Monday, June 18, 2018


Here's an open secret that every "journalist" and politico in the metro is too afraid to mention . . .

The brutal murder of Wyandotte County Deputies Theresa King, 44, and Patrick Rohrer, 35 by suspected killer Antoine Fielder has been subject to wide speculation whilst authorities fear that releasing more deets may assail the reputation of the female deputy and demoralize women in law enforcement.

Moreover . . .


There's no reason police wouldn't have already publicized deets shooting and how the suspect got a hold of the gun. Even worse, social justice warriors, former newspaper dudes and a litany of lady politicos are already working the Internets in an attempt to direct any blame or suspicion of fault away from the female deputy. Meanwhile, it's clear that the public wants more transparency from authorities while MSM is helping to direct attention to saccharine memorial tribute coverage.

Shout out to KMBC who offer some insight into the struggles confronting law enforcement in the aftermath of this tragedy:

Determining if the problem was procedural or a slip-up, could save the next transport officer.

“To have to be critical of somebody or something within the system after two law enforcement officers died is anathema for law enforcement,” retired FBI agent and police officer Michael Tabman.

“But it has to be done, because it has to be a learning moment. We have to be able to teach and train everyone else to know what went wrong and how to avoid that in the future.”

Check the links:

KMBC: Wyandotte County Sheriff Department examining what went wrong

KCTV5: Alleged shooter remains hospitalized after 2 Wyandotte County deputies slain

Fox4KC: Jailers across the metro analyzing inmate transport procedures after deputies killed in KCK

KSHB: KCK mayor, law enforcement officials remember fallen Wyandotte County deputies

Developing . . .

Kansas City Fashion Police Clown Northeast Mobile Phone Store Armed Robbery Suspect

A series of robberies has Northeast concerned with the troubling style of a local gunman, KCPD help spread the world with a welcomed bit of snark via social media:

Kansas City Police on Twitter

This guy and his long, flowing locks are the suspect in two cell phone store robberies: 6/12 in 5200 blk Truman Rd. & 6/15 in 2700 blk Van Brunt. He possibly drove a gray Ford Focus. Call 816-474-TIPS if you recognize him.

Celebrate Kansas City Booze Fest Pix

Check this nice image gallery of mostly drunken hipsters enjoying warm beer and the KCMO middle-management good life. Take a look:

19 Hours at Boulevardia [Slideshow]

The lights of the Ferris wheel blinked out a welcome to people headed to the West Bottoms for the fifth annual Boulevardia. The two-day beer, music, and food festival from Boulevard Brewing Co. was Friday, June 15, and Saturday, June 16.


Our blog KICK-ASS community called out this controversy FIRST and now the newspaper feeds on our scraps and reacts to TKC first reporting . . .

Here's the aftermath:

Shawn Borich, Welder’s campaign spokesman, apologized Monday for what he described as a mistake.

“Over the weekend, our campaign made a mistake by sending out a petition email that linked signers to a donation page after they had signed our petition. We apologize for this error, particularly to the families of the two sheriff deputies killed,” Borich said in an email to The Star.

“Moving forward, Brent has directed the senior members of the campaign to review our email policy to ensure that a mistake like this never happens again. And we’ve committed to donate all of the funds raised from the petition email to the families of our two fallen heroes.”

Borich later said in a phone call that the campaign received seven donations totaling $104 from the email. He said the campaign would donate $250 to the families.

Do you forgive him.

You decide . . .


A glimpse at the dearth of conflict resolution skills in Kansas City. From the prosecutor's office . . .

According to court records, Kansas City police responded Sunday to the 5200 block of Franklin in Kansas City on a disturbance call. They found the 58-year-old victim in the home, unresponsive with injuries to her face and neck. And older woman in the home said the defendant hit the victim repeatedly. A witness told police the suspect started beating the woman after she accused him of taking her cigarettes.

According to court documents, when the suspect was arrested he made several spontaneous statements, including "She shouldn't have put her hands on me" and "You don't want to push my buttons or else this is going to happen." The Medical Examiner ruled the death a homicide.

