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MSM has completely skipped over this topic and more than a few denizens of our blog community requested a link. Here's the write-up and the official start to Missouri Senate campaign season:

McCaskill Admits Donation to Foundation Connected to Russian Ambassador

"Kislyak's meetings with current and former officials in the administration of President Donald Trump are one part of investigations into Russia's influence on the 2016 American election by congressional committees and special counsel Robert Mueller," the St.


Yesterday, thanks to our blog community, we mythbusted the hype around this plan and today the MSM is dutifully "reporting" talking points according to developers. Here's local "journalism" from public radio on a topic our blog community took apart:

Port KC Promoting Berkley Riverfront Park As Luxury Apartments Go Up Along The Missouri

As 410 luxury apartments go up along the riverfront, Port KC wants to rebrand Berkley Park. CEO Michael Collins says Port KC wants the south bank of the Missouri River to be all of Kansas City's front yard, not just those who move into the mixed-use development when it opens next year.

Kansas City Pays For DUI Checkpoint

After funding has been cut by the Missouri GOP . . . The local effort to crack down on drivers persists:

KCPD to conduct DUI checkpoints this 4th of July weekend

Every year, federal leaders provide grant money to MoDOT, but Missouri lawmakers recently passed a bill that cut funding for DUI checkpoints to just one dollar ($1) as an incentive for departments to use saturation patrols instead. Bentch says that will not deter his department from using checkpoints.


Important info sent from our blog community offers perspective on REAL LIFE FOR WORKING PEOPLE IN KANSAS CITY.

And here's what we learn from this study of Kansas City living conditions, labor life and search for housing . . .


Here's the story as it relates to housing and the search for affordable living space.


Post-Rent Wage Growth: Kansas City did not Achieve Inclusive Growth for all Classes of Workers

Although most metros have experienced overall wage growth over the past decade, very few have achieved something called "inclusive growth" that benefits all workers. We define metros as having achieved inclusive growth if blue-collar, knowledge, and service workers all experienced increases in post-rent wages, which we calculated using BLS wage data and Census rent data.

Nationwide, post-rent wages for knowledge workers increased by 6 percent, while post-rent wages decreased for blue-collar (-5 percent) and service (-7 percent) workers. In most metros, rents increased steadily while wages stagnated, leaving blue-collar and service workers with less post-rent income in 2015 than in 2005.

The post-rent wages for knowledge workers increased in 93 percent of the metros studied, but only 7 percent of metros met the criteria for inclusive wage growth. Our analysis shows the combination of unequal wage growth and rising rents have led to an increase in inequality between blue-collar, knowledge, and service workers in most metros.

The results of this analysis can currently be viewed here.

Here are some of the highlights you might be interested in:

- In the Kansas City metro, post-rent wages for knowledge workers increased by 3.3% over the past decade. Knowledge worker employment increased by 21.9%

- Over the same period, post-rent wages for blue-collar workers decreased by 2.3% and post-rent wages for service workers decreased by 5.4%

- Although 83% of metros experienced overall post-rent wage growth, only 7% experienced post-rent wage growth for blue-collar, knowledge, and service workers

The full report can be viewed at this link.

Developing . . .

Mayor Sly And KCPD Knock Doors Amid Kansas City Homicide Spike 2017

More deets on tonight's publicity stunt to distract from most of Mayor Sly's efforts directed toward his development agenda. Take a look:

Police officers, mayor and other city leaders door-knock to give crime prevention tips

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If you see police officers door-knocking in your neighborhood this summer, don't be alarmed. They're just trying to inform people about crime prevention tips and let them know the status of crime in their neighborhood. They also want to talk with residents about block and neighborhood watch information.

Show-Me Kangaroo Cash Alternative Push Back: UMKC Rejects Missouri Help For New Downtown Kansas City Arts Campus

An interesting move for the UM System as the city college seeks just a bit of breathing room from always stingy Jeff City. Checkit:

University Will Not Seek $48 Million From The State For Downtown Kansas City Arts Campus

Despite gaining approval from the Missouri House and Senate for $48 million in state bond funding for its proposed Downtown Campus for the Arts, the University of Missouri Board announced today that it will instead "develop plans for an alternative funding match ...

