, it seems like a litany of anti-violence group hype, press events and a citizens task force from City Hall haven't helped to curb the local rate of killing.

Murder #50 for the year was counted this morning on Prospect and KCMO is in the midst of a homicide streak to start the hottest months of the year.

Kansas City has suffered 5 homicides just this week with another seven injured from gun fire.

What's worse is that the local conversation is focused mostly on development and how a new airport, a new hotel and more toy train rail can be delivered to political cronies.

The social media "conversation" doesn't seem to be helping either as the blame game seem now dominates local chatter and this town seems to have not only given up on new ideas to fight crime but also seems to ignore the fact that the number of police on local streets has been scaled back over the past 10 years for reasons that have yet to be adequately explained to the public.

And again, all of these fun facts aren't that important as local streets turn into killing fields with neither activists nor law enforcement capable of stopping the slaughter.

Developing . . .

TKC Told You So: Kansas City Steps Up Security After Manchester Terror Attack

Earlier this week we talked about increased danger amid a new trend of "soft target" attacks and now it seems that local authorities are now acknowledging their efforts behind the scenes . . . Take a look:

Union Station beefs up security for Memorial Day celebration after Manchester attack

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Every Memorial Day weekend, hundreds of people gather at Union Station to listen to the Kansas City Symphony and watch fireworks. It's a family-friendly event with tons of games, activities, and food. To keep it safe and fun, the Symphony and Union Station are adding more security, in light of the recent bombing tragedy in Manchester, England.


The last place lifestyle is setting in for Kansas City sports once again . . . Here's a glimpse at the latest devastating defeat:

Kansas City destroyed by Cleveland, 10-1

Vengeance is a dish served with a ton of runs.

JoCo Po-Po Deadly Motorcycle Crash Today

Aftermath after a law enforcement run-in this afternoon . . .

Crash involving Johnson County deputy kills motorcyclist

A crash involving a Johnson County deputy killed a motorcyclist on Sunday.


This Sunday morning we offer equal time and FIRST look at how local biz plans on convincing Kansas City to vote for a new airport.

The advert takes a confident and reassuring tone in rehashing longstanding arguments in favor of building anew . . . This time accompanied with impressive local stock footage and some old school clips of the current MCI configuration in order to highlight the need for an update . . .

Even better, some computer animated graphics hints at a closer look at new KCI plan on the way.

Here's the advert:

And so, we'll be seeing this kind of local rhetoric a lot between now and November given that new airport supporters have more money then God to back up their campaign to convince Kansas City.

Did the ad work? Did it inspire? Will it change minds???

You decide . . .

Kansas City Killing Spree Continues...

Things are getting serious when the news starts giving suspect descriptions and local TV broadcasts are taking more serious note of the carnage . . . Check the 4th KCMO murder since Wednesday . . .

Police search for two suspects in homicide

Police are investigating after one person was assaulted and killed. At about 9:30 p.m., police were called to 22nd and Denver on an assault, where they found one person deceased. Police are searching for two black males in their 20s. If you have any information about this incident, call police.

Missouri GOP Ignores Kansas City???

The racial component of the story deserves attention but there's also just a bit of proof that all of KCMO has suffered under single-party rule given that Broadway Buck O'Neil debate the could hamper the Northland and all of its middle-class denizens. Take a look:

Are Communities Of Color Being Heard In Missouri's Capitol?

At the end of the 2017 legislative session, we took the podcast on the road to ask an important question: are Kansas City's communities of color being heard in Jefferson City? This podcast was recorded live at the Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church in Kansas City, Missouri.

One More Try: Will Kansas City Night Hoops Keep The Peace This Summer?!?!

Brisk and rainy weather this week has kept the peace whilst Kansas City continues a tradition of FAIL.

One example out of many . . .

"Night Hoops is one of Mayor’s Nights longest running programs since 1992. Night Hoops is an eight-week evening basketball league for youth and adults that not only focuses on basketball, but offers youth enrichment activities, job and professional development training and mentoring. Night Hoops has a standing history with a number of great basketball players from Kansas City that have benefited from this opportunity on and off the court."

Will it work this time around???

You decide . . .

Kansas City Royals Keeping The Faith

Amid nasty talk and bottom rankings . . . Just a bit of local inspiration . . .

