Thursday, April 19, 2018

Kansas City Sex Scandal Ruckus Tonight!!!

A week of horny government disgrace forces a cautious tone among the denizens of the mainstream local discourse. Accordingly, take a look at talkers on Kansas City's GOLD STANDARD of political discourse trying not to blush.

Here's the description . . .

"Mike Shanin interviews KCMO 6th District City Councilman Kevin McManus to get an update on city issues and projects. Mary Anne Murray Simons, Danedri Herbert, Jason Grill and Crosby Kemper III discuss the latest developments in the Eric Greitens scandal, the future of the beleaguered American Jazz Museum and a recent march pushing for local control of the Kansas City Police Department."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Take a look at the next round of fighting behind the scenes at the courthouse while the voting public is still captivated by deets of alleged Jackson County law enforcement three-way action and corruption.

To wit . . .


We could hope for cooperation and write an earnest editorial about everyone working together for good government . . . But that's never going to happen. The blood feud betwixt Team Frank Vs. The Legislature is now an existential civic crisis.

Accordingly . . .

The most KICK-ASS INSIDERS offer election season perspective . . .

"Every incumbent is at risk this year. Given negative perception against virtually everyone at the Courthouse . . . They'll all be fighting for their political survival and some of the news stories we've seen this week are going to make excellent reference material for campaign mailers."

Developing . . .


Gunfire puts this part of KCK on lockdown tonight . . .

Kansas City, Kansas police investigating shooting near the Wyandotte County courthouse

The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department is investigating after a man was shot near the Wyandotte County Courthouse. A KMBC 9 news camera crew was nearby when they heard gunshots, then police suddenly swarmed one side of the courthouse. A witness on scene said they saw a black car being followed before that shooting.


Payback for the top bureaucrat at City Hall powering the current development agenda . . . Here's the Council bringing about the end of one of KCMO's most influential spenders/leaders:

KC Council approves compromise to trim city manager's spending authority

The Kansas City Council voted unanimously Thursday to trim city staff's power to sign contracts without council authorization, an issue that triggered tensions between City Manager Troy Schulte and some council members. In its final form, the ordinance is a more moderate version of the one introduced in November by its sponsor, Councilman Quinton Lucas.


A welcomed return as the the tornado season of panic starts . . .

Here's the word from a local media blog:

"Katie Horner former KCTV Chief Meteorologist has been spotted shooting promos this week at KMBC.

The promos are featuring Horner with the morning news Anchors. No offcial announcement yet, but it's just a matter of time. Horner was a fixture at KCTV in Kansas City for 17 years. She joined the station in 1994 and became chief meteorologist in 1998."

She was booted in the midst of a great many old school grouches complaining about her weather panic . . . But then everybody immediately missed her antics.

Given that the weather is mostly a guessing game amid global climate change . . . This is good news.

You decide . ..


A troubling stats that's seemingly growing worse this year . . . "In 2014, 11 women were killed in Kansas City. In 2017, the number increased to 32." Remember, just this week an innocent woman was shot dead in her sleep and this morning another lady was gunned down on the sidewalk.

Read more regarding the very real death of chivalry in this cowtown . . . Take a look: Check the deets:

Number of Kansas City female homicide victims have grown from 2014-2017

Police in Kansas City are investigating a homicide after a woman was found dead on a sidewalk early Thursday morning. Investigators have identified her as Kiley Cubie, 39. Officers were called at about 4:30 a.m. to the area of 36th Street and Park Avenue after a person was found on a sidewalk.


Yes, this a fine example of 1st world problems but it's also kinda funny . . . Check this slice of suburban metro life:

Leawood housemates post sign telling roommate to empty dishwasher

LEAWOOD, Kan. - Adam, you need to empty the dishwasher. Neighbors in the area of W. 103rd Street and Sagamore Road in Leawood sent 41 Action News a picture of a sign in the front yard of a house at the corner of the intersection. The sign, in all caps, reads: "ADAM, EMPTY THE DISHWASHER!"

The Kansas City After Work News Grab

Because this line is a classic bit of Americana for TBT . . .