Today's Kansas City Slice Of Life

Latest local cutting news in order to remind locals that gun control rarely helps prevent violence in the U.S., here's an example:

Stabbing victim collapses in front of house on Benton Boulevard, KC police say

Kansas City police are investigating a cutting that left a man with serious injuries. Officers were called to the 3900 block of Benton Boulevard just before midnight and found the victim sprawled on the outdoor steps leading to the porch of a residence.

The Kansas City Link Pool Right Now

Wayback Lucy hotness and just a quick collection of Kansas City links for the midday . . .

Northeast Kansas City Team Building

Scarritt Renaissance playground build.

Scarritt Renaissance Neighborhood Association volunteers descended upon the lower level of The Concourse on Saturday, June 13 to build a brand new playground for 2-5 year old children. Earlier in the week, LISC (Local Initiative Support Corporation) honored the neighborhood association with an award for "Best Use of Public Space" for its previous renovations at the Concourse.

Another Golden Ghetto Setback

Changes prompt revisiting Mission Gateway incentives - Kansas City Business Journal

Changes to the Mission Gateway plan are prompting city council members to revisit incentives, the Shawnee Mission Post reports. The project's developers want to add a $30 million office facility and are close to signing a tenant.

Mayor Sly @ Indian Creek Trail Tonight

Mayor and police to hold public meet-and-greet to discuss safety near Indian Creek Trail

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Wednesday night the interim police chief, mayor and other law enforcement are walking door-to-door in a south Kansas City neighborhood to reassure residents of their safety near Indian Creek Trail. At 6 p.m. Wednesday, you can meet with police at Evangel Church on E. 103rd Street.

More Deets On Double Death

Two people dead after car crashes into a tree on Prospect Avenue

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two people are dead after a one-car crash on 33rd and Prospect Avenue. Police said a white vehicle was traveling south on Prospect at a high rate of speed. The vehicle lost control, left the roadway and struck a large tree on the right side of the vehicle.

Kansas City Cool Down

Salvation Army hands out free fans in KC

The Salvation Army is handing out free fans until 11 a.m. Wednesday at Truman Road and Van Brunt Boulevard.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Call it The Kansas City "Devil (and meth) made me do it" defense . . .

We talked about this a bit last night but this tragic tale of Kansas City murder deserves a second look because of its vivid description of desperate urban core circumstances.


Fox4: Kansas City murder suspect told investigators he thought victim was a demon before shooting him


"After snorting meth together, the suspect thought the victim was a demon so he took a handgun out of his pocket and attempted to shoot him. The suspect missed and instead shot himself in the leg.

"He said after he shot himself, the victim wrapped a towel around his wound and then they went back to the basement. The suspect then said that victim told him: “shoot me in the head” and he shot once with a handgun and left the home and went to the area where officers found him.

"His bond has been set at $150,000 cash-only, no court dates are listed yet."

There's a lot to consider here and a meth addict transforming into demon isn't the strangest thing . . . The more dangerous & tragic fact of this story is that two alleged meth addicts are walking around Kansas City with a gun whilst seeing frightening other-worldly visions.

And so, this tragic bit of real life seems to debunk a great many arguments about the drug war and gun control and reveals an increasingly dangerous slice of Kansas City life.

You decide . . .


This morning Mayor Sly James is going to bother South Kansas City with an anti-crime press event.

Similarly . . .


On the topic of footage that hopefully helps find Mike Darby's killer . . .

"The time stamp reads 5:47am. The new city curfew is midnight to 5am.

"Why isn't the curfew till at least 6am since this guy was video taped on the trail after 5am? That's because the curfew is all window dressing!!!!!"

Developing . . .

