Monday, March 19, 2018


Critics claim that the current American discourse is exceptionally divisive . . . But we asked our blog community to reflect on an even more tumultuous time.

Take a look at tonight's local PC talk and some of our blog community discourse that's even more reflective of current hostilities . . .

Strife in the Streets: Kansas City Remembers 1968


Frustrated with the slow pace of civil rights reforms and outraged at the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., protesters in Kansas City took to the streets on April 9, 1968. The four subsequent days of civil unrest shocked many in a city known for its lack of racial violence despite deep, underlying tensions. Six people – all African-Americans – died, some 20 more were hospitalized, and arrests totaled nearly 300. A three-block area of Prospect Avenue was bombed out and burned down.

The Library, in collaboration with KCPT-Kansas City PBS and KSHB-41 Action News, examines the indelible episode and its aftermath in a two-pronged event marking its 50th anniversary. First is the premiere screening of the new documentary short '68: The Kansas City Race Riots, Then and Now, co-produced by KSHB and KCPT. Then, a panel discussion featuring Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II and former city council member and longtime community activist Alvin Brooks addresses the lessons learned from the violent chapter of history, from the role of policing to the value of protest.

Joining Cleaver and Brooks on the panel: Clarence Gibson, the last Kansas City police officer at the time of the unrest who remains on the force; Linda Spence, a Central High School student in 1968; and Southeast Missouri State University historian Joel Rhodes, who has extensively researched the episode. KCPT’s Nick Haines moderates.

We talked about this event recently and here are two comments worth highlight . . .

Super Dave: "As a teenager I remember 1968 very well. As an adult what I see is those who were doing the rioting over MLK have completely turned their backs on what he was about and what he stood for. Hard to sell your cause when you resort to violence about every little whim you disagree with and for sure makes your cause moot when the issue that is used to destroy property and kill one another about turns out to be a lie created by those behind the cause . . . If a man is to be remembered and used as a figurehead of that which is suppose to be good then wouldn't following his ideas and preached examples of life be the road most traveled and the roads to violence the least traveled ones?"

Local Remembrance: "I remember this very ugly time, when National Guardsmen with rifles were stationed on the rooftops of the buildings on the Plaza, where I worked. Police blocked traffic from Missouri into my Kansas suburb out of fear. Whole blocks around the Prospect Corridor were in flames. I hope I never see anything like it again."

You decide . . 


Tragic story of a tragic gunfire death and a victim ID revealing a flock of youngsters now rendered fatherless. Read more:

Father of 11 gunned down outside KCK club, suspect still not in custody

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Michael Williams Jr. went out with his friends Friday night just hours after he spent the day with his mother, Rebecca Hall. "When he left I told him, 'I love you be careful' and he said 'I love you too' and that's the last time we talked," Hall said.

Kansas City Old School Black Panther Credits

A call for even more historical context regarding the ongoing local culture war. Take a look:

A Photo Archive Shows The Faces Of Kansas City's 1968 Riots - But Needs Names, Too

The photographs tell a story in themselves: images that feel familiar because we recognize our city in the background, and all too familiar because we still see agitated people, most of them black, fleeing through clouds of tear gas or standing alone in front of police lines.

Kansas City Miranda Monday News Links

Because we take politics seriously around here . . .

Cynthia Nixon Is Running for Governor of New York

Posted because every elected official should have to do full frontal. And here's the news links we're checking closer to home . . .

Where The Money's At In Kansas City

FBI investigating after man robs Kansas City bank

The FBI is investigating a bank robbery in Kansas City, MO. The robbery happened Monday at Citizens Bank and Trust, located at 8405 N. Oak Trafficway. The suspect is described as a white male aged approximately 35 years old. He's about 6'4" and has a medium build.

Downtown Po'Folk Bargaining

Cordish considers Midland office building for affordable housing

Kansas City officials and Power & Light District developer Cordish are in discussions about a plan to convert the historic Midland office building into 100 units of affordable housing. Cordish has been under pressure from some City Council members to include low and moderately priced apartments in its development of the downtown entertainment district.

Wanted: Rock Chalk Rugrat Tracker

Kansas' Child Welfare Agency Wants to Hire Another Investigator to Find Missing Kids

Kansas' child welfare agency wants to hire a second full-time investigator to track down kids missing from the state's foster system. The move comes in the wake of reports last October, when the Department for Children and Families was run by Phyllis Gilmore, that the agency had lost track of three sisters who'd run away from a Tonganoxie foster home.

