Monday, February 18, 2019

Kansas City Presidents Day Postscript: Prez Trump, McCabe, Truman & The Wall!!!

At the end of Presidents Day talk of high crimes and higher walls dominated the nightly chat shows.

Forgive this town's worst blogger for thinking that anything related to McCabe was about that 70s movie where Warren Beatty played an Old West pimp.

Turns out the conversation is more serious . . .

BBC: Trump lashes out at 'treasonous' officials after McCabe interview

We won't pretend to understand much related to the "deep state" if only because we don't want to get deported and it's a bit of a downer for this otherwise fun filled Prez day full of discount merch from China courtesy of so many other GOP leaders who were far more capitalist & big-biz-orientated than Prez Donald.

Thing of it is, here in KC, Prez Truman is still the all-time cowtown fave thanks to his local roots, racist mother-in-law and connection to our glory days of municipal corruption.

Meanwhile, the current Prez is writing his own history that might end with an EPIC wall, a scathing indictment or Oprah putting one lucky Democratic Party lady in the White House -- Her greatest giveaway yet.

Here are some links to ponder amid the overnight for our shift worker, insomniac and night owl denizens.

Forbes: On Presidents Day, A Look At How Much Influence Presidents Have On Your Taxes

Hill: McCabe: Trump 'may have' committed a crime in blocking Russia probe

Guardian: Andrew McCabe claims Trump believed Putin over US intelligence – video

Fox News: New York, California, 14 other states sue Trump in Ninth Circuit over emergency declaration

Military: Florida Military Bases Could Lose up to $177 Million to Trump's Border Wall

DC: ‘All Options Are Open’: Trump Puts Venezuelan Military On Notice

NBC: Presidents Day shows how time can change legacies. Just look at Washington and Lincoln.

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!

Show-Me Kansas City Desperately Seeking For Missouri Payout For Local Venues

The KCMO event space funding game is tense given that our mayor has a rough relationship with Jeff City and the GOP dominated legislative body doesn't have any need to play nice. And so, taxpayer subsidy of billionaire sports owners, millionaire athletes and the good times of the upper-class might not be a priority for cash-strapped lawmakers. Take a look:

Missouri Legislature Weighs Whether To Extend State Funding For Truman Sports Complex, Bartle Hall

A Missouri House committee heard testimony Monday evening on a bill that would extend annual state appropriations for the Truman Sports Complex and the Kansas City Convention Center, better known as Bartle Hall. Without action from legislators, the funding expires this year.

Kansas City Dead-Tree Fight For $15 Co-Sign

Funny the newspaper is speaking up now given that they were mostly silent during the municipal & Statewide arguments on this effort. Here's local news offering up DNC approved chatter that is important but served as only one voice out of many arguing for higher wages and, of course, ignoring the much greater threat of automation replacing most American workers on both the high & low end of the pay scale.

You decide . . .

Fight for $15 recognizes the needs of those who work hard | The Kansas City Star

Even working 40 hours a week - and at times working two fast-food jobs - I still rely on food stamps to feed my three teenage daughters. Paying the bills is a challenge. Skipping meals is sometimes necessary.


Special thanks to TKC Readers for sending this one over before they took to the street in a protest against a dying mall.

Brief aside . . . This one "feels" sketchy but we'll go ahead give it a mention because nobody was hurt and everybody seemed better off at the conclusion of the tale given that a Vans store job is a one way ticket to nowhere.

Here's the word:

Daily Caller: Vans Store Employee Fired After Telling 14-Year-Old ‘F*ck You’ For Wearing MAGA Hat


A Vans store employee at the Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, Kansas was terminated after saying “f*ck you” to a 14-year-old customer who wore a red MAGA hat into the store.

The incident occurred on Sunday and its aftermath was recorded and posted to social media. In a video, the teenager’s mother confronts the employee, then takes the issue up with the store manager.

Here's the clip.

Now we leave it to you . . .


The round-up is for realz and this surprise visit for this lady is proof of more immigration enforcement throughout the metro. Take a look:

ICE arrests KC mom outside of child custody hearing

OLATHE, Kan. - "It was a quick message, literally two seconds: 'They've arrested her,'" Rafael Aponte said. Aponte got a call on Feb. 7 that his wife, Ulfat "Lola" Basic, was in jail. "Two men walked up to my client and said her last name and said, 'You need to come with us,'" Basic's attorney Bridget Schell said.

Kansas City Witness Intimidation On The Rise

Real life look into why some KCMO residents don't call the po-po. Read more:

Burglary victim says he's being intimidated for calling Kansas City police

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- After 34 years, a KC homeowner says he's afraid to live in his own house after burglars recently ransacked it. It's an example of why victims sometimes are unwilling to report crime. George Ringer recently traveled out of state to attend his brother's funeral.

JoCo Box Store Economy Going Dark?!?!

Middle-class life is getting harder in the nice part of town, here's a look at harsh times hitting the fading middle-class. Checkit:

Seg. 1: The 'Dark Store Theory' Comes To Johnson County, Kansas. Seg. 2: Planning For A Recession.

Segment 1: Appeals by big-box retailers to have property assessed as though it is vacant could mean big revenue loss for local governments. A strategy first seen in the upper Midwest has found its way to Kansas and its Board of Tax Appeals, which is considering the latest request from a multi-national company to reduce the appraised values of its stores in Johnson County, Kansas.

Kansas City Monday Round-Up News

Hottie Stormi Maya is an Instagram sensation and right now she inspires this quick backup look at some of the most important news links today . . .

NBC News: Roger Stone posts image to Instagram of federal judge next to crosshairs

Mashbable: Instagram, Twitch, and other platforms helped creators make nearly $7 billion, study says

Insider: Instagram influencers are hiring life coaches to help them deal with the pressures of the platform

Closer to home, here are the news links that inspire our afternoon evening . . .

Po-Po Plays Nice!!!

Social services resources making difference in KCPD policing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In December 2016, the Kansas City Police Department launched a pilot program to embed a social worker with a group of officers. Today, that program is a fixture of the department, with social workers housed in each of the city's six division stations.

Kansas City Weed Game Winning

Canna Advisors will offer KC event for marijuana entrepreneurs - Kansas City Business Journal

In the first month of 2019, Missouri's Department of Health and Senior Services reported collecting more than $3 million in application-related fees - that includes applications for more than 200 medical marijuana dispensaries. While the department is in the beginning phases of implementation, people already are thinking about how they can benefit from the prescription alternative.

Putting Your Shoe On Retail

All 14 Payless ShoeSource Sites In Kansas City Area To Close As Company Liquidates

Topeka-based Payless ShoeSource is closing all 2,300 of its domestic retail stores, a company spokesperson confirmed to KCUR on Monday. About 1,200 retail stores outside the U.S. are not affected. The news was first reported by Reuters on Friday. Sources told the news service the company plans to file for bankruptcy, less than two years after emerging from bankruptcy in 2017.

Local Gift Of Life Needed

Blood donors needed as supply dips with winter storms

The Community Blood Center says it needs blood donors as the supply dips with winter storms.

Celebrate TV Tech Scene Sign Ups

Recruit event staffing platform puts PopBookings in the big game

While the Kansas City Chiefs might have narrowly missed their shot at the 2019 Super Bowl, the city was well represented as a source for event staffing at the game, revealed Erika Klotz, noting the power of Recruit, a new product from KC-based PopBookings.

Golden Ghetto Hobo Help Delayed

Plans for homeless shelter in Olathe hits snag


Freezing Local Forecast

Another winter storm to hit Kansas City Tuesday

On Tuesday afternoon, the third storm in less than a week will move into the Kansas City area, prompting the National Weather Service to place the metro under a winter weather advisory from 4 p.m. Tuesday to 9 a.m. Wednesday.

And is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Naming The Dead: Kansas City Homicide Spikes Nearly 50% Year-To-Date

Aftermath of a triple murder weekend the local murder count is 6 over where we were last year at this time -- 19 vs. 13. Here's the tragic body count of an early in the year murder spike:

KCPD identifies victims from 3 weekend homicides

SOURCE: KMBC Kansas City police have released the names of three people killed in different shootings over the weekend.Police said Terrell L. Parker, 29, was shot to death Saturday night in the 5700 block of Manchester Avenue. Officers were called at 9:15 p.m. to a home for a reported shooting.

Kansas City EPIC Medical Data Breach

A quick reminder that records aren't really safe. Here's the latest knockout to myths about privacy and a reminder that your doctor isn't really so smart. Read more:

Kansas City Anesthesia Group Says Medical Information For 3,472 Patients Might Have Been Compromised

A medical group that provides anesthesia services to Kansas City metro hospitals has notified 3,472 patients that some of their personal information may have been compromised after surgery schedules were stolen from an employee's car.

Black & Veatch Stay Losing Work Day

Here's a quick look at a local super-employer having their own engineering difficulties. Read more:

Small fire forces evacuation of Black & Veatch building in Overland Park

SOURCE: KMBC A small fire Monday morning forced the evacuation of Black & Veatch's headquarters in Overland Park.A company spokesman said the building in the 11400 block of Lamar Avenue was evacuated "after an electrical malfunction resulted in a small fire that was quickly contained and extinguished."Overland Park firefighters are investigating the cause of the fire.Officials with the company said the building will remain closed while officials evaluate the situation.


The growing debate over clemency for some of the extraordinarily high number of people incarcerated in the United States now confronts Kansas City mayoral hopefuls.

Brief aside . . . About the lead image: Adam Zyglis is a Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist and this fair use snippet of his work "Land of the Free" offers a glimpse of the American justice system which many believe is broken.

Hence . . .


As of this writing, few of the candidates have confirmed but it'll be interesting to see if SJW activists can convince political hopefuls to help free inmates at a time when neighborhoods are demanding more police on local streets.

Here's the word:

Mayoral Forum : Decarcerate Kansas City


"The purpose of this forum is to give Kansas City voters an opportunity to discuss the issues that they feel are important in this election. The theme of this forum is Decarcerate Kansas City: End the Criminalization of Poverty and Race in Kansas City. The public will be invited to ask candidates questions related to criminal justice concerns.

"The Kansas City Criminal Justice and Equity Coalition represents individuals and organizations who are deeply committed to policies aimed at reducing the number of people in our city jails, eliminating biased and unfair practices involving cash bail as well as improving the relationship between the community and gaining local control of the police department."

You decide . . .



The notorious "Scooter Gang" has returned to the streets of the Brookside, Waldo and Southland area to steal everything in sight.

This diverse collection of miscreants, crooks, youngster thugs in training first gained notoriety back in 2017. Now they're all grown up and continue their small time heists from cars, garages and anything that's not nailed down. Neighbors fear they'll soon move up to assault as one lady reports she was followed by the gang as she quickly maneuvered through the snow to her car.

Most of the reports this weekend simply confirm petty open door car property thefts and the gang brazenly stopping and pulling car doors block by block as if they owned the streets. 

And so . . .


Thing of it is, they're on scooters and don't seem formidable but they're tougher than they look and longtime residents might be overestimating their willingness to engage an organized mob of ruffians riding cheap bikes in the snow.

Check the TIPS hotline for those who want to stay anonymous in hopes police can crack down on the rolling young adult mob after about two years running.

Developing . . .


EPIC violence continues to plague frozen local streets as the arctic conditions can't stop nearly constant gunfire. Check the latest spate of bullets flying that thankfully hasn't resulted in another murder . . . Yet:

Police investigate after double shooting on 79th, Brooklyn

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Police are searching for a suspect following a double shooting overnight Sunday. The scene took place near 79th Street and Brooklyn Avenue. According to police, two people were shot and taken to the hospital. The condition of either vicitm is unknown.

Talking The Golden Ghetto Wife Chopper

Local news considers the macabre deets of a local killer who fell through the cracks of the social safety net in one of the most affluent parts of town. Take a listent:

Crime Files: The Justin Rey Letters podcast

KANSAS CITY -- A man now guilty of child endangerment in Johnson County after he was found in a Lenexa storage unit with his wife's dismembered body sent a series of letters from jail to FOX4's Kathy Quinn.

City College Hopes Tech Can Keep Students Safe Despite Recent Acquaintance Attacks

Recently this local institution suffered two major date rape allegations that shook the campus. And then there's hot mess about the "kissing coach" and his microwave. Sadly, both friend & strangers can threaten students at UMKC. Even worse, consistent car crime and random muggings prove that things can, in fact, get rough on campus and extra security is a vital part of protecting the campus. Here's the latest effort to involve students and hoping that nobody starts a campus carry movement . . .

Guardian app helps students stay safe on campus


Kansas City is ruled by low voter turnout and City Hall capitalizing on most people tuning out their embarrassing antics.

A recent fact check offers a glimpse of democracy subverted right here in River City.

A note about funding from an airport insider . . .

"Good points in this e-mail . . . The city is deliberately avoiding the use of General Obligation (GO) bonds mentioned in this comment because that would trigger a need to get voter approval. Instead, the city is using Special Obligation Bonds, issuing them through the sketchy Industrial Development Authority presided over by top city officials. This is a deliberate tactic designed to avoid letting this out-of-control project anywhere near voters. Who believes voters would approve this crap storm?"

Now here's the word:

CFRG KC: Over 80% of the KCMO Registered Voters DID NOT vote for the airport as it is being presented

For over a year now, we’ve been hearing about how many of the registered voters voted for the new “single terminal” airport? This has been a total effort on the part of City Hall including some mayoral candidates to deceive the electorate. Read the ballot language below. It says nothing about a "single terminal" airport. The vote was simply to tear down the existing airport and replace it. The replacement could be a remodeled structure.

It’s time to take a look at how many of the registered voters did not vote for the airport as it is being presented to the voters.

First let’s look at the ballot language for some clarification:


"Shall the City of Kansas City be authorized to construct a new passenger terminal at Kansas City International Airport and demolish existing terminals as necessary, with all costs paid solely from the revenues derived by the City from the operation of its airports and related facilities, and without the issuance of general airport revenue bonds unless such general airport revenue bonds have received prior voter approval? YES / NO"

The ballot gives the city permission to construct a new passenger terminal. It does not say it has two be a “single terminal”. A terminal can consist of several buildings. It does not say they have to demolish the existing terminals. It says they can demolish the existing terminals “as necessary” (in an effort to construct a new facility). In our opinion this would allow for a remodeled terminal complex. Let's not rule it out.

It appears if GO bonds are going to be used, there has to be another vote. To our knowledge, there has not been an election for voter approval of any GO Bonds for the airport project, new construction or remodel.

We’ve heard repeatedly about how many registered voters voted for the proposed airport, let’s look at how many registered voters did not vote for this proposed airport...

*This number is comprised of registered voters who voted no on question #1 and registered voters who voted no by not voting at all. If they were for the project, they would have voted.

Let’s not be fooled. Regardless of what you’ve been hearing; The majority of the registered voters did not support this ballot issue. Over 80% of registered voters voted NO one way or another.

Have you been misled? If so by who?

Developing . . .

Kansas City Still Booming?!?!?

Sketchy premise from Fox News argues for the Heartland economy and lower cost of living but on the ground level our blog community can see that advantage quickly fading. However, this report simply confirms the same problems confronting this town are even worse across the nation.


Gilded Age 2.0: U.S. Income Inequality Increases to Pre-Great Depression Levels

And then a few local references here:

Don't put flyover country in a corner. It's leading America's urban boom.

Kansas City Home Makeover Envy Journalism

Here's a glimpse at the local high-life that's beyond the reach of most residents and certainly the scumbags who read this blog. Still, the collection of pix and verbiage offers an "aspirational" view of Kansas City metro life for optimistic souls or simply confirmation that late-capitalism is for realz. Read more:

Home Remodel: Modern, Masculine, and Made for Comfort

By Julie Mulhern, photography Chad Jackson There's a tremendous leap of faith in turning your house over to strangers and giving them carte blanche to renovate it. That leap and the results kept America tuned into a Waco, Texas, couple for five years.

Kansas City Coffee Candy Bar Winning?!?!

A great many locals complain that local barista creations are nothing more than a "candy bar in a cup." This time, it's the other way around and offers yet another reason to grow embittered at the local creative class foodies . . . Checkit:

Kansas City's Flat Cup Confections Puts Your Favorite Cup of Coffee in a Candy Bar

Michael Golden thought that a candy bar made with the roasty, toasty flavors found in a quality cup of coffee was an intriguing idea. He just didn't know how to make one.

Kansas City Monday Morning Sit Down

Hottie Josie inspires this morning blast a glimpse of a struggling lingerie maker going high-end to help sagging profits:

Biz Insider: Victoria's Secret is now selling high-end lingerie from Paris that costs up to $200 for a bra

Closer to home, we're starting our day with these local news links:

Presenting The Kansas City Downtown Classy Agenda This Week
Ballet, Mardi Gras, Michael J. light up Big Town this week
Local Heart Healing

Tiny device packs big punch for heart failure patients

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A sensor smaller than a dime is helping doctors keep heart-failure patients out of the hospital. Abbott's CardioMEMS is a device that measures pulmonary pressure. The new technology is being used at Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute, where 41 Action News met one patient benefiting from the sensor.

Kangroo Tribute

UMKC basketball retires Michael Watson's jersey number

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Former University of Missouri-Kansas City men's basketball player Michael Watson is a living embodiment of hard work yielding a dream come true. Watson became the third player in Kangaroos history to have their number retired Saturday, when the his No. 22 jersey was retired during an on-court ceremony at Swinney Rec Center.

From Food To Friends!!!

Local group rescues half dozen Greyhounds from China

LENEXA, KS (KCTV)-- A local group just returned from a long trip where they rescued a half dozen Greyhounds. The pups arrived in the metro on Sunday all the way from China.

Celebrate KC Baseball History

Negro Leagues Museum to celebrate league's 100th anniversary

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is celebrating the 100th anniversary of a Kansas City meeting that sparked the league with a yearlong celebration. The Kansas City Star reports that the museum in the 18th and Vine District has announced the festivities will begin Feb. 13, 2020.

Kansas City High Art Review

Can't Buy Me Love: Kansas City Ballet's "Lady of the Camellias" - KC STUDIO

Kansas City Ballet's "Lady of the Camellias" is gorgeous. The costuming, the dancing, the sets and lighting evoke a shimmering dream world, enhanced by the romantic music of Frédéric Chopin. Saturday's performance at the Kauffman Center earned resounding praise from the audience. Choreographer Val Caniparoli used the popular and familiar (and semi-autobiographical) story by Alexander ...

Home Team Keeps Rebuilding

Kansas City Royals: The end of the Alcides Escobar era

Alcides Escobar was acquired by the Kansas City Royals after the Royals agreed to trade Zack Greinke and Yuniesky Betancourt to Milwaukee for Escobar, Lorenzo Cain, Jake Odorizzi, and Jeremy Jeffress during the offseason in 2010. Little did we know, this trade would completely change the way fans view the Royals.

Hozier - Almost is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

TKC EPIC Reader Suggested News Contemplates 'Scent Of A Woman' Missive

We don't always have time and a place for every news links sent our way but right now our blog community deserves a quick pause to consider this IMPORTANT column on the topic or our perceptions. Take a whiff:

A Lady's Many Scents

I've heard you should bathe in a "cap full" of apple cider vinegar as an alternative for douching, which also improves vaginal smell. Is there any scientific evidence to support this? - asked by Just looking for the science The scent of your vagina is primarily controlled by the colonies of healthy bacteria that populate the vagina.

Camp Magazine Leads Community Journalism

An important talk with one of our newsie favorites and a quick overview of insights into this town. Take a look & listen:

Seg. 1: Camp Magazine. Seg. 2: Running Superman Retires. Seg. 3: Teen Activism

From a continent-wide softball competition, to a 'rainbow wave' in local government - there's a lot of news in Kansas City's LGBTQ community. We visit with the editor of Camp Magazine, to take a look at recent headlines. Segment 2, beginning at 13:20: A local icon hangs up his cape.

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Reinvents Pro-Football 'Trick Shot' Trend

Hometown hero turns football into basketball that's just a bit more entertaining for those who can overlook playoff defeat. Checkit:

Did Patrick Mahomes make trick shots cool? Yes, says the AAF

Patrick Mahomes is changing the game of professional football, and now we have the proof. While the the NBA's all-stars were flashing their own skills during the league's showcase game in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Sunday night, AAF quarterback Phillip Nelson of the San Diego Fleet had some tricks of his own that were - dare we say - inspired by Mahomes?

Sunday, February 17, 2019


This week of love has been punctuated by a horrific murder spree which has spiked the local homicide count and set this town upon another historic pace for local killings.

Saturday night started the massacre with a man gunned down on Troost.

Sunday morning a double shooting after a club fight left one man dead in a car on 57th & Manchester.

Today, authorities investigated a murder scene on the 6400 block of East 12th where a woman lay dead from several gunshot wounds.

More context:

6 people shot in 5 shooting incidents so far this weekend; 3 have died

Accordingly . . .


Translation: Clearly uptick in local killing hasn't stopped despite a slight reduction in numbers last year.

Last year at this time there were only 12 murder and only 16 the year before that . . .

Developing . . .

Kansas City Reminder: City Hall Closed Tomorrow And No Trash Pickup

Kansas City Reminder: City Hall Closed Tomorrow And No Trash Pickup

Quick look at municipal weather news courtesy of Northland Council Lady Heather Hall:

City Hall & 311 closed for Presidents Day

Holiday trash schedule in effect

In observance of Presidents Day, City offices and the 311 Center will be closed on Feb. 18. As a result, trash and recycling collection schedules will move to the holiday schedule.

For example, trash normally picked up on Monday will be collected on Tuesday. The remaining trash collection schedule will be adjusted by one day (Friday collection will be on Saturday, Feb.23)

City Hall will reopen at 8 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 19.

Kansas City Politico Hopes Missouri GOP Won't Block Missouri Sunshine Laws

Kansas City Politico Hopes Missouri GOP Won't Block Missouri Sunshine Laws

Ethics issues are a running joke in Missouri but recently a Northeast politico shares her perspective and offers insight on the busted process:

Turner Report: Kansas City Democrat - HB 445 guts Sunshine Law, local officials could keep virtually all records secret

Money line:

"HB 445 started with wide bipartisan support. It would have imposed a two-year waiting period on local officials becoming lobbyists and capped gifts from lobbyists to local officials at $5 – requirements recently imposed on lawmakers by a constitutional amendment Missouri voters overwhelmingly approved last year.

"But then, State Rep. Nick Schroer, R-O’Fallon, added an amendment to broadly expand statutory exemptions that allow certain records to be withheld under the Sunshine Law. Under the amendment, government officials would have legal authority to keep virtually all records secret."

Developing . . .

Cascone's Shuts Down In River Market Despite Streetcar Promise Of New Biz

The toy train KILLED another local biz as the fake ridership numbers don't translate into real money at the end of the day. We can debate the merits of the fare but the fact is this place SURVIVED FOR A GENERATION without help from the streetcar but lasted only a few years after the tracks and bad parking chased away most of their lunch traffic. A new hipster restaurant is on the way but the reality is that a great many biz owners along the line have complained about broken promises and fewer customers despite the constant stream of taxpayer funded hype. Read betwixt the lines in this report:

Cascone's Grill closing after decades in the River Market, new concept coming | The Kansas City Star

Cascone's Grill, at 15 E. Fifth St., plans to shut down on Feb. 28. A new concept, Estelle's, by the owner of Anton's Taproom, will open in the space.

Youngsters Safe After KCK Carjacking

Brazen auto theft inspired a citywide search that proved successful after a dude with rifle stole a car with kids inside. Read more:

KCK police take suspect into custody following armed robberies

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) - The Kansas City, Kansas police are investigating after two vehicles were stolen at gunpoint on Sunday afternoon. At 2 p.m., officers went to the 1500 block of Freeman Avenue on a call about an armed disturbance.

Kansas City Morning Anchor Mark Alford 'Dancing Monkey' Quip Sparks Debate

An off-handed cooking segment comment on the morning news this week has sparked social media scorn and culture war discussion on the subject of painful and/or harmless analogies.

A local TV viewer shared this complaint that garnered a surprising amount of traction, probably because it's too cold to go outside and most people have been sitting around gawking at their mobile phones for the past 72 hours.

Here's the statement:

Text capture quote for a social media debate that's newsworthy given hundreds of reactions and shares:

"While we sitting here doing nothing I think I’d let y’all know your boy Mark Alford of FOX4 News Kansas City was asked to do the Carlton dance. He responded by saying “no I’m not a monkey”. Unsure about y’all but I’m questioning why a monkey was used in reference to this dance.

"Sadly this guy has been allowed do to and say anything he wants with no consequences. Time to plan a protest at the station."

For those who don't know, the "Carton Dance" referred to by this quote is a series of moves popularized by Alfonso Ribeiro on the popular 90s TV show "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" -- The dance has garnered pop culture resurgence thanks to the Battle Royale Video Game Fortnite and the ensuing & failed legal effort to copyright the steps.

Given that the reference to a monkey is the main point of contention -- It's worth attempting to explain and recognize the justified reaction to any hint of "simianization" in pop culture given the painful past of mass media and Western Culture in general.

A more thoughtful explanation:

For centuries the West has found it useful to compare black people to monkeys

However, if we're to place the comment in the appropriate historical context it's also worthwhile to mention a classic bit of Americana that doesn't necessarily have have any obvious racial component BUT does offer a frame of reference for Mr. Alford's remark . . .

Organ grinders and their monkeys, who often seemed to dance, are a part of American culture and the immigrant story of big cities during the wave of immigration around the time of WWI.

Whilst animal rights activists might object, there is also a long history of circus animals who were trained to mimic dance moves during their performances.

A reasonable person might say that all of this historical context is far too much pressure to place on casual conversation and a cooking segment intended to entertain old ladies during the morning. Meanwhile, others cite the need to inform MSM presenters as to history and context.

As weekend outrage over an alleged racist, pro-Trump beat down hoax powers MSM media rhetorical hyperbole . . . Locally, it's worth discussing this lower stakes debate over language and analogies rather than dismissing either side.

Was the comment insensitive or innocent???

Brief TKC aside that will go ignored . . .


It's important to note this is one person bringing his concerns to light without universal agreement . . . So often pundits want to paint every issue as black vs. white because the multiplicity of viewpoints and arguments complicate any narrative . . . However, those of us who truly believe in Liberty might argue that understanding the importance of the individual above demographics, partisan politics or even social media mobs offers the only hope of salvation.

But I digress . . .

The only thing we know for sure is that even the subject of dancing threatens to evoke backlash and sparks Internets criticism as the American culture war worsens.

You decide . . .

Prep For EPIC Winter Bills Powered By KCP&L Eternal Surveillance

Credit where it's due . . . They have kept the lights on during this latest winter blast but the cost of that should be hefty and lead to a Springtime Surprise in a few weeks. Read more:

New meters keep 24-hour watch on your energy

It's not a butterfly flapping its wings, but a falling tree 15 years ago is about to change the way the electric company tracks power usage in St. Joseph. In August of 2003, falling trees caused a cascading power outage that left 50 million customers in the dark throughout the Northeast and Canada.

Social Media #MeToo Allegations Caused Kansas City Skater Suicide???

The newspaper dances around culture war consequences and fleeting mobile phone chatter that ALLEGEDLY caused the death of this local skater that most residents never heard of . . . You decide:

Skater John Coughlin family blames SafeSport for his suicide | The Kansas City Star

On the Monday evening before John Coughlin was buried, a stream of friends and family walked with mournful respect into Christ the King Catholic Church to honor the life of a two-time national champion, arguably the greatest figure skater to ever come from Kansas City.


Let's make it plain . . .


The idiocy of the "road diet" gives driver less room, puts pedestrians in the middle of crowded streets and offers nothing but a path of snow and ice for imaginary bicyclists who simply arne't there . . . It's urban planning at its worst and looks like the goofy design of a suburbanite urban planner passing off bad ideas on the urban core.

Whoever came up with this plan should be ashamed and banned from offering any other suggestions for local streets.

You decide . . .


This weekend the cold hasn't stopped for local violence and the uptick in KCMO homicides defies the cold & ice that has kept everyone else snowbound at home.

Here's the aftermath of a club shooting sparked by a dispute at a nearby club:

KMBC: Police investigate deadly shooting at 87th and Troost


"Officers were called to 87th and Troost at 2:15 Sunday morning. They found two shooting victims inside a car. A man was pronounced dead at the scene. A woman was taken to the hospital in serious condition, but is said to be stable."

Again, this is the 18th homicide so far this year compared to 16 at this time last year and and the year before that as well.

Developing . . .

Newspaper Seyz Lisa Benson Won But She'll Never Get Another Job In TV News Again

The social justice editorials from The Kansas City Star usually work out better for TKC than their paper because our community usually offers a reality check or discussion that they simply aren't willing to endure . . . And so, this screed calls a paltry payoff and the end of a career a "win" when it seems more like yet another meaningless sacrifice on the altar of the false idol culture war. You decide . . .

Former KSHB reporter challenged the system and won - sort of | The Kansas City Star

Lisa Benson Cooper, a former KSHB-TV Channel 41 reporter who was fired for sharing an article on white fragility, says she has no regrets about challenging a system she says failed to reward her years of hard work.

Mourning Lady Killed In Missouri Pile-Up

The dramatic footage made national news but here's an important look at the tragic human toll:

Family IDs victim in fatal 47-car I-70 crash near Oak Grove

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Linda Henderson of Platte City, Missouri, has been identified as the woman who died in a 47-vehicle pile-up Friday on westbound Interstate 70 near Oak Grove, Missouri. The family announced that Henderson, 74, - "our beloved and incredible Mother, Grandmother, Girl Scout Leader, and loving woman" - died from injuries sustained in the crash.

Kansas City Sunday News Link Stroll

Beyond the glam & big bucks, fashion real life is mostly workout, veggies and more workouts . . . Our favorite "classic" hottie share some real life inspiration:

Elle: Adriana Lima on Eating Healthy While Traveling and Wearing Makeup at the Gym

Closer to home, here are the news links worth checking right now . . .

Kansas Story We've Been Saving Seems Appropriate For Sunday Laugh

Police: 'Bomb threat' at Home Depot was just a warning from man needing to poop

(Meredith) -- A Kansas man said he had no intentions of setting off an actual bomb when he told other customers that he was going to "blow up" the bathroom at a Home Depot. Turns out, he was just talking about a bowel movement.

Local Wear & Tear

Five KDOT snow plows damaged due to distracted drivers

OLATHE, Kan. - Kansas Department of Transportation crews, which have worked nonstop since a winter storm moved into the area Friday, rely on snow plows to help clear the roads. The massive plows, which also often carry salt or sand to spread on roads, aren't the most nimble or fast vehicles on the road, but other drivers need to calm down and let them do their jobs.

Homegrown Hotness

Inspired by a Family Recipe, Lal's Sweet Chili Sauce is Heating Things Up in Kansas City

Lal's Sweet Chili Sauce initially tastes sweet and savory followed by an undercurrent of mild spice. The tantalizing sauce contains common ingredients, such as tomato, vinegar, chiles, garlic, sugar, salt and spices, but it tastes quite unlike anything else. Imagine the richness of barbecue sauce, fruit-laden sweetness of chutney and slow-burning kick of chunky, piquant salsa.

Freezing For A Good Cause

Kansas City locals support Special Olympics with Polar Plunge

Some people in the metro braved the elements for a chilling dip Saturday morning as part of the annual Polar Plunge benefiting the Special Olympics.

Local Happy Survey

Name Something That Will Always Make You Laugh

On Feb. 9, 2019, more than 130 BritGram supporters gathered in the 1900 Building for KCPT's annual teatime toast to all things British. We also spoke to some of our neighbors for our ongoing series, "I'm Your Neighbor." Hear what Thaylia had to say about what makes her laugh.

Spring Training Awaits

Kansas City Royals: Offseason Prospect Watch, Kelvin Gutierrez

Kelvin Gutierrez began the 2018 season in the tenth spot on the Washington Nationals list. By midseason, he was listed as the 17th best prospect in the Kansas City Royals organization, according to MLB Pipeline. Gutierrez was signed by the Washington Nationals in April of 2013, and the 24 year old was traded to the Royals in the Kelvin Herrera trade.

Local Artsy Preview

Kansas City Gets A 'Once In A Lifetime' Immersion In An Influential Composer's Singular World

American composer Harry Partch lived an unconventional life. A dreamer and a traveler, he devised an original system for making music and built dozens of instruments to bring that dream to reality. "My music and my instruments are an expression of an ancient tradition in which sight and sound unite toward the achievement of a single dramatic purpose," Partch said in the documentary " Music Studio."

"STAPLE SINGERS ~ "I'LL TAKE YOU THERE" ~ 1975 is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

The Kansas City Winter Feast

Exceptional nature shots from one of the best photogs in Kansas City turning his attention toward urban core wildlife. Take a look:

Hungry Times

Photography Blog