Saturday, April 29, 2017

Welcome To The Gully Missouri GOP Slap Fight: Gov. Greitens GUILTY Of Ethics Flub

A quick lesson for most of the die-hard Republicans who rarely vote and think of mostly pointless political affiliation as part of a carefully crafted identity rather than an expression Constitutional Rights . . . Here's the start of MISSOURI SINGLE-PARTY GRIDLOCK UNDERWAY as the Republicans have a hard time playing nice with one another in Jeff City:

Greitens found guilty of ethics violation

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Gov. Eric Greitens and his campaign committee, Greitens for Missouri, have been fined $1,000 for failing to report the use of a fundraising list. The campaign financial reports have since been updating, showing an in-kind contribution of $600 from Daniel Laub, Greitens' campaign manager.

Prez Trump Tax Plan Takes Cues From Kansas

Screed against GOP economic theory that has garnered huge budget deficits but increasing job creation. Take a look:

Trump's tax plan 'would be Kansas on steroids'

Shortly after the 2012 elections, with Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback's (R) radical economic experiment already underway, then-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said of his former colleague's plan, "This is exactly the sort of thing we want to do here, in Washington, but can't, at least for now."

The Kansas City Saturday News Link Look

Right now Lucy Pinder hotness inspires this peek at some of the top Kansas City morning links this weekend whilst most other newsies lament the story weather. Take a look:

Cowtown War-Torn Memoir

The Day Before The Fall of Saigon

Nguyet Ha-Le was born in Thai Binh, Vietnam, in 1953. She was born into a large family - the fifth of 10 children. Life was comfortable in North Vietnam. Her parents were teachers with generational wealth that allowed them to live in a three-story, stone house with maids for each of the children.

Silent But Deadly Kansas City

KC parking lot deaths point to dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning

Relatives of a woman who died of carbon monoxide poisoning are still in shock. Family members say they have a lot of questions after the sudden passing of 26-year-old Carolyn Williams, though they say they understand her death was accidental. "She was my best friend," Williams' sister told KMBC Channel 9.

EPIC Suburban Tech Theft

Burglars take six-figures worth of merchandise from metro Sprint stores

RAYTOWN, Mo -- A Sprint Store on 350 Highway, and another on Blue Ridge in Kansas City, were ht by burglars who got away an estimated $100,000 in merchandise. The stores were burglarized early Sunday morning and again on Monday when the stores were closed and no employees were The thieves took phones, including Samsung S8's and iPhone 7's, as well as iPads.

Today's Kansas City Vigil

Family and friends to celebrate life of Jessica Runions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Friends and family of once-missing 21-year-old Jessica Runions will gather on Saturday for a celebration of life ceremony. Runions's 14-year-old sister has helped organize the event and will lead the ceremony on Saturday. A family friend also recently started a memorial fund with all donations going to counseling and education for Runions's sisters.

Cowtown Stormy Weather Report

First Alert: Soggy, soggy day ahead

Rain will be with us for most of the day. We could see a break in the afternoon. But potentially heavy rain moves in for the evening hours.

Something Different - Why Don't We is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Steve Rose Sings The Praise Of Departing Shawnee Mission School Honcho Jim Hinson

To be fair, this is high praise for and from the Johnson County elite . . .

Steve Rose: Shawnee Mission Superintendent Jim Hinson was controversial but effective

Departing Shawnee Mission School District Superintendent Jim Hinson performed brilliantly during his four-year term. But as a leader in the community, he was not what I would call a fit with Johnson County. Hinson's style, as well as his controversial positions on some key issues, alienated significant segments of the community.

Kansas City Forks & Corks Review

Local gourmet for a good cause check this excellent Kansas City blogger round-up of the event:

Forks and Corks Kansas City Event #ForksandcorksKC #Hungry4More - Sarah Scoop

Last night, I was able to attend Forks & Corks in Kansas City to benefit Harvesters. It was an exciting evening featuring samples of gourmet food, wine and cocktails from more than 50 of KC's finest restaurants and beverage purveyors. Music, a silent auction, entertainment and an exclusive VIP lounge made Forks & Corks an ...

Welcome To Another 30-Year Losing Streak For The Kansas City Royals

Early season frustration is apparent from even the most dedicated fanboys. Take a look:

Kansas City Royals: Are More Dark Years Just Around the Corner

Any KC Royals fan that remembers those tumultuous times might recognize the state the Royals are in right now. Back then, the Kansas City Royals were laughable, and right now it seems like the Royals have become laughable once again. As our own Leigh Oleszczak noted, the Royals contention window is slowly slipping away from them.

