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Recent economic data reveals Kansas City is missing out of the economic good times of the Prez Trump years.

Despite a litany of constant critics along with a great deal of justified opposition against his tactics, personality and policies -- There's no debating that President Trump is at the forefront of a roaring American economy. Yet locally, Kansas City residents haven't really acknowledged the prosperity. In fact, Kansas City, Missouri has been mostly committed to #RESIST Prez Trump . . .

Whilst we can blame politics and ideology for the KCMO push back against the Prez, if we drill down deeper, there's data indicating that the economic boom championed by the President is passing over this town which might explain skepticism against his Administration. The plebs tend to ask fewer questions when they're making more money.

And let's admit it, nobody loves Prez Trump because he's a nice guy - The only saving grace of the current administration is an economic benefit. Without biz and workers making more money, Prez Trump is just another TV windbag. But as long as Americans are making the cash register ring, the Commander-In-Chief is welcomed to go on believing that he's a very stable genius with the best words. Because this is the greatest nation in the world, just like the rest of us, The President is only as good as the next payday.

Accordingly . . .


Normally we skip numbers from local think tanks but digging deeper into these stats we see stagnation and a struggle to keep up with bigger, better cities despite the seemingly endless hype and taxpayer subsidy.

Sadly, local leaders blame an alleged dearth of "high-quality" workers for the lagging local economy instead of highlighting the foibles of Kansas City politicos and their constant catering to corporate ploys which promote ponzi scheme downtown luxury lifestyles rather than building neighborhoods outside of the loop which might support organic biz growth.

Personal aside, as much as TKC loves economic data, it took a long time to realize that terms like "unskilled" labor or "high-quality" workers are really nothing more than corporate newspeak devised to pay people less money, justify outsourcing or otherwise cheat employees, consumers and communities alike . . . But I digress . . . 

Now, we know this stuff is dry so, because nobody does it better than TKC, we've offered some simple headline explainers to the more relevant parts of this data set . . .

First, the source material . . .

MARC: KC Economy Solid, But Could Be Stronger


"Kansas City’s economy is doing well, but could be doing better according to Dr. Frank Lenk, MARC’s Director of Research Services, who presented at the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s Mid-Year Economic Forecast event.

"According to Lenk, the U.S. economy is in the midst of the second longest expansion in history. This expansion has not been particularly robust in terms of the rate of growth, but it has been consistent.

"For the most part, Kansas City’s economy has kept pace with the nation, but there is some concern that it is falling behind some peer metros."

And now, the relevant deets:

Overview Of The Current KC Building Boom

Kansas City Job Growth Going Down

Kansas City Tech Jobs Lag Behind U.S. Numbers Despite "Silicon Prairie" Promises

Nicer Towns Outpace Kansas City

Kansas City Economy Grinding Down

Just Like The Royals & Chiefs -- Kansas City Civic Elite Think We'll Do Better Next Year

Blaming Locals: Kansas City Unqualified For Better Economic Times???

Kansas City Job Market Cuts Coming Soon

Government & Obamacare Remain The Biggest Kansas City Employer

Risky Projects Threaten Kansas City

Finale: Kansas City Stays Losing Economic Gains & "High Quality" Workers

You decide . . .

TKC Blog Community Reader Suggested Links

We're always welcome to suggestions from our KICK-ASS blog community and whilst we flashback to classic Jordan Carver, readers sent these news links that aren't quite local but still apply to our discourse.

Take a look:

Governing: For New Generation of Black Mayors, Focus Is on Balance

Zero Hegde: US Liberals Are Clinically Insane And Care Nothing For The American People

New York Times: Return of the Blood Libel

You decide . . .

Reality Check: Kansas City Overlooks Mobile Homes As Affordable Low-Rent Solution?!?

Whilst City Council subsidizes luxury apartments downtown, here's a glimpse at real life options that might unrealized . . .

