Saturday, May 27, 2017

Kansas City Saturday First Look

CharMac starts our Saturday morning and these are just a few of the Kansas City links we're checking . . .

The Kansas City Burrito Crisis

Chipotle offers more info on security incident from April

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (Chipotle) is providing further information about the payment card security incident that Chipotle previously reported on April 25, 2017. The information comes at the completion of an investigation that involved leading cyber security firms, law enforcement, and the payment card networks.

Sprint Center Security Scare

Security on minds of concert-goers as Roger Waters kicks off tour at Sprint Center

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters kicked off his Us and Them North American tour Friday Night at Kansas City's Sprint Center. Opening songs included Breathe, One of these Days, and Time. "Once in a lifetime for both of us, so we are pretty excited," said 21-year-old Mariah Lamar, who had purchased tickets for her and her father.

Show-Me GOP Gridlock

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens hints at more special sessions

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens has hinted at the possibility of another special session just hours after the Legislature adjourned from its first. The governor told The Associated Press on Friday that he is "leaving every option on the table" and has a lot of topics that could be considered for a future special session.

Sleaze Summit Housing Rage

Lee's Summit dream home nightmare continues

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - Imagine building a brand new, $500,000 home then finding out you can't live in it. That's the nightmare one Lee's Summit family continues to deal with. "We were at $557,000, then minus value is negative $172,000. That's without legal fees, mortgage payments, utility payments and more," said homeowner Pam Hatcher.

Raytown Home Repair Nightmare

Collapsed ceiling pours insulation, mold into Raytown home, creating 'toxic mess'

RAYTOWN, Mo. --The storms and rain this spring have caused damage to homes across the metro, including the house where Montoyia Walker and her three children live. The ceiling in Walker's bedroom has collapsed, bringing insulation and mold with it, infecting her home and making her children sick.She has been to the emergency room twice in the last few months because her children are having asthmatic reactions to the mold.

The Great War Review

For Memorial Day, Kansas City's World War I Museum Invites Public To Make Connections

The National World War I Museum and Memorial plans several events, along with free admission for veterans and active-duty military personnel, to celebrate Monday's national holiday recognizing the men and women who've died in service to the U.S. military.

More KCMO Weekend Plans

Memorial Day 2017: Things to do around Kansas City this weekend

The Memorial Day weekend is here, and there are a lot of ways for you to get out and enjoy it. The KC Jazz and Heritage Festival is now open. There are multiple stages up at the Historic 18th and Vine District, so you can go check out the music, food and drinks.

Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan - There For You and this is the OPEN THREAD for this morning . . .

Friday, May 26, 2017

Kansas City Weekly Power Rankings!!!

Amid a wonderful week of weather and as movie audiences celebrate super hero girl power we take a quick look at the locals who flexed their muscles amid the Kansas City conversation . . .

Mike Talboy

A former State Rep. is now the lead political power player behind the scenes for Burns & Mac in the midst of what is potentially one of the biggest no-bid deals Kansas City has ever witnessed.

Patrick McInerney

Top local legal dude and the only guy in KCMO who can defend no-bid corruption by Mayor Sly with a straight face.

Jason Parson

The lead consultant for the streetcar, Mayor Sly's go-to urban core representative and now working damage control for the Downtown Convention Hotel . . . Possibly the most connected establishment consultant in KCMO.

Jackson County Prosecutor "Mean" Jean Peters Baker

Angry residents screamed at her amid a warning about a crime-ridden house but this politico put herself out on a limb to stand up for a local neighborhood and that effort should be respects as the Summer is dominated by a local development agenda.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield Of Kansas City

The Insurance juggernaut dumped Obamacare and leads the way to a new era in American healthcare for better or worse.

And so . . . We move to a weird KCMO Summer where nobody is exactly sure what lies ahead.

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.

Kansas City Shooting Spree Report

More reporting on a dangerous start to Memorial Day Weekend. Take a look at this crime report as Kansas City records homicide #47 tonight:

Spike in Kansas City violence leaves leaders and residents working to combat the problem

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A spike in violence in Kansas City has people trying harder than ever to figure out why this is happening in the metro. Police say eight people have been shot in KC in the last two days; three of those have been double shootings.

