Monday, July 24, 2017


These two Kansas City area young women have been put on blast across the local Internets thanks to Westside restaurant surveillance cam footage of their drinking and dancing in the midst of an ALLEGED hit & run.

Police put out a more toned down version of the photo of the sexy pair earlier along with a lot of other mostly ignored public service content . . .

@KCPolice: Updated pic of 2 suspects who hit @PonaksKitchen building July 1 and fled. If you recognize them, call 816-474-TIPS

However, today this hottie image of "party girls" has set local social media and newscasts into a flame war.

A question . . .


Let's define terms:

"In human sexuality, slut-shaming is a form of social stigma applied to people, especially women and girls, who are perceived to violate traditional expectations for sexual behaviors."

One young woman is tattooed, the other is drinking and wagging her tongue . . . They're scantily but fully clothed grown women having a good time until a suspected hit & run. Let's be real: The provocative picture is what plays to so much media interest and we've posted it here simply for educational purposes, to help police and provide context for our critical disucssion.

And despite a record breaking murder spree during bloody Summer 2017, like it or not, this is the most popular alleged criminal investigation in Kansas City.

You decide . . .

Dead-Tree Media Helps Jackson County Exec Frank White Walk Back Desperate Jail Crisis Blame Game Comment Against Sheriff Sharp

The newspaper was PLAYED in a recent an ongoing controversy over the jail crisis and the fallout reveals their political pull fading at the Courthouse along with the fortunes of the embattled and seemingly confused Exec . . .

First . . . A bold FAKE NEWS statement dutifully transcribed:

And then, a slow fade and a bit of an error admission . . .

You decide . . .

Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar Consultants Push Back Against Growing Public Skepticism

A strategy beyond just leaving nasty comments on TKC or twitter blocking . . . Here's another one-sided media conversation with streetcar cheerleaders. Take a look:

Setting Boundaries In Opposition Research, And Updates On KC Streetcar Expansion Plans

While controversy surrounding the president's opposition research has been hogging headlines recently, the practice of digging up dirt on an opponent is as old as politics. In fact, today's first guests, consultants John Hancock and Michael Kelley, say it's essential to a successful campaign.

Show-Me GOP Pro Biz Missouri Betrayal???

Here's essentially good news turns upside down given the tougher economic conditions for the working poor. You decide . . .

Editorial: CNBC says Missouri is a better place for business but a lousy place to live

G enerally speaking, it's a good idea to ignore all those "Ten Best" and "Ten Worst" rankings of states and cities. It's a GIGO thing as they say in computer science. Garbage in, garbage out. Still, it was heartening to see that Missouri jumped nine slots in this year's CNBC survey of "America's Top States for Business.

The Monday Night News Collection

Our favorite Brit babes in the whole wide world shine on as we gather some of the top links for tonight.

Take a peek:

Kansas City Hot Streak Switcheroo

Royals trade Matt Strahm, Travis Wood, and a minor league infielder for three Padres pitchers

The Kansas City Royals have announced a trade with the San Diego Padres for three pitchers. The Royals announced Monday afternoon that they have acquired left-handed pitcher Ryan Buchter and righties Trevor Cahill and Brandon Maurer and from the San Diego Padres in exchange for left-handed pitchers Matt Strahm and Travis Wood, minor league infielder Esteury Ruiz along with cash considerations.

Chiefs Downplay Pre-Season Drama

Andy Reid loves that Tamba loves to play

As expected, Andy Reid said the thing about the Tamba Hali thing is that it shows how much he loves to play. That's what I thought Reid would stay and that's what he said about Tamba's tweets that talked of his frustration over his playing time.

Comedian Actually Like Kansas City

T.J. Miller of "The Emoji Movie" says KC is one of his favorite places to do stand up comedy

For a lot of us, emojis are part of our everyday lives and now, they're getting their own movie. "The Emoji Movie" comes out on Friday, July 28 and Russ Simmons sat down with the star of the film, T.J. Miller, who was more interested in chatting about his ties to the Kansas City area than the movie.

