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Right now, activists allege that Kansas City Police are unjustly targeting their members ahead of an upcoming visit by President Trump. Authorities have long been at odds with local ANTIFA and various group aligned with the alt-left and, to be fair, this police investigation should've been expected and is likely supported by many locals and most Kansas City elected officials.

To wit . . .


Just published moments ago and forwarded our way by AWESOME TKC TIPSTERS . . .

Progressive Youth Organization - PYO: KCPD and UMKC Are Working Together To Repress Student Activism

Here's the main thesis and a glimpse at the city college discourse:

"After it was announced last week that Trump has plans to visit Kansas City, PYO began organizing a protest against him. Since then, local law enforcement has harassed, threatened, and in one case, arrested student activists who they believe are affiliated with PYO. We see this as a clear attempt at political repression, directed towards student activists who wish to resist Trump and his awful policies, and organizations that are attempting to build long-term opposition to capitalism. This should give pause to all activists in Kansas City and elsewhere."

Claims of arrest . . .

On Tuesday afternoon, UMKC police entered a conference for competitive high school debate, and arrested one of the speakers, who is also a student activist, as he was delivering a presentation to the assembled youth.

On Thursday morning, KCPD came to the residence of a UMKC student activist, questioned him and threatened him with legal consequences for his involvement in student activism.

And so, we ask . . .


What we want to accomplish in this post is to give a fair presentation of both sides of the debate but MOST IMPORTANTLY to make sure this tense conversation about SECURITY VS. LIBERTY is taking place IN FULL VIEW OF THE PUBLIC AND VOTERS.

Whatever side of the aisle locals fall on, what's clear is that the visit from the Prez will spark more divisive debate in Kansas City.

Developing . . .


In much the same way that Kansas City taxpayers are asked to subsidize luxury living space with no real community benefit overall, consumers are also targeted by landlords with big promieses.

Take a look:

Million Dollar Scam: Rental Fraud Costs 5.2 Million U.S. Renters

Exclusive highlights from TKC news partners:

- 20.8% of Kansas City metro renters have encountered a listing they suspected was fraudulent, and 2.1% have lost money on a rental scam

- Nationwide, 17.6% of renters who lost money due to rental fraud lost over $2,000

- In one type of fraud, a real rental is listed as having features and amenities it lacks in order to collect a higher rent (aka rental market “catfishing”). The most commonly lied about amenities are 1) Laundry, 2) Heat/AC and 3) Outdoor Space

Read the entire study here . . .

Developing . . .

KICK-ASS Kansas City Skater Culture Endures 2018: The Harrison Street GSD

While the effete downtown hipsters are testing out toy scooters, the Kansas City skater scene is all grown up, sketchy, loud and better than ever.

Special thanks to SkaterChan for offering this quick glimpse of a recent Harrison Street Skate Park meeting of the minds.

Developing . . .

Wesport Carjacker Suspect Captured After Midday Kansas City Metro Police Chase

Here's a reminder that even during daylight hours, our favorite Midtown party district confronts very real crime danger.

Take a look:

Suspect in custody after Westport carjacking, police chase

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A suspect is in custody after leading police on a chase across the state line. The chase began in Kansas City, Missouri around 10:40 a.m. Thursday, near Southwest Trafficway and I-35. KCPD said officers saw a vehicle taken in a carjacking at Westport and Broadway and pursued it when the suspect refused to stop.

Kansas City New Airport Union Harmony?!?!

Presser and better coverage than most here from Northeast News . . . Check the perspective on an agreement even more flimsy than the delayed new terminal that'll be built sometime before 2030 . . .

Edgemoor reaches Labor Harmony Agreement with labor unions

On Thursday, July 19, Geoff Stricker, Managing Director of Edgemoor, delivered a positive message to the KCMO Airport committee; that their firm had reached a Labor Harmony Agreement with local trade unions. Labor unions and affiliated companies have agreed to pre-apprentice training for anyone working on the site.

Celebrate Clay County Golden Parachute!!!

Good government bickers leads to this politico cashing out with a very nice chunk of change. Checkit:

Clay County Administrator Dean Brookshier Resigns With $240,000 Exit Package

Clay County Administrator Dean Brookshier resigned Wednesday. Brookshier will be paid more than $240,000 in severance pay, unused vacation pay and unused sick time. This is despite Brookshier not giving the county the 90 days of notice required by his employment contract.

The Kansas City Afternoon News Feed

Check this week's age-old culture war controversy culture war regarding the constant struggle to balance family life and work:

Peeps: A Swimsuit Model Just Walked the Runway While Breastfeeding

Hello Giggles: Trolls attacked the model who breastfed on the runway, and her best friend posted this epic response

Daily Mail: 'She should be embarrassed and ashamed!' Breastfeeding bikini model is savaged on social media, as people slam her decision to walk the runway while nursing

Closer to home, our AWESOME TKC BLOG COMMUNITY fins sustenance in these local news items . . .