Fear The Kansas City Royals Rally Squirrel

An important win tonight powered by clutch hitting and a rambunctious rodent. Take a look:

Squirrel On The Field Interrupts Play Between Indians And Royals

Carlos Santana was in the middle of a fairly important plate appearance Friday, as the Cleveland Indians and Kansas City were tied 4-4 in the sixth inning before play had to be halted because a squirrel ran onto Progressive Field. The pesky squirrel appeared out in right field, and just as soon as it looked...


The Prez Trump Administration is keeping its word on rounding up illegal aliens starting with suspected violent criminals.

To wit . . .


Like it or not, the connection was downplayed by all other local media . . . Trump Administration Keeps its Promise: Begins Removing Violent Gang Members, Criminals, and Predators from American Communities

Context . . .

"These are results of its six-week nationwide gang apprehension operation, which resulted in the arrest of 384 illegal immigrants, as well as 61 foreign nationals voluntarily admitted into the country. The arrests of these 445 foreign nationals include those arrested for homicide- or sexual crime-related charges."

Deets that apply local . . .

"Arrest – carried out by local Kansas City officials and the Kansas City Police Department – of a MS-13 gang member. At the time of processing, the MS-13 member was a suspect for a prior homicide in Kansas City, Missouri."

Again, for the record, local Latino communities probably aren't gonna miss a murder suspect . . . And still, amid all the lamenting of lost opportunities for "dreamers" this bit of news deserves mention and impacts Kansas City's current homicide crisis.

Developing . . .


Harsh times for local dramatists and the latest cry for help . . .

In response to pending budget cuts which threaten the very existence of UMKC Theatre, a public, community-wide Town Hall meeting has been scheduled for Sunday, June 4 at 6p at Spencer Theatre on the UMKC campus. Theatre faculty, students, alumni and supporters will be speaking to show support for UMKC Theatre and demonstrate to the UMKC administration the extensive community support for this program. Currently, severe budget cuts will mean the loss of four faculty positions for the coming school year, seriously jeopardizing its nationally prominent graduate MFA Theatre program. #saveumkctheatre

Learn more at their event page.

Developing . . .

The Kansas City Artsy Magic Hour

Impressive work and amazing views from the most gifted photographer in Kansas City breaking ground with new tech . . .

Kansas City Nelson Atkins Museum Dusk Aerial Views - Photoblog

Kansas City Nelson Atkins Museum dusk aerial views from my flying camera drone in mid-April 2017 at nightfall; main museum plus Henry Bloch addition.


Our blog community warned of this move at the outset of May . . . And now it's news fact and part of the local agenda:

KC convention hotel backers aim for fast-track approval to avoid public vote

Backers of the planned 800-room downtown convention center hotel have proposed a new Kansas City ordinance they believe will accelerate project approval and circumvent a possible public vote. Meanwhile, late Friday afternoon, the citizens group fighting the project turned in an estimated 3,800 petition signatures to the city clerk's office, two days before Sunday's deadline to submit enough referendum petition signatures to force that public vote.

Kansas City Crime Round-Up Part Deux

The violent weekend is underway, take a look . . .

Kansas City Gunmen On The Run

Police search for 3 men in carjacking, crash near 87th, Wornall

Matt Evans/KMBC SOURCE: Matt Evans/KMBC Kansas City police are searching for three men suspected in a carjacking and crash Friday morning near 87th Street and Wornall Road. Police said officers spotted a tan Mazda Tribute that has been reported stolen in a carjacking.

Grizzly Killing Suspect On The Outskirts Of Town

Prosecutors to seek death penalty in quadruple homicide

PLATTE CITY, Mo. (AP) - Prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty if a northwest Missouri man is convicted of killing four member of his family. The Kansas City Star reports a June 1 hearing is scheduled in Platte County Circuit Court for prosecutors to argue for the chance to seek the death penalty against 25-year-old Grayden Lane Denham.

Follow-up From Our Midday

Eight shot in 48 hour span in Kansas City, including one homicide

Eight people were shot in a span of 48 hours in Kansas City, including a homicide Wednesday that claimed the life of a 28-year-old man. No charges have been announced in any of the shootings. Antonio C. Hughes of Kansas City was found fatally shot Wednesday at 57th Street and Bales.

Developing . . .

The Kansas City Friday Night Link Look

Bella Hadid and her evening gown hotness begins our evening look at all the important Kansas City newz . . .