Local Teaching Moment Explained

Kansas City Students to Get STEM Classroom on Retired Jet -- THE Journal

Hands-On Learning Students in Kansas City will soon have a new STEM classroom inside a refurbished two-story jumbo jet. The Kansas City-based non-profit group TriStar Experience recently flew the Lockheed L-1011 from Tucson to its new home, where it will be converted into an environment designed to spark student interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and education and careers in aviation and related fields.

Power Outage Hotel Crybaby Coverage

Adam's Mark guest says hotel didn't do enough when storm knocked out power

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An Iowa woman said her stay in Kansas City turned into a nightmare as the lobby of the hotel she stayed in got drenched during Saturday's storm. She and her husband are expecting a refund from the Adam's Mark hotel, near Kauffman Stadium.

Teaching Moment In No Transparency

Sidelined KCK Community College president won't get to face board of trustees

Kansas City Kansas Community College trustees have yet to talk with their ousted president Doris Givens about anonymous complaints made against her, and on Monday board chairman J.D. Rios said the board probably will not speak face to face with her.

The Kansas City Forecast

First Alert: Chance for storms Wednesday into Thursday

An Orange Ozone Alert is in place for Tuesday.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Ward Parkway Center Shut Down Amid Ongoing Kansas City Power FAIL 2017

Update on local biz taking a hit because of fairly typical rain, wind and lack of infrastructure reinvestment by a local corporate monopoly. Take a look:

Stores closed at Ward Parkway Center after power outage

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Thirty businesses have been without power at Ward Parkway Center since Saturday. A transformer reportedly exploded at the shopping center at 85th and Ward Parkway sometime after Saturday's storm. The shopping center has made use of an emergency power source, but a large area of the center is still in the dark.

Pitch Rages Against Koch Bros, AGAIN . . .

It's not my biz to defend billionaires and their silly profit powered agenda . . . However, the Pitch playing election politics has failed to garner or retain many readers and that's a bigger concern. Checkit:

Koch Industries arrives in the Crossroads, and guess where

Ah, the Crossroads, where cool ideas about tech and culture collide in restored brick buildings as the streetcar goes ding-ding just outside. Working artists, come on down to the Crossroads Arts District, where one-bedrooms start at just $1,475 per month!


Local tax fighters, who actually supported this levy on behalf of students, want to know if KCPS is following their own set guidelines for evaluating candidates for the Sales Tax Commission.

Here's the word . . .

Citizens For Responsible Government: "We are have been monitoring the selection process for the 1/8 cent sales tax governing committee. We are familiar with the guidelines KCPS established and the schedule you put forth.

Our concerns are, you have made exceptions to the final date which you posted to receive applications, you have allowed people to apply who live outside the KCMO school district and you allowed an applicant to submit her application to a board member (a personal friend) rather than to the board secretary. These actions are not consistent with the published procedures and instructions.

"We have been a little skeptical of this sales tax from the beginning as we are considered to be against most tax increases. We pushed hard for a listing of projects this tax would be spent on thus we have been monitoring the progress. It is our goal to make sure the process is transparent and above board in all phases. The KCPS Board cannot have it any other way. The next time KCPS goes to the public with a request for a levy increase, this type of action will make it difficult for voters to trust you.

"It appears the Mayor is going to great lengths to be sure his picks are open and above board. We have heard he is even doing background checks on applicants. The County also seems to be following guidelines. The only deviations we have come upon rest with your board . . ."

Developing . . .


After a Saturday night storm . . . THOUSANDS still don't have electricity throughout the metro. It seems like more since every suburban complaint counts double. Here's the latest round-up:

Cleanup continues across KC metro, thousands still without power

Thousands of residents across the Kansas City metro were still without power on Monday morning as the cleanup continued from Saturday night's severe storms. Approximately 20,000 KCP&L customers and 6,300 Kansas City BPU customers were still in the dark. KCP&L said they hoped to get most of their customers online today.