Kansas City Confronts Lead Poisoning In Addition To Increasing Gunfire Threats

Sorry for the bad joke post title but this town continues to eat lead in another dangerous fashion. Checkit:

Lead poisoning continues to cause problems for KC children

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In the last month, more than six children in Kansas City have tested positive for high levels of lead poisoning. "Between 800 and 1200 children in Kansas City are lead poisoned at any give time," said Amy Roberts, who manages the health department's Lead Poisoning Prevention Healthy Homes Program.


Tax fighters and our blog community have been warning about this long running scam and NOW the latest move CONFIRMS our suspicions, deets and warnings . . . Here's a look at local Democracy twisted in the name of outdated rail transit. Checkit:

KC Streetcar Authority requests to spend $11.9 million on new streetcars

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City Council will vote Thursday whether to spend nearly $12 million dollars to buy two new streetcars. The KC Streetcar Authority says the new cars are needed because twice as many people as expected, two-million riders, boarded streetcars during the system's first year.

Golden Ghetto Hates Street Racing

Crackdown in a part of town that has PERFECT abandoned and relatively safe wide streets and straight aways for hitting top speeds above 100 mph. Take a look:

Police take steps to put brakes on street racers in Overland Park

The Kansas Speedway is not in Overland Park. That's the message Overland Park police are trying to get out. The department put a message on their Facebook page to explain what they plan to do about a street racing problem throughout the city, Police are paying more attention to open stretches of road in Overland Park -- places police say drivers are going way to fast.

Fading Kansas City Pitch Magazine Publishes Yet Another 'Progressive' Partisan Screed

The last remaining Pitch loyalists attempt to defend against this criticism of ours because it's one that cuts closest to their core . . . The Pitch sucks now because they've hoped aboard the boring "progressive" bandwagon and lost their love of true SNARK that lashes out against politicos from both left and right.

We have no problem clowning Kansas SecState Kris Kobach but there's so much more to joke about his career that doesn't line up EXACTLY with Kansas Democratic Party talking points.

For instance . . .

- Despite his protestations, he blew his big shot with Team Trump by trying to be a bigger cheese-ball than the Cheeto-in-Chief.

- His eloquence, Ivy League education and brilliant legal mind has mostly been wasted on Sunday AM Talk radio boner-bill audiences who would agree with a tomato if said tomato also hated Mexicans, Prez Obama and/or Hillary Clinton.

- The job of top ranking, meanest, baddest, toughest Conservative in Kansas is a DEAD END. Just ask Sen. Bob Dole who was, again, pushing boner pills and Pepsi as the finale of his years of tireless public service.

Moreover, right now SecState Kobach could be EASILY ousted by a far more moderate and reasonable Kansas Republican BUT instead the Pitch is working to push DNC rhetoric that doesn't really line up with reality. The Guv Brownback connection is WEAKSAUCE . . . And simply reveals that the new partisan branding of the Pitch actually BETRAYS the desperate Kansas City need for an INDEPENDENT AND ALTERNATIVE view of politics that The Pitch once championed.

Take a look:

Pitch: Kris Kobach sets out to fill Kansas’ coming Brownback void — and enlarge the state’s woes

You decide . . .

Show-Me Tragic Missouri Racial Terror History

Currently, the NAACP and others are suing over the right to sue and Missouri's Discrimination Bill. However, this bit of reporting might help to put the current culture war in perspective. Checkit:

Missouri has second most racial terror lynchings outside the Deep South

Missouri is number two - but not in a category that inspires pride in the state. Missouri has the second-largest number of racial terror lynchings among states outside of the South, according to new data released on Tuesday, June 27 by the Equal Justice Initiative, a private, nonprofit organization based in Montgomery, Alabama that provides legal representation to indigent defendants and prisoners who have been denied fair and just treatment in the legal system.

Fear Kansas Fat Cats For Realz

Feline Shaming or important local journalism . . . You decide . . .

Kansas ranks No. 8 in U.S. for overweight cats

A new report has found that one in three dogs and cats are overweight nationwide and the numbers are growing. The number of overweight cats and dogs is higher here than the national average - with Kansas at the No. 8 spot in the nation for overweight cats.

