Friday, June 23, 2017


In 2014, Kansas City voters overwhelmingly rejected streetcar expansion in the midst of construction delays crippling Downtown biz and because the bus is a far more effective and flexible mode of public transit.

Fast forward to the current election where streetcar extension supporters have revered back to a secret ballot tactics that carefully selects a smaller voting pool (gerrymandering) and has made the election process far more cumbersome and difficult than simply showing up to the ballot to cast a vote.

However . . .

Complaints posted throughout social media this week reveal voter confusion and frustration with this difficult voting process.

A voter patiently waiting by his mailbox noted: "Where are the streetcar ballots? They were said to have been mailed out on the 20th. We have not received ours and had our ballots/proof of voters registration sent off way before the deadline. Anyone else get theirs?"

Now that the Stalinist sounding "voter application deadline" has closed . . . Kansas City Insiders are learning of several locals who were rejected for faulty paper work despite their residence within district lines. MSM missed a great many ballot requests rejected during the recent voter request window.

To wit . . .


And just so we're clear that this isn't just TKC on rant . . . Top ranking Missouri officials have also voiced their concern with TDD corruption.

Example . . .

Auditor: Missouri's taxing district law allows unethical practices, poor oversight

And so, as the streetcar authority shifts cash around, buys more vehicles thanks to constant breakdowns and plans their deceitful expansion . . . There's a growing case against a rigged process that actively seeks to exclude as many voters as possible from a controversial Kansas City transit endeavor that mostly benefits politicos, consultants and developers.

You decide . . .


In fairness and because salaries for local creative types are even worse than fast food wages. Check this insight into dramatic, local fair wage protest and some clips from last night's groundbreaking performance that earned rave reviews.

Highlight . .

"Many of their pieces draw from racist interactions with employers or strangers—for instance, one from organizer Terrance Wise highlights the time he and his Burger King coworkers confronted a manager who told their Latinx colleague Suzy to “go back to Mexico” with a petition demanding an apology."


WATCH: Kansas City Fast-Food Workers Share Stories of Struggle

Join cooks and cashiers working with Stand Up KC and Fight for $15 as they narrate personal stories of corporate mistreatment, poverty and resistance via live performances. Photo: Provided to Colorlines by Stand Up KC Fast-food workers and activists with the Stand Up KC and Fight for $15 workers' rights campaigns spent the last six weekends translating their personal stories of hardship and perseverance into cathartic and sometimes humorous narratives for the stage.

Kansas City Chiefs Stay Losing Off-Season

Even the "worst fans in the NFL" have been baffled by the quizzical front office moves from the Chiefs. Here's a far more critical an insightful glimpse at a crisis in the making from national media since local sports newsies are too scared to criticize anyone. Checkit:

The Kansas City Chiefs' Offseason Has Been Absolutely Baffling

In a surprise move, the Chiefs fired general manager John Dorsey yesterday. The decision is odd enough on its own, considering Kansas City had made the playoffs in three of Dorsey's four seasons, to say nothing of the late-June timing of the decision. But that's not even the weirdest part.

More Deets On Parking Lot Plans To Destroy Kansas City Museum Scenery

Over the weekend our blog community talked about a threat to the Kansas City Museum by way of a horribly planned parking lot.

Here's confirmation of AWESOME TKC TIPSTERS and even more detail in a comprehensive report:

Northeast News: Kansas City Museum seeking input on parking solution

Developing . . .


Bullets fly on Friday with police on the scene along with MSM. Take a look:

Police standoff underway near 74th, Wabash after person reports gunfire

Kansas City police have surrounded a home Friday morning near 74th Street and Wabash Avenue. Police said officers were called at 6 a.m. to a house in that area on a report of shots fired. The victim told police that someone from inside the residence shot at him.

Kansas City Gunfire Break-In

Morning crime update as the weekend gets off to a wild start . . .

Suspect fires shots at KC homeowner who walks in during burglary

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City police are searching for a burglary suspect who fired shots at a homeowner before fleeing the home Friday morning. It happened near East 55th and Booth Avenue around 9:45 a.m. According to police, neighbors were calling 911 to report a burglary in progress when the homeowners walked in and realized their home had been ransacked.

Sparks Fly Outside Fric & Frac

Kansas City denizen captures "power arcing" outside of this 39th St. restaurant that closed down the street today.

Developing . . .

