Wednesday, August 23, 2017


In the blitz of recent protest news a recent confrontation was quickly glossed over . .

And so . . .


Actually, it's a rather great clip featuring a diversity of local viewpoints from really reasonable people who don't want any violence, SJWs arguing among themselves and rural Missouri dudes packing heavy artillery.

While there is anti-police sentiment . . . There's also some defense of authorities . . . And a street level view of local protest culture amid yet another Summer of discontent.

Take a look:

You decide . . .


An important insight from our reader community and a glimpse at City Hall infrastructure priorites on behalf of corporate patrons . . .

"MSM is telling us that the Wornall Bridge is in need of repair. What's the bet this gets dealt with rather quickly? It's Good bet. Quite a few Burns & Mac employees have to drive across it to go to work coming in from JoCo.

"Did you notice shortly after the building at Wornall and Ward Parkway was opened the city tore up that entire stretch of Wornall from Ward Parkway just to the exit ramp of east bound 435? Lest the B&Mc workers have to tolerate a bumpy road a rickety bridge in their luxury cars.

"It's a safe bet thats where the GO BONDS go!"

Developing . . .


Overbuilding and near weekly chaos threaten this embattled party district. Here's another look at a possible solution to the problem that has met with quite a bit of resistance. Checkit:

Business owners renew call for street privatization amid violence in Westport

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Tom Platt was at his Westport home Sunday night, as first responders rushed to a shooting at Californos. "I heard the sirens and ambulances going past, and I said 'Oh boy, we have another incident here in Westport,'" Platt said of the experience.

Kansas City Prof Explains Death Of The Family Amid American Middle-Class Demise

An important talk tonight offers an examination of real life social engineering by way the corporate economy as partisan creeps slapfight over culture war crumbs to the delight of the mostly clueless mobs. Checkit:

Marriage Markets: How Inequality is Remaking the American Family

In a discussion of her book Marriage Markets, the University of Minnesota's June Carbone - a former law professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City - examines the role of our country's growing fiscal inequality in reshaping American families. The event marks Women' Equality Week.

Debating Kansas City History: Northeast News Vs. Monument Protesters

We've offered word from this group but now it's only fair to quote Northeast News on the current Kansas City culture war against controversial local monuments.

From the latest community newspaper editorial . . .

"Take it Down KC carried out a protest march on Sunday from J.C. Nichols Park over to the monument site. The group seeks to have the J.C. Nichols fountain renamed due to Nichols’ deed-restricted developments south of the Country Club Plaza in the early 1900s that prohibited people of color from owning property within the development’s confines. Using that paradigm, the next logical step is to demand the razing of every J.C. Nichols-built structure in the city, as they are a tacit monument that represents institutionalized racism. They’ll picket Plaza area dining establishments declaring anyone who eats at McCormick & Schmick’s is a racist and the entire building must be cleansed. Don’t laugh, it could happen."

You decide . . .

Lock Her Up?!?! Show-Me More Outrage Against Maria Chappelle-Nadal After Prez Trump Assassination Comment Controversy

What might be bad political theater still provides a great deal of entertainment as threats, curses and outrage dominate otherwise mundane Missouri corporate politics. Checkit: Over 15,000 Sign Petition to Jail Lawmaker Who Wished Trump Assassinated

Congressman Yoder Town Hall Plays The Middle Against Johnson County Protesters

Review of last night's festivities and a suburban politico hoping reason and insight into controversial legislation will appease critics seeking to turn the district blue by any means necessary. Checkit:

The Latest: Kevin Yoder at Olathe town hall says he wants to fix private health market

OLATHE - The Latest on Kansas Rep. Kevin Yoder's town hall meeting. (all times local): 7:40 p.m. Kansas Rep. Kevin Yoder says he wants to fix broken private health insurance markets rather than moving the U.S. toward expanded government health coverage. Yoder also called for greater bipartisanship in Congress during a town hall meeting Tuesday night.