Fear Fiber Bandit Suspect

Police: Man claiming to be Google Fiber worker tried to break into Overland Park homes

Overland Park police say an accused burglar tried to talk his way into homes by claiming to be with Google Fiber. Brandon Swa, 26, has been charged in Johnson County for the crimes. Police say it happened early Sunday morning on Quincy Court.

Thankless Job Recruitment Continues

KC still struggling to recruit police officers while violent crime issues persist

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City continues to fight a violent crime problem, and at the same time, is struggling to find enough police officers to patrol the streets. The job requirement sounds simple enough. "We're looking for good, honest, respectable people," said KCPD Deputy Chief Karl Oakman.

Southland Youngster Renaissance???

Wonderscope Museum breaks ground at new south KC site

Kansas City, Mo - Wonderscope, the popular hands-on children's museum, is moving to South Kansas City from Shawnee, Kansas. Despite the Monday morning rain, a ceremonial groundbreaking took place at the new site. Wonderscope celebrates its groundbreaking. Coming to Red Bridge in spring of 2019.

Off-Season Fanboy Accounting

Chiefs free agency winners and losers

The free agency period is now a week old. Let's take a look at the early winners and losers regarding the Kansas City Chiefs in free agency. QB Patrick Mahomes They're both winners because this free agency period showed me the Chiefs believe in Mahomes.


As we finish the 1st quarter of this year, here's an inconvenient fact that most Kansas City leaders don't want to acknowledge . . .


Right now there are 26 homicides so far in 2018 compared to 24 at this date last year.

Check the numbers and the trend is impossible to deny . . .

Confirmation of this fact via police stats . . .

Accordingly, public radio bravely talks about it and we want to know what our blog community thinks about their comments . . .

KCUR: What Is Kansas City Doing About Its Rising Homicide Rate?

Perspective . . .

KCUR takes us out to 45th and Cleveland after a shooting, tag along with police knocking on doors in the Northeast, talk with Wyandotte County's District Attorney, and we gather a group of some of our city's violence prevention leaders, in one room, for the first time.

The players:

- Kamisha Stanton, violence program coordinator, City of Kansas City, Missouri
- Vince Ortega, deputy director, Jackson County COMBAT
- Rashid Junaid, violence prevention manager, Aim4Peace
- Major Tye Grant, violent crimes division, Kansas City Police Department

You decide . . .


Here's a look at a cartoon from local authorities who are desperately seeking help in a horrific local homicide. Read more:

Police release sketch of man wanted in murder

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Police have released a sketch of a man they believe killed a mother of two in what appears to be a random shooting earlier this year. On Jan. 22, police were called out to 39th and Jackson on a reported shooting at a traffic light.


Arson investigation needs the public's help as another local inner-suburb goes up in flames. Read more:

Three suspicious fires set Sunday in Grandview

The Grandview Fire Department is asking the public's assistance for information on three suspicious fires that were set Sunday. Grandview Fire said fires were set in a dumpster and behind a maintenance building at 15th Street and Jones Avenue, and the other fire was a mattress on fire at 15th and Thomas Avenue.

Kansas City Biz Leaders Hope Prez Trump Can Make Harley-Davidson Great Again

A desperate effort to save local jobs that seeks assistance from the White House might be asking too much . . . Not sure if a guy who sold mail-order steaks can turn around the horrific branding and lackluster biz strategy of this old school company. You decide:

Union turns to Trump for help saving Harley-Davidson's KC plant - Kansas City Business Journal

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) continues exerting pressure on Harley-Davidson Inc. (NYSE: HOG) in an effort to try and save the Kansas City Assembly Plant, but the company remains firm in its plans to shut it down. The latest effort is a direct appeal from IAM asking President Donald Trump to intervene.

Kansas City News Link Pool Monday Splash

Right now we celebrate the multiculturalism of hottie Denise and check some of these top Kansas City MSM news links for right now . . .

Local Journalism Clickbait!!!

What's the Oldest House in the Kansas City Area?

Retired teacher Del Candler can trace her ancestors' arrival in Jackson County to the 1840s, and wondered what structures remain from that period and Kansas City's origins. She asked curiousKC, "What is the oldest house still standing in the Kansas City area?"

Kansas City Is A Dump

Kansas City Water Dept. workers clean illegal dumping site

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - City officials say a business is the likely culprit of an illegal dumping site at a city park. Last week, workers with the Kansas City, Mo. Water Department were called to a local park after receiving a tip that more than 24 5-gallon buckets of paint were dumped at the park.

