Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Tonight we take a glimpse of talking points used to justify a bevy of taxpayer subsidy with very little profit or benefit for residents overall.

For the most part, City Hall subsidizing the local arts community is usually just an exercise in cleverly disguised political payoffs sold to the clueless public as "culture" but targeted at very specific communities as a reward for civic alliances.

Specific Examples:

- Art in the loop - Offers public funding and KCMO back grants to a bevy of artist to beautify development for LUXURY CONDOS out of the price rage of most Kansas City residents.  

- 18th & Vine "investment" of more than $100-MILLION over a generation still hasn't turned a profit or changed the fate of the 3rd District.  

- Judging from their website . . . Arts KC only hires white ladies for some weird reason that doesn't speak to claims of artistic "diversity" from City Hall. 

The list goes on and on but now the East Crossroads attempts to offer tax breaks to lure big money from the burgeoning arts scene into the urban core . . . Which is a trick that most pizza delivery dudes don't even fall for . . .

In general, fine art is a scam:

But I digress . . .

Ironically, while art is supposed to inspire critical insight and independent thinking, the celebration of KC's art scene mostly just repeats the company line from City Hall and local developers.

Description of tonight's clip . . .

"In Kansas City, we're told the arts economy equals a quarter of a billion dollars. Explore what that number means, what's counted -- what isn't -- and what the future of Kansas City looks like . . ."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


The latest instance of local violence that'll probably contribute to our KCMO 2017 murder spike. Take a look:

KMBC: Two people were shot in the 400 block of Denver Avenue in Kansas City Tuesday night. One of the victims has life-threatening injuries.

Developing . . .


Our blog community broke this news last week when they first filed their HALF MILLION claim on the way to this milestone . . . And now here's the newspaper transcribing our leftovers. Take a look:

KCI campaign fund-raising tops $1 million

The flow of cash into the campaign for a single terminal at KCI has topped $1 million, with more than half coming within the last two weeks, according to public filings. In the three-month period ending Sept. 30, the Kc Transportation Transit And Tourism Committee, or Kc3T, raised almost $465,000, according to a quarterly report filed Monday with the Missouri Ethics Commission.


An ongoing theme for Downtown that our blog community has followed for years. Predatory tow trucks stalk streets near and around the loop with the help of new tech and City Hall. Here's an update thanks to a thoughtful TKC Reader: Cars towed from downtown KCMO parking lot even though customers paid fee


Harsh times continue for the inner-suburbs as revenue shortfalls and screwed up priorities have this town scaling back their security. Take a look:

14 Raytown police officers leaving force amid budget cuts, police chief says

More than a dozen police officers are leaving the Raytown Police Department amid a budget crisis. Raytown Police Chief Jim Lynch said 14 seasoned officers are all moving to other metro police departments. This comes after budget cuts forced police to eliminate about 40 percent of its workforce.

The Kansas City Tuesday Night Link Look

Hottie Holly and her friend and some of the top Kansas City links worth a peek tonight. Take a look:

Kansas City Price Spike

If Amazon's new headquarters come to KC, rent prices could potentially rise

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- If Kansas City was to become Amazon's new location for headquarters, it could bring a $5 billion investment and 50,000 jobs, most of which are six-figure salaries. But are there potential downsides to becoming Amazon's second home?

Trump Cash Will Save Us???

KC wants all $40M available from feds for Buck O'Neil Bridge fix - but is that fair?

Kansas City has requested $40 million from a federal transportation program to help fund the replacement of the deteriorating Buck O'Neil Bridge. That request would soak up most of the Missouri side of the region's allocation, leaving suburbs worried their projects won't have a chance to obtain funding.

Fear The Local Toxic Playground

Residents worried KCK park is toxic and dangerous

Residents are concerned about the reuse of John Garland Park in Kansas City, Kansas, after the Environmental Protection Agency deemed it "environmentally impaired". "Ever since childhood, we knew this was a bad place. We all knew coming up that it was contaminated and nobody was able to play down here," said Melton McIntosh, whose lived in Wyandotte County his whole life.

