Wednesday, January 17, 2018


A glimpse at the future inside the Downtown Kansas City loop as $2500-a-month rent moves out of style and developers now rely on foreign investment to finance their real estate schemes.

Example . . .

KC Biz Journal: Cordish's executive director for the district, confirmed that the company has considered selling as much as 10 percent of the $300 million Three Light project’s 300 units as condos.

Remember that City Manager Troy Schulte said the city is obligated under its 2004 master development agreement with Cordish to build the parking garage for Three Light, estimated cost $17.5 million.

Translation: Broke-ass local residents are going to finance amenities that they'll never be able to afford, use or benefit from . . .

Developing . . .


An urban planner perspective on the Kansas City crackdown offers a round-up and consideration of the impact that actually doesn't sound very fun . . .

"Getting into the new Westport (is comparable) to getting into government buildings and local stadiums."

Like it or not, the NEXTGEN of middle-class bar patrons comprised of gamers, millennials and social media denizens might not want to deal with the hassle.

Read more:

Kansas City Privatizes Sidewalks in Rowdy Entertainment District

In Kansas City, Missouri, the Westport neighborhood fills up on weekends like nowhere else in town. Young people dine at trendy restaurants like Char Bar and drink at local institutions like Kelly's and Harpo's, the nights not ending until closing time at 3 a.m.

Meth Town Talks Internets Tax

Local politicos hope to kill online commerce with an ordinance that might challenge state & Fed policy . . . Here's a glimpse at po'dunk politics unwittingly starting a legal battle over more taxes on mail. Checkit:

Independence voters to decide on tax for online purchases

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Online shoppers, get ready. If you live in Independence you could soon be paying a tax on online purchases made from out-of-state internet retailers. Tuesday, Independence City Council voted to put a use tax on the April ballot for voters to decide. "So many more online sales are happening.

The #BetterKCI New Airport Labor Debate: Minority Hiring Stays Losing?!?!

Another look at discussion of the new Kansas City airport from a firm that clings to the desperate hope that Burns & Mac along with union leaders & the heavies aren't killing their BILLION DOLLAR DEAL:

Edgemoor still faces two hurdles in KCI build - labor and the city council

A meeting was held Tuesday to discuss the labor side of the issue.


The next part of his fight to restore public confidence for Guv Greitens isn't gonna be pretty . . . He's gotta get back out in public.

He has offered his 2nd apology which was a lot more convincing than the 1st and now it's up to investigators and his GOP critics to challenge him on allegations of wrongdoing in allegedly using "state-paid" resources to address the scandal. As always in politics, it's questions about a coverup that could prove to be the undoing of an elected official and not the initial misdeed.

And so . . . The Guv is going to have to get back out there and risk uncomfortable showdowns against media questions. On the bright side, he'll build sympathy from supporters if newsies are too hard on him because voters hate journalists slightly more than politicians. Getting back to his agenda in the midst of a crisis will the be the greatest test of his political career and offers him an opportunity to prove his claims about the strength of his leadership.

Check the links . . .

WaPo: Missouri Gov. Greitens seeks forgiveness for affair. GOP lawmakers seek his resignation.

NY Mag: Missouri Governor Eric Greitens Is in a World of Trouble

MONet: Missouri GOP governor’s 2nd apology comes after five Republicans call for his resignation

Developing . . .

Kansas Automated Cars Coming Soon???

The NextGen is transportation is coming soon. Here's a big reason why . . .

Proliferation of autonomous vehicles in Kansas would transform the way people go about daily affairs.

“If a resident cannot secure a driver’s license or afford to register, insure and operate a vehicle, the person may be slowly pushed outside social rubric of his or her community,” he said. “No access to a motor vehicle? How are you supposed to get to work, pick your kids up from school, get to a medical appointment, attend church?”

Smith said the state issued 575,000 license credentials last year, while suspending driving privileges of 70,000 people for non-alcohol reasons. An autonomous vehicle can resolve transportation challenges of people denied authority to operate a motor vehicle because of medical issues, he said.

Kansas legislators run into eye-opening perspectives on automated vehicles

State and federal regulators joined a private insurance company official Tuesday in an attempt to convince Kansas lawmakers of the need to speed development of rules guiding use of high-tech driverless vehicles on streets and highways. The House Transportation Committee and the Senate Transportation Committee convened separate hearings to journey into the emerging world of of autonomous cars and trucks racing onto the U.S.