Haters Don't Know World Geography
ACLU Files Suit On Behalf Of Wichita Man Falsely Accused Of Holding Terrorist Gathering
Still KCMO Tech Scene Cash Out There

LaunchKC begins countdown for 2018 grants competition

LaunchKC, the fourth annual grants competition for tech entrepreneurs, will begin its call for applications on Monday, April 2, as the 100-day online window opens to innovators around the country. LaunchKC ignited its 2018 promotional campaign on Saturday at SxSW Interactive in Austin, Texas.

Dead-Tree Newsflash: It Rained!!!

More than 3 months after our last downpour, KC gets soaked

It's been a while - about 150 days - since Kansas City has seen the type of soaking it received Monday when rain showers passed over the metro area. "We saw a pretty good to occasionally heavy rainfall at times as the storms moved south to north from eastern Kansas to western Missouri," said Scott Blair, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill, Mo.

Kansas City Money Talk

Kansas City's five strongest small banks in 2017 - Kansas City Business Journal

The first banking relationship entrepreneurs typically have is with a small community bank that can relate to their struggles and provide highly personalized service and assistance. But which of those small banks in Kansas City are the strongest?

Pitch Is Now Mostly Promo

The Pitch's Taco Week begins today, and much more: KC's food and drink events for March 19-25

The Pitch 's Taco Week kicks off today. Specialty tacos can be snacked upon all over town for 50 percent off their price. (We suggest eating twice as many tacos as you normally would, as opposed to just pocketing the savings.)

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Roundup of growing sickness in Johnson County and low-rent locations where the disease has spread. Read more:

10 cases of measles now identified in Johnson, Linn and Miami counties in Kansas

Ten cases of measles have now been identified in Johnson, Linn and Miami counties in Kansas. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment said those identified include eight Johnson County residents, one Linn County resident associated with the daycare and one Miami County resident not associated with the daycare.

Report: More Allegations Against Kansas Molester Who Targeted Veterans

Reality check on a growing questions about the overall quality of VA-care . . . Read more:

Ex-VA worker who sexually abused veterans the subject of around 100 lawsuits, lawyer says

It's been five months since Mark E. Wisner learned he'll spend more than 15 years in prison for sexually assaulting veterans during medical exams. And while the criminal case is over, civil actions filed against the former physician's assistant and the U.S. government continue to pile up.

Show-Me Speedy Trial For Disgraced Missouri Guv Eric 'Mugshot' Greitens?!?!

Here's the best look at the legal strategy of a politico who just about every other Republican in Missouri (not on his payroll) has abandoned. Read more:

Greitens wants trial to start in 2 weeks and will ask for judge, not jury, to hear case

ST. LOUIS * The defense team for Gov. Eric Greitens wants his trial for invasion of privacy to start in as little as two weeks, and expects to waive a jury trial in favor of a judge hearing the case.


Here's a look at local government turning Kansas City bonds into junk thanks to a risky convention hotel scheme launched in hopes to capitalize on this town's fake 25-million annual visitor count.

Here are a few fun facts buried in the fact sheet which should frighten any voter worried about KCMO stepping closer to bankruptcy and/or wondering why City Hall needs more sales tax cash in the upcoming election . . .

The real world cost of the hotel . . .

Average Annual Debt Service: $2,664,519

Total Debt Service: $51,958,129

Source of repayment for debt service is an annual appropriation of general municipal revenues.

Translation . . .


Here's the hotel cash request as 12th & Oak fills in tragic financial deets following the lackluster groundbreaking for consultants and assorted suits:

Ordinance #180164: Approving the issuance by the City of Kansas City, Missouri, of its special obligation bonds on a taxable basis to reimburse a contribution made by the City in the amount of $35,000,000.00, in connection with the Convention Center Hotel Project

Like it or not, this town is committed to this disaster in the making and we post this bit of financial info only because the KCMO reporting on the topic is mostly cheerleading, offers very little financial deets and/or propagates the Mayor's hope which believes this HIGHLY LEVERAGED DOWNTOWN KANSAS CITY HOTEL is the "missing piece" for a successful downtown.

Will it work???

You decide . . .

Kansas City Blogger: Discrimination Persists Despite Legal Protections

In the world of tech white and Asian lawsuits are the new hotness . . . And right now we wanted to share this INSIGHTFUL Kansas City blogger note that reveals that legislation doesn't always or immediately cure social ills . . . It's a timely fact check for those who think anti-gun or anti-drug laws will end longstanding problems.

Take a look:

Uncommon Courage: The Persistence of Unlawful Discrimination

Real world perspective . . .

"It is now twenty-seven years since Congress amended Title VII . . . My caseload of race discrimination and sexual harassment cases, along with age and disability discrimination cases, has only increased. Recently, I have seen an uptick in sexual harassment and race discrimination. Discrimination is sometimes more subtle, but it sure still exists."

