Sunday, April 18, 2021

Kansas City Sunday News Look

Right now we consider the redemption of an iconic panty brand along with pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Making Space For Homeless

Merging KC, St. Mary's Episcopal Church open parking lot to houseless community

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - People in the Kansas City area who are experiencing homelessness now have a designated parking area downtown. Located at 13th and Charlotte streets, the St. Mary's Episcopal Church's parking lot will be available from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. for those in need.

JoCo Confronts Phone Threat

Johnson County Sheriff warns about phone call scam involving Walmart gift cards

OLATHE, Kan. - The Johnson County Sheriff's Office is warning residents about reports of a phone call scam directing people to purchase Walmart gift cards to avoid an arrest. According to a Facebook post, the sheriff's office has received reports that someone is impersonating Lt. Woods and calling about outstanding warrants.

Downtown Revival Cont’d

Former KC Federal Reserve building awaits conversion to hotel [PHOTOS] - Kansas City Business Journal

One of Kansas City's premier historic buildings soon could see a long-planned $182 million conversion to an Embassy Suites hotel begin after 13 years of vacancy. Delta Quad Holdings LLC seeks to build 284 hotel rooms, a parking garage with about 450 spaces and a series of sidewalk, streetscape and lighting improvements for the former Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City headquarters, located at 925 Grand Blvd.

Panties Reversed

L Brands Stock: A Great Turnaround Story (NYSE:LB)

L Brands could improve its bottom line and report record free cash flow levels. The stock is certainly no bargain any more, but might still be fairly valued.

GOP Decries MAGA Faction

Marjorie Taylor Greene scraps planned launch of controversial 'America First' caucus amid blowback from GOP

Conservative Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is scrapping the planned launch of her "America First" caucus after receiving blowback from leaders in her own party, despite confirming through a spokesperson on Friday that the caucus would launch.

Testimony Threatens Rep.

Gaetz ex-girlfriend feared alleged sex-trafficking victim taped call for feds

Gaetz's former girlfriend has played a bit role in the unfolding public drama - she is the woman who sent the lawmaker a nude video of her performing a hula hoop dance that he showed to other members of Congress.

Prez Trump Part Deux?!?

GOP White House hopefuls move forward as Trump considers run

WASHINGTON (AP) - Less than three months after former President Donald Trump left the White House, the race to succeed him is already beginning. Trump's former secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, has launched an aggressive schedule visiting states that will play a pivotal role in the 2024 Republican primaries and he has signed a contract with Fox News Channel.

Tragic Talking Point

Chris Cuomo says there won't be police reform until 'White people's kids start getting killed'

CNN's Chris Cuomo Friday during "Cuomo Primetime" said that police and gun reform won't happen until "White people's kids start getting killed." "Shootings, gun laws, access to weapons. Oh, I know when they'll change," said the anchor. "[When] your kids start getting killed. White people's kids start getting killed."

Fashion Statement

Kate Pays Tribute to the Queen, Princess Diana at Prince Philip's Funeral

Duchess Kate is paying tribute to more than just Prince Philip on Saturday, April 17. Royal watchers were quick to spot Queen Elizabeth II 's pearl necklace on Prince William 's wife as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were spotted on their way to Windsor for the funeral.

Royal Rebuilding

Kansas City Royals in interesting company in 2021

The Kansas City Royals were one of the biggest surprises of the offseason. They were one of the few teams to actively sign players in free agency, aggressively pursuing players that fit a specific mold. With the Royals still seemingly a year or two from contending, these moves seemed as though they would help teach the younger players how to win.

KC Comfort Food Debuts

These Pot Pies Are Insanely Hot-and We're Not Talking Temperature - In Kansas City

The hottest thing in Kansas City right now? It's Amy Marcus's new pot pies. Up until a couple of weeks ago, The Sweet Tea Pie Co. chef was famous for her specialty fruit pies. That was before she decided to try her hand at making savory pot pies.