New Report 1 in 60 Kansas City Households Live in a Mobile Home

Fun facts . . .

- In 2016, 1.7% of Kansas City metro households lived in mobile homes, a -18.7% decrease from 2000 when 2.0% of households lived in mobile homes

- In Kansas City, the median household income for a mobile home households is $35,000, and 20.2% of mobile home households are living below the poverty line

- The median monthly housing costs for mobile home households in Kansas City is $648, compared to $986 for non-mobile home households

Read more:

Today, mobile homes are the largest source of unsubsidized affordable housing in the U.S., providing shelter for one in ten households living below the poverty line.

Fast Company: Can manufactured homes help the housing crisis?

You decide . . .


Swan song for a stalwart of Kansas City television journalism. Read more:

'Peggy is the one you want to see': KMBC's empathetic Breit retires after 36 years

Peggy Breit clearly remembers the day Lamonte McIntyre, a man wrongfully imprisoned for 23 years for a double-murder he didn't commit, was released from jail in Oct. 2017. Covering his story had a deep impact on the KMBC reporter for one reason: He was the same age as her oldest son.

Hoopz Has The Last Word In Kansas City

The columnist claims that "her job is to tell the truth" in one of the most cringe-worthy interviews we've heard this year. Read more: Seg 1: US Rep. Yoder On Immigration. Seg 2: Who Is Mike Kehoe? Seg 3: JeneƩ Osterheldt's KC Legacy.

Kraske Second Guesses KCPD

Local pundit shares perspective on recent officer-involved shooting from behind the safety of his keyboard. Read more:

KC police got it half right when officers shot a woman wielding a decorative sword

I've been thinking about the police killing of Ashley Simonetti this week because on the face of it, the shooting in Kansas City's Northland seemed so unnecessary. Simonetti was running around the neighborhood half-naked in a stolen bridesmaid's dress, armed with a decorative sword. Reporters described the scene as surreal.

The Kansas City Friday News Look

Here's a hottie mission of mercy underway . . .

The Hill: Stormy Daniels heading to border to try to help migrant children

Closer to home, we share these news links for humanitarian and educational concern among other things . . .

The Kansas City Weekend List
6 Summer-Fun Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend
Rock Chalk Price Spike

Kansas regents approve tuition increases for universities

The Kansas Board of Regents has approved tuition and fee increases for all six public universities, citing a need to keep pace with rising costs and declining state support. Full-time resident undergraduate students attending the University of Kansas in Lawrence will see a combined increase of about 3 percent.

Latest Jackson County Jail Abuse Report

Accused rapist says he was badly burned in Jackson County jail, then mistakenly released

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Burned behind bars, an inmate has revealed more alleged problems at the Jackson County jail. In a FOX4 exclusive interview, Shawn Schneider, a 43-year-old man accused of rape, said in late March another inmate poured hot, scalding water down the back of his neck while he was sitting in a recreation area at the county jail.

Urban Core Meth House Follow-Up

Meth investigation ongoing

Michael Bushnell Northeast News The Kansas City, Missouri Police Department is continuing its investigation into the June 20 discovery of a meth lab in the basement of a house in the 400 block of Gladstone Boulevard. As reported previously in the Northeast News, officers responded to the residence around 11 a.m.

Domestic Drama Tribute After Tragedy

Fundraiser raises thousands for slain KC mom and local domestic violence organization

LEAWOOD, Kan. - The Leawood community came together Thursday for a fundraiser for the family of a Kansas City woman who was killed in January. The happy hour benefit, held at The Gin Mill, was not only about raising money for 19-year-old Elizabeth Richards' family. It was also about bringing awareness to domestic violence.

Local Fashionista Put To Rest

Photo gallery: Funeral of fashion designer Kate Spade in Kansas City

Family and friends gathered for the funeral of fashion designer Kate Spade, at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish Redemptorist Church in Kansas City.