Kansas City Royals' Catching Coach Is Firmly Catholic

With all the ups and downs in Major League Baseball, many players and coaches find solace and stability in some form of spirituality. For Kansas City Royals' catching coach Pedro Grifol, that means being a committed Catholic who prays every day and attends Mass every Sunday throughout the year, regardless of whether a game is being played or not.

Fear The Perfect Village Crime Wave

Round-up of a recent crime wave for a small town that isn't really equipped to handle anything but a crackdown on skateboarders. Take a look:

Prairie Village apartment complex struck by two robberies in one week

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. -- Police are investigating two robberies that happened within a one week span, both in broad daylight. Residents said it happened near 75th and Juniper, at the De Ville 75 condos. Residents said both robberies happened on the bottom floor units.

The World According To KCMO City Hall

Not because we like it, but because it's important . . . Here's City Hall Weekly Report that starts with airport hype and then just keeps getting worse.

You decide . . .

Saturday, May 27, 2017


In attempting to build a place for himself in Kansas City history, Mayor Sly James has instead reinforced longtime complaints that he's a total corporate shill working in the best interest of his patrons and insider pals rather than voters.

Just a few examples for his consultants paid to argue against this local truism:

- The new airport no-bid Burns & Mac ram through has earned almost universal rebuke among civic circles. Anybody who cares about this issue realizes that the process needs to be far more transparent, involve voter input and include more than one company bidding in order to realize the project.

- Ever since Derron Black jumped on stage to complain about and interrupt the guy, it's been clear Mayor Sly has very little urban core, inner city support. The Mayor's "people" are lawyers, consultants and Internets hipsters in the Crossroads. Outside of this core hipster constituency Sly has very few people willing to buy into his cult of personality that has enraptured social media denizens. TKC reality check: A like, follow or retweet is not a vote.

- The Mayor's legacy is higher taxes and taxpayer subsidized luxury living space. Credit where it's due, the Mayor has brought home the bacon for developers and nobody else. While everybody loves a good time, check the score board and realize and the Mayor's only political victories have come against one of the most unpopular politicos in KC history AND some homeless dude -- In all of this other wins, there has been no organized opposition.

And all of this is simply to offer a bit of insight into how we should remember the mayor and realize that voters aren't obligated to secure any politico's legacy at a time when social media has made history a nearly forgotten rhetorical artifact and mostly a disposable and completely malleable part of the American discourse.

Accordingly, here's our playlist to compliment all of these ideas this evening . . .

Also, because a few of you have sent links our way and this list is always geared toward late night readers . . . Here's Midnight Rider tribute to the much better legacy of Gregg Allman:

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday Night.

Kansas City Homicide #48 & More Local Life

Quick roundup tonight of more local killing and other local content. Take a peek:

Fourth Killing This Week

Homicide suspect surrenders to police after standoff near 49th and Agnes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police were engaged in a standoff near 49th Street and Agnes with a suspect in a homicide on Saturday. Officers were called to a residence around 2 p.m. on a report of a stabbing. Upon arrival, police found once victim inside an apartment with apparent stab wounds, who died shortly after police arrived.

Losing Faith In Local Anti-Crime Efforts

Operation Save KC aims to curb violence through faith and fun

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- On the heels of a week riddled with crime, people in Kansas City said their Operation Save KC event came at a perfect time. This weekend's joint community effort took aim at tackling the city's rise in violence.

This Old & Busted KC House
Kansas City's minor home repair program again taking applications
Kansas City Inferno Injury

REPORT: Two injured in south Kansas City blaze

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City fire crews are battling a blaze that injured at least one person. Firefighters were dispatched to the 8600 block of E. 116th Street just after 9:30 p.m. on a reported house fire. Initial reports indicated people may have been trapped inside, but when fire crews arrived, everyone was out of the house.

Tragic River Discovery

Body of missing 64-year-old man found in Missouri River

The victim in a KBI and Doniphan County Sheriff's Office death investigation was recovered in the Missouri River late this morning. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation said that at about 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, a citizen spotted a body in the Missouri River south of St. Joseph, Missouri in Buchanan County.

Sound Of Local Celebration

Rain didn't stop the feeling at KC Jazz Fest

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After the first day of the KC Jazz and Heritage Festival closed to beautiful weather and big crowds, organizers scrambled to prepare for storms on day two. "We will watch out for a major thunderstorm or any lightning. At that particular time we'll close the event," Executive Director Cheptoo Kositany-Buckner said.

Cussing Kansas City Royals

Eric Hosmer says a bad word and gets tossed

View the FanShot on SB Nation.


