Friday, September 22, 2017


Tonight we take a quick look at the Kansas City media world and some of the locals who are leading the conversation.

To wit . . .


Just a brief bit of description tonight because, like the hotness of Sara Jean Underwood, we're confident that our blog community knows the work of these journalists and influencers very well.

Mark Alford

Kansas City's most popular morning man begins the day for most of the metro and offers some welcome levity and insight to the local news cycle.

Christa Dubill

This week she shared powerful personal testimony about a crime committed against her and this local lady anchor also isn't afraid to take on tough interviews or topics.

Alonzo Washington

He's creating a social media movement against crime and both his FB and Twitter have garnered far more participation and attention than any local anti-crime group. The KC Crime Fighter is one of the top social media power players in Kansas City and his influence continues to increase.

Chris Hernandez

He's the face of KCMO public information and dictates the news cycle for a great many local outlets. Mr. Hernandez helps to shame the narrative at 12th & Oak and while many may disagree the news, it's important to know who makes it.

Rob Carson

A leader in the local podcast world and radio, Rob Carson continues to host top ranking guests and a growing number of fans.

And so . . .

This list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.

Kansas City Take Care

For our Friday night deniznes, here's a really nice clip from a collection of Kansas City creative class denizens who seem to regard the local art scene with a sense of welcomed sense of humor . . .

Description . . .

"This is the first video ever from the band Fathers. The video was shot on location at 2016 Main Event Space in Kansas CIty, MO. Fathers as of now is an 8 piece band but, at anytime can be comprised of more or less musicians. Simplified melodies is the game."

Take a look:

Here are a few more videos from the band.

The Kansas City Friday Night Link Look

Hottie JJ helps us complete tonight's glimpse at all the top local MSM stories for tonight. Take a peek:

Kansas City Urban Core Burnout

Fire destroys home near Askew and Smart

By Paul Thompson Northeast News An early morning fire near the intersection of Askew and Smart on Friday, September 22 destroyed a Historic Northeast home, though KCFD firefighters kept the blaze from spreading throughout the neighborhood. Zachary Laman lives across the street from the home on Smart Avenue, and was awakened by the sound of the sirens.

Kansas City Pizza Party Panned

Sixth man charged in baseball bat attack of Kansas City pizza delivery driver

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Jackson County prosecutor charged a sixth suspect, a 19-year-old KC man, in the recent assault of a pizza delivery man in south Kansas City. Like the five other suspects, Ketrail Collins was charged Friday with robbery in the 1st degree and armed criminal action.

Dead-Tree Discipline Dictates

St. Teresa's students who posed with swastika made of beer pong cups need an education

Where to begin with the St. Teresa's Academy students only lightly punished by the school after posing for party pics with the swastika they'd fashioned with beer pong cups? In the day, younger sisters, some of us would have been expelled from our Catholic schools for the cups alone.

Smart City Cash???

Eyeing Midwest startups, Firebrand Ventures adds to advisory board

A Kansas City-based venture fund announced the addition of another distinguished advisory board member. Joining the team alongside Techstars CEO David Cohen, Kansas Citian Keith Harrington, who's the managing director for Novel Growth Partners , and Brian McClendon, former Uber vice president of maps, Tom Ball is expected to bring his Austin-based investor experience to Firebrand Ventures.

Celebrating More Kansas City Drama

KCAT's A Lie of the Mind is a fitting, wounding elegy for Sam Shepard

"You don't need to be cruel," a mother admonishes early in A Lie of the Mind, the 1985 Sam Shepard play now onstage at the Kansas City Actors Theatre. "This whole thing is cruel," her son fires back. As theses go, that's as good as any.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Goodbye Kansas City Summer 2017!!!

On this last day of the season we give tribute to one of our favorite hotties of all time and offer a glimpse of a few fun facts that offer a more realistic perspective of life in Kansas City than what MSM is willing to provide.

Checkit . . .