Kansas City Improving Accessibility Sign Of The Times

KC cafe employees learn American Sign Language for customers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A cafe in the West Bottoms is going the extra mile for their customers by learning American Sign Language, so that they can communicate with people coming in to get a cup of joe. For people who are deaf and hard of hearing, trying to find someone who knows simple sign language can be tough.

Sunday Storms Loom

Some clouds Sunday, snow heading to metro Tuesday morning


Weezer - Grapes Of Wrath is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.

Answering Kansas DOL Cries For Help

The Sunflower State has endured the greatest social safety net FAIL of the pandemic that has been so catastrophic that local charities have emerged to assist victims of ongoing tech crisis.

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New foundation help Kansans navigate KDOL's 'endless loop of misery'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The COVID-19 pandemic sparked thousands of calls, emails and cries for help to the Kansas Department of Labor. "I was very frustrated because there was such a massive lack of communication on what we were supposed to do next," said Re'Nae Pherigo, president of The Humanity over Politics Foundation.

Show-Me Senator Hawley Against Big Biz

A battle against corporate America sounds good on paper but has typically backfired on politicos throughout American political history.

Reason isn't a lefty mag by any stretch of the imagination. The Libertarian-leaning publication shares their perspective recent chatter from Missouri's NEXTGEN right-wing leader . . . Read more:

Josh Hawley's Dangerous 'Trust-Busting' Bill

Hawley's comments aren't surprising. He has previously called for banning such social media features as infinite scroll and autoplay videos, declaring them " exploitative and addictive ." He has also that when Amazon uses third-party data to understand how better to market its own brands, it is violating antitrust law.

Local Non-Profit Donation News: 'The Kansas GOP Has Repeatedly Endangered All Of Us'

Here's a peek at the future of donation-based news that champions journalistic integrity whilst offering just a bit of cash to leftover reporters from the newspaper.

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Kansans have only ourselves to blame for the embarrassment of these lawmakers | Kansas Reflector

Now that the 2021 Kansas Legislative regular session has stumbled to a close, what should we make of the political psychopathy of lawmakers like Aaron Coleman and Gene Suellentrop? These rough beasts arrived at public service from wildly different paths, yet the boorish and reckless behaviors of these cultural opposites have come to define a session that has left many of us gobsmacked with outrage.

Kansas City COVID Cont'd Week In Review

An important Springtime glimpse at the local discourse from newsmakers as the plague persists in KCMO and around the world . . . Here's the description:

Nick Haines, Lisa Rodriguez, Micheal Mahoney, Dave Helling and Eric Wesson discuss new plans for renaming streets to honor MLK, the escalating homicide and crime rates in KCMO, the charges filed against former Chiefs Assistant Coach Britt Reid, potential NCAA boycotts of Kansas in response to transgender athlete policies, housing the homeless in hotels, part shortages at Ford & vaccine passports.

Take a look . . .

You decide . . .

Kansas City Catholic Leader Pushes Back Against Abortion Pills By Mail

Local reaction to medical decision . . .

Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City in Kansas, chairman of the USCCB’s pro-life committee, said in a statement, “It is difficult to see the FDA’s decision to not enforce important safety protocols as anything other than callous capitulation to the requests of abortion activists without regard for the health and safety of the women involved.”

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USCCB: Permitting mail-order abortion pills places women's health 'in serious jeopardy'

Washington D.C., Apr 16, 2021 / 10:33 am America/Denver (CNA). The pro-life chair of the U.S. bishops' conference on Friday warned that loosening federal regulations of the abortion pill places women's health "in serious jeopardy." Earlier this week, the acting commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced

KCK Grinter Church Will Soon Be Gone

The end of an era in The Dotte . . .

"The church has a memory wall with the dates 1868 and 1941 . . ."

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Historic Grinter church to close

The historic Grinter Chapel United Methodist Church at 7819 Swartz Road, Kansas City, Kansas, will close after the Sunday, April 25, service. It will have outdoor services at 11 a.m. April 18 and April 25, with members wearing face masks and bringing lawn chairs. The church has a long history in Wyandotte County.