Kansas City Maker Faire Lowriders 2017

A competent clip offers a glimpse at urban side of the local tech fest at Union Station over the weekend.

As a perfect example of practical, local innovation . . .

Take a look at Lowriders and car hop competition at Union Station 2017

You decide . . .

El Bryan Jokes MCI Single-Terminal

All of Kansas City's top corporations are making big promises and this town's best comic artist has a bit of fun at their expense. Checkit: retorts illustrated bryan stalder

Local Blogger Questions God's Soundtrack

Actually, a pretty great post on the diverse musical offerings which pay tribute to the Almighty. Checkit:

What kind of music does God like? 6-28-17

Paola, Kan. -- My life was filled with a wide variety of religious music this past weekend, and that variety was a good reminder of the many different ways that our ears, hearts and souls respond to music. There is...

Kansas City Early Wednesday

Candice in black and some of the top links for the Kansas City early morning right now. Take a peek:

Kansas City Footballer Profile

Chiefs preview: Kansas City looks to break from status quo

CLOSE Training camps are still in the distance, but USA TODAY Sports is providing five things you need to know about every team in the NFL to catch you up on the offseason. Today, the Kansas City Chiefs ...

Deadly Kansas City Morning Crash

Man, woman killed in crash at 33rd and Prospect

Authorities in Kansas City say a man and a woman have died after a crash early Wednesday morning.

South KC Tribute

Friends honor Indian Creek Trail homicide victim during Mount Kilimanjaro climb

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A group of friends who knew Indian Creek Trail homicide victim Mike Darby plan to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in July while carrying pictures and items reminding them of the man close to their hearts.

WaPo Covers KCMO Cycling Tragedy

Cyclist killed in Kansas City race remembered as a 'tenacious but humble' competitor

An elite St. Louis cyclist who was known for his work ethic and commitment to the tenets of Boy Scouts died in a crash during a bicycle race Sunday in Kansas City, stunning members of the cycling community.

The Season Of Vigils Continues

Mourners grieve loss of Kansas City man murdered, pray for little girl fighting for her life after shooting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- On Tuesday night with heavy hearts, relatives and friends of a Kansas City maintenance worker recently shot and killed took time to remember him. An 8-year-old girl who police say was shot by another child on Sunday was also on the mourners' minds.

Show-Me Rural Concern

Osteopathic Medicine, Born In Missouri, Now Seeks To Fill Rural Health Care Gaps

Twenty-four-year-old Kalee Woody says that when she was growing up in Bronaugh, Missouri, she saw the small town slowly fading, as businesses closed, growth stagnated and residents had to drive to other places to see a doctor. It's a town that, like much of rural Missouri, is recognized by the federal government as having a shortage of healthcare providers.

Kansas Caution Needed

Kansas given an 'F' on preventable deaths report

Study examined three major categories A report released Tuesday by the National Safety Council gives Kansas an overall grade of F based on home and community safety, workplace safety and road safety. Kansas was one of 11 states to receive an F, and no states received an overall A.

Hope After Last Night's Loss

Kansas City Royals in contention for AL Central

They were supposed to have been dead and buried. Everyone was calling them surefire "sellers" at the trade deadline. It was the beginning of a new dark age for the organization. Yet, somehow, the Kansas City Royals now find themselves sitting at .500 and just 2.5 games out of first place in the AL Central.

Nick Jonas - Remember I Told You ft. Anne-Marie, Mike Posner is the horrible yet dance-able song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Kansas City Tuesday Night Movie Montage

More than a few important things coming up for the morning update but for tonight we want to share a quickie tribute to hottie Sophie and then our favorite, recent local movies which focus on quick cuts and visual story telling over narrative just for our readers putting off graveyard shift work and fellow insomniacs.

Take a look:

Kansas City Coffee Montage

KC Watersports - Close Enough

Kansas City STAY-CACTION Guides

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!