- The Blue Sheet Kansas City, MO Homicide Count Now Stands @ 111 Compared To 87 At This Time Last Year.

- Tax Fighters Demand A Citywide Vote For Further Streetcar Development And Have Filed A LAWSUIT To Uphold A Recent Winning Vote, The Downtown Convention Hotel Is Delayed Again And A Local Corporation Was PUSHED OUT Of The Running For A New Airport Deal.

- Kansas City Entertainment Districts Struggle To Control Increasing Violence And Fewer Patrons Overall As Free Digital Entertainment Options Abound.

Still, the weather is supposed to be nice this weekend and a myriad of good times awaits locals who can skillfully maneuver their way through more highway shootings, political rhetoric and the curious antics of social media frenemies. As always, we hope to help.

And feel free to suggest more milestones for the official end of Summer 2017.

You decide . . .

Kansas City Stands Up For Dreamers

Strong support among elected officials for an illegal immigration amnesty move that has bi-partisan support, has inspired Prez Trump waffling but still is opposed by most hard-line right-wingers. Take a look:

Kansas City Mayor, School District Superintendent Call On Congress To Pass DACA Legislation

Two prominent leaders in Kansas City called on Congress today to pass legislation that would continue to protect from deportation those with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals status, or DACA. Ana Jimenez, a graduate student at the University of Kansas, says her parents brought her to America when she was just ten and sacrificed everything so she could go to college.

Show-Me ACLU Lawsuit Against STL Over Police Tactics Amid Protest Hot Mess

Social justice push back will soon get a court date as law enforcement "our streets" chant incurred ire throughout the nation. Read more:

ACLU of Missouri sues St. Louis police over protest tactics

The ACLU of Missouri has sued the city of St. Louis for the way police have handled protests following a judge's decision to acquit a white former St. Louis police officer of murder in the 2011 shoorinf death of a black man. The federal civil rights lawsuit filed Friday accuses the St.

Exposing Kansas City Secret Ruckus This Week: KCPT Fears Critical Comments

Here's a peek at local broadcast conversation mostly hidden from everyone but their donors . . . It's a worthwhile discussion wherein these local opinion leaders attempt to SPIN their sentiments but don't want any challenge to that opinion. Take a look for those who don't have any fun plans on Friday night. Checkit:

Watch now: Ruckus | Jackson Co Jail, Betsy DeVos in KC, KCI - September 21, 2017 | Kansas City PBS Video

Mike Shanin interviews Kim Kimbrough, Executive Director of the Westport Business League, about safety concerns in the Westport district and efforts to privatize streets. Theresa Garza, Pat McInerney, Crosby Kemper III and Ron Freeman discuss whether Jackson County should renovate or replace the jail, the metro visit from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos & the latest in the push to build a new KCI.


Today, Clay Chastain kept his promise to start an effort to oust Mayor Sly James.

The latest showdown at City Hall is a bigger deal than most voters realize and here's why . . .

- Mr. Chastain's allegations are more substantial than just political rhetoric via media outlet and now represent part of the public record -- Accusing the Mayor of malfeasance and/or misfeasance in a document filed with the City Clerk is a different level of discourse.

- The petition threshold is low thanks to consistently meager voter turnout. Over the course of his civic activism, Clay Chastain has garnered far more valid signatures.

- Mayor Sly James is running out of friends and is now entering the "lame duck" portion of his tenure. He failed to deliver the new airport to his patrons and now consistently runs up against Council opposition as the next group of politicos prepare themselves to run for reelection or higher office.

And so, here is FIRST news of the latest political fight BEFORE it starts. The highlight pull-quote was highlighted by TKC. Checkit:

Clay Chastain: Petition drive to recall Mayor Sly James officially underway

This morning the Committee to Recall Mayor Sly James filed its "Recall Affidavit" with the City Clerk. Shortly thereafter we began circulating the petition at Price Chopper Grocery in Brookside.

For 6-years Sly has consistently violated the public trust and the spirit of honest open government by governing in secrecy and with an iron fist.