Royals' Bubba Starling injured, out six weeks

Kansas City Royals minor league outfielder Bubba Starling will be out six weeks due to a dislocated left index finger. The Royals said Starling suffered the injury off the field during a visit home, the Royals said. Starling, 25, is hitting .261 this season with 3 homers and 7 RBI.

Democratic Socialism Selling Points

Ahead of Kansas trip, Bernie Sanders rejects 'radical' label and jabs Koch family

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders will make his third trip to Kansas in three years Friday when he campaigns for two progressive candidates with events in Wichita and Kansas City, Kan. "You've got a beautiful state. I like it very much," said Sanders, a Vermont independent who won the Kansas Democratic presidential caucus by more than 30 percentage points in 2016.

Help Find This Hottie

KCKPD asking for help to find 27-year-old last seen on July 3

The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department is asking for help to find a woman last seen on July 3. Police say Latosha N. Martinez was last seen in the 1300 block of North 47th Street on July 3. She's from Liberal, Kansas, and has no known contacts in the metro area.

JoCo Middle-Class Solution???

Driver's license bureaus in Mission and Olathe will now be open on Mondays

OLATHE, Kan. -- Frustrations are boiling over for those trying to get a driver's license in Johnson County. But due to complaints of long lines and long wait times, state officials are now adding an extra day. Beginning next week, the Driver's License Bureau in Mission and Olathe will now be open on Mondays from 7 a.m.

Teen Killed In Horrific Crash

1 killed in crash Thursday on Kansas Highway 10 near Renner Road

NewsChopper 9 SOURCE: NewsChopper 9 The Kansas Highway Patrol is investigating a fatal crash Thursday morning on Kansas Highway 10 near Renner Road. The wreck, involving three vehicles, was reported at 9:56 a.m. One person in one of the vehicles died in the crash, the Highway Patrol said.

JoCo Good Life Lesson

Barstow School plans to expand to Leawood - Kansas City Business Journal

The Barstow School plans to expand - down the street, across the state line and in terms of the students it can serve. The college preparatory school, at 11511 State Line Road in Kansas City plans to purchase a former Hy-Vee grocery store at 12200 State Line Road in Leawood.

Hipster Weekend Plans Start Now

The Business of Donuts & Other Weekend Possibilities

Ever wanted to open a donut shop? Ever eaten a donut? All you needed was to answer yes to one of those questions and you're in for The Business of Donuts. The latest discussion from Square One Small Business Services and the Mid-Continent Public Library dives into what it takes to sling donuts in the Kansas City area.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Take a peek at highlights of a today's legacy media political conversation along with the myth that a border wall will stop the insatiable demand for narcotics in places like Johnson County:

Yoder Says Mexican Drug Cartels Sending Drugs 'Directly To Places Like Overland Park'

U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder, R-Kan., said Thursday morning that Mexican drug cartels are directly sending narcotics into Overland Park. Appearing on Fox & Friends, Yoder, who represents Johnson and Wyandotte counties in the 3rd Congressional District, said the U.S.

Show-Me 'Trump Wave' Coming Soon?!?!

Check campaign chatter from a notoriously lazy Missouri campaigner . . .

Mo. GOP Senate Hopeful Josh Hawley Predicts 'Trump Wave' in November

OAN Newsroom UPDATED 1:05 PM PT - Thurs. July 19, 2018 Missouri Republican Senate candidate Josh Hawley is predicting a 'Trump wave' rather than a blue wave in the upcoming midterms. He made the comments Thursday, while speaking at an event in Saint Louis with Vice President Mike Pence.


It's a truism that members law enforcement rarely speak out against one another. The "thin blue line" is not only championed by supporters of police but also represents another Kansas City code of silence enforced by generations of tradition. Just as police lament lack of involvement from neighborhoods in the fight against crime, activists complain about a refusal from most law enforcement to stand up against colleagues in tense situations.

And all of this brings us to the upcoming Jackson County election of interim Sheriff Forté and his campaign after an appointment by Jackson County Executive Frank White.

Here the sitch more or less . . .


Remember that Sheriff Forté is no stranger to tough talk from colleagues, in 2016 whilst serving as KCPD Chief, he withstood nearly universal local law enforcement outcry for his comments about police racially profiling and sometimes killing Black men.

But now the debate moves forward and the Sheriff's law enforcement record is finally subject to push back from colleagues.

It's not TKC's place to regurgitate cop gossip but here's a preview of some of the chatter we'll hear as the camapign heats up:

- Private Biz Pushback: Interim Sheriff Forté is more successful in his personal biz dealings than most law enforcement members. This fact of life not only inspires envy but also speculation, rumors and some valid questions. As a potential elected official, expect the interim Sheriff's finances to evoke further scrutiny.

- Retro KCPD Questions - The former Chief fired A LOT of people and forced even more into retirement. Some of those very same folks are now questioning his record and clandestinely making their case to voters.