Detroit Free Press: As Stormy Daniels strips, truth about America laid bare

Closer to home, here are some higlights from today's newscycle . . .

The Kansas City Roundup

Seg. 1: Government Woes In Jackson County. Seg. 2: Obstacles To Preserving Quindaro History.

There's a lot going on in Jackson County government lately: a crumbling jail, a financial and operations audit, a recently-resigned sheriff, and an executive mired in personal financial difficulties. Adding to these troubles are homicide numbers in Kansas City that are worse than last year.

Show-Me Political Career Cut Short

Missouri legislative assistant arrested on sex crime charge

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - A legislative assistant in the Missouri House has been arrested at the capitol on a charge of soliciting sex from a minor. The Boone County Sheriff's Department said Wednesday that 24-year-old Carter Ballmann, of Jefferson City, attempted to lure an undercover officer posing as a 14-year-old girl out of her home.

Tragedy In God's Country

Investigators release identities of four children found dead in Lake of the Ozarks house fire

Lake Ozark firefighters say four children died Thursday morning after a fire at a home. Firefighters say the damage is so bad they may never know a cause. But, firefighters say it appears this fire is not suspicious. Investigators say the Otto siblings, Tyler, 14, Carson, 8, Max, 5, and Levi, 4, all died in the fire.

More Hype Inside The Loop

Luxury apartment project in Crossroads moves closer to fruition - Kansas City Business Journal

A $75-million luxury apartment project in the Crossroads Arts District is moving closer to fruition, The Kansas City Star reports. City Club Apartments LLC, which is led by Detroit-area developer Jonathan Holtzman, announced this week that construction is slated to begin in June, which will add 280 apartment units, a 290-space parking garage, restaurant space and 10,000 square feet of retail on the site where Hereford House once stood.

Mayor's Favorite Rappers Stays Winning

Kemet Coleman urges KC to think progressively, says music kept him alive

Editor's note: KCultivators is a lighthearted profile series to highlight people who are meaningfully enriching Kansas City's entrepreneurial ecosystem. The KCultivator Series is sponsored by WeWork Corrigan Station, a modern twist on Kansas City office space. From the Royals to slow jams with Mayor Sly James , Kansas City serves as an inspirational force in Kemet Coleman's music.

Who Wants Chowder???

Californos gets green light to reopen

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After more than two weeks of locked doors, Californos Westport received the green light Thursday to re-open. Inspectors with the Kansas City Health Department completed a follow-up inspection Thursday and passed the restaurant, re-instating Californos' permit.

KCMO Hipster Good Times Endure

Pie & Coffee & Other Weekend Possibilities

Pie and coffee is not just for diners any more. Tippin's Pie and The Roasterie are collaborating on a pie and coffee event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. Get a flight of three pies, each of which has been paired with a specific coffee, a la peach pie and Guatemalan Huehuetanango, at the Roasterie Café (1204 W.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Or even more passengers jump aboard the local government gravy train that still HASN'T OFFERED A SINGLE DETAILED SKETCH TO VOTERS. Checkit:

KCI timeline unknown as project expands, but more players join the team - Kansas City Business Journal

The new timeline for the roughly $1 billion single-terminal modernization project at Kansas City International Airport remains unknown, but details, including who will work on the project, are starting to fall into place.

KCK School Suspect Creeper Charged

Public school danger put on blast today as authorities crackdown on education administrators. Read more:

KCK School Resource Officer charged with multiple counts of aggravated indecent liberties with child

A Kansas City, Kansas, School District School Resource Officer has been accused of aggravated indecent liberties with a child. Michael Eugene English Sr. was charged with three counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child for allegedly fondling a child between the age of 14-16. The incidents are alleged to have taken place between Jan.


Targeting the prosecution, law enforcement officials along with critics and accusers didn't work for the top politico in Missouri.

And now here's the aftermath . . .

STL Public Radio: Judge refuses to throw out felony charge against Greitens

KCTV5: Charge against Gov. Greitens stands, prosecutors sanctioned for withholding evidence

KSHB: Trial still on: Judge does not dismiss charge against Greitens


Circuit Judge Rex Burlison on Thursday disagreed with defense attorneys that the conduct by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner and an investigator she hired was so bad that the only way to protect Greitens’ rights to a fair trial was to dismiss the felony invasion of privacy charge.