More specifically, Sly not only maneuvered behind the scenes (unsuccessfully) to steer an exclusive (and unethical) "no-bid" airport contract to Burns and McDonnell, Sly also abused his power, and exploited the City's legal department, in trying to out maneuver and crush petition challenges from the people concerning... the Downtown Convention Hotel, the Downtown Streetcar System and 3- valid transit petition initiatives (2014, 2016, 2017) submitted to the City from the people.

Now we will see if the voters of Kansas City are fed up with Sly's boss-style leadership, want a new, strong and honest mayor, and if Sly can out maneuver and crush this recall petition to remove him from office.

Clay Chastain

You decide . . .

Perfect Village Home Invader Admits Guilt

He was charged as part of a robbery crew that pulled guns on a 99-year-old man and his 89-year-old wife as they stole jewelry, cash and a safe. Read more:

Suspect in violent Prairie Village home invasion pleads guilty

OLATHE, Kan. -- After pleading guilty on Friday to a violent Prairie Village home invasion of an elderly couple, Joseph Shultz, 30, was told he will learn how long he'll spend in prison when he returns to court on November 16th.


Financial data offers a glimpse at the local bubble beginning to burst as the perpetual motion machine of tax incentives and speculative development starts to come unhinged. Checkit:

KC economic growth slows, but past not as bad as thought

Kansas City's economy grew by 1 percent between 2015 and 2016, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). That figure is just as unimpressive as it sounds. Of the 53 metros with at least 1 million people, this rate ranks us 38th. As it has for the last three years, San Jose was home...

Kansas City Melissa Etheridge Conversation

Nice talk with a musician with local roots who is the reason why your wife doesn't really explain her "very close" connection to her college roommate. Checkit: Back In Kansas City To Perform With The Symphony, Melissa Etheridge Responds To Fan Mail On Air


Other than Sen. John McCain dooming the bill . . . Here's the the latest local installment of the healthcare debate features some harsh criticism along with a call for a bipartisan solution. Here's what our local Representative thinks . . .


Congressman Cleaver Highlights New Report: Last-Ditch Trumpcare Bill Slashes $3.4 Billion from Missouri’s Health Car

(Washington D.C.) – Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II highlighted a new report which shows how the latest Trumpcare legislation, which the Senate GOP hopes to rush to a vote next week, would rob insurance coverage from 534,000 Missourians in 2027.

“Republicans are trying to force the devastation of Trumpcare on Americans once more, stealing billions of dollars from funds that keep health care affordable for Missouri’s families,” said Congressman Cleaver.

“Trumpcare will devastate some of our most vulnerable citizens; veterans, seniors, women, working families, people with pre-existing conditions and rural communities,” he continued.

The extreme version of Trumpcare, now the proposed Graham-Cassidy bill, introduced by Senators Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA), would rip away the promise of affordable quality health care in America. The bill:


Legacy broadcast dispute might spoil the season for the fans or at least force even more people to live-streaming or just finding something else to do whilst Marcus Peters insults the national anthem. Take a look:

Want to watch Sunday's Chiefs game? You may need a friend with Dish or Charter - Kansas City Business Journal

A dispute between KCTV and AT&T Inc./DirecTV may cause the Kansas City CBS affiliate to go dark on the carrier as early as Friday.


The victim died while fleeing her alleged attacker and her family was successful in pursing this allegation. Read more:

KCK man accused of rape, now charged with murder of woman after she died during escape

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A 35-year-old Kansas City, Kan., man has now been charged with the murder of a woman he's accused of raping, after she crashed into a concrete pillar with her SUV while fleeing her attacker in August. Orlando Taylor is already charged with the rape and aggravated burglary of Shannon Keithley on August 18th.