The new kiosks hitting the Kansas City area Wendy's stores don't protest, they never go on strike and they don't ask for higher wages.

To wit . . .


Remember that earlier this year Wendy's announced a move to install self-ordering kiosks in 1,000 of its stores - 16% of its locations nationwide.

A social media friend recently offered a terse but accurate review of one kiosk near a JoCo location.

Here's the word:

"I'm at Wendy's where they just installed prepay kiosks inside. You order via touch screen and swipe your card. What little human interaction there was before has now been eliminated."

Read that closely, there's nothing inherently negative in the writing, merely a statement of fact regarding the human component or lack thereof . . . Meanwhile, responses to the local Wendy's move have varied and fall along typical partisan lines.

More interestingly, middle-class or "professional" workers are tempted to think that they're safe from this trend but the fact is that exponentially increasing computing power that has defied predictions and high speed Internet communication now threaten nearly every job with advanced automation and telcom based outsourcing that's much harder for governments to regulate.

Translation: Legal work and so-called white collar jobs are now moving to India at a quicker pace.

And so, as we move toward a Summer that promises more debate over a proposed minimum wage increase . . . Let's consider the tech alternatives that are already threatening Kansas City jobs starting on the low end but increasingly working upward.

You decide . . .


The spate of local gunfire continues. Here's the latest . . .

KMBC: Two people were shot Saturday afternoon near 21st Street and Kansas Avenue in east Kansas City.

One victims clings to life and another suffers non-life threatening injuries as increased gunfire confronts KCMO at the outset of Summer.

Developing . . .

Celebrate The Kansas City Country Club Plaza Critical Mass Bike Ride Takeover!!!

Recently, a mob of youthful folks rolled through the Plaza, blocked traffic and offered a glimpse of their growing numbers and increasing political influence.

In this instance, the celebration was mostly welcomed and greeted enthusiastically.

Take a look:

You decide . . .

Kansas City Homicide #48: Young Urban Core Latino Dude Shot And Killed In Car

Aftermath of an early morning homicide scene as more gunfire echos through inner-city neighborhoods. Here's the round-up:

Man shot, killed inside vehicle at 26th & Myrtle

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A man was shot and killed inside a vehicle at 26th & Myrtle late Friday night. Police say officers were called to the intersection on the sound of gunshots. A Hispanic man in his early 20's was found inside a vehicle. He was pronounced dead a short time later.

Home Invasion Crisis: Days Of Leaving Doors Unlocked In Perfect Village Are Finished

Pro-tip for the inner-suburbs of Johnson County coping with increased crime . . . It's not really a home break-in if doors are left unlocked, more like an acceptance to an invitation. Take a peek:

Prairie Village police investigate home invasion Saturday morning

Prairie Village police are investigating a bold home invasion Saturday morning. Police officers were called at 10:23 a.m. to to the 5100 block of West 75th Street, near Juniper Street on an aggravated robbery. Police said a man walked in through an unlocked front door, where he met one of the victims in the hallway.

Property Tax Price Tag: Horrific Jackson County Jail Could Cost $300-Million

And that's not counting the lawsuits that keep piling up. Take a look:

How much will it cost to fix dangerous, filthy Jackson County jail? $300M might do it

The men and women who live or work in the red-brick tower with slits for windows in downtown Kansas City don't often generate much public sympathy. Yet their stories of life inside the Jackson County jail are sometimes horrific.

Stormy Weather Might Save Kansas City Lives This Memorial Day Weekend

Like it or not, the forecast has a lot more to do with the local homicide count than most newsies would like to admit. And so rain threatening the Kansas City area this weekend isn't entirely a bad thing.

Check a forecast update and more local newsie links. Take a look:

Saturday Kansas City Storms And Tornado Warning

Storms Saturday bring heavy rain, gusty winds, hail to KC area

Ruth Frazier SOURCE: Ruth Frazier A line of storms pushed through the Kansas City area early Saturday afternoon bringing heavy rain, gusty winds and hail. A tornado watch that was issued until 7 p.m. was lifted about 2:30 p.m. A tornado warning was issued for Henry County because of a radar-indicted tornado.

Show-Me Broken Missouri Public Safety Tech

Statewide database of missing kids in Missouri paints unreliable picture

Dijon Oates was arrested and charged with robbery on his 16th birthday and sentenced to five years of probation. About three years later, he was arrested and charged with murdering a man on MetroLink. But according to the Missouri Highway Patrol's website, he has been missing since he was 15 years old.