"Although the conduct that has been seen in the discovery of this case is not to be condoned and it is serious, it is however, in the court’s opinion, capable of being cured," Burlison said in a court proceeding on Thursday morning. "Therefore the court, in considering sanctions, will not dismiss this case. The court will order lesser sanctions."

Developing . . .

Kansas City, Kansas Saves Quindaro

Update on local history preservation effort. Take a look:

Advocates Say Consensus Over Quindaro Ruins May Finally Lead To Preservation

The Old Quindaro Township in Kansas City, Kansas finally may be getting the recognition it deserves. Between 1857 and 1862, Quindaro was a busy commercial port on the Missouri River. It was a mecca for abolitionists and settlers and considered a melting pot of Indians, European-Americans and freed slaves.

Golden Ghetto Johnson County Pushes Back Against Mexican Cartel Heroin Dealer

Hard time for this old school veteran of the drug game who was part of a conspiracy that involved more than a dozen. Read more:

Overland Park heroin dealer linked to Mexican cartel sentenced

A 65-year-old man who was a major heroin dealer in the Kansas City area has been sentenced to 15 years in federal prison.

Kansas City Health Dept. Hates Californos???

Whining from the wine bar and American contemporary cuisine outlet as local officials exercise caution following dozens of people sickened. Read more:

After failing reinspection, Californos owner critical of KC health department

Californos has been closed since April 4. According to the health department, 126 people fell ill after attending one of two Californos catered events on March 30 and March 31. It was reinspected April 17 but did not pass the inspection.


Despite protests, packed forums and a lot of chest-thumping by desperate organizers . . . The impact of the #MeToo movement hasn't really moved the political dial much in Kansas City proper. In fact, the 7% voter turnout in the center of the city during the most recent election signals that locals are just as apathetic about local Democracy as ever.

Nevertheless . . .


Here's what might be the tipping point or at least something we need to contemplate during the day . . .

"Former Sheriff Sharp acknowledged that he, a co-worker and his now ex-wife had sex together.”

Meanwhile, the cuckold controversy plaguing Guv Greitens threatens to destroy a once promising career amid deets of a rough sex session that sparked headlines across the globe. Never mind that most of the drama is nothing more than Republican infighting and not women's rights advocacy. Still, in the end, women still come out on top. (YEAH!)

Back to Sharp . . . The downfall of this Democratic leader is important amid primary season as #MeToo activists and a litany of lady candidates attempt to exert more influence locally despite their bad luck on the state and national level.

A few more links for good measure . . .

Examiner: Jackson County Sheriff Mike Sharp resigns

Fox4: Former opponent glad allegations against Jackson County sheriff finally made public

KSHB: Jackson County Sheriff Mike Sharp submits letter of resignation

You decide . . .


A denizen of the editorial board was caught lamenting high local taxes when just months ago he described the crushing KCMO tax rate as relatively low. Take a look at this bloggy turnabout:

Taxes in Kansas City: Still Too High, Still Unfair

Kudos to Kansas City Star editorial board member Dave Helling for his recent column on taxes in Kansas City, and legislative efforts to cap sales taxes at 14 percent. Helling goes into detail about city tax rates and their impact on those at the bottom of the economic ladder.

Kansas City Eviction Crisis Continues

Newsies target "slumlords" and the dearth of affordable housing in a city that seems obsessed with taxpayer subsidy of luxury living space. Meanwhile, collecting rent is now, apparently, the latest local hate crime . . . Read more:

Jackson County Landlords Seek 42 Evictions Per Day, And The Toll On Families Is Staggering

In the cold of a Kansas City winter, Fran Marion and her two teenage children wrapped themselves in coats and blankets in their frigid rental home. Marion had repeatedly asked her landlord to fix their broken furnace. When he didn't respond, Marion deployed the only option she could think of.