Kansas City Catholic 'Mean Girls' Confront Consequences For Swastika Beer Pong

MSM reporting on a "crisis" at an elite local Catholic school wherein young women don't seem to be learning much about social media shaming which will continue to rule the popular culture. Checkit:

Swastika beer pong gets group of St. Teresa's Academy students suspended

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A group of St. Teresa's Academy students were suspended following a Snapchat that showed them posing with beer pong cups arranged in a swastika. The picture, which was taken at a gathering off-campus during after-school hours, contained the caption, "Girls night!"

More fallout:

St. Teresa's Students Say Classmate Who Reported Swastika Photos Is Being Harassed

The students from St. Teresa's Academy who posted photos of themselves drinking from cups arranged in the shape of a swastika are bullying the teenage girl who reported them. That's according to frustrated classmates who reached out to KCUR to say St. Teresa's response to alleged anti-Semitism has been wholly inadequate.

Kansas City Friday Crime Run Down

Quick collection of local links regarding local crime news in and around the metro . . .

Kansas City Friday Midday Look

The legacy of Siri continues as we check just a few more links for the midday. Take a look:

South Kansas City Coffee Break

Community-oriented coffee shop will join Red Bridge revival - Kansas City Business Journal

Lane4 Property Group Inc. has been busy transforming Red Bridge Shopping Center from the inside out. Now, the once neglected shopping center, originally built by J.C. Nichols in the late 1950s, is really perking up thanks to a series of new tenants.

Sunflower State Legend Update

Spokeswoman: Bob Dole hospitalized for low blood pressure

A spokeswoman says former Republican presidential candidate and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole is hospitalized for low blood pressure. Dole spokeswoman Marion Watkins said in an email Friday that the 94-year-old former Kansas senator has been hospitalized since Sept. 13 at the Walter Reed Military Medical Center outside Washington, D.C.

KCK Shooting Gallery

KCK residents upset that once peaceful neighborhood has become scene for violence in recent months

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Two males were found dead, and another was hurt at a KCK park in a shooting, people living nearby now have questions about their safety. On Friday KCK investigators identified them as Fabian Arriaga, 26, and Jose Morales, 22. The third person who was hurt hasn't been identified.

JoCo Traffic Tragedy Today

One person killed after crash near Johnson County Community College

One person has died after a crash near Johnson County Community College.

Kansas City's Favorite Foodie Hater

All the Yums - Chosun Korean BBQ

The Earth is shaking, storms are raging and nations are baring fangs. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if I heard seven trumpets sounding in the night and a wild leviathan sighting. On top of that, works been super busy and my ankle hurts. Life's tough.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


So much recent Kansas City debate over diversity, crime and culture in Westport attempts to obscure questions of policy and public safety which confront City Hall.

To wit . . .


While the move has its opponents who have little or not financial stake in the area . . . Street Privatization is overwhelmingly supported by more than 50 Westport businesses and all of the top ranking economic leaders in the area.

Even better . . .


Here's just a bit of insight . . .

"Council member Jolie Justus told us over a year ago that she would be a "champion" for street privatization. We spent over $100,000 getting all the documents and surveys completed in coordination with the city. 

"And then she just changed her mind."

"She was going to intentionally make sure that would couldn't move on privatizing the streets until next year. Forcing us to lose all of the documents that we paid for . . . She tried to push that through over three days but failed. We now have a couple of months to work with the current documents."

It seems that the main beef is with metal detectors and the mistaken concern about racial profiling.

A Westport insider responds:

"I can't walk in City Hall without going through a metal detector. The same thing with Royals games, Chiefs games and concerts or any large gathering of people. We just want to try and make Westport secure on the weekends. Street privatization and more security go a long way toward that . . . But the issue has been blown way out of proportion an it's a shame that supporters of Council member Justus want to turn this into a racial issue when all we're trying to do is keep EVERYONE safe."

What have we learned here . . .


There's still room for debate on all of these topics but what we've learned from our KICK-ASS TKC INVESTIGATION is that so-called "progressive" white people and political players are more than willing to throw round allegations of racism that unwittingly work to make PARTY DISTRICT PATRONS OF ALL DEMOGRAPHIC BACKGROUNDS more susceptible to violence.