Prez Trump & Kobach Stay Winning Voter Fraud Crackdown Courtroom Debate

In fairness and amid a litany of opposition, this ruling offers a bright spot for supporters of the Prez concerned about ballot integrity amid an increasingly hostile debate and upcoming midterm elections:

Judge denies demand for privacy assessment on Trump voter fraud data request

A federal judge has turned down a watchdog group's demand that President Donald Trump's controversial voter fraud commission be forced to conduct a privacy assessment before gathering data on millions of American voters. In a 35-page opinion Monday, U.S.

Kansas City Back From The Sweaty Weekend


Classic Candice just a bit sweaty and rather sultry inspires this look at the top Kansas City mainstream media links for today and without all of the hype or "human interest" filler. Just the meaty news for our blog community . . .

Meet The New Kansas City Boss

Past, future jostle for attention as Chiefs introduce current GM - Kansas City Business Journal

Before introducing Brett Veach as the new general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs, Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt took time to clear the air a bit regarding the firing of previous GM John Dorsey. In June, the Chiefs officially announced that they were "parting ways" with Dorsey, but Hunt made it clear Monday that it was his decision to let Dorsey go.

Golden Ghetto Airport Debate

Leawood residents have chance to weigh in on KCI debate

City council members agreed to host a presentation of A Better KCI at a work session meeting at 6 p.m. Aug. 7. The meeting will be in a town hall format allowing for an open dialogue. Leawood citizens are encouraged to attend and comment on building a new single-terminal facility at the same site, which is estimated to be a $1 billion project.

Kansas City Doggie Tragedy

3 dogs dead following house fire in Raytown

Three dogs died in a house fire in Raytown on Monday. The house fire happened at 63rd Street and Sterling.

Kansas City Broadway Bridge Bad News

Be prepared for congestion as crews shut down lanes of Buck O'Neil Bridge for inspections

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Be prepared if you plan to use the Buck O'Beil Bridge this week. Starting Monday, crews will close part of the bridge for inspections. If you've driven on this bridge recently, you know it needs some work.

Storm Aftermath Testimony

KCK woman recounts roof falling in during storm

KANSAS CITY, Kans, - Saturday night a storm whipped through the Stony Point neighborhood in Kansas City, Kansas. Sunday morning people who live there assessed the damage, working with chainsaws to remove massive trees from houses and cars. PHOTOS: KC metro recovering from storm damage "It sounded like a train," said Anthony Davis while he cleaned up trees in his front yard.

Kansas City Hip-Hop Tragedy

Kansas City man killed in July 8 shooting had just released his first rap album

Frank Raney Jr. was going to move to California. He had just released a rap album and he was going to pursue his music career. He was starting his own clothing line. Instead, he died July 8. He was shot and killed about 6 a.m. in southeast Kansas City, near Bannister Road and McGee Street.

The Local Tech Calendar

Events Preview: Writing a business plan, Code for KC

There are a plethora of entrepreneurial events hosted in Kansas City on a weekly basis. Whether you're an entrepreneur, investor, supporter, or curious community member - we recommend these upcoming events for you. Are you hosting a relevant community event? Feel free to add it to the FWD/KC calendar for increased exposure.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Talking Democratic Party 'Better Deal' Branding: Will It Play In Kansas City???

Ranked high for news on local Public radio . . . This PR move has all of the same familiar faces and we want to know if it'll work amid growing skepticism with constant partisan slap-fighting:

Democrats' 'Better Deal' Aims To Reclaim A Populist Image

Six months after Republicans gained control of the White House and both houses of Congress, Democrats have outlined a plan to improve their chances of methodically taking it all back. They are leaning heavily on a re-branding of their greatest hits - more and better-paying jobs, lowering health care costs and cracking down on the what are seen as the abuses of big business.

Is Kansas City Fringe Already A FAIL???