The local murder count ramps up as the weather grows warmer. Here's the latest local killing which is the 39th murder so far this year compared to 33 at this time last year:

KMBC: Woman found dead on sidewalk early Thursday on Kansas City's east side


Authorities said officers were called about 4:30 a.m. to 36th Street and Park Avenue on a report of a person down on the sidewalk.

Officers found the woman, who had apparently been shot. She died at the scene, police said.

Developing . . .


A big day for the Guv awaits . . . What's important to remember is that even more charges confront this dude who might now prove detrimental to his own party.

Here's the sitch:

STL Post-Dispatch: Judge to rule today on dismissal of Greitens' criminal case


Defense lawyers say that William Don Tisaby, a former FBI agent working for St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, lied under oath, and Gardner had to have been aware of his lies. In a court filing Wednesday, they said that a criminal investigation of Tisaby, and possibly Gardner, had begun, but both police and Gardner's office said they were unaware of any investigation.

Gardner's office has admitted Tisaby erred but denied in their court filing in response to Greitens that Tisaby committed perjury.

They admitted "mis-steps" and “lapses” but denied misconduct. In the filing, they called the defense arguments an "inappropriate" part of a public relations strategy and in a statement called it "bullying" efforts by Greitens, his defense team and his public relations team. They said dismissal was not appropriate, nor were lesser sanctions like a delay in the trial, exclusion of evidence or sanctions against prosecutors.

They also said that the woman who had an affair with Greitens had been “wholly consistent in the core of her testimony,” despite defense challenges to her story.

You decide . . .

Jackson County Exec Frank White Calls Out 'My Arts' Youth Education & Training Program In An Attempt To Sling Mud At Critics

Here's the Courthouse leader playing election season political games with a program that helps students ... A hint at where the story originated: "Jackson County Executive Frank White questions if that sale and subsequent lease are in the best interests of taxpayers."

Take a better look at the hit piece with a cute headline:

Jackson County building sale for $10 questioned

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - The sale and subsequent investment of a building off of Independence City Square is drawing the ire of Jackson County leaders. In 2010, Jackson County bought the My Arts building at 315 N. Main St. from the City of Independence for $1.

Show-Me Black Killing Fields In Missouri

Kansas breaks the top 10 with help from WyCo . . . Here's the best round-up of recent bad news on the street level for the Show-Me State:

Missouri Blacks' Rate of Homicide Victimization Is Again Highest in U.S.

click to enlarge For the fourth year in a row, Missouri leads the nation in an unhappy statistic: the rate of homicide victimization for its black residents. Put simply, black residents of Missouri suffer from homicides at a rate 2.5 times higher than their counterparts in other states - and a rate ten times higher than the rate across the nation for people of all races.

Meth Town Morning Murder Report

Here's the latest homicide news to the East and amid rising violence counts throughout the metro. Read more:

Independence police investigating homicide after finding 1 person dead inside home

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Independence police are investigating a homicide in the 500 block of South Oxford Avenue. They were called to a home there on reports of a shooting around 12:30 a.m. They found a dead adult inside with a gunshot wound.


We look forward to more deets about the Prez and one of his many sidepieces . . .

Politico: Ex-Playboy model free to discuss alleged affair with Trump after settlement

Even better, we admire his courage and his willingness to (allegedly) "raw dog it" even when messing with adult entertainers.

Closer to home, here are some of the local news links we're checking . . .

Kansas City Sickness Spreading
Two new measles cases confirmed in Kansas City, Missouri
Local Skim Consequences

$1 million embezzlement brings KC woman three-year prison sentence - Kansas City Business Journal

A Kansas City woman who was a controller for a contact lens wholesaler bled the company of more than $1 million during a nine-year period, and now she will spend the next three years and two months in federal prison.

Kansas City Skater Tribute

Friends hoping for answers after 2 teens found shot, one fatally, in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Loved ones are shocked after two teenagers were found shot Monday at Truman Road and Hardesty Avenue in KCMO. Fifteen-year-old Jesus Reyes was pronounced dead at the scene, and the other victim has life-threatening injuries. There was a vigil Tuesday to honor Reyes.