Kansas City Booze Liability

Increasing craft beer competition creates legal pitfalls - Kansas City Business Journal

With the number of craft breweries growing by 16.6 percent in 2016 and demand for interesting new beers as high as ever, it creates some serious challenges for brewers thinking about the long-term value of their businesses. Most small craft breweries are started with limited budgets, causing them to make difficult decisions on where money is allocated.

Buying The Border War

KU vs. MU exhibition basketball game sold out

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Boosters and students from the University of Missouri and the University of Kansas snatched up all the tickets to the MU vs. KU exhibition basketball game scheduled for Sunday, October 22. The 18,000 seats at the Sprint Center were divided between both schools.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Close readers of the blog might know it, but one of my heroes was Christopher Hitchens who absolutely objected to and openly challenged the practice of identity politics whenever he encountered it during the later part of his career before he died of cancer caused by smoking, booze and meanness.

For those who don't remember him, Hitch was a brilliant author and speaker who penned erudite essays that were far more complex and memorable than the mean tweets that now pass for discussion from the likes of MILO and pundits from both sides of the aisle. But I digress . . .

What has become troubling about the discourse in Kansas City is that identity politics is so commonly practiced that locals have become accustomed to trite and flimsy arguments simply because they start with someone saying . . . "Speaking as a . . ." etc.

To be fair, empathy is a good thing and a practice that makes us better humans. But when we're debating policy, not just cultural barroom blathering . . . Like it or not, we have to move beyond emotive discourse.

And so, a recent note on the topic of bi-racial SJW rhetorical tactics sent our way is intriguing.

It's way too long to publish in its entirety but raises AN INTERESTING ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVE that's unafraid to challenge popular conceptions and something that MSM is too scared to even discuss despite their constant kowtowing to racially driven discourse from an allegedly "progressive" but constantly condescending viewpoint.

Note that TKC doesn't agree with much about this note  . . . In our view, Americans have always been far too race-obsessed and mostly incapable of escaping history, prejudices and sexual fantasies . . . Still, there is NO DOUBT that this bit of reader feedback is worthy of discussion and consideration as Internets trolling has deemed so many topics verboten.

From "a TKC reader who appreciates KC's last free speech forum . . ."

In each case, we see a black/white biracial individual, raised in a white head of household, who has sought to become a representative spokesperson for social justice causes claiming that minorities (specifically black) are unfairly discriminated against by omnipresent white institutional racism. 

Isn't there something rather perverse about multimillionaires speaking on behalf of the oppressed? Their very status as millionaires would seem to speak against the existence of a pervasive institutional racism conspiring against them. 

If an oppressive racial conspiracy is actively working to suppress people of color, how did Colin Kaepernick become one of only a handful of NFL quarterbacks, Barack Obama attend Harvard Law School before becoming President of the United States, and Jenee Osterheldt be selected for Harvard's Nieman Fellows program in between writing articles for The Kansas City Star?

Brief TKC interlude . . . The above passage is fascinating if only because it supports a TKC Axiom: The only color that really matters is green.

Here's the conclusion from the reader . . .

Additionally, studies indicate that biracial youth suffer from self-identity dysfunction at higher rates than those who identity as one race only. I would suggest that the opinions on racial disparity within the United States from people like Kaepernick, Obama, and Osterheldt, may reveal more about their personal struggles with black abandonment than with actual practices of oppression inflicted by white society upon them. I for one, would welcome a movement to encourage Americans of all races to promote strong family relationships based upon a 2-parent household. Of course, that will be a lot harder than pointing the finger at someone else, taking a knee, raising a fist, or marching in the streets blocking traffic. Personal responsibility isn't easy, which is why so many choose not to practice it.

Readers responses are welcome. Strong Families Matter . . . Anyone?