Consequences For KCK Fed Prosecutor

A late night note and reality about the justice system and how it works and sometimes doesn't. Checkit:

Federal prosecutor out of job after recordings found of opposing attorney's conversations

A federal prosecutor with the U.S. Attorney's office in Kansas City, Kansas, lost her job following a probe into allegations that prosecutors were videotaping and listening to private conversations between attorneys and their clients at the Leavenworth Detention Center. Former federal prosecutor, Erin Tomasic, apologized to the court for her actions.

Kansas City Tech Scene Pep Talk

More hype about prospects for the online creative class amid the Summer of discontent . . .

Steve Case to KC entrepreneurs, investors: You can't sit back now

To nudge more Kansas Citians off of the sidelines and into its budding entrepreneurial ecosystem, former AOL founder Steve Case spoke Friday to a group of local investors at a luncheon. KCRise Fund managing director Darcy Howe hosted a fireside chat with Case for a crowd of investors, potential investors and entrepreneurs.


Two more things for Tuesday night . . .

After a HORRIFIC gunfight betwixt youngsters on a Kansas City playground, the temp top cop touts gun locks as the solution:

KCPD Chief: Secure guns, protect children

Money line:

"If you have a gun in your home, it is imperative that it is stored safely. If you do not have a safe in which to keep your firearm, you can get a free gun lock with no questions asked at any of our six patrol stations, Children’s Mercy Hospital, from anti-crime groups and at a number of other locations. Our officers have even passed these out in areas where children have been shot accidentally."

It's good advice, sadly locals who would leave guns around youngsters might not be willing to take it.

And then . . .

The latest death investigation is now counted as a murder:

Fox4: According to police, officers responded to an ambulance call in the 10400 block of E. 39th and were told that a man was inside and unresponsive. That man was declared dead at the scene and is now considered a homicide investigation.

This 69th murder in Kansas City so car compared to 50 at this time last year continues a deadly trend.


And whilst there is always good advice, safety tips, vigils and anger . . . There really isn't any new plan to curb this number as the City Hall agenda is more keenly focused on development and donations as a new election cycle approaches.

You decide . . .

Welcome To The Season Of Old & Busted Kansas City Pipes Managed By Burns & Mac

Most people don't know this but Burns & Mac is basically embedded in the Water Dept. and so higher bills and one mess after the next is a big part of their biz model. Take a peek:

For second day straight, water mains continue to burst around KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Another Kansas city neighborhood went without water Tuesday as crews rushed to fix a water main break. It's at least the fourth break in the city in less than two days. Randy Busch has lived at 39th and Denver nearly his whole life.

Is Kansas City Really A Good Place To Find A Big Money Job?!?!

Local news picks up a bit of clickbait . . . Even local cheerleaders acknowledge that lower cost of living in this cowtown is a better benefit than the job market. Take a look:

Kansas City just found itself near the top of a very good list

The people who live here love Kansas City - but now it's getting some national recognition. Forbes Magazine has named KC one of the top places in the country for high-paying jobs. The Magazine says Kansas City has several things going for it including a vibrant economy in professional service businesses like law, technology, and architecture.

Jackson County Lawsuit Seyz Guards Brutally Beat Down Inmate Unjustly

Another legal dilemma that will probably help to raise local property taxes:

Jackson County jail guards beat him, former inmate says in lawsuit

Davonta Sweate knocked out his two front teeth, he says, when a flickering light at the Jackson County Detention Center triggered a seizure during which he banged his face into his bunk.

Kansas City Tuesday Night Clean-Up

Jess & Jodie inspire us to polish up some of the Kansas City top links for today. Take a peek:

Kangaroo Lady Talks B-Ball Culture

New UMKC Basketball Coach Emphasizes The Little Things In Changing Program's Culture

Jacie Hoyt grew up in the basketball gym. She watched her mother, Shelly Hoyt, build a program, emphasizing the importance of passion and work ethic. Only then came Hoxie High School's 107-game winning streak and four straight state championships.