Kansas City Infrastructure Conversation

An Week In Review switcherooo . . . And a worthwhile talk about the $800-Million that City Hall is soon to spend.


"Nick Haines moderates a discussion with Kansas City policymakers about what city leaders call a $4 billion headache – the cost of fixing a crumbling sewer and stormwater system and deteriorating roads and bridges. The panel includes Troy Schulte, City Manager; Brian Kidwell, MODOT; Joe Reardon, Greater KC Chamber President & CEO; Quinton Lucas, KCMO Councilman & Patrick Tuohey, Show-Me Institute."

Take a look:

You decide . . .

Friday, April 28, 2017


Tonight we pay tribute to a great deal of middle-of-the-map outrage against Republican governors in both Missouri and Kansas which seems to be the local media formula for content whilst everybody else is checking their Instagram for hottie models.

Accordingly . . .


Take a look:

Missouri Times: Greitens found guilty of ethics violation

And so . . .

Gov. Grietens Is Now Missouri's New Bi-Partisan Punching Bag

He has made himself unpopular with a lot of Republican insiders and even decided to troll one of his colleagues by giving out his mobile number and now Democratic Party denizens are finding even more faults to exploit.

Meanwhile . . .

Everybody Still Hates Gov. Brownback

Amateur economists abound in this discussion of economic opportunity in flyover country that has ALWAYS HAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE been sluggish at best.

Kansas City Protesters Shut Down SecState And Future Sunflower State Kobach Who Then Masterfully Plays The Victim

This week protesters at UMKC raged against Kris Kobach as if he was a high school jock still reliving his glory days and they were fat chicks with newfound self-esteem courtesy of Oprah.

^^^ Credit to myself, that analogy is PERFECT.

And whilst everybody is impressed with SecState Kris Kobach because of his Ivy League education as a youngster, let's not forget that he blew his shot at the big time with Prez Trump and let a zoom lens take him away from the national spotlight . . . His consolation prize might be slugging it out with Johnson County hipsters and housewives for control of Kansas politics as Governor . . . Another dead end job that will only lead to bigger bucks by way of advertising boner pills and Pepsi: Just ask former Senator Bob Dole.

And all of this would encouraging if the Democratic Party had any real candidates or leaders on deck that weren't just safe empty suit picks by the DNC who are still dedicated to protesting away all of their political capital every weekend . . .

Nevertheless . . .

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


Mainstream Kansas City sports newsies have been paid to promote another tragic story in the making by way of unrealistic and unfulfilled fanboy expectations.

Longtime local sports geezers are already grumbling but still failing to bring any historical context to the highly touted QB draft pick by the Chiefs.

But those who forget history are doomed to repeat it . . . Which is basically the business model of every pro-sports franchise in Kansas City as they continually get by on flukes or hype before early playoff elimination.

But I digress . . .

Let's talk local history with a name that has cursed KCMO sports fan for more than a generation . . .

Todd Blackledge

Far more than the current QB under consideration, Mr. Blackledge was highly touted, celebrated and even outranked hall of famer Dan Marino as he was drafted by Kansas City way, way back in 1983.

And here's the rub, Mr. Blackledge was talented and had the potential to lead the team . . . But he was unsupported by cheapskate owners, coddled by timid sports newsies and overwhelmed by local rube fanboys and their constant belief in false sports idols.

And so, the football glory of Todd Backledge floundered because Kansas City is where careers go to die.

Since that tragic twist of fate, Kansas City hasn't ever had a decent QB. Alex Smith is overrated, Joe Montana was washed up by the time he got here, Rich Gannon played much better after he left KC and most football insiders agree that this new prospect is sketchy at best.

Accordingly, read sports hype closely and realize that it's just another product pushed on the local populace to distract locals by yet another greedy corporation that gets by on selling hope.

Check the links:

Fox Sports: The Chiefs bet against history by picking Patrick Mahomes

Arrowhead Pride: Chiefs draft 2017: What Patrick Mahomes means to me

KC Kingdom: Kansas City Chiefs History Lesson: KC Chiefs vs 1983 NFL Draft

You decide . . .


Charges connected to an ongoing investigation . . .

KSHB: Kylr Yust's half-brother turns himself in, accused of attacking girlfriend

Developing . .