Celebrate Local App Generosity

Kansas City among best-tipping cities for Uber

The page you requested is currently unavailable. Pages on this site are constantly being revised, updated, and occasionally removed. You may have followed an outdated link or have outdated pages in your

riana Grande - the light is coming ft. Nicki Minaj is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Debating KCK Deputy Funeral Crowd Size

Actually, the turnout was impressive but that doesn't stop locals from lamenting the heartfelt memorial. Read more: The Rant: Viewer discouraged by attendance for funerals of Wyandotte County deputies

Kansas City Bike Lanes On The Paseo: Broke

One again there's not enough money for an ambitious plan along one of Kansas City's most hotly contest boulevards. Read more:

City leaders planning 19-mile bike lane along the Paseo but still looking for full funding

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Cyclists on the Paseo might have a new bike lane coming soon, but dollars might cause a delay. Kansas City's Department of Public Works is planning the metro's longest bike lane. It's expected to cover more than 19 road miles of the Paseo, stretching from Independence Avenue all the way to 85th Street.

Kansas City Blogger: This Is America

One of the new school freelancers for The Pitch is also a KC blogger and publisher in his own right, this week he offers a cynical yet captivating State of The Union from a local perspective . . .

Take a look:

Lucas Blog: America in 2018: Where do we go next?

Money line:

"Things are super messed-up here now, largely because we’ve gotten so jaded, disaffected or beaten-down to where what used to be scandalous is now just cynically accepted."

You decide . . .

Kansas City 'Creative Class' Play Time

Here's a wordy explanation attempting to justify a bunch of discarded toys as local modern art. Celebrate the buzzwords and verbiage which might be more creative than the display . . . You decide:

Evocative Objects at Play in Really, Apparently

Have you ever seen that show on Netflix, The Toys That Made Us ? It is what I thought of when I saw Really, Apparently at Front/Space. The series goes through some of the most collectible of toys and trends throughout the decades. The objects are collectibles while also being documents of play.

Kansas City Teen Amber Alert After Grandfather Suffers Gunfire

Youngster in crisis story and a police search asking for public help underway. Checkit: Amber Alert issued for abducted 15-year-old girl in Kansas City; suspect shot grandfather, police say

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Kansas City Waiting Game Ruckus Tonight

The GOLD STANDARD of Kansas City discourse offers varying opinions on divisive topics, strategy and policy impacting local lives.

Check the description for this feature we dutifully share for the late night shift worker denizens of our blog community . . .

"Mike Shanin interviews Attorney Rekha Sharma-Crawford about immigration policy and the current situation at the southern border where parents are being separated from their children. Lisa Johnston, Steve Mirakian, Jon Stephens and Patrick Tuohey discuss the implications of announced delays for the new KCI terminal, the push for a sales tax for pre-K in KCMO & the recent Inspector General's report."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Final chapter of a struggle for schools, libraries and neighborhoods vs. corporate interests, job creation and the lifestyles of the upwardly mobile.

Take a look:

KCUR: Kansas City Council Approves Tax Break For Luxury Apartment Tower Downtown


"The developer of the One Light and Two Light luxury high rises in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, will get tax breaks to build a third luxury apartment tower, Three Light, at 14th and Main streets. On Thursday, the Kansas City Council in an 8 to 4 vote authorized a 100 percent tax abatement for 23 years to Cordish. The city has already agreed to pay more than $17 million for a parking garage for the developer's project, as it did for the first two. Mayor Sly James, along with Mayor Pro Tem Scott Wagner and councilmembers Heather Hall, Teresa Loar, Jermaine Reed, Lee Barnes, Scott Taylor and Kevin McManus voted to approve the incentives. Council members Dan Fowler, Katheryn Shields, Jolie Justus and Alissia Canady voted no. Councilman Quinton Lucas was absent."

You decide . . .

Kansas City Paintball Attack Redux

More deets on this serial attack causing serious injury . . .