TMZ: Bella Hadid Nearly Naked, 'Cause She Cannes

Tasty Kansas City Drone

It's a bird; it's a plane; it's a LaMar's 'dronut' - Kansas City Business Journal

Keep looking to the skies, LaMar's Donuts fans. LaMar's Donuts, founded in Kansas City, will make its first delivery of "dronuts" next week. Alas, it will be in the chain's new headquarters city of Denver. LaMar's plans to make four drone deliveries on May 31, including to the Denver City and County Building, the police and fire headquarters and the city's 16th Street Mall.

Kansas City Burrito Tech Backfires

Dozens of Kansas City-area Chipotle restaurants hacked

Fast food restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill confirmed on Friday that malware invaded the company's post-of-sale systems at hundreds of its restaurants, including dozens in the Kansas City metro, leading to the possibility that some credit card information from thousands of customers was stolen by hackers.

The Kansas City Building Boom

KC-area homebuilders continue to pick up single-family pace - Kansas City Business Journal

Builders in the eight-county Kansas City area pulled 2,059 single-family building permits during the first four months of 2017 - a pace not matched since before the recession. According to the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City, it was the highest year-to-date total though April since 2007, when 2,339 single-family permits were issued during the first four months of the year.

Show-Me Session Smelted

Missouri legislature's special session ends with smelting plant bill sent to Gov. Greitens

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens' first special session was a success. The Senate passed a bill 24-5 on Friday designed to reopen an aluminum smelting plant once operated by Noranda, as well as to build a new steel plant nearby. The bill will take effect the moment the Republican governor signs it.

Shadow Of Death In KCK This Summer

Schlitterbahn opens 2017 season as Verruckt still stands

On Friday, thousands of people will return to a major metro water park. But as the park opens, the scene of a tragedy continues to tower in the skyline. Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark will open it's 2017 season on a much more somber note.

Summer School Update
Crossroads to launch Downtown high school at Park U. urban campus
The Kansas City Cookout

Food Critics: The Best Grilled Dishes In Kansas City

Summer grilling season is upon us. Over this Memorial Day weekend, we'll be firing up the backyard grill, cold beverage in hand. But what exactly is grilling? KCUR's Food Critics defined it on Friday's Central Standard . "It's over hot fire or coals," Carlton Logan told host Gina Kaufmann.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


An impressive bit of journalism from our blog community that offers a peek at the behind the scenes conversation and a glimpse of discontent over current corporate tactics.

To wit . . .


Here's the word on the hush, hush and to protect both the innocent and corrupt alike with hope that one of the top players in Kansas City listens to a growing groundswell of discontent . . .

Source: Insider breaks rank

An employee at Burns and McDonnell Engineering confirms that campaign donations were made to Mayor Sylvester James following pressure/inducement from management.

Speaking strictly off-the-record, as an anonymous source, the individual expressed concern that in their zeal for company growth, Burns and McDonnell management is inadvertently impugning their own reputation and placing at risk the future of employee/owners.

In exchange for communicating with us, the individual insisted that the following points be highlighted:

1. Because we're employee/owners, Burns and McDonnell has a very protective insular corporate culture. It's a great company to work for and most of us are not politically active, especially in Kansas City Missouri.

2. The only reason I'm speaking with you is because I'm concerned that corporate management has strayed from the principles which this company was built upon. My parents and faith community instilled in me the utmost respect for core values like honesty, integrity, and competing on a level playing field.

3. Burns and McDonnell doesn't need to ingratiate itself into the good graces of the Mayor and Council by throwing around political donations. We're an excellent engineering firm and we stand proudly ready to compete with anyone in the world for projects. To do anything less is an insult to our staff.

4. Frankly, I've been embarrassed to read about some of the disclosures regarding our company's receipt of corporate welfare, especially in light of the fact that many residents of Kansas City are struggling to provide for their families. It's counter to what my faith teaches.

When asked about a specific Burns and McDonnell political fundraiser (we provided a listing) in which several hundred employees made almost identical campaign donations to Mayor Sylvester James, the source redirected the questioning back to us:
"To a reasonable person, what does that look like? Exactly."

"If we don't live in Kansas City, why would we donate to the Mayor's campaign? I didn't donate to my own Mayor and Councilperson in ------- (a suburb)."

"I guarantee you, that everyone received the message loud and clear that Mayor James was a special friend of Burns and McDonnell and it would be in our personal interest to make a contribution. Did I receive a memo directing me to do so? Of course not. They're not going to put something like that in writing, but they do keep track of who participates."