No Clue On Westside Blaze

Massive fire at furniture store on Southwest Boulevard officially ruled undetermined

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The cause of that massive fire on Southwest Boulevard last week may never be determined. Fox 4 checked with fire investigators Tuesday, and they say the cause is officially undetermined, and it seems it will stay that way. Investigators never went inside the burned out building, and the demolition process is already underway.

Social Media Slap Fight Fodder

New report shows KCK has the safest drivers in the nation

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Kansas City, Kansas has safest drivers in the country according to Allstate's latest annual Best Driver's Report. The report listed Kansas City, Kansas as having the safest drivers in the nation. "We've really noticed a direct correlation between hard breaking and collision," Allstate Insurance Agent, Tim Waltrip said.

Meth Town Mall In Trouble

Independence Center mall's financial problems worry shoppers, residents

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- A long-standing shopping center in Independence is facing an uncertain future. The owner of Independence Center, Simon Property Group, is about to default on a major loan. The situation is concerning to many in the community. Independence Center is more than just a mall to Jody Kahlich.

Former Kansas Politico Hates TrumpCare

Sebelius: Republican Health Care Plans Are 'A Very Cruel War On The Poor'

In a post Tuesday on the Health Affairs blog, former Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius calls the Republican health care plans passed by the House and proposed by the Senate "a very cruel war on the poor."

Airport Ordinance Nod

Editorial: Kansas City Council right to explore public borrowing for KCI project

Members of the Kansas City Council will begin considering a proposal Wednesday to put a new airport terminal on the November ballot. The plan, proposed by City Councilwoman Katheryn Shields, is pretty straightforward. It would ask voters to authorize issuance of public airport bonds, up to $990 million, to "construct a new passenger terminal at Kansas City International Airport."

The Kansas City Forecast

First Alert: Severe thunderstorms possible Wednesday into Thursday

Damaging wind and damaging hail will be possible with this system

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Right now Kansas City Berkley Riverfront Park is best known for hosting a few festivals every year but mostly hobos and women who have been tragically murdered. Meanwhile, developers are launching an upcoming celebration which hopes to turn the place into another upscale enclave with support from the toy train streetcar.

Amid all of the hype, it's ultimately taxpayers on the hook for posh new development plan that put a priority on real estate development over more pressing needs for Kansas City.

Whilst the streetcar route to Berkley RiverFront Park is literally a train to nowhere at this point, here's the local developer plan to change all of that into another upscale destination along the streetcar route.

The question that this grand scheme elicits: 


Comment from our blog community and real talk regarding the putrid smell of increasing pollution down by the river:

"And those luxury apartments will enjoy the smell of dead fish in the Missouri River on a hot summer night!"

Special thanks to AWESOME TKC TIPSTERS who sent this ongoing bit of hype and real estate speculation at a time when Kansas City is coping with a murder spike, busted infrastructure and continued debate over the taxpayer subsidized development agenda at City Hall without the consent of voters.


Berkley Riverfront Brand Launch Events Announced

Unveiling Vision for Largest Downtown Masterplan Scheduled

(Kansas City, MO.) – Port KC, owners and master developer of Berkley Riverfront, the gateway to Kansas City from the north, is unveiling its vision for the largest downtown masterplan taking place in Kansas City as well as the new brand image created for this world-class riverfront urban village that will encompass offices, residential and retail space.

Media representatives, developers and the public are invited to join the Port KC team at one of two events being held on Wednesday, June 28. The first event will be under the Berkley Riverfront tent at Oppenstein Brothers Memorial Park at 1123 Walnut St between Noon and 1:00 p.m. The new brand and animated rendering of the 80-acre Berkley Riverfront will be unveiled at that time. This will be a visual feast that showcases the unique riverfront destination and amenities attracting people from diverse backgrounds to live, work and play. The Port KC team will be there to answer questions, and live entertainment and branded items will be available to the public. Included in this mailing is a flash drive that shows a sneak peek of the development.