Fox4: KC man seriously injured after being hit by paintball gun while walking down street

One of several aggravated assaults with paintball guns that happened Wednesday, according to police. They were concentrated near 29th and Norton.

One of the victims, who was hit on Van Brunt, talked to FOX4 off camera and said he doesn't have any peripheral vision out of the eye the shooter hit. The eye is bruised and swollen.

The man said he was walking when someone in a silver Chevy Impala drove up and shot him in the eye with a paintball gun. He doesn’t know if the vision loss will last.

Developing . . .


Local perspective on the hot topic of the week which has already caused Prez Trump to give up ground.

Accordingly . . .


Credit to the Congressman here, this isn't an issue that wins him a lot of support among his constituents as even Missouri Democratic Party denizens tend to support a hard-line on immigration issues. Accordingly, advocacy for youngsters and families offers limited gain in only the instances where the cruelty of online trolls and some of the more clumsy and callous pundits turn off voters with their disdain for basic human rights. All of that is to say that the topic of youngsters caught in immigration crisis is a minefield wherein both sides risk triggering the reptilian brain that usually powers the ID and subsequent decisions of most voters.

Here's the statement with TKC highlights for easier reading:

Congressman Cleaver Calls on Administration to End Zero-Tolerance Policy

EO fails to address reunification of children with their families

(Washington, D.C.) – Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II released the following statement regarding President Trump’s recently signed Executive Order to address the issue of children being separated from their parents at the border.

“The Trump administration has not yet demonstrated that they are doing all they can to reunite detained children with their families and answer the questions that those of us in Congress and around the country are asking. This crisis was created by President Trump with his decision to enforce a zero-tolerance policy for those coming over the southern border. The executive order signed yesterday is an attempt to solve a problem that the President himself created, and does not formally end the zero-tolerance policy. Furthermore, the executive order does not reunite the thousands of families already separated.

While the order allows families to be detained together – dependent upon available resources - it opens the door for the families to be detained indefinitely while the parents are prosecuted.

The Administration has yet to answer many questions regarding how these families will be reunited, how many have been put in foster care, what kind of oversight is being done at these facilities housing unaccompanied minors, and how much money the government is spending on the contracts for these facilities.

I am heart-broken when I think about these children, and the parents who may or may not be reunited with their babies, their flesh and blood. We cannot and should not detain families indefinitely. What we must do now is work on reunification, even though many of these children have been shipped across the country and some of their parents may have already been deported. Childhood adversity and trauma can have lasting, long-term consequences on a person’s health. This is not what America should stand for.”

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II
Fifth District of Missouri

You decide . . . 


This is a place where TKC started a lifelong love for community journalism.

Mr. Reyes actually encouraged TKC's interest in photography and even, graciously, let me borrow his camera a couple of times. More than anything, Mr & Ms. Reyes inspired TKC to work toward media ownership and exploring new outlets for journalism that are often overlooked by the mainstream.

Accordingly, here's a worthwhile statement from a former employer in their own words:

Dos Mundos: Remembering as we celebrate 37 years

"As we celebrate this 37th anniversary, our thoughts turn to the cherished members of the Dos Mundos “family” that we’ve lost. Most recently, we mourned the passing of my husband, Dos Mundos co-founder and publisher Manuel Reyes. He succumbed to pancreatic cancer on March 4. Manuel was a lifelong Kansas Citian, longtime civic leader and dedicated community booster. He’s remembered here for his positive impact on the community, his integrity, his quiet good humor, his enthusiasm for Christmas and his devotion to wife and children."

Descansa en paz . . .

Fact Check: Without Federal Funding The Kansas City Streetcar Is Dead In Its Tracks

Toy train insight and consideration here from our favorite number crunchers and civic policy advocates.

Read more:

The Asterisk in Streetcar Reporting

Bill Turque over at The Kansas City Star wrote the standard piece on this week's streetcar extension vote, and gave some attention to the uncertainty of necessary federal funds, Taxes will not be collected until construction is ready to begin. But the tax funds will not come close to covering the cost of building the new line.