Show-Me Tragic Killing By Missouri Mom

Regional story making news across the nation . . . Checkit:

Missouri mom gave up daughter as a baby, took her back as a teen. Now she's charged in her murder.

A Missouri woman was charged Tuesday with killing the autistic teenage daughter she gave up for adoption as a baby, weeks after the girl's remains were found in a burn pit on her remote property and months after the girl moved back from Minnesota, where she was raised.

Kansas City "Hell Bound" Hip-Hop Clip

White rappers show their skills (or lack thereof) in this local music video. To be fair, there are some nice moments in this clip and lots of local scenery worth a look.

You decide . . .

Kansas City Blogging Against Hateration

More insight into the divisive local discourse that's reflected across the Heartland. Take a look at the word from Kansas City's top faith writer:

The blind stupidity of racism: 8-23-17

HARRISON, Ark. -- Drivers traveling through here on northbound U.S. 65 close to the Missouri border can find evidence that the fragility of human reasoning undergirding white supremacy is not just alive and well but willing to take its place...

KCMO Desperately Seeking Bridge Fix

The Northland is nervously awaiting word about Missouri money to help save their commute . . . Here's urban planner discussion of this tragic topic that could cost KCMO millions: More US 169 Buck O'Neil Bridge/Beyond the Loop Concepts

Shanley Shares Kansas City Foodie Secrets

The queen of KCMO restaurants offers this list for locals wanting to get rid of their guests by way of distracting attractions. Checkit:

Best KC Restaurants to Impress Out of Towners | Out to Eat

We've all been here before: Guests are coming to town and you're in charge of choosing the perfect restaurants. Being the knowledgeable Kansas Citian that you are, your food line-up is expected to impress your guests and put your city in a positive light.

The Kansas City Morning Link Look

This morning we start with hottie Candice and many more local news links. Checkit:

Kansas City Slumlord South Of The Border

Abandoned hotel owner apparently in Brazil

The owner of an abandoned hotel in the northeast part of Kansas City is now apparently living in Brazil. Kansas City taxpayers are facing a $1.5 million demolition bill. A couple of the owners' former employees say he had been neglecting the property for years.

Dead-Tree Kansas City Tech Hype

Startups are driving Kansas City's economy

As a community, we celebrate when an existing large enterprise moves to our area, bringing the promise of several hundred jobs. And well we should. But Kansas City's entrepreneurs, working outside the spotlight, are a job-creating powerhouse, bringing an average of 16,376 new jobs to Kansas City every single year.

Where's Waldo Flood Control???

Downpours within weeks of one another wreak havoc on basements in Waldo

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- People who live in the Waldo neighborhood said their homes have flooded multiple times this month. Some home owners think clogged sewer drains are to blame and others think the city needs to step in and upgrade its infrastructure.

Perfect Village Organ Pix (Work Safe)

A New Prairie Village Pipe Organ Finds Its Voice

Getting the pipe organ Opus 22 installed and settled in its new Prairie Village home at Village Presbyterian Church was no small task. It's a massive instrument. Standing 24 feet tall, it takes up the whole back wall of the church . It weighs 17 tons, and has 3,600 pipes inside.

Kansas City Comeback Cont'd

Salvy, Duffy and Alexander lead Royals over Rockies 3-2 | FOX Sports

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Danny Duffy was not pleased with his bullpen warmup. Once the game started he had no-hit stuff. Duffy and four relievers combined on a two-hitter, helping the Kansas City Royals hold off the Colorado Rockies 3-2 on Tuesday night.

Fetty Wap - There She Go (ft Monty) is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Tonight let's take a look at a vital part of new or renovated airport discussions.


Here's the word FIRST and only on TKC . . .

KCI Airport Urban Consortium Calling for Strong Minority Inclusion and Benefits on KCI Terminal Modernization Project

Dear Mayor and Council Members:

I wanted to update you on the Black Chamber of Commerce’s position on the KCI Airport Terminal Modernization Project.

Last Thursday, I issued the attached statement on behalf of the six (6) member KCI Airport Urban Consortium during a press conference held on the 26th Floor of City Hall.