- Jackson County Cleanup Resistance - The interim Sheriff is campaigning as a reformer but his tactics have already met with opposition. Furthermore, the culture of the Jackson County Sheriff's department is remarkably different than that of the KCPD . . . And so it's fair to say that complaints from within his ranks have already started to emerge.

And so . . .


Current KCPD Chief Smith offered an ambivalent bit of leadership on this front when he recused himself from a committee that would review the appointment of his former boss.

However, consider this . . .

Interim Sheriff Forté is no longer just a member of law enforcement but now seeks PUBLIC OFFICE AS AN ELECTED OFFICIAL. As local police increase their activism in governmental affairs, the "thin blue line" of silence is hypocritical in the context of an open and free election. Even tacit support by suppressing public complaints and merely working via back channels offers precedent for an unfair advantage to every former law enforcement official who seeks office. When police venture into the political realm their words are given extra merit because of their dangerous public service. However, the choice to remain silent or even anonymous on the candidacy of one of their own commits a betrayal of public trust in the political judgement of police.

For these reasons and so many more, this TKC post serves as an EXCLUSIVE preview of a more intense public discussion of Jackson County politics than anyone really wants.

You decide . . .


Here's a dubious local achievement which offers perspective on the losing local fight against pervasive Kansas City property crime . . . And the fact that we easily topped STL should encourage locals to watch their car just a little more closely . . . Checkit:

Kansas City has more car thefts than any other Missouri city

Kansas City has topped a Missouri list that it might not have wanted to. The city is tops in the state for car thefts, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Police say, when it comes to car thefts, location is key.

Kansas Schools Conduct More 'Crisis' Drills Amid Increasing School Shooting Fear

Today's teachable moment regarding the new American reality . . .

Read more:

Kansas legislature requires dramatic increase in public school crisis drills

The state of Kansas is requiring a change in safety drills in its public schools that reflects a new reality.The new rules instruct school administrators to hold 16 emergency drills throughout the school year. Part of the change is a reduction in fire drills, to four.

Kansas City Mayoral Candidate Clay Chastain Doesn't Want Your Money

At the very lest, this town's most prolific transit advocate is trying to save locals a few bucks . . .

Clay Chastain announces he can win the Kansas City mayoral race without accepting compromising campaign contributions and endorsements

"Actions speak louder than words." So, in order to assure the people no special interests will (or will try) to unduly influence his administration, candidate Clay Chastain announces he will not accept any campaign contributions (whatsoever), nor will Chastain seek or accept any endorsements. Chastain wants to prove to the people he will be a mayor solely representing their interests and will only lead and legislate for the common good of all.

Though shunning campaign contributions and endorsements, engineer Clay Chastain can still win this mayoral race because...

(1) Clay has the best name recognition.

(2) Clay is best suited to clean up City Hall, and free it from the grip of wealthy developers, secrecy and dictatorial leaders, because only Clay has felt the sting (multiple times) of City Hall's corruption.

(3) Clay is the only candidate with a specific infrastructure improvement plan (his "Great Green Transit Petition Initiative") around which we can build a more livable, prospering, sustainable and transit-oriented city.

(4) Clay is the only candidate with a 27-year track record of trying to improve Kansas City-without pay!

Vote Clay Chastain for Mayor of Kansas City and..... "Make the "City Beautiful" Beautiful Again.

Developing . . . 


An important warning for one of the nicer local neighborhoods around Midtown . . . An early morning robbery at gunpoint has residents scared amid an increasingly violent Summer.

Take a look:

Armed robbery in West Plaza puts neighborhood on alert

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The West Plaza neighborhood is on high alert after a woman's suitcases were stolen at gunpoint. The robbery happened around 5 a.m. on July 15 on Fairmount Street, according to her post on Facebook. Thanks to a neighbor's security cameras, part of the crime was caught on video.

Fear Kansas City Summer Crime Spree Crew

Authorities offer a glimpse of this suspected gang targeting local biz across the area . . .

Take a look:

Have you seen these men? Police believe they've robbed several metro businesses this summer

Kansas City police are searching for a group of armed robbers who forced employees to the ground at gunpoint. Court records state that police believe a man caught on camera robbing a Boost Mobile store off Truman Road robbed several other businesses and he had help.


Here's a bit of recycled sports talk that local news reheated without much context . . . 

KCTV5: Buzz growing about NBA's possible return to Kansas City


“I think it’s growing," said Jarrett Sutton, an NBA scout for the Dallas Mavericks and former player at the University of Missouri. "You have the Street Car, the airport. You see the success of the pro franchises here.”

Sutton recently tweeted that an NBA Assistant General Manager is optimistic about the return of the NBA to Kansas City.

Reality . . .


While this story is recycled from May 2018, it's a constant trick that keeps local newsies busy and offers hope of something more interesting than B-list concerts at the Sprint Center. Fact is, City Hall politicos had no idea what Mr. Sutton was tweeting about when he first pushed his theory. The reality is that 12th & Oak leaders made this promise more than a decade ago and it still hasn't materialized.