Listen To Kansas City Star Tim Finn Legacy

More insight on the decline of the Kansas City Star and one of their top denizens of the local music community.

LONG, LONGTIME readers of this blog know that the music dude was once featured on this blog in an unflattering light. Turns out, we met Mr. Finn a few times in the aftermath of the silly post and he was not only completely professional following the nasty TKC hit piece but able to offer a great deal of insight on the local news game.

Accordingly, this review is worth a look if only for insight on how MSM defined KC's music scene before the advent of social media. Read more:

Veteran Kansas City Music Critic Tim Finn: What You Don't Know From His Reviews

In the early 2000s, Tim Finn was raising two young daughters while working as The Kansas City Star's full-time pop music critic. His wife, Lauren Chapin, was the paper's food critic. They were eating in restaurants, bringing home tons of free music and going to shows all the time.


Local fast food commupance and/or the local answer to the foot lettuce meme. Read more:

Fast-food worker fired after she's caught on camera stirring tea with her arm

Two workers at a Kansas City-area Raising Cane's are out of a job, after a viral video showed one of them stirring a pitcher of iced tea with her arm. The Snapchat video shows the unidentified former employee smiling as she dunks her arm into the pitcher.


Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway arrived at the Courthouse today as clouds hovered over 12th & Oak and Downtown streets were covered in light rain.

Accordingly . . .


On the bright side, all those silly campaign signs might one day be collector's items for those who can get an autograph.

Developing . . .

Kate Spade Kansas City Heartbreak Continues

Tragic news on the day of her funeral . . .

KCTV5: Kate Spade’s father dies the night before her funeral in Kansas City

Her father, Earl F. Brosnahan, Jr., passed away Wednesday night at the age of 89. Family members say he had been in failing health of late and was heartbroken over the recent death of his daughter. He was at home and surrounded by family at the time of his passing.

Fashion designer Kate Spade was buried Thursday in Kansas City, where she was born. Services for Spade were held at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Redemptorist Church. It's the same church where Spade's grandparents wed.

Developing . . .

Jason Kander: Next Kansas City Mayor?!?!

Jason Kander has a foothold on national TV chat shows, most of his support and name recognition is local AND he has proven that he's a better fundraiser better than almost anybody in Missouri . . . And so:

There's a bit of low-key insider celebration over today's Mayoral report.

KCUR: Jason Kander To Run For Mayor Of Kansas City, Missouri

They call this "news" but here's a TKC quote from 2017:  

"He could (and should) run for Mayor of Kansas City and win EASILY."

We've been talking about it off & on as a better alternative than Prof. Kraske's presidential hype.

Now, a lot of right-wing reactionaries will balk at the decision BUT already he's a better choice for KCMO than Council lady Jolie Justus, Council dude Jermaine Reed & the Council dudes Scott...

Only Council Dude Quinton Lucas could give him a run for his money.

And so we ask our blog community . . .


You decide . . .


Today's irony: They sold this thing because the lines were too long and now a year later there's little progress and no real plan.

The latest:

@KCMikeMahoney:"KCI airlines are asking for a larger KCI renovation. Adding more gates (35 to 39). 40% larger building. New cost estimate $1.3-1.4 billion. previous estimate $964M in 2015 dollars. This would be paid by airlines, not KC."

Update: New KCI Terminal Won't Open By 2021, Officials Hope To Have a Budget By July

You decide . . .

Kansas City Midday News Link Look

Quick look at classic hottie fashion statement . . .

Express UK - Royal Ascot 2018 - WORST dressed led by Kelly Brook in bizarre World Cup themed hat

Closer to home we're checking these news links . . .