In regards to the current pending airport terminal proposal between Burns and McDonnell and Kansas City, the source expressed a fear that the no-bid aspect of the proposal will blow-up in the company's face and any problems arising during the multi-year project will be laid squarely at the feet of Burns and McDonnell. "It's not the way you ever want to enter a project. When there are questions from the outset about whether the project was necessary, whether it was awarded fairly, and whether political favors are being exchanged, it's like walking into a minefield. The city first needs to get the approval of the voters, then publicly solicit bids, if they're not going to do it themselves, and go from there. The longer this drags on, the worse it's going to be for us."

Developing . . .


We just linked a note that the Kansas City temp top cop reportedly had his home broken into by a suspect . . . While this statement doesn't address the allegations, it does offer some insight into the law man who is in charge of Kansas City for the Summer.

While we respect his service, the guy already looks tired . . . Fair play, here's his statement:

Interim Chief Zimmerman: My first week on the job

As I near the end of my first week as Chief of Police, I must acknowledge that I could not fulfill the responsibilities of this position without the support and encouragement of the women and men of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. My experiences this week only reinforce my conclusion that I made the right choice over 34 years ago when I joined this organization.

As for the community we serve, the support I have received over the past week is humbling as individuals I don’t personally know approach me with words of congratulations, along with offers to help and kind words of reassurance. I have been a life-long resident of Kansas City, Missouri, raising a family here, and I will continue to call this great city home long after I am finished with policing.

One final thought as we gather with friends and family this Memorial Day weekend to remember the loved ones we have lost, I pray everyone has a safe holiday and we extend a hand of friendship and support to those around us.

Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar Payout?!?

Northeast News offers balanced coverage and dutifully reports this week in City Hall streetcar hype. You decide . . . After one year, KC Streetcar has paid dividends for KCMO

Kansas City Council Lady Jolie Confronts No-Bid Deal Crisis

Credit to this Council Lady . . . She is being honest about the dilemma that confronts City Hall and reveals OVERWHELMING resistance to Mayor Sly's plan that's only backed up by Burns & Mac and a cadre of consultant paid-talking-heads. Take a look:

KC Councilwoman Jolie Justus: New Bid For KCI Raises More Questions Than Answers

Kansas City officials are trying to figure out how to proceed after receiving a letter from the nation's largest airport design firm saying it was interested in a new single-terminal deal at Kansas City International Airport.

Kansas City Crime Quickie Links

Brief rundown of the top local crime & punishment stories this afternoon. Take a peek at our diverse coalition of Kansas City crime news:

Kansas City Connection To Illegal Alien Suicide In Custody Of La Migra

Vigil for Jean Jiménez-Joseph, who died in ICE custody, planned for Saturday

A Saturday vigil is planned for a Panamanian man who grew up in Kansas City but died while in ICE custody this month. Jean Jiménez-Joseph, 27, was in solitary confinement at Stewart Detention Center, in Lumpkin, Georgia, when he committed suicide on May 15.

Braze Crime Suspect Targets Cops

Man, woman charged after beating, kidnapping person at Grandview park

Authorities in Jackson County have charged a man and a woman after a person was kidnapped from a park on Wednesday. Zane Warner, 21, and Hana Yocom, 19, have each been charged with one count of felony kidnapping and one count of felony armed criminal action.

Suburban Crime Suspect Couple

Parolee charged with burglarizing home of police chiefs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A man out on parole is accused of breaking into the home of two police chiefs. Clay County prosecutors have charged Thomas Savage III, 19, with burglary and stealing. On April 24, officers responded to the northland home of interim KCPD Chief David Zimmerman where he lives with his wife, Raymore Police Chief Jan Zimmerman.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


For many, this weekend is the unofficial start of Summer in Kansas City - A time when homicide stats typically skyrocket.

Here's a peek at the numbers going into this dangerous time of year:

- Over the past 48 hours there have been 8 shootings in Kansas City with two victims still clinging to life.

- The homicide count for 2017 stands at 46 compared to 38 at this time last year: A 20.5% increase in a year when KCMO led the nation in percentage gains for murder.

- Amid a search for a new Kansas City Police Chief, the temp promises "business as usual" and no special effort amid the increase in violence.

- The civic agenda is almost completely focused on development issues with the new airport, the streetcar and convention hotel dominating the discourse among the middle-class.