This celebration of local alternative artists has it's heart in the right place but still hasn't taken hold of a bigger audience beyond some of the most dedicated hipsters. More on this later, maybe but for now check this more optimistic take:

Solo Shakespeare and a revealing medical story: Getting started at KC's 2017 Fringe

Photo by Tisse Mallon The art of political spin, the massaging of public opinion, the ruthless machinations of a leader's administration - these things predate our era by hundreds of years.

UPDATE: Overland Park Lady Found Safe

Police need help locating this woman . . . Here's more info . . . Update, she was found safe:

UPDATE: OP police said missing woman has been found safe

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - UPDATE: The Overland Park Police Department said 30-year-old Whitney Simpson has been located and she's safe. Police had asked the public to help find Simpson after she was last seen on July 18.


This morning our blog community has been tasked with providing news and highlighting the biggest Kansas City transportation issue in the metro that has been downplayed by all other local media.

To wit . . .


In this latest communiqué that our blog community has INTERCEPTED we learn of TENSE negotiations and frustrations from workers who aren't being treated fairly by management.

Here's the word VIA EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENT and representing a REAL LIFE look at Kansas City transit issues that few other news outlets dare to report.


ATU 1287 members Contract Negotiations Update:

We have just finished our second round of contract negotiations with the KCATA wanting spread time premiums, RDO work overtime over 8 hours and a host of guarantees for concessions. The KCATA is wanting to increase part-time operators from 35% to 45 % and would like to turn this property into a part-time job eventually.

Concession bargaining is all this company wants. From our Binding interest arbitration rights to daily overtime Sam & company are not willing to stand up for their employees to the Board of Commissioners no matter how dangerous and difficult this job has become.

Assaults are up 600% from last year on operators. Management is using more of the budget to pay their salaries instead of putting service on the streets for our riders. We have a dedicated tax source and KCATA is not putting service in the Kansas City area that would benefit the ridership as they should.. Down 7 to 10%. Sam would seem to be more interested in keeping his 190K salary plus benefits per year instead of leading this company in the right direction.

Fair bargaining is not within their idea of bargaining.

We must stand strong and let the KCATA Board of Commissioners as well as the riding public know that this management team only looks out for themselves and not interested in increasing runs and ridership or being fair to their employees.

We have ask for financial information of their operational budget that justifies these concessions.

I would like to invite our members to our next negotiations session to observe these individuals as they present their proposals. I hope to educate our members and prepared us for the potential fight we have ahead in arbitration if the KCATA is unwilling to be fair and just.

You are also invited to speak at our Board of Commissioners meeting on increasing ridership and runs throughout the Kansas City Missouri and Greater Kansas City area.

Let's prepare to fight by sticking together and letting management know that we demand a fair and non concessionary contract.

I will update you on all further developments.

President B/A ATU 1287

Developing . . .


This morning we want to share a bit of scholarship that had big money consequences for all of Kansas City.

Accordingly . . .



Citizens For Responsible Government KC: Airport Facts... Just the facts...

Don Hensley, has taken the time to research what is really going on with this “Single Terminal” push. Don is a 50 year veteran of aviation and has been directly or indirectly involved with KCI since 1978. He was the Air Traffic Manager at KCI from 1989 to 1998. He played a major role in KCI's current runway design which doubled KCI's airport capacity, obtained Federal Funds to build the new Control Tower, is a Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor. He has also worked at nine (9) airports in his 37 years with the FAA and has a great deal of knowledge regarding Airline Operations at major airports. He is a true Advocate of Aviation.

Burns & McDonnell meanwhile, proving to be the amateurs they are, continue to run phony radio and tv ads, holds press conferences stating; “they will break ground on November 8th, the day after the election”. What if they don’t get the bid? What about the many FAA Assurances required before you can break ground (see white paper) not to mention the environmental requirements. It becomes more evident everyday B&M think they are running for public office not bidding for the biggest project in KCMO history. They obviously are out of their league but they do own many local politicians and are now buying up contractors to support their effort. Why don’t they tout their experience or qualifications? OH! Maybe they don’t have any. What assets do they have in the event of a hiccup once construction starts, if they get the bid? This is a $2Billion dollar job. A company will need financial bandwidth to handle it.