The Kansas City Midday Link Look

Rachel Aldana hotness starts our midday look at some of the important Kansas City links right now . . .

Kansas City Drama Report

Kansas City Playwright Makes Up A New Folk Tale To Explain The Heartland's Complexities

When did we stop telling folk tales? The days of white-haired elders sitting by fires under the stars recounting local legends might be over, but storytelling and oral traditions aren't. In fact, Kansas City playwright Lindsay Adams has created her own folk tale.

Country Club Plaza Pool Time

Kansas City police respond to an SUV crashing into Brush Creek

Kansas City Police Department Officer Kenneth Simbro discusses an SUV losing control and crashing into Brush Creek from U.S. 71 near Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard

Celebrate New Northland KCPD Digs

KCPD opens new North Patrol Division off I-29 and Tiffany Springs Parkway

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A new police station is set to open Friday morning. After two years of construction, the Kansas City Police Department is finally ready to open its new North Patrol Division off I-29 and Tiffany Springs Parkway, just south of KCI. The old North Patrol was hard to miss.

Golden Ghetto Big Bang Bust

Overland Park man injured making fireworks; officials find bomb-making materials in his home

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - An Overland Park man is set to be in court Friday after trying to make homemade fireworks earlier this month. On June 9, fire crews were called to a house in the 11200 block of Eby Street where they found Jonathan Hoffman mixing chemicals.

Tiger Scheme Amid Cutbacks

Mizzou opens residence halls for guests during home football games

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Families and fans can rent rooms at an University of Missouri-Columbia residence hall for football games and other events. This will begin this fall. According to Mizzou's website, guests can stay in a furnished two-bedroom suite with four single beds for $120 a night.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Craig Brings Butch Lord To Stanfords


Quick weekend note from our pal Craig . . .

Rock N' Roll Comedy Star Butch Lord At Stanfords This Weekend

Butch Lord began as a long haired stoner comic in the early 90's. He did clubs and concerts all over the nation. With weed being legal in many states today, he caught a big break and became the opening act for huge bands like Guns N Roses. Recently co starred on a tour with Tommy Chong, who now has a legal brand of smoke. Lord has a famous bit where he is the bus driver on a trip to nowhere and all the loser passengers think he is Jesus. It's crazy funny.

Lord also has had shows on VH1, Comedy Central and MTV. Today he has a national radio show on Sirius radio. He does rock out the comedy. Butch will be at Stanfords, Legends this weekend. His co star is a former KC guy, Nick Costanzo. Shows are at 745/945 Friday and Saturday. Beat the heat and cool off with some laughs at Stanfords this weekend.

Comedy stars coming up include the 'hot' Kevin Farley, yes Chris Farley's brother who starred and directed "I Am Chris Farley" and is the co lead in the number one show on CMT, 'Still The King' with Billy Ray Cyrus.

For tickets go online to or call the club at 913 400 7500. Have a nice weekend.

Mizzou Strips Bill Cosby Of Honorary Degree

Mistrial aftermath and a great deal of support for this public disgrace. Checkit:

Mizzou rescinds Bill Cosby's honorary degree

COLUMBIA, MO. - On Friday, Mizzou announced it will rescind Bill Cosby's honorary degree. Statement from Mizzou The University of Missouri-Columbia, with full support of the Board of Curators and at the urging of administrative and faculty leaders, has revoked Bill Cosby's honorary degree.

Central Kansas Space Road Trip

Neat write-up for a day trip linked just for some variety and escape from culture war politics. Checkit:

This Space Museum in Central Kansas Was Worth the 20 Hour Drive

Hutchinson, Kansas isn't the kind of place you'd wind up if you weren't looking to. The placid prairie town sits a solid hour's drive south of I-70, the interstate that most travelers use to blow across 425 miles of Kansas cornfield and cattle pasture as quickly as possible.

Ferguson Big Bucks For Mike Brown Killing

A tragic killing that inspires a Summer of riots not so long ago . . . Add this to the ongoing cost of human suffering:

Michael Brown's family settles lawsuit for $1.5M

The family of Michael Brown, an African American teen whose fatal shooting by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, sparked large-scale protests, has settled its lawsuit against the city for $1.5 million, said Apollo Carey, the city attorney for Ferguson. The settlement amount was paid by...