Kansas City Ruins Nelson-Atkins Museum Lawn Just A Bit More . . .

The local arts community take pride in defacing a beautiful landscape crafted by one of the founders of the city. Here's KCMO history punked once again . . .

The Nelson-Atkins lawn will become a miniature golf course next summer

Cool Crest is really going to have to up its game.The shuttlecocks on the grounds of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art are cool and all, but you can't actu...

Show-Me Jacob Turk Missouri Spoiler???

Our favorite constant candidate against Rep. Cleaver now works to help a Progressive Missouri lady crusade to earn a MO Senate spot in this local liberal slap fight that's nearly indecipherable even after lovingly biased coverage from Dead-Tree Media. Take a look:

Democratic leader helps an independent in Missouri Senate race, and accusations fly

The head of the Jackson County Democratic Party helped Jacob Turk collect enough signatures to appear on the November ballot as an independent candidate for the Missouri Senate. Rep. Mike Cierpiot, a 64-year-old lawmaker chosen by local Republican officials to run for a vacant Senate seat in eastern Jackson County, is crying foul and calling Turk a "plant by liberal interests to elect a liberal to the state Senate."

Kansas City High Flying News Links

Hottie Vikki inspires this quick recap of some of the top Kansas City news items out there right now. Take a peek:

Keeping The Southland Peace

Standoff at south KC home ends peacefully, police say

A police standoff on the city's south side ended peacefully Tuesday afternoon. Kansas City police said officers were called at 1 p.m. to a home in the 4500 block of East 114th Street on a reported domestic violence assault call.

Golden Ghetto Traffic Tragedy

Pickup swerving to miss parked vehicle kills pedestrian in south JoCo

A pickup swerving to miss a parked car struck and killed a pedestrian Tuesday morning in south Johnson County. The traffic fatality occurred shortly before 7 a.m. along West 215th Street between Swtizer and Antioch roads, according to the Johnson County Sheriff's office.

Double Lucky Local News

Stranger's Powerball purchase prompts $1 million win for Parkville man

Sometimes when you least expect it, good things happen. William Arrington occasionally buys a Powerball ticket when the jackpot gets high, but it wouldn't take a jackpot to make the Parkville man a millionaire. The Powerball jackpot on Aug. 19 was $535 million. "I didn't even think about it," said Arrington.

Power Play Shut Down Again

Great Plains/Westar deal gets zapped with another lawsuit - Kansas City Business Journal

The proposed merger of Great Plains Energy Inc. and Westar Energy Inc. faces another federal lawsuit from a shareholder attempting to slow down or tank the deal, this time on the Missouri side. The lawsuit was filed by Great Plains shareholder Steven Bushansky, and is nearly identical to a lawsuit filed by Westar shareholder David Pill in late September in federal court in Kansas.

Rock Chalk Hiring Spree???

UnitedHealth Group Says It Will Add 500 Jobs In Kansas

Officials with the UnitedHealth Group on Tuesday announced they would bring 500 jobs to Kansas. Around 150 of the positions will be at OptumRx's Overland Park facility at 6860 West 115th Street, where renovations have opened up a floor full of cubicles waiting to be filled.

Corporate Art Collection

KCPL set to launch refugee photography series

The Kansas City Public Library (KCPL) will soon be offering a snapshot into the lives of refugees who have resettled in Kansas City. The library's Outreach department and Refugee & Immigrant Services & Empowerment (RISE) division are partnering with Jewish Vocational Services and the Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce to provide refugees with disposable cameras in order to document their daily lives.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


As the election approaches, the talk is getting tougher regarding the new airport.

Accordingly . . .


I'm not sure how convincing any of this is, but it's pretty interesting.

Here's the money quote:

Tracy wrote: "The good news? Steve Glorioso is dead. The Yes campaign has written a big ass check to Big Ass Jeff Roe--who is doing nothing but eating Twinkies. Just like Steve Glorioso and Pat Gray, many times those so-called politicos are paid off just to keep them from working for the opposition. That appears to be the case this time . . ."

Here campaign advice is mostly deception and just a bit of rancor that hopes to inspire the low budget grassroots movement against the airport.

You decide if this strategy is effective . . .

Kansas City Mayor Sly Talks Apocalypse Meow

Credit where it's due, Kansas City's top elected official uses his celebrity to promote a great community event . . .

"Our deepest gratitude to Mayor Sly James​ for his kind words and endorsement of Apocalypse Meow 10​! We are honored that he took time out of his busy schedule to be interviewed for a short documentary that will be shown at Apocalypse Meow, featuring interviews with the Mayor, Midwest Music Foundation​ staff, and past Abby's Fund grant recipients . . ."

Read more about Apocalypse Meow.

You decide . . .


Quick take on urban core complaints over investment without community outreach and maybe a bit of gullibility about real estate speculation and hype. You decide . . .

Black Kansas City Residents Fear Losing Their Homes To Gentrification

If you live in Kansas City, you know what the phrase "east of Troost" means. If you don't, it means "over in the black side of town." But that's about to change. The city's Beacon Hill neighborhood has seen a huge influx of white residents, and long-time black residents of Beacon Hill aren't sure how they feel about that, according to the Associated Press.

Double Take: #ASSJAMZ Suspect Mugshots After Deadly Triple Gunfire In Lawrence

Another look at recent arrests in a recent college town killing. Checkit: Two men arrested in connection to triple homicide in downtown Lawrence

Kansas City Movie Giveaway Double Down

Here's a bit of nice news regarding freebies for the local "creative class" that might or might not benefit so many broke-ass residents. Take a peek:

Kansas City Film Office increases incentive for local film projects

The Kansas City Film Office has increased its rebate incentive for film crews in an effort to attract more high-quality productions to town. The rebates of 10 percent can be combined with a more favorable tax environment than what is offered in Hollywood, the traditional home of the U.S. film industry.

The Kansas City Midday Link Look

Hottie Denise double take an all of these Kansas City MSM links worth a look. Checkit:

KC Address Isn't Destiny

KC entrepreneurial educator: 'Zip code shouldn't determine success'

Entrepreneurship education should begin as early as kindergarten, said Rachel Foster. "The younger my students are, the more creative they are, and the less the world has had time to tell them that it's 'not possible' or 'you can't do that,'" said Foster, entrepreneurship teacher at Lee A. Tolbert Community Academy.

TrumpCare Crackdown???

KMBZ Economist: Healthcare options likely to dwindle as government cuts off subsidies

Millions of Americans are wondering what will become of the health care system in light of the Trump administration's announcement that the government would stop making scheduled payments to insurance companies as part of the Affordable Care Act.

No Money For Lamonte

No compensation for wrongfully-convicted Lamonte McIntyre, others in Kansas

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A free man for less than a week, Lamonte McIntyre says he is just trying to take his time trying to get "acclimated" and get "back to [his] life." But at age 42, he is starting from scratch - he has no resume, no work experience.

Kansas City Discount Fashion Redux

Dressbarn will try on a new brand in the KC area - Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas City continues its role as an ideal test market with women's clothing retailer Dressbarn debuting a new pilot here. Ascena Retail Group, which is also the parent company of Ann Taylor, Loft, and Lane Bryant, is testing out a new name for its Dressbarn stores: Roz & Ali.

Familiar Fanboy Laments

The Morning Huddle: Chiefs' Achilles Heel Exposed

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And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Rico Released After Kansas Youngsters Who Ran Away From Foster Home Found Safe

KCPD let a "person of interest" go who will not face charges after young women in foster care took off. Read more:

3 Kansas foster children found safe after going missing for close to two months; man detained

TONGANOXIE - Authorities have arrested a man and found three sisters whose disappearance in August from their Kansas foster home touched off a larger debate about runaway foster children.

STL Protesters Brag About Economic Damage

The cost of social justice and a financial dude fact check . . . Take a look:

Protesters claim more than $10 million impact; economist says overall that's "miniscule"

"No justice, no profits." That's one of several chants protesters have used in nearly daily events since Sept. 15, the day a St. Louis Circuit judge acquitted former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith.


Yet another local power player lawyer enters the race for Mayor of Kansas City as the field grows even more crowded with attorneys of all kinds.

Check Stephen Miller's about page at his law firm Miller|Schirger . . . Here's the vast majority of his public service experience that started about 2009 . . .

"Steve was appointed by Governor Jay Nixon to the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission. The six-member Commission has authority over all state transportation programs and facilities, including bridges, highways, airports, railroads, mass transit, ports, and waterways."

So it looks like he's yet another development dude without a penchant for bow ties.

The "Miller For Mayor" campaign listing is kinda catchy but we feel like he needs something that speaks to the very small swath of KCMO voters who might actually cast a ballot for him . . . So we stole this design and reworked it for him . . . He can thank me later:

Anyhoo . . . This campaign declaration is notable if only because it revels that there really isn't a front runner yet and just about every local with a suit believes they're qualified for the job.

You decide . . .


This morning let's do a double tap reality check on the local tech game . . .

Like it or not . . .


ZDnet called the efforts DESPERATE and SPAM and most locals seemed to agree.

For our financially minded readers, here's a glimpse at one of the more thoughtful lists . . .

Metro Analysts on Amazon's Top Cities - Moody's Analytics metro analysts take a closer look at the 10 best cities for Amazon's HQ2.

Austin TX
Rochester NY
New York City
Portland OR
Salt Lake City

You decide . . .

City Hall Anti-Tech Resolution: Show-Me Kansas City Asking Missouri For Airbnb Taxes

Here's a look at the latest City Hall crackdown on tech at the behest of neighbors concerned about transient traffic.

Moreover . . .


And once again the "transformative" nature of this new service and the power of apps as "disruptors" of industries is really just a matter of how quickly local government catches up to tax small biz and local operators. Which has always been pretty fast in this rather biz unfriendly town.

Check this week's resolution that's pretty much the opposite of "silicon prairie" hype.


Declaring the City’s intention to include a legislative priority for the upcoming state legislative session to clarify provisions authorizing the Convention and Tourism Tax so that the tax may be applied to short term rentals, and so that the tax may be used for neighborhood home repair.

WHEREAS, the City imposes a 7 1/2 % Convention and Tourism Tax on charges for room nights in hotels, motels and tourist courts; and

WHEREAS, the statutory authority for this tax defines “hotel, motel or tourist court” as lodging having more than eight bedrooms, and therefore the tax does not apply to transient lodging with less than eight bedrooms; and

WHEREAS, the City Council is considering two short term rental ordinances which would allow the provision of transient lodging in homes with less than eight bedrooms; and

WHEREAS, if the short term rentals are not required to pay the Convention and Tourism Tax, those establishments would receive an unfair advantage on City taxation; and

WHEREAS, a change in the state definition would allow the City to impose this tax on short term rentals with less than eight bedrooms and would level the playing field for all transient lodging . . .


The latest local killing keeps our homicide rate constant reminds us that locals streets remain exceptionally violent. Take a look:

KCTV5: Police are investigating a homicide in the 8200 block of Lydia. Kansas City police officers located a dead male on the side of the road just after 10:30 p.m. on Monday night. If you have any information, call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477.

This is the 115th murder so far this year compared with 94 at this time last year for a 22.34% homicide increase this year over last.

Developing . . .



Anita Cordell has organized a Hollywood premiere party for the Kansas City area that offers a chance for movie lovers to help the homeless.


The KC Red Carpet Pre-Release: 'Same Kind of Different As Me'

Here's the description:

"This day is TWO-fold. The 2nd part of the day is for the screening of the movie 'Same Kind of Different as Me'. It's based on a true story where an international art dealer, Ron Hall, must befriend a dangerous homeless man in order to save his struggling marriage.