Saturday, April 17, 2021


Tonight has been exceptionally busy, violence and crowded on local streets.

Consider this a preview of Summer as bullets and cars fly throughout the urban core.

A quick compilation . . .

Kansas City Martini Corner: New Woke Nightlife Hotness That Will End In Disaster

Here's a bit of hype that hopes to mix politics and nightlife. To be fair, the club biz is shady overall but this "progressive" plan seems exceptionally foolhardy. Look for an "interesting" club scene at the locale as the weather warms up.

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Martini Corner in Kansas City gets shake up as several businesses open in area

The area known as Martini Corner located near 31st and Gillham Road in Kansas City is going through a bit of a revitalization lately. The Black Pantry, Made in KC and Cliffs Tavern have opened in the past week with more businesses expected to open soon.

Kansas City Royals Split Saturday

The home team valiantly works to avoid the end of the season by the All-Star game.

Here's the best roundup of today's effort . . . Read more:

Royals split double-header with Blue Jays; 1-5, 3-2

Mike Minor was unremarkable in the first game. He gave up three straight hits with two outs in the first inning to give up his first two home runs and then allowed homers to Jonathan Davis - his first of the year, snapping a 19 at-bat hitless streak - and Vladimir Guerrero Jr., his fourth.


One week after homeless camps were removed from Westport & Downtown and Mayor Q offered protesters a free hotel compromise, the crisis on local streets still hasn't improved for those on the ground level. 

Accordingly and as the weather warms up . . . 


Here's the word . . . 

"The mayor didn't solve anything. He just emboldened the homeless. Now they know they have his ear and they'll be able to go back and get more when their time at the hotels is up. We're starting to see smaller camps near Northeast and Downtown and the crime and thefts have skyrocketed. The mayor didn't offer a solution. He made things worse and there's one simple question that needs to be asked: Who is going to stand up for homeowners, neighborhoods  and the people who support this community???

"It's obvious that Mayor Lucas is going to do anything but give activists nearly everything they demand." 

During the past week we've notice similar skepticism from leaders in Westport and restrained discontent on the council.

Jackson County Leaders Mourn Longtime Legislator Fred Arbanas

The former Kansas City Chiefs legend served at the courthouse FOR MORE THAN 40 YEARS and was one of the most reliable leaders throughout the metro.

Here's first word of his passing:

Fred Arbanas, former Chiefs player and Jackson County legislator, has died according to county party

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) --- Former Kansas City Chiefs player and Jackson County Legislator Fred Arbanas has died. The Jackson County Democratic Party announced his death on Saturday. "We are sad to learn about the passing of longtime Jackson County Legislator and advocate Fred Arbanas," the party said in a tweet.

Kansas City Ramadan Reporting

Impressive local reporting and insight into diverse communities and different cultures. Check-it:

Faith in KC - Observing Ramadan

KANSAS CITY, MO - Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, and this year it began on April 12th. During the month, Muslims fast - avoiding food, water and other items and activities - between sunrise and sunset.

Inspired Kansas City Conversation

This conversation starts in a few moments and the story is certainly worth a glimpse for the faithful.

Read more . . .

Temple Israel of Greater Kansas City to host talk by former Colombian priest who converted to Judaism

Since 1920, the Kansas City Jewish Chronicle has provided its readers with Jewish news and opinion from a variety of perspectives - local, regional, national and international. The paper is mailed to subscribers each week and also is available for purchase at The Chronicle's office.

Kansas City Saturday News Link Look

With confidence we proclaim that hottie Candice might be the greatest hottie supermodel and purveyor of skivvies in all of human history and right now she inspires this peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines. 


Proponents of toy train expansion believe their effort will be "transformative" but haven't shared much info with the public about how their plan will confront increasing violence throughout the Main Street Midtown Kansas City corridor.

Reality check . . .


We're not saying that neighborhoods can't change . . . But progress is hard fought.

The plague has hardened this part of Kansas City. Pushing thousands of people out by way of higher property taxes and increased cost of living won't be as easy as amateur economists predict given the dearth of low-income housing options available throughout the metro. 