Suspected Midtown Kansas City Jimmy John's Armed Crook Confronts Federal Gun Charges

Even more follow-up on this angry dude who is now confronting the full brunt of law enforcement backlash and community outrage. Take a look:

Retired officer spots Jimmy John's gun toting robber

A former Kansas City Police officer called 911 as soon as he saw a man suspected in an armed robbery at a midtown Jimmy John's on Thursday.

Mary Sanchez Vs. Kris Kobach & La Migra

Partisan bickering amid the reality of market place impacting immigration more than anything else . . . And the fact that all of the Mexicans are already here . . . Take a peek at this token Latina screed for the weekend:

Mary Sanchez: Cops as immigration agents? A bad - and likely expensive - idea

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach announced this week that he's staying put in these parts, possibly bound for a run for governor. That doesn't mean that Kobach's done with enticing other jurisdictions to enact bad policy - like the idea that police should engage in enforcing federal immigration law.


Tragic evidence of one of the most brutal instances of abuse in local history. Take a look:

Videos reportedly show gruesome abuse before KCK child was fed to pigs

Videos and photos from a home in Kansas where a 7-year-old boy's remains were found in a pigsty show the boy suffered horrific abuse in the months before he died, the child's maternal grandmother said.

The Kansas City Friday Clean-Up

Candice hotness inspires this quick compilation of all the Kansas City news worth a look tonight. Take a peek:

Prosecutor Touts 10-Year-Sentence For Role In Tragic Kansas City Teen Killing

Man sentenced in killing of teen at Bay Water Park

A man was sentenced Friday in the 2015 death of a teenager at the Bay Water Park. The Jackson County prosecutor's office said a judge sentenced Issac M. Carter to a total of 10 years in prison. A jury convicted Carter of involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action in the killing of 14-year-old Alexis Kane.

Newspaper May Day TKC Follow-Up

Marchers will carry a 'United We Stand' banner to City Hall in KC

Advocates for low-wage workers, immigrants and civil rights; labor organizations; faith groups; and other social activists are scheduled to rally Monday evening in downtown Kansas City in observance of International Workers' Day. Planned as a United We Stand, Divided We Fall day of action, the event is to begin at 5 p.m.

Kansas City Vet Health Trouble

FOX 4 investigation reveals female veterans can't get mammograms at local VA hospitals

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It is considered a life-saving screening which detects breast cancer in the early stages. Mammogram machines can mean the difference between life and death for the one in eight women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime.

Show-Me AirBnB Protection

Missouri lawmakers advance bill to shield lodging websites from local regulation

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Some Missouri lawmakers want to shield lodging websites such as Airbnb from local ordinances that could regulate the services out of business in the state.House members on Thursday voted 90-49 to pass a bill to do so.

Kansas City Trading Day Coming Soon

Kansas City Royals: Fire Sale Could Come Sooner Than Expected

Woof. The first three weeks of the KC Royals season has not gone according to plan. The Royals were just swept by the Chicago White Sox in a three-game series on the road, and before that were swept in a four-game series against the Rangers.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Kansas City Activists On The Road To Protest First 100 Days Of Prez Trump

More local opposition to the agenda of the news Prez from a dedicated local cadre of voters still recovering from the EPIC defeat of Fmr. SecState Hillary Clinton. Take a look:

First 100 days: Kansas City protesters march in DC to protest the president's environmental policy

JACKSON COUNTY, Mo. - For the second weekend in a row, tens of thousands of environmentalists from around the nation plan to march at the nation's capital. Among them will be a couple dozen activists from Kansas City who are protesting the president's environmental policy, including his lack of action on climate change and they keystone pipeline.

Nasty Local Suburban Life: Suspected Sleaze Summit Creeper Confronts More Charges

The good life in the local suburbs gets harder to find according this report. Take a look:

Lee's Summit man already facing separate rape charge accused of having sex with underage teenage girl

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Jackson County prosecutors charged a 24-year-old Lee's Summit man with six counts of statutory rape. Garret Laughland is accused of having sex multiple times with a 15-year-old girl who thought he was much younger. Laughland is in custody on a $500,000 bond at the Jackson County Detention Center.

Historic Northeast Kansas City Residents Fighting Against Gentrification

The struggle continues against City Council and a local university. Take a look: Historic Preservation Commission recommends against KCU plan


The politics of Kansas City development and taxpayer subsidy have once against EXPLODED into a public war of words.

To wit, TKC is here to report the most recent barrage FIRST . . .


The behind the scenes on this is also noteworthy . . . Anybody who knows Mike Burke realizes that he's a very patient, calm and thoughtful businessman so a media blast like this one is not only rare but somewhat unprecedented.