You decide . . .


And so, a busted bidding process that turned into a media circus has been finalized by City Council and now heads to the ballot in November.

Meanwhile, we wanted to share one of the best quotes on this deal from our blog community: "Still no agreement, no details, no pictures. So far it's Nancy Pelosi International - you have to build it to see what's in it. No thanks."

A few things to consider:

- No, this isn't Mayor Sly playing 3D Chess . . . Burns & Mac supports him with real money, he lamented the choice at the outset of the vote on Thursday and seems distant from a process where he was defeated after the rigged "hometown team" scheme fell apart.

- Burns & Mac might still have a case about this process . . . The smarter thing to do is wait but they might not want to risk losing ONE BILLION DOLLARS.

- November is coming quickly, Edgemoor and City Hall don't have much time to convince skeptical voters.

Finally, the voted public has been LARGELY EXCLUDED FROM THIS SECRETIVE AND CONVOLUTED PROCESS . . . If the opposition can mount any kind of campaign at all, the support for this unseen idea seems limited.

You decide . . .

After Arrest in Case of Cop Killed In Westport, Social Media Friends Plead Case Of Suspect

Another side of the controversial killing in a beleaguered party district. Take a look:

Ex of Californo's shooting suspect hopes he will get a second chance

Social media posts led police to her - and in turn to Sean Steward.

Cowtown Can't Drive: Cars Killing Kansas City

A reminder of another danger on local streets that has more to do with increasing distractions confronting motorists. Take another look:

KCMO traffic fatalities spike in 2017, outpacing previous year

Breaking News Kansas City, MO - A sharp increase in the number of fatal vehicle crashes on Kansas City roads has police urging caution among the driving public. According to numbers released by the Kansas City Police Department, there have been 74 fatalities from crashes in Kansas City so far in 2017, with more than three months left in the year.


Reader suggestion offers a peek at local government warning about the very real possibility and plan for an earthquake after THE U.S. HAS ENDURED AN UPTICK IN NATURAL DISASTERS SINCE THE ECLIPSE . . . Take a look: Earthquake Threat


Despite increasing protests, crime, streetcar toy train slap-fighting and a rapid influx of aggressive hobos . . . We still love Midtown and this morning clip from above the heart & soul of Kansas City is part of the reason why.

Take a look . . .

More in a bit . . .

Celebrate Kansas City Oktoberfest Booze Season And Local Craft Beer Glut

It's the best time of year for functional alcoholics with expensive tastes who love to drink outdoors in sweaters . . . However, the biz of pushing liquid depressants on the masses might be taking a tumble given the critical mass of rinky-dink breweries:

Is Kansas City's craft beer market comign to a head? - Kansas City Business Journal

With more than two dozen area breweries - and more on the way - the local market is filling but not yet tapped out. And for existing and new companies, the bar is rising.

Blogging Long-shot Kansas City Amazon HQ2 Urban Planning Wish List

This Internets denizen advocates for Kansas City and 50k jobs that could bankrupt and ruin this town. Checkit:

Amazon HQ2: The Case for Kansas City

Amazon set the economic development community abuzz recently by announcing its search for a new, second headquarters. This massive development would bring 50,000 good paying jobs ($100,000 annual wages on average) and $5 billion worth of development to the metro that Amazon chooses. These are game changing numbers.

Kansas City Music Scene Review

Check the sounds and end of Summer concerts in Kansas City chronicled in this list for all of the aging cowtown hipsters:

Album Review: Pistol Pete- The 3Pete

The rims on the minivan in the hilarious video for "Konichiwa" sold me on the Kansas City rapper Pistol Pete. He's as funny as Mac Lethal and as funky as Rich the Factor on his new album The 3Pete . Pistol Pete insists that "I ain't a rapper, I'm more a storyteller" on "2bad2good."


It's Friday morning and that means we celebrate divorced middle-aged white lady pop stars and all of the Kansas City MSM links right now.