In the meantime gunfire remains fairly typical in this part of town.

Check the links . . .

KCTV5: 2 injured in drive-by shooting near Westport area

KMBC: Two injured in Westport shooting, businesses hit by gunfire

Fox4: Police investigate double shooting in Westport

Developing . . .

Kansas City Bar & Restaurant COVID Comeback Falters Amid Fear

Right now we focus on just a bit of nice news about a local fave the the return to restaurants & bars that's not going was well local small biz had hoped amid continued crackdown threats and MSM fear of plague variants.

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Kansas City Musician Returns To Jazz Clubs After A Pandemic Year Of At-Home Gigs

Last March, with venues closed, musician Mark Lowrey started playing his keyboard as many as six times a week - from his one-bedroom apartment in downtown Kansas City. "It was a very small apartment," he said. "And I don't even remember how I got the idea to stream, I was lucky to do it early on.

Kansas Guv Kelly Wants To Keep Free Money

Conservative blogging attacks the Kansas Guv by way of worthwhile economic issues that most people don't understand.

Read more . . .

Kelly vetoes tax relief in SB 50, wants to keep 'found wallet' - The Sentinel

Gov. Laura Kelly on Friday vetoed SB 50, legislation that would have reversed state tax increases resulting from the 2017 federal tax cut. A large portion of the nearly $100 million in annual tax relief in Senate Bill 50 is returning what has been described as a 'found wallet.'

Missouri Progressives Prove They're Defenseless Against Grietens Campaign

Non-profit "news" hopes to rally supporters against the disgraced Guv and his march back to office. Sadly, the only thing they're really proving is that he's the only interesting personality in the contest so far. And, even worse, the weak Democratic Party bench might not be capable to overpower his mission to return to office.

Read more . . .

Greitens says supporters have 'bar-fight intensity' in bid for Missouri Senate seat * Missouri Independent

MACON - Former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens showed he still has an enthusiastic following among rural voters Friday night, with his entrance at the Macon County Lincoln Days highlighted by an extended standing ovation. Greitens, who is seeking the Republican nomination for U.S.


Before we offer our congratulations once again . . .


Last night some of the most KICK-ASS TKC TIPSTERS explained his bebe tweet.

Now, once again, with the help of AWESOME TKC TIPSTERS:


Don't blame our trusty Indian computer . . . This doesn't look like a very fancy affair even by COVID crackdown standards.

Personal aside . . .

With help from AWESOME TIPSTERS, we were able to run the bebe story yesterday before anybody else in KCMO because we remember Katie hanging out with the future Mayor at the park before his council run. Even back then she was WAY TOO HOT for the ambitious politico and KC's least favorite writer was just a bit annoyed because I was listening to my headphones and didn't want to talk politics. Moreover, anybody who has ever met Q in public knows that you're just talking to your future boss so it's best to get all of your digs in as soon as possible . . . But I digress . . .   

More deets on the new KCMO first lady Katie . . .

Mayor Q's new wife used to work at 12th & Oak as an eco-devo planner but advisers of the city hall honcho didn't think it was appropriate that she stay on after it was clear he would be a front-runner in the mayoral election.

They've been dating off & on since before he ran for council. 

Nevertheless, she totes earned a job in The Dotte as Economic Director.

And so  . . .


Again, we request you d-bags take it easy in the comments and don't project your misery on much more successful and happy local power players.

Developing . . .

Late Night Missie B's Comedy Show Heckling Sparks Allegations Of Racism Against Renowned Kansas City BBQ Daughter

A local comedian is calling out a legendary BBQ fam in a beef that has blown up on social media.

Most of the deets public and they're not really worth rehashing. Also, we can forgive readers if they never heard of either of these two minor cowtown celebrities.

The basics of the dispute among two public figures . . .

Comedian Jannell Banks publicly alleged racial heckling by Kaitlyn Magee of the legendary Q39 BBQ fam.