Heartland Poultry Debate Trending

Cities And Suburbs Snub Chicken Business, But Rural Kansas Sets Lower Bar For New Jobs

For about 10 years Laura Krier has lived in Concordia, Kansas, a small town that she's seen get only smaller. Without some kind of economic development, she fears things it will only get worse. "I just want to see it grow," said Krier, a real estate agent and part-time basketball coach.

Taste The Good Life Across The Bridge

Tap List | Parkville Microbrew Fest Preview

Come rain, snow, wind or sunshine, the 15th annual Parkville Microbrew Fest, scheduled for April 28, is one of greater Kansas City's longest-running outdoor craft beer spring festivals. Craft brewers, representatives, and attendees don weather-appropriate apparel and gear to sample beer, listen to live music, and enjoy the outdoors at English Landing Park (8701 McAfee St., Parkville, Missouri).

Given that this week's news is mostly about illicit boinking -- Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch is the #TBT song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Unlike: Kansas City Royals Suffer Shameful Social Media Network Defeat

The home team was poked and it turns out the tech juggernaut is a still a horrible place to enjoy a live event for people who want to do anything but promote themselves or troll frenemies and embarrass loved ones. Read more as we appreciate this clever headline. Checkit:

Blue Jays clobber Royals 15-5 in game передавать on Facebook

When horny Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg created Facemash in 2003 to get girls to upload pictures of themselves so he could decide which ones were the hottest, he had no idea it would lead to him becoming the billionaire owner of social media titan Facebook, even less of an idea that Russia would use his own creation to meddle in United States elections, and somehow even less of an idea that this website would exclusively broadcast a random-ass April baseball game between the Kansas City Royals and the Toronto Blue Jays, but here we are.

Kansas City Kangaroo Lesson In Cutbacks

The City College still suffers fallout from social justice upheaval in Columbia, MO more than two years ago as reactionary backlash takes a toll on education funds in Missouri. Read more:

UMKC Cuts 17 Jobs Amid Tight Budget

On Wednesday morning, University of Missouri-Kansas City officials announced that "some of our ranks will be leaving UMKC." An email interim chancellor and provost Barbara Bichelmeyer sent to faculty and staff stated that the university had worked for months "to reduce our deficit and to make strategic investments."


Across the nation newsies are touting the nerves of steel belonging to a pilot who responded to crisis with exceptional skill and fortitude.

Tammie Jo Shults not only has nearby Kansas roots but also was among first women to pilot U.S. Navy fighter jets.

The plane she guided to safety was completely torn up and one passenger perished and was partially sucked out of the window.

There's an investigation underway and a few theories as to the engine failure.

But none of the assurances from airline officials really explain another Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

Tragically, this same kind of mid-flight FAIL killed a passenger in 2016 and torn up engines are more commonplace than travelers realize.

Of course we want everybody to be safe and lament the loss of life. However the mystery of these engine troubles in otherwise safe and well-maintained aircraft might not be mechanical at all.

Check the links . . .

Wired: How Southwest Flight 1380's Pilots Landed With a Blown Engine

KSHB: Investigators are probing fractures in a blade in Southwest engine failure

KSHB: Southwest Airlines pilot involved in emergency landing from Olathe, Kansas

PopMech: Pilot Who Landed Southwest Flight Was One of the First Women to Fly an F/A-18

CNN: Hidden crack in Southwest jet engine at center of NTSB investigation

You decide . . .

Kansas City Upscale Coffee Explained

A thoughtful, comprehensive and really fantastic survey of Kansas City gourmet offerings from an expert java addict. There are great insights and suggestions here about all things local coffee which doesn't discriminate against the occasional garbage cup but instead appreciates the finer things -- At least in terms of what hipsters can get away with charging for ground beans & water. Read more:

Caffeinate Me.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm usually tired. I subsist on a steady diet of coffee and stress, but, because I'm fancy I only have the finest of both*. I spend a lot of my time in coffee shops to read, to write, to be around other humans so I don't become a weird recluse.