You decide . . .

Scooter Cluster Glut Hits Kansas City

The local toy transit tech marketplace is getting crowded as yet another company wants public partnership to make a buck. Check this clip for a look at familiar faces making even more fast talking promises . . .

Second electric scooter company courting Kansas City

If you've seen those rentable, dockless electric scooters around Kansas City, you may see more soon. Bird Rides Inc. put roughly 100 of its rentable electric scooters on Kansas City sidewalks and street corners last week - without much preliminary discussion or permission from Kansas City leaders.

Kansas City Among Smartest In The World?!?

More biz hype ranking and a glimpse at how buzzwords power the career of most execs at 12th & Oak.

Take a look:

World's Top 50 Smart City Governments Ranked by Eden Strategy Institute

London and Singapore were selected as Top Smart City governments, with a total of 14 American cities chosen among the Top 50, according to a newly-released Eden Strategy Institute and ONG&ONG (OXD) study which developed an independent ranking, selected from over 140 cities globally.

Kansas City Thursday Morning Look

We start with just a bit of tribute to constantly entertaining and iconic hottie . . .

Daily Beast: Pamela Anderson Defends Assange and Putin - ‘Everything Is So Anti-Russia’

Daily Star UK: Pamela Anderson reveals dark truth behind world famous sex tape

Page Six: Pamela Anderson shows love for boyfriend’s World Cup trophy

Closer to home, check more than a few news links worth a peek right now . . .

KCMO Offers Second Chance Work

Kansas Citians with criminal pasts get second chance at careers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Every year, thousands of people are let out of prison only to find that landing a job is nearly impossible. On Wednesday, people in Kansas City with criminal pasts were given a second chance at careers. Off and on, Desiree Lee has spent nearly seven years behind bars.

Secret Weed Cash Exposed

Medical marijuana push in Missouri gets help from secret donations pouring in

JEFFERSON CITY * An organization backing one of three competing medical marijuana initiatives in Missouri continued to pull in big-dollar contributions last quarter, though the origin of the vast majority of the haul is shrouded in secrecy.

Deadly JoCo History Revealed
Kansas Mom Shot in 2003 While Sleeping Beside Boyfriend Was Allegedly Killed by Her Son: Police
KCMO Moms Street-walk For Peace

Metro moms canvass at 2 high-crime areas, calling for end to gun violence in KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some metro moms say they've had enough. They're tired of the shootings, stabbings and other violent crimes destroying their families and ruining their community. "I'm just so sick of it because it seems to be every day now, and I would never wish that on any mother or parent," Twonta McKeithen said.

KCI Training Day Clip

KCI aircraft rescue, firefighting crew takes us inside their training

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After two emergency landings at KCI this week, the aircraft rescue and firefighting crews took 41 Action News on its training grounds to share how they prepare.

Local Families Abandoned

Families attending a Kansas City Montessori school scrambling after abrupt closure announcement

A Kansas City, Missouri Montessori school is closing its doors and is giving parents just days to come up with alternatives. "It really is a beautiful school," said one mom we talked to who asked not to be identified. "They have just amazing hallways and classrooms, and colorful and clean."

Kansas City Fake Gronk Keeps Faith

Arrowheadlines: Travis Kelce sees "unstoppable potential" in Chiefs' offense

2018 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Travis Kelce sees 'unstoppable' potential in Chiefs' offense | CBS Sports Kelce said Mahomes can be a star. And he's worth drafting as a low-end No. 1 Fantasy quarterback as early as Round 9 in the majority of leagues.

Miles Davis - So What is the #TBT song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Kansas City Real Train History

Nice write-up regarding the glory days of classic transit that powered this town's glory days. Take a look:

All aboard for railroad's Golden Age

The old Union Depot went out with a wild party in the fall of 1914, when the new Union Station on Pershing Road opened for business. The heyday of Union Avenue had come to a close; the old depot built in the late 1870s had seen its last flood and its last train.

Best Concerts In Kansas City History???

Here's where to find out . . . The Kansas City musical scene expert talks about the greatest cowtown shows of the modern era. Take a look:

A Look Back at Rockville: Great Moments in Kansas City Concerts

From Patsy Cline (two days before she perished in a plane crash in 1963) to the Beatles to the Jacksons' Victory Tour, former Kansas City Star music critic Tim Finn recalls the most indelible moments in the Kansas City area's live-music history.

Kansas City #TBT WWI History

This town's favorite local t-shirt company offers an informative look at Kansas City reax to "The Great War" and how the downtown memorial was established.

An appropriate place to start #TBT . . . More in a bit.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Kansas City Late Night News Sit Down

First and foremost, we take a peek at a confessional from a billionaire in the making and her hip-hop love . . .