Celebrate River Market Giveaway

Ken Block, Mayor Sly James celebrate 531 Grand opening - Kansas City Business Journal

For those in attendance at the ribbon cutting of 531 Grand on Thursday afternoon, the opening of this apartment complex felt like a victory lap for some stalwarts of Kansas City development who long ago saw the vision of Downtown as we know it today.

Show-Me White House Meetup

Missouri Gov. Parson meets with Trump, Pence at White House

Governor's office SOURCE: Governor's office Missouri Gov. Mike Parson is among a group of eight governors meeting with President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Parson's spokesman Steele Shippy said the Republican governor is having lunch Thursday with Trump and Pence at the White House.

Slightly Less Sunflower State Sorrow

Fewer Kansas Foster Kids Sleeping In Offices In June

So far this month, eastern Kansas foster care contractor KVC Kansas hasn't had any kids sleep in its offices. St. Francis, the contractor for the rest of the state, has had four kids overnight, according to the latest update from the state child welfare agency.

Kansas City Season Of Meth Theft

Thieves stealing copper from metro streetlights, causing thousands of dollars in damage

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Copper thieves are responsible for a problem that's leaving some drivers in the dark. MoDOT says people are taking copper wire from light poles, and the lights no longer work. That makes it harder for drivers to see at night.

Latest Kansas City Development Debacle

Flashcube Building in downtown KCMO not a pretty picture

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A building in downtown Kansas City has the nickname Flashcube, but its current condition doesn't match the glitz and glamour of its nickname. The structure on the west side of Main Street between 7th and 8th Streets is called the Flashcube Building because the all glass exterior resembles a flash cube for cameras, a technology first unveiled more than 50 years ago.

Local Losing Streak Cont'd

Royals drop ninth straight after 3-2 loss to Rangers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Austin Bibens-Dirkx earned his first victory of the season, shutting down a struggling Kansas City Royals squad that's wondering when it will get its next win. Bibens-Dirkx pitched effectively into the seventh inning, Rougned Odor homered and the Texas Rangers extended their winning streak to a season-high five games with a 3-2 victory Wednesday night.

KCMO Hipster Weekend Plans

Maker Faire & Other Weekend Possibilities

Maker Faire Kansas City, the festival for creators and inventors, is Saturday (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and Sunday (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) at Union Station. KCPT will have a Kids Zone with interactive activities for kids, there is a pop-up craft fair from Strawberry Swing, scale models of R2-D2, beekeepers and food trucks for when you get hungry.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Infinity War: Mizzou Stays Losing

Great Conservative round-up of continued troubles and a legacy of FAIL for the UM system that endures.

Read more:

"Mizzou" Has Become Shorthand For "Self-Destructive University" - The Sentinel

Board members at the University of Missouri, affectionately known as "Mizzou," should consider the following headline from The College Fix and remind themselves that actions have consequences that outlive the students and staff responsible. The headline refers to Ontario's Wilfrid Laurier University: "Canada's Mizzou? Enrollment plunging at university that investigated gender-neutral pronoun debate."

Kansas Keeps Up Unconstitutional Crackdown

Voter rights stay losing in the Sunflower State . . . Here's the aftermath:

Kansas officials told to keep enforcing voter ID law that was ruled unconstitutional

Kansas officials are continuing to enforce a proof of citizenship law that a federal judge recently deemed unconstitutional. The Topeka Capital-Journal reported Wednesday that staff for Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has directed county clerks to continue requiring voters to present documentary proof of citizenship.

WyCo Deputy Funeral Evokes Outpouring Of Kansas City Sympathy And Sadness

Certainly one of the most somber events of 2018. A few of you have written in saying that you were moved to tears by the ceremony. Here's a round-up of today's memorial:

Joint funeral held for 2 Wyandotte County deputies slain in courthouse shooting

Family, friends, colleagues and the public are gathering Thursday to remember two Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office deputies who were shot and killed by an inmate while transporting him between the courthouse and jail. A joint funeral will be held at 9 a.m. at Children's Mercy Park to honor Theresa King and Patrick Rohrer.