Read more:

Charges filed against man in fatal beating of Kansas City woman

A Kansas City man has been charged in the fatal beating of a 58-year-old woman.

Kansas City Royals: Unwatchable

A Monday MUST READ scathing critique from frustrated fanboys . . .

Why on earth would you watch a Kansas City Royals game this year?

On March 28, the Royals Review staff published our 2018 season predictions. We tackled who we thought would win MVP, Cy Young, the World Series -all that good stuff. Of course, the most important prediction we made was how many wins the 2018 Kansas City Royals would accrue.

Kansas City After Work News Bites

Hottie Nina inspires this afternoon taste of the local news scene because her newsworthy body of work inspires headline giggles:

PopSugar: Nina Agdal's Swimsuit Is So Cheeky, It's Nearly Dangerous Without Coverage

Closer to home:

Celebrate Kansas City Girl Power Place

Meet The Nelle - Kansas City's New Social Club For Women

Kansas City's long-vacant Luzier Cosmetics Building may soon have a new tenant: The Nelle, an urban social club for women. Although a lease hasn't yet been signed, Nelle co-founder Sierra Miramontez said she and her business partner, Lauren Saks, have been in talks with the building's owner and developer Butch Rigby since last year.

Meet The New Guv Lite

GOP state senator Mike Kehoe appointed Missouri lieutenant governor

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson appointed state Senate Majority Floor Leader Mike Kehoe to be the new lieutenant governor on Monday, despite some legal uncertainty about whether he has the authority to fill the position. Missouri's constitution isn't clear on whether a governor has the authority to appoint a lieutenant governor, which is the state's second-ranking executive position.

Show-Me Hype Tour For MO Honcho

Gov. Mike Parson wants to spend a day in KC. Here's his itinerary

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson is showing a willingness to learn about Kansas City's biggest issues, and he says he wants to spend a day in our city. Here's where Parson should go and who he should meet during his visit.

Progressive Billionaire Creates Kansas Jobs Amid Prez Trump Economic Boom

Warren Buffett to open company in Lenexa, creating 500 jobs

Business icon Warren Buffett plans to open a new Geico Insurance service center that will bring 500 jobs to Lenexa. The Kansas City Area Development Council said in a news release Monday that the center will begin hiring customer service and sales employees immediately. It will open in August and add 500 jobs over five years.

Local TV Fun & Games

'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' auditions coming to Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- If you ever dreamed of appearing on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" your opportunity is coming to Kansas City on June 26. FOX4 is partnering with the game show, which is hosting open auditions at The Westin Kansas City at Crown Center, at 1 East Pershing Road, Kansas City, MO 64108.

Total Loss Across The Bridge

Fire destroys Northland home

A fire destroyed a Northland town home Monday. The first call to the Kansas City Fire Department came around 11:45 at a home in the 1100 block of Northwest 70th Court. When first responders arrived, smoke and flames were shooting from the roof of the home, and fire crews battled the fire and the 100-degree heat index to get it under control.

Beefy Kansas City Battle

Peru meets the Prairie, Culinary Fight Club, and more: KC's food and drink events for June 18-24

Courtesy Culinary Fight Club Monday, June 18 Chefs Amante Domingo (the Russell), Cody Mossman (Brookridge Golf and Fitness), Emily Meyer (Charlie Hooper's), Mario Burgess (7th Street Casino) and Mitchell Allen (Grand Street Cafe) are all facing off at tonight's Here's the Beef! Culinary Fight Club,at District Pour House (7122 Wornall Road).

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Sen. Claire McCaskill Slams Prez Trump On Family Separation Border Crackdown

Back in January she crossed party lines to avoid a government shut down for the "dreamers" but as political winds shift . . . She's now taking aim at the Prez Trump administration for an unpopular tactic. Read more:

McCaskill criticizes Trump policy on border family separation

Posted: Monday, June 18, 2018 4:38 PM EDT Updated: Monday, June 18, 2018 4:40 PM EDT JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Missouri's Democratic U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill is criticizing the Trump administration over the forced separation of migrant children and parents at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Kansas Congressman Yoder Demands Halt To Family Separation At The Border

A bold move for this politico during election season. Like it or not, this might weaken his hardcore right-wing support but helps against a progressive front runner.

