Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Amid the digital era, it's not very often that a newspaper op/ed can cause an international sensation but an unlikely screed from USA Today has sparked a firestorm.

Who knew that a hotel throwaway rag could now lead the national discourse???

In these divisive times that are only growing more contentious . . . We have a simple question for our blog community tonight . . .


2016 alt-right winning is now a distant memory and moving forward we notice progressives and women are playing for keeps and have decimated a great many careers leading up to an election showdown. In the meantime, big media and the legacy of newspaper shouldn't be overlooked as social media is reportedly destroying society and confused voters look back toward the agenda setting function of corporate controlled news outlets to find reassurance.

And all this is mostly tribute to TKC's favorite Bo Diddley song  . . . the links:

USA Today: USA Today editorial says Trump unfit to clean Obama's toilet

Raw Story: Joe Biden on USA Today editorial on Trump v. Gillibrand fight: ‘I’ve never ever in my career read an editorial like that’

Independent UK: Trump 'isn't fit to clean the toilets in the Barack Obama Presidential Library', says USA Today in searing editorial

Wall Street Journal: When Donald Met Kirsten - Democrats have finally figured out how to turn Trump’s tweets into their own weapon

Vanity Fair: Trump’s Creepy Tweet About a Female Senator Is Already Backfiring

You decide . . .

Kansas City Native Democratic Party Hero Kander Demands Doug Jones Certified!!!

Kansas City's favorite cable news talking head offers talking points that have been widely echoed via social media.


Money line . . .

Think Progress: Jason Kander explains why Mitch McConnell must immediately seat Doug Jones - The results of an election should not be ignored.


Jason Kander, who previously served as Missouri’s Secretary of State, highlighted the way that he, as a Democrat, certified a special election quickly enough for Republican Jason Smith to be sworn into the House of Representatives “less than 18 hours after Missouri polls closed.” He called on Alabama “to do the same.”

Sadly, the political icon who is famous for a gun trick might not get his wish as the accused Alabama politico pedo suspect has not given up the fight despite most establishment Republicans distancing themselves from the defeat, disgrace and indignity of all of those uncomfortable questions surrounding Southern state politics.

You decide . . .


The latest local atrocity tonight as gunfire continues to plague Kansas City . . .

KSHB: A teenage girl is suffering from life-threatening injuries after being shot in Kansas City, Missouri Wednesday night. KCPD says officers were called on a shooting at about 6:30 p.m. to the 7900 block of Manchester. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital.

Developing . . .


Follow-up reporting on a conversation OUR TKC BLOG COMMUNITY STARTED this week with some not-so-shocking testimony.

Take a look:

Kansas City Police Confirm Violent Crime In Westport Spikes On The Weekends

Kansas City council members got more information about violent crimes as they consider a proposal to privatize the sidewalks in Kansas City's historical Westport entertainment district. "I feel it is very important to broaden this discussion, not about whether we privatize the sidewalk, or whether we support businesses," says Councilwoman Alissia Canady.

Developing . . .

Another 'She's A Pistol Shooter' Pleads Guilty

Post script on the story of Kansas City crime commuting to the suburbs and a horrific shootout. Read more:

Suspect in 'She's a Pistol' shooting pleads guilty to murder of store owner Jon Bieker

One of four men accused in the robbery of the 'She's a Pistol' gun store, and the death of owner Jon Bieker has pleaded guilty to his role in the incident. Nicquan Midgyett pleaded guilty Wednesday to first degree murder, attempted aggravated robbery, and conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery in this case.

Kansas City Chiefs Fan Ripped Off Again

Ongoing frustration amid rising ticket prices, protesting players and a team on the brink of collapse at the end of the season . . . Checkit: Truck stolen from Kansas City Chiefs super fan

Kansas City Midweek Evening Link Track

Tonight we take a peek at Ashley hotness and a few importnat Kansas City MSM links tonight. Checkit:

For The Kansas City Jet Set
OneJet will offer nonstop flights to Pittsburgh, Memphis - Kansas City Business Journal
Tow Truck Tragedy Teaching Moment

Seven months after woman dies waiting for tow truck on I-70, driver charged with 2 misdemeanors

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- The Blue Springs attorney who was driving a car involved in a deadly crash on I-70 at Little Blue Parkway in May has been charged with two misdemeanors related to the crash.

Northland Gunfire Aftermath

One person charged in shoot out in Qdoba parking lot at Antioch Crossing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City, Mo. man was charged Wednesday in a shooting in the parking lot outside a Qdoba Mexican Restaurant on Monday evening. Derick D. Jones, 28, is charged with unlawful possession of a firearm after, prosecutors say, he was involved in the shooting at Antioch Crossing shopping center at 53rd Street and N.

Tribute After Tragedy

Loved ones remember 86-year-old Kansas City, KS man killed during vehicle theft

People from across the area are gathering to remember Frank Davila who was killed during a vehicle theft in last month. Davila, 86, was trying to prevent his truck from being stolen when he was dragged to death as the suspect tried to get away.

Another Great Review From The Most Hated Foodie In Kansas City

All the Yums - Bella Napoli

Nothing is constant in the world. People change, places change, politics change, the price of Netflix changes. Hell, not even time is constant. That shit changes all the time. But that's not 100% right. There's one thing that never changes. There's one thing in life that is always how you imagined it.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


It has been a hard candy holiday season for Jackson County Executive Frank White as the Legislature has now unified against him and effectively made him powerless.

To wit . . .


Yes, there are pleasantries about the origins of the program but ultimately this was a debate wherein the Exec White was resoundingly defeated.

Earlier this year our blog community reported the behind the scenes deets of the staffing drama and the argument over a new director for the program.

In the ensuing fight, blocked appointments and failed behind the scenes negotiations thwarted the Exec and his staff.

But it gets worse . . .


Here's background on that hot mess dutifully previewed by The Examiner . . .

"White proposed a $314.81 million budget in mid-November, but legislators have raised concerns about moving around money for the Sheriff’s Office, reduced funding for outside agencies and where the money is coming from to raise the pay of jail guards. Legislators also have spoken in favor of retaining the Constructing Futures program to help homeless families, a program that White’s budget appears to have zeroed out.

"Also on Monday, legislators voted to move the county’s anti-drug and anti-violence program, Combat, into the prosecutor’s office and out of White’s office. As county executive he would still appoint the members of the Combat board, but County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker would be responsible for running the $22-million-a-year program."

Again, we previewed this fight back in November and Courthouse Insiders were proven completely correct in their analysis of the December budget impasse.

And so . . .

Jackson County Executive Frank White now confronts a holiday season in which his authority is severely limited, he is at odds with a legislature unified against him and approaching an upcoming election where his baseball legend is overshadowed by overwhelming opposition during his first year in office.

Developing . . .


Another spate of shooting across the State Line. Here's the latest:

Two shot near 27th and Quindaro in Kansas City, Kansas

The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department is investigating a shooting that happened Wednesday afternoon. Officers were called to an area near 27th and Quindaro around 3 p.m. to investigate a shooting. Two people were found with gunshot wounds. One person was rushed to an area hospital in critical condition.

Confessional: Former Kansas City Chiefs Star Larry Johnson Copes With Consequences Of Rough And Tumble NFL Life

Important follow-up regarding a dude who was once the most celebrated pro-athlete in Kansas City before club fights with ladies and hip-hop fame marked the downward spiral of his career. Checkit:

Larry Johnson Talks Suicidal Thoughts, Violent Past, Possibly Having CTE, More

Kansas City Chiefs Alec Nathan Jamie Squire/Getty Images Twitter Logo Featured Columnist Larry Johnson, who made back-to-back Pro Bowls in 2005 and 2006 as a running back with the Kansas City Chiefs, fears he may be living with chronic traumatic encephalopathy-the degenerative brain disease that's been posthumously identified in a host of former NFL players.

Mizzou Bus Stop Bomb Threat Today

More trouble for an embattled University still coping with social justice debate . . .

Bomb Threat Reported at University of Missouri

COLUMBIA, Mo. - The MU alert system has reported a bomb threat at the Hearnes Center Shuttle Bus Stop.


But that doesn't mean we shouldn't keep trying . . .

Accordingly, here's the latest anti-violence community survey in which TKC readers can also take party. Checkit:

"The KCMO Health Department and Violence Free Kansas City Committee (VFKCC) are developing a plan to create safer and more supportive communities in the city. The planning process overall will draw on community strengths and increase collaboration to create a safer, healthier, and more supportive Kansas City."

This link will lead locals to the latest City Hall effort to seem proactive amid rising murder . . .

Violence Free KC Community Survey

Developing . . .


Postscript on an active shooter situation that was widely celebrated by local gun activists . . . Check the most celebratory article on the topic that kinda documents how box store shoppers were running for their lives from a ranting dude threatening the crowd as an off-duty cop thankfully had more training than keyboard warriors who want to share his glory. Read more:

Off-duty officer justified in Lenexa Costco shooting, acted with extreme courage

Johnson County, KS - An off-duty KCK officer is being hailed as a hero by the Johnson County District Attorney. Prosecutor Steve Howe ruled today that police Capt. Michael Howell was justified in shooting Ronald Hunt at the Lenexa Costco in November.

Obamacare Still Covers Children's Mercy

Medical update and a sign of the times as the current Administration didn't live up to promises about creating a new healthcare plan. Read more:

Medica adds Children's Mercy to ACA plan in Kansas - Kansas City Business Journal

Affordable Care Act plans on both sides of the state line now will offer coverage for Kansas City's only children's hospital. On Monday, Medica announced that it would offer coverage for Children's Mercy in its plans for residents in Johnson and Wyandotte counties.

Should Kansas City Politicos Tighten City Manager Troy Schulte's Purse Strings???

Not much new info here but a sign that this bureaucrat is now out of favor at the newspaper. Take a look:

Spending $1.3 million without prior approval? Kansas City Council should set limits for the city manager

Kansas City is edging closer to a reasonable policy on spending by city officials without specific prior approval by members of the City Council. Under current city ordinances, City Manager Troy Schulte and a handful of others can sign construction contracts worth up to $1.3 million without specific prior approval.

The Kansas City Midweek News Cleanup

Lana tops our look at some of the most important Kansas City MSM news for right now as we clean up and filter the topics of the day for our KICK-ASS readers. Checkit:

1st Responder Training Day

KC area fire departments undergo 'survival training' in Raytown

RAYTOWN, Mo. -- Multiple fire departments have been conducting dramatic firefighter survival training in a donated warehouse in Raytown. The training is called "save yourself." Firefighters are put through several different training stations where they brush up on skills they hopefully don't have to use.

Northeast Kansas City Peddling Along

New bike lanes proposed for Northeast

Kansas City's Public Works department is looking to spend roughly $475,000 on bike lanes in the Northeast that would span from The Paseo and Missouri on the west to Indian Mound Park on the east. Mario Vasquez, a project manager in the Public Works department, has already met with the Pendleton Heights, Scarritt Renaissance and Indian Mound neighborhood associations to discuss the planned bike lanes.

Fed Cracks Down

Fed Raises Interest Rates Again As Economy Rolls On

Updated at 3:45 p.m. ET For the third time this year and the fifth time since the financial crisis, the Federal Reserve has increased interest rates another quarter of a point. Fed policymakers on Wednesday announced an increase in the benchmark federal funds rate to a range of 1.25 percent to 1.5 percent, the third increase in the key rate this year.

Kidnapping False Alarm Today

After police standoff in KC, authorities say victims no longer want to pursue case

A police standoff near 23rd Street and Topping Avenue Wednesday morning ended with no arrests. Kansas City police said that just before 9 a.m., police were called to the area on a report of a robbery and possible kidnapping. "During the incident, the offense was said to have occurred in Riverside, MO.

Breaking Down Kangaroo Cash

UMKC's new building project funded with millions in gifts and state money

The University of Missouri-Kansas City will construct another building on its Volker Campus with millions from donors and the state. Friday at 1 p.m. the school will announce details about the construction of a $32 million education and research center for its fast-growing school of Computing and Engineering.

Show-Me Pro-Choice Of Sorts
Charter Schools' Accountability Is Their Strength
Cowtown Big Band Dedication

KCUR's Band Of The Week: The Kansas City Jazz Orchestra

The Kansas City Jazz Orchestra is the region's most prominent big band, dedicated to preserving and advancing the tradition of iconic Kansas City jazz ensembles led by William "Count" Basie, Andy Kirk and Bennie Moten. Guest vocalist Marilyn Maye, after all, performed at the band's debut concert in 2003.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


The new Kansas City plan for street privatization is up for discussion today.

Our KICK-ASS blog community started the conversation on Monday with a FIRST LOOK at legislation and the push back from urban planners & activists.

Now public radio offers just a bit more insight that's worth a read:

KCUR: Desperate To Stop Gun Violence, Westport Pushes For Private Sidewalks

Money line:

"Westport has seen a major uptick in gun violence this year. According to stats collected by the Westport Regional Business League, there were 16 gun-related weapons offenses in the district in 2016. In 2017, there were 65 — and that's only through Oct. 31. A Missouri law that took effect in January allows people to carry guns without a permit in nearly every public space, so there’s not much business owners or police can do to keep guns out. A coalition of Westport business owners are behind a proposal to privatize the sidewalks in entertainment district. That would allow them to ban guns in the district and screen for them on busy weekend nights. The proposal has drawn criticism from members of the city council and from several community organizations, who fear screening for guns could put other civil liberties at risk. But Kim Kimbrough, director of the Westport Regional Business League, says they’re out of other ideas. "We really don't have a Plan B, there isn't one . . ."

Better still . . .

There's a political angle to this debate . . .


Back then we noted that her flip-flip against biz owners set their cause back during a violent Autumn when help with security would have saved Midtown denizens a lot of heartache.

It gets worse, the predictions for Westport without this added security measure are dire . . .

KC Insider: "They don't want you to know this but a lot of places in Westport are already talking about packing it in. Some of them moving and some of them just working like a fortress in order to keep their customers safe. This is really the last stand for Westport. Without this, it's basically going the same way as Bannister Mall."

Just as TKC noted . . . The last straw was an off-duty cop killed in front of dozens of Westport party people. This horrific slaughter and so many more instances of violence served to influence public opinion far more that silly advocacy for hip-hop playlists.

And so, despite the protestations of activists, urban planners and politicos . . . Once again, another Kansas City entertainment district demonstrates that rampant development is useless if there's no security for patrons and residents.

Developing . . .

Taxpayer Subsidized Shopping Malls Attack The Spirit Of Christmas In Kansas City

Brilliant think piece from Patrick Tuohey offers facts and figures on the sketchy shenanigans of subsidized consumer hangouts in Kansas City and beyond. Take a look:

The Grinch who stole your taxes: Subsidized shopping malls

In Missouri and around the country, city mayors light festively decorated Christmas trees to announce the beginning of the Christmas season and all the economic activity that comes with it. But like the Grinch himself, the taxpayer-subsidized shopping centers where much of that activity will take place amount to a thief in the night dressed as jolly Saint Nick.

Kansas City Mayor Sly Gains More Tech Scene Fans For Net Neutrality Support

Credit where it's due . . . ANYBODY who believes in free speech and web standards opposes the FCC crackdown on net neutrality at the behest of corporate donors and in this instance Mayor Sly offered one of the most impressive defenses of the Internets of nearly any civic leader in the nation. Take a look:

Kansas City's Sly James joins chorus of nearly 60 mayors who support net neutrality

As high profile tech executives, companies, and investors continue to speak out against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)'s upcoming vote to repeal existing net neutrality rules, mayors across the U.S. are also increasingly joining the conversation. Today, Kansas City Mayor Sly James published an op-ed in Startland News, a blog that covers Kansas City tech news, in support of existing net neutrality rules.

Golden Ghetto Gets Their Say On #NewKCI

Report on a yet another listening session that is nothing less than a slap in the face to KCMO voters. Or just more insult to injury after the latest rigged election. Take a look:

Edgemoor representatives leave positive impression on Johnson County flyers

Breaking News People generally had high praise for the KCI terminal contractor at its only public design meeting in Johnson County. More than 20 percent of the passengers who routinely fly in and out of KCI are from Johnson County.


Take a look at an all-out condemnation of this 4th District politico from the largest community newspaper in her district.

Here's the money line:

Justus has been largely ineffective in her stint on the council but she’s a Mayor James lackey, er, favorite who is frankly more interested in making a name for herself by glomming on to the Mayor’s list of legacy projects rather than serving her constituency effectively. The “blue ribbon” crime commission she was appointed to chair has been woefully inept at lowering the city’s violent crime numbers. While the city’s homicide rate continues to spike, the only solutions we get from the committee is rhetoric threatening the second amendment rights of law-abiding citizens protecting themselves in a county whose prosecutor routinely lets violent criminals go free from jail.

TKC Fun fact . . . Our blog community has the behind the scenes on this polling and IT's ACTUALLY "UNDECIDED" WHO LEADS THE MAYORAL CONTEST SO FAR!!! And that's probably the best news regarding KCMO democracy we'v seen all week.

You decide . . .


The sound of gunfire echoed through this Kansas City neighborhood last night and police discovered a corpse in the aftermath. With two and a half weeks left to go in the year, this latest killing represents about a 7% increase in killing over last year's total. Read more:

Police investigate Kansas City's 140th homicide after shooting near 55th, Benton

Police officers discovered a person shot dead in Kansas City late Tuesday night. It happened at about 11:46 p.m. in the 5500 block of S Benton Boulevard.

Season Of Kansas City Crime: Ward Parkway Shopper Suffers EPIC Credit Card Scam

Scary report on holiday season crime and consumer danger that lurks at just about every local mall. Read more:

Local woman says wallet thief charged more than $8,000 to her credit cards in under 90 minutes

A woman shopping at Ward Parkway Center turned her back for just a moment - and that moment is now costing her thousands of dollars. Julia Smith said she let her guard down for just a minute, and her wallet was swiped from her purse.

Will Kansas City Chiefs Shock Chargers???

The best round-up of where the local footballers stand right now . . . Checkit:

Kansas City Chiefs: AFC West is there for the taking

Just like that, the Kansas City Chiefs are firmly in control of their own playoff destiny again. The doom and gloom of the past several weeks is now behind us, following a strong performance this past weekend against the Raiders. The Chiefs can lay a solid claim to the AFC West this Saturday night by beating the Los Angeles Chargers.


Quick look at Democratic Party talking points and how they'll play out in the Midterm 2018 elections . . .

This bit of analysis is exceptionally apt and offers a script that local Democratic Party denizens will work. It's up to AG Hawley to avoid the not-so-tender trap . . .

Take a look:

LA Times: In stunning 2017 defeats, Republicans see vision of difficulties in 2018

Local connection . . .

Although Moore lost the race, Democrats are likely to continue to try to tie him around the necks of Republican candidates nationwide, a strategy they have been rehearsing over the last several weeks.

"Yesterday, my likely opponent, Josh Hawley, was asked point blank: If you were an Alabamian, would you vote for Roy Moore? He could have been clear and said no. Instead, he refused to take a stand, putting his party politics ahead of fundamental decency," Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill said in a fundraising letter Tuesday.

"Whether you support a man like this is not a hard question to give a straight answer to…. Missourians deserve better than someone like that."

The territory is familiar for McCaskill: She won her Senate seat in 2012 by defeating Todd Akin, a Republican who created a huge backlash when he said that abortion rights were unnecessary for rape victims because in "legitimate" attacks, "the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."

You decide . . .

New York Mag Reports 'Isis Hunting' Suspected Kansas Domestic Terrorist Plot

Readers should feel resoundingly smarter after reading this condescending account of rural Kansas life, intolerance and alleged hate. Checkit:

A Militia's Plot to Bomb Somali Refugees in a Kansas Town

For all of Patrick Stein's life, Southwest Kansas - "God's country," he called it - had looked basically the same. Golden fields, white grain elevators, blue sky. But lately it was starting to look different.

Show-Me Everybody Against Missouri Guv Greitens Not-So-Secret Texting App

Jock Guv Greitens takes heat over consumer-grade texting app and this scathing editorial exploits his campaign promises of transparency. Take a look:

Editorial: A governor devoted to transparency should have no use for Confide app

An app reportedly has been installed on phones used by Gov. Eric Greitens and his staffers that automatically deletes their text-message conversations, presumably so the discussions can't be retrieved under a Sunshine Law request.

Kansas City Power & Light Good Times 2017

A look back at this year for the often controversial Downtown Entertainment District.

Lots of great video highlights without a glimpse of increased reports of fighting, violence on the outskirts of the district and smaller crowds for upscale fare amid a growing disparity for rich vs. poor . . .

To be fair . . .


So enjoy the clip, you probably helped pay for it . . .

Developing . . .

Shanley Shares Kansas City Foodie Gift Ideas

The queen of Kansas City foodies offers a bunch of ideas for ladies who brunch and the poor slobs who date them . . . Take a look:

Gift Guide for the Kansas City Foodie | Out to Eat

Chances are, you have someone on your holiday shopping list who's a big-time food enthusiast. Whether you're buying for the home chef or aspiring bartender, this list of local food and drink favorites have you covered. Boulevard Brewing Beer Bread Kit, $12.95 Kansas City's favorite breweryand our favorite choice of carb.

El Bryan Jokes Skippy

EPIC take on the career of a former legal eagle power broker. Take a look: retorts illustrated by bryan stalder

Kansas City Early Morning Wednesday Layout

Seems appropriate amid the recent coldness . . . A sneak peek @ Megan Fox for Esquire Russia . . .

AND THEN . . .

All these Kansas City local news links. Take a look:

The Great Kansas City Doggie Debate
More cracks revealed in relationship between KC Pet Project, animal control
More Deets On KCMO Daddy Killer Suspect

18-year-old Kansas City man charged with Dec. 7 murders of father and convenience store clerk

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An 18-year-old has been charged in the fatal shootings of his father and a convenience store clerk, prosecutors say. Reginald E. Jones Jr. faces two first-degree murder charges in the shooting deaths of 36-year-old Reginald Jones 57-year-old Darryl Singleton.

KCK Triple Death Aftermath

Still without answers, family members gather for a vigil at scene of KCK fire, suspicious deaths

Police are investigating whether that house fire was intentionally set to cover up the deaths of the three people inside.

Closure After Deadly Carjacking

Friends and family relieved after suspect charged in murder of KCK man killed in carjacking

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- "Frankie was such a light," Jennifer Steimetz says of her longtime friend, Frank Davila. "When he walked into a room, he just burst." It's been almost two weeks since the 86-year-old Army veteran and former bar owner was suddenly killed.

Creative Class Burning Sensation

KC artist loses home in California wildfire

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Maria Caldron has always been artistic. From founding Yoga in the Park! at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art to creating installations downtown, her pieces often marrying her Peruvian roots with her Kansas City upbringing.

Here Come Golden Ghetto Carbs

Doughnut Lounge Set to Open Third Location in Overland Park in Early 2018

On the heels of the announcement of a new North Kansas City location at 1250 Burlington Road, Doughnut Lounge owner Jake Randall has announced plans for yet another location. A third Doughnut Lounge will open in Overland Park in early 2018. The downtown Overland Park store, located at 7926 Santa Fe Drive, will be Randall's first in Kansas.

Say Goodbye To Moose

Royals Rumors: Mike Moustakas signing with Angels seems inevitable

The Kansas City Royals know they can't keep all of their free agents, but every time I see a former Royal linked with another team, the sadness rolls in. One of the most likeliest scenarios this offseason is that Mike Moustakas will sign with the Angels.

G-Eazy - The Plan is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Actually, the blessing ceremony this morning wasn't as political as the goofy TKC headline suggests but the reality is that times are changing for this small ethnic enclave in Kansas City as neither City Hall nor elected officials throughout the nation have much time for tolerance amid an ongoing culture war and upcoming 2018 midterm elections.

Bishop James V. Johnston, Jr. presided over a blessing ceremony for the new grotto at Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine on Avenida Cesar Chavez early this morning.

Special thanks to one of the faithful in the crowd and a TKC TOP ECHELON INSIDER for the photo of this morning's festivities.

Accordingly, for the overnight here's quick tribute to the many strange, wonderful and curious things that so many Mexican Catholics believe:

CNS: Pope: 'La Guadalupana' shows that everyone has a place in the Church

NBC: Why Our Lady of Guadalupe is celebrated across the U.S.

BBC: Santa Muerte: The rise of Mexico’s death 'saint'

WaPo: Pope on Guadalupe feast: Church is mestizo, native, black

BBC: Mexican Virgin of Guadalupe pilgrimage marred by deaths

Vice: How La Virgen de Guadalupe Became an Icon

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!

Pranksters Employ Poo-Poo Against Rampant Kansas City Package Pirates

Fun link for tonight and a look at one of the more innovative schemes from the local creative class that came up in TKC comments last week, too . . .

Some Kansas City residents are pulling a stinky prank to fight back against package thieves

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Metro residents are fighting back against porch package thieves in a unique -- and smelly -- way. Many neighbors are filling empty packages with dog and cat waste and other items hoping to "raise a stink" against the criminals. "I have two shoe boxes full of poo!"

Celebrate Kansas City Bitcoin Boom???

Or Cowtown cryptocurrency craze . . . Here's an update on locals jumping on an unquestionably volatile bandwagon. Read more:

The bitcoin boom happening in Kansas City

Currently, one bitcoin is valued at $17,000, which means the price of the digital currency has nearly doubled in just the past two weeks. It's a phenomenon that's sweeping the nation, and there's a bitcoin boom happening in Kansas City, as well.

Midterm 2018 #MeToo Preview??? Roy Moore Defeated Despite Prez Trump Endorsement

A cartoonish joke inundated by sex scandals and ridiculous statements was soundly defeated tonight . . . This may or may not offer a preview for upcoming elections but does provide a glimpse at the national culture war impacting local elections  . . . OR Maybe the voters of Alabama simply didn't live down to expectations of a candidate who most mainstream establishment Republicans have rejected.

Take a look:

NPR: Democrat Doug Jones Defeats Republican Roy Moore In Alabama Senate Race

Fox News: Alabama Senate election: Doug Jones defeats Roy Moore, Fox News projects

Politico - Alabama earthquake: Democrat Jones wins Republican Roy Moore is defeated in a huge blow for President Donald Trump and his former strategist Steve Bannon.

Developing . . .


Here's where some of that sweet, sweet GO BOND money is going according to these activists . . .

"The previous KC/LAWMO contract limited free legal services to indigent defendants charged with offenses which carry possible jail sentences. The new amendment specifically allows for LAWMO to represent indigent defendants facing marijuana possession charges."

Read more:

Indigent Marijuana Defendants Will Be Covered Under Amended...

On April 4, 2017, Kansas City residents decriminalized marijuana possession with an amazing 75% of voters supporting that move. The Initiative was led by NORML KC, the Kansas City Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Smirking Suspect Charged With Killing KCK Old School Dude During Carjacking

The suspect has been charged with one count of first-degree murder and one count of theft in connection with the Nov. 29 death of Frank Davila. He is being held in the Wyandotte County Jail on a $500,000 bond, the Wyandotte County District Attorney Office said.

Read more:

Man charged with theft, murder of 86-year-old KCK man killed in November carjacking

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A 31-year-old man is now facing charges for the murder of an 86-year-old KCK man who was killed while trying to stop the man from stealing his truck. Dominic McGee has been charged with one count of first-degree murder and one count of theft in connection with the Nov.


Here's a reality check which confirms our suspicions about politics and the Kansas City metro and even amid a mediocre season . . .

KC Biz Journal: Breaking with a league-wide trend, attendance at Kansas City Chiefs home games this season is up.

An average of 75,419 fans have attended each game at Arrowhead Stadium this year, according to data compiled by the SportsBusiness Journal, an increase of 2.4 percent from last year.

Let's put it in a political context, remember September when fans were burning gear because of national anthem protest . . .

Turns out that even in amid a 5-game losing streak, really great weather and a quarterback controversy . . . Kansas City Chiefs fans remain loyal to their team or at least the hope of playoff victory that may or may not go up in smoke this weekend.

Developing . . .