Daily Beast: Kylie Jenner and the ‘Kardashian Curse’: Men ‘Come and Can’t Handle It’

Peeps: Kylie Jenner ‘Loves’ Her Scar — and Showed It Off on the Cover of GQ

SawFirst: Kylie Jenner in GQ Magazine Photoshoot – August 2018

Fox News: Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott GQ photo shoot slammed as 'cheap rip-off'

Huff Post: Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Appear Madly In Love In Photo Shoot For GQ Cover

Closer to home, here's a glimpse at some of the local real life news for the overnight and our shift-worker pals:

Kansas City Real Talk Highlight

Barbershop talk: A conversation at a community cornerstone

It's served as a second home, a place of refuge, healing, even a Town Hall setting, as 41 Action News discovered. The barbershop has been a cornerstone in the African-American community for decades. It became a place of necessity for conversation and mobilization during Jim Crow, and it's typically the one place where no conversation is off limits.

Local Police Action Considered

Seg. 1: When Should Police Use Lethal Force? Seg. 2: State Of Mental Healthcare In Kansas City Area

Segment 1: Witness says suspect killed in Kansas City Police Department shooting "was a very troubled individual." In a re-broadcast of a segment that aired June 19, 2018, we discussed the Kansas City, Missouri, police shooting death of a sword-wielding woman and the role mental illness may have played in the encounter.

Kansas City Prez Trump Slap Fight

The Rant continues to buzz over Trump, Putin meeting

The main topic of discussion for KCTV5 Viewers who called into The Rant? The meeting between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In-Depth KCMO Arson Case Reporting
Nguyen murder trial continues: Day 3 of testimony
Right-Wing Kansas Chuckling Collabo

Donald Trump Jr. Campaigns For Kobach In Wichita

Secretary of State Kris Kobach got a boost in his run for Kansas governor from Donald Trump Jr. at an event Tuesday night in Wichita. As the crowd cheered "U-S-A! U-S-A!," Kobach introduced Trump as a man who "needs no introduction."

Show-Me Appt. Debate Cont'd

Democrats want Missouri Supreme Court to decide lieutenant governor question

JEFFERSON CITY * Democrats in Missouri want the state's highest court to weigh in on whether Gov. Mike Parson had the authority to appoint a new lieutenant governor. In an appeal filed Tuesday, the party and Hartville resident Darrell Cope said they believe state law intended for the lieutenant governor post to remain empty if it is vacated.

Kansas City Royals Sweet Release

Who could trade for Moustakas and what would they give up?

With the second half of the season now upon us, we can now look to the trade deadline, just two week away. Mike Moustakas is expected to be one of the names dealt by then, as the Royals endure a painful rebuild season.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .

Show-Me GOP Billionaire Big Bucks Against Incumbent Senator McCaskill

Like it or not, here's an election betwixt two 1%ers decided by the 1% . . .

Koch brothers launch $1.8M ad campaign against McCaskill

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - The Missouri branch of Americans for Prosperity says it's spending $1.8 million on ads against Sen. Claire McCaskill. The television and digital ad announced Wednesday by the Koch-backed group accuses the Democratic incumbent of saying she supports tax cuts but voting against President Donald Trump's tax bill.

Prez Trump Sends Congressman Yoder Border Wall Endorsement Shout Out

Here's the newspaper reporting on Twitter as the JoCo politico beefs up his credentials before an appearance on Fox & Friends tomorrow @ 7:15.

Take a look:

Trump thanks Yoder, tweets support for bill that would give $5 billion to border wall

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday to thank U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder personally for his bill that would provide $5 billion for Trump's border wall with Mexico. The Kansas Republican, who chairs the powerful Homeland Security appropriations subcommittee, is running for re-election in a key swing district that Hillary Clinton narrowly won in 2016.


News of Prez Trump's upcoming visit to Kansas City was confirmed today.

"He will address the Veterans of Foreign Wars 119th Annual Convention," Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said. "President Trump is committed to our veterans, and his work to reform the VA, and to ensure veterans are given the care and support they deserve. The President looks forward to being with the more than 4,000 veterans in attendance."

The most interesting response has been from the local communist/anarchist coalition . . . Once again they're promising to "fight fascism" on local streets via a Facebook event page.

A look at their tactics: "We are hard at work preparing for Trump's visit, and we encourage people to share this event! For this, we encourage protesters to wear masks . . ."

Here's an early sign of protest from PYO - Progressive Youth Organization. One of the most vocal KCMO protest groups.

A declaration . . .

"Workers and students unite against the fascism that has descended on this country! Donald Trump is coming to Kansas City on July 24 for a fundraising event to support Josh Hawley. Join us to let Trump know we do not accept his fascism!"

Like it or not, the group shouldn't be overlooked and must be taken seriously. Remember that last time around they made national news by allegedly smacking a police horse whilst protesting candidate Trump on Kansas City streets in a near riot uprising.

Check the links . . .

