Monday, May 15, 2017


It's getting hotter on Kansas City streets and tempers are starting to flare.

To wit . . .


We're more than willing to post Mr. Burke's side of this encounter and it should be noted that there's no allegation of any wrongdoing in this rhetorical tussle.

However . . .


Here is one side of the story and a slice of life for petitioner gatherers across the metro. Take a look:


Friday afternoon at a midtown location, Mike Burke the Downtown Hotel Developer, tried to intimidate one of our hotel petition signature collectors. CFRG is collecting signatures to get the $300,000,000 Hyatt Downtown Convention Hotel on a ballot so the voters can decide if they want to finance over 50% of the cost with taxpayer funds.

Burke approached the petitioner and while perching over his shoulder, tried to crowd him out of his position. Burke then had a heated exchange with a shopper who stepped in to defend the minority signature gatherer. The female shopper asked Burke what he thought he was doing?

Burke (B): "I’m here to set the record straight, these people are not telling the truth.”
Shopper (S): "They are telling the truth, I signed the petition and everything I heard was the truth.
B..Who are you?”
S: I’m _____ ______, who are you?
B: I’m Mike.
S: Mike who?
B: Mike Burke.
S: Mike Burke the hotel developer?
B: "Yes and I’ve done great things for this City. And this is very good for the City."
S: We are not as stupid as you think we. You screwed the City over in the Northland and we don’t want that to happen again.You are the lowest form of life bulling this petitioner. I’m taking your picture” she takes out her cell phone..

Burke turns away to hide his face. Shopper goes around him and takes a picture. He takes his phone out and snaps a picture of the shopper, for which she said she smiled broadly.

The entire incident was witnessed by the shopper, the signature gatherer and workers who watched the entire exchange. They all defended the signatures gatherer.

The store operator told our petitioner if Burke showed up again, let him know and he will call the police and have him removed. One of the workers stated “when I came to work here. I didn’t expect to be in a combat zone”..

CFRG attorneys are looking at laws covering interference with the petition process for possible further action.

Please be aware of your surroundings while working and thank you for your support.

Citizens for Responsible Government


Anonymous said...

Burke might be getting a bit angry about the petitions. They could wreck the deal.

Either way KC still needs more hotel space.

Anonymous said...

Look forward to seeing the photos and video from this exchange. I'm hoping that somebody dropped a few f bombs!

Anonymous said...

We're more than willing to post Mr. Burke's side of this encounter

He thinks you're either a drug addict or just deranged. So I guess we'll be waiting a while for that.

Ladies Who Lunch said...

Not defending Burke but the Grumpier Old White Men, the CfRG, get on my nerves. So fucking annoying in their way they shout down anyone that disagrees with them. Tea-party Trump supporters are the dregs of the earth. Make no mistake these assholes are Trump supporters. Nice touch for them to hire minority workers to gather the needed signatures. Do the low paid workers get $1 per verified signature?

If I shop at Price Chopper in Brookside (I am guessing this is the store) I might sign in spite of my distaste of the Grumpier Old White Men.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us grumpy old white men know that we get on your nerves. We were hoping for more than that, so we will step it up a bit.

Anonymous said...

If Mike Burke wants to build a hotel let him build it with his own money. What worse than grumpy old men? Are bullies. Mike Burke and Sly James.

Anonymous said...

You know what to do. Go get Mayor Bullhorn another drink, slave! :)

Anonymous said...

It's about time Burke stepped up and showed you who the REAL Mayor is. Mayor Bullhorn is just doing his part by dancing on his little strings. :)

Anonymous said...

CFRG, People who circulate and sign petitions to hold City spending accountable to the tax paying residents of Kansas City are stand up citizens who should be supported and applauded, not bullied by developers like Burke who see City tax dollars a a means to enrich their bank accounts and the pockets of their families and political friends.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, Tom Pendergast went down for tax evasion. Watch out!

Anonymous said...


he shouldn't have engaged. no upside.

a public forum debate should be offered, however, to allow opponents to question and vent. but the pro sude should be calm.

Byron Funkhouser said...

What he did is illegal.

Anonymous said...

A real estate agent should line up to get a contract when Dan Coffey's mansion on Loose Park goes on the market. If developers sue Coffey for damages because he is interfering in a financial contract, he will need to sell that place to settle the damages. Same for John Murphy.