- A recent press conference warning to a crime-plagued house by authorities turned public embarrassment and outright defiance against law enforcement.

And so . . .


While our blog community wouldn't dare try to spoil Summer fun . . . It's important to inform and remind Kansas City residents of the reality of an ongoing crisis on local streets. We still leads the nation for towns with an increase in deadly violence while mainstream media and politicos seemingly ignore this threat to all the residents of Kansas City.

Developing . . .

Talking Kansas City New Airport Arrogance

Check this important number cruncher examination of local, political braggadocio pushing a NO-BID process that's inherently corrupt . . .

Kansas City's Airport: A Monument to Political Ego

Kansas City has an effective and efficient airport. There is no reason why Kansas City cannot continue to meet the needs of modern travelers while honoring our past architectural innovation, maintaining the convenience we have come to cherish, and keeping costs down.

Kansas City Mutual Musicians Foundation Hot Mess For Control Continues This Summer

We covered this controversy back in September but now public radio offers an update and an attempt to move forward. Take a look:

Kansas City's Oldest Jazz Institution Isn't Afraid Of New Beats - Or Other Challenges

It was the usual 4 a.m. scene at the Mutual Musicians Foundation: a rotating combination of jazz musicians on the crowded stage; fans of all ages, races and preferred libations sitting in metal chairs around mismatched formica tables tapping their feet and yelling encouragement to the players; long-dead jazz legends surveying the raucous scene from black-and-white photographs on red walls.


Apropos for Friday going into the holiday weekend, let's consider another ambitious plan from the man who made Midtown Kansas City great again . . .


Here's a quick summary . . .

Bill Nigro via FB: "I'm asking the KCATA/RideKc people to start the route this time.with MAX Buses because "Weekends in KC we're takin it to the MAX". This time it would run from Zona Rosa on the North all the way south to Rosanna Square in Overland Park. $5 to ride all night and a phone app that will tell you everything about food, drink and entertainment along the route. Who thinks RideKC/KCATA should start this route up again?"

Sadly, Bill Nigro might have to put the brakes on his plan because the streetcar is busy looting the ATA.

Still, let's not forget that the first KC Party Trolly/Bus/Drunk Truck earned a great deal of hype, a few nice weekends and preceded the toy train streetcar -- Which is basically a more expensive expression of the same idea backed by a TON of developer subsidy and tax breaks . . .

And so, we don't blame the Westport power player for wanting to hop aboard the KCMO gravy train now that NO-BID schemes and behind the scenes deals dominate City Hall.

Moreover . . .

Bill Nigro is one of the most resourceful and enthusiastic people in Kansas City, so don't be surprised if his new effort gets further than most skeptics imagine.

Developing . . .

Former Kansas City Sports Scribe Jason Whitlock Talks ESPN Losing Conservatives

Clearly, Fox has an interest in ESPN tanking because it presents an opportunity for their sports programming.

Still . . . In this clip that dude that old school local white guys still call "Big Sexy" shares a great many insights on life, sports ethics and the politics of the playing field.

Description: "Study reveals how liberal beleaguered sports network has become and why it lost so many Republican viewers in 2016"

Take a look:

You decide . . .

Kansas City Memorial Day Weekend Starts With A Bang: Three Thursday Shooting Incidents

Police sirens have been running all night and there's the latest gunfire report revealing Kansas City Summer bullet time is now in effect. WE'VE ALSO GOT FIRST WORD OF A KC TV NEWS CREW INVOLVED IN A BIT OF LOCAL GUN PLAY AS WELL. More on that later . . . Take a look at this gunfire round-up right now:

Shooting victim suffers serious injuries on Kansas City's east side

A shooting on Kansas City's east side has left one with serious injuries. Police say a shooting victim showed up at a local hospital around 8:30 p.m. on Thursday evening. Investigators determined the shooting happened at 44th and Flora Avenue. It's the eighth shooting victim reported in Kansas City over the past 24 hours.

Meth Town Gunfight Last Night

Late night shooting report revealing even more metro violence . . .

Independence police shoots, injures armed man

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Independence Police shot an armed man outside of a home Thursday night. The incident occurred near the 700 block of North Forest around 8:30 p.m. Officials said officers were sent to a house after a report of a person armed with a gun.

Kansas City Maker Faire Clip

Downtown entertainment options for the smarter rugrats . . . Maker Faire is a gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do. From engineers to artists to scientists to crafters, Maker Faire is a venue for these "makers" to show hobbies, experiments, projects. We call it the Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth - a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Kansas City AirBnB Crackdown Underway

We'd like to back local tech whole-heartedly but the fact is that many neighborhoods have a problem with this online housing option that doesn't have much regulation right now . . . Because not everybody wants to live next to a no-tell motel. Take a look:

KCMO proposes short-term rental regulations

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If you look online, there are more than 300 Airbnb hosts in Kansas City, but renting your home or apartment is technically illegal. The city is working on new regulations, but they're not sitting well with everyone. Lance Pierce has been a host for six years.

EPIC Kansas City Stolen Truck Crash Clip

At least the owner of this vehicle has footage to remember his long gone property . . .

Like a scene out of a movie, thief smashes through gate, speeding away with mechanic's truck

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- When burglars in east Kansas City decided to break into an auto repair shop, they didn't go halfway. It looked like a scene from "The Fast and the Furious." One mechanic says his tow truck was stolen late last week, as crooks smashed through a fence to steal it.

Dead-Tree Media No-Bid Airport Endorsement: Kansas City Hates Progress???

In a whimsical column touting touting a great many silly art projects, Kraske comes out of retirement to consider what could be the largest CORRUPT NO-BID CONTRACT in Kansas City's history:

Steve Kraske: KCI fight a reminder of this city's long history of resisting change

Remember what so many people said when Kansas City leaders set out to build the Sprint Center? We don't need it. Kemper Arena still has years of life. We're wasting our money. "This is just not a good deal," former Councilman Paul Danaher said at the time. But build it we did.

Kansas City Friday First Look

Ferananda hotness inspires this quick peek at more than a few morning links to get our start our Kansas City journey to the weekned.

Take a look:

MSM KCMO Curfew Warning Follow-Up

Kansas City's summer curfew starts Friday

Kansas City's curfew starts Friday night in the city's five entertainment districts. That means kids 15 and under need to be home by 10. And 16 and 17-year-olds need to be home by 11. And in those entertainment districts, if they want to be there after 9 PM, minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Flyover Country Big Money

Who are the highest-paid CEOs in Kansas and Missouri? - Kansas City Business Journal

The Associated Press and executive data firm Equilar released their list of the highest-paid CEOs in each state for 2016, and one of them is in the Kansas City metro, The New York Times reports. Only publicly traded companies with more than $1 billion in revenue that filed proxy statements with federal regulators between Jan.

Meth Town Takeaway

Surveillance video captures smash and grab at Independence home

Thieves smashed their way inside an Independence man's home as his crystal-clear surveillance cameras rolled. The suspects never thought the video would see the light of day because it was stolen, along with more than $8,000 worth of belongings. But detectives discovered the spot where the thieves had stashed the victim's surveillance camera hard drive.

Jackson County Remembers Ruskin

A Community in Ruins

What likely began as an ordinary evening on May 20 back in 1957 quickly turned deadly as an F-5 tornado tore a 71-mile path of destruction, beginning in Spring Hill, KS, and bouncing through Ottawa, KS, Grandview, Hickman Mills, Martin City, Knob Town and Ruskin Heights.

McTavish Starts Summer Fun

6 Musical Things To Do In Kansas City This Memorial Day Weekend

Music does so much. But, perhaps most importantly, it accommodates. Take this weekend's cooperative passel of concerts encompassing multi-day celebrations of world-class jazz and roots music, the first gig of an English rock icon's new international tour, cutting-edge DJs creating throbbing dreamscapes for the dance crowd and Kansas City's own musical salute to Memorial Day.

Gucci Mane - Hurt Feelings is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Kansas City UFO Orb Caught On Camera!!!

At the witching hour for all of our shift worker pals and insomniacs across the metro. Here's an interesting late night UFO clip as stargazers search for intelligent life across the Universe . . . Since they probably gave up on finding it locally.

Developing . . .

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Tonight the GOLD STANDARD OF KANSAS CITY POLITICAL DISCOURSE has a show that's so PACKED with political talk that they were brave enough to start out with some artsy chick . . .

Check the description . . .

"Mike Shanin interviews Johnson County Parks & Rec Executive Director Jill Geller about the upcoming grand opening of the Arts and Heritage Center in the former King Louie building. Then Pat McInerney, Danedri Herbert, Crosby Kemper III and Mary Anne Murray Simons discuss the push for a single terminal KCI, the search for a new Kansas City Police Department chief and negative media coverage of Trump."