Rock Chalk Blue State Talk

The Democratic Perspective In The Kansas House

On this episode, we get the democratic perspective on a school funding formula that passed in the Kansas House last week. And, we look ahead to what tax

Kansas City Rising Star

Casi Joy dazzles in interview, song on Midday

Casi Joy joined us on Midday for nearly an hour in-studio, fresh off her appearances on NBC's The Voice. Unfortunately, she didn't make it to this season's finals - though we really, really thought she should have! We've been following Casi Joy, not just because of her apparent singing talent...

Hope For The Home Team

Kansas City Royals are a home run hitting team this season

The Kansas City Royals are currently locked in a five-way tie for the 17th most team home runs through 2017 at this point of the season. Normally, the Royals are always near the bottom of those standings, as they've just never been a home run hitting team.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Kansas City 3rd District Council Dude Jermaine Reed is busy planning his next move and a long-shot effort to sneak into the Mayor's Office.

To wit . . .


Here's the card a hint that money is always the easiest way to a politico's heart . . .

The first major KCMO Mayoral campaign event kinda sends mixed messages and while the candidate rages against the Trump administration . . . It's hard to identify with all the plebs from a luxury penthouse.

You decide . . .

Kansas City Road Rage Aftermath

A reminder as weekend travelers hit the streets . . . Tempers continue to run hot throughout the Kansas City area given so many recent local shootings. Example:

Police search for shooter in road rage incident near Holmes, I-435

Police say road rage is to blame after two people were shot as they sat in their car along Holmes Road during rush hour traffic Thursday.

West Nile Kills Meth Town Youngster???

Local fear of plague htting the Kansas City area working-class . . .

Metro 8-year-old boy dies suddenly and mysteriously with symptoms that match West Nile Virus

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- A metro father is in shock. His 8-year-old son died mysteriously on Tuesday, now the little boy's possible cause of death has his family reeling. Dennis Burd got sick last weekend and his parents figured it was the flu.

Another Airport Bid Confronts Mayor Sly

Update on news from earlier this week as the Mayor struggles to formulate a response as public outcry of his corrupt NO-BID plan continues. Take a look:

Mayor James still studying AECOM offer to bid on KCI terminal plan

Kansas City Mayor Sly James and his staff were still doing "due diligence" Friday in reviewing Los Angeles-based AECOM's bid to shake up the city's planning for a single terminal at Kansas City International Airport.

The Kansas City Newsie Elite Chat

Professional opinion-makers offer arguments just a bit more eloquent than your crappy FB posts . . .


"Nick Haines, Steve Vockrodt, Barbara Shelly, Dave Helling and Steve Kraske discuss the public opinion sessions about a single terminal KCI , the response to a string of murders on Indian Creek Trail, Blue Cross and Blue Shield's announcement that it will leave the ACA exchange, Jermaine Reed's mayoral campaign launch, leadership changes at area universities and legislative sessions in KS and MO."

Take a look:

You decide . . .

Celebrate Kansas City Prohibition History

A reminder that this cowtown has a long history of finding its way around the always evolving law of the land . . .

Prohibition project: Affronti's grocery

Another post in a series on the Prohibition era in Kansas City, 1920 to 1933. Posts take the form of encyclopedic entries about surviving buildings and other structures with stories to tell about moonshine, bootlegging, speakeasies, "wets" and "drys," and associated events, activities and personalities.

Show-Me The Corrupt Missouri Power Play

An important correlation to compliment one-party Jeff City hegemony:

Beware, Missouri: When Ethics Go Down, Utility Rates Go Up

The Missouri state legislature had quite the year. St. Louis city's minimum wage ordinance was nullified. The state's Human Rights Statute was gutted. And to no surprise, our leaders failed to expand Medicaid. Though it seems as if Missourians had more than their fair share of detrimental policy, Governor Greitens has now called a special session to bid for utility monopolies at the expense of consumers.

Kansas City Saturday First Look

CharMac starts our Saturday morning and these are just a few of the Kansas City links we're checking . . .

The Kansas City Burrito Crisis

Chipotle offers more info on security incident from April

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (Chipotle) is providing further information about the payment card security incident that Chipotle previously reported on April 25, 2017. The information comes at the completion of an investigation that involved leading cyber security firms, law enforcement, and the payment card networks.

Sprint Center Security Scare

Security on minds of concert-goers as Roger Waters kicks off tour at Sprint Center

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters kicked off his Us and Them North American tour Friday Night at Kansas City's Sprint Center. Opening songs included Breathe, One of these Days, and Time. "Once in a lifetime for both of us, so we are pretty excited," said 21-year-old Mariah Lamar, who had purchased tickets for her and her father.

Show-Me GOP Gridlock

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens hints at more special sessions

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens has hinted at the possibility of another special session just hours after the Legislature adjourned from its first. The governor told The Associated Press on Friday that he is "leaving every option on the table" and has a lot of topics that could be considered for a future special session.

Sleaze Summit Housing Rage

Lee's Summit dream home nightmare continues

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - Imagine building a brand new, $500,000 home then finding out you can't live in it. That's the nightmare one Lee's Summit family continues to deal with. "We were at $557,000, then minus value is negative $172,000. That's without legal fees, mortgage payments, utility payments and more," said homeowner Pam Hatcher.

Raytown Home Repair Nightmare

Collapsed ceiling pours insulation, mold into Raytown home, creating 'toxic mess'

RAYTOWN, Mo. --The storms and rain this spring have caused damage to homes across the metro, including the house where Montoyia Walker and her three children live. The ceiling in Walker's bedroom has collapsed, bringing insulation and mold with it, infecting her home and making her children sick.She has been to the emergency room twice in the last few months because her children are having asthmatic reactions to the mold.

The Great War Review

For Memorial Day, Kansas City's World War I Museum Invites Public To Make Connections

The National World War I Museum and Memorial plans several events, along with free admission for veterans and active-duty military personnel, to celebrate Monday's national holiday recognizing the men and women who've died in service to the U.S. military.

More KCMO Weekend Plans

Memorial Day 2017: Things to do around Kansas City this weekend

The Memorial Day weekend is here, and there are a lot of ways for you to get out and enjoy it. The KC Jazz and Heritage Festival is now open. There are multiple stages up at the Historic 18th and Vine District, so you can go check out the music, food and drinks.

Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan - There For You and this is the OPEN THREAD for this morning . . .

Friday, May 26, 2017

Kansas City Weekly Power Rankings!!!

Amid a wonderful week of weather and as movie audiences celebrate super hero girl power we take a quick look at the locals who flexed their muscles amid the Kansas City conversation . . .

Mike Talboy

A former State Rep. is now the lead political power player behind the scenes for Burns & Mac in the midst of what is potentially one of the biggest no-bid deals Kansas City has ever witnessed.

Patrick McInerney

Top local legal dude and the only guy in KCMO who can defend no-bid corruption by Mayor Sly with a straight face.

Jason Parson

The lead consultant for the streetcar, Mayor Sly's go-to urban core representative and now working damage control for the Downtown Convention Hotel . . . Possibly the most connected establishment consultant in KCMO.

Jackson County Prosecutor "Mean" Jean Peters Baker

Angry residents screamed at her amid a warning about a crime-ridden house but this politico put herself out on a limb to stand up for a local neighborhood and that effort should be respects as the Summer is dominated by a local development agenda.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield Of Kansas City

The Insurance juggernaut dumped Obamacare and leads the way to a new era in American healthcare for better or worse.

And so . . . We move to a weird KCMO Summer where nobody is exactly sure what lies ahead.

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.

Kansas City Shooting Spree Report

More reporting on a dangerous start to Memorial Day Weekend. Take a look at this crime report as Kansas City records homicide #47 tonight:

Spike in Kansas City violence leaves leaders and residents working to combat the problem

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A spike in violence in Kansas City has people trying harder than ever to figure out why this is happening in the metro. Police say eight people have been shot in KC in the last two days; three of those have been double shootings.

Fear The Kansas City Royals Rally Squirrel

An important win tonight powered by clutch hitting and a rambunctious rodent. Take a look:

Squirrel On The Field Interrupts Play Between Indians And Royals

Carlos Santana was in the middle of a fairly important plate appearance Friday, as the Cleveland Indians and Kansas City were tied 4-4 in the sixth inning before play had to be halted because a squirrel ran onto Progressive Field. The pesky squirrel appeared out in right field, and just as soon as it looked...


The Prez Trump Administration is keeping its word on rounding up illegal aliens starting with suspected violent criminals.

To wit . . .


Like it or not, the connection was downplayed by all other local media . . . Trump Administration Keeps its Promise: Begins Removing Violent Gang Members, Criminals, and Predators from American Communities

Context . . .