Earlier in the week a Kansas City newspaper columnist proposed that the J.C. Nichols Fountain near the County Club Plaza should undergo a name change akin to efforts in Southern states that have torn down Confederate Civil War memorials.

The reaction to the idea has been overwhelmingly negative and our blog community was the FIRST to report serious consideration of the idea by the Parks Board - The first authority in determining fountain and park nomenclature.

Here's what we've learned so far . . .

- The Steve Kraske column didn't trend very far beyond the local chattering class in terms of support. At the first open discussion following the publication of the column there were no supporters of the name change idea.

- In fact, locals have expressed an interest in keeping the name intact in order to provide context of Kansas City's sordid history that is quickly being forgotten.

- An insider from the Parks Board was actually surprised about the lack of real world interest given social media rage.

Here's the message from Kansas City Insiders close to the Parks Board:

"Right now we have no immediate plans to change the name and frankly there are more important things we're working on this Summer. For the most part people don't complain about the fourtain because most visitors don't now anything about the reputation of J.C. Nichols, so I guess the Star's readers benefited from the history lesson. A couple of council members have expressed interest in the subject but more as a gauge of public sentiment which isn't really in favor of a rename at this point -- If the first public discussion is any indication . . . "

Conclusion . . .


And so, with doggies and white guys killed in Kansas City parks as of late . . . We can't blame locals for failing to be triggered by the teachings of a mostly retired journalism professor.

You decide . . .


An important interview after a crime that shocked Kansas City.

TKC Real Talk . . .


Check the report and you decide . . .

Man attacked at gunpoint on Waldo porch speaks about terrifying experience

On Wednesday, you saw surveillance video that showed a Waldo couple sitting on their porch being attacked. On Thursday, the man who was pistol whipped spoke only to KCTV5 News.

Fear Kansas City 'High Crash' Hot Spots

An important guide to increasingly chaotic and dangerous streets thanks to gunfire and the scourge of motorists who will never put down their mobile phone. Checkit:

Kansas City Police Department identifies 'high crash locations' in KCMO

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City drivers may want to steer clear from several "high crash locations" around the city. 41 Action News obtained an analysis from the Kansas City Police Department of the city's top "high crash locations." According to the data, the intersection of I-70 and I-435 ranks number one.


Quick fact check from the smarter denizens of our blog community . . .

Breitbart: McDonald's Shares Reach All-Time High Following Rollout of Automated Ordering Kiosks

And now, the local struggle gets real as City Hall attempts to figure out how to tax these new cyber workers. A denizen of our blog community asks: "Will Sly ban kiosks??? you know these things don't pay earnings tax -- Another problem for City Hall."

In the meantime, so many low wage activists seem to be fighting themselves and their colleagues out of a job.

Developing . . .


Here's another look at the intense effort to turn the richest part of Kansas into a Democratic Party stronghold and a talk with the leader among a cadre of JoCo challengers confronting the incumbent . . .

Andrea Ramsey is one of four Democrats seeking the nomination to run against Yoder. She says issues also set the race apart. “Clearly, our issues in Kansas with Gov. Brownback and his disastrous tax cuts, and Rep. Yoder failing town halls and failing to listen create a different climate,” Ramsey says.

National Democrats Focus On Kansas 3rd District

Recent Republican victories in several special congressional elections - including this week's in Georgia - have raised doubts about whether Democrats can gain control of the U.S. House next year. To erase those doubts, they're focusing on several swing districts, including one in Kansas. Republican Kevin Yoder has represented Kansas' 3rd Congressional District since 2011.

Show-Me TrumpCare Partisan Rage In Missouri

A round-up of talking points from perspectives that will NEVER agree on the plan that's facing overwhelming scrutiny. Checkit:

Missouri's Senators Stand Poles Apart On Senate Health Care Bill

When it comes to the "discussion draft" to replace Obamacare that U.S. Senate Republicans unveiled Thursday, Missouri's two senators could not be farther apart. Republican Sen. Roy Blunt praised the measure, claiming it would address the "disaster" that is Obamacare, the name by which the Affordable Care Act is commonly known.


Here's word a Summertime suburban crime spree underway.


Fox4: Gang targeting women at Johnson County pools and dog parks

Money line:

"There's a shattered sense of security and car windows at pools and dog parks across the county. Johnson County Park Police confirmed Felony Lane Gang broke a window to get into a car at Stoll Park and are trying to determine if two similar crimes at Shawnee Mission Park could also be connected. Two women had their cars broken into at Leawood City Park."