Take a look:

KCTV5: In letter to AG Sessions, Yoder demands end of family separation at the border

Read more:

Where Missouri, Kansas Congressional Delegations Stand On Family Separation Policy

The Trump administration's policy of separating parents and children who cross the border without legal permission has become a divisive issue across the United States and in Congress. The policy spurred U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder, R-Kansas, to demand Monday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions "take immediate action to end the practice."

Olathe Shooter Suspect Charged

Bad beef near Mexican restaurant leads to tragic murder. Here's the aftermath as the deets are still fuzzy:

18-year-old man charged in Olathe homicide

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An 18-year-old man has been charged in an Olathe homicide. Angelo Monteleone is charged with first-degree murder in the death of 17-year-old Daniel Bowden. At 11:45 p.m. Friday, officers responded to the 100 block of South Clairborne Road to investigate an armed disturbance.


The Kansas City Summer political silly season is heating up and Jackson County Courthouse Insiders offer an important perspective as tempers flare behind the scenes.

To wit . . .


Funny, she's a staunch Democratic Party political advocate but JUST LIKE PREZ TRUMP she has blocked her critics and even shut out TKC. Luckily, that didn't stop our blog community from taking a peek at her sweet tweets before they were discarded.

Check her remnants and a sign of campaign frustration:

Now, after the delete . . .

Here's INSIDER perspective on this drama from our blog community and more than a few locals who are upset at this drama from a struggling incumbent. Checkit:

"The long time African American political group, Freedom Inc came out with their political endorsements and in the Jackson County Legislature, they chose (white guy) John Burnett over (white woman) Crystal Williams. Not a hard choice because John Burnett has been an attorney/state representative with an impeccable career of working for all minority groups AND it's time to bring integrity back to Jackson County.

"But of course, Crystal Williams did not take it like a professional politico but went to Twitter with a sour grapes, self aggrandized comment about them choosing a "white guy against a friendly woman incumbent who actually makes policy benefiting the community." What the heck? What policy has she ever made to benefit anyone?

"Then she has the audacity to actually publicly say she didn't get the endorsement "since I don't pay for endorsements," publicly insulting this black organization. She goes further to insinuate that Freedom Inc. can't evaluate two white candidates and pick one based on one's successful history against another's eight year county career with temper tantrums and unprofessionalism.

"But no, Crystal says the only reason she didn't get the endorsement is because she didn't buy it. To insult the integrity of this group that has fought for civil rights is downright racist. There is no other word for it. Crystal Williams owes the members of Freedom Inc and all African Americans an apology. She could have said nothing but showed her true colors by defaming Jackson County's minority community . . ."

You decide . . .


Credit to local biz blogging for offering a bit of balance in between so much hype about the creative class despite a dearth of jobs.

Take a look:

Startland: Entrepreneur who left KC: Lack of funding, competitive pay drove me away

"I left Kansas City because of the lack of future-tech thinking and companies willing to pay for talent — I moved to Austin, Texas."

For those who know anything about development, there's too much detail here to deny and great FIRST PERSON perspective on a local tech scene that's behind the times in terms of finances, coding and so much more.

You decide . . .

Kylr Yust Starts Court Proceedings For Killing Kara Kopetsky and Jessica Runions

Today's check-in from a tattooed suspect in horrific murders . . . Read more:

Next court date set for Kylr Yust during arraignment in Cass County

The man accused of killing a pair of women and hiding their bodies was arraigned and given his next court date Monday while standing before a Cass County judge. Kara Kopetsky was killed in 2007. Jessica Runions was killed in 2017. Kylr Yust is charged with first-degree murder in both cases.

Cruel Kansas City Car Crook Ditches Hurt Homie After House Crash

There's no honor among thieves and here's a local example of why . . .