Fox4KC: President Trump to visit Kansas City next week for VFW national convention

KMBC: His visit is scheduled for Tuesday, July 24

KCTV5: President Donald Trump will speak at the Veterans of Foreign Wars 119th Annual Convention in Kansas City next week. The convention will be held from July 23-25 at the Kansas City Convention Center. Trump will speak on Tuesday, July 24.

KSHB: Trump, who also will attend a fundraiser for Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley’s Senate campaign, is expected to address the group Tuesday during a business session.

Developing . . .

The Kansas City Wednesday Link Pool

Right now we offer a quick tribute to hottie family life and remarkable recuperative powers . . .

Inquisitr: : Candice Swanepoel Rocks Black And White Checkered Swimsuit Less Than A Month After Giving Birth

Closer to home we've collected these local news links that are also worth a peek . . .

Kansas City Po'Folk Foodie Offering

New pay-what-you-can cafe officially opens in Kansas City

The new pay-what-you-can cafe is officially open in Kansas City. At Thelma's Kitchen, they encourage everyone to have lunch at the community table where, hopefully, you'll meet people you otherwise wouldn't. The cafe is now ready to bring a new vision to the City of Fountains. Rev.

Golden Ghetto DMV Rage

Changes coming to Johnson County driver's license offices after public uproar

One day after people at a Mission driver's license office complained vociferously about long lines and wait times, the Kansas Department of Revenue announced new hours and other improvements in response to the public outcry.

KCMO Seeks This Dumper Suspect

City of KCMO asks for help identifying suspected illegal dumper

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The City of Kansas City is asking for help identifying a suspected illegal dumper. John Baccala of KCMO Neighborhood and Housing Services said the man, who can be seen in pictures driving a blue Dodge truck, is suspected of illegally dumping at least three times in the area of 22nd Terrace and Vine.

Midtown Crash Report

School bus carrying three kids crashed into car, no one injured

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police are investigating a crash that happened Wednesday involving a school bus and a car. It happened before 9 a.m. near 31st and Broadway. The driver of the black Chevrolet involved claims he was going north when a bus carrying three children turned in front of him.

Meth Town Shooter Wanted

Independence Police release graphic video of aggravated assault to help identify suspect

The Independence Police Department just released graphic footage of an aggravated assault that happened last month to help identify the suspect. Police said this incident happened at an apartment complex in the 9500 block of E. Winner Road around 4:30 p.m. on June 29.

Kansas City Rally Report

Kansas Citians rallying to repair water damage to Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Kansas Citians rallying to repair water damage to Negro League Museum

Wayback Kansas City Royals Winning

The ten best baseball players from the Kansas City area

This is a story that's probably more suited for the Hot Stove season, but we're at the All-Star break and with the Royals mired in one of their worst season's ever, why not? Understand, these are just my opinions and like any top Ttn list, there is plenty of room for debate.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Raytown Afternoon Gunfire Report

Violence ramps up in our 3rd favorite inner-suburb. Here's the story:

Man shot outside Raytown convenience store Wednesday

Raytown, Missouri, shooting, QuikTrip, Blue Parkway

Clay County Budget Dude Calls It Quits

For better or worse, here's the sitch in one of the most increasingly turbulent local government bodies:

Clay County administrator says he's stepping down from his role and as chief budget officer

CLAY COUNTY, Mo. -- Clay County Administrator and Chief Budget officer Dean Brookshier announced Wednesday that he is resigning from his role. "The Commission accepts Mr. Brookshier's resignation and is thankful for his many years of service to Clay County," the news release announcing Brookshier's resignation read in part.

Kansas City Rally After Latest Killing

A beloved local clerk was gunned down and there's an outpouring of sympathy along with a call for justice in the aftermath. Take a look:

Authorities search for gunman as community mourns death of Kansas City man

Police are hoping clues will lead them to the person who murdered a Kansas City gas station employee while he was working. It happened early Monday morning during a robbery at Inner City Oil near 59th Street and Swope Parkway.


The contest for Kansas City Mayor is nothing less than a mostly corrupt fight for money and support among special interests.

As always, we stress that every election in Kansas City is usually decided before a single ballot is cast.

And so . . .


We're excluding Rita Berry from this list because she declared $0 and isn't really campaigning and Clay Chastain has yet to formally file his campaign with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Ending Money On Hand is the metric we're highlighting along with a brief summary of campaign efforts to date and the cash they've raised during this reporting cycle.

Check the rankings:

Council Dude Scott Taylor Is The Cash King Of The Kansas City Mayoral Race Who Nobody Likes

Money On Hand: $306,981.94

The Southland Council dude has spent nearly 50-grand on his camapign over the past few weeks and the only thing it bought him was a paltry newspaper article about a mundane ethics effort. Even worse, his campaign earned only $4,000.00 for this reporting period which is LESS than ANY other candidate. What we've seen so far: Councilman Taylor's connections to D.C. power players and corporate leaders are far stronger than his admiration among voters.