Much more to the point than the Visit KC guy and his shill work . . . Here's the word DIRECTLY from the source. Checkit:

Statement Regarding Challenge to Zoning Ordinance of Kansas City Convention Center Hotel Project

The following statement is from Mike Burke, on behalf of KC Hotel Developers, LLC

“This is another example of an isolated group of individuals trying to block the tremendous momentum Kansas City is experiencing to move us forward to become a world-class city.

They represent no one but themselves as they continually seek publicity for themselves regardless of the damage it does to the community. When attempts like this to impede on our momentum come forth, it is important to remember the facts:

The ordinance approves the zoning plan for the hotel and was passed by an 11-0 vote of the City Council. No citizen spoke in opposition to the plan either at the Plan Commission or City Council. The project is close to finishing its construction pricing and financing goals and has fully performed under its agreements with the City.

There will be no city guarantee of any project financing and no General Fund obligation. Taxpayers will not be responsible for any project cost overruns or revenue shortfalls.

Public funds for the project will come from the already-existing convention and tourism tax – those are out-of-town dollars – as well as taxes generated by the new convention hotel’s operations. The balance of the project cost is financed by hotel operating revenues and private equity.

The deliverable for the city’s investment – a $310 million convention headquarters hotel with 800 rooms – will generate additional economic activity and jobs for neighboring properties downtown and for the entire metro area, further enhancing return on the city’s investment. It is important to remember that there has been no new convention hotel built since 1985 – 32 years ago.

The conventions slated to come to Kansas City once this hotel is built will bring in hundreds of millions of dollars for our city. And, this project will bring in hundreds of millions of dollars of private investment to our city. Those are powerful and meaningful numbers.

It is estimated that the project will bring 350 full-time-equivalent jobs, plus additional employment in other Kansas City-area businesses serving the convention business. The project will require 1,500 construction workers, including 600 workers at peak construction and an average of 400 workers during the course of construction.

And, it’s important to remember the needs we have as a city just to keep in step with our peer cities. This hotel will provide much needed convention and meeting space; retail, restaurant, bar and lounge space; recreational space; and approximately 450 parking spaces.

The hotel will be a short walk from the Power & Light District, Sprint Center and the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. A covered bridge will seamlessly connect the hotel lobby to Bartle Hall and the Convention Center. A convention headquarters hotel is the missing factor to restoring Kansas City’s convention competitiveness.

Even the State of Missouri has shown its support of downtown Kansas City this week, with the state senate’s approval of financing a new UMKC Conservatory Downtown Arts Campus. The momentum is real, and this Conventional Hotel project is sound.

This group in opposition of this imperative project has a track record of misrepresenting the public’s interests. Whether it is gutting our police, fire and ambulance services, or opposing badly needed infrastructure improvements, this group is underestimating this city’s trust in our Mayor, our City Council and city management to act in the best interests of the entire community and the future of our great city. A new downtown convention hotel is the lynch pin to complete the renaissance of downtown.”

And so, the fight against the future continues amid a great deal of Kansas City money already invested and now part of an intense debate over the fate Downtown . . .

Developing . . .

TIPS And Crystal Clear Surveillance Video Lead To Capture Of Midtown Kansas City Jimmy John's Angry Armed Suspect Crook

This is supposed to be a feel good story about the community . . . But improving consumer-grade video resolution also deserved credit. Also Jimmy John's Twitter reply was kinda cool as well:

Police: Thanks to tips, Midtown Jimmy John's robbery suspect in custody

A suspect has been identified and is in custody in a Midtown Jimmy John's robbery thanks to tips from the community.

Help Find This Missing Kansas City Lady

Here's a local woman gone missing and deets related to her mysterious disappearance. Take a look:

KC police searching for missing 29-year-old woman

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police are looking for 29-year-old Jamie Toliver, who has not been seen since April 14. According to police, Toliver was dropped off that evening near 39th Terrace and Oakley, and her family hasn't heard from her since.

Courtesy Of Taxpayers Drowning In Debt: New Aquarium Tech For Kansas City Zoo Money Pit

There's a claim that the GO bond cash won't pay for this kind of thing . . . Most residents don't understand how money is shifted around at City Hall so they won't be able to tell either way. Enjoy the new toy:

Want to pet a stingray or a shark? The Kansas City Zoo plans a 'touch tank'

The Kansas City Zoo will get touchy-feely with a planned exhibit that will allow visitors to pet stingrays and sharks. Even feed them. Todd LaSala, chairman of the Friends of the Zoo building committee, said the planned exhibit will have the necessary "wow factor" to keep up the zoo's momentum after scoring a record-breaking 1 million visitors last year.