"Right before the screening, the FIRST part of the day, is where a group of volunteers in KC will be loving on the homeless community, and providing makeovers, haircuts and a meal and then bringing them to watch the movie as well. You can sponsor one of the volunteers or guests by purchasing an extra ticket."

Wed, October 18, 2017
AMC Independence Commons 20
19200 East 39th Street South
Independence, MO 64057

This is part of the I WILL RISE project and a great way for locals to get involved in helping their communities.

Developing . . .


Police haven't quite cracked the case but they're close on the tail on this deadly crime as they grab hold of suspects and pound away at their work. Read more:

Police: Two in custody in Lawrence deadly triple shooting

Two weeks after a shooting on Mass Street that resulted in three deaths and two other injuries, the Lawrence Police Department said two men are in custody with connection to the shooting. Ahmad Rayton, 22, and Jacquez McMillion, 19, are in custody.

Kansas City Country Club Plaza Destroyed

Here's another nail in the coffin of Kansas City's 2nd most beleagured entertainment district:

Block breaks ground on office building it says will change Plaza skyline, become landmark

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Developers broke ground on a new office building they said will change the skyline of the Country Club Plaza. The new office building going in at 46 Penn Centre will be a 14-story building made mostly of glass. Developer Ken Block said the building will become an architectural landmark in Kansas City.

Even Kansas City Star Seyz New Airport Campaign Propaganda Is Lying

A welcomed fact check that OUR KICK-ASS TKC BLOG COMMUNITY actually covered over the weekend. Still, it's nice to see dead-tree media eventually get around to it: Fact check: KCI campaign mailer promises more flights - despite what the airlines say

The Kansas City Tuesday Early Sit Down

We start our very early morning with Jessica Jane and a lot of Kansas City MSM links that are worth a look:

Locals Looking For Workers

KC facing construction worker shortage ahead of potential KCI redevelopment

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City's National Institute for Construction Excellence (NICE) was formed in 1998 in response to a shortage of skilled laborers. That shortage is still prevalent today, which is worrisome to those in the construction industry, especially with big projects coming up in the city.

Flood Of New Projects

Massive projects underway to try to reduce flooding across Kansas City area

A series of massive, multi-million dollars projects is underway to try to reduce flooding across the metro. Experts tell KCTV5 this summer's flooding was second only to the great flood of 1951. For the groups responsible for mitigating the problem, it was a learning experience.

Fear Meth Town Hooting

Many owls spotted in Independence, some say they swooped on pets

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Many people have said they have seen owls in Independence, and some people are going to sleep with a familiar "hoot" outside their windows. Jennifer Kelley said owls call back and forth to each other between her front and backyard.

Local Biz Against Amazon HQ2 Hype

Mycroft CEO: Ditch Amazon bait for better investment - KC startups

Editor's note: Kansas City-based Mycroft CEO Joshua Montgomery wrote this piece in response to the area effort to attract Amazon's prospective HQ2. The opinions expressed in this commentary are the author's alone. My first face-to-face meeting with an Amazon employee took place on his day off.

KC Animal Kindness

Mission man raises enough money to get mats for every KC animal shelter

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Scott Poore dedicates his life to helping homeless pets. In fact, his entire business, Adopt Don't Shop KC, is built around it. He volunteers at animal shelters nearly every day and he found, "There's one common theme and that's laundry."

Suburbanite Winning

Lee's Summit & Olathe make top-50 list of best cities

Breaking News Two KC Metro cities have made a list of top-50 best cities to live in the US. According to USA TODAY, Lee's Summit is ranked at 19th on the list, Olathe comes in 23rd. Lawrence, just outside the KC Metro, takes the 33rd spot.

Grave New Airport Mistake

Construction on new KCI terminal could be disrupting a grave site

There's new concern for the location of a potential new single terminal airport in Kansas City - or at least what's under the location. Officials say slave burial grounds can be found among the 11,000 acres owned by Kansas City International Airport.

Beck - Colors is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Kansas City Cycling Across The Bridge

Info for the Northland leisure class and now Kansas City contributes to the healthy lifestyles of suburbanites and their sketchy back roads. Read more:

Maplewoods (North Woodland) and Bike Plan Meetings Tomorrow Night

Well I'm back to one handed blogging so sorry for the last minute notice but there are two public meetings tonight you might be interested in. First one deals with the update to the bike plan. In case you are wondering what I am talking about, check out my previous...

Downtown Kansas City Two Light Drone Shots

Kansas City taxpayer subsidy as seen from the sky . . . Kansas City Two Light Tower Construction Nearly Complete - Photoblog

Kansas City After Midnight Movies

Quick collection of some of our favorite clips for the denizens of our blog community working the graveyard shift or just up all night.

Take a peek:

Kansas City Dancer J-WIZZ

From the director: "A Kansas city staple of a dancer by the name of J-WIZZ .. dancing in the streets for more years then I have in Years and he has a story to tell."

KCFD Earn EPIC Documentary Coverage

"Veteran multimedia photojournalist John Spink takes you into the life and work of the firefighters of Atlanta Squad 4. Directed by Ryon Horne, this compelling short documentary tracks 40 years of covering the men and women of fire departments in Kansas City and Atlanta."

Kansas City Styling

A guide to the recent celebration of fashonista rising stars in Kansas City

Doggie Public Service

Founded in 1912, one of the best local orgs helping pets all over Kansas City.

Hopefully more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!

Monday, October 16, 2017


Behind the scenes, every political effort connected with City Hall has been encouraged to pay entry level employees at least $15-an-hour to support the "fair wage" stance of the Mayor & City Council.

Sadly, even amid heavy funding from a slate of local corporations . . . The "Better KCI" campaign isn't paying a living wage.

Here's proof from an advert in the latest Democratic Party mailer:

Want to Make Some Extra Money?

Are you looking for a part time job that doesn't have you glued to a computer screen or operating a fryer? Powerful Performance Solutions is looking for paid full and part time field canvassers to join the A Better KCI team to help persuade voters to support the building of a new, 21st century airport terminal. Pay is $12 an hour and employees are paid weekly.

To be fair, $12 isn't bad for bothering people about something they don't want.

However . . .

This tidbit reminds us to be suspicious about the airport promising more jobs and benefits to local labor.

You decide . . .

Kansas City Conservatives Fear Sprint Censorship Against Kid Rock!!!

An impressive column from Cashill standing up for hip-hop rock in the midst of political speech crackdown. Take a look: If the Folly Can Ban Milo, Can the Sprint Center Ban Kid Rock? - The Sentinel

Hoopz Chronicles Kansas City Elite Catholic Girls School Healing After Tough Talk

In-depth newspaper reporting on on the topic of mean girls. Take a look:

St. Teresa's healing after swastika scandal & bullying: 'It's going to take all of us'

Don't be fooled by its delicate, dainty nature. Lace is strong enough to endure twists and knots to form its path. Perhaps the prettiest thing about lace is how we love it despite its holes. St. Teresa of Avila was the patron saint of lace makers. When you pull up to St.

Kansas City Dead-Tree Print Legacy Intact

Biz follow-up after bad news in a stock market conference call today that our blog community reported FIRST:

Kansas City Star Owner Won't Sell Printing Plant Building - At Least For Now

The owner of The Kansas City Star has decided not to sell the newspaper's massive green-glass production plant overlooking downtown after all. McClatchy announced in its third quarter earnings report that it had "terminated" a sale-leaseback agreement for the 434,000 square-foot Press Pavilion with an entity called R2 Capital LLC.