Show-Me Sen. McCaskill Support For Spying

Missouri Democratic Party Lady helps this bi-partisan effort against privacy . . . Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) also showed up after 7 p.m. and voted "yes," giving leadership their 60th vote.

Read more:

NSA spying program overcomes key Senate hurdle

The Senate narrowly voted to begin winding down debate over legislation renewing government surveillance powers, defeating a filibuster by privacy hawks. Senators voted 60-38 to wrap up debate on the legislation, which cleared the House last week and extends the surveillance program with only a few small changes.

Kansas City Urban Hero Celebration!!!

A compilation of all the locals recently celebrated by the Downtown Council in service of more tax breaks and policy the undermines local Democracy.

Take a look:

You decide . . .

Kansas City Dead-Tree Opinion Leaders???

I don't buy it . . . In this promotional column the newspaper claims it leads local opinion in the era of social media celebrity push back and online viral sensations. You decide:

A year later, The Star Editorial Board is leading a community conversation - and expanding

One year ago, The Star's revamped editorial board made its debut. Our aim, I said in an introductory column, was to launch a community conversation. At least one reader took me at my word. He soon started calling me each morning, leaving multiple voicemails bright and early with his critique of that day's opinion pages.

Ongoing Kansas City Artsy Conversation

Despite it's ranking as one of the worst schools in the nation for the money . . . One of the benefits is personal attention for the BIG MONEY TUITION. Take a look:

This Kansas City Art Institute Teacher's Tea Time Has Become A 35-Year-Long Conversation

Jason Pollen's colorful wheels of cloth and fluttering fabric mobiles have been exhibited around the world. He retired from teaching in the fiber department at the Kansas City Art Institute in 2010; at 76, he now spends his time creating his own work in a bungalow on Locust Street, just a block from the Art Institute.

El Bryan Considers KCMO Solutions

Quick review of Kansas City dilemmas and comic relief from one of this town's most talented political satirists. Take a look: retorts illustrated by bryan stalder

The Kansas City Midweek Morning Look

We begin our morning with glimpse at Leanne goodness and then get going from there . . .

Kansas City Petty Crook Push Back

Local convenience store using shame, social media, and a little humor to fight shoplifting

A Kansas City convenience store is using humor to fight back against thieves...and it's working. There are more than two dozen cameras set up inside area Fav Trip stores. But the mere existence of the cameras didn't deter thieves...until the chain's founder took to social media with his own spin on the surveillance video.

Golden Ghetto Face-Off

Carjacking victim, 73, comes face to face with wanted man out of Lenexa

The Lenexa Police Department is looking for a man who they say is responsible for a number of hit-and-runs and a carjacking that happened on Wednesday. Officers are searching for Raymond Anthony Cornejo Jr., 37. Police say Cornejo is wanted in connection with a series of crimes, including robbery, auto theft, fleeing police and hit-and-run.

Cleaning Up KCFD

Wife of KC firefighter raising funds for carcinogen-extracting washing machines

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A wife of a 22-year veteran of the Kansas City Fire Department has raised nearly $50,000 to get extractor washing machines in all the fire stations. Dawn Eddings started a GoFundMe and various community groups have stepped up to raise money for the machines that remove carcinogens from their bunker gear.

KC Winter Last Stand???

First Alert: Temps heading in right direction

Temperatures will be heading in the right direction for us today. We'll see a high in the mid-20s.

Kansas Politico Tribute

Bob Dole to receive Congressional Gold Medal in bipartisan ceremony

Former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole will receive the Congressional Gold Medal Wednesday.Dole, 94, was awarded the Bronze Star for his service in World War II. A machine gun injury nearly killed him and forever cost him the use of his right arm.

Kansas City Northland Doggie Comeback

Northland family finds service dog three days after it goes missing following crash

UPDATE, 6:05 p.m. - There is a happy ending to this story. The family informed KCTV5 News the dog was found and is safe. ---- ORIGINAL STORY A crash on icy roads over the weekend has led to a desperate search. A family's emotional support dog, named Diesel, escaped after the wreck at Agnes and Cookingham in the Northland.