Credit to Crosby Kemper III for calling out Pat McInerney's vapid defense of no-bid corruption that's part of Mayor Sly's silly scheme . . . No matter how breathless of a defense, there's simply no justifying a RIGGED process.

Take a look:

You decide . . .

Dead-Tree Media Defends NKC Officer From Toni Anderson Stripper Friend Questions

Nationwide scrutiny of this late night law enforcement decision elicits what the smarter denizens of our blog community have said is the "worst editorial evar" in an attempt to uphold a narrative that nobody believes. Take a look:

Editorial: What the police officer who stopped Toni Anderson saw

It's so easy now to second-guess the North Kansas City police officer who let 20-year-old Toni Anderson drive away impaired on the January morning she died. That's because we know how the story ends, and where: at the bottom of the Missouri River.

Jackson County Mean Jean Empty Threat???

Important journalism from Mike Mahoney offers a fact check from an anti-crime presser this week. Take a look:

Can the city seize your home for criminal issues? Yes. But it's not easy.

We're digging deeper into an emotional confrontation between the Jackson County Prosecutor and a Kansas City family. Jean Peters Baker is threatening to seize a woman's home if criminal activity at the home doesn't stop. Many people asked - is that even legal? Yes it is. It's also difficult to do, but not impossible.


The Mayor delivering the airport to his corporate pals just a got a bit harder thanks to a new effort underway.

To wit . . .


Here's the intro . . .

Dear Honorable Mayor James, City Manager Schulte and City Council Members of Kansas City Missouri:

AECOM is an $18B global leader in fully-integrated project delivery for some of the largest infrastructure developments in the world including major airport projects. AECOM’s aviation portfolio includes services to the largest hub airports in the nation, most notably JFK, LAX, DIA, PHX, PHL, ATL, BWI, BOS, ORD and many others.

With the capabilities and experience to design, build, finance, operate, and maintain a replacement terminal for KCI airport, AECOM presents an interested, serious competitive option as you contemplate procurement next steps.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss further with you and to participate in a competitive process. Please let me know if you would like to schedule a time to meet . . .

Best Regards

Mike Handelman, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP
Sr. Vice President


This is a good thing for a lot of reasons but mostly because it offers a moment of pause for new airport enthusiasts and a realization that Mayor's Sly plan was completely corrupt and needs to be shot down and started over.

You decide . . .

Double Trouble Gunfire: Fear The Second Kansas City Double Shooting Of The Day

Nice afternoon yields more local gun violence. Take a look:

Two shot, one critical near 104th and Holmes

Two shot, one critical near 104th and Holmes This is the third double-shooting in Kansas City in less than 24 hours The Kansas City Police Department is investigating the third double shooting in the area in the last 24 hours. The incident happened near 104th and Holmes around 4:15 p.m.

MARC: Kansas City Proper Growing Faster Than Any Other Local Metro Town

The world according to civic cheerleaders offers some nice news and a glimpse of the Northland lifting local fortunes. Take a look:

KCMO Leading the Charge in Regional Growth

The data for all cities in the Kansas City Metro is available here.

Kansas City Double Shooting Thursday

Real life on local streets continues while City Hall is wrapped up in a development agenda . . . Here's the aftermath while the shooting victim clings to life:

Double shooting in Kansas City, Mo.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police were called to the scene of a shooting Thursday afternoon at 24th and Oakley; that's near Blue Valley Park at 23rd and Topping. FOX 4's Robert Townsend is at the scene and says he's hearing two people were shot, one in the shoulder and the other in the leg.

Kansas City Thursday After Work Link Pool

Chloe hotness and some of the more important Kansas City links for tonight. Dive right in . . .

Kansas City Trump Food Cutbacks

President Trump proposes slashing billions from food assistance programs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As the Truman Medical Centers Mobile Market rolls through, 41 Action News caught up with Jessica. "We come faithfully every week. And it goes until November, so then you start to be mindful of what foods are available seasonally.

Bui8lding Up Troost

Developer seeks abatement for $24.3M project on Troost - Kansas City Business Journal

Milhaus Development, which is making its first big splash in Kansas City with the $80 million Gallerie mixed-use development between Crown Center and Union Hill, is proposing 182 apartments and 12,000 square feet of retail space six blocks east of there at 27th and Troost.