Steve Miller Using $222K To Earn Second Place And Possibly Purchase A Personality???

Money On Hand: $222,454.67

In reality, Mr. Miller is the cash king of KC this quarter with $125,738.20 added to his war chest. He'll need every penny of it to buy name recognition and support but let's not forget that the current Mayor was just another lawyer before he ascended into the spotlight. Kansas City tends to favor average, mediocre, vaguely middle-class dudes . . . Mr. Miller might shine in this context.

Councilman Quinton Lucas Desperately Seeking Funds Outside Broke 3rd District

Money On Hand: $186,964.68

The pride of the 3rd District FINALLY started his campaign and reported $61,270.01 added to his bankroll so far. In reality, he's the most likely candidate to make it to the general election without spending much money because of overwhelming East side support. What remains to be seen is if Councilman Lucas has the nerve to run the kind of cruel campaign that most mayoral elections demand. Already he has shown an aversion to getting his hands dirty that doesn't hamper any other candidate on this list.

Councilman Jermaine Reed Also Short On Cash

Money On Hand: $76,401.12

He's barely tolerated in his own district. His campaign is a classic politico job application gambit yet his candidacy garnered $16,663.00 worth of support this reporting period that might or might not have come from donors who were desperate to avoid a longer conversation with the Councilman.

Fewer Donors To Fugazi Candidate Phil Glynn

Money On Hand: $65,308.67

Special thanks to our AWESOME TKC BLOG COMMUNITY for calling out this guy's candidacy as a FALSE FLAG. While he earned $20,725.00 this reporting period, he's spending a lot of it on phony Facebook love. So far he's one of the worst carpetbaggers this election season has witnessed and a very real danger to Kansas City Democracy and urban core self-determination.

Council Lady Canady Can't Register Much Cash

Money On Hand: $28,531.82

Her campaign finance report says that she took in $10,691.00 but there's no accounting for her pluckiness and charm. Her campaign poses a very real danger of siphoning votes from Councilman Quinton Lucas if she can bother to put the effort into working for votes . . . However, her mostly lackadaisical yet pleasant council tenure hasn't offered much evidence of a worth ethic.

Money Woes Must Worry Councilman Wagner

Money On Hand: $17,762.88

Let's make this loud and clear . . .


His campaign earned a meager $18,065.77 this reporting period. To be fair, he might have garnered a more important win by smacking down Councilman Taylor's silly ethics gambit.

His supporters are depending on Northland grassroots turnout BUT THAT NEVER HAPPENS which is why the fastest growing part of Kansas City has always lacked commensurate political representation. Moreover, Northland neighborhoods habitually fall into petty bickering and don't really have the voting bloc identity touted by the politicos from that part of town who constantly champion solidarity across the bridge that's only reliably exhibited in contests betwixt Black vs. white candidates. Campaigning in the Northland is historically more effective via MSM, gossip and billboards . . . Councilman Scott Wagner hasn't yet demonstrated the wherewithal to make any of that happen.

Jason Kander Slow To Share Campaign Disclosure

Here's a minor disappointment but a very real glimpse at actions vs. campaign hype.

Jason Kander talks a great game about transparency and ethics but his sluggish campaign finance reporting is merely an example of him playing the rules to his advantage like everybody else.

Already insiders are grumbling when they've looked up his funding and find:

"No Full Disclosure Reports with financial information have been filed for the current year."

When Jason Kander finally makes his campaign finance disclosures there likely won't be many surprises and a lot of the same special interests which have powered Mayor Sly's tenure will appear. In the end we'll see a candidate that has a lot more in common with his competition than what's touted via MSNBC and social media promo.

To be fair, anybody with money to spare in Kansas City is standing in line to give Jason Kander cash. He's the only real celebrity candidate in this contest and locals are willing to hand over big bucks just for a bit of face time with the bright, shining future hope of the Democratic Party.

And so, the Mayoral contest for Kansas City moves forward and so far money is talking loud and clear whilst most of the candidates are speaking only in campaign rhetoric.

You decide . . .

JoCo Slice Of Life: Suspect Arrested After Golden Ghetto Clerk Suffers Brutal Stabbing

Here's a reality check for locals who mistakenly thing that their zip code will keep them safe . . . Morning danger confronts the consumer class and their not-so-quiet lives of desperation. Checkit:

1 in custody after 7-Eleven clerk stabbed in Overland Park

Authorities in Overland Park have arrested a suspect after a gas station employee was stabbed early Wednesday morning.


Take a look at this urban core tour of sketchy & sub-par repair work which offer an important perspective on so much election season talk about public improvements financed by taxpayers . . .

Infrastructure Fail Redux

About six weeks ago, this fed up Newsdog penned a column lamenting the ongoing orange cone obstacle course that's been moving around the neighborhood for what seems like an eternity. When one dug-up, coned off area is "completed," the whole Infra-Source circus moves to a different area or corner and begins to cause traffic, dust and steel plate headaches for a whole new batch of residents and business owners.