Even more interestingly, the gang isn't local but has it's roots in Florida according to social media denizens who have been tracking the crime spree that's underway in local affluent enclaves.

Developing . . .

Kansas City Blogger Book Review

The best read people in all of Kansas City are denizens of the local blogosphere and here's the first notable Summer reading suggestion from one of the top local Conservatives. Checkit:

A Review of Europe: Chained by History

It is only through the prism of hindsight that the anti-Semitism of the later nineteenth century or earlier twentieth century appears as a harbinger of the Hitler catastrophe. Thoughts of eliminating the Jews had arisen among unrestrained anti-Semites long before the racial theories emerged.

Kansas City Downtown Dog Park Demands

This story has dominated the Downtown discourse for most of the week and here's follow-up on a call for greater KCMO doggie safety inside the loop. Take a look:

Metro man calls for changes at downtown dog park after his 'co-pilot' falls five stories and dies

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro man is hoping changes are made to a downtown dog park after his nearly 3-year-old lab mix, Brutus, mistook a low concrete ledge, and fell nearly five stories to his death. It happened at rooftop dog park near 12th and Main Street in the Power and Light District.

The Kansas City Friday Early Look

Once again we start the beginning of the end of the work week with hottie Joey who inspires us to keep up to date with some of this morning's top Kansas City links. Take a look:

Fear Kansas City Weekend B-List

Big Slick Celebrity Weekend | June 23-24, 2017

Big Slick Celebrity Weekend - All for the Kids. All for the Laughs.

More Deets On KC Cloak & Dagger

Veterans with secret war roles reunited in Kansas City

LENEXA, Kan. - If you drove by Shelter #1 at Shawnee Mission Park around noon on Thursday, you wouldn't think anything of the group of citizens gathered. But that group holds a lot of secrets, many their parents and spouses will never even know. "What we did was classified. How's that?

Dead-Tree Prank Call Journalism

This message was left on the voicemail of U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver

After Republicans practicing for the Congressional Baseball Game were attacked, attention is turning to the personal safety of our elected officials. This message was left on the voicemail of U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver's Kansas City office recently.

Cowtown Droid Tech

A Love Of 'Star Wars' Leads Kansas City Makers To Build Their Own R2-D2s

Names: Kansas City R2 Builders Club, Mike Gruhala, Chris Leffel, Kelly Luck, and Kevin Schwarz Makes: BB-8, R2-D2s, and R2-R9 Location: across the Kansas City metropolitan area Background: Gruhala, architect; Leffel, train engineer; Luck, system developer; and Schwarz, software developer Build time: 1 year - 2.5 years Materials: 3-D printing, aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, resin, styrene and wood Cost: depends on materials; roughly $1,500 - $30,000 On the impulse to build a life-sized R2-D2 Chris Leffel: "I actually work for BNSF Railway, I'm a railroad engineer.

Summer Start Forecast

Joe's Weather Blog: I'm back...and now the weather changes (THU-6/22)

Yup...back at work...and back blogging again. I spent about 10 days taking my first European vacation. Spent most of the time in London...and a couple of days in Paris. Once I got used to getting around London...I really liked it. Paris was beautiful. The history and the buildings were amazing to see.

Kansas City Agriculture Fight

KC urban farmstead fighting to keep its farmers market open after HOA complaint

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A family-owned farm in Kansas City has been hosting a farmers market for several years, but since it's held in a residential area, the homeowners association now says it has to go. Loud House Farm is located along east 113th Street in south Kansas City.

The World According To McTavish

6 Profound Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

What's it all about? Feel free to take your time with that one - like your whole life. For those in more of a hurry, this weekend may provide a profound clue or two to the big picture, courtesy of the high drama of Shakespeare, the joyful pop music of ABBA and a celebrity softball game devoted to helping sick kids in our community.

Radiohead - Man Of War is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Kansas City Summer Ruckus Tonight!!!

In addition to all of the local gunfire, there are also a great many political fireworks to consider.

Accordingly, here's the gold standard of political discourse in Kansas City talking the top issues in the recent news cycle.

Description . . .