KCPD: Car reported as stolen crashes into tree; driver bails, leaving injured passenger behind

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Police said someone crashed a car reported as stolen into a tree Monday morning. The crash happened on Blue Ridge Boulevard, south of Highway 24 at about 9:30 a.m. Kansas City police said someone reported the car stolen to Independence police Sunday.

Support Kansas City Connecting For Good

Right now we want to take a moment to highlight an important organization that offers essential tech support to seniors, youngsters and lower-income families across the metro.

The need for online access is important for all seasons but this Summer it could save locals from risking dangerously journeys to do biz in scorching temperatures.

Here's how to link up with this important KCMO group:

Connecting For Good

FB: Connect4Good

Twitter: @connectingkc

Developing . . .


Behind the scenes there's an important debate on Mayor Sly's legacy and elected officials confronting reelection who don't want to burden the public with more bills.

To wit and because hottie Alice taught us everything we need to know about dealing with complex issues . . .


Of course anti-tax concern is a big deal but there's also the growing belief that KANSAS CITY RESIDENTS ARE TAX WEARY and more money demanded from po'folk could provide a devastating defeat to this cash grab in the name of students and reason for incumbent opposition going into election season.

Meanwhile, incumbent concern is just one aspect of local opposition to more taxes for consistently under-performing schools.

Developing . . .

Parkland Student Survivor Midterm Election Anti-Gun Tour KCK Conversation Round-Up

DNC talking points after a horrific tragedy and demographic targeting OR powerful testimony on tour in a community recently rocked by gun violence.

Check the words, realize it's dumb/ineffective/and nasty to target youngsters with vitriolic criticism and then you decide . . .

Parkland Shooting Survivors To Discuss Voting, Gun Violence At Forum In Kansas City, Kansas

Survivors of the February shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, will host a town hall in Kansas City, Kansas, Monday night as part of a national tour. NPR reports that March For Our Lives, the organization founded by the student activists who put together the event of the same name in Washington, D.C.

Show-Me Fact Check: Old School But Noob Missouri Guv Parson Isn't Down With LGBT But He Opposes Workplace Discrimination

The Kansas City daily rag was BUSTED for twisting the words of the incoming Missouri Guv on the topic of workplace accommodation under the law.

Thankfully, Missouri newsies offered the Guv an important opportunity to clarify and explain his remarks which pretty much represent mainstream GOP thinking on a community that grows increasingly (exponentially) powerful and politically active across the nation. Read more and don't forget that Gays for Trump are one of the fasting growing contingents making everybody uncomfortable . . . Except for the Prez, of course . . .

We asked Gov. Mike Parson if he'd like to clarify his comments on gay people. He said yes.

CLOSE Gov. Mike Parson has had a warm reception since taking over from his embattled predecessor. He received ovations and praise from lawmakers on the right and the left Monday night when speaking in Jefferson City. Though legislators were optimistic about what Parson means for Missouri going forward, he has been criticized by some for his past comments about gay people.

Conservative Jack Cashill Uncovers Local 'Bump' On Kansas Highway Funding

Now, it's our theory (backed up with word from Insiders) that Kansas politicos want to put Schlitterbahn out of business in the Sunflower State following a horrific decapitation tragedy . . . Thankfully, the most prolific Conservative author in the KC area did a lot of the leg work and offers some vital REPORTING on the low-key shut down effort.

Take a look:

Media: There's Been a "Bump" Or Three On STAR Bond Highway - The Sentinel

Controversial from the beginning, Kansas STAR Bonds have not done much to alleviate the critics' concerns. As the Topeka Capital Journal's Tim Carpenter observes in a largely positive article about STAR bonds, there has been more than one "bump on the STAR bond highway."


Because TKC tried (and failed) to be a hipster in the 90s . . . This one is kind of important to local news consumers wanting escape from rugrats or desperately hoping to avoid earning old school credentials just yet:

Beck with The Voidz

September 17 at Starlight Theatre

Tickets go on sale Friday, June 22 at 10am

More to come . . .


The airwaves of Kansas City are becoming an increasingly equitable place.

And while locals who don't really understand how media is evolving often proudly regurgitate talking points from smarter people claiming that "terrestrial radio is dead" there's actually a move toward a community based media model in every aspect of digital content. And so, the listeners of this radio station are proudly sharing their values with all of KCMO in with an important promotion of a new honcho from the ranks of a longtime host and volunteer.

Take a look:

Diversity in Action: KKFI Elects Transgender Woman as Board President

For more than 30 years 90.1 FM KKFI Kansas City Community Radio has worked for and celebrated diversity as it serves the underserved and underrepresented listening communities of the region. This mission of the station is reflected in its music and news and public affairs programming, as well as its hardworking volunteers and staff. But the KKFI Board of Directors meeting of April 25 brought additional focus to KKFI’s celebration of diversity, as the Board unanimously chose a transgender woman to be their President for the 2018-2019 term.

Kansas City, MO., (June 18, 2018) – Una Nowling, who has volunteered at KKFI for nearly 5 years on “The Tenth Voice” and “Every Woman” programs, and who joined the Board of Directors in 2016, is the only out and proud transgender woman who is President of a 100kW FM radio station in the Midwest [United States? I can’t find anyone else]. When asked about the impact her election could have on the LGBTQIA community, Ms. Nowling replied “I’m very honored that the Board of Directors had faith in my abilities, and I’m proud to be in the public eye as an example to the entire community that diversity is neither a burden nor an obstacle, it’s something to be valued. I also hope that by being in the public eye, I may give some inspiration to my large and wonderful community of transgender and gender non-conforming persons around the world.”

When asked about her goals for the coming year, Ms. Nowling emphasized she would like to build upon the tremendous effort and success of the volunteers and staff at KKFI to help guide the station into another 30 years of success. Her personal goals as President include expanding diversity in programming and staff, developing process improvements to simplify operations, and fulfilling the office of President in the most ethical and professional manner possible. “The volunteers, staff, management, and board at KKFI are an incredible group of people who donate immeasurable time, energy, and enthusiasm towards making this station work, and I want to do my very best to help them.”

Developing . .


Police are still trying to figure this one one but have someone in custody. The victim might have been a grandma according early media reports. Here's a round-up of the story so far:

KCPD said officers were called to a disturbance in the 5200 block of Franklin Avenue just after 9:30 p.m. When they got there, they saw a man walking away from the residence to which they’d been called.

The officers talked to the man and he was detained for investigation.

Officers found the first victim on the front porch with life threatening injuries. The second victim was found inside with serious injuries.

Both women were taken to the hospital, where the first victim was pronounced dead.

KCTV5: 1 dead, 1 in serious condition after double shooting near 52nd, Franklin

Fox4: Woman dead, another injured in disturbance at KC home

KSHB: 1 woman dead, another seriously injured in Sunday night incident

This is the 52nd homicides in KCMO so far this year compared to 64 at this time last year.

Developing . . .

Dead-Tree Media Question KCPD Tactics After Deadly Officer-Involved Shootings

Nobody likes to be second-guessed on the job . . . Especially not from the safety of a newsroom. Here's the editorial board playing social justice advocate . . . From a distance. Read more:

KC police suggest fatal shootings were justified. Shouldn't they investigate first?

Two shooting incidents involving law enforcement officers in Kansas City are troubling reminders that protecting the public is dangerous work. On Thursday, a woman was shot and killed by police in the Northland, apparently after wielding a decorative sword. Just a few minutes later, police officers shot and killed two men downtown in an unrelated incident.


The rights of prisoners are often ignored and this story is under the radar for the most part . . . However scary it seems, frustration inside local lockups often spills out into city streets one way or another . . . So this potential human rights crisis deserves consideration from the public:

Missouri prison still on lockdown a month after riot

ST. LOUIS - A Missouri prison remains on lockdown more than a month after a protest turned into a riot, and officials with the union representing corrections officers worry that a staffing shortage could lead to more violence.

Working Toward Kansas DCF Accountability

Here's a glimpse at reform following HORRIFIC reports of abuse and murder of the innocent amid bureaucratic delays and apathy . . . Meanwhile, locals demand change and protection of innocent youngsters . . . Often from their parents. Checkit:

Kansas DCF Promises More Transparency on Child Deaths

News reports of children dying under the watch of the Kansas child welfare agency have galvanized public outrage. The agency says it will be more forthcoming under a new disclosure law. Up until now, journalists and families looking for answers have often been stymied. From the Kansas News Service, Madeline Fox explains.

Back To The Kansas City June Grind


Because we always try to ease into Monday . . . Hottie Stef and her pricey water sales pitch inspires notice of a newsworthy national fitness trend . . .

WaPo: Curves and Kardashians - The fitness world’s evolving obsession with perfect glutes

Closer to home, these local links inspire a bit of morning perusal:

Po'Folk Take Cover From Kansas City Heat

Cooling centers open around Kansas City due to soaring temperatures

With temperatures in the 90s and the heat index in the triple digits, libraries and community centers are offering air-conditioned relief from the potentially dangerous heat. The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment recommends people drink more fluids, wear lightweight clothing and stay indoors, if possible.

Fear Kansas City Northland Commute

MoDOT to close another lane on Buck O'Neil Bridge, but only at night

Breaking News Another construction project will affect commutes for people who drive in and out of downtown Kansas City. While repairs continue underneath the southbound lanes of the Buck O'Neil Bridge, the Missouri Department of Transportation is going to need to shut down one of the two northbound lanes for two weeks.

Tragic Weekend Crash Report

Motorcyclist from Kansas City dies in crash

A 43-year old Kansas City Man was killed in an accident in Lafayette County on Saturday afternoon. The Missouri State Highway Patrol says that Robert E. Crowley was attempting to pass a van that was attempting to make a left-hand turn.

Demographics And Destiny

Opinion | Stop Pretending Black Midwesterners Don't Exist

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - I am a black woman born and raised in the space between the coasts and above the Mason-Dixon line. I am a face of the heartland, but you might not know it if you've been following the Trump-era reporting and commentary about the lives and political choices of people in the Midwest.

Summertime Creative Class Tradition Starts
Makers Faire sets the pace for the week in Downtown
More Deets On Great Local Cause

Charity Event to Benefit Kids Living with Autism

All proceeds help local families afford the best available treatment for their kids.

Kansas City Collectables

Kansas City-Area Owner Offers $163M Of Collectibles For Low, Low Price Of $15M

A nondescript building in the Kansas City area is home to something that many in the art world can't believe exists in a Midwest city, according to the man tasked with selling it, according to the Kansas City Business Journal. Original 18th-century engravings by William Hogarth. Photos by pioneering photographer Weegee.

Arcade Fire - Chemistry is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Share The Love: Kansas City Star Basically Just Running TKC Blog Community News!!!

Okay, at the outset of this month our blog community CALLED OUT THE HOT MESS ON I-70 and now it's "news" in the daily paper. Actually, we admire the imitation because it's a form of flattery. Meanwhile, we remember old school newsies fuming about this kind of sharing/caring because they never learned that information wants to be free and the job of a digital age publisher is NOT to try and play gatekeeper.

Take a look at opinion not quite as fun as our blog community:

'I-70 is a nightmare.' Missouri Influencers weigh in on state's infrastructure woes

Ignored. Underfunded. Unsafe. Nightmare. Those are the ways Kansas City Star readers - and some of Missouri's most influential voices - see Missouri's massive state highway system. Indeed, the state's roads and bridges have so many critical needs that, by the state's own estimate, addressing them would require more than $800 million per year in additional funding.

KCK Overcome With Emotion Amid Vigil

Here's one of the best reports on local reaction to a horrific slaying and a gathering last night focused on healing and tribute to law enforcement . . . Read more:

Vigil remembers fallen Wyandotte Co. deputies

Hundreds gathered outside Kansas City, Kan. City Hall Sunday night at a vigil for two fallen Wyandotte County deputies. Deputy Theresa King, 44, and Deputy Patrick Rohrer, 35, were shot and killed by an inmate Friday during a prisoner transport, according to the sheriff's office. King was a 14-year veteran of the department.

Kansas City Crochet Comeback

Kansas City blogging perspective on a fashion trend in a crazy world . . .

Uncommon Courage: Mindfulness and Crocheting - In These Turbulent Times

Best line on a new hobby:

"I am the sort of person who needs to achieve a meditative state. Especially while children are being ripped from their asylum-seeking parents. That makes me crazy. Especially in these crazy times I have to calm down. I resumed crocheting in October. Since then, I have created seven Afghans, and I am working on my eighth. I have crocheted at least ten scarves and two hats. I can’t sit down in the evening without a project in my hands. I read and listen to the sad news, and I just crochet more."

Actually, the pastime is enjoying a renaissance. Checkit:

Huffpost: Knitting Is Cool - 20-Somethings Taking Up Knitting, Crochet

Guardian: Stitch in time - Crochet craze harks back to fashion’s crafty past

StarUK: Knitting, crocheting unite hipsters and grannies

Developing . . .

KC Blogger Doubts Faith In Prez Trump

Partisan politics in matters of faith and morals always makes for hard feelings . . . Here's a glimpse at the local discussion on a nationwide crisis of conscience for religious communities. Checkit:

Unresolved fear drove evangelicals to Trump: 6-18-18

One of the major mysteries of the 2016 presidential election is why 81 percent of white evangelicals abandoned almost everything they have stood for in terms of morality and voted for Donald Trump. My last effort to offer light on...

Kansas City Royals Losing Streak Cont'd

The FAIL continues over six games and the home team is clearly getting frustrated. Here's the best write-up on the topic. Take a peek:

Moose and Duffy ejected as Royals get swept by Astros in 7-4 loss

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Houston Astros keep finding ways to win, while the Kansas City Royals keep inventing ways to lose. Carlos Correa and the Astros won their 11th straight game, finishing off a dominant 10-0 road trip by rallying past the Royals 7-4 Sunday.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Kansas City Massacre Remembered

Testament to this town's history and how prisoner transports have always been dangerous . . .

Fox4: 85 years later, a dark day in Kansas City remembered


"Today marks a dark day in Kansas City history. 85 years ago mobsters gunned down and killed four law enforcement officers and a criminal fugitive at Union Station railroad depot. It was the morning of June 17, 1933.

"The killings of four peace officers and the prisoner has gone down in history as the “Kansas City Massacre.” The mass shooting led to a major FBI policy change: agents began carrying firearms."

A quick Internets clip on the topic:

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Earlier this week anti-immigrant vandalism hit a popular metro destination and sent shock waves across the nation.

Thanks to our AWESOME TKC BLOG COMMUNITY, midtown denizens in the know realize that the spray paint attack was likely a false flag perpetrated by ANTIFA in order to inspire further discussion of current policies and emphasize historical perspective on the diversity of immigration to the States.

However, at face value and in practice . . . The tagging did, in fact, target the local Irish community.

And so, this perspective is important and offers a thoughtful glimpse at the American discourse as seen from the eyes of a more recent arrival.


The Irish Times: Trump’s America empowers public displays of racism

Money line:

"I am not the stereotypical immigrant in the United States. As a white person, I enjoy a very real privilege in America, and as a native English speaker, my accent is only barely noticeable in the first few sentences. I might almost pass for a US citizen. But I am not. Since Donald Trump took office, I am reminded of that fact every day . . . Wth this president’s penchant for ruling by tweet, I’ve found myself at various times wondering when his latest vitriolic outburst is going to be aimed at me, or someone just like me."

You decide . . .

Kansas City Star Opinion Follows TKC Blog Community Reporting: Celebrate 2018 Murders Down Under New Chief Smith?!?!

Earlier this month our blog community was FIRST to report crime stats and offer expert analysis of fewer murders in KCMO trending . . .