The public, neighborhood groups and developers are invited to Berkley Riverfront, located at 1298 Riverfront Road, between 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Port KC team members will be on hand to share in the excitement and talk about all the activities, events and development taking place at the riverfront. Poppy’s Ice Cream Truck will be on hand to serve complimentary treats. A free Riverfront Fitness class led by WebFit will be in session during the event and is open to everyone. Dogs are welcome at the party. Bar K will provide special treats and a splash pool for all four-legged guests. The KC Crew summer league will be playing on the popular sand volleyball courts on the east end of the park as well.

“This one-of-a-kind venue gives visitors an unparalleled park experience within a natural escape only moments from the hustle of the city with 17 acres of scenic riverside greenspace,” stated Michael Collins, President & CEO of Port KC. “It is a lively urban oasis that is stimulating one of the largest economic growth developments in the city, which will improve our quality of life.”

The new Berkley Riverfront brand exemplifies Port KC’s commitment to making this unprecedented 80-acre development site a true destination for riverfront experiences unlike anything Kansas Citians have ever seen. Berkley Riverfront currently provides accessible amenities that include walking, biking, fitness classes, volleyball leagues, marque events such as KC Riverfest, Kansas City PrideFest, Riverfront Fitness, KC Nanobrew Festival and more. A streetcar feasibility study is currently underway to look at viable routes to the riverfront. Extending the popular KC Streetcar line to the riverfront would further connect Kansas City and allow greater accessibility for residents, businesses and visitors to enjoy the riverfront.

Berkley Riverfront will soon be home to Union, a mixed-use project currently under construction, featuring 410 luxury apartment units, structured parking and 12,000 square feet of retail space spanning over six acres. The community, which is scheduled to open in summer 2018 will be pet-friendly and offer amenities for residents who are active or just want to relax. Some of those amenities include a resort-style pool with sundeck, sky bar with views of downtown Kansas City and the river, gaming lounge, fitness club, indoor/outdoor yoga and Pilates studios, pet wash and bicycle bar.

Bar K, a unique dog park at Berkley Riverfront near the Heart of America Bridge, plans a grand opening in the early 2018. The two -acre off-leash park has separate large and small dog areas supervised by trained staff members. Bar K will feature a bar and restaurant built out of repurposed shipping containers. The restaurant will offer a “healthy casual” menu for humans and dogs alike! There is indoor seating for humans only and an outdoor rooftop terrace for humans and canines, as well as a banquet room for meetings and events.

Developing . . .


Lunch link and maybe the only ceremony during wedding season that doesn't seem completely lame and actually features food that people genuinely enjoy . . .

Just married: Olathe native, wife tie knot at beautiful Taco Bell wedding

LAS VEGAS - ¡Yo quiero Taco Bell! ( ... y tú, también.) A KU alum and his one and only tied the knot this week at Taco Bell's flagship Las Vegas location, and the photos show it definitely wasn't what you might expect.

KCMO Mushroom Teen Manslaughter Charge

Initially, we wanted to skip this suburban drama but the sordid tale seems to be picking up steam across the Internets and it looks like this young man will be charged as an adult . . . Sensationalism or increasing drug allegation sign of the times... You decide:

Day after he allegedly kills best friend while high on mushrooms, Northland teen goes before judge

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Liberty high school student made his first appearance in court Monday afternoon, after prosecutors filed involuntary manslaughter charges against him in the death of his best friend. Police believe Jacob Mustoe, 17, was high on mushrooms when he ran over and killed another teen, identified as 17-year-old Jake Wehmeyer early Sunday morning.


This morning police show video of the "trail dude" who might have info on the killing of a beloved South Kansas City denizen.

Police advise: :

****Please note, the person in this video is not considered a suspect, but is someone we believe may have vital information in the Mike Darby Homicide****

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers Greater Kansas City TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS (8477).

And let's not forget that all of this is part of a pattern of white dudes getting killed at the park and media fear about a serial killer amid much more realistic worry about the rise of homeless denizens in local parks.

Here's the video:

Check The Links:

Fox4KC: KC police release video showing person they believe has vital information regarding man murdered on trail

KSHB: KCPD release video in Indian Creek Trail crime

KMBC: Can you identify the person in this video? Police would like to speak with them about the Mike Darby murder along the Indian Creek Trail.