Take a peek:

Kansas City Pumpkin Spice Season

A guide to fall treats in Kansas City

Before you rush to Starbucks to kick off the season with a Pumpkin Spice Latte, try these local treats first!

Family Rescued On Roof: Kansas City Urban Core Early Morning Burning Sensation

Firefighters battle flames at home near Smart, Bales

Emergency crews in Kansas City responded to a two-alarm fire at a home early Friday morning. The fire started at about 12:28 a.m. at a home in the 3500 block of Smart Avenue.

Local Stealing From Soldiers

Car meant for a veteran stolen hours before the surprise

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: A car meant for a veteran - stolen just hours before the big surprise. "So - I guess this was about 4:00 this morning." When Red Line Tow mechanic Brian Christensen got to work this morning - he saw something wrong. "I noticed the car was missing."

KCK Flooded With Complaints

Unified Government reviewing some flooding cases after repeated problems in Argentine neighborhood

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- People who live in the Argentine neighborhood in Kansas City, Kansas, say they are thankful the Unified Government is reviewing their flooding cases. Leaders are investigating the possibility that the damage from the floods may not have been just an act of God.

Kansas City Lesson In Heroism

Bus driver called a hero for quick thinking after Hickman Mills bus catches fire

A bus driver is being called a hero for quick thinking when an Apple Bus Company School Bus caught fire Thursday afternoon. Hickman Mills Schools officials say the children were on their way home from Warford Elementary School, when the bus caught fire at the intersection of Grandview Road and Cypress Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri.

Kansas City Wildcard Hope Persists

Vargas and 4 relievers toss 2-hitter, Royals beat Jays 1-0

TORONTO (AP) - Jason Vargas and four relievers combined on a two-hitter, Melky Cabrera had three hits and the game's only RBI, and the Kansas City Royals beat the Toronto Blue Jays 1-0 on Thursday night. Vargas (17-10) struck out seven in 6 1/3 innings to win his third straight start.

The McTavish Weekend List

6 Artistic Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

There's always the textbook definition: The manifestation or presentation of creative talent and imagination. But here's another, looser, far more time-sensitive answer: This weekend. Because art may be where you find it, but it never hurts to set a deadline. Art! Music! Food! You!

Fergie - Like It Ain't Nuttin' is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Vlogging Sporting Kansas City Victory

Nice local feature from a former Kansas City Soccer star chronicles their recent U.S. Open Cup winning night . . . Forgive the camera mugging and bad jokes because the behind the scenes footage and crowd shots are a nice look at local life for upstart fans.

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!

Selling The BILLION DOLLAR #NewKCI Airport Dream To Skeptical Kansas City Voters

Newspaper starts the pitch. Checkit:

Council makes the right KCI decision by picking Edgemoor. Is a better airport finally in sight?

Kansas Citians who want a better airport - and a brighter regional future - can take a deep breath. That future is finally in sight. Voting 10 to 2 Thursday, the Kansas City Council endorsed Edgemoor Infrastructure and Real Estate as the developer of the $1 billion project.

Kansas City Club Scene Renaissance???

Insight into a major Crossroads nightlife addition and what that means for cowtown nightlife . . .

Sympathetic Vibrations | The Truman's Show

For a city that remained culturally stagnant for so many years, change is undoubtedly good. But rapid change, like the one the Kansas City has experienced in its Downtown, Crossroads, and Westport districts over the last decade, can sometimes come at the cost of a city's identity.


Tonight we think back to the beginning of an American Conservative uprising which begat the rise of Prez Trump and one of the Kansas City architects of the movement.

Remember Chris Stigall???

He was a fiery, local talk show host back before people tuned out and just decided to troll the Internets all day long.

In fact, he was the key-note speaker to a crowd of thousands in Kansas City which was probably the highlight of his life. The old-school tea party activists cheered enthusiastically for this rising media star. Upon that momentum he earned a job in Philly and seemed to be on his way to becoming the next Rush Limbaugh.