Get Well Soon, Great Value Gronk

Travis Kelce withdraws from the Pro Bowl

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce will not be playing in this year's Pro Bowl after he withdrew from the game due to injury on Tuesday. Delanie Walker headed to the Pro Bowl to replace Travis Kelce who opted out due to injury.

Kodak Black - Roll In Peace feat. XXXTentacion is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Last week we offered a deets from the OPEN SESSION regarding the price-tag for the struggle for control over COMBAT Anti-Drug Tax . . . Tonight news of expenditures begins to add up.


Fox4: Taxpayers will foot the bill for Jackson Co. Legislature’s legal battle with County Executive Frank White

Money line . . .

Jackson County Legislative Chair Scott Burnett said the legislature has done all it can to get (Executive Frank) White to follow what he says is the law, so now a judge will decide.

And Jackson County taxpayers are footing the cost for that fight to the tune of $250,000.

When asked if he thinks taxpayers will appreciate $250, 000 of their tax money being spent on this, Burnett said, "well, of course not, but we can't get the administration to follow the law. We don't know what else to do."

"I don't think the taxpayers really understand the difference between the Executive or the Legislature, so I think we are all going to be diminished by all of this that is going on," Burnett added.

Developing . . .

Celebrate Kansas City Gas Station Hero!!!

Kansas City media rarely highlight the working-class and that's why this news link deserves special attention. Checkit:

Meet the woman who goes out in the cold so many in Brookside don't have to

Patti works for one of the last full-service gas stations in the Kansas City area.

#BetterKCI MBE/WBE Conversation Cont'd

Over the weekend we talked about behind the scenes discussion on new Kansas City airprot quotas & requirements . . . Today it's news fact:

Edgemoor Invites Women, Minority Contractors To Weigh In On Plans For New KCI

Over 100 people gathered Tuesday afternoon for a community forum on labor for the construction of Kansas City's new single terminal airport. The event drew a diverse crowd, roughly half of which indicated by a show of hands that they were M/WBEs, or minority or woman owned business enterprises.


On a cold Winter's night . . . Take a look at tax fighters asking for Kansas City voters to save local Democracy . . . Remember that El Bryan gave us an important breakdown on this impending legislative smack down on its way. Take a look at another perspective.

Hearing Tomorrow: Council Committee will start the process to overturn your vote.

The Streetcar advocates (Streetcar Authority, KCATA ) are LOBBYING City Hall to overturn the voters decision to eliminate any streetcar expansion without a city wide public vote. We cannot let this happen. We voted for this law and we want if enforced. Ordinance 171032 will be discussed.

We asked every member of the City Council whether they would stand behind their constituents and insist your vote be honored as cast. The only Council members answering our request were Heather Hall who insisted she will back her constituents and Alissia Canady who told us she would review the ordinance to overturn your vote.

We have to assume all other council member will support this ordinance and over turn your vote to demand a citywide vote before any streetcar expansion. They will quote all kinds of silly reasons like “constitutional infirmities” . If they over throw this vote, they set a precedent to overthrow every vote they don’t like. Elections are coming and we need to remind the council they work for us!

PLEASE CALL, E-MAIL OR BOTH your City Council Representative and tell them you expect them to support the voter's mandate to insist on a city wide vote before any further streetcar expansion. They cannot overturn our vote. If we vote to pass a law and our City Council ignores the voters decision and vacates the law, only anarchy can result.

Elected officials must represent the majority of the people and the majority have spoken. Call / Email / or Both this week. Remind our City Council Representatives that elections are not far away and you will be watching how they represent the voters. Those of you in the Northland and on the Eastside should be the most vocal as you did the most to get the law passed. Stand up, be heard…

If we allow the City Council to nullify this election, they will nullify anything the voters pass if they don’t like it. They could establish a very dangerous precedent herein we don’t stop them. Call today and let them know you will be watching.

Developing . . . 


Missouri Republicans struggle to regain the moral high-ground but Guv Greitens makes a bold move in his latest statement that deserves recognition.

The 2nd apology and far more convincing aplogy from Greitens just now:

"Before I was elected Governor, I made a mistake. It was a personal mistake, and I am sorry. I am sorry for the pain it caused to everyone impacted, including Sheena, our boys, our families, our friends, and people who have relied on me. I took responsibility with my family back when this happened, asked for God’s forgiveness and Sheena’s, and Sheena and I dealt with this together, privately. I was, and today I still am, grateful for her forgiveness and love.

"Much has now been written about this, and many of the assertions made have not been truthful and have proven extremely hurtful to Sheena, as well as to me. For us, the allegations that go so far beyond the facts have made this much more difficult. I made a mistake, I regret it, and Sheena and I have dealt with it between us. For us, that is where this story starts, and that is where this story ends. We again ask for privacy for everyone involved.

"Then and now, we are focused on moving forward. I ask for your forgiveness and hope you can find it in your heart to do so. I assure you that this personal mistake will not deter us from the mission we were sent here to do. We have been, and we will, continue to work for and to fight for the people of Missouri. We will take our state in a new and better direction. There is still much work to be done, and we are back to work for the people of Missouri."

Check the links as it now seems the involvement of a state worker is next obstacle for the Guv to confront . . .

STL-CBS: 4 GOP Lawmakers Call for Missouri Governor’s Resignation

KMBC: MO Gov. Eric Greitens issues apology amid calls for his resignation over affair scandal

CNN: Lawyer says he turned in hours of 'Fifty Shades of Greitens' audio to law enforcement

STL Biz Journal: Greitens indicates he'll stay in office after GOP lawmakers call for his resignation

KMOV: Ex-husband of Greitens' ex-lover has more tapes, gives them to FBI

Now . . .

Better than any media outlet in Missouri . . . Two days ago we suggested that Guv Greitens offer a real apology. He did it. Now we want to know from TKC denizens how this community of readers can help the Guv & Missouri move past this hot mess. It seems that that alleged conflict involving a state-paid worker is the most significant obstacle to overcome and/or address. You decide . . .

Developing . . .


An effort touting tech, community outreach and social services along with more cash seems to be the focus of this latest effort . .

KCPD CHIEF'S BLOG: Our 2018 goals: decrease violent crime, increase community involvement

Highlight . . .

I am optimistic as Kansas City starts 2018. Slowly this city is starting to realize that the crime in Kansas City needs to be addressed from several different angles, not just through the police and enforcement. Some of the partnerships that have great potential in 2018:

- The Police Foundation of Kansas City, a private/public partnership that is bringing cutting-edge technology to this city to help reduce violent crime.

- Soon there will be social workers at every patrol division. This will be another private/public partnership aimed at increasing the ability of field officers to follow through on issues they find while working in the field.

- The TIPS Hotline, part of the Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission, recently raised the reward money for information on homicides from $2,000 to $5,000.

Closing line . . .

"Twelve short months from now will let us know if the aforementioned direction, cooperation, initiatives, and enforcement activities have reduced crime. The executive staff at KCPD will continue to evaluate, research and implement strategies that work on reducing violent crime so Kansas City is no longer on the ten most-violent cities list. That is just the first big hurdle toward the goal of making Kansas City the safest city in America."

Read the whole thing.

Again . . .


You decide . . .


After reports of the court action, here's the official word from the Courthouse . . . TKC highlighted the direct quote:

Jackson County Executive issues statement in response to lawsuit filed by Legislature

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. has issued the following statement in response to the Legislature’s filing of a lawsuit regarding COMBAT.

“I was elected to this office to do what is right. And as County Executive, that has and always will be the basis for any decision I make. I am committed to working with everyone to move Jackson County forward, however, I am not willing to violate the charter or law to do so. Any action taken by me and my administration has been in accordance with the legal advice of the County Counselor’s Office and the legal opinion the County received from outside counsel.

Despite numerous warnings, the Legislature has continued to ignore the significant legal issues surrounding the oversight of COMBAT, which has led to uncertainty and confusion among staff and the community. Therefore, it is important we have a resolution to this issue as quickly as possible, but it must be done appropriately. I am dedicated to working with everyone in the meantime to ensure that COMBAT continues to be a cause for good in our community.”


Developing . . .


Today, local elected officials confront an inevitability that our blog community has been talking about for weeks.

The statement:

“It is unfortunate the Legislature is having to take legal action to enforce an ordinance passed by this body since the County Executive continues to ignore the current rule of law,” Scott Burnett, chair of the Jackson County legislature, said Tuesday in a statement. “It is our moral obligation to ensure accountability for the taxpayer dollars and given concerns about the administration’s questionable use of these funds, a decision was made to return the administration of COMBAT to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. We have complete confidence in Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker to faithfully execute the duties asked of her office by this body.”

Remember last week our blog community broke news of the lead-up to the legal move and what ended up serving as the last straw.

Check today's news:

Fox4: Jackson County legislature files suit against County Executive Frank White over control of COMBAT program

KCTV5: At stake is who has control over millions of dollars raised through the COMBAT anti-drug tax.

KMBZ: White has ignored the mandate transferring the anti-drug program COMBAT to the office of Jean Peters Baker, Jackson County Prosecutor.

KCUR: Who Controls COMBAT Is Headed To Jackson County Court

KMBC: Legislative chair Scott Burnett announced the legislature has filed a Writ of Prohibition requesting the court enforce Ordinance 5601, which places the day-to-day of Jackson County’s anti-drug program known as COMBAT under the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

Developing . . .


Brutal crime aftermath and suspect seemingly named after a renowned lover. Read more:

Grandview man charged with murder after woman's body found on fire near dumpster

A Grandview man has been charged with murder after a woman's body was on fire near a dumpster on Sunday. Kasanova Callier, 27, has been charged with one count of second-degree murder and one count of armed criminal action.

Suspected Gunman Charged With Shooting At KCPD Seyz He Was Aiming Into The Air

The other side of the story as local police confront more political and outright hostility. Read more:

Man charged with firing shots at 2 KC officers in marked car claims he was just shooting into the air

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Jackson County prosecutors filed charges Tuesday against a local man they say fired shots at two Kansas City police officers in a marked KCPD vehicle on Saturday night. Prosecutors charged Isaiah D.

Blue Springs Murder Charge Double Trouble After Teen Gunned Down Over Weekend

Inner suburban crime check and charges quickly follow recent homicide . . .

Two charged in murder of Blue Springs 18-year-old

Two people have been charged in connection with the murder of a Blue Springs 18-year-old. Jack Price was found shot around 9:30 p.m. Friday in the 100 block of Northwest Vesper Street. He was rushed to an area hospital but later died. Police later said they were speaking with two persons of interest in this case.

Kansas City Tuesday Evening Link Look

Lots more to talk about tonight but let's offer celebration of Lucy and a peek at some of these Kansas City links for right now. Take a look:

Apropos For Kansas City Arctic Temps

Penguin chick now on display at KC Zoo

A king penguin chick is now on display at the Kansas City Zoo. The chick, named Louis, hatched on Nov. 8, after the zoo was given the egg by the St. Louis Zoo and incubated at the Kansas City Zoo. Louis was hand raised behind the scenes by zookeepers.

Rock Chalk Space Man

The University Of Kansas Student Who Wants To Be A Martian

Bailey Miller, an engineering graduate student at the University of Kansas, has a compelling goal: to be among the first astronauts to land on Mars. He's off to a good start. Miller was the leader of a seven-member team that won an international competition hosted by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

New Kansas Cash Crop???

Advocates of industrial hemp production, research shift focus to Kansas Senate

Advocates of industrial hemp production in Kansas sought support Tuesday for members of the Kansas Senate with a bill making it legal for state universities to conduct research on a plant capable of being processed into food, fabric, paper and other materials.

Local Boozy Biz Report

Tap List | Whalez Candles Launched With Hunt for Elusive Craft Beers

Matt Wiley quietly launched Whalez Candles in late 2017 as a side project. Unlike commercial candle lines with a uniform look and packaging, Wiley uses empty bottles and cans of hard-to-obtain brands of craft beer to make his candles from scratch.

Show-Me Lower Pay Lesson

Missouri Teachers Making Slightly More Than Last Year, But Less Than National Average

Missouri teachers have made incremental salary gains since last school year, but educator pay continues to trail the national average. The average Missouri teacher is making $49,760 for the 2017-18 school year, according to a Missouri State Teacher Association report on educator pay.

JoCo #MeToo Chicken Little???
Overland Park #MeToo Push Back

Overland Park police to file charges against woman who made false report of assault on Indian Creek Trail

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Overland Park police say they will file charges against a woman who filed an unfounded report of assault on the Indian Creek Trail last weekend. Police said a woman reported she had been assaulted early Saturday morning on the trail near Lamar and West 103rd Street in Overland Park.

TV News Goes All Buzzfeed

Unique Date Night Ideas in Kansas City

What's more Kansas City than BBQ? Well, Char Bar combined award-winning BBQ with beer and lawn games for a combination that can't be beat for a distinctive date night. After you fill up on "slow and low" cooked meat and "Meat Mitch" sauces, step into the backyard for a friendly game of croquet, ping pong, bocce ball or cornhole.

Old School Streetcar Economy

Streetcar expansion spurred development of this Squier Park block

Many parts of what is now Midtown Kansas City are called "streetcar suburbs," and this block of the Squier Park neighborhood from Forest to Tracy between 36 th and 37th demonstrates the impact the transit system had upon development.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .

Kansas City Royals Pitcher Guilty Of DUI And Endures Johnson County Wrist Slap

Aftermath of local celebrity enduring far less hassle than his working-class fans who usually suffer a major financial hit fighting DUI charges. The fine and proaion probably don't amount to lunch money for this local hero. Read more:

Royals pitcher Danny Duffy pleads guilty to DUI

Royals pitcher Danny Duffy has pleaded guilty to driving under the influence in Overland Park and has been placed on a year's probation. Sean Reilly, a spokesman for the city of Overland Park said Tuesday Duffy entered the plea last week and will pay $1,220 in fines and court fees.

KCUR Now Kansas City Source Of Record

The non-profit donor model power legacy media toward greater influence than any other newsie outlet according to their thousands of progressive donors. You decide:

KCUR Is Ramping Up Investigative Reporting With Support Of New Grant And Collaboration

After a long and torturous wait, a Kansas City woman finally saw her rapist sentenced to 15 years in prison in May 2015. A woman we called "Juliette," to protect her identity, had been the subject of a KCUR investigation in which we exposed a failure by Kansas City, Kansas, Police to follow up on a DNA match made six years before Juliette's rapist was finally arrested.


Debated whether or not to call this one . . . "Somebody talked" or "Sometimes they come back" . . .

But here's just a bit of political chatter that's worthy of consideration as the new bosses at the Courthouse are embroiled in an ongoing money fight.

A blind item to keep this blog out of court and remind local authorities that our online community is merely dedicated to 1st Amendment fun times:

Here's the sitch . . .

Amid recent questions posed to current legislators, politicos and their lawyers - There's fear that denizens of the former Administration are talking/snitchin about all manner of alleged County government impropriety. To this end, we can soon expect more salacious deets regarding their ALLEGED nasty behavior to arise. More importantly: Concern regarding yet another Courthouse visit from the Feds adds one more facet to the ongoing controversy over allocations and transferred funds.

Developing . . .

Kansas City Double Tuesday News Look

Here are just a few more midday links worth a peek amid as Jordan reignites our interest in local news . . .

Pitch Doubles Down On Promo Content

More KC concert announcements: David Byrne, Jason Isbell and the Old 97's, Brandi Carlile

April Fleming Fresh on the heels of that Jack White announcement comes word that a big night of Americana and roots music is on the way to KC. On Friday, July 13 Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit will perform with Turnpike Troubadours and the Old 97's at Providence Medical Center Amphitheater.

Last Chat On New Glass & Plastic KCI

As deadline to fix concerns city council has about plan for new KCI looms, Edgemoor hosts final community meeting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Discussions continue Tuesday on building a single terminal airport, and this is your last chance to give input on what you want to see in a new KCI. Last month, Edgemoor canceled its final community meeting just minutes after the city council voted against using the firm to build a new KCI, and Tuesday night they'll host a make-up meeting at Evangel Church.

Dude Allegedly Fired @ Two KCPD Officers

Kansas City man charged after KCPD officers shot at while in marked car

Police have charged a man after they say he shot at two officers in a marked police department vehicle Saturday night.