Kansas City Chiefs En Mexico 2018

Announced overnight . . . A reminder that the world is getting small and the Trump wall hasn't made much progress as cultures continue to intertwine across borders. Take a look:

Rams to face Chiefs in Mexico City on MNF

12:15 AM ET Alden GonzalezESPN Staff Writer Close Joined ESPN in 2016 to cover the Los Angeles Rams Previously covered the Angels for The Los Angeles Rams will host the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football from Mexico City on Nov.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Any d-bag can talk about government reform and the need to hold politicos accountable . . . That's church talk which is even more deplorable than bar talk because it's not as funny.

Better than good government hype, let's consider deets and how 12th & Oak drama continues to unfold.

To wit . . .


More to the point . . .

So-called "secret deals" surrounding his bad home debt along with overall financial mismanagement have exposed this neophyte politico to scrutiny. Worse still . . . Right or wrong, recent surprise challengers to members of the Legislature, embarrassing news stories targeting his fiercest critics and now the take down of the Sheriff over old news has been attributed to Team White as vindictive payback for the gutting of their administration and the loss of a great deal of power.

In fairness, targeting Exec Frank White might be a desperate ploy given that the popularity of the baseball legend remains surprisingly intact whilst other politicos work to confront increasingly negative courthouse perceptions.

And so . . . In the very near future look for Exec White's finances to come under fire and for newsies to seem shocked at yet another longstanding political dilemma makes future headlines.

Developing . . .

1st Responder Trimming: Kansas City Newbie Fire Chief Promises Overtime Cutback

A long overdue bit of reform for a controversial practice should make this new leader instantly unpopular. Read more:

Kansas City's new fire chief promises to improve communication, monitor overtime pay

KANSAS CITY, Mo.-- For the first time as the city's top firefighter, Kansas City, Mo. Fire Chief Gary Reese faced Kansas City council members to talk about his department. "We're averaging, I don't know if we've looked at it this way, about 10 calls an hour every day," Reese said.


114 birds, 13 dogs seized from home in alleged cockfighting ring at the East Side's other Zoo which probably managed to turn a profit unlike our far more friendly money pit. Take a look:

KCPD, Animal Control investigate alleged cockfighting ring

Peggy Breit/KMBC SOURCE: Peggy Breit/KMBC Kansas City authorities are investigating an alleged cockfighting ring. City officials said police and animal health officers executed a search warrant Wednesday in the 2400 block of Cypress Avenue. Authorities said they found 134 roosters and nine dogs on the property.

Will Westport Californo's Ever Get Clean???

Another embarrassment after a litany of bad tidings connected to this local wine bar best known for hosting doomed Midtown KC political career kick-offs:

Californos fails health department re-inspection

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A team of inspectors with the Kansas City Health Department said Californos Restaurant in Westport has to remain closed after failing a re-inspection Tuesday. The restaurant had been lobbying to reopen as recently as Tuesday.

The Kansas City Evening Outlook

All of the Kansas City news links we're watching tonight. Take a peek:

Today's Burning Sensation

Live burn training at Downtown, KCI Airports

For the next several days the Kansas City Fire Department Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) unit is conducting training at both airports for its staff. ARFF regularly conducts these training exercises and other training in order to maintain proficiency in the specialized tactics and equipment required to fight aircraft fires to ensure compliance with Federal Aviation Administration guidelines.

Other Than Bankruptcy

Seg. 1: Where Is Kansas City Streetcar Headed? Seg. 2: Laura Ingalls Wilder's Missouri Life (R)

Segment 1: Streetcar authority chief says, "we're trying everything we can" to fund a lengthening of streetcar corridor. Kansas City, Missouri, officials continue to move forward with plans for expansion of the city's streetcar system. In the weeks to come voters will weigh in on a one percent sales tax to pay for the extension.

Former Home Team Hard Time

Former Chiefs player gets 22 years in prison for fraud

Federal court records show that 46-year-old Monty Grow was sentenced Monday and ordered to pay about $18 million in restitution.

Kansas City Crusade Against Anger

KC mom on a mission after daughter killed in road rage car crash

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One year later, a metro mom is using billboards throughout Kansas City to try to prevent road rage from taking another person's life like it did to her daughter. On a bright, sunny afternoon Kay White and more than a dozen family members gathered near East 24th and Bales in Kansas City to remember a dark chapter: the day her daughter was killed.

Old School Tech Consideration

KC Record Store Day festivities to include live performance by Shooter Jennings

The 11th annual Record Store Day will be celebrated Saturday at independent record stores all over the U.S., which will be offering thousands of RSD "exclusives." Among the list of artists releasing 2018 exclusives and rarities: AC/DC, David Bowie, the Cure, Cypress Hill, Miles Davis, Dr. Dre, Duran Duran, Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix, Robyn Hitchcock, Living Colour, Arthur Lee & Love, MC5, Motorhead, the Police, Prince, U2, Taylor Swift and Tom Waits.

Celebrate Kansas Hero Lady

Pilot of Southwest flight with blown engine was Navy fighter with degree from Kansas university

By ALEXANDRA VILLARREAL and TERRY WALLACEAssociated Press A Southwest Airlines pilot who made an emergency landing Tuesday after the jet apparently blew an engine, got hit by shrapnel and lost a window, is being praised for her "nerves of steel" in helping to prevent a far worse tragedy after the catastrophe killed one passenger and left seven others hurt.

Local Good Life Pix

The Pitch's Bacon & Bourbon, in photos


And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Here's the definitive round-up on hateration in the Sunflower State and increasing ethnic conflict among the lower-classes. Read more:

3 Kansas men found guilty of plot to bomb Garden City Muslims

A jury unanimously declared three men guilty of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and conspiracy to violate the civil rights of residents of a Garden City apartment complex. Curtis Allen, Patrick Stein and Gavin Wright were declared guilty of all charges Wednesday after a four-week trial.

Show-Me High Drama: Guv Greitens Vs Missouri AG Hawley

A last ditch desperate legal move before impeachment ramps up CONFIRMING that the Guv Grietens drama is really among the GOP. Read more:

Missouri governor files restraining order against state AG's investigation

On Tuesday, Hawley announced his office had obtained evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Greitens which showed he had improperly obtained and used a donor list from a charity he ran before seeking office - The Mission Continues - to help fundraise for his campaign. Hawley reportedly issued subpoenas to individuals involved with the charity last month.

Kansas SecState Kobach In Contempt

As a lawyer, Mr. Kobach makes a great politician . . . Take a look:

Federal Judge Finds Kobach In Contempt For Failing To Register Would-Be Voters

A federal judge has held Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach in contempt for failing to fully register and notify eligible voters he'd blocked. U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson found Kobach failed to send out standard postcards to those would-be voters and failed to update the County Election Manual used by local election officials processing voter applications, as she had ordered him to do in May 2016.


Here's an open "secret" exploited by political enemies amid election season.

Gossip about an alleged affair came up YEARS AGO in TKC blog comments and nothing came of it. And then, credit where it's due, dox touting the drama were pushed to local media and became relevant as the Courthouse devolved into chaos over the past year.

Most of this stuff was actually published in the newspaper and other publications in 2016 but Sheriff Sharp benefited from the "friendly" administration of  disgraced former Exec Mike Sanders.

This would be more important if anybody really cared or thought about Jackson County prior to property tax time . . . OR if anybody but a small clique of Democratic Party politicos knew Sheriff Sharp.

Check a much more thoughtful write-up from The Jackson County Advocate:

According to a statement released by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, Sharp takes full responsibility for his actions.

“I allowed my judgment as Sheriff and my obligations to Jackson County be clouded because of my feelings for someone I cared very deeply for in the past,” said Sharp in the statement. “I am accountable for my actions. This was a personal failing and is entirely my responsibility.”
Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker’s office was first made aware of the misconduct and Sharp’s involvement in a civil case against the county last year.

“My office was notified in late 2017 by the county counselor of concerns regarding a pending civil action involving the Sheriff,” Peters Baker said in a statement issued this afternoon. “We contacted a law enforcement agency and began our own investigation into the matter. We also closely monitored the on-going civil litigation involving Jackson County. While the allegations that have come to light are extremely troubling, today’s resignation satisfies the state’s interest regarding a potential ‘quo warranto’ action to remove the Sheriff from office. We will continue to monitor this matter and take any appropriate action in the future.”