"Mike Shanin interviews KCMO City Councilman Dan Fowler about the most recent developments in the push for a new KCI. Then Mary O'Halloran, Jason Grill, Danedri Herbert and Patrick Tuohey discuss the debate over the financing mechanism and public support for a single terminal KCI, education funding in Kansas as legislators await Supreme Court approval and the decline of civil discourse in politics."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


This story is breaking right now and we'll have more as it develops. But for now this incident has been confirmed as a spate of gunfire involving the bus and involving dozens in the Kansas City urban core. Checkit:

Police investigating disturbance near 35th, Prospect

Police have swarmed a neighborhood at 35th and Prospect in Kansas City. It's not clear what prompted police to the scene, but a bus in the area has been covered by police tape. Neighbors tell KCTV5 they heard numerous gunshots in the area shortly after 8:15 on Thursday evening.

Jackson County Takes Heat For Fireworks Dud

Public reaction is worse than most courthouse denizens anticipated as voters get an up-close look at horrible local government planning amid the jail crisis killing the budget. Checkit:

Fireworks at Longview Lake for Fourth of July fizzle amid Jackson County budget cuts

JACKSON COUNTY, Mo. -- For the first time in five years, the skies above Longview Lake will be quiet this Fourth of July Weekend. The county announced the cancellation its annual fireworks show due to budget cuts. "Tough decisions have to be made at budget time and this is one of the hardest," Michelle Newman, Director of Jackson County Parks and Recreation, said.


Apparently, when the good people of JoCo aren't watching MSNBC . . . They're creating their own mini-drama which imagines that they're persecuted.

One of our favorite Conservatives Jack Cashill is going to MC the event and local "journalists" are raging that Kansas SecState Kobach is scheduled to be in attendance along with Sen. Jerry Moran, Rep. Kevin Yoder and all the Red State Stars who desperately want to get out the same career dead end that contributed to Sen. Bob Dole doing boner and Pepsi commercials into his golden years.

Click this link for more info on the event that has earned rebuke of the two dozen JoCo progressives who spend most of the day reinforcing themselves via social media.

You decide . . .


An important news item that's appropriate for #TBT reminds us of the many reasons that more people are staying home and playing video games or enjoying the Interents rather than contend with constant night life drama.

Nevertheless . . .

Remember that our TKC blog community broke the news of a Kansas City elite party that turned into a bit of a nightmare.

Later, MSM followed-up on the NYE event aftermath and hard feelings from the angry crowd of local nightlife denizens.

And now . . .


Credit where it's due, the former Kansas City Chiefs footballer seemed exceptionally concerned about his rep which is something that's not common among denizens of local nightlife or any other facet of local culture. In the end, he earned a victory and the last word in this drama.

Check the EXCLUSIVE summary of KCMO party drama from insiders:

Joe Perez receives public apology from Hangar 9 event organizers

After lengthy litigation, Joe Perez and the attendees of the troubled 2014 Hangar 9 New Year’s Eve Event have received a written apology from organizers Michelle Sedighi and Sundee Pickering.

A copy of the notarized apology letter is attached.

In his lawsuit against Sedighi and Pickering, the former Kansas City Chiefs football player received no monetary compensation.

Originally, Perez contracted Sedighi and Pickering to assist him in planning the 2014 NYE Event. During litigation, details emerged regarding a second contract between Sedighi, Pickering and the National Airline History Museum that Perez was unaware of. This agreement, executed after the women’s original contract with Perez, contradicted Sedighi and Pickering’s obligations to Perez, turned the event into a fundraiser for the Museum and provided compensation only to Sedighi and Pickering, with all remaining proceeds benefiting the Museum. This second contract was kept intentionally from Perez in order to continue to utilize his resources, vendors and marketing expertise.

In the week prior to the event...

Perez was cut off from final logistical planning, denied access to the venue for set-up and asked specifically by John Roper (Director of the National Airline History Museum) to not attend the event that evening. Immediately, Perez desperately began seeking answers from all parties, which chronologically spilled over into the event aftermath.

Perez was not compensated in any way for the 2014 Hangar 9 New Year’s Eve Event, nor did he have access to funds from the event, which prevented him from providing not only answers, but, more importantly, refunds to displeased patrons. Sedighi and Pickering were the sole signers on all bank accounts pertaining to the event and were paid in full from the event proceeds as agreed to with the Museum.

Perez is not available for comment at this time. He provided this statement:

“My goal in pursuing legal action was to bring the truth to light and provide answers to those affected by the unfortunate events of that evening. Since the day this happened, I have felt an overwhelming sense of obligation to fulfill my responsibility to the attendees by providing an understanding of what transpired that night. I realize this doesn’t erase what happened or minimize the impact of those negatively affected by the evening and its aftermath. I hope this provides some answers that, regretfully, I could not provide at the time due to issues that were out of my control.”

Downtown Kansas City Animal Rights Activists To Hold Vigil For Doggie After Deadly Drop

Like it or not, this tragic accident has downtown denizens shocked and concerned about animal safety . . . There are more deets on this via social media but friends were asked to keep the mourning private until local animal lovers have formalized a statement on the need for better canine precautions at Kansas City dog parks inside the loop and throughout this town. Checkit:

Dog falls to his death from rooftop park in downtown Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro man is upset after he says his dog died at a rooftop park in downtown. Patrick Cardona says he was with his black lab mix named Brutus last week at the rooftop green space near 12th and Main when his dog fell off the ledge, dropping nearly four stories.

Newsflash: Downtown Kansas City Convention Hotel Financing Deets Kept Secret

The push for a public vote on this sketchy proposal continues as critics are proven correct about the lack of transparency and the newspaper admits it's mostly just reporting press release copy. Checkit:

Loews deal with KC convention hotel developers was kept quiet until Wednesday

Kansas City Council members gave final approval to the downtown convention hotel plan before a deal was signed for Loews to become an equity partner and replace Hyatt as the hotel operator. As far as the council knew, Hyatt was still involved.

Kansas City Crime Roundup News Links

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty as we survey recent Kansas City captures, accusations and charges and all the nasty deets.


Kansas City Snail Mail Crook

Postal employee from Kansas City admits to stealing mail

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - Authorities say a postal employee from Kansas City, Missouri, has pleaded guilty to stealing mail. The U.S. Attorney's Office says 55-year-old Terry Williams admitted Thursday that the theft occurred in 2015 and 2016 while he was working at a mail processing center.

Golden Ghetto Dude Crook Charged With Taking Petty Cash

Kansas City man charged with robbery of Overland Park bank

A 55-year-old Kansas City man was charged Thursday with the Wednesday afternoon robbery of an Overland Park bank. Steven Daniel Lavy was charged in federal court with robbing the Bank of the West at 12080 Blue Valley Parkway. According to court documents, the robber made off with $783.

Kansas City Horrific Pix Trade Suspect

Missouri man charged with giving 7-year-old gum to pose nude

A Kansas City, Missouri, man is charged with child pornography after prosecutors say he gave a 7-year-old girl a pack of gum to pose for nude photos.

JoCo Photo Crime Charge

Shawnee man charged with breach of privacy involving nude pictures of alleged victim

SHAWNEE, Kan.-- A 36-year old Shawnee man is charged in Johnson County with breach of privacy because investigators say he sent out nude or sexual pictures of a person over 18-years of age. The picture dissemination allegedly happened on Sept. 12, 2016. Justin Kelly's bond was set at $10,000.

Kansas City Airport Prank Probation

Overland Park man sentenced to probation in airport shuttle theft

LIBERTY, Mo. - An Overland Park man charged with stealing an airport shuttle and tampering with a private jet in June 2016 reached a plea bargain with prosecutors in a Clay County court room Thursday afternoon. According to court documents, airport police said Adam Scott stole a shuttle van from Kansas City International Airport, drove it to Charles B.

Golden Ghetto Standoff Complete

Standoff ends after barricaded man surrenders to Overland Park police

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - A standoff has ended after a man surrendered to Overland Park police. Police were called around 11 a.m. to a home in the 9400 block of Taylor on a medical call. That escalated to a standoff. The man surrendered to Overland Park police without incident around 3:30 p.m.

Show-Me Case Against Big Pharma

Missouri attorney general sues three opioid drugmakers over false claims, advertising

The state of Missouri filed suit Wednesday against three major drug companies, alleging they fueled the nation's opioid epidemic with a campaign of false advertising and fake claims. On the steps of St.

Developing . . .

Kansas City Chiefs Off-Season Change Up: Dorsey Out Whilst Coach Reid Stays Winning

Remember local football fanboys had high hopes for the GM upon his arrival. Sadly, a couple of mediocre playoff appearances weren't enough to maintain local excitement. Still, Coach Reid and his spotty play calling continues to captivate Kansas City. Check the update:

Chiefs 'part ways' with GM John Dorsey, extend Andy Reid's contract

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Moments after announcing a contract extension for head coach Andy Reid, officials with the Kansas City Chiefs have announced the team will be "parting ways" with General Manger John Dorsey effective immediately. Dorsey had been with the team four years, and had options to stay for the coming season.

LGBT EPIC Coming Soon To Kansas City

Just a bit of promo for a triple minority movie with a powerful message. Take a look:

A Queer, Undocumented, Rural American Tells His Story At Kansas City's LGBT Film Festival

Queer kids in rural America know what it's like to grow up scared. Moises Serrano grew up in Yadkinville, North Carolina, population just under 3,000, about half an hour west of Winston-Salem. He wasn't just gay. His parents brought him across the border from Mexico when he was 18 months old.


Right now Craig Glazer provides an important and informed perspective on a landmark case in the world of comedy and American culture.

Here's the word from the foremost Kansas City comedy club impresario regarding the ongoing controversy:

Craig Glazer: Bill Cosby May Go Free Til The End Of His Days

Say it ain't so Bill! As we all know dozens of women have come forward and said that Super Star entertainer Bill Cosby sexually molested them without their consent. All the women claim he drugged them before they had sex with Cosby. The odd thing is that none came forward when the incidents happened years ago. Some even continued relationships with Cosby after they later claimed he rapped them. All this led to a criminal trial that lasted just three days and ended with a hung jury. The jury was out nearly a week, longer than the trial itself.

Judge Steven Oneill kept pressing for a verdict from the jurors. In fact the jurors now say early on they were almost all voting 'not guilty.' The victim, Andrea Constand says Bill Cosby drugged her and had sex with her back in 2004. In fact the case was so old it was nearly dropped due to the timeline but the district attorney got the case to court just under the gun.

In the end the jury voted 10-2 for conviction on 2 counts. However 2 jurors said they would not ever change their vote to guilty. So on day six the case was dropped and Bill is a free man as of today. The D.A. says he will refile the case within four months. Question is will he? Remember all but her case are too old to be go to trial today. Meaning without other women testifying against the Cos, there may never be another trial. In this trial the court ruled they couldn't testify. Why, too long ago, no physical evidence, no DNA, its a he said she said case.The big question is why did they all wait for decades to come forward. Some women got paid in civil suits or out of court settlements to go away.

According to Jimmie Walker, who is good friends with Cosby and worked with him on several movies and opened for him at many shows in Vegas: " I love the guy, however clearly he did some things he shouldn't have done. There are just too many women saying so, yet why the long wait. Many just wanted a payday. Bill Cosby is worth several hundred million dollars. I knew Bill loved the ladies back in the day and they loved him. Remember he was a huge star, very handsome as a younger man, a mega star in film and television. Cosby had no trouble getting ladies, they lined up for him. I was upset with him back in the day due his wife being a fine lady and having to put up with it all. What I hate is he is 80, one of America's all time comedy stars and now we never see his shows or anything else on the tube ever again."

Whats right in this case? Tough call. Clearly Cosby took advantage of some women. Some were agreed and some likely were not. Problem: Its so old and he is an icon. Hell I used to sit at the boy scout campfires as a kid while hundreds of us listened to his comedy albums. We thought of him as a modern day Bob Hope. Nobody was a bigger name in entertainment than Cosby. He is now 80, his health fading, likely near the end of his days. Maybe its best to let him end his days the way things are, with people looking at him with disgust and hurt that a man they saw as everyone's dad did such stupid acts for really no reason. Seems he was a sick guy. My guess is it may all be over now. If they can't get testimony from other women in, its uphill and may never be tried again. Again the entire thing makes all of us question even the most cherished names in not only entertainment but life itself. So sad.

Kansas City Single-Terminal Conversation

More chatter today on corporate inevitability and very real risk of the local decline of Democracy. Take a look:

City leaders gather input on future of KCI Airport

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Thursday, you can hear from city council members and other speakers on the possible future of a new single terminal at KCI. They'll talk about a variety of topics as well as how to pay for it.

UMKC Kangaroos Talk Toy Train Part Deux

Excellent student reporting by way of the City College . . . TKC Readers tell us: This article in the University Newspaper was fair and balanced. The student journalist covered both sides of the streetcar discussion and even mentioned this, "These constraints make some wonder if there could a better way to spend 227 million dollars on already existing public transportation services."

Read more:

Streetcar Expansion Aimed at UMKC Students

What does it take to get city renovations up and running? The answer is public support and money. The problem is that not everyone is able or willing to pay the costs of renovating a deteriorating infrastructure from the ground up.

Kansas City Dead-Tree Data Driven Dreck

Here's a substitute for journalism by way of database which pretty much makes the same point about salary envy as any local shock jock. While we're not in the biz of defending City Manager Troy and his big bucks, this money report simply lacks enough context to prove very captivating. Take a look:

Database: Find out how much city employees in Kansas City made in 2016

Three Fire Department employees, the city manager and the medical doctor ranked among Kansas City's top paid city employees in 2016. The Star analyzed the salaries and gross pay for all city employees, which are public record because they are paid with tax dollars.

The Kansas City Midday News Link Look

Right now we take a quick look back at classic Lucy hotness along with some of the top links from the latest news cycle. Checkit:

KC Biz Dude Costs Newsie Job

Connection with KC businessman gets WSJ reporter fired - Kansas City Business Journal

A journalist with The Wall Street Journal has been fired as a result of his ties to a Kansas City businessman, The Wall Street Journal reports. Although reporter Jay Solomon's relationship with Farhad Azima began professionally, it later transitioned to one that violated Solomon's ethical obligations as a reporter and the newspaper's standards, The Wall Street Journal said in a release.

Dead-Tree PSA Report

Neighbors plead for an end to racing on Overland Park street where biker died

Will and Kim Hammond were in bed watching the 10 p.m. news when - again - they heard the distant whine of revving motorcycles poised on Overland Park's Switzer Road. "Here they come," Will Hammond said. It's been happening every night. Often several times.

Kansas City Pillar Of Fire

Microburst struck warehouse hours before massive blaze

Stephen Beyer has sold furniture for 38 years and now, his inventory is gone. Beyer is the owner of the store that caught fire on Tuesday. One of Beyer's customers called him to tell him his store was on fire.

Lone Star Tick Arrives In Kansas City

Oh, Lovely: The Tick That Gives People Meat Allergies Is Spreading

First comes the unscratchable itching, and the angry blossoming of hives. Then stomach cramping, and-for the unluckiest few-difficulty breathing, passing out, and even death. In the last decade and a half, thousands of previously protein-loving Americans have developed a dangerous allergy to meat. And they all have one thing in common: the lone star tick.

Chiefs Cut Maclin By Voicemail

Chiefs aren't villains in the Jeremy Maclin situation

7:00 AM ET Adam TeicherESPN Staff Writer Close Covered Chiefs for 20 seasons for Kansas City Star Joined ESPN in 2013 KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Almost three weeks after being released from his contract, wide receiver Jeremy Maclin is still unhappy with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Ballers Donate Big Bucks

MLB And Players Union Donate $1 Million To Negro Leagues Museum In Kansas City

There was a ceremonial presentation of a $1 million check to officials with The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City's historic 18th & Vine neighborhood Wednesday. It happened again before the Kansas City Royals game at Kauffman Stadium later that afternoon. Twitter erupted with excitement for the baseball legends the Negro Leagues represent.

Kansas City Royals In Turnaround???

Kansas City Royals: Perez on pace for home run mark

There's a lot to be excited about right now for Kansas City Royals fans. The team appears to have finally figured out how to consistently play good baseball. Royals players are getting respect in All-Star voting. Mike Moustakas is crushing the ball at a torrid pace.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Yesterday was the first official day of Summer.

Just a few fun facts to offer a perspective on real life in Kansas City proper as this town heats up.

- There have been 19 more murders this year over last.

- Kansas City ranks in a dangerous list of top 12 cities that qualified for additional help from Prez Trump's Department Of Justice given our crime epidemic.

- Last year, the KCMO homicide rate tracked seven times higher than New York City. This year, it is tracking TEN TIMES higher.

And all these stats lead up to this scary truism . . .


And so . . .

The reality here is that over the past few years the weather has been far more effective at deterring, and possibly determining, crime than any other factor.

But I digress . . .

While local "journalists" opine about root causes and politically correct solutions. Our goal has always been to keep people safe by presenting the FACTS of this annual Kansas City slaughter and warning readers about the real world threat posed by increasingly deadly Kansas City violence.

Developing . . .