Kansas City Cash Collabo
BankLiberty acquires one of the KC area's strongest banks - Kansas City Business Journal
Arctic Metro Advice

Paramedics: bundle up and cover exposed skin to prevent frostbite

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- The Overland Park Fire Department is warning you to dress in layers and cover extremities like toes and ears if you go outside. The 41 Action News weather team predicts wind chills across Kansas City will drop to dangerously low levels Tuesday, with some areas expereincing a "feels like" temperature of -25 degrees.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Like it or not, Team Greitens seems as if it's just waiting around for the other shoe to drop . . .

A quick fun note from our Democratic Party friends . . .

Missouri Democratic Party leaders have enlisted the help of pals on the national level desperately seeking another lady to talk about Guv Greitens cheating.

Here's the word:

"The Guv gets around and if he has already admitted to cuckolding some poor schmuck and risking his career with a hairdresser. We're all guessing that he's not very cautious in his other adventures. Another woman coming forward to speak about the Guv and his proclivities would pretty much destroy any credibility he has left and offer a more honest glimpse at his background . . ."

Meanwhile, as progressives desperately seek more #MeToo testimony . . . The current crisis is far from complete . . .


Take a look at bigger things on the way amid more calls to resign:

STL: State-paid attorney who asked about Greitens scandal raises questions

RAW STORY: Missouri state-paid attorney accused of ‘ethically inappropriate’ investigation of Gov. Greitens’ blackmail victim

Daily Mail: Embattled Missouri governor who is accused of assaulting and threatening to leak nude photos of his former mistress delays tax policy tour after admitting to the affair

Developing . . .

Show-Me Parent Outrage Over Junkie & Gender ID Survey For Missouri Students

File one under "Ask a stupid question" . . . Questions for Missouri students on drug use, gender identity outrage parents

Kansas SecState Kobach Targets Teen & Republican Senior In Voter Fraud Crusade

Hutch News bravely pleads for mercy for a Garden City Community College student who is now confronting criminal charges because she didn't know her mom had already mailed-in her voter registration . . . And then there's this longtime GOP voter who has also become a target of the Guv candidate:

Kobach is prosecuting this confused senior with four counts of felony voter fraud

For the past few years, Que J. Fullmer has split his time between Kansas and Colorado. He owns a cattle company and roughly 1,000 acres in Syracuse, Kansas, and his wife lives in Brighton, Colorado, where the couple owns a home and 300 acres. In November 2016, Fullmer cast ballots in both states.

Rob Carson Reinvents Himself Via Podcast

Right now, here's a quick look at former Kansas City talker finding new life online . . .

While building his audio podcast, his video podcast is now reaching between 400,000 and 500,000 views per month. He does it every day on LibertyOneTV. He's one of the main hosts along with Rusty Humphries and Joe Biggs.

The demo is 60% 18-44 and, 75% mobile and 63% female...yes, female. They have 19 million social media followers, 16,000,000 views and 7,000,000 unique website visitors (

Congrats to Mr. Carson who seems to be successfully building his online brand amid the demise of terrestrial radio.

Developing . . .

Jack White Coming Soon To Kansas City

Just a quick look at a recent concert announcement from our "friends" at the Pitch showing their devotion to the king of hipsters. Take a look:

Jack White is coming to KC in April

Jack White's newest release, Boarding House Reach, drops March 23, and Kansas Citians will be among the first to see him onstage performing this new mater...


Nobody said the media game was easy . . . Here's a naughty bit of product placement from the dude who was formerly the most popular radio talker in all of the Kansas City metro. Read more:

The Adult Toy Price Is Right 01.16.18.

On a cold, frigid morning...nothing warms the cockles...or the vaginals, like some rubber love!Which is why we bring you THE ADULT TOY PRICE IS RIGHT brought to by Moonlight Adult Boutique!I mean...stickin' yer junk in a rubber vagina likely won't prevent frostbite...but it's worth a shot, right?

The Kansas City Tuesday Link Smirk

Today we play just a bit of catch-up inspired by hottie Tessa and all of these Kansas City local news links.


Newsflash: IT'S COLD!!!

Dangerous cold blasts Kansas City, cancels school for thousands of students

A bitterly cold air mass continues to build into the Kansas City metro area. The temperatures are currently below zero and wind chill temperatures are between 15 and 20 below with the potential to fall even further. "With wind chills this cold, exposed skin can get frostbite in less than 30 minutes," Meteorologist Ronelle Williams said.