Below is Don’s WHITE PAPER ON AIRPORT FACTS. Please take time to read what’s really going on. This is not about what is best for KCMO voters, it’s about what is best for the airlines, Southwest in particular!

KCI Single Terminal vs. Renovation of Existing Terminals

Currently Kansas City’s airport has 66 gates available in 3 Terminals. There is a proposal to build a single terminal that will reduce the number of gates to only 35, thus restricting future growth. How much will it cost to reduce the legendary convenience and capacity of KCI by nearly 50%?

With financing costs spread over 3 decades, the single terminal proposal will cost about $2 BILLION. That’s right, rather than fully maintain and remodel what we already have built, retaining existing gate capacity, using the cash reserves we already have in the Aviation Department’s “savings account”, there is a proposal to REDUCE capacity for growth.


Local biz news has reported on this bid but now the effort looks like it's getting serious.

Here's the word from KICK-ASS TKC TIPSTERS and a realization that Fox News is only the start of the local crackdown . . .

Last night, or rather around 4:45 this morning, the WDAF channels ran the FCC-required announcements that SINCLAIR is trying to buy WDAF-TV.

Sinclair is known for building its own right-wingnut network of local stations, requiring its stations to include Sinclair-produced propaganda pieces in their newscast, and god knows what all.

Tell all the other readers.

Developing . . .


Yes, we blush just a bit from posting this garbage but it's a nice slice of life amid the social media slap-fight culture war. Checkit:

Winner of Kat Von D makeup contest disqualified for supporting Trump, she says

July 24 (UPI) -- The winner of a make-up artist contest said she was disqualified after the contest promoter found out she is a supporter of President Donald Trump.

Show-Me Massive MO Massage Parlor Bust

The Missouri Attorney General hoping to win hearts and minds in what could be an upcoming fight to push Sen. Claire McCaskill out of her seat has earned national headlines as of late. Take a look:

More than a dozen Missouri massage parlors raided - and the reason is incredibly disturbing

At least 18 massage parlors were raided in Missouri in July 2017 as part of the state's effort to battle human trafficking. (Image source: Springfield News-Leader screenshot) At least 18 massage parlors were raided in Missouri recently as part of the state's effort to battle human trafficking.

Fear Kansas Sex Trafficking Spike

Mainstream Internets crackdown underway over a phenomena that touts scary stats and "dark web" fear. Take a look:

Internet Crimes Task Force: Sex Trafficking Cases In Kansas On The Rise

A task force that works to prevent crimes against children is seeing an increase in the number of sex trafficking cases in Kansas at this halfway point of 2017 compared to last year.

Celebrate Kansas City Lady Riders

Lots of ladies upon motorcycles . . . Just another bit of diversity that we should all endorse . . .

"The Litas Kansas City and the Piston Annies pair up for the 2017 Kansas City International Female Ride Day!"

Take a look:

You decide . . .

KCK Branch Cleanup Blaze Hurts Firefighters

A word of caution for those picking up debris and the consequences of a disaster caused by typical Summer rain. Take a look:

Firefighters injured by electrical shock in KCK recovering

Two firefighters in Kansas City, Kansas are recovering after an electrical shock Sunday afternoon. KCK Fire Chief John Paul Jones tweeted fire crews were called to South 47th Street and Vista around 1:21 p.m. Sunday to investigate a house fire. When crews arrived, heavy smoke was showing from that home.