I am pleased to report since the formation of the Consortium, and certainly since the Chamber’s forum on July 18th which was devoted to economic inclusion and community benefits, proposers have stepped up to the plate and appear to be meeting our challenge. Suffice it to say, God moves in a mysterious way -- His wonders to perform.

As the City Council and its Selection Committee work toward naming a developer for the project, the Consortium will continue its grassroots education sessions across the urban core. And while we take no positon on who that developer should be for the project, we believe a transparent process for objective review of qualifications and fair judging criteria will yield the proper result.

What we continue to advocate for and recommend to you is our support for 1) the establishment of a minimum goal of 40% for minority business enterprise utilization on the project, and 2) the establishment of a minimum workforce goal for direct jobs of no less than 40% for minorities. We trust the Council is attentive to what has occurred since our discussions with proposers, and will work with us to negotiate significant economic inclusion for minority businesses and workers on this project.

In the long-run, minority inclusion should not be managed on a transactional basis in this great City of ours. Our business culture and acumen must change. Transformation will only occur if and when corporate leadership, construction contractors large and small, black and white, community groups, and our chambers of commerce and schools come together and establish long-term objectives for enterprise and workforce inclusion. Toward that end, the Black Chamber of Commerce wants to emphasize to the City Council the great and urgent need for a Community Benefits Agreement.

The adoption of transformative measures for minority utilization and workforce, we feel, will help move the project towards success.


Kelvin W. Perry, President

Black Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City, Inc.

Read the statement in its entirety.

Developing . . .


A month of high tide along this heavily populated path has destroyed small biz, endangered lives and caused hundreds of thousands in damage and now DEMANDS attention from City Hall.


To avoid future flooding, Indian Creek will need updates

The General Manager of Ponak's says without similar upgrades to Turkey Creek, his restaurant would likely have flooded Tuesday.

Midtown Kansas City Doggie Missing!!!

Help find this pooch on the prowl after car trouble . . . Dog goes missing after crash near Penn Valley Park

The Kansas City Tuesday Night Look

Quick look a hottie Lina and her pal along with some of the top Kansas City news links tonight. Checkit:

Kansas City Road Trip Diary

Drawn Home: A KC Artist Sets Out To Find Home While On the Road

Recently, local artist Charlie Mylie ventured out from here in KC's geographic middle to explore our country - its countrysides and city-sides - and understand the parts of it he doesn't normally get to see. He's set out (without a car we might add) also to challenge himself as an artist.

Kansas City Hopes & Dreams

Drawing nears for Powerball jackpot that's climbed to $700M

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - The estimated jackpot for Wednesday night's Powerball lottery game has climbed to $700 million, making it the second-largest in U.S. history. Some details about the game and how the prize has grown so large: ___ WHEN IS THE DRAWING AND HOW DOES THE GAME WORK?

Veto Session Goodbye???

Missouri official wants special session to remove state senator who hoped for Trump assassination

JEFFERSON CITY * With embattled state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal showing no signs of resigning, the state's lieutenant governor formally asked on Tuesday for a special legislative session to remove her. In another move, Minority Floor Leader Gina Walsh, D-Bellefontaine Neighbors, stripped Chappelle-Nadal of her committee posts, saying continued service would be a "distraction" to Senate business.

QT Drowns Community

Residents say new QuikTrip sends floodwaters rushing into their homes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Those who live in the area of 103rd and Wornall say they've seen a rise in flooding recently, and they believe one expanded business is to blame. They say they've been couch surfing for three weeks, and now after last night's flooding, they don't see their situation changing any time soon.

Cerner Confronts More Bidding Trouble

Rival Challenges Award Of Veteran Affairs Contract To Cerner Corp.

A provider of electronic health records systems for the U.S. Department of Defense is challenging the contract awarded to Cerner Corp. to develop the next-generation electronic health records system (EHR) for the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. The VA awarded the contract to Cerner in June without competitive bidding, under a "public interest" exception to federal contracting regulations.

Tragic End Game For Officer Killed

Funeral services set for Lee's Summit Officer killed at a Kansas City restaurant

Funeral services have been set for a Lee's Summit Police Officer shot and killed on the patio of Kansas City restaurant. Services will be Thursday, August 24 at 9 a.m. at the Abundant Live Church on Persels Road in Lee's Summit. Orr will ultimately be laid to rest in his hometown just outside of Chicago, Illinois.

Kansas City Comeback Begins???

Royals welcome back Salvador Perez, Greg Holland to Kauffman Stadium

Salvador Perez returns for the Kansas City Royals this week - and the team welcomes back an old friend to The K.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Some of the MOST AWESOME TKC TIPSTERS have taken the time and trouble to look through the the exceptionally sloppy campaign finance reports for 4th District In-District Council Lady Jolie Justus and they've CONFIRMED a widely held Kansas City political inevitability.

In this two part series, take a good look at the Council Lady's latest filing here's what most local voters don't know . . .


Take a look and double check our blog community work for yourself . . .

This is a big deal for a lot of reasons but here are a few more . . .

- She's a major airport advocate and second to Mayor Sly is pushing a corporate development agenda.

- Council Lady Jolie Justus could be Kansas City's first openly gay Mayor.

- Sadly, she led a citizens anti-violence committee that was totally ineffective and widely regarded as a bad joke.

And so we ask our blog community . . .


You decide . . .


He was shot in full view of many witnesses on a busy night but almost nobody has come forward to help the case against his killer:

Bewildering for KC police: Only handful of people have come forward about deadly Westport shooting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police say that while more than 200 people were inside Californos restaurant Sunday night in Westport when an off-duty Lee's Summit police officer was killed, only a handful have come forward to help them find the killer.

Monumental Kansas City List

More local confederate talk and a look at the other signs of tribute around town . . . Checkit:

Of Monumental Importance

A few months ago Chris Dixon, who drives on Ward Parkway every week with his family to go to church, sat at a stoplight. Dixon looked over and noticed something on the median where Ward Parkway meets W. 55th Street. He saw it was a monument dedicated to the women of the Confederacy.

The Kansas City Tuesday Link Pool

Right now we're also coping with a flood of news as we admire Abby hotness and sort through the most important stuff. Take a look:

Kansas City Startup Talk

With Boulevard in hand, KCMO to celebrate innovation partners at demo day

The Sept. 11 celebration serves as the culmination of Kansas City's three-month Innovation Partnership Program. Launched in 2015, the partnership program connects area startups with city departments to not only identify new efficiencies, but also offer the participating startup firms a chance to earn business with the city.

Lesson In Prison Industrial Complex

Kansas City Teen Wrongfully Arrested And Locked Up For Three Weeks Sues KCPD

A Kansas City teenager who was arrested and detained for three weeks for a crime he didn't commit is suing the Kansas City Police Department and the Board of Police Commissioners in federal court. Fifteen-year-old Tyree Bell was walking home from summer school on June 8, 2016 when he was stopped by an officer and arrested.

Tech Boss Coming To Town

H&R Block names former Uber president as its new CEO - Kansas City Business Journal

H&R Block Inc. hired a new president and CEO to succeed Bill Cobb, who retired at the end of July. Jeffrey Jones' experience includes some of the nation's best-known brands. Until Jones starts Oct. 9, he will be CEO-designate and get started learning about the company (NYSE: HRB) from the ground up - including a planned meeting with company co-founder Henry Bloch.

Help Find This JoCo Lady

Woman reported missing in Overland Park, police say

Police in Overland Park, Kansas, are asking for help in finding a missing woman. Diana R. Workman was last seen in the 8300 block of Wedd Street on July 13. Authorities said she last contacted her family on Aug. 18, through social media. Police said Workman has been known to frequently visit Olathe and Kansas City, Missouri.

THIS Series Is The Season

Kansas City Royals: Salvador Perez activated for Rockies series

The Kansas City Royals made the announcement on Tuesday that fans have been waiting for weeks to hear: Salvador Perez is back. His presence behind the plate has been sorely missed since he was placed on the disabled list with an intercostal injury on August 6.

This is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Internets LOVES Sleaze Scummit TV Crook!!!

Possibly the metro fashion statement of the Summer and a sign that EVERYONE appreciates a bit of levity amid their workaday routine:

Lee's Summit suspect's shirt generates viral Facebook post

Breaking News LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. (AP) - Police in suburban Kansas City are on the hunt for a man accused of stealing a TV while wearing a T-shirt with the phrase "I'm Broke Baby" on it. The Lee's Summit Police Department says on its Facebook page Monday that "yes, we realize his shirt is ironic!"

Investigation: Did Kansas SecState Kris Kobach Fire Lady For Not Going To Church???

Former employee claim and current controversy facing the leading radical right GOP candidate for Sunflower State Guv:

Kansas Trial Investigates Religious Discrimination Claim In Kobach's Office

A former employee of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's office said Monday in federal court that she was fired in part for not attending church, which left her confused and depressed. Courtney Canfield argues her firing amounts to religious discrimination.


Quick overview of recent flooding damage and a look at how THE KANSAS CITY LEGACY OF DEFERRED WATER & SEWER INFRASTRUCTURE MAINTENANCE threatens the safety of all resident, commuters and tourists.

Check the links:

Local Disaster Clip: Family seeks safety on roof after Blue River floods

South Kansas City Kitty Survival Tactics: Crews rescue woman stuck in tree after she was swept away by Indian Creek flood

First Responder Cope With Deluge: Emergency crews rescue hundreds after historic flooding in Kansas City area

Dead-Tree Global Climate Change Talk: Summer storms drench Kansas City with nearly 3 times the normal rainfall

Lesson In Sewer FAIL: Schools cancel, delay classes due to too much rain

Soggy KCMO Pix: See images of Tuesday's historic flooding in Kansas City

Cowtown Animal Rescue: Pets at Red Bridge Winding River Pet Village are safe and have been moved to higher ground

You decide . . .

Show-Me Payback: Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle Nadal Booted From All Committees After Prez Trump Controversy

She'll keep her job but this bit of payback is intended to appease voters who are mad about this fact of life. Take a look at a move that might or might not have been inspired by our blog community reality check regarding politico inaction . . . However there's talk of a very unlikely special session to vote her out:

Maria Chappelle-Nadal removed from all committee assignments

JEFFERSON CITY, MO. - A Missouri state senator has been removed from all committee assignments after posting on Facebook that she hopes President Trump will be assassinated. Tuesday morning, Senate Democratic Caucus leader Sen. Gina Walsh said Maria Chappelle-Nadal is a "distraction" to senators and released a statement saying she has been removed from all committees.

Fear Kansas City Agro-Terror Talks

To be fair . . . I totally thought Pork Magazine and the Pork Network were something completely different:

Kansas, Missouri Senators Bring Agro-terrorism Concerns to Light

While ag leaders often celebrate the fact the U.S. has the world's safest food supply, keeping it safe requires a long list of interagency coordination from farmer to consumer. Hosted by the Agricultural Business Council of Kansas City, U.S. Senators Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.)

Show-Me Execution Delay In Missouri

Amid public outcry and serious questions about this guy's guilt . . .

Missouri is set to execute a convicted killer. His lawyers say new DNA evidence proves he's innocent.

The execution of Marcellus Williams is scheduled for 7 p.m. ET, but lawyers for the death row inmate have asked the US Supreme Court to stop the execution and examine the new evidence. A brief filed Monday night with Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch said the appeal is not based on witness recantation.


First word from our blog community today on the narrative that locals will be sold regarding the constant flooding this month . . .


That's right . . . It's big oil and not years of neglect that creates EPIC streams in local streets almost every time it rains just a bit.

To be fair, TV weather newsies are backing up this thesis as the note that we're far beyond our rain totals for the month . . . And this fact of life may or many not reveal why KCMO can't maintain power or streets after most storms.

Check the links . . .

KSHB: Flash flooding causes problems in KC metro area


KCTV5: Kansas City police, fire crews requesting voluntary evacuations near Indian Creek due to flooding

Fox4: Full list of roads closed in KCMO due to flooding

You decide . . .


The shadow of death now inspires a controversial crackdown and city policy that many think is the last hope of saving this beleaguered and dangerous party district. Take a look:

Recent streak of violence ramps up calls for more safety measures in Westport

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some locals say the latest shooting in Westport is the type of crime they're fighting with plans to privatize local street. On Monday, people reacted to Sunday night's deadly restaurant patio shooting. Tom Platt lives three blocks from Sunday night's shooting scene at Californos at Pennsylvania and Archibald.

Wall Street Journal Roundup Analysis Of Mizzou Protest Crisis Aftermath

Another reader suggested link reminds us of ongoing bad news for the struggling state college . . . "This is not news to Missourians, but as a high profile piece in the Wall Street Journal, it's got to be unwelcome national publicity."

Read more:

Mizzou Pays a Price for Appeasing the Left

Enrollment is down more than 2,000. The campus has had to take seven dormitories out of service.

The Kansas City Tuesday Morning Link Pool

Let's start the morning with Jordan hotness even in the midst of soggy conditions as we check just a few of the local news stories that are worth a peek right now . . .

Officer Killed In Westport Double Take

Friends remember Lee's Summit officer shot in Westport as a vibrant man who loved to enjoy life

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An off-duty Lee's Summit police officer is the latest victim of the increasing violence in Westport. Thirty-year-old Thomas Orr, Jr, was off-duty, attending a young professional's party at Californos restaurant in Westport when he was shot and killed.

Heartland Secret Pill Popping
Opioid overdose deaths under-reported in Missouri and Kansas, study says
Soggy Traffic Trouble Last Night

Charter bus, KCFD ambulance collide - minor injuries reported

The Kansas City Police Department is investigating what led up to a crash involving an ambulance and a charter bus late Monday night. That incident happened around 11 p.m. near 13th and Central. Fire Chief Paul Berardi confirms two paramedics from that ambulance were taken to an area hospital with minor injuries.

Rock Chalk Walking Papers

Kansas dismisses LB Maciah Long for violating team rules

Kansas football has dismissed linebacker Maciah Long for violating team rules, according to the Kansas City Star's Jesse Newell. KU football announces LB Maciah Long has been dismissed from team for violation of team rules. Was 3-star prospect in 2016.

The Kansas City Comeback Cont'd

This is the dumbest Wild Card race ever, and the Royals still have a shot

The American League Wild Card race is decidedly blah. Eight teams are within five games of the final post-season spot, none of which is more than four games over .500. The Wild Card race is a marathon of the mediocre, a contest of the cromulent, a battle of the beige, a matchup of the "meh."

Miley Cyrus - Younger Now is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Prez Trump Helps Hallmark Channel???

One of Kansas City's favorite companies might own a debt to the Prez given that their family friendly entertainment is booming amid turbulent times. Check this KICK-ASS reader suggested link:

Analysis | The feel-good Hallmark Channel is booming in the age of Trump

There's a very good chance that you or someone in your close circle of friends watches the Hallmark Channel. Ratings are booming. Hallmark was the only non-news channel in the top 15 to see substantial viewership growth last year.

Faith Blogging Kansas City Eclipse 2017

From the foremost faith writer in the metro . . . An interpretation of yesterday's anti-climax and MSM bust:

What the two solar eclipses told us: 8-22-17

The first solar eclipse yesterday where we live in Kansas City was loud and wet (as this photo of our driveway shows). A storm cell moved through soon after 9 yesterday morning, blotting out the sun. And the moon wasn't...


Just an overnight reminder to maintain an important point . . .

Whilst we build taxpayer subsidized hotels, private airports and toy trains . . . Flooded local streets are bursting into flames:

Ariel Rothfield KSHB: Again, AVOID intersection near Westport Road and Southwest Trafficway. Very dangerous right now!

Warning from the KCFD Chief . . .

KMBC: High water, flooding reported across the metro Monday night

Developing . . .

Monday, August 21, 2017

Just Another Dark Kansas City Day

One last look . . . Promise.

Josh Weinstock offers the definitive glimpse at today's solar event: "Immerse yourself in the high definition sights and sounds of the total solar eclipse from downtown Kansas City, Missouri."

You decide . . .

Kansas City Flash Flood Fear Tonight

Forecast for tonight given local busted infrastructure and the lack of decent flood control despite an ongoing federal storm sewer mandate: First Alert: Flash flooding threat remains through rounds of rain into Tuesday

Fear Kansas City Highway Gunfire

More bullets flying confront local drivers from all walks of life and throughout the metro:

Random shootings on I-435 rattle drivers, leave police with difficult investigation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two random shootings on Interstate 435 in just two days have many in the metro worried. "We were driving along, coming home, and I heard a pop, and I felt my car move," said 57-year-old Janet Harms. Harms was driving west on I-435 between Wornall and Holmes with her husband in the passenger seat, and her mother in the backseat last Thursday around 7:30 pm.


Before after featured in the photo above thanks to AWESOME TKC TIPSTERS . . . And so, in the midst of party district political battles and the growing divide betwixt rich and poor . . . The crown jewel of Kansas City trims its brush just a bit too much and makes the party place seem just a bit less beautiful.

You decide . . .

Celebrate Kansas City Eclipse 2017 Fake News

At the risk of seeming like a party pooper despite today's overwhelming disappointment . . . The total solar eclipse was possibly the least important "news" event that has happened so far this year.

Again, a quick rundown . . .

- They're killing cops in Westport and because the officer was African-American . . . That somehow makes Kansas City hipsters feel safer as our murder count inches closer to the century mark.

- Eclipse 2017 was ruined by rain that also backed up and flooded local roadways because Kansas City politicos LIED about fixing infrastructure with GO Bond money . . . Which is actually being used for a variety of pet projects.

- There's a war over monuments in Kansas City that persists as culture warriors battle for the heart and soul of this town whilst armed dudes confront crowds of local angry ANTIFA.

Nevertheless, most of today's news was about the middle-class eating fried food whilst watching the sky . . .

Best Timelapse Of The Day

And The City Went Dark

Photography Blog

Okay, Maybe The Sun Isn't Really Racist

The Atlantic Claims Monday's Solar Eclipse Is Racist

Return your solar eclipse glasses and cancel your sun-watching parties, America. According to The Atlantic, Monday's predicted total solar eclipse is, it turns out, racist.

Nice Neighborhood Party
Eclipse dodges storms, delivers for Northeast residents
Nearby Totality

Americans flock to St Joseph, MO to view total solar eclipse

A partial eclipse will be visible from anywhere in North America, but the path of totality covers only 70 miles across the U.S.

Kansas City Biz Class Look Upward

KC businesses deliver eclipse-viewing parties [PHOTOS] - Kansas City Business Journal

A variety of Kansas City businesses gave their workers quite a show on Monday afternoon. As a once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse passed through the Kansas City area, some companies gave their employees time for some celestial bonding. Look through the attached slideshow to see some submitted photos from the different eclipse-viewing parties.

2-Star Foodie Eclipse

Spectators view eclipse at Chicken N Pickle in North Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Monday morning the doors at Chicken N Pickle opened as the storm clouds rolled out. Nicole Bailey from Kansas City, Kansas and Rachel Corl from Mission, Kansas were among the 200 people who purchased tickets for the rooftop eclipse watch party.

Credit Where It's Due: The Timeless Johnny Rowlands Has Kansas City's Best View

Watch the eclipse totality from News Chopper 9

Johnny Rowlands had a 360 degree view of the phenomenon from the skies.

We'll leave this thread open but let us never speak of this again . . .