As his campaign signs litter Jackson County right of ways, Executive Frank White confronts an upcoming challenge more formidable than any preordained Kansas City vote.

To wit . . .


The bad news is twofold . . . The upcoming investigation of Jackson County isn't going to do anybody @ 12th & Oak any favors because Auditor Nicole Galloway will shore up her support among Republicans voters by calling out Courthouse corruption -- So, some scathing findings are to be expected.

But it gets worse . . .

Already under investigation . . . Insiders reveal that Missouri AG Hawley can earn statewide political capital with a crackdown against a troubled institution, calling out a marginalized leader and confronting a scandal-ridden Administration via an indictment against Team Frank.

Well-timed action against Exec White will not only intimidate KC's Democratic Party loyalists fearing any challenge to their own dirty laundry but also earns "reformer" credentials for the noob AG.

Precedent: AG Hawley didn't fear political backlash when he took on disgraced former Guv Greitens.

And so, the formerly beloved baseball player is now mostly a scandal-ridden politico in the mind of most voters despite his campaign focused mostly on long gone World Series glory days.

You decide . . .

Where Are They Now??? Former Kansas City Transgender Homecoming Queen Now Dominates Crossroads Fashion Scene!!!

One more quick peek at Kansas City fashion content for our trendy bloggy community . . . Didn't really feel comfortable covering Landon's drama when she was a trendsetter back in high school but now she's all grown up and still creating buzz in this town.


This year’s theme Summer Migration, debuts the eighteenth year of the West 18th Street Fashion Show and it’s “golden birthday” on June 9, 2018. It also marks the first time that Landon Patterson, 20, KCMO, will participate as a model, walking for Lucia's Sarto.

This video gives a brief insight into Landon's experience as a transgender model, activist and artist, and what it's like to be part of the happening down on 18th street.

Take a peek:

You decide . . .


Old school prank recycled for the digital era frightens local pedestrians targeted for the sake of social media views. Read more:

Kansas City police investigating whether four paintball incidents are related

The page you requested is currently unavailable. Pages on this site are constantly being revised, updated, and occasionally removed. You may have followed an outdated link or have outdated pages in your

Kansas City Star Confirms TKC FIRST NEWS ON MLK RENAME FUNDING MECHANISM FAIL For The Paseo Yet Still Demands Council Submit To Demands Of East Side Ministers

We noted this issue months ago and then AGAIN last week . . .

- The Revs can go to court and still have their ordinance gutted just like Clay Chastian . . .

- They DO NOT have the votes on the Council or the support of the Mayor for an MLK name change on The Paseo.

- The newspaper is ignoring other options as 63rd Street is gaining momentum.

Here's the daily rag attempting to spin the controversy and hoping that suburban guilt guides the Council.

The battle over honoring MLK is getting messy. KC Council should clean this up

Kansas City ministers are pursuing a petition drive to rename The Paseo for Martin Luther King Jr. The renaming would cost $160,000 and could bring a legal fight, but the City Council could avoid that mess by making a choice now.


Update that should end speculation about this shooting victim's medical condition . . .

KSHB: The man suspected of fatally shooting two Wyandotte County deputies has been released from the hospital and is back behind bars. Sources say Antoine Fielder is suspected of killing Deputy Patrick Rohrer and Deputy Theresa King on June 15.

Developing . . .


More than anything, our AWESOME TKC BLOG COMMUNITY has offered a great many questions about this Summer . . .

- Will the KCMO murder count spike again???

- Is a better Mayoral contender going to emerge???

- Will the herd of local foodie publications start to thin???

We won't pretend to have any answers but that shouldn't stop readers for coming back throughout the day, every day for answers.

And so, the OFFICIAL start to Summer is here.

Related links:

Daily Mail: Hello sunshine! Thousands flock to Stonehenge for the summer solstice as longest day of the year . . .