The Kansas City Friday Afternoon Link Pool

Candice hotness inspires us to blog quite a few afternoon news events and reports worth a peek. Checkit:

Soggy Weekend Planning

6 Interactive Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

You can try to go it alone. But it's more fun to be interactive. Experiences worth sharing with your fellow humans this weekend include the area's biggest comic book and pop culture convention, mosh-pit friendship, getting all warm and fuzzy with the Muppets, air guitar players aiming for international glory and a dog stunt show with a cute quotient powerful enough to make audiences roll over.

Auto Robbery Aftermath

Man in custody after standoff with police in KCMO

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A man is in custody after a standoff with police in Kansas City, Mo. Police were called to the 11100 block of Herrick Avenue at approximately 11 a.m. Friday for a disturbance. A woman was reportedly screaming in the street.

Friday Domestic Drama Report

Kansas City police investigate armed robbery at Advance Auto Parts

Police officers in Kansas City are investigating an armed robbery that happened at an auto parts store on Friday.

Show-Me GOP Slap Fight

Friday: Behind the Headlines - Greitens' stumbling block?

This interview will be on "St. Louis on the Air" at noon on Friday; this story will be updated after the show. You can listen live . On Friday's "Behind the Headlines" with St. Louis on the Air, we'll take an in-depth look at some of the top news stories of the week.

Sunflower Democratic High Hopes

Steve Kraske: Kansas Democrats, for once, have lots of candidates for governor

This could be one of those columns where I stomp and snort at Kansas Democrats for mucking it up again. In theory, that's exactly what the latest news would lead you to believe. Three decent candidates are now running for, or seriously eyeballing, a race for governor next year.

Local TV Journalism Stays Winning

KSHB-TV honored with three regional Edward R. Murrow Awards

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - KSHB-TV, Kansas City's 41 Action News Station, has won three prestigious regional Edward R. Murrow Awards. KSHB was honored in the Continuing Coverage and News Series categories for a project entitled " Suicide Awareness in Schools Law.

Kansas City Teaching Moment

KCPS superintendent Dr. Bedell: The mission to serve KC kids 'is our boss'

Editor's note: To fulfill Startland News' mission of highlighting challenges in Kansas City, we asked Dr. Mark T. Bedell, the Superintendent of Kansas City Public Schools, to share his vision reintegrating local schools. The opinions expressed in this commentary are the author's alone. I have a mission in Kansas City, Mo.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Right now . . . Here's FIRST WORD on an important effort that attempts to seek voter approval for a project that has dominated City Hall for nearly two years but has yet to garner much private investment or participation from the voting public.

To wit . . .


Take a look:


CITIZENS FOR RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT (CFRG) will deliver to the KCMO City Clerks office, their intent to circulate a referendum petition to place the downtown convention hotel on a ballot so the taxpayers can vote on it. CFRG has collected an adequate number of signatures to get the process started.

CFRG will now explore the possibility of collecting the remaining signatures necessary to place the downtown convention hotel on a future ballot to be voted on by the KCMO taxpayers.

This downtown hotel project is estimated to take $167,000,000 in taxpayer’s cash, land and freebies. So far the City and the developers have elected to keep the partners, investors and financing details secret. Taxpayers should have a say in the matter since we are footing over 50% of the $300,000,000 price tag.

CFRG lost its last attempt to get this on a ballot but we know now, the judge got it wrong. The Missouri Supreme Court has corrected the error and future petitions with the proper number of signatures cannot be kept off the ballot by City Hall. This referendum will finally get it right and put the issue to a vote of the taxpayers. The taxpayers have asked us for the opportunity to vote on the downtown hotel.

And so . . .

Kansas City voters could finally get a say in a process from which they have been excluded.

Developing . . .


Toy train streetcar transit wars are at play throughout Missouri and a recent proposal has cycling community spinning their wheels regarding the implications.

To wit . . .


Thanks to the TKC blog community for the link . . .

River Front Times: "University City is considering a plan that would ban bicycles from the Delmar Loop - saying that the dangers posed by the trolley are simply too great for cyclists. Sinan Alpasan, the director of public works and parks for the municipality, tells Riverfront Times that the matter was first raised by the citizen-led Traffic Commission, which advises the University City Council on matters related to its roadways."

Remember . . .