Anonymous said...

Burke's reaction to these folks is like someone being angry at a bank teller because they're the only thing between them and all that money.
KCMO city government is little more than a huge slush fund for the benefit and dreams of every penniless "developer", insider, salesman, consultant, academic, grifter, and anyone else who is looking for free money without the bothersome requirements of results or accountability.
The hotel and the airport terminal fiasco are just the latest examples.
You really can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Agree @9:59, it's time for a public debate about this issue rather than arguing about it at grocery stores!

Anonymous said...


The rich feast on the poor. It's just the way it always has been. Hats of for the CFRG for taking a stand. Burke and his fellow elites think they are "doing good things for the city" when in reality they are just doing good things for themselves. They view the hotel as some great thing for all of KC when in fact it's just a great thing for Hyatt, Burke, S'lie and the rest of the elites of the city involved with the deal. How does building a hotel downtown help fix the HUGE crime problem in the city? Or crumbling infrastructure? Or the school issues? It doesn't. Especially when 10s of millions of dollars are being diverted from these things to insure the financial success of the private development.

Instead of Burke saying, "I've done great things for the city", he should have said, "I'm doing great things for myself and the rest of my business elites in the city". Because the second statement is far more truthful than the first. It's a 50/50 split in cost but Burke, Hyatt and the rest of the elites involved with the project get ALL the profits.

Yeah, the hotel may create a slight uptick in convention business. But not near enough to even begin to warrant half the costs coming from tax payer funds. And here's the kicker: 5 years from now, after the hotel is built, there's probably going to be another push to expand Bartle Hall (which will come from tax payer funds), or to expand the ballroom (which will come from tax payer funds) or even another hotel (which a large percentage will come from tax payer funds). It's never ending. And whenever the Mayor, council or the business elite community want something, they just tap into their piggy bank (which is money coming from tax payers) to get it.

It should NEVER be the responsibility of tax payers to insure the financial success of a private project. Which is what our city leaders and private developers are hoping becomes the "new normal".

Anonymous said...

Wow, tax paying Citizens of Kansas City being bullied by developers in persons, and by threatening lawsuits, for exercising their rights in the State of Missouri.

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you that was not Mike Burke. He and his cronies never come out in the daylight.

Anonymous said...

A lawsuit might be just what is needed. Let's do the discovery and depose Burke, James, Cleaver, and everybody else involved on the "investor" side. We wil,find out which public officials have a vested interest in this project and where the money is coming from. CFRG is not against Buurke building a downtown hotel, read what they have said.

Anonymous said...

This is what we're all dealing with -- pompous, self-righteous perpetrators of the people who view us all as a meal-ticket and nothing more. How dare any of us surfs challenge Mike Burke's behest. Same goes for most in the KC city govt hierarchy......corruption continually right out in the open. The audacity of these criminals is something to see. Sadly, CFRG is about the only resistance to this tyrannical mob. But CFRG is making a difference....a BIG difference. The biggest enemy of those that live thru lies and deception is the TRUTH.

Silverback Sly said...

That's what you get when you have an ambulance chaser,bully as the Mayor

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah Mike Burke! The guy Tony Botello's TOP ECHELON INSIDERS swore would undoubtedly, clearly be the next mayor!

You said he would be.

You said he DEFINITELY would be.

But you didn't stop there!

So this HAS to be true, best kc fake news blog, right?

Good times.

Retro ROCKER said...

It's not a new tune Line your pockets with tax payers money. The developer will promise you the land of milk and honey.When the project is over and the economy tanks The Developers are no where to be found and tax payers owe the bank second verse at a later date.

The Captain said...

Who is this Mike Burke guy?

Seems like a very strong devloper!

I like the cut of his jib!

Anonymous said...

Something tells me he's not scared of CFRG's legal team 0-4 lega team, who spend most of their time arguing for why Sherry DeJanes theft of a public right-of-way on the trolley trail is ok.

Hidden gem of the story: the signature gather was a PAID Non-Resident of KC.

CFRG, outsider meddling.

Anonymous said...

Also, a nice shoeshine. Mayor Bullhorn wants those shoes looking like mirrors when he reports to his masters. :)

Anonymous said...

Why be Mayor when you have control of a puppet Mayor? Kthx. ;)