The Kansas City Monday Night Look

Right now Hottie Alice inspires our glimpse at some of the top links worthy a peek for tonight . . .

Kansas City Park High Place

KCMO Parks Director elected president of national organization

Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation Director Mark McHenry was elected in September as president of the American Academy for Park and Recreation Administration (AAPRA). KCMO Parks and Recreation made the announcement in a October 16 media release. McHenry began working at Parks and Rec in 1974.

Mayor Sly Talks Party Line

Sly James discusses Democratic Party priorities in Des Moines

"We spend too much time talking and not enough time doing." - Kansas City Mayor Sly James speaks to Melinda Henneberger at the Democratic Party's "Winning Back the Heartland" seminar Oct. 13.

Rock Chalk Confrontation
Police on scene of standoff in Lawrence
Everybody For Guv

18 and counting: Kansas governor's race draws record field

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - Kansas has a record number of candidates for the early stages of a 2018 governor's race with even high school students joining the elected officials and prominent business figures voters would normally expect. Eighteen candidates - 11 Republicans, six Democrats and an independent - have appointed treasurers or committees for a campaign next year, a requirement to raise money.

Show-Me Football Rejection

St. Louis-area VFW stops showing NFL games

A suburban St. Louis Veterans of Foreign Wars post has stopped showing NFL games because members feel players are disrespecting the flag. Post 2866 in St. Charles made the decision during a meeting last week.

Former First Responder Creative

Former Kansas City firefighter creates works of art without sight

A local firefighter is making the most of his retirement, and what he's decided to do with it, many would call next to impossible. Robert Sapp was a Kansas City firefighter for more than a decade until an accident nearly 30 years ago forced him out of the job he misses to this day.

Prison Postscript Testimony

Man set free after 23 years in prison: "No one should go through something like that"

Lamonte McIntyre has been free for about 48 years and he's sitting down and discussing not only the case that sent him to prison, but cell phones and how the world has changed. McIntyre was just 17 years old when he was arrested.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Kansas City Police Desperately Seeking Shirtless Midtown Beauty Shop Suspect

Authorities want a conversation with this guy accused of a recent robbery spree . . .

Here's more info:

KMBC: KCPD seeks burglary suspect wanted in salon burglaries in Westport, West Plaza areas

Developing . . .

Missouri Politico Who Posted Facebook Lynching Comment Against Confederate Monument Vandals Confronts Ethics Complaint

He apologized for his phrasing but now colleagues will debate his town and professionalism as a member of the General Assembly. Take a look:

Missouri lawmaker who made 'hang 'em' Facebook post will face ethics complaint

The Missouri House's ethics committee will consider a complaint filed against a Republican lawmaker who wrote on Facebook that the people who vandalized a Confederate monument in Springfield should be "hung from a tall tree with a long rope." Rep.

Bi-Partisan Missouri Amazon HQ2 Collabo

Both left & right politicos get together for this pipe deram:

​McCaskill, Blunt Team Up to Pitch Missouri for New Amazon Headquarters

AP Images SOURCE: AP Images Missouri U.S. Senators Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill have teamed in support of applications by the Kansas City, Missouri and St. Louis regions for the new Amazon corporate headquarters. "We write today in strong support of Missouri ...


The Kansas City New Single-Terminal Airport campaign is in full swing and once again Mayor Sly James is the primary pitch man.

However . . .

Given recent conflict with the Council, a failed attempt to push Burns & Mac to the front of the line, rising crime & homicide nubmers, already a half a dozen candidates looking to replace him . . . Is Mayor Sly still convincing as Kansas City's top salesman???

Supporters of the airport seem to think so as they pus the Mayor's image in their latest PR blitz.

Still, Mayor Sly doesn't always have the Midas touch and many of his election efforts and endorsed candidates have failed miserably.

In fairness, take a look at the LATEST "Better KCI" Advert with Mayor Sly making the sales pitch RELEASED JUST A FEW MINUTES AGO:

You decide . . .