And we're not talking about public safety so much as the need for City Hall and the streetcar authority to escape liability . . . In that context, a bike ban is an option that isn't as far off as many would like to think.

Developing . . .


Follow-up on this rip-off scheme that continues to impact elderly victims and their families throughout the metro and reminds us that reports about meth smoking biz people usually signal trouble. Take a look:

Victims of funeral fraud scramble to pay for same funeral twice

A former Ray County coroner is serving a prison sentence for stealing from elderly people who trusted him with their money for prepaid funerals. Toby Polley first angered taxpayers in 2015 when surveillance cameras at a Kansas City casino captured the elected official lighting a pipe to smoke methamphetamine inside his white hearse.

Kansas City Snail Mail Drug Ring Wrist Slap

Follow-up on this embarrassing local criminal enterprise that ensnared local institutions but only earned a minimal amount of jail time. Take a look:

Former KC postal worker sentenced for drug plot

A former Kansas City, Missouri, postal carrier has been ordered to spend three years in federal prison for her role in distributing PCP. Carol Barfield, 65, was sentenced Thursday in Kansas City, where she pleaded guilty last November to conspiring to distribute the drug.


The latest "accreditation" effort of a local school district continues to anger residents, parents and even some teachers.

A local blog highlighted this fact previously . . . And here's community news follow-up that hopes to clear up any confusion:

Jackson County Advocate: Hickman Mills Receives Accreditation from External Review, State Accreditation Unchanged

Money line . . .

"The total price tag for the independent accreditation review from AdvancED remains unclear, as the district has not yet received invoices for the services provided in the initial review process. According to Ruth Terrell, Director of Public Information and Partnerships, Hickman Mills, as part of AdvancED’s member network, will pay $11,550 annually. In five years, AdvancED will return to the district to perform another review, which will cost an estimated $2000 on top of the membership fee."

More to the point . . .


And while education news if often overlooked in the MSM game . . . This bit of deception is noteworthy for a school district that has played musical chairs among their administration and endured one conflict after the next for the past few years.

Developing . . .


The KCPS was overlooked in a recent ranking of top schools across the nation . . . Here's their side of the story that mostly hinges on sketchy excuses. Take a look: Here's why U.S. News ranking missed Lincoln Prep and Sumner Academy - and they're really ticked off

Will KCMO Westport Plexpod Succeed???

To be fair, TKC didn't think that they'd ever get the thing built . . . But now the co-working experiment is underway in an embattled part of town that might not have the same appeal as similar trendy fake work enclaves . . . Read more:

Here's How One Kansas City Middle School Transformed Into A Co-Working Space

In 2010, Kansas City Public Schools closed nearly 30 schools, mostly because of declining enrollment and a budget deficit. Some of these buildings are still in limbo, and others have been sold, leased, or mothballed for future use. At the former Westport Middle School at 200 E.

The Kansas City Friday Look

Joey Fisher Friday hotness is our tradition as we remain dedicated to Instagram hottie models and the local discourse . . . And here's some of the top links to start out this cloudy end of the work week. Take a look:

Celebrate Kansas City Cosplay

Planet Comicon is out of this world at KC Convention Center

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - According to scientists, there are eight planets in our solar system. (Sorry, Pluto.) But, in reality, this weekend at Bartle Hall in Kansas City, there's a ninth: Planet Comicon! Over the span of 18 years, this locally-produced comic book and pop culture convention has become the largest in the region.

Kansas City Trade Talk

New USDA Secretary visits KC, talks NAFTA

KANSAS CITY - On his third day as Secretary of Agriculture, newly confirmed Sonny Perdue visited a USDA facility in Kansas City designated as a "devolution" facility if something were to happen in Washington, D.C. "If we needed to get out of DC, we would come here and continue the operation service of USDA.

Another Downtown Hotel On The Way

KC leaders approve new hotel and new method of paying for sidewalk improvements

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City leaders approved a new hotel and a new method of paying for sidewalk improvements. A new hotel is coming to downtown Kansas City. The Kansas City Council Thursday approved plans for a Hampton Inn at 16th and Main Street. The new hotel is a $23 million project.

South Kansas City Morning Blaze

Firefighters put stop to flames before they caused significant damage to south KC restaurant

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Firefighters were able to keep an early morning fire outside of a south Kansas City restaurant from spreading and causing significant damage Friday morning. Firefighters say around 6:15 a.m. they received three separate calls about a fire outside of the Peppermill Lounge South restaurant near Hickman Mills Drive and Longview Road.