"These are results of its six-week nationwide gang apprehension operation, which resulted in the arrest of 384 illegal immigrants, as well as 61 foreign nationals voluntarily admitted into the country. The arrests of these 445 foreign nationals include those arrested for homicide- or sexual crime-related charges."

Deets that apply local . . .

"Arrest – carried out by local Kansas City officials and the Kansas City Police Department – of a MS-13 gang member. At the time of processing, the MS-13 member was a suspect for a prior homicide in Kansas City, Missouri."

Again, for the record, local Latino communities probably aren't gonna miss a murder suspect . . . And still, amid all the lamenting of lost opportunities for "dreamers" this bit of news deserves mention and impacts Kansas City's current homicide crisis.

Developing . . .


Harsh times for local dramatists and the latest cry for help . . .

In response to pending budget cuts which threaten the very existence of UMKC Theatre, a public, community-wide Town Hall meeting has been scheduled for Sunday, June 4 at 6p at Spencer Theatre on the UMKC campus. Theatre faculty, students, alumni and supporters will be speaking to show support for UMKC Theatre and demonstrate to the UMKC administration the extensive community support for this program. Currently, severe budget cuts will mean the loss of four faculty positions for the coming school year, seriously jeopardizing its nationally prominent graduate MFA Theatre program. #saveumkctheatre

Learn more at their event page.

Developing . . .

The Kansas City Artsy Magic Hour

Impressive work and amazing views from the most gifted photographer in Kansas City breaking ground with new tech . . .

Kansas City Nelson Atkins Museum Dusk Aerial Views - Photoblog

Kansas City Nelson Atkins Museum dusk aerial views from my flying camera drone in mid-April 2017 at nightfall; main museum plus Henry Bloch addition.


Our blog community warned of this move at the outset of May . . . And now it's news fact and part of the local agenda:

KC convention hotel backers aim for fast-track approval to avoid public vote

Backers of the planned 800-room downtown convention center hotel have proposed a new Kansas City ordinance they believe will accelerate project approval and circumvent a possible public vote. Meanwhile, late Friday afternoon, the citizens group fighting the project turned in an estimated 3,800 petition signatures to the city clerk's office, two days before Sunday's deadline to submit enough referendum petition signatures to force that public vote.

Kansas City Crime Round-Up Part Deux

The violent weekend is underway, take a look . . .

Kansas City Gunmen On The Run

Police search for 3 men in carjacking, crash near 87th, Wornall

Matt Evans/KMBC SOURCE: Matt Evans/KMBC Kansas City police are searching for three men suspected in a carjacking and crash Friday morning near 87th Street and Wornall Road. Police said officers spotted a tan Mazda Tribute that has been reported stolen in a carjacking.

Grizzly Killing Suspect On The Outskirts Of Town

Prosecutors to seek death penalty in quadruple homicide

PLATTE CITY, Mo. (AP) - Prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty if a northwest Missouri man is convicted of killing four member of his family. The Kansas City Star reports a June 1 hearing is scheduled in Platte County Circuit Court for prosecutors to argue for the chance to seek the death penalty against 25-year-old Grayden Lane Denham.

Follow-up From Our Midday

Eight shot in 48 hour span in Kansas City, including one homicide

Eight people were shot in a span of 48 hours in Kansas City, including a homicide Wednesday that claimed the life of a 28-year-old man. No charges have been announced in any of the shootings. Antonio C. Hughes of Kansas City was found fatally shot Wednesday at 57th Street and Bales.

Developing . . .

The Kansas City Friday Night Link Look

Bella Hadid and her evening gown hotness begins our evening look at all the important Kansas City newz . . .

TMZ: Bella Hadid Nearly Naked, 'Cause She Cannes

Tasty Kansas City Drone

It's a bird; it's a plane; it's a LaMar's 'dronut' - Kansas City Business Journal

Keep looking to the skies, LaMar's Donuts fans. LaMar's Donuts, founded in Kansas City, will make its first delivery of "dronuts" next week. Alas, it will be in the chain's new headquarters city of Denver. LaMar's plans to make four drone deliveries on May 31, including to the Denver City and County Building, the police and fire headquarters and the city's 16th Street Mall.