Developing . . .


Our blog community looks at the big picture and the local consequences of so many Americans buying cheap Chinese junk from Amazon.

One of the smarter denizens of our blog community asks: Is Kansas City Commercial Real Estate Upside Down?

Read more:

America's 'Retail Apocalypse' Is Really Just Beginning

The so-called retail apocalypse has become so ingrained in the U.S. that it now has the distinction of its own Wikipedia entry. The industry's response to that kind of doomsday description has included blaming the media for hyping the troubles of a few well-known chains as proof of a systemic meltdown.


Neighborhoods won't talk to police and there's little hope of curbing local crime stats following the latest spate of urban core weekend gunfire. Here's the follow-up:

A shooting on both sides of the state line ; no witnesses - KSHB.COM

Kansas City, Mo. -- Two shootings, one on both sides of the state line, and both victims refuse to help police fun the gunman. Police in Kansas City, Kansas were dispatched to 10th and Gilmore and found a man lying in the street with obvious shot wounds.

Surfer Dude Gunman Robs Olathe Homes

Police are putting out this description: "The man is described as being 6-foot, 2-inches tall, weighing 150 pounds, with long, blonde hair. Officers say he is reported to be wearing a bandana, blue jeans and a black, hooded sweat-shirt."

Read more:

Police seek man after homeowner finds armed individual robbing home in Olathe

Authorities in Olathe are searching for a man after a homeowner came home and found an armed person robbing his house on Sunday night.


Because we've got a great many legal eagles reading this blog . . . Here's a look at a COURTHOUSE HIRING NOTICE whilst rank and file employees scrape by on lower wages and worsening insurance benefits.

The best and brightest TKC readers want locals to get a look at this local gig . . .

Mo Bar Job Listing: Assistant County Counselor

Company: Jackson County
Posted Date: March 6, 2018
Posting Description:

Job Duties:

• Responsible for original and creative legal endeavors, including comprehensive research into unique and conflicting legal areas requiring the integration of diverse legal theories in order to anticipate new or emerging developments in the law.
• Legal matters of the most critical importance are carried out independently to a final conclusion.
• May advise, assist, assign, and review work of legal staff; and may advise and assist elected County officials and management at the highest levels in the formulation or modification of County policies and goals.

Minimum Qualifications:

• Must have a Juris Doctorate degree, be a member of the Missouri Bar.
• Submit to/pass pre-employment drug screen/ background check.
• Some experience in the practice of law is preferred.

Salary: $50,000 - $83,750/year

Please apply online at: 

You decide . . .

Hillary Makes Life Harder For Embattled Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill

Speaking engagements and book tour chatter isn't helping the top ranking Show-Me State Democratic Party incumbent who is fighting a tough reelection battle. Money quote . . .

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill told reporters on Capitol Hill when asked about Clinton's comments: "Oh, come on," adding, "You're killing me here."

Read more:

Trump state Democrats want no part of Clinton's diss on Trump voters

And a note to the rest of the party: It's the same type of area where Conor Lamb declared victory Wednesday morning that Democrats will need to win back (or win anew) if they ever want a House or Senate majority again. Clinton was speaking in India and bemoaning a "phenomenon of disappointment," in parts of the country.


Trade concerns and big money corporate politics via the GOP challenge "America First" rhetoric . . . Here's red state push back over money concerns. Read more:

Kansas political leaders to Trump: Don't scrap NAFTA

Political and industrial trade group leaders in Kansas are urging President Donald Trump not to scrap the North American Free Trade Agreement, fearing that doing so would hurt major Kansas export industries like agriculture and aviation.

Show-Me Catholic Abortion Alternative Politics

Missouri healthcare effort that hopes to offer options other than infanticide that's mistakenly touted as a "right" by the radical left-wing of the Democratic Party and alleged feminists with little understanding of medical history i.e. bloodletting & leaches were also once considered viable healthcare options . . . Read more:

MO Catholic Group Pushes for Bill to Protect Anti-Abortion Health Providers

WASHINGTON -- The Missouri Catholic Conference has taken a prominent role in promoting an abortion bill in Congress. The Conscience Protection Act has been around since 2016 and passed the U.S. House that year as an attachment to funding legislation before being scrapped in the Senate.

Back To The Soggy Kansas City Grind


Right now we are confronted with reality that hottie Candice is slowly turning into her mum given international "news" pix as we desperately cling to her body of work and check news links closer to home.