More Deets On New KCMO Transit Tech

RideKC builds Uber-like app for Kansas Citians with disabilities

For Kansas City residents with disabilities, it's difficult to rely on bus schedules to get from place to place - even with paratransit options. Starting May 1, Kansas City residents with disabilities will have access to an on-demand option.

Kansas City QB Crisis Controversy Awaits

Mahomes: Getting drafted by the Chiefs is a "dream come true"

The Kansas City Chiefs traded their first- and third-round picks this year and their first-round pick next year to the Buffalo Bills to grab Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes with the 10th overall selection. It's the first time Kansas City took a quarterback in the first round since Todd Blackledge in 1983.

The Weekend Forecast

First Alert: Rainy morning, with flooding possible this weekend

We've got another wet morning that could impact the morning commute, with possibly flooding rain this weekend.

HAIM - Right Now is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Craig Celebrates Kansas City Chiefs QB Draft Pick And Talks Sports Comedy Weekend

Quick check-in with our pal Craig as he plans his weekend. Take a look . . .

Stanfords Brings In Sports Comedy With Jon Schieszer and Crew

Its only appropriate that Stanford and Sons would bring in Jon Schieszer and crew from LA on draft week in the NFL. Jon is a stand up comic who has a top rated comedy sports show on ESPN and his podcast. Jon started doing comedy in Kansas City years ago, he is from here, then moved to LA. Jon has been on TBS, ESPN and the tv series Sullivan and Sons and more. He comes back to KC every other year or two to do stand up, this is the first time he has brought his comedy team with him. Should be fun and interesting. His opener is the Comedy Store main man hosting their Tuesday Night shows with comics like Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle. Jon's show is called 'Sportsaholix'...

Yes Chiefs pulled off a shocker Thursday taking quarterback, Patrick Mahomes in the first round. Exciting. I'm sure we will hear all about it from the comics tonight through Saturday. The crew was invited to appear on KC's NBC morning show and blew it up on Thursday morning.

Next week, May 5/6 one of comedies big names, Colin Kane will be at Stanfords. Kane co starred with Kevin Hart in 'The Wedding Ringer' and has many specials with Andrew Dice Clay and himself on Showtime,HBO and more. Kane is wild and naughty, he sells out nationwide and has always brought the big crowds here in KC. The ladies love him, he has the looks and the talent to rock your world with his takes on women, dating and sex. Trust me if you haven't seen him you will be talking about his show when you go to work the next week, he's as wild as it gets.

Shows at Stanford and Sons Legends, tix available online or call the club at 913 400 7500.

Kansas City Police Respond As Snapchat Threat Scares Center Middle School

An early morning lesson in how youngsters and students will eventually destroy the internets OR sign of the times that the new generation has yet to move to Instagram. Take look:

KSHB: Center Middle School students will be met by a backpack check upon entering the school Friday.

KMBC: Snapchat threat leads to stepped up security at middle school in KC

Fox4: Police say they are working with school security to identify the suspect who they believe is a student. They will be at the school Friday to ensure everyone's safety.

Developing . . .

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Storm clouds gather this evening along with more conversation about the possibility of a new airport and other bad ideas . . . Like a collabo with STL.

A lively panel this evening hosted masterfully, check the description:

"Mike Shanin interviews Barbara Bollier, Kansas State Senator, about challenges facing lawmakers as they return to session in May. Then Patrick McInerney, Gwen Grant, Danedri Herbert and Steve Rose discuss new revenue and unemployment numbers in Kansas and what they mean for the state's economy, the push for a November vote on KCI and new efforts to increase collaboration between KC and St. Louis."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


A sordid story of a burned out car and a missing persons investigation gets a little clearer tonight . . .

Amid investigation of Kylr Yust, more deets about his bro and a strange coincidence have arisen . . .

Here's what Alonzo Washington noted . . .

Read more . . .

Alonzo Washington: On 10/27/2016 I tweeted my tips that said Kylr Yust's brother helped Him with the crime & cops should talk 2 him!

KSHB: Kylr Yust's brother charged after traffic stop

KMBC: Why no charges yet in the death of Jessica Runions? Prosecutor says the case is still active

Developing . . .


Tragic fate for one of the 25 MILLION tourists venturing into town and unaware of the deadly online trolls. Take at these police allegations:

Man charged with murder, after victim found in KC with 20 stab wounds to head, neck, back

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An 18-year-old Kansas City man, Micah Dozier, is charged in Jackson County with murder in the first degree and armed criminal action, robbery and tampering with evidence, related to the murder of Michael Luckey, 29.