Today, newspaper "journalists" finally join the discussion:

Dead-Tree Postscript: Murders are down in KC this year. Should we feel any safer?

It's a decent question with far less interesting verbiage and not quite as exciting as our consideration of the topic . . .

You decide . . .

Kansas City Kate Spade Funeral Coming Soon

A world famous fashionista makes a final return trip to the town of her birth following suicide tragedy. Sunday sadness and media write-up here:

Kate Spade's funeral scheduled for Thursday in KCMO

KCTV5 News confirmed on Sunday that Kate Spade's funeral will be held in Kansas City, Missouri.

WyCo Deputy Funeral Thursday

Notice for an upcoming memorial after tragedy this week. Check the info:

Fallen Wyandotte Co. deputies to be laid to rest Thursday

Two fallen Wyandotte County sheriff's deputies will be laid to rest Thursday after service at Children's Mercy Park. Deputy Theresa King, 44, and Deputy Patrick Rohrer, 35, were shot and killed by an inmate as they were preparing to leave the courthouse Friday morning, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Kansas City Plaza Embassy Suites Youngster Drowning Report Aftermath

Tourism tragedy postscript. Here's all the info on this weekend tragedy:

Child drowns at hotel on the Plaza

A child has died after drowning in a pool at a hotel on the Plaza. Officers went to the Embassy Suites Hotel just before 11 p.m. on Saturday when someone called a said a child had drowned in the pool. When officers arrived, the child had been removed from the pool and citizens were performing CPR.


Now on Sunday it's appropriate to share local insight on a debate of faith, morals and immigration policy.

For background, many religious leaders across the nation denounce the Prez Trump Administration for recent actions to curb illegal immigration. Check the news link review:

RNS: Catholic bishops rebuke Trump’s asylum changes, suggest ‘canonical penalties’

NPR: Faith Leaders Oppose Trump's Immigration Policy Of Separating Children From Parents

CBS: Catholic bishops issue scathing statement on Trump's family separation policy

Accordingly . . .


Agree or disagree, it's fascinating that a policy discussion now takes on religious fervor as critical Midterm elections approach and both sides struggle to rally partisan true-believers to engage in typically low-turnout elections.

Here's the word for Sunday.

EC from DC: Do Not Hinder Them

Last month, the Trump Administration began to enforce their “zero tolerance” policy for individuals illegally entering the country. Many of these families arrived at the border seeking asylum. Since that mandate, undocumented children have been routinely separated from their families. It has been reported that nearly 1,800 families have been separated at the U.S.-Mexico border since the policy was implemented.

In one case, federal agents told two female immigrants they were taking their daughters away for a bath, then never returned with them. Another mother reports having her child taken away from her while breast feeding. This is happening in the United States of America in 2018. According to media reports, more than 500 immigrant children have been separated from their parents in just one U.S. border town since the policy was announced in May.

As a father of four, I cannot imagine having my children taken from me for simply seeking a better life for my family. Separating children from their parents in this manner is inexcusable – and in no way reflects the values of this great nation. Earlier this week, we celebrated flag day. The flag is a symbol of the American values we as a nation hold so dearly. That all men and women are created equal, that we all have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that freedom shall always triumph over tyranny. Ripping children away from their families is antithetical to what our flag should represent.

The U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, used religion to justify this cruelty citing the Apostle Paul in Romans 13, to obey the laws of the government. But where in the bible does it say place immigrant children in harm’s way?

Religion has illimitable power. It has inspired people to kill as well as heal. It has been used to justify almost everything, good or evil.

When the words of the Apostle Paul, in his letter to the Church in Rome, Chapter 13, are used to justify ripping children from the arms of their mothers on our southern border, Christians of all political spectrums should be appalled. These same words were used to justify slavery when slave owners quoted from Ephesians 6:5, “slaves, obey your earthly masters,” and World War II German Government officials used it to defend their atrocities against Jews during the Holocaust.

I would like to close with this reminder from Matthew 18:14 “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them…”


Emanuel Cleaver, II
Member of Congress

You decide . . .