And now . . .

Philly Mag: Chris Stigall Apologizes for DUI Arrest


"According to court records, Stigall’s blood-alcohol level at the time of his arrest was between 0.10 and 0.16, while a police blotter report originally pegged the number at .167. The legal BAC limit in Pennsylvania is .08. Stigall, who was charged with traveling at 85mph in a 55mph zone, pleaded guilty to driving at 75mph. As part of the plea deal, Stigall’s drivers license was suspended. He also agreed to perform community service. Court records indicate that he has paid more than $1,500 in fines and court costs."

His statement:

Chris Stigall: “There’s been talk online about my receiving a DUI last year and I’d like to take the opportunity to confirm that it did in fact happen. I made the terrible and far too common mistake of driving when I shouldn’t have been and am incredibly thankful and fortunate no one was hurt in the process. I am near completion of a diversion program for first-time offenders. During this time, I have sincerely internalized the severity of impaired driving and how it affects lives in the most tragic of ways. I apologize to anyone in the community I have disappointed. As always, I continue to commend local law enforcement who do the hard work to keep our streets safe. To my listeners, my colleagues, my friends, and our valued partners – you have my sincere guarantee you can confidently expect better from me in the future and I will demand better of myself.”

And so, we learn that even b-last media celebrity isn't easy and the trajectory of Kansas City Stars is often fraught with peril.

Nevertheless, we wish the best to this one time Kansas City power player as he confronts that aftermath of a hot mess that kinda contradicts so much of his reactionary rhetoric about personal responsibility and adherence to the law.

You decide . . .

Show-Me Sen. Bernie Against Alt-Right And Prez Trump In EPIC Missouri Speech

The best round-up of his comments today . . .

Bernie Sanders warns of rise in "right wing extremism" in speech blasting neo-Nazis and Trump

Senator Bernie Sanders sharpened his foreign policy message into a warning about the potential outcomes of Trump-era leadership, delivering a speech Thursday tying authoritarianism abroad to the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville last month and blasting America's ongoing war on terror as a "disaster."

KCK Conviction In Killing Of Weed Dealer

Thug Life report that reaches across the Kansas City metro. Take a look:

Kansas man, a slaying accomplice, convicted of first-degree murder

PLATTE CITY, Mo. - Jurors have convicted a Kansas City, Kan., man of first-degree murder for being an accomplice in a 2014 shooting death in Missouri's Platte County near Kansas City.


Once again Jackson County Exec Frank White finds himself embroiled in a controversy he could have easily avoided.

The sitch . . .

This week TKC was first to appoint a new COMBAT director pick by the Exec.

Now . . .

There's resistance to this move among both law enforcement and the local Latino community . . .

Turns out, there was a groundswell of support for longtime law enforcement leader Vince Ortega who was a more obvious choice.

A look at his qualifications from the COMBAT website:

During his 30-year career with the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department, Ortega rose through the ranks to become Deputy Chief of Police. He served on the department's Executive Committee with executive authority to command and coordinate the operations of the bureaus to which he was assigned. At one point, he supervised the KCPD Drug Enforcement Unit.

From 2007 through to his joining the COMBAT staff in early 2009, Ortega worked as a National Security Specialist for GE Homeland Protection, Inc., a division of General Electric.

COMBAT is an anti-drug program funded to the tune of tens of millions of dollars every year and the selection of a relatively unknown to this post has many community leaders flummoxed.

Moreover, the fact that yet another "community" anti-crime organization has excluded someone with connections to law enforcement is earning even more serious push back.

The selection was a surprise to many but it's no shock that the reaction to the news has been overwhelmingly negative.

Real talk: This was an easy win for Exec Frank White and he could have earned favor with both the Latino Community AND law enforcement BUT his pick of a relative newbie with few political connections has evoked a controversy behind the scenes. 