KCTV5: Jackson County Sheriff Mike Sharp plans to resign from post, KCTV5 sources say

KSHB: The plan to resign may be connected to a lawsuit involving Sharp . . . Documents also revealed that Sharp and (an administrative assistant) were in ongoing romantic, sexual and financial relationship throughout her employment with the Sheriff’s Department.

Fox4: The Sheriff's Office confirms that Sharp's resignation will take effect Thursday.

Developing . . .

Kansas City Wrongful Conviction Testimony

An upcoming conversation with one of many people locked up who didn't belong in jail . . . Read more:

Free after wrongful conviction, man to share advice at KC Public Library seminar

The Kansas City Public Library's downtown location is hosting an event to help people who find themselves on the wrong end of the legal system.The Wrongful Conviction Seminar is meant to educate citizens about the power they have in the court, said Kim Gile, spokeswoman.

Lee's Summit Deadly Crash Report

Aftermath and up-close pix of this local tragedy from KCTV5, take a look:

Police: Alcohol believed cause of crash that killed 1, injured 2 in Lee's Summit

Authorities are investigating a crash that has left one person dead and two others hurt.


However. allegedly identifying info related to Guv Greitens' accusers is all over the Internets despite the fact that we're joining Kansas City media in keeping the locals stupid(er).

To be fair, the lady at the center of the scandal has been victimized by just about everybody and it, tragically, seems that nobody told her that she never had to go along with ANY of this circus. Meanwhile - The only reason she's not front and center is not by a court order but because of a simple request to the media to make her allegations from the shadows - Again, we join all of local media in totes going along with that wish.

Accordingly, because linking and html directed toward public sources isn't yet a crime . . . We chastise, castigate and rebuke widely available Internets content!!!

Here are a few references wherein we can demonstrate that TKC journalistic ethics are just as noble as the dorks at the newspaper and all of the content they cut & paste from the wire services . . .

Here goes . . . 

An Internets Twitter "justice warrior" shamefully attacks legal eagles, MSM and the attorney for the victim in question.

Another Twitter troll points out that the so-called "cuck" in this case is actually still pretty active via social media & MSM but locals shouldn't know that and therefore we absolutely agree with our colleagues in local MSM to let this info remain forever (sorta) silent.

Meanwhile, Twitter (home for trolls) is having a good time speculating on the merits of this case in a manner that's nearly as irresponsible as KCMO Springtime weather forecasts.

Finally, this MUST SEE video pretty much sums up the current situation betwixt the Guv, The Cuck & his former mistress.

And because I'm gonna hide under my bed if I ever get "door-knocked" over anything related to political garbage . . . Let's not focus on the fact that any d-bag with Google and a $99-Indian-made Chromebook could easily find all of this info in about 5 minutes. A discussion of JOURNALISM is far more important to the discourse of this state.

And we aren't just climbing aboard our high horse and decrying social media discourse. Alt-media across the state has already reported on this drama with a bit more insight than just the pressers on TV every night.

More than a month ago a low-rent creep broadcast a nasty N-word-laced tirade against the accusers of the Guv and the guy is STILL on some backwoods AM radio outlet without suffering any consequences. A Columbia alt-mag picked up the story and did a decent job in remaining objective.

And so . . .


Anyone who thinks Guv Grietens can still effectively lead state government at this point is either delusional or on some sketchy dark money payroll - That's not spin but a fact upon which most Missouri Republicans agree.

Nevertheless, TKC REFUSES to delve into the cesspool of forced sex allegations, fear of the Feds cracking down on Jeff City, chatter about an upcoming sex assault charge and a Governor who just won't go home despite the demands of a cacophony of voices from his own party.

Meanwhile . . .

We're getting closer to impeachment even though the photo case might be dismissed on Thursday.

A few more tidbits for edification . . .

New York Times: Missouri’s Governor Was Already in Trouble. A New Felony Claim Adds to That.

STL Post-Dispatch: Top Missouri GOP lawmakers tell Greitens to resign

CBS - Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens: "I will not be resigning"

KCTV5: Resolution filed in Missouri House would authorize Greitens impeachment process

Developing . . .