Golden Ghetto Half Speed

Overland Park PD asks drivers to walk in non-injury accidents due to dangerous cold

Overland Park Police have released their list of the intersections that had the most vehicle crashes in the 3rd quarter of 2013. Click through this slideshow to find out which intersection had the most. Police in Overland Park, Kansas, are asking drivers to walk in non-injury accidents because of the dangerous cold.

Sleaze Summit Cash Crisis

Lee's Summit looks to remedy compensation gap with 'emergency' funds - Kansas City Business Journal

Facing a big gap in pay for its employees, the Lee's Summit City Council is considering using its emergency fund to help fund an almost $5 million raise, The Kansas City Star reports. A recent study that compared city employees' compensation to other governmental and private organizations revealed that the city's non-union employees were paid an average of 10 percent below the 12 organizations compared.

MLK Teaching Moment???

New conversation spurred in metro city that doesn't observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day

HARRISONVILLE, Mo. -- While most banks, schools and government offices were closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, that wasn't the case at Harrisonville City Hall. The Missouri city about 45 minutes south of Kansas City had their regularly scheduled Board of Alderman meeting, and city offices were open for business during the federal holiday.

Celebrate Artsy Eastern Jack


A piece of Missouri's history from the days of early statehood has a new home in Jefferson City, thanks to the efforts of several people in Eastern Jackson County.It's been a long journey, and it's not quite done.The latest stop came Monday night at the Governor's Mansion in Jefferson City, at an event billed as the beginning of the state's celebration of its bicentennial.

Lesson In Quitting

Track & Field supporters protest JCCC decision to disband team

Administrators at Johnson County Community College have plans to improve and expand, but the growth would require the removal of the school's widely-used track and the discontinuation of the 32-year-old track and field program. There is much the school's leaders have failed to take into consideration, said Brian Batliner, former coach.

Kansas City Fanboy Quiz

20 big Kansas City Chiefs questions for 2018

Last week we tried to give some reasons for optimism going into 2018 with 10 players who are trending in the right direction, or at least have an opportunity to step up next season. This piece lists some guys going in the other direction.

Romeo Santos, Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam - Bella y Sensual is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Kansas City 2018 Tech Hope Or Hype???

Here's a renewed glimpse at locals working toward digital riches and/or disruption in their respective industries despite the fact that so few firms are growing or providing local jobs to colleagues. Checkit:

Introducing the Top Kansas City startups to watch in 2018

"What is a startup?" Purists say it's a disruptive tech firm. Egalitarians maintain the term applies to any early-stage business. Others ask another question: Who cares? The answers - debated in spirited fashion in national media, on Kansas City discussion boards and Startland story comments - vary widely.

Faith Blogging 2nd Coming Checklist

The top local faith writer takes a moment to look at the requirements for a long-awaited comeback. Checkit:

What's required for the Second Coming? 1-16-18

In certain branches of Christianity, a belief has developed, partly based on a particular reading of the mysterious book of Revelation, that the Second Coming of Christ won't (or maybe can't) happen until Jews once again are in full control...

Winter Juxtaposition: Kansas City Loves Puppies More Than Hobos???

Amid this cold Winter we notice more locals opening their hearts and hopes to cute doggies rather than the homeless . . . To be fair, there's less risk of a puppy stabbing a generous soul in the throat in return for kindness. You decide:

WATCH: 8 puppies rescued by Chain of Hope

KANSAS CITY. Mo. - A local rescue group is now taking care of eight puppies. Chain of Hope told 41 Action News that someone took in a dog that wasn't being taken care of well. However, they didn't know the dog was pregnant at the time.


Apparently, some of our shift worker pals inform us that the news claims teens are eating laundry pods.

Rather than argue with the premise of this report, it's better just to celebrate the trend with a favorite video on the topic:

Also, the following might come in handy if/when they start making laundry pods available in BBQ flavor . . .

Poison Control - The University of Kansas Hospital - The Poison Control Center’s hotline is 1-800-222-1222. You can call from anywhere in the state of Kansas and throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. Available 24/7.

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!