The bar talk beef ALLEGEDLY started over a BBQ joke gone wrong . . . And then, in order to make sure the deets of this drama are far too confusing for anybody with a day job to understand, there's progressive territorial chatter that pits people of color against LGBT denizens. 

Predictably, the hot mess turned into an online flame war . . .

Again, the allegations noted by Ms. Banks are going viral on local social media and are being picked up by national podcasts but we haven't had any luck finding a response from Ms. Magee and we will post any LEGIT reaction from her perspective. 

More to the point . . .

What's interesting to TKC is the dearth of real life solidarity among "diverse communities" as soon as the hackneyed insults start flying.

And so . . .

Missie B's has weighed in and seems to be siding with their performer.

Check their statement . . .

Before making any judgements we think Ms. Magee should at least have the opportunity to respond. 

Meanwhile . . .  

Social media activists are quickly working to "cancel" one of the best BBQ restaurants in Midtown Kansas City without realizing that the place employs DOZENS of people who were likely at home sleeping and getting ready for their next shift during the late night chuckle-fest gone wrong.

Developing . . .

Kansas City Standoff Ends With Suspect Sustaining Self-Inflicted Gunshot To Head

Police waited out a suspect in an overnight urban core standoff.

Here's the latest word on the situation . . . 

Standoff/Operation-100 On E 30th Ter.

As part of the investigation detectives obtained a search warrant.  Negotiators made multiple attempts through PA system, phone and verbally to negotiate the suspect’s surrender with negative results.

Just after 1am officers made entry into the residence and found the suspect in the basement.

He had apparently sustained a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head.  He was taken into custody, and transported to the hospital by EMS.  Where he is listed in stable condition.

The investigation into the original assault continues. Crime scene investigators are processing the scene for evidence.


Developing . . .


A simple idea that doesn't involve as much government data mining as the first 100 million doses is now underway.

Here's freebie medical info for people who might have second thoughts about the unhinged rantings of their loser drunk uncle.

Read more . . .

More Kansas City area COVID-19 vaccine clinics taking walk-ins as supply increases

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - It's getting easier to get a COVID-19 vaccine in the Kansas City metro. Several locations across the metro are now hosting walk-in vaccine clinics. Data from Missouri shows about 1 in 3 residents have their first COVID shot, and in Kansas, over 35% of residents have received at least one dose.

Hefty Kansas City Community Outreach Effort Ahead Of Derek Chauvin Verdict For Murder Of George Floyd

Here's a presser this week and a bit of reassurance from authorities that they won't be caught off guard by the rumblings of unrest in the urban core.

Our KICK-ASS TKC BLOG COMMUNITY shared a sneak preview of this effort earlier in the week. Read the official version . . .

KCPD, faith leaders discuss potential protests amid the Derek Chauvin trial

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A proactive approach is being taken in Kansas City, Missouri as tensions are high across the nation. "Last summer was a big lesson for all of us and we're continually learning how to do this better and I really think this is a good step forward in bringing healing and trust in our community," Pastor Darron Edwards, with the United Believers Community Church, said.

Kylr Yust Guilty Verdict News Aftermath

Given the emotional drama and outpouring of sympathy for the families in this case, it wouldn't really be appropriate to add snarky headlines to these stories. Instead, we simply share info and links in order to point readers to some of the better stories in this week's double murder decision.

Kansas City COVID 2021 Guide To Progressive Restaurant Etiquette Debuts

Even the exceptionally polite traditions of this cowtown will not satisfy the politically divisive American political climate.

And so, nearly every social interaction is a potential battle in the current MSM culture war. The only exception seems to be the quick exchange of cash for slop in a Styrofoam container. OR, ugh, cooking at home.

For brave souls willing to endure this culinary comedy of manners . . . Here's help for patrons looking to impress, serve as an ally and advocate for their servers in exchange for overpriced avocado toast . . . For those who haven't already lost their appetite . . . Read on:

One restaurant owner reflects: How can we be better diners in a post-COVID world?

The pandemic has shown us just how fragile the restaurant industry is, shining new light on decades-long conversations about everything from tipping and healthcare to increasing equity and access within the industry. As a follow-up to our March 2021 issue, we're asking local restaurant professionals to reflect on the year that changed everything - and where we go from here.

Kansas City 'Taco Bell Cantina' Coming Soon

A horrific gut busting addition to cowtown cuisine is soon to debut.

Booze and Taco Bell are a time-honored tradition but instead of junk food washing down a night of drinking . . . This quick service "experience" cuts out the convenience store middle-man.

It's an interesting gambit sure to wreak havoc on local toilets.

Read more . . .

Taco Bell appears to be bringing its cult-favorite Cantina concept to KC

A Taco Bell Cantina/Courtesy photoDocuments suggest Taco Bell appears to be poised to bring its cult-favorite Cantina concept to Westport. The news was first reported by the Kansas City Star (paywall), which seemed surprised to find a liquor license application for a Taco Bell.

Kansas City Saturday News Workout

Once again we pay tribute to an iconic panty brand and their effort to stay sexy whilst avoiding "cancellation" from their full figured competitors who have declared war on "traditional" conceptions of beauty that have defined Western Culture for both better and worse.

Kansas City Music Indie Zine Debuts

We admire the work of Arron Rhodes even if we feel like he gives too much respect to legacy media and all of the stingy MSM types who draw corporate bennies in order make sure they don't write anything too interesting.

Here's a worthwhile local INDEPENDENT dead tree effort . . . Check-it:

Shuttlecock Music Magazine / Issue 1

After nearly six years of bringing you coverage of Kansas City's music scene on the web, the first issue of Shuttlecock Music Magazine's print edition is out now, free to pick up at locations across the metro.

Kansas City Marathon Comeback 2021

Celebrate the return of local inconvenience and streets blocked off to make way for suburbanites running from their quiet lives of desperation.

Read more . . .

Garmin Marathon to return in October 2021

KNASAS CITY, MO (KCTV) --- The Garmin Marathon is back in 2021. The marathon was one of several events in Kansas City canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, runners will be allowed to participate in person at a new course, which starts and ends at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

Kansas City Northeast Real Estate Redux

Impressive urban core restoration pix as home improvement gurus reclaim a historic local home.

Take a look . . .

A Story 134 Years In The Making

3242 Norledge Avenue, built 1887 now being totally renovated. Original owner Ann Eliza Scarritt Hendrix daughter of Rev. Nathan Scarritt. Some sources list her name as Annie Elizabeth. Owner Bishop Eugene Russell Hendrix, shown standing in front of the house. The couple had four children; Evangeline Isabel, Mary Matilda, Nathan Scarritt, and Helen Chick Hendrix.

Friday, April 16, 2021


Po-po offer a peek at the rules they're playing by even if the current epoch in American history has taught us that RULES DON'T ALWAYS APPLY.

Still, we appreciate any effort to better inform the public and the nod to an ancient piece of paper even if the current Prez tells us that "no Amendment is absolute" and faith in American Constitutional rights has never been weaker in the modern era. 

Read more . . .

KCPD Chief's Blog: New First Amendment policy responds to community requests

On March 23, our Board of Police Commissioners approved a policy that we have been working toward since early last summer: the First Amendment Protected Activities Policy.

This was a reform requested by our community. The new policy establishes guidelines and procedures for department members when engaging with individuals participating in First Amendment-protected activities.

We take an oath to uphold the Constitution, to include the First Amendment. Protecting everyone’s right to expression is integral to our mission.  

The department did extensive legal research and looked into best practices nationwide to draft the new policy. Members met with community stakeholders, city leaders, prosecutors and others to create the policy that addresses community concerns. As the policy was being created, we revised it multiple times in response to their suggestions.

The new policy directs members to minimize displays of force. It states, “The display of armored vehicles, personal protective equipment or other displays of force will be minimized to the extent safely possible.”

 It also states, “Members will make all reasonable efforts to allow law-abiding individuals to continue to exercise their First Amendment protected rights, and will focus efforts on those individuals in the active assembly who violate the law.”

The First Amendment Policy explicitly prohibits officers from using less-lethal weapons and munitions – other than chemical agents –  to disperse crowds in the event of an unlawful assembly.

We have listened to the changes the community wanted to see, and we have implemented them. We are here to support and protect the exercise of First Amendment rights. More times than I can count, officers have risked their personal safety to shield a demonstrator from violence by a counter-protestor or something similar. We have blocked streets to protect marchers from vehicles on numerous occasions, as we have also protected drivers.

We ask that participants do their part, as well, by respecting the safety and property of others, as the law requires at all other times. It is our duty to balance the freedom of expression with public safety. We are willing to work with any group or individual to coordinate the successful exercise their constitutional rights.

We are working hard to support First Amendment rights, and we look forward to the community supporting the rights of everyone to be safe and secure, as well.


Developing . . .

Kansas City Pushes Back Against Haters Targeting AAPI Community

Here's the best story hipsters wrote this week . . . A worthwhile sign that this cowtown isn't willing to sacrifice our neighbors to garbage partisan politics.

Read more . . .

How the national rise in anti-Asian attacks have reverberated in KC

The Atlanta shootings last month joined a list of 3,794 other instances of violence against Asian Americans within the last year, leaving many Asian-owned businesses to face what that means for them. // Image courtesy of Sura Eats In March of 2020, when COVID-19 became a new and increasingly evident threat in the United States, chef Keeyoung Kim faced a...

Deadly Kansas City Beat Down Postscript

Charges confront the suspect in Kansas City's 44th murder so far this year . . . Read more:

Prosecutors charge KC man, 35, in woman's beating death at KC apartment

Jackson County prosecutors have charged a Kansas City man in the fatal beating of a woman at her south side apartment.Anthony D. Jones, 35, was charged with second-degree murder in the death of Michelle Long, 35.According to court records, Kansas City police were called Thursday to apartments in the 10600 block of East 98th Terrace to check on a resident.

Super Bowl FAIL Served As Life Lesson For Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes

Here's a nice sentiment only spoken by losers . . . Read more:

Patrick Mahomes believes Super Bowl loss helped more than a victory

As the rest of the NFL world watched quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs fall in Super Bowl LV, there was likely some feelings of relief. Opposing players finally saw a weakness in a team that looked unbeatable for two seasons and witnessed the league's best player look mortal for once in his young career.


The bright and cheery denizens of our blog community don't want to finish Friday with typically tragic Kansas City news.

After all, if nothing else, TKC is a celebration of life. 

To wit . . . 


There's not much detail in his text but merely an acknowledgement of a neonatal care visit that will hopefully turn out just fine . . . 

With all the bad news in Kansas City right now, it's easy to lose sight of hope for the future. 

Of course the Mayor and the new KCMO 1st bebe have our thoughts, prayers and best wishes. 

Even better . . . 


Thanks to KICK-ASS TKC TIPSTERS we recently learned that the KCMO mayor has a very special bond with a power player on the wrong of the state line.

When Mayor Q talks regionalism. HE REALLY MEANS IT. And economic development in The Dotte now has a more permanent bond than most of the plebs realize. 

And if all of this is too cryptic . . . Sorry. 

Understandably, the mayor doesn't like to share deets about his social life and the bebe announcement was a bit out of character but maybe inspired by all of the great press earned by Patrick Mahomes & Brittany Matthews. Of course the 12th & Oak version of the Super Bowl QB good life is scaled down but no less joyful. 

Again, this is good news and we hope our blog community will be kind to Mayor Q given that he's clearly planning for what will be an exceptionally bright future.

Developing . . .


Skeptics like TKC were proven wrong as murder conviction and tough sentencing after a conviction in a double murder case looks exceptionally tough.

The latest . . .

Fox4: Kylr Yust jury recommends life and 15 years for killing Jessica Runions and Kara Kopetsky

Deets . . .

"The jury recommended these punishments for the following