Thursday, March 23, 2017


With zero accountability from the Unified Government for their part in this tragic event, here's some statehouse posturing that probably won't save many lives . . .

Lawmakers mull regulatory changes after Kansas City water slide killed child in August

Kansas lawmakers are mulling stricter regulations - including independent inspections - for amusement park rides after a ride on a 17-story water slide in Kansas City, Kan., killed a young boy last summer. Rep. Scott Schwab, R-Olathe, whose 10-year-old son, Caleb, died on the multi-raft Verruckt ride at Schlitterbahn Waterpark, was not present for the first day of testimony on the bill.

Kansas City Tech Ladies Stay Winning!!!

The reality is that tech is totally male dominated . . . However, this bit of clickbait recycled offers politically correct reassurances that differ from reality and/or take into account a great many (glorified prostitution) public relations disguised as tech work for local hottie post-grads. You decide . . .

Kansas City ranked second best city in the country for women in tech

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When it comes to working in the tech industry in Kansas City, it pays to be a woman. According to a new analysis from Smart Asset, Kansas City is the second best city in the country for women who work in tech.


The local biz newspaper makes their reporting just a bit more interesting by way of newsie gossip ON A STORY THAT OUR KICK-ASS BLOG COMMUNITY BROKE FIRST!!!

The entertaining Biz Journal spin includes a nod to Walt Disney Fanboy Butch Rigby who doesn't have the cash for this kind of move but did mange to play sing-along and patty cake with columnist Mary Sanchez during his seemingly endless bachelor days.

But I digress, here's the "news" story:

KC Biz Journal: Potential buyer wants to convert KC Star building into mixed uses

A nice tidbit that's almost news . . .

"Employees have been informed that they may be moving to the printing building in about a year."

And while the last remaining newspaper people attempt to bore us all to death with stories of their glory days . . . Facebook is continues to monetize other people's video and starts it's push into China.

Developing . . .

Celebrate More Jobs In Kansas City???

Not really . . . For the most part these stats just confirm the rise of the part-time nation . . . But MARC has a fun job playing with the numbers in order to make locals feel better about themselves before a big vote and other ballot initiatives costing this broke-ass town. Take a look:

Unemployment In Kansas City Metro Continues To Drop

In the Kansas City metro area, the economy is now growing at a rate of about two and a half percent per year. Frank Lenk, who specializes in economic and demographic forecasts for the Mid-America Regional Council, says this is above historical norms of about two percent.

TKC Blog Community Told You So: KCPD Rank & File Pay For Chief's EPIC $500K Payout

Once again, our blog community LEADS THE LOCAL DISCOURSE and here's important MSM followup on a conversation we started. Checkit:

Will Chief Forte's retirement impact KCPD budget decision?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Nearly $2 million is on the line as the Kansas City Council prepares to decide whether or not it will give the KCPD a budget bump.

The Kansas City CharMac Midday Update

CharMac in all her hottie model glory inspires us to share the best headline of the day . . .

Egotastic: Charlotte McKinney naked save for flowers

And then here are some other Kansas City local links. Take a peek:

Celebrate More Kansas City Jock Sniffers

Kansas City Power & Light District prepares for big night with Sweet 16

The Kansas City Power & Light District is prepping for a big day Thursday with all the fans in town for the NCAA Tournament. Right now, the blockades are up, the school flags are flying and they're ready for some basketball.

East Side Burns Right Now

KC firefighters battle fire at east side apartment building

No injuries reported

More Deets On Tragic Holiday Charges
Charges filed in fatal St. Patrick's Day crash
Searching For The Real Killers . . .

Recently freed from prison, man once serving life for killing 6 KCFD firefighters says he's searching for truth

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- This week`s Overland Park fire at CityPlace may have rivaled South Kansas City's 71 Highway explosion in size, but in no way compares to the number of lives it touched. That 1988 fire killed six firefighters and five people were sentenced to life in prison.

Kansas City Question 3 Update

KC Pet Project hopes for larger animal shelter after April 4 vote

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Raise the woof! That's the cry heard around KC Pet Project, the KCMO animal shelter. And, not just because Thursday, March 23, is National Puppy Day. Actually, in addition to a "woof" they also need a floor and walls.

Pick The Kansas City Football Journeyman

Who is the most underrated Chief?

I was going through some story ideas and came across this question which I didn't have an immediate great answer to: Who is the Chiefs most underrated player? We talk about this team so much on...

Kansas City Winning Ways Redux

Royals' Hosmer is a world champion again -- this time the WBC | FOX Sports

LOS ANGELES - The eagle has landed on top. The United States routed Puerto Rico 8-0 to win its first World Baseball Classic in four tries on Wednesday night behind six hitless innings from Marcus Stroman. The Americans planted their eagle statue mascot on the mound in celebration, a blue cap jauntily hanging from one of its large wings.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Amid $25K In Damage: Overland Park Police Ask Public To Help Search For BB Gun Vandal

Quick look into ongoing Golden Ghetto problems as this enclave copes with fires and delinquents. Checkit:

Police develop suspect info in vandalism of downtown OP businesses

Police investigating BB gun vandalism at more than a dozen stores in downtown Overland Park, Kansas, say they have developed a suspect in the case. Investigators said Thursday that they have turned the case over to the Johnson County District Attorney's Office for review.

Raytown Middle School Sexual Assault Report

Scary news from this embattled local inner-suburb. Read more:

Police investigating after girl sexually assaulted at middle school

RAYTOWN, Mo. - Police in Raytown have launched an investigation after a 13-year-old girl was sexually assaulted Tuesday at Raytown Central Middle School. A release indicates the girl was assaulted on Tuesday afternoon by an male student in the 8th grade. The assault allegedly took place in a school bathroom.

Show-Me Sen. Claire Playing La Migra

In this clip, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill imagines a world wherein biz people took responsibility for their role in the immigration crisis rather than demonizing the Mexicans they regularly employ.

H/T Turner Report

Obamacare Repeal Comes Down To Joco Golden Ghetto Congressman Kevin Yoder

Almost high-noon for the favorite political son of this RINO community that's enduring a bit of MSM inspired guilt regarding the consequence of election 2016. Take a look:

Kansas' Yoder Could Cast Key Vote In House Health Care Debate

A vote many conservatives have waited years to take will be cast in Washington, D.C. Thursday. NPR reports Republican House leaders are scrambling to assure their party members vote for a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare. To pass, they need 216 votes.

What If Missouri GOP Hegemony Fails???

Like it or not . . . In terms of jobs, ethics reform and education . . . There's nobody else to blame for the politics of Missouri other than the Republicans. This report does a nice, objective, job of pointing that out without all of the typical partisan blathering. Checkit:

Is the Missouri Senate on the Verge of an Historic Legislative Failure?

For Missouri, 2016's state elections were doubly-significant. Not only did Missourians return supermajorities of Republicans to both the state House and state Senate; they also installed a Republican governor -- taking away the last true impediment to significant legislative reform for conservative policymakers.


On the April 4th ballot, a grassroots proposal championed by East Side clergy and broad coalition of urban core political groups asks voters to approve a 1/8th cent sales tax increase. It would generate an estimated $8 million annually to support development east of Troost Avenue. This effort has earned a surprising amount of support throughout KCMO but a recent defection among the ranks of the campaign has infuriated proponents of the measure.

To wit . . .


For many voters in her district, the alleged flip-flop is a "kick in the gut" and a quizzical strategic move given that 5th District Council-member Alissia Canady resides in a district that will directly benefit from the Central City Economic Development Initiative despite her very recent opposition.

Here's an important quote that's not really TKC's place to make but, nevertheless, THIS KC EAST SIDE VOTER PERSPECTIVE offers insight into the arguments now leveled at the first term Council Lady.

"5th District Council-member Alissia Canady has revealed herself to be a duplicitous apologist. She expressed support of the economic development initiative in private meetings. Her public comments are an invitation for the majority white electorate to oppose an initiative that will directly benefit her majority Black constituents. This is not her first betrayal of her working-class constituents. During her first year on the council she voted to repeal the $13 per hour minimum wage ordinance adopted by the previous city council. While Councilmen Quinton Lucas, Jermaine Reed, and Lee Barnes stood with hard working low-income people Canady stood with Sly and the business community. The repeal passed 7-4. Had she acted in her constituents best interests and voted no the effort to repeal would have failed. Unfortunately, she seems to be the type of African-American who seeks and revels in validation from whites for their personal repudiation of Black people."

Remember that Council Lady Canady entered office with a bit of social media bragging about an upset victory and change to the local status quo but then garnered far more recognition over an embarrassing parking beef with the KCPD followed by subsequent, seemingly opportunistic, arguments for more local police oversight.

What's most interesting here is that Question 4 enjoys widespread support in the 5th District and so it's unclear how speaking out against the ballot initiative benefits Council Lady Canady politically. More to the point, in a political climate that has proven difficult for women running without a solid constituent support base . . . This move might serve to alienate the elected office neophyte as challengers are already starting to emerge for the 2019 election cycle.

Developing . . .

Even More KCPD Time Sheet Controversy: Feds Investigate Kansas City Po-Po???

Call it a bit of foreshadowing or a clear sign that KCPD need time sheet reform . . . Take a look at another challenge for local police to overcome:

I-Team exclusive: Police sources say high-ranking KCPD officer under federal investigation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The 41 Action News Investigators have learned the FBI is investigating a high-ranking officer with the Kansas City Police Department. In November, the I-Team began looking into Major Melvin Harvey after multiple police sources accused him of falsifying numbers on his timesheets for off-duty work, including hours billed to Kansas City Public Schools.

Newbie Catholic Bishop Heals Legacy Of Kansas City Neighborhood Fighting

Behind the scenes of a Kansas City development dispute . . . But more importantly, a glimpse that the new KC Catholic honcho is serious about stepping away from the legacy of his controversial predecessor.

Money line . . .

“It’s very promising that after all this time, the Domus project is off the table and no longer hanging over our heads. We’re very pleased, and from what I understand, this bishop wants to talk to people and doesn’t want to go down the same road as Finn, so that’s a good thing. But we’ll wait and see.”

Read more:

Bishop's intervention softens yearslong dispute between Kansas City parish, diocese

The Kansas City Morning Link Look

Rising star hottie Leanne Crow starts the early morning as we review more than a few Kansas City MSM news links. Take a peek:

Old School 'Great War' Tribute

WWI Museum in KC to serve as centerpiece of 100-year anniversary

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City's Liberty Memorial has long been a centerpiece of the city's downtown skyline. In April, it will also serve as the centerpiece of the country's commemoration of the 100-year anniversary of the United States' entry into World War I.

Kansas City Consumer Report Confrontation - Word To Stan Cramer

Contracting Nightmare: Couple furious after paying company to build deck they never got

Kenneth Wood and his wife had a 30-year-old deck in need of repair or replacement. In November, Wood hired Home Renovation Service to build the deck. He signed a contract with the company which included a $6,000 deposit.

TV Comments On KCPD Chief

Simultaneously stunned and grateful, Kansas City community reacts to KCPD Chief Forte's retirement

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Questions mounting for Kansas City's top cop, as word spreads of his seemingly sudden retirement. People FOX 4 talked to on Wednesday are disappointed that KCPD Chief Darryl Forte is leaving so soon, and wonder if there isn't more to the story, behind closed doors.

Can Dead Tree Media Save The World???

Editorial: We can't walk away from a world in crisis

There's no serious debate about the fact that terror and instability are inextricably linked. But President Donald Trump's budget aims to make our country safer by slashing such "soft power" staples as diplomacy and foreign aid - cuts that will prove counterproductive in the midst of a humanitarian crisis.

Celebrate The Salvy Comeback

Royals' Perez returns to lineup for first time since injury

Fans saw, for the first time in 11 days, Royals All-Star catcher Salvador Perez penciled in to hit fourth as the team's designated-hitter.

Today's song for #TBT is 2pac Ft. Bill Withers & B.I.G. - Lovely Day Remix and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Google Fiber Refocuses On Kansas City

Recent tech reports really just revealed the demand for the Google bunny all over the city and this update offers more deets on local connectivity competition that should include gigabit wireless. Checkit:

Google Fiber clarifies KC plans after reports of mass cancellations

media reports indicated it canceled "hundreds" of area residents' installations without a specific reason, Google Fiber is now clarifying its Kansas City plans. The tech giant - which began building an expansive gigabit network in Kansas City, Kan. in 2011 - said that while it remains committed to the area, it is tapering its expansion plans for now.

Blogging The 'Truth' In Kansas City

Beyond the scope of politics . . . Our favorite faith blogger take a look at the BIG PICTURE in his latest post. Take a peek:

When 'truth' becomes a casualty: 3-23-17

In Christianity, truth is not a doctrine. Not a dogma. Not any particular statement of faith. Not a proposition to which followers are obliged to give public consent. Rather, truth is a person, Christ Jesus. This is a difficult and...


Creepy clip of a suspect in a local, late night robbery caught on spy camera.

Here's the update from police . . .

"The KCPD South Property Crimes unit requests your assistance with identifying this individual. He is a subject of interest in a residential burglary in South KCMO. The subject appears to be a white male 25-30 years of age, around 5’5 to 5’8 feet tall. If you can identify the pictured individual, or have information on this crime, we urge you to please call the TIPS hotline 816.474.TIPS (8477)."

Take a look:

More deets:

KCFD firefighter watches intruder rummage through his home in real time as he’s on duty

Developing . . .

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


The behind the scenes on this story is that KCPD are in the midst of a salary dispute and this latest development will work against officers on the street if SOME politicos at City Hall have their way.

Perspective from insiders and TKC readers offers a better look at the politics of the situation. Checkit:

KCTV5: Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forté will retire from the department on May 20. He will walk away from his job with the city owing him nearly $500,000, according to the department.

TKC, look" for this pension payout to become a big part of why KCPD won't get their salary requirements met from City Hall this year."

"Forté will be laughing all the way to the bank. 9514 hours in just over 396 days. Hell of a payout for showing up at a homicide scene on a day off or after regular hours..."

"Maybe its time to cut the new chiefs pay assuming he'll put in the same bill for comp time. That would show that the Clowncil has learned something from getting rolled for big money . . ."

Developing . . .

Candice And The Kansas City Cleanup

Hottie Candice is now a "mommy model" but that doesn't diminish our devotion as her enduring goodness inspires a quick update and MSM news we're checking tonight . . .

EPIC Kansas City Volunteerism

A Lifetime Of Kansas City Activism, And The Leader Of 'America's Orchestra'

As a former county lawmaker, teacher, community planner, advocate and volunteer, Mamie Hughes has had a lasting impact on Kansas City. Today, we look at life of one of the metro's most dedicated activists. Then, we meet the enthusiastic conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra, and ask what it's been like leading "America's Orchestra" for more than 20 years.

Golden Ghetto Rebuilding & Cleanup

CityPlace developer talks about fire and moving forward

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The developer of the construction site that caught fire Monday afternoon said he was scared when he arrived on scene. "I saw the flames and I was, I was devastated," said Block Real Estate Services managing partner Ken Block. Safety protocols Investigators determined a contractor welding in the site accidentally sparked the blaze.

Congressman Yoder Fact Check

We Fact-Checked Lawmakers' Letters to Constituents on Health Care

When Louisiana resident Andrea Mongler wrote to her senator, Bill Cassidy, in support of the Affordable Care Act, she wasn't surprised to get an email back detailing the law's faults. Cassidy, a Republican who is also a physician, has been a vocal critic.

New Kangaroo Gets Down To Biz

UMKC appoints new dean to lead Bloch business school

Brian Klaas an associate dean for research and academics and the director of the Riegel & Emory Human Resource Center at the University of South Carolina business school takes the reins to lead the business school at University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Local Hipster Soundtrack Tonight

KCUR's Band Of The Week: Victor & Penny

The delightful vocalist Erin McGrane and the accomplished guitarist Jeff Freling lead the Kansas City ensemble Victor & Penny. They once described their music as "antique pop," but now they say it's "swing-infused folk-jazz" - based on the gypsy jazz tradition, it's a nostalgic sound more closely rooted in styles associated with Paris and New Orleans than Kansas City.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Fair play to even out our coverage along with expert analysis of the embattled KU basketball and their chances this season from our pal Craig. Take a peek:

Craig Glazer: Is This A Championship Year For Kansas And Bill Self???

Power rankings and Vegas have Kansas as the number one team left in the NCAA MARCH MADNESS TOURNAMENT. Unlike past seasons when KU has been a ONE seed, there has been far less talk about them being 'the team to beat.' Why? Kansas was an 8 to 1 bet to win it all just before the tournament began a week or so ago. Now they are 3-1 big jump. KU scored over 100 points against UCDavis and beat Michigan State by 20, 90-70. Now they face Purdue Thursday night in Kansas City at Sprint in front of their hometown fans.

Kansas has at least 3 NBA future players, Josh Jackson, Devonte Graham and Frank Mason. Maybe more. However with 7 number one seeds and 3 two seeds and one 3 seed in the last 11 season with Self, only two final fours. Yes KU won it all in 2008, but with their rankings many observers feel they have been under achievers in the post season. Without the 2008 national championship many would refer to Self as a 'Marty Schottenheimer' type of coach...great regular seasons but not great in the post seasons. I don't agree. When you look at coaches who have been in the mix who still coach today outside Duke, nobody has more than 2 titles. It's a real crapshoot. Often the best team doesn't win it all. You have to win six in a row against some really tough teams.

Now that KU has solved the poor free throw shooting with over 80 percent hitting in the tournament and their defense has been outstanding led by all the guards and Landon Lucas along with bench guy, Dwight Colby, KU is on the right path this year. This team is fast, fearless and confident. I believe its Self's best squad, but they need to at least go to the final four to prove it and win it all to lock up that 'best coach' ever for KC area on Bill Self. Lets face it Kansas Basketball is this cities best sports franchise to date. The Royals got back in the mix with the two world series in 2014/15 but before that 30 years of yuke. The Chiefs are now a playoff team again, but nothing more, so its all about Kansas Basketball again. Hey its great for Kansas City to have the NCAA sweet sixteen and elite eight here. Now if Kansas can just keep playing the way they they have, four.

Kansas City Dead Tree Media Claims Chief Did A Good Job Despite Homicide Uptick

Here's the newspaper playing nice despite a a great deal of public frustration. Take a look:

Editorial: Police Chief Darryl Forté leaves with a record of success, and more work to do

Soon-to-be-former Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forté will be remembered as the first African-American chief to lead the department. Perhaps that's unavoidable. And yet, as he retires, the emphasis should be placed not on that trailblazing designation, but on how Forté functioned under it. All lives mattered to Forté - including black and blue.


Here's a nice write-up of the local museum that's a bit more straight forward than most of their media hype attempting to play up a meeting that's not going to happen. Take a look:

Nation turns to Kansas City to remember World War I

April 6 marks the 100th anniversary of America's entry into World War I, whose U.S. soldiers are commemorated by the city's 217-foot Liberty Memorial tower. But underneath this soaring monument is where things get interesting.


The season of crime is upon us in Kansas City and there isn't really a plan to curb the increase chaos.

However, when we think about the problem of crime in terms of the so-called "prison industrial complex" there's a bit of number crunching which suggests that alternative approaches to the current pay for play incarceration system might yield improvement.

Take a look:

Show-Me: Criminal Justice Reform: Addressing the Costs of Incarceration


"Missouri has a criminal justice problem. While the spike in homicides in Kansas City captures a lot of attention, as it should, it isn’t our only challenge. Rates of property crime and violent crime in Missouri are higher than the national average, and our state has one of the highest incarceration rates in the country. Research suggests that Missouri can adopt policies that will reduce recidivism and prison costs ... Research has shown that there are diminishing returns to harsh sentences—they don’t always result in a reduction in crime. States have been reexamining their sentencing laws, and the results are promising. Early research from around the country suggests that some criminal justice reforms, such as those that address mandatory minimum sentencing, can reduce crime rates and save states money."

What's interesting here is that Show-Me is comprised of tough fiscal hawks who aren't the social justice warriors who typically advocate for this stuff and therefore the alternative opinion deserves a bit more attention.

You decide . . .

Kansas City Southwest High Renaissance???

One of the many KCMO recently shut down amid declining enrollment and controversy could be making a comeback. Read more:

Hundreds of local parents join movement to reopen Southwest H.S.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A push to reopen Southwest High School in Brookside has pinnacled to an official movement called 'Uniting At Southwest.' The website just launched last week. Not only do organizers feel confident due to the monetary backing from several local foundations, but there are already nearly 600 parents who have signed the survey, proclaiming they would like to see their kids join the school if it is re-opened.

Cash For Kansas City Police Salaries Delayed

Our blog community was FIRST to note a move to find ONE MILLION BUCKS for police salaries . . . Sadly, that effort has been struck down for the moment with a few surprises on the way:

Bid to increase Kansas City's raise to police salaries put on hold

City Councilwoman Heather Hall believes she can help Kansas City's budgeters secure an additional $1.7 million to boost the city's controversial raise in police salaries. But the city's Finance and Governance Committee determined Wednesday it wants more time to ponder details in her proposition that the funds could be secured by consolidating some city and police functions.

Fear Kansas City Double Murder Mugshot

Aftermath of killing this week and news featuring an angry mugshot . . . And just a bit of advice . . . Smiling during a mugshot is a tactic that even those most vicious alleged crooks employ. You decide:

Kansas City man charged in double homicide, assault on Blue Parkway

A Kansas City man has been charged in Monday's double homicide and assault on Blue Parkway.


Emily Ratajkowski makes Springtime and Instagram even better as we review some of the top links for the 5 o'clock hour. Take a peek:

Celebrate Kansas City Part-Time Hangout

Leaders in KC coworking evaluate cultural, economic impact

Though I'm a "young, hip" millennial that offices in a coworking space, there's no slant in saying that coworking is more than a fad in Kansas City. It's a serious - and growing - business segment in the area.

Tragic Urban Core Crash Aftermath

Man charged in St. Patrick's Day crash that killed two boys

An Independence man has been charged in connection with the St. Patrick's Day crash that killed a 6-year-old and a 10-year-old. Brian K. Moyer, 41, has been charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, two counts of involuntary manslaughter, leaving the scene of an accident, and driving with a suspended license.

Rock Chalk Broken Promise Forgiven

Judge dismisses rowers' suit against University of Kansas

Micheal Mahoney/KMBC SOURCE: Micheal Mahoney/KMBC Judge dismisses rowers' suit against University of Kansas Judge ruled former rowers left the university, no longer face immediate threat of harm A judge has dismissed a lawsuit against the University of Kansas by parents of two former rowers who alleged they were sexually assaulted by a former football player in a dorm.

JOCO $25K Worth Of Damage Manhunt

Overland Park police release photos of vehicle they believe was involved in vandalizing more than 16 businesses

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Overland Park police released three photos of a vehicle they believe was involved in damaging more than 16 businesses early Wednesday morning. The suspect vehicle is described as a white Ford Ranger with an extended cab.

Look At All These Local Hipsters

KCUR And The Kansas City Public Library Come Together For A Night Of Literary Magic

More than 100 literary nerds and public radio geeks packed recordBar Tuesday for reBOUND, an annual book exchange hosted by Generation Listen KC and the Young Friends of the Kansas City Public Library. Like years past, the event kicked off with a book swap where guests brought loved (or unloved) tomes to send off to new homes.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Earlier this month we called out a cryptic blog post from the top cop and now TV newsies offer some more confirmation about our journalistic hunch.

Take a look at what could be the last days of Kansas City's 1st African-American police chief . . .

KSHB: Sources have confirmed that KCPD Chief Darryl Forte will announce his retirement sometime next week.

The move isn't too much of a surprise and follows a great deal of debate betwixt colleagues last year, ongoing acrimony over his overtime pay, a homicide increase of more than 30% last year and a current murder count that has also risen 35% this year over last amid a violent 1st quarter of the year.

To his credit, The Wall Street Journal basically gave him credit for preventing riots in Kansas City amid the era of Fergson social justice unrest and the Black Lives Matters movement.

Worse still . . . The means a search for a new Chief Of Police that always turns into a tragic controversy and a battle among police factions.

Meanwhile, the homicide count continues its steady climb upward.

Chief Tweets confirmation:


Fox4KC: KCMO Police Chief Darryl Forté confirms he will retire

KCUR: Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forté Announces Retirement

Northeast News: KCPD Chief Forté announces retirement

KSHB: Huge payout due to Forté on retirement

Developing . . .


Years and years ago . . . The country crooner had his voice give out halfway through a concert series that debuted the Sprint Center. Now he's coming back. Take a look:

Garth Brooks is coming to Sprint Center

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The 2016 CMA Entertainer of the Year, Garth Brooks, just announced that he is bringing his world tour to Kansas City. The singer will be at Sprint Center Saturday, May 6. His wife, country singer Trisha Yearwood, will also be performing with him.

Mayor Sly James Rages Against Kansas City Urban Core Development Incentive Tax

Conservative Jack Cashill takes apart Mayor Sly on the hypocrisy of his stance against a competing tax doesn't provide voters with a lot of information but hasn't been as deceptive as GO BOND campaigning. Take a look:

Sly James: Nix on Quick Prospect Tax Fix

"I can't support a tax I have zero idea what it's going to be used for and controlled by zero people that I don't know who are going to be," said Mayor Sly James of a proposed 1/8 cent city-wide sales tax slated to be used to redevelop Kansas City's long troubled Prospect Avenue.

Kansas City East Side Water Stays Losing

Increasingly high prices for a project of lessening quality. Today's lesson in FAIL but an important precaution . . .

Some in Kansas City asked to boil water after water main break

KC Water said it has issued a precautionary boil water advisory Wednesday for customers after a water main break. Customers included in the boil water advisory live in an area bounded by East 47th Street on the north, Blue Parkway on the south, Coal Mine Road on the west, and I-435 on the east.


The Kansas City GO Bond campaign has been called out continually for a lack of honesty and downright deceptive claims regarding the specifics of a proposed 40-year tax increase.

To wit . . .


First, our attention was called to this seemingly innocuous tweet from Council Lady Jolie Justus attempting to champion the new taxes . . .

Now here's the word . . .

"TKC, you should inform your readers that that GO BONDS WILL NOT HELP HOMEOWNERS PAY FOR NEW SIDEWALKS . . . I see several council members and politicos hinting otherwise. Check the muni-code. The Go Bonds won't be spent to improve sidewalks near homes because that's primarily the responsibility of homeowners."

And so, just a quick bit of Google research offers FACT CHECK PROOF that Go Bonds might be used to improve sidewalks but not those near Kansas City homes.

Check the KCMO passage on sidewalks rules & regs:

"City Code 64-243 holds property owners responsible for the curbs, sidewalks and drive approaches abutting their property. The Director of Public Works (PW) ensures needed repairs are made. If an investigation is performed, and out of repair sidewalks are found, the PW department must make sure repairs are made. If repairs are not made then the Director may have the repairs made and the costs assessed to the property owner."

And so . . .


Sidewalk improvements are nice but the GO Bond campaign selling this improvement to neighborhoods as a form of "investment" is yet another deceptive tactic from a campaign that has been caught obfuscating the facts of these new taxes time and time again.

You decide . . .


A bit of spam posted to this blog deserves just a mention because it sheds light on the racist tendencies of streetcar supporters.

For about a year a desperate spammer has been linking a blog in the comments and failed to get any traction or even a single comment . . .

Tony's KC Streetcar

Fair play, it's satire and parody attempting to garner attention from a much more successful media outlet but a closer look offers a view into the shameful tactics of streetcar supporter . . .


Probably the worst passage on the front page . . .

"Lone streetcar opposition continues to stay losing as a wannabe influencer much like delusional loco Mexican gang member"

Don't worry about TKC, I've been called worse . . . But the fact is, I'm product of Catholic Schools, a UMKC graduate, I've done my share of volunteering around my community and others, never been arrested BUT because I disagree with the tactics of KC's streetcar . . . Supporters have compared me to a gang member. 

The hateful language deserves to be highlighted if only to show the desperation of streetcar supporters and their willingness to employ racist ethnic hate in order to accomplish their goals . . . Very much like an average Internets troll. 

Moreover, this kind of racist rhetoric targeting TKC extolled by streetcar supporters does a lot to explain why the streetcar extension FAILED to win support from urban core voters and was defeated in 2014

Meanwhile . . .
Prez Trump threatens to bring streetcar funding to a FULL STOP . . . Yet a secret, corrupt and gerrymandered vote moves forward . . . And so, the character of streetcar rhetoric deserves to be given a better view.

What's interesting here is that Kansas City streetcar supporters are willing to join some of the angrier Trump supporters in ethnic stereotyping and outright hate rather than debate their election tactics that have been derided by much smarter people than TKC.

You decide . . .


The biggest fire in Overland Park history was preceded by a great many concerns over a massive apartment complex that earned outcry from neighbors. Take a look:

Neighbors concerned about Overland Park apartments years before fire

Some neighbors say they told the city that the multimillion-dollar development under construction that caught fire was a bad idea years ago. More than 100 firefighters battled the blaze before it was brought under control. The fire leveled one apartment building and heavily damaged a second.


Followup on a double homicide yesterday morning and things getting increasingly weirder in Kansas City. Checkit: Naked man arrested after 2 killed, 1 wounded in Kansas City


A smaller blaze that still injured people . . . Check the report:

6 people injured after fire breaks out at group home in Overland Park

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Six people have been hurt after an overnight house fire in Overland Park, Kansas. Flames broke out at a residential group home just after midnight near Parkhill and 141st Street. Fire was at a residential group home for people w/ disabilities @ 141st & Parkhill.