Kansas City Burrito Tech Backfires

Dozens of Kansas City-area Chipotle restaurants hacked

Fast food restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill confirmed on Friday that malware invaded the company's post-of-sale systems at hundreds of its restaurants, including dozens in the Kansas City metro, leading to the possibility that some credit card information from thousands of customers was stolen by hackers.

The Kansas City Building Boom

KC-area homebuilders continue to pick up single-family pace - Kansas City Business Journal

Builders in the eight-county Kansas City area pulled 2,059 single-family building permits during the first four months of 2017 - a pace not matched since before the recession. According to the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City, it was the highest year-to-date total though April since 2007, when 2,339 single-family permits were issued during the first four months of the year.

Show-Me Session Smelted

Missouri legislature's special session ends with smelting plant bill sent to Gov. Greitens

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens' first special session was a success. The Senate passed a bill 24-5 on Friday designed to reopen an aluminum smelting plant once operated by Noranda, as well as to build a new steel plant nearby. The bill will take effect the moment the Republican governor signs it.

Shadow Of Death In KCK This Summer

Schlitterbahn opens 2017 season as Verruckt still stands

On Friday, thousands of people will return to a major metro water park. But as the park opens, the scene of a tragedy continues to tower in the skyline. Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark will open it's 2017 season on a much more somber note.

Summer School Update
Crossroads to launch Downtown high school at Park U. urban campus
The Kansas City Cookout

Food Critics: The Best Grilled Dishes In Kansas City

Summer grilling season is upon us. Over this Memorial Day weekend, we'll be firing up the backyard grill, cold beverage in hand. But what exactly is grilling? KCUR's Food Critics defined it on Friday's Central Standard . "It's over hot fire or coals," Carlton Logan told host Gina Kaufmann.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


An impressive bit of journalism from our blog community that offers a peek at the behind the scenes conversation and a glimpse of discontent over current corporate tactics.

To wit . . .


Here's the word on the hush, hush and to protect both the innocent and corrupt alike with hope that one of the top players in Kansas City listens to a growing groundswell of discontent . . .

Source: Insider breaks rank

An employee at Burns and McDonnell Engineering confirms that campaign donations were made to Mayor Sylvester James following pressure/inducement from management.

Speaking strictly off-the-record, as an anonymous source, the individual expressed concern that in their zeal for company growth, Burns and McDonnell management is inadvertently impugning their own reputation and placing at risk the future of employee/owners.

In exchange for communicating with us, the individual insisted that the following points be highlighted:

1. Because we're employee/owners, Burns and McDonnell has a very protective insular corporate culture. It's a great company to work for and most of us are not politically active, especially in Kansas City Missouri.

2. The only reason I'm speaking with you is because I'm concerned that corporate management has strayed from the principles which this company was built upon. My parents and faith community instilled in me the utmost respect for core values like honesty, integrity, and competing on a level playing field.

3. Burns and McDonnell doesn't need to ingratiate itself into the good graces of the Mayor and Council by throwing around political donations. We're an excellent engineering firm and we stand proudly ready to compete with anyone in the world for projects. To do anything less is an insult to our staff.

4. Frankly, I've been embarrassed to read about some of the disclosures regarding our company's receipt of corporate welfare, especially in light of the fact that many residents of Kansas City are struggling to provide for their families. It's counter to what my faith teaches.

When asked about a specific Burns and McDonnell political fundraiser (we provided a listing) in which several hundred employees made almost identical campaign donations to Mayor Sylvester James, the source redirected the questioning back to us:
"To a reasonable person, what does that look like? Exactly."

"If we don't live in Kansas City, why would we donate to the Mayor's campaign? I didn't donate to my own Mayor and Councilperson in ------- (a suburb)."

"I guarantee you, that everyone received the message loud and clear that Mayor James was a special friend of Burns and McDonnell and it would be in our personal interest to make a contribution. Did I receive a memo directing me to do so? Of course not. They're not going to put something like that in writing, but they do keep track of who participates."

In regards to the current pending airport terminal proposal between Burns and McDonnell and Kansas City, the source expressed a fear that the no-bid aspect of the proposal will blow-up in the company's face and any problems arising during the multi-year project will be laid squarely at the feet of Burns and McDonnell. "It's not the way you ever want to enter a project. When there are questions from the outset about whether the project was necessary, whether it was awarded fairly, and whether political favors are being exchanged, it's like walking into a minefield. The city first needs to get the approval of the voters, then publicly solicit bids, if they're not going to do it themselves, and go from there. The longer this drags on, the worse it's going to be for us."

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