Kansas City In The Loop This Week

The the Downtown entertainment which serves as a nice distraction amid widespread corporate welfare. Checkit:

What's happening - Fringe & All - in Downtown - July 24-30

Here is the highlight reel of what's happening in Downtown KC from Monday to Sunday, July 24-30: City Market Movie: 'The Big Lebowski - Make plans for dinner and an outdoor movie this Friday evening at The City Market.

TKC Blog Community Blames KCP&L Suits For Power FAIL Not Hardworking Linemen

The Great Kansas City power FAIL 2017 goes all the way to the top and this bit of perspective was very much appreciated . . .

"Their service keeps deteriorating. Ours was off 16 hours longer than it should have been because the maps they give to the crews are wrong."

And so, the working people on the ground and in the trees aren't to blame for this massive Summer storm cluster but rather the suits who keep on asking for tax and regulatory breaks while FAILING to even provide their own company the support they need.

The song of the day is: I've Got The Power - SNAP

Developing . . .

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Kansas City 100K Power FAIL Storm Redux

Quick round-up of the lightening, rain, wind and some rain that took down the local grid for most of the weekend.

This is either a glimpse of Kansas City survival skills in 2017 or a reminder that corporations that run a monopoly aren't always reinvesting in new tech to endure the stability of their network. In much the same way that TKC realized that this dank basement doesn't have ice or a cooler. But I digress . . .


Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!

The Kansas City Sunday Look

Quick glimpse at some of the top news and sports stories that aren't weather related for tonight . . .

Credit Where It's Due: Kansas City Train Company Still Chugging Along

Kansas City Southern Bucks Last Week's Class I Sell-Off

Last week, four Class I railroads have reported, including CSX (NYSE: CSX), Canadian Pacific (NYSE: CP), Kansas City Southern (NYSE: KSU) and Union Pacific (NYSE: UNP). Results for the group were stellar to say the least, as operating revenues were up in the high single digits.

Sporting Chances Increase

Peter Vermes: 'We didn't show much energy at all' in first half | FOX Sports

Peter Vermes after Sporting KC's 1-1 draw with Real Salt Lake: "I thought we did a much better job in the second half, and it changed the game."

Tragedy Out North

36-year-old motorcyclist dies in Clay County crash

There's plenty of good news for Democrats and bad news for Donald Trump in an avalanche of new polling released this week. There's plenty of good news for Democrats and bad news for Donald Trump in an avalanche of new polling released this week.

Dead-Tree History Lesson

Mediator to hear case of teen injured with stun gun by Independence police officer

A federal lawsuit that alleges a former Independence police officer nearly killed a teenager with a stun gun during a 2014 traffic stop has been scheduled for mediation with a former Jackson County Circuit Court judge. According to court records, the mediator is scheduled to hear the case Aug. 9.

Kansas City Comeback Redux???

Royals are still super heroes, walk off 5-4

The first three innings of this game were rather uneventful. Derek Holland was perfect and Travis Wood allowed three hits but also struck out 3 and caught Yolmer Sanchez trying to steal third. That all changed in the fourth inning.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Typical Summer rain and some downed branches bring down the exceptionally fragile local grid. Here's more deets on the aftermath and a reason to CONSIDIDER KCP&L's constant demand for rate hikes and less regulation when longtime residents note a decline in service overall.

Here's the aftermath:

Power FAIL Cont'd Into Afternoon

Strong Storms Knock Out Power, Down Trees Across Kansas City Metro

About 45,000 Kansas City Power & Light customers were still without power as of 4:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon, mostly in Clay, Jackson, and Johnson counties. That's down from a high of 138,000 after a night of heavy winds, prolific lightning, and hard rain.

The Rain REALLY Wasn't So bad

Metro residents working to clean up damage following strong storms overnight

Wind gusts up to 80 miles per hour were reported.

Pix Of Dead Trees

GALLERY: Tree damage shows force of Saturday night storm

A severe thunderstorm blew through the region Saturday night, leaving in its wake a path of destruction in the form of downed power lines, broken branches, uprooted trees, and knocking out power to over 100,000 people in the KC metro.