Rainbow Bunny Raising Prices

Digital Life: Google Fiber TV customers will be paying $20 more each month

Maybe it's time to cut the cord. The cost of Google Fiber's TV package is going up again. A standard cable-like package with the company's ultra-fast consumer internet connection will spike by $20 a month beginning in July. Internet-only rates remained unchanged.

Sending The Very Best Tax Spike

Sheraton and Westin hotels in Crown Center want tax distinction for redevelopment

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Sheraton and Westin at Crown Center are looking to redevelop and they want a special tax distinction to help foot the bill. The developer believes renovations will cost about $30 million and they say they cannot afford it. They are looking to make changes to rooms, parking garages and amenities.

Meth Town Mail Charge

FedEx Ground worker caught on camera stealing money

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - A FedEx Ground worker was caught red-handed picking up money that didn't belong to him during his route. The driver was seen picking up $60 a mother left for her daughter under the doormat at a home on the 2100 block of N. Delaware Street Wednesday morning.

Check KCMO Tech Disparity

Visualize the Kansas City's digital divide with this new Smart City tool

between those with consistent access to computers and the Internet and those who don't, the digital divide is often discussed in the abstract. However difficult to conceptualize in a broad scale, the digital divide in Kansas City has real economic, cultural and social implications in our community.That's why the City of Kansas City, Mo.


On The Loose For An Hour

Photography Blog

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


The street level debate over the fate of the Downtown Convention Hotel continues this week with another run-in betwixt Brookside petitioners vs. City Hall power brokers.

To wit . . .


Consider this a follow-up to allegations amid an earlier dust-up betwixt petitioners and developer Mike Burke regarding the merits of the proposed hotel or lack thereof . . .

As always, we're more than willing to post the story according to Mr. Parson and note that even the description of the encounter is described by CFRG as a mere "annoyance" in the grand scheme of things.

You decide . . .

CFRG: Jason Parson and others Harass Signature Gathers

Signature gatherers working on the petition to get the Downtown Hotel on a ballot so voters have a choice, were harassed by “blockers”. The team was led by Jason Parson of Parson and Associates along with others. Parson work(ed) with Mike Burke who is the hotel developer and was caught last week harassing a petition gatherer and fighting with a woman customer at that location. Parson is also on the team working to expand the streetcar . . . So he appears well connected to city hall. In spite of the annoyance, the gatherers continue to get voters to sign and are nearing their goal. Thanks to all of you who have worked on the campaign and have tolerated the inconvenience of being harassed.

Citizens for Responsible Government

Quick TKC take . . .

This grocery store encounter is actually kind of interesting because the tax fighters are up against bigger odds than they understand. This crew forgets that Mr. Parson was part of an EPIC DEAL WITH BURNS & MAC that featured questionable routing of MORE THAN $500K to support the toy train line . Parson & Co. are actually major players in the city's streetcar plan and on a percentage basis this small firm is one of the top earning political consulting outfits in Kansas City. But, I guess part of that work involves getting out there on local streets and mixing it up with petitioners in a fight to save tax subsidy of a hotel project that most private investors have rejected.

You decide . . .

Celebrate Jackson County Politico Pay Raise!!!

Here's a nice bit of local government reporting that offers perspective on this sneaky Courthouse move while the jail remains an ongoing nightmare. Take a look:

Jackson County pays its various board and commission members way more than other local governments do. Why?

In February 2015, longtime Jackson County Legislator Dennis Waits introduced an ordinance to raise the pay for persons serving on two of the county's commissions. The nine members of the Drug Commission and the five members of the Merit System Commission would now make $700 a meeting. It was quite a bump.


After a court fight that dragged on to way too long . . . More courtroom drama today preceded this verdict. Take a look:

Tamika Pledger found guilty after driving into group of teens, killing one of them

A woman accused of driving into a group of teens, killing one of them, has been found guilty on all counts.

Kansas City, Kansas Memorial Weekend Flags Offer Tribute To Terror War

Powerful symbolism in this endless fight that now dominates the global discourse . . . Take a look:

8,000 flags fly in KCK in memory of the lives lost in war on terrorism

KANSAS CITY, Kan. --Volunteers in Kansas City, Kan., spent Thursday morning putting up 8,000 flags for Memorial Day to honor the fallen in the fight against terror. FOX 4's Rob Collins stopped by State Avenue near I-435 to speak with volunteers. "We hope that people will stop by, remember.