More Deets On Pembroke Hill And Jackson County Prosecutor Crowdfunding For Family Of Slain Kansas City Teen Girl

News that our blog community broke FIRST and worthwhile follow-up interviews. Take a look:

Jackson County Prosecutor, Pembroke Hill offer support for family of slain 14-year-old

A mother suffering from a tragic loss is getting some much-needed help. Students, a local business, and even the Jackson County Prosecutor are coming together to support the family of a young murder victim. Support from a county prosecutor is rare, but one murder case has stuck out in Jean Peters Bakers mind, and now she's asking the community to help support the family.

The Kansas City Thursday Night Link Look

Mariah Lee hotness inspires this evening collection of all the important links from today. Take a look:

Kansas City Ride-Share Comeback

Lyft and Kansas City may reunite thanks to new ride-sharing law

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens on Monday signed legislation that could bring the ride-sharing company Lyft back to the Kansas City market. Passed with strong support from Missouri lawmakers, Gov. Greitens' signature sets forth regulations for ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft, including licensing fees, background checks and inspections.

Garbage House Deadline Coming Soon

$999 home deadline fast approaching

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Remember the game show "Let's Make A Deal?" Well, Monty Hall would be so proud of the Kansas City Missouri Land Bank. Because, here's the deal: buy a home for $999. That's right. Less than one thousand smackers.

Fear The Big Toy Train Party

KC Streetcar to celebrate first birthday with party May 6

Kansas City's downtown streetcar will celebrate its first birthday May 6 with a party, games, food trucks and cake at Union Station. At the same time, Union Station will unveil improvements to make the streetcar's southern end safer and more welcoming.

Bus Route Conversation

KCATA proposes bus route changes but wants public feedback before finalizing plans

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Thousands of people who use public transportation could be affected by proposed KCATA bus service route changes, but KCATA wants your feedback before they are finalized. The KCATA is making these changes to 22 routes in order to make them more efficient because of lower ridership.

Northeast Kansas City Crime Talk

NE KC Violence Reduction Initiative seeking public input

By Paul Thompson KANSAS CITY, Missouri - The NE KC Violence Reduction Initiative would like assistance from Historic Northeast residents in identifying some of the most violent portions of the area. To that end, the group is asking residents to become part of the solution by utilizing a public input web map to point out areas where they don't feel safe.

Tribute To Trash Re-purposed

Ripple Glass collects its one billionth recycled glass bottle

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The glass recycling company, Ripple Glass, collected its one billionth bottle Thursday morning. Since 2009, Ripple Glass has put large purple bins all throughout the city, collecting glass bottles and jars.

Downtown Artsy Good News

Missouri Senate passes funding for Downtown Arts Campus

All that remains between the University of Missouri-Kansas City's new Downtown arts campus and the state funding needed to build it is the signature of Gov. Eric Greitens. The Senate on Thursday passed a bill that would authorize the state to borrow $48 million through a bond issue to help fund the arts campus, which would be adjacent to the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

We Did It!!! Kansas City Sidewalk Repair Ordinance Passes Unanimously With The Help Of Our TKC Blog Community!!!

Our blog community followed this interesting bit of legislation from start to finish and this afternoon Council approved an ordinance that would task City Hall with paying for sidewalk repair instead of homeowners UNTIL the money runs out . . . Which may or may not be rather quickly.

Here's how it went down . . .

During the election, our blog community noted that this was only a promise and NOT PART OF BINDING BALLOT LANGUAGE.

Then, EXCLUSIVELY we reported the first effort FAILING among City Council with a surprising return trip back to committee . . .

Finally, we talked EXCLUSIVELY with Councilman Lucas who offered insight into the legislative process and ACCURATELY predicted a unanimous adoption.

Now the find print here is that the cash funding this ordinance isn't secured and could run out more quickly that most residents might like . . . But for the moment, we should call it a win and thank City Council AND OUR AWESOME TKC BLOG COMMUNITY for the victory

Developing . . .


Possibly the most important news story of the day and just another reason the toilet bowl we call "Flush Creek" near the Plaza is one of the grosses bodies of water in town. Take a look:

Truck flips on its side on Roanoke at Ward Parkway, spills oil

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City police and the Kansas City Fire Department were called to the scene Thursday afternoon of an overturned truck at Ward Parkway and Roanoke Parkway. The truck was apparently hauling cooking oil and there is a large spill of used cooking oil at the location.