Dead-Tree Doesn't Question Excuses

KCP&L official explains the Kansas City area power outages

Chuck Caisley with KCP&L explains how crews are trying to restore power to the thousands of people in the KC metro area after strong storms moved through Saturday night.

Kansas City Free Ice!!!

Information and resources for those without power

Here is some information we have found for those without power due to Saturday night's storms. At their peak, outage numbers reached up to over 115,000 people without power. At 3 p.m., KCP&L said: "Power to 90,000 customers restored, with 50,000 without power. We expect outages to last into tomorrow."

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Show-Me Insider Missouri Special Session

More debate on a horrific practice and healthcare reported in this local public TV missive. Take a look:

Missouri's Abortion Debate And The Special Session

The Missouri Senate is scheduled to debate a bill this week that would add new regulations for clinics providing abortions. Its supporters, including Gov. Eric Greitens, say these will protect the health and safety of Missouri women, but abortion rights advocates say the legislation is designed to deny access to safe and legal abortion.

Talking The Kansas GOP Axis Powers

A somewhat skeptical consideration of GOP power players. Take a look:

Big splash by Kansas trio cause for celebration or reason to despair

The axis of political drama pulling national audiences into orbits of Jerry Moran, Kris Kobach and Sam Brownback either highlight visionary Kansans at the cutting edge of public policy or depicts politicians espousing ideas best avoided at all costs. If it wasn't U.S. Sen.


Here's a bit of alternative perspective on the social safety net as more locals seemingly lose faith in the two party system and seek to change the current faltering economic paradigm overall.

Take a look:

The Green Party of Kansas City, Missouri stands with the KC Democratic Socialists of America, workers and oppressed people who are taking a stand for our health and our future. We must stay strong and stand together against corporate greed and all the ills of capitalism.

It's called a struggle for a reason, but when we stand together in solidarity, we will win. Making healthcare a right for all Americans -- instead of saving Obamacare -- should be among the demands that are front and center. While Obamacare brought some necessary reforms, the individual mandate ensures that healthcare will remain a wasteful cash cow for the insurance industry.

Having private health insurance does not mean that one has access to healthcare. Obamacare does little to control soaring medical costs and leaves millions with low-quality high-premium high-deductible coverage and millions more with no coverage at all. The ACHA would makes things disastrously worse.

"President-elect Trump and Republicans want to repeal Obamacare and privatize Medicare and Medicaid, while Democrats want to leave it as is. Despite intense differences, the two parties agree on the premise that the primary goal of health care policy is to sustain huge profits for insurance, pharmaceutical, and other health-care industries. The Green Party, along with physicians and consumer advocates across the U.S. and a majority of the public, says that health care must be a human right and that medical care must be guaranteed for everyone," said Sanda Everette, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States.
Universal health care is a fundamental human right. We must fight to put health over profit. Join us.

You decide . . .

Kansas City Urban Core McComplaint Served

An Aldi and a food truck haven't solved the problem of local food deserts according to some, here's a recent bit of KCMO constant food desert complaining . . .

Driving home from work and I passed the brand-new McDonald's that's being built in the shops at the corner of Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard and Troost Avenue.

I thought to myself- WTF. Do we really need another fast food option? Why isn't there a grocery store in this neighborhood??

Apple Market closed and Natures Own has moved after the fire. Where are people supposed to buy groceries?

The only options are Dollar Tree, Dollar General, CVS, Walgreens, and Family Dollar. So there's no options for produce, and almost nothing available that does not contain high fructose corn syrup!

You decide . . .


Thanks to one of the many AWESOME INSIDERS among our blog community, here's a fun fact and a bit of a missed opportunity . . .


An increased presence is the urban core and a great many political connections would've made this an interesting pick.

Think about . . . The top law man in Kansas City will be beholden to the city's politics and influence of the police board, but Sheriff Sharp has experience navigating this terrain and already holds a wide base of support.