Cowtown Good Life: Kansas City Trendy 21c Hotel Earns Travel Mag High Praise

Local hacks offered their take on this promo event, here's a nicer look at new local digs that sell at a premium . . .

Read more:

Kansas City's Latest Hotel is Also the City's Newest Art Museum

The 21c Museum Hotel opens today in Kansas City, Missouri inside the building that formerly housed the historic 1888 Savoy Hotel and Grill in the city's Library District. Known for its collection of National Registry of Historic Places listings, including the 1880 Public Library and 130 year-old New York Life Building, the neighborhood is one of many hotspots in the suddenly booming heartland city.


There are probably many levels to this story that are far too sensitive to unpack in the context of a simple crime report and the clear & present danger to suburbanite youngsters . . . The only thing we know for sure according to this coverage is that the dude wasn't supposed to be in the country.

Here's a sad postscript on an encounter that's somewhat analogous to the American immigration crisis overall -- Illicit invitations that turn out horribly when someone, invariably gets hurt . . .

Fox4: Illegal immigrant charged in alleged rape of 15-year-old in Johnson County


According to court documents, 28-year-old Daniel Marquez-Trevizo took three teenagers to his apartment and bought them alcohol.Witnesses told detectives the victim drank a total of 10 beers and was highly intoxicated before the alleged rape took place.

Evidence from a rape kit matched Marquez-Trevizo’s DNA.

Marquez-Trevizo, a Mexican national, had been in the country illegally before and was deported in 2008, according to a statement from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

He's being held in the Johnson County jail on $500,000 bond.

Developing . . .


The deets of this gut-wrenching story reveal that the youngster has tested positive for meth & an STD.

Read more:

Independence mom charged after allegedly letting men rape her 2-year-old daughter

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An Independence woman is now facing child abuse charges after allegedly letting men rape her 2-year-old daughter. Azzie Watson, 25, has been charged with three counts of child abuse and one count of child endangerment in Jackson County.

Kansas City Independence Avenue Deadly Arson Trial Courtroom Deets So Far . . .

Check this COMPREHENSIVE reporting on the trial Northeast News that offers a bit more context and insight into the tragic inferno that killed two KCFD firefighters . . .

Read more: Nguyen faces trial in deadly Independence Avenue arson

The Kansas City Midweek News Fight

A quick look at the struggles of a lady entertainer . . .

Daily Star: WWE star Charlotte reveals her boobs ‘POPPED' in ring leaving her needing surgery

Closer to home, these news links are also worth a peek:

Kansas City Early Morning Burn

Firefighters battle flames shooting from roof of Kansas City home

Kansas City, Missouri firefighters battled a fire at a home at E 62nd Street and Walrond Avenue Wednesday morning. The fire started at 4:06 a.m. Flames were seen shooting from the roof of the home. Firefighters said one person was inside the home when the fire started. He was taken to the hospital.

Golden Ghetto Good Luck

Three teens rescued from storm drain in Johnson County

An 11-year-old girl from the Indian city of Chennai was raped by 17 different men who worked in the building she lived in, local authorities said on Tuesday. An 11-year-old girl from the Indian city of Chennai was raped by 17 men who worked in the building she lived in, local authorities said on Tuesday.

Kansas City East Patrol Promo
East Patrol shows community-driven focus with outreach event
Kansas City Downpour Cont'd

After soggy Tuesday, more storms expected throughout Kansas City area Wednesday

Heavy rains pounded multiple portions of the Kansas City area Tuesday night and even more is expected to start the day Wednesday. Areas of southern Johnson County, KS, received nearly three inches of rain, while Belton, MO, received nearly 2.5 inches. Indian Creek, which is notorious for flooding, again overflowed its banks Tuesday, covering the Indian Creek Trail.

Old School Boost Against Rep. Yoder

Republican state senator endorses one of Kevin Yoder's Democratic challengers

A moderate Republican state senator has sided against U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder in the congressman's 2018 re-election bid. Sen. Barbara Bollier, R-Mission Hills, is endorsing Democrat Tom Niermann in his effort to challenge Yoder, an Overland Park Republican, in the general election.

Show-Me Reform The Right Way

Missouri court gets it right on constitutional amendment law

Amid all the false claims distributed about the Constitution's amendment-convention process, it is refreshing and reassuring when a court gets the law exactly right. That's what happened recently in a Missouri case. In 2017, the Missouri legislature adopted a resolution applying for a convention for proposing amendments.

Hard Home Team Changes Underway

Kansas City Royals: Trades that could happen, but should they?

So far this year, the Kansas City Royals have traded outfielder Jon Jay and closer Kelvin Herrera. In our minds, we all knew they would be traded. How early they were traded is another conversation though. Now we are setting our eyes on catcher Salvador Perez, super utility player Whit Merrifield, starter Danny Duffy, and third baseman Mike Moustakas.

deadmau5 - Monophobia is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .