Thursday, October 29, 2020

Kansas City Weekly Report Overnight

Tonight we take a peek at the world according to city hall and notice 12th & Oak imagining itself as some place slightly better. Check the description:

"The Weekly Report provides news and insight about Kansas City, Mo. programs and services provided by City departments. This weeks host Chris Hernandez introduce stories about Kansas City Industrial Council awards to three city departments. Municipal Court community conversation virtual zoom meeting. The Water Services financial assistance program and the Health department taking appointments for the flu shot."

Take a look:

You decide . . .

Kansas City Royals Getting Ready To Say Goodbye To Local Legend Bubba

He garnered a multi-million dollar signing bonus but never really seemed to live up to expectations. Now, as Winter approaches, the front office has seemingly lost patience and looks to trade the "never was" hometown hero. 

Take a look: 

KC Royals: It may be time to end the Bubba Starling experiment

In the 2011 draft, the KC Royals took a chance on a kid from just down the road in Garnder, Kansas. Bubba Starling, drafted out of Gardner-Edgerton High School was set to be a home-grown hero. Unfortunately, things didn't work out that way.

Rock Chalk Trick Or Treat Dispute

The science seyz that so many local chubby Spidermans are NOT safe to beg for sugar door-to-door amid the pandemic. However, here's a bit of local disagreement that might or might not favor a struggling political candidate. 

Check the debate . . .  

KU health leaders say it's OK to trick-or-treat, contrary to Kansas state officials

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Leaders with the University of Kansas Health System said it's OK to go trick-or-treating this Halloween as the coronavirus pandemic rages on. Chief medical officer Steve Stites said today in a Facebook like that families can feel a sense of normalcy and kids can still get their candy.


Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas lost a great deal of support today from the very same communities that bolstered his career and thrust him ahead of other candidates with more experience and local connections.

Still, he won the vote and now his choice of City Manager is confirmed despite hiring controversy and the mayor caught double dealing without an official consensus. 

Here's the not-so-fun-fact that local news hope to downplay . . .

The vote was 9-4: Council-members Ellington, Robinson, Lee Barnes Jr. and Ryana Parks-Shaw — The city council’s four Black members other than Lucas — voted against the resolution.

And so we ask . . .


We don't like to think of politics this way but without massive turnout form the African-American community in the 3rd, 5th & 6th District, the mayor doesn't have support to govern in Kansas City. 

From what we're seeing via social media, this decision huts his credibility with local urban leaders and inevitably those sentiments always influence voters somewhere down the line.

Check the links . . .

Fox4: Kansas City Council approves new city manager Brian Platt, but not without some debate first

KCTV5: Brian Platt to be KCMO's new City Manager

KCUR: A Divided Kansas City Council Appoints Jersey City’s Brian Platt As The Next City Manager

Developing . . .

Kansas City COVID-19 Count Worsens

The impact of the pandemic continues to worsen as local hospitals report higher numbers and we notice more people in midtown social circles confronting the illness that has been hopelessly politicized. 

Here's the latest roundup . . .

COVID-19 hospitalizations continue to rise in KC metro

Intensive care units in the Kansas City metro currently have the highest percentage of COVID-19 patients since the pandemic began. Hospitalizations continue to rise across the area and more patients are requiring intensive care.

Kansas City Hires Snow Help 2020

Here's an encouraging sign of Winter preparation and a tacit admission that this town FAILS to fulfill very basic city services for residents.

Read more:

Kansas City seeks outside contractor for snow removal ahead of winter season

With less than two months until the official start of winter, the KCMO Public Works Department updated city council members on its 2020-2021 snow removal plan on Thursday. Maggie Green, Public Information Officer for KCMO Public Works Department, says the plan will stay mostly the same compared to last year, but a few key changes will be made.

Remember When Kansas City Made Clothes

Our 2nd favorite local magazine remembers the long ago time when manufacturing was local and nearly all of clothes for Americans weren't the product of sketchy Southeast Asian labor. 

Take a look:

The end of the thread for Kansas City's once-bustling Garment District | Kansas City Mag

"Right around the turn of the twentieth century, there were a lot of small shops, dressmakers and tailors, run by immigrants from the various European countries, in the Garment District-from Sixth Street to 11th Street north and south between Washington and Wyandotte.

Kansas City Thursday News Link Stand

For close readers among our blog community, we share some suggestions, community news, pop culture in this collection of mostly wonderful things.



'You never know what you have until it's gone': KC jobs starting to return since beginning of pandemic

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Experts say Kansas City lost about 90,000 jobs from March to April due to the pandemic. Now, as COVID-19 rules are relaxed and the economy starts to recover, about 20% of those jobs have started to come back. But entertainers have still taken a huge hit, with many still out of work.

Golden Ghetto Promises Prompt Election Night Count

Johnson County predicts full election results on Nov. 3

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. - The 2018 primary election in Johnson County was slow and filled with issues. Two years later, the election board is predicting a swift and smooth process for the 2020 general election. Now, a new election commissioner in Johnson County is promising an efficient voting experience and results posted on election night.

Local Give Back

$2.1 million in unclaimed property returned to KC resident

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KCTV) - Today, Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick announced that $2.1 million in unclaimed property has been returned to a Kansas City resident. According to a release from his office, the unclaimed property claim represents 231 accounts totaling $2,154,676.97 in cash and securities.


Wonder Woman Lynda Carter spins for Biden and Harris

Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter broke-out her old superhero move for a video endorsing the Democratic ticket in Tuesday's presidential election. "This week, I'm spinning into my best superhero gear! Walk, run, or spin on down to the polls and vote early for @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris if you haven't already voted by mail!"

Big Guy Doubts Hype

Michael Moore doesn't believe the polls showing Biden ahead of Trump

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is sounding the alarm five days before Election Day, strongly suggesting that polls showing Joe Biden in a comfortable lead against President Trump are not accurate.

Prez Trump Confronts 2020 Blue Wave?!?!

With Senate at risk, Trump focuses on himself

After President Donald Trump took the controversial step of commuting the jail sentence of his longtime friend Roger Stone, Sen. Susan Collins was again stuck between the leader of her party and the Trump-aligned voters she needs to win a tough reelection.

Republican Talker Confronts Snail Mail Snafu

Fox News's Tucker Carlson mocked for 'lost in the mail' Biden documents claim

The Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been mocked for his attempt to explain why he could not produce some documents he had promised relating to Joe Biden. He said the only copy of the papers, which he claimed added to claims about Biden's son Hunter, had been lost.

Mas Macho Vote!!!

What Liberals Don't Understand About Pro-Trump Latinos

They all have one very important thing in common. Abraham Enriquez speaks with the clarity of a levelheaded TV anchor. The 25-year-old Latino from Lubbock, Texas, was the first in his family to be born in the United States, after his grandparents immigrated from Mexico in the 1980s and brought his then-2-year-old mother with them.

Voter ‘Left In The Cold’ Sparks More Prez Trump Debate

Trump supporters left in cold for hours after Omaha rally; Biden weighs in with criticism

Hundreds of people who attended President Donald Trump's rally Tuesday evening at Eppley Airfield spent up to three hours in freezing temperatures waiting for buses to take them back to their cars. Officer Michael Pecha, an Omaha Police Department spokesman, said 30 people received medical attention and seven were taken to area hospitals with various medical conditions.

Foodies Find Fast Success

How two hungry vegan sisters went from making queso to their own storefront in KC's food desert

Arvelisha Woods and India Monique just wanted to style hair and eat nachos, the duo said, breaking into laughter. "It all started with being hungry," Monique recalled, with Woods emphasizing the "hungry." The sisters behind Mattie's Foods went on a fast in 2015 as part of their mission work.

Kansas City Chiefs Continue COVID Limits

Tickets for final 3 games at Arrowhead set to go on sale with continued reduced capacity

really. I don't have any injuries. Toe announced here. So, um all in all, a good football game. I was impressed with all three phases and the job that we did, they're all three phases contributed. They overcame some things offensively and defensively.

EPIC Autumn Warmup

Who is ready for some nice weather in Kansas City?

The dry weather returns with warmer days ahead A huge warm up puts us back into the 60s on Halloween! A warm up into the 70s is in the forecast KANSAS CITY'S MOST ACCURATE FORECAST Tonight: A freeze is likely tonight with some frost by morning. Mostly clear and cold.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.

Kansas Progressive Blogger 'Journalism' Revels In Sketchy Deets Of GOP 'Near Naked' Topeka Republican Lady Fight

Here's a Democratic hack blog funded by donors attempting to provide not-so-juicy gossip that was bogged down in boring qualifiers and denials. 

The basics: There was a RUMOR of sexy lady GOP fight at a top ranking Topeka right-wing house party. Sadly, there's little proof from this note that doesn't seem to be having any fun recounting the deets.

And now, because our post title was more interesting than this story . . . Take a look at the future of journalism and/or just more subsidized pundits:

Prominent Kansas lobbyist's house scene of mysterious late-night brawl between female guests | Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - The brawl between two women at a Topeka residence of Kansas political lobbyist Jim Gardner featured a near-naked combatant relying on tactical biting, punching and pulling of hair, as well as the arrest and hospital treatment of the other fighter classified as a victim of battery.

Show-Me Progress In Missouri Legislature???

Partisan newsie bloggers imagine winning in Missouri. To be fair, 2020 is their best chance to take back a few seats despite an overall lackluster collection of candidates and questionable leadership.

Take a look  . . .

Handful of Missouri legislative races will determine fate of GOP super majorities * Missouri Independent

First things first, there's one thing that's absolutely certain: Missouri Republicans are in no danger of losing their legislative majorities. When the 101st Missouri General Assembly convenes in January, the GOP will still dominate both the House and Senate. But the outcome of Tuesday's legislative elections around the state could still have long-lasting consequences.

Kansas City Northland High School Footbal Stays Losing COVID Fight

Another local disappointment out of an abundance of caution . . .

KMBC: Oak Park High cancels rest of football season after COVID-19 exposure


 "The North Kansas City School District said Thursday that contact tracing was done and those who were exposed were asked to stay home for 14 days. 

 "The school district said it was later made aware that four additional members of the program staying home have now been presumed positive as a result of their exposure."

Developing . . .

Missouri Amendment 3 Almost Explained

There's a great deal of voter confusion about this ballot issue and mostly partisan newsies don't make it any better . . . Accordingly, we share a somewhat progressive screed lamenting the Show-Me state double vote.

Read more:

So why are we voting again on "Clean Missouri?"

By John Sharp Missouri voters will decide on November 3 whether they want to throw out a key provision aimed at reducing partisan gerrymandering of Missouri House and Senate districts when they are redrawn every 10 years after the census that was part of the "Clean Missouri" proposal state voters overwhelmingly approved by a 62% margin in 2018.

Wind Money Threatens To Blow Away GOP

Here's today's example that all utility companies seek to buy political influence . . . Take a peek at a new power player spending big bucks in the upcoming election against constant right-wing critic.


POLITICS: Wind industry blows cash into Kan. race

Johnson County, Kan., is a typical Midwestern suburb. Its mostly white, upper-income residents pride themselves on the area's strong schools. The county is also witness to a state Senate race where climate change and renewable energy have surprisingly emerged as defining issues, and one on which the wind industry just spent more than $100,000 - a huge sum for a state legislative race - to defeat the Republican incumbent.

Show-Me Missouri Meth Kingpin Mugshot

Quick peek at the reality of the drug game . . . Many Midwest dealers don't seem to fear reprisal from law enforcement. However, this one was wrong and his words come back to haunt him.

Take a look:

Missouri man sentenced for trafficking meth, bragged about selling it to 'half the town'

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- A man from Monett was sentenced in federal court Thursday for distributing more than 20 pounds of meth in southwest Missouri. According to a press release from the United States Attorney's office for the Western District of Missouri, 54-year-old Eric Akins was sentenced to 12 years in prison without parole.


Activist KJ Brooks is now a worldwide sensation after a clip of her castigating police earned "viral" status but her activism is well known throughout Kansas City.

She was a leading member of the "People's City" tent protest on city hall steps and she has garnered notoriety for her megaphone and incisive commentary.

To wit and just sent our way moments ago . . .


To be fair, while her insults may seem shocking, her speech is constitutionally protected and in line with the acerbic rhetoric of the day both online and among the crowd.

Take a look . . .

The video only features her face for a moment but after an analysis of her IG feed and some real world quotes, we feel safe in linking this clip. 

Again, for the past few weeks Ms. Brooks has used her megaphone to advocate against police brutality. And in a recent chat she explained her hairstyle change from "locs" to a weave which is her choice. And we agree, she looks great however she chooses to wear her hair!!!

More importantly . . .

This clip offers a more complete view of the current level of the Kansas City discourse and how this cowtown has become increasingly divided despite a worsening economy, record high murder rate and city hall budget that's edging toward bankruptcy. All of these problems should inspire us to work with each other to realize solutions; instead it seems that only casting blame and insults earns widespread acclaim.

You decide . . .


This blog has a surprising cross-section of readers from throughout the metro/Midwest/nation/world and right now we want to highlight a perspective that has been unspoken in the discussion of KCMO City Manager job search.

It was widely believed that Mayor Q would make history by selecting the first African-American female City Manager in Kansas City history. Behind the scenes, this debate was so intense that a white dude applicant who didn't make the final round threatened a lawsuit that, apparently, had more influence than most locals realize.  

Now, amid a great many inappropriate social media jokes about "his type" . . . Mayor Q picks a white dude who is well qualified but leaves some of this strongest supporters feeling betrayed.

Here's some worthwhile reference material about the influence of African-American lady voters and the very real power they hold in this community . . . 

CNN: Black women are the backbone of the Democratic Party. And they feel the heavy burden of this election.

Detroit News: How Black women shape Democratic politics

WTTW: Black Women Among America’s Most Active Voters

And so, we turn to one of the very smartest people we know who sent this message for which we are grateful given that is speaks to a subject that local social justice warriors would rather politely ignore . . . .

"So, three experienced African American City Manager candidates (2 males and a female ) were skipped over for young privileged white male for the KCMO City Manager's position. Shamefully, once again African American Women professionals are denied an equal opportunity in the KCMO City Government. How many African American Women have ever served as Department Heads in KCMO???


A KCMO Taxpayer and Voter. 


Now, this isn't just idle chatter or an empty threat.

Remember that last election former Council Lady Alissia Canady posed a serious threat to Mayor Lucas and actually earned a bigger percentage of votes than he did in the 5th District — The REAL East Side. She lost in a plurality but there are quite a few people who believe Alissia Canady could beat Mayor Lucas in a one on one contest.

Even more interestingly, Former Council Lady Canady still has some affinity from local Conservatives after she helped the "Save The Paseo" effort win a petition victory. Meanwhile, without former Council Lady Jolie Justus playing the foil, local right-wingers have quickly lost their patience with the Mayor Lucas.

Now, of course, Mayor Q will hide behind his mom's life story if ever pressed on this topic of his love for Black women . . . We understand the strategy . . . It has worked for him so far. 

However, politically speaking . . . With this move that picks a white guy instead of keeping promises to make his city manager selection "transformative" the Mayor risks some of his most diehard supporters and hopes they they'll forget about the very significant slight a few years from now.

Developing . . .

Did Viral Rant Against Kansas City Police Help Or Hurt Community?!?

Ranting feels good, it can be entertaining and often draws a crowd — but it's rarely effective.

A rant against the KCPD was witnessed across the world but the morning after here's the reality: The efforts to remove the KCPD Chief has stalled, the Police Board hasn't signaled any hint of removing the Chief and a protest against police brutality recently shut down amid rumored lack of interest and the cold.

Even worse . . .

Tensions betwixt the community & police are now heightened at a time when the upcoming election threatens to spark another round of civil unrest.

And so . . . In terms of policy, the rant did a great deal to bolster the profile of one activist but hasn't really seemed to convince voters or policy makers which is important given that, like it or not, for the moment persusasion remains one of the greatest tenets of American Democracy.

Black woman gathers Kansas City police in viral video

Footage of a Black woman talking to Kansas City police has gone viral. Keiajah "KJ" Brooks - alongside fellow activists - interrupted a meeting between the Kansas City Board of Commissioners on Tuesday (Oct. 27) and demanded that Police Chief Rick Smith resign for his mismanagement of complaints related to the excessive force and fatal shootings of Black men.

You decide . . .

Kansas City Demands Slavery Reparations?!?

Back in June we noted the surprising demand reparations in the form of more cash thrown away on the jazz district

Once again the argument emerges as a matter of municipal policy and whilst the competition for a piece of Kansas City's busted budget grows more intense.

Take a peek . . .

Could Reparations Be A Savvy Economic Policy In Kansas City?

Examples of reparations awarded in this country range from Japanese Americans interned during World War II, to survivors of police abuse in Chicago and descendants of the victims of a 1923 massacre in Rosewood, Florida. Now, some people are making the case for reparations in Kansas City. He called it "smart economics."

Kansas City Real Estate Shows Resilience?!?

Home sales have been SLOW in 2020 and the Summer selling season was a bust. However, we will grant the agents one interesting stat . . . Locals aren't dropping their prices. For now.

And so, a thin shred of hope is enough to spark renewed speculation as cash is quickly turning into paper and some investors hope that property will save them. Hint: It won't.

Read more:

Kansas City Commercial Real Estate Summit: A market that's as 'business-as-usual' as any in the country - REJournals

A tough year. That's what everyone participating in the Kansas City Commercial Real Estate Summit agreed 2020 has been. But that's not to say that the mood during the virtual event held Oct. 20 by and Midwest Real Estate News was a gloomy one.

Kansas City Crime Scene Amid Halloween

The last few days have been peaceful in Kansas City as the cold seems to have inspired a bit of local chill and the murder count has taken a pause. 

Still, there's still plenty of violence, court cases, police action and misdeeds to document. In this post we compile a quick look at some highlights . . .

Progressive Kansas City Public TV Claims Racial Profiling Worsening

Arguments against police targeting motorists "Driving While Black" has been a constant refrain for years. Now, back from the journalistic abyss, Mary Sanchez helps explain how the trend hasn't improved despite more public data and a bi-partisan effort to curb suspected bias.

Take a look . . .

Decades of Data Suggest Racial Profiling is Getting Worse, Not Better

When Sierra Moore saw the flashing lights in her rearview mirror, one of her first thoughts was to text her husband - a precaution against what might happen next. As she waited for the officer to approach, Moore juggled fear and a mental checklist for how to handle just such encounters with law enforcement.

KC Water Now Hiring

As their rates continue to rise, this local utility is looking to add more workers. Reality check: As long as there are people, there will be a need for water . . . So there might actually be a bit of job stability for this line of work. Moreover, this is where most city hall employees get dumped when they don't work out at 12th & Oak . . . So they really aren't too picky. 

Read more:

We're Hiring: KC Water looking to fill 180 jobs in varying fields

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With almost 25,000 fire hydrants, 2,800 miles of sewer main, and 478,000 residents served, KC Water has a big job to do and they are looking for help getting it done.

Kansas City Morning News Sit Down

Hottie Kimmie gets another year older and this inspires our #TBT start of the day with community news, pop culture and top headlines.


EPIC Kansas City Early Vote Underway

Jackson County setting records with thousands of absentee voters casting their ballots

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Jackson County is setting voting records before Election Day despite the fact that there isn't official "early voting" like in Kansas. In Missouri, you can vote by mail, though the deadline to request a mail-in ballot has passed, or you can vote absentee, but you must meet one of seven reasons.

COVID Killed Retail

Halls revamps Crown Center store, shrinks square footage - Kansas City Business Journal

Even before the pandemic, Halls was reimagining its 60,000-square-foot space and discussing avenues to remain relevant with consumers. The Crown Center department store now plans to revamp its product lineup, including nixing underperforming categories, and will trim a little less than 12,000 square feet from the store.

Great Pumpkin Loss

Kansas City's Halloween weather history

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) - Safe to say 2020 has been somewhat of a scary year. A year that comes around once in a blue moon. There's a lot of uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Still, according to the National Retail Federation's annual survey conducted by Prosper Insight and Analytics, more than 148 million U.S.

Everybody Hates Kim

Kim Kardashian West humbly threw a party on a private island during a pandemic, and the internet isn't letting it go

Undeterred by an ongoing pandemic, Kim Kardashian West has revealed she threw a party for herself and dozens of friends on a private island that swapped social distancing for dancing, bike-riding and swimming with whales. But at least she did it humbly.

Lesser Evil Endorsed

Trump deserves 2nd term even though he's a 'wretched human being,' newspaper says

In an endorsement published this week, a Washington state newspaper said it agrees with President Trump 's critics that the commander-in-chief has numerous faults - but that doesn't mean Trump doesn't deserve a second term.

Former Prez Comeback

Why Obama saved his harshest critiques of Trump until the campaign's end

Barack Obama held back his most biting critiques of President Donald Trump in the first years of his post-presidency, hoping the lack of constant attacks would make his voice even more powerful at a time he thought it was most needed.

Check The Mail

When will a second stimulus check arrive? Our best post-election guesses

The Nov. 3 election will come and go without Congressional approval to send a second stimulus check to help Americans, but once negotiations wrap up and it's finally authorized, the Internal Revenue Service will likely divide qualifying people into priority groups (as were established in the first stimulus payment that some people are still waiting for) to start sending out money in waves.

Majority In Jeopardy

GOP sees path to hold Senate majority

The odds are stacked against them and many see the GOP as the underdog in the fight for control of the Senate. In their dismissiveness of the prevailing sentiment that Democrats are favored to win control of the Senate, Republicans also point to poll numbers for vulnerable GOP incumbents in red-leaning states that are starting to solidify.

Social Media Crackdown

Facebook missteps stoke fears of long political ad blackout online

Democrats, in particular, are concerned that the undefined timeline for restarting online ads could hamper efforts to raise money and voter awareness around potential Senate runoffs in Georgia and Mississippi in January. Others noted that the policies will make it more difficult for campaigns to raise legal funds for recounts.

Soccer Surprise: Sporting KC Stays Winning

Sporting KC punches ticket to 2020 Audi MLS Cup Playoffs with 1-0 road win at FC Cincinnati

Sporting Kansas City (11-6-3, 36 points) clinched a berth in the 2020 Audi MLS Cup Playoffs following a 1-0 road win over FC Cincinnati (4-13-4, 16 points) on Wednesday night at Nippert Stadium. The result guarantees Sporting Kansas City a top-eight finish in the Western Conference and vaults the

Show Must Go On

Coterie Theatre at Crown Center set to reopen this fall

The Coterie Theatre at Crown Center is set to reopen this fall with a new show. The theatre usually hosts around 90,000 visitors a year. Right now, it's zero.It's one of the top five theaters for young audiences in the United States. The entertaining plays and creative messages have made the Coterie Theatre a staple in Kansas City.

Kansas City Clouds Might Break S0med Day

Your Storm Track 5 Daily Forecast

Today is a Storm Track 5 Weather Alert Day. We are tracking a 30% rain chance for early this morning with sunshine late day and highs near 47.

Billboard #1 in 1990, Jon Bon Jovi - Blaze Of Glory is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.

Jackson County Voters Could Topple Or Keep Statue Of Old School Racist Prez

Heartfelt progressive local media reporting offers an emotional plea that's more op/ed than reporting and doesn't really consider the very real possibility that voters might reject the proposed change.

Read more. . .

Voters Will Decide Whether To Keep Controversial Statues Of Jackson County's Racist Namesake

A statue of Andrew Jackson astride a horse sits in front of both Jackson County courthouses. As art, it's not bad. a dashing Jackson looks like he's got something on his mind, and the horse is plenty lifelike too. The problem, especially for Native American activist Rhonda LaValdo, is that Andrew Jackson was arguably a terrible person.

Lamar Hunt Mansion Losing Money

Real estate doesn't matter to dead people who are now worm food . . . However, despite a great deal of housing hype during the pandemic, not even football glory from beyond the grave can retain its value amid pandemic harsh times. 


Photos: Napa Valley mansion owned by Kansas City Chiefs tycoon gets $8 million price cut

The price of a Napa Valley vineyard ranch owned by Norma Hunt and the late Lamar Hunt - sports pioneer and longtime owner of the Kansas City Chiefs - has been reduced by $7.95 million to $12 million. Click here if viewing from a mobile device.

Rising KCK Violence Has Killed 18 Students

Today's life lesson reports on a desperately needed push to dissuade youngsters from an escalating threat.

Whilst most anti-crime initiatives are pointless, there's hope that this one might be more effective given that students still have a chance to turn their lives around. 


KCKPS launches anti-violence initiative after losing 18 students since last year

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Kansas City, Kansas, school district officials say 18 of their students have been killed since last school year. They don't know why they're seeing this devastating uptick, but they hope a new campaign will get people to say, "Enough." Blue ribbons can be seen at KCK schools across the district.

Woman Shot Dead In Kansas City, Kansas

Thursday starts with tragedy on the other side of the state line as police report another killing in The Dotte.

Check the deets:

"One woman is dead following a shooting in Kansas City, Kansas, on Wednesday night, according to the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department.

"Shortly after 8:30 p.m., officers were called to the area of Short Avenue and North 18th Street on a shooting."

Links . . .

KCTV5: Woman found shot, killed inside Kansas City, Kansas home

KSHB: One dead in KCK shooting

Fox4: Woman found dead in KCK home, police investigating shooting

Developing . . .

Wednesday, October 28, 2020


An angry rant at a Kansas City police board meeting has earned accolades across the media world tonight.

Locally, we notice local TV outlets shying away from the coverage. The newspaper touts it behind their paywall but deflects discussion and other "public" progressive outlets leave out some of the choice verbiage.

Almost nobody picks up the arguments against "soulless whites" and instead focus on the anti-police message. 

Accordingly, we didn't think the rant was THAT important given that it's mostly mugging for the camera which is fun but not necessarily productive. 

More to the point . . .


To be fair, when hotties talk, most people listen . . . Social justice shouldn't be an exception to that rule. 

And so we'll focus on her words but notice MSM highlighting screen caps. 

Take a look . . .

Check the links . . .

The Root: ‘You Age Like Trash When You're Racist’: Black Activist Vs. Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners. It Wasn’t a Contest

Jezebel: Kansas City Activist to Board of Police Commissioners: 'You Age Like Trash When You're Racist'

Heavy: Keiajah ‘KJ’ Brooks: Kansas City Activist Tears Into Police Board in Viral Video

Developing . . .

More Kansas City Political Chatter Debuts

This one seems to be the replacement for the Ruckus chat show after public TV protesters took the program off the air . . . Interestingly, already it seems they've had to mix up the program up because newspaper pundits were too boring to broadcast. 

Take a peek  . . .

4Star Politics: Breaking down major Kansas, Missouri races in the countdown to Election Day

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Days away from the general election, the United States has already seen a record number of early voters, and candidates are making their final pitches to sway the undecided. From the president to the statehouse, now the countdown is on to see who comes out on top.

Kansas Guv Kelly Orders Flags Lowered As Tribute To COVID-19 Fatalities

A milestone and a public health crisis literally impacting the American flag.

Check the proclamation . . .

Gov. Kelly orders flags to be lowered to half-staff after Kansas passes 1,000 COVID-19 deaths

After Kansas surpassed 1,000 COVID-19 related deaths, Gov. Laura Kelly said Wednesday she is directing all flags in the state to be lowered to half-staff."It is with deep sadness that I announce that Kansas has surpassed 1,000 COVID-19 deaths," Kelly wrote on Twitter Wednesday afternoon.

Fed Indictment Names KCK Scheme Leader

There's always a lot of local crime but allegations against ring leaders are rare.

Here's the exception . . .

Metro man named as 'scheme leader' in federal indictment for $300 million telemarketing scam

OLATHE, Kan. - A Kansas City, Kansas, man was arrested this week as one of the leaders of a nationwide telemarketing scheme that targeted the elderly and raked in millions of dollars, according to federal officials. The scam, according to a federal indictment released Wednesday, involved a magazine subscription scheme.


The lady at the center of a weeks long protest at city hall steps has run afoul of the law again. 

To wit . . . 


Critics of the protest scorned the lady for behavior the they claimed justified rough treatment. 

Sadly, what's missing from most commentary on the issue is that, judging by police reports, the woman seems to be having a tough time and social justice protest isn't going to solve her problems. She might actually need some very real help like many young moms.

Here's the story . . .

KMBC: KC woman whose controversial arrest sparked outrage is arrested again

Deets . . .

Deja Stallings, 25, was arrested early Sunday on suspicion of domestic violence assault, a misdemeanor charge. 

According to a police, officers were called to an apartment just after midnight on Blue Hills Road on a reported disturbance.

The victim and a witness told police that Stallings was intoxicated and there was a fight over Stallings wanting to take a baby from the apartment, according to the police report.

Developing . . .

KCPD Confront Teen Arrest Lawsuit

Courtroom pressure against the po-po persists as this youngster LOCKED UP FOR WEEKS but never convicted now pushes back with legal help.


Appeals Court Revives Lawsuit By Black Teen Wrongfully Detained By Kansas City Police

A federal appeals court has revived a lawsuit brought by a Black teenager and his mother against two Kansas City police officers after he was arrested and detained for three weeks for a crime he didn't commit.

Kansas City Full Court Press For Raptors

Fan focused glimpse at this cowntown's push to bring the NBA to town during a pandemic and about a decade after promises.


Inside Kansas City's Push to Host the Raptors

After the 1984-85 NBA season, the Kansas City Kings left the middle-American city and headed for the West Coast. More than 30 years later, the city is once again looking to be the host for an NBA team, even if it's for only a single season.

Johnson County Parents Fight For High School Sports Despite Pandemic

Everybody is playing doctor in 2020 . . . And not in a fun way. Here's a glimpse at Karen Golden Ghetto parents arguing with public health advice . . . Read more:

Some Johnson County parents unhappy with JCDHE's winter athletics guidance

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. - Some Johnson County parents oppose the health department's recently announced recommendation against indoor sports and activities. "They were angry, mad," Paul Schmidt said of other parents' reaction to the announcement. "They were like, 'What's going on?"


OR Mr. Postman ruins American Democracy.

Here's confirmation that we were never going to get though this election with a clean conscience or without a horrible fight.


Fox4: Hundreds across metro continue to experience problems not receiving mail-in ballots

Deets . . .

The Jackson County Election Board has received hundreds of calls about voters who haven’t received their mail-in ballots, when the board’s system shows it was sent. 

 “It was concerning enough that people were going, ‘We’re getting calls from Oak Grove, Grain Valley, Blue Springs area,” Director Tammy Brown said. 

Less than a week away from the election, Brown said the time to act is now. “If they haven’t gotten it within the next four days, Thursday Friday, they need to be getting ahold of us because there’s a problem and we want them to vote on Election Day,” Brown said.

Developing . . .

Kansas City Mayor Officially Proposes New City Manager After Screwing Up Job Search

The young mayor blew an easy hire but it seems council wants an out of town white dude rather than actually dealing with residents of Kansas City or workers in their own building. 

In theory, this MIGHT BE good news.

In practice, this decision gives the urban opponents of Mayor Lucas even more ammunition. 

A bit of a confession . . .


Moreover, I think our blog community deserves credit for this move given that our skepticism, journalism and snark pushed the mayor to look beyond quotas for the new hire. Sadly, his effort was mistaken and clumsy but so is everything else about Kansas City.

Still, it's worth nothing that there are a lot of people who aren't happy about this hire. City Hall insiders seems skeptical.

Even better . . .


Now, here's the official word . . . 

KC Mayor Formally Recommends Brian Platt As City Manager


The city council will take a vote Thursday on whether to hire him.

October 28, 2020

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas today provided his formal recommendation to the City Council regarding Kansas City's sixteenth city manager, following a 13-month long competitive nationwide search and recruitment process.

Following this extensive process—as described in Mayor Lucas's letter to Council—the mayor met with each councilmember separately to discuss their preference for city manager and saw that a supermajority of councilmembers named Brian Platt as either their clear first choice, or tied for first, for city manager. The next highest vote-getter had three votes from councilmembers as either their clear first choice or tied for first choice.

"I am inclined to agree with a supermajority of the Council—not only because of the agreement among this supermajority of the Council—but because of this individual's strong record on budget management, incentives, and affordable housing," Mayor Lucas wrote in a letter to the City Council. "Based upon sterling recommendations provided by his own colleagues and citizens, the review of our colleagues and community interview viewers and participants, and his strong work on budget challenges over recent years and reorganization of Jersey City departments, I will recommend, based upon my authority under Section 218(b) of the Kansas City Charter, Brian Platt to serve as Kansas City's sixteenth permanent city manager.