More background, insiders are pointing the finger at the JaxCo Chief of Staff for this important mistake that continues to undermine Exec's office.

And so, THANKS TO OUR BLOG COMMUNITY FOR PUTTING THIS ITEM ON OUR RADAR. After TKC FIRST REPORTING look for more news on this topic as locals and law enforcement leaders ponder the future of this program.

Developing . . .


Classic Jordan and a bevy of news items worth a peek for this afternoon link pool . . .

TKC Told You So: New Airport Anti-Climax

Kansas City Council Approves Edgemoor For KCI Terminal Project

In a milestone for the future of Kansas City International Airport, the Kansas City Council on Thursday approved a team led by Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate to design, build and finance a new terminal.

KCPD Now Hiring

911 Call Center staffing is a very high priority

9-1-1 is the public's literal life-line, and I take our responsibility to respond to and manage that life-line very seriously. The call-takers and dispatchers of the KCPD take calls and dispatch not just for police, but also for EMS, the Fire Department and Animal Health and Safety.

Creeper Advisory In The Stix

Park Hill School District warning parents after multiple reports of a man approaching children

The Park Hill School District is issuing a warning on its facebook page to parents after several reported incidents of a man approaching children. The Kansas City Police Department notified the school district that they are investigating multiple reports of a man inappropriately approaching children.

The World According To The Professor

Steve Kraske gets it wrong about Bono, U2 and politics

"They are performers, and it is enough for them to do what people pay them to do, whether it be play music or football." - Carl LaSala, Leawood


Mario Zucca " Kansas City Map

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Amid a tough week for South Kansas City, parents concerned about the safety of their students are directing their ire toward a beleaguered public school.

Accordingly . . .


The attempt to downplay the HORRIFIC REPORTED BEATING is standard but obviously confronts push back from parents . . .

Activist Alonzo Washington has insider info on this tragedy and EXCLUSIVE video. We're posting this NOTE FROM KICK-ASS TKC TIPSTERS just to add more documentation in the aftermath of the drama that impacts student safety and will hopefully elicit further consideration.

Check the highlights from note . . .

The incident involved two students and a parent. As soon as a physical conflict between the three individuals occurred, RHS was placed on a soft lockdown.

All protocols were followed regarding the parent’s admission into the school, as well as administration’s management of the incident.

Additional counselors were at RHS today to provide support for students along with additional police presence. Principal Allen and his staff are conducting an investigation at the school level, as well as assisting with an investigation by the Kansas City Police Department.

Sgt. Russell Dystra, HMC-1 director of security, said he is pleased with the security measures utilized and the police response. He noted that once the on-site officer was notified of the incident, it took only few seconds for him to respond and arrive at the scene.

Additional facts regarding the incident you should be made aware of:

1. There was no weapon involved.

2. The parent WAS NOT on campus to meet with the counselor about a domestic violence

3. The parent was on campus to sign his daughter into school due to a late arrival (11:50 am),
and assist her with obtaining her schedule.

All parental communication procedures for an incident of this nature were met and followed.

Students were given a letter to notify parents about the incident, and a robocall was sent to parents at approximately 4:00 pm. Emergency calls were not sent to parents at the time of the incident because no additional students other than those directly involved were in danger.

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In a few minutes we're coming toward the end of the beginning of a new airport debacle.

City Hall machinations . . .

KC Biz Journal: Committee sticks with KCI recommendation; next up: full city council

Just a few things to remember . . .

- Burns & Mac isn't giving up. They have lawsuits ready and they're prepared to fight for ONE BILLION DOLLARS and the opportunity to steal local revenue.

- Voters have a chance to PUSH BACK in NOVEMBER as a public vote is still on the agenda.

- Sadly, there's a plan to take this one out of the realm of Democratic control and continue "private" building of a public resource . . . Mayor Sly was shamed amid his AIRPORT FAIL this time around but still must put in work for his corporate bosses.

Still, don't expect a lot of surprises or anything but disappointment in Kansas City's civic and political leaders.

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