Fox News: The summer solstice is the happiest day of the year – But not for me

KMBC: First Alert Forecast: It'll feel like spring on first day of summer

Developing . . .


Check pix of the middle-class championing whole families deported and a longstanding FAILED system . . . Also, sign-making skillz and cute costumes don't solve the growing global divide betwixt rich vs. poor but at least improve Spring/Summer arts & crafts skillz . . . Take a look: Kansas Citians celebrate end of child separation policy

Smaller New Boundary Map For Kansas City Public Schools Flunks Public Scrutiny

Redrawing lines has been an arduous process for the KCPS . . . And the smallish groups taking part are mostly frustrated with governing bodies. Read more:

New Kansas City Public Schools Boundary Map Draws Criticism

Kansas City Public Schools isn't getting the new district boundary map it endorsed. On Wednesday, the Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners said it would instead go with a new boundry map drawn by consultants. The school district has been in the process of complying with a state law that requires the nine-member board to eliminate one subdistrict and one at-large seat by next April.

The Kansas City #TBT News Start

We begin our news morning with a classic hottie with a body of work that started with "heroin chic" yet still endures two decades later . . .

Vogue: Kate Moss Proves Why 40 Is the New 20 With a Jaw-Dropping Leg Reveal

PopSugar: Kate Moss Leads an A-List Girl Gang as She Opens London's Coolest New Store

Cosmo: Kate Moss Leads an A-List Girl Gang as She Opens London's Coolest New Store

Closer to home, here's a line-up of local news items the keep our blog community going . . .

Kansas City Deadly Crash Morning

1 dead, 2 critically hurt after crash north of the Buck O'Neil Bridge

Police in Kansas City say a man has died and two other people are in critical condition after a truck slammed into the back of a pair of cars as the three people stood near them early Thursday.

Urban Core Consumer Fight

Neighbors Argue Proposed Strip Mall 'Has No Place' In Kansas City's Historic Northeast

A plan to build a strip mall on a vacant lot in Kansas City's Historic Northeast neighborhood is drawing the ire of some community groups. The lot, at the corner of Independence and Prospect avenues, is on the site where a fire destroyed a building in 2015.

Soccer Stays Winning KCMO Inner City???

Prospect Park Makeover

Kansas City Parks and Recreation unveiled two concepts for 2018 Prospect Plaza Park Master Plans on the evening of Thursday, June 14 at the Gregg/Klice Community Center. Both options would replace the baseball diamond with a soccer field.


Employees at Northland Raising Cane's fired after viral video shows woman stirring tea with forearm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A video of an employee at a Northland restaurant stirring tea with her forearm is going viral, and those responsible have been fired. The video was taken inside the Raising Cane's on North Ambassador Drive in the Tiffany Springs neighborhood.

KCK Law Enforcement Tragedy Tribute

KCKPD, surrounding sheriff's agencies assisting Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office

Starting Wednesday night, officers from surrounding agencies will step in to fulfill the duties of grieving Wyandotte County deputies. The Kansas City, KS Police Department, along with the sheriff's departments in Leavenworth, Douglas and Johnson counties, are assisting Wyandotte County as the community prepares for Thursday's funeral.

Local Banking Insight

Kansas City community bank plans fintech accelerator

NBKC Bank in Kansas City, Mo., is planning a fintech accelerator. The $619 million-asset unit of Ameri-National Corp., said in a press release Tuesday that the Fountain City Fintech program will be based in Kansas City. The bank expects to bring five startups to the city in October to participate in the 75-day program.

Fear Old School Kansas City Hotel FAIL

The Standard of Luxury

What was once the shining gem in the newly developed Executive Park area of Kansas City's East Bottoms will become a pile of rubble this Sunday when demolition contractors implode the old Park Place Hotel at 1601 Universal Avenue. Originally christened The Breckenridge Inn upon its initial completion in September of 1975, it was luxury lodging at its finest.

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