Take a peek:

Agenda Inside The Loop This Week

Yo-Yo Ma, Eagles, Home Show, Easter hunt & Hoops to rule the week

The return of legendary cellist Yo-Yo Ma, the NCAA Women's Basketball Regional, the 70th Annual Home Show, the NAIA national title game, the Citywide Easter Egg Hunt and an Eagles' visit to The Hotel California create a colorful palette for the A&E scene this week in Downtown - Monday to Sunday, 19-25 - featuring: Citywide Easter Egg Hunt - presented by the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection Downtown - is set for 10 to noon on Saturday on the south lawn of the National World War I Museum and Memorial.

Will Solar Power Work On Cloudy Day???

BPU rolls out plan to enroll more utility customers into renewable energy program

The Kansas City Board of Public Utilities is inviting KCK residents to learn more about a new solar energy program. BPU is hosting a free seminar Monday to share information on their new Community Solar Farm Program.

Morning Traffic Trouble

Overturned tractor-trailer blocks southbound I-29 just past Vivion

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An overturned tractor-trailer has the southbound lanes of I-29 just past Vivion Road closed Monday morning. The incident happened just before 4 a.m. Police have not said what caused the tractor-trailer to overturn or what it was carrying. Traffic is being diverted to the Vivion Road exit, with very little backup.

Talking Kansas City Flesh Trade

Human trafficking survivor hopes new films will shine light on growing epidemic

Human trafficking is a $150-billion industry for traffickers, according to the International Labor Organization. New data from the National Human Trafficking Hotline reports an increase in the number of human trafficking cases in both Kansas and Missouri. Christine McDonald is a survivor now working to raise awareness and shine a light on this dark industry.

Metro Accessibility Push Back
Family, teammates upset after child with disability not allowed to play in league
Kansas City Teachable Moment

Institutional Innovation: The classroom of the future for all types of students

When it comes to how higher education leaders can get more students to their institutions, the same advice comes up over and over again - build partnerships with local K-12 districts.

The End Of Winter Deluge

Cool, wet start to the week

Nick Bender's Monday morning forecast

Arcade Fire - Money + Love is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Dead-Tree Media Against Death Penalty

There's a valid argument to make against state-sanctioned killing . . . This bleeding heart screed doesn't do that and instead speaks to progressive talking points that prize paperwork and legalese over growing public demand for justice. You decide . . .

The death penalty doesn't deserve to live. Abolish it in Missouri and Kansas

It's long past time to acknowledge that there are many reasons the state should stop executing prisoners. Even for the most egregious crimes, and with no exceptions. There is no valid rationale for keeping the government in the business of capital punishment.

Kansas Abolitionist John Brown Memorial Tagged With Slurs & 'Hail Satan' Graffiti

Nasty KCK disrespect for local history and a reality check regarding the devious motives and anti-social disposition of haters . . . Read more:

KCK abolitionist statue vandalized with "hail satan" and racial slurs

The search is on for a suspect after a statue honoring a well-known abolitionist was vandalized in Kansas City, Kansas. The memorial statue for John Brown sits near 29th and Sewell in KCK near the Old Quindaro Museum. Someone vandalized that statue with paintings of swastikas, the phrase "hail Satan," and racial slurs.

Gunfire Homicide After Road Rage Crash: Is Happy Rock New KC Metro Hotspot???

The latest incident of deadly violence shows us crime is moving across the bridge and defying demographic stereotypes . . . Take a look:

Police investigating Saturday night homicide in Gladstone

Police investigating Saturday night homicide in Gladstone Police originally responded to the scene of a crash only to find the driver unresponsive with a gunshot wound. The Gladstone Police Department is investigating a homicide after officers were called to the scene of a car crash late Saturday.

Sunday, March 18, 2018


Right now we're offering a reality check on a crown jewel of Kansas City which also confronts an increase in crime like the rest of the city.

Here's an important word that our blog community wanted us to highlight . . .

I am the President of the Loose Park Homes Association. We learned that last Sunday afternoon there were several shots fired in the Park. This frightening act is another of the increasingly problematic and potentially criminal activities in the Park. Obviously this is quite alarming to our Association. We have learned that this occurred as young children were crossing the Park to play with friends. Surely this is unacceptable to the Park’s neighbors as well as those simply enjoying the Park.

We are pleased that so many in the City enjoy Loose Park, but the heightened criminal influx necessitates increased police presence at a minimum.

Please provide me with the steps you are taking to deal with the criminal activity in Loose Park so that I can disseminate it to our Association members. We expect to be safe in our own homes, and when we spend time in the Park.

Developing . . .

Harvesters Helps Kansas City

As the weather warms up we don't want our blog community to forget about one of the best organizations in the metro which helps provide assistance to locals from all walks of life. Read more:

Harvesters-The Community Food Network in Kansas City provides opportunities for people to volunteer. Volunteers age 8 and older are welcome. We have a variety of opportunities in Kansas City and Topeka.

Kansas City, Kansas Catholic Word Of The Day

Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann is one of the most strident leaders among his local faith community but during this time of year he offers insight into the Christian principles of forgiveness which is a nice change up from typical political vendettas that dominate our discourse. Read more:

This Lent, pray for the most difficult person in your life

by Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann In Our Lord's Sermon on the Mount, as recorded in Chapter 5 of St. Matthew's Gospel, Jesus makes statements that are both startling and amazing. Verses 43-48 illustrate this point: "Jesus said to his disciples: 'You have heard that it was said, "You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy."

Push Back Against Olathe HOA

Credit where it's due . . . Our blog community shared important feedback against this newspaper story of suburban despotism . . .

"HOAs are often out of control or rather under the control of maniacal cranks who missed out being on the student council in school and are now seeking revenge by bullying other people.

"Clearly, some recourse outside of the court room is needed for innocent passerby homeowners under the thumb of tyrannical HOAs."

Read more:

His HOA refused to open its books for him. Now he's sharing his story to help others.

Scott Wircenske's eight-year battle with his HOA started with a simple request. The Parkhill Manor Homes Association had just awarded a property management contract to one of its own board members, and the Olathe homeowner wanted to know whether the job had been put out for a bid.

Another Kansas City Sunday Outlook

As Winter comes to a conclusion we sharea drone's eye view of the skyline and then check some of the top local news links for right now.

Take a peek:

Kansas City Springing Forward

Joe's Weather Blog: Finally some better rains (for some of us) (SUN-3/18)

Good afternoon...the sun is slowly coming out here at Casa the low clouds have been an expected issue in the region today. They are thinning out briefly from the southwest to the northeast but many areas from near KC and northeast will not see any sunshine again today.

12th & Oak Fear Factor Justification

City Hall has a watch list for security purposes. But why is it a secret?

A little-known watch list for individuals who have made threats or exhibited menacing behavior at City Hall is aimed at bolstering security. But without accountability or any sort of due process built in as safeguards, the city's version of a "no-fly list" is ripe for abuse.

Notable Kansas Tech Death

Adrián Lamo, Hacker Who Reported Chelsea Manning to the F.B.I., Dies at 37

Adrián Lamo, a hacker best known for breaking into the computer networks of The New York Times and other major corporations, and for reporting the Army whistle-blower Chelsea Manning to the authorities, was found dead on Wednesday in Wichita, Kan. He was 37.

Tribute To Fallen Police

Independence police honor fallen officer

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Independence police officers are remembering a fallen officer this weekend. Officer Terry Foster was killed in the line of duty on March 17, 2001. This was part of a domestic disturbance call; Foster was shot to death by the suspect. Fox 4 reporter Bob Stepanich filed this report in March of 2001.

Show-Me Missouri Corporate Policy

Messenger: Corporate donations drive Missouri push to limit residents' access to courts

The daughter of two journalists, Laura Cobb was destined to be a great writer. As a senior in high school at Villa Duchesne in 2005, her college entrance essay was so good it was posted on a national website as an example for others.

Missouri Wedding Rule Ruckus

Witnesses ask Legislature to toughen child marriage laws

Missouri lawmakers are considering a bill that would end the state's status as being the easiest place in the country for a 15-year-old to be married. Missouri allows those 15 to 17 to marry with the permission of only one parent, even if the other parent objects.

Independence Survivor Story

Officer Wagstaff serves in parade -

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- An Independence officer who survived getting shot in the line of duty talks about his communities support following the annual St. Patrick's Day parade. Officer Tom Wagstaff served as the grand marshal. "It's great to be back. I can't put it into my words how grateful I am for all the support," said Wagstaff.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


In the advent of high speed internet and the cruel consultant based "gig economy" the number of people working from home is exploding.

To wit . . .


The inner-suburban legislation marks the beginning of A TREND ACROSS THE KANSAS CITY METRO which hopes to impose higher taxes on people for simply using their laptop to make a few bucks. The reality is that higher taxes imposed on people who work from home has been on the wish list of politicos in many local municipalities for quite some time. 

Here's the word of warning on this crisis in the making . . .

Merriam Planning Commission Upsetting Residents by Regulating People Who Work From Home

Any Merriam, Kansas resident who is an architect, attorney, artist, writer, programmer, book keeper, accountant, marketer, craft maker, sales person, employee of another company or any other profession who is working from their residence a substantial part of their time, must comply with a Merriam ordinance that requires them to have a business license issued by Merriam. Even if they work out of their truck and bring the truck home at night, they are required to get a home office permit. This is just not right. If convicted of not complying with the city ordinance, the fine is $200 per day the business operates without a permit.

On March 7, 2018, the Planning Commission approved a revision to the current ordinance. The revised ordinance will now go to the City Council to determine if the ordinance will be voted into law. It has not yet been scheduled for a vote by the Merriam City Council.

Fifty residents attended the Planning Commission public hearing on March 7. Most comments, given by residents, were in opposition to the ordinance- both the current and revised. Privacy issues were most frequently cited by residents. One Planning commissioner said he was appalled that residents would consider the ordinance an invasion of privacy.

There are currently only 48 Merriam residents that have permits allowing them to earn a living working from home. An estimated 850 Merriam residents currently working from home, are violating the current and proposed ordinances by not having a permit. The number of residents not in compliance with city code is an estimate based on the population of Merriam and a Gallup Poll which estimates that 13% of the U.S. population works from home over 80% of their time.

My understanding is that work from home ordinances have not been revised since before the personal computer was invented. What Merriam does with their work from home laws will likely effect what other cities, in the Kansas City metropolitan area, do with their work from home ordinances.

​The Revised Ordinance Approved by the Merriam Planning Commission - Skip to Page 21 after clicking​

​Video of Public Comments of Residents at the Planning Commission Meeting ​

Some residents were stopped before they could finish their comment, at the public hearing, by the commission chair and then she argued with them. The Senior Poet Laureate of Kansas, Richard W. Jennings is confined to a wheel and could not attend the public hearing. After Sam Matier read Mr. Jennings' comment at the public hearing, the chair told Mr. Matier that he could not read comments from others and only give his own comments.​ After seeing the video, Mr Jennings demanded an immediate apology from the chair or he would contact an ADA attorney.

​Video of ​Planning Commission Member Comments Justifying Vote of Approval

​Video of ​Presentation Given by Director of Community Development to Planning Commission

Gallup Poll Says More People are Working from Home

For the last three years, I have published a free email newsletter, twice a month, called "What's Happening in Merriam City Hall." There is no advertising and contact information is not shared. I volunteer my time to do this as a civic duty. Anyone may subscribe to the news letter by clicking here.

Developing . . .


As usual, the New York Times is leading the local political discourse far better than any local news outlet and so this election insight from a Kansas City power broker is worth featuring according to the denizens of our blog community . . .


Here's the word that might be an indication of serious challenges to the current administration given that Mr. Roe & Axiom have always done better in the long run than most of their candidates:

The premise:

President Trump may not be on the ballot in November, but the election will be a referendum on him, as 2010 was on President Barack Obama and 2006 was on President George W. Bush. We will lose seats. The only question is this: Will these losses be catastrophic or manageable?

That will be determined by a very specific choice: Will the party retreat from its leader or fix bayonets and storm to the front with him?

No one fought Mr. Trump harder and longer than I did, as the campaign manager for Ted Cruz’s 2016 campaign for the Republican nomination. I know the maddening brilliance of Mr. Trump. I also know history doesn’t favor the president’s party in midterm elections.

Read the whole thing.

You decide . . .


There's not much new in today's court transcription about the legal aftermath of a tragic local case . . .

But we picked out the REAL NEWZ so local readers WILL SAVE THREE BUCKS it costs to read the Sunday fish wrap.


"An autopsy report on Schwab confirmed that he was killed when a metal pole struck his neck and decapitated him."

Of course, our blog community reported this horrific fact YEARS AGO and now the newspaper is just catching up whilst trying to play up pretty standard bookkeeping that has and will only result in wrist slaps . . .

Read more:

Grand jury on Schlitterbahn death has been convened in Wyandotte County

A grand jury has been meeting this month in Wyandotte County to explore possible criminal charges in the 2016 death of a 10-year-old boy at Schlitterbahn Vacation Village in Kansas City, Kan., The Star has learned.

Kansas City Teacher Story Time

Inspiring classroom revelations from dedicated local instructors who direct classrooms with their voice instead of packing heat. Take a listen:

Extra Credit: Story Time

Subscribe Apple Podcasts Subscribe Google Play Subscribe Stitcher Teachers are great storytellers. We aim to elevate teacher voice by giving them the mic, literally, and we got a special chance to do that at a recent event sponsored by one of our funders,

Kansas City Sunday News Link Look

Right now we offer tribute to angelic hottie Erin as Victoria's Secret stock stumbles and the founder is forced to take a pay cut thanks to public demand for cheaper panties.

Closer to home, we check some of these top news links for the morning:

Northeast St. Joseph's Table Inspiration

St. Joseph's Tables locations and viewing times

By Paul Thompson Northeast News After months of negotiations, the Kansas City, Missouri City Council finally voted on Thursday, February [...]


Smoke visible for miles as building burns in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Only a shell of a building remains after a large fire on 33rd and Brooklyn Saturday evening. Multiple crews were called to the area just before 7 p.m. First responders saw heavy smoke and flames upon their arrival, and called a working-fire response.

Cold Weather Drunk Tank Report

Police make 17 DUI arrests on St. Patrick's Day in KC, down considerably from last year

Kansas City police, along with the Jackson County Sheriff's office, arrested 17 people on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol this St. Patrick's Day holiday. The bulk of the arrests came between 11 p.m. Saturday and 4 a.m. Sunday.

Local Middle-Class Love Rail Transit

Forgotten Railroads In Platte County

This week's post on the Frisco Highline Trail between Springfield and Bolivar, Missouri got me thinking about abandoned railroads here locally so I pulled up some Sanborn fire insurance maps and old plat books and used them as necessary to trace old railroads in Platte County. I actually learned something...

Weekend remainder Forecast

First Alert Forecast: Gray Sunday leads to rainy Monday

With spring starting this week, we'll feel a little bit like winter today. Sunday's gray will eventually lead to rain on Monday, but there are warmer temps on t...

Meth Town Rescue Mission

Person life-flighted after ATV accident in wooded area in Independence

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- A person was flown to the hospital via Life Fight after an ATV accident Saturday afternoon. According to a spokesperson with the City of Independence, crews were called to an area north of the Rock Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant just after 4:33 p.m.

Local Songbird Inspiration

Prairie Village's Joyce DiDonato Brings Power Of Music To Moscow, Sing Sing And Kauffman Center

She's taken her craft from Barcelona to Beijing, but this weekend Joyce DiDonato will grace a stage much closer to home. Before the Grammy-winning mezzo-soprano brings the music of Leonard Bernstein and Hector Berlioz to life at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, we sat down for a wide-ranging conversation on KCUR's Up To Date.

Season Of Discounts Awaits Fanboys

Kansas City Chiefs: Money saving ideas

Spotrac list the Chiefs current salary cap figure at just under $12 million. That number sounds like a fair amount but it actually puts them in the lower third of the league. This means that while they have some space, they could easily be out bid for any players by most of the league.

Aretha Franklin - I say a little prayer - Live HQ 1970 is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Newsflash: New York Times Dislikes Kansas SecState Kobach Crackdown On Illegal Aliens

Special thanks to more than a few TKC readers who direct our attention to this EPIC TAKEDOWN of the right-wing white knight contender for Kansas Guv by the nation's paper of record . . .

Opinion | Kris Kobach's Voting Sham Gets Exposed in Court

It has not gone well for Mr. Kobach. The lawsuit, brought by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of Kansas residents who were blocked from voting under the new law, contends that the legislation violates federal law, which requires only that prospective voters attest to their citizenship under penalty of perjury.

Show-Me AG Hawley 'Sham' Investigation???

The most effective Democratic Party argument against noob AG is that he's "soft" which will hurt him in his struggle to defeat Sen. Claire McCaskill and might be the most effective rhetorical challenge the super-minority party has thrown at him thus far given that Missouri politics is mostly akin to a high school election:

Democrats called his Greitens probe a 'sham.' Now, the investigator is defending himself

JEFFERSON CITY * A state official who probed Gov. Eric Greitens' use of the text-message deleting cellphone application Confide defended his findings Friday after the Missouri Democratic Party recently slammed the inquiry as a "sham." "If the attorney general had told me to reach a specific conclusion based on politics ...

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Kansas City 2018 St. Paddy's Postscript Playlist

Right now the local "Irish" celebration has only just begun amid a day of boozing and bothering the curmudgeonly denizens of midtown.

Just a few highlights . . .

- On the way back to basement HQ we noticed no less than half a dozen police stops, KCPD isn't kidding around about increased patrols.

- The hipsters and noobs are getting gouged today. Exceptionally costly beer is fair play but ride-share price surging near Westport & P&L District is now at OBSCENE levels . . . Ztrip is attempting to lure people with lower rates but most of the NextGen are locked into their phones and are walking past the controversial monopoly taxi stands.

- Cold kept crowds just a bit lighter this year but the dedicated party people are still out in full force and in sort of a bad mood as the meaner part of St. Paddy's celebration starts to unfold.

Again, we wish the denizens of our blog community good luck and share our St. Patrick's Day 2018 playlist . . .

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday night.