Developing . . .


Given quantifiable racial profiling stats a civil rights organization is not out of line to offer a warning about the increasing hostility of Missouri toward people of color.

Sadly, the aftermath gives Missouri a bad name and hurts the state's economy with bad press throughout the world:

Missouri NAACP tells travelers to be careful in the state

The Missouri NAACP issued a travel advisory against the state on Monday State chapter President Rod Chapel criticized a bill that would raise the standards for people to prove they were discriminated against But supporters say bill would deter 'frivolous' lawsuits scaring off businesses Republican Governor Eric Greitens has not

Meth Town Guilty Plea After Kansas City Royals Super Fan Shooting Gone Terribly Wrong

Tragic criminal connection that ended up getting somebody killed. Checkit:

Independence man pleads guilty to murder in teen's death during burglary

An Independence man pleaded guilty to murder on Tuesday for his actions in the home invasion shooting of a Royals superfan and the death of a teen burglary accomplice. Phillip Kisner, 43, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and first-degree assault. Kisner's sentencing is scheduled for July 20.

Crooks Trash Kansas City Nonprofit

Today's sign of Kansas City cruelty amid desperate times:

Joshua Center for Neurological Disorders robbed, vandalized

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Thieves broke into the Joshua Center for Neurological Disorders on Sunday night, damaging several doors and getting away with some electronics. The center was closed on Monday for repairs. The center posted on its Facebook page that several doors had been kicked in, and a laptop and flat-screen TV from their conference room had been stolen.

The Kansas City Tuesday Midday Look

Kelly hottie shows us pr0n star friendship as we check some of the top local links for right now . . .

Kansas City War Stories

KCPD officer recounts 20 years on the streets

Kansas City Police Officer Todd Stoker has been on the force for 20 years. He knows what it is like to put his life on the line for strangers, though he prefers to diffuse violent situations. His 6 foot 4 inch, 320 pound frame may assist in calming people down.

Kansas TrumpCare Cruelty???

Kansans With Disabilities Fearful Of Obamacare Replacement Bill

Disability rights advocates are among the strongest opponents of the Obamacare replacement legislation that Republicans are attempting to push through Congress. If anything resembling the bill that the U.S. House approved in May or the one the Senate now is considering passes, they say it will roll back decades of progress.

Local Creative Class Garden

Take Heed, All Who Enter: Artist Attempts To Make Missouri's Powell Gardens 'Unearthly'

A scene of vegetable carnage awaits visitors at Powell Gardens this summer - goblins raiding a patch of squash and onions in the Heartland Harvest Garden, and other mythological beasts rampaging through plots of edible plants. It's exactly what artist Kendall R. Hart was aiming for when he designed the "Gardens of Myth" exhibit.

Big Bucks For Shawnee School Dude

Shawnee Mission school board approves $34,000 raise for interim superintendent

The Shawnee Mission school board approved a $34,500 raise Monday for the deputy superintendent it tapped to helm the district as school officials prepare to seek new leadership following Superintendent Jim Hinson's retirement on June 30.

Celebrate More KCMO Hipster Booze News

Tap List | iTap Has Arrived in The Crossroads

New taphouse iTap (1801 Oak) quietly opened last weekend. Managed by Jon Whitaker, the latest location of the St. Louis-based chain offers 56 taps and 500 different beers in its refrigerated coolers. Beer is also available for sale to go. The spacious interior features colorful murals, widescreen televisions, and a private room that can be rented for special events.

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Season Of Kansas City Explosions

Fireworks for youngsters hoping to blow up a little bit of Kansas City are illegal but outside the city limits is a maze of different regulations. Here's a guide to help sort it all out:

Can I use fireworks in my city? The definitive guide to fireworks legality in the Kansas City metro

Are fireworks legal where you live? Here's everything you need to know. The Quick Guide below can help you navigate straight to your city's info. Our city-by-city breakdown of the metro area will make sure you know the laws of your community regarding the celebration of the 4th of July.