Sadly, it wasn't meant to be and we hear the Sheriff might be hanging up his political spurs in the very near future after having served his term.

And so, a police board that still awaits new appointments will make a decision that only a few in Kansas City wholeheartedly support.

Developing . . .

Unfair Kansas City New Airport Burns & Mac Anti-Competitive Practices?!?!

Here's a tiny bit of what's screwed up about the NO-BID deal underway . . . Call it "news" for those of us who didn't already talk this subject in the comments a few days ago. Checkit:

Burns & McDonnell irks KCI competitors with exclusive contractor deals

Burns & McDonnell is playing strongly off its hometown credentials and is using a shrewd tactic in its campaign to win a $1 billion contract for a new Kansas City International Airport terminal. The Kansas City engineering company confirmed that it has signed minority- and women-owned contractors to exclusive arrangements that keep those companies from working with other teams that may put forth a proposal.

End Of The World Kansas City Event Guide

Quick look at Visit KC and upcoming eclipse activities for those locals who haven't decided to spend the day hiding in a basement/cave armed to the teeth and waiting for the end of the world. Checkit:

There Goes the Sun: Total Solar Eclipse Events in Kansas City

Image via Kansas City welcomes an event of astronomical proportions this August. Visitors from all over the world will gather throughout the metro to view a total solar eclipse, the first of its kind to be visible in the continental United States since 1979. The cosmological event will occur shortly after 1 p.m.


Over the past few days we've been noting the murder rate trend in Kansas City that has been tragically downplayed by our political leadership . . .


Like it or not, the danger persists in both the urban core and the inner-suburbs.

Here are two examples . . .

Blue Springs car dealership shot up by vandals

A Blue Springs business owner is cleaning up a costly mess after vandals shattered windows at his dealership off 40 Highway. The owner is keeping a close eye on his lot in more ways than one. He said someone took aim at his vehicles through the holes in his fence.

At least 4 suspects in custody following carjacking

There's plenty of good news for Democrats and bad news for Donald Trump in an avalanche of new polling released this week. There's plenty of good news for Democrats and bad news for Donald Trump in an avalanche of new polling released this week.

Developing . . .

Meet The Kansas City Arts Calendar Pitch Magazine Replacement Website

Sent by smarter denizens of our blog community and important because the Pitch formerly served as Kansas City's hipster community calendar before they switched to a Monthly partisan throwaway rag . . . Now the local event website crown might be taken by this operation that serves as a clearinghouse for all of the fun activities that people are forced to attend by semi-attractive women. Target marketed to folks who aren't already bombarded by Facebook event request throwaways . . . And all this despite the fact that even young people HATE GOING OUT anymore . . .

Home -

Find descriptions, dates, times and locations for free events, theatre, music, dance, concerts, stand-up comedy, art exhibits, museums, film, lectures, kid-friendly events, design and fashion, festivals, and more. is the leading online resource for Arts, Culture and Entertainment activities in the greater Kansas City region.

Fear Confusing Clay County Politics

For those who missed it . . . Here's a report that's interesting if only because it reminds us that our rural and suburban neighborhood politics are just as confused and conflicted as the big city. Take a peek at Clay County embarrassing the Northland yet again:

Confusion in Clay County after 4 people appointed to 3-person board

We're working to cut through confusion after an awkward Clay County board meeting. Four people are now sworn in to serve on the three-member Board of Equalization. This public meeting is where taxpayers dispute the valuation of their property to prevent their taxes from increasing. "Um. I didn't die, and I haven't resigned."


For late night readers in the dark and wasting their phone battery life along with their lives in this bloody Summer of discontent 2017 ...


Here is a roundup:

"KCP&L’s website shows NEARLY 100,000 customers are without power, as much of the metro area remains under a thunderstorm warning.

There is currently no timetable as to when power could be restored."

Maybe more for the morning update but if the people in charge seem to care so little about keeping the lights on . . . I'm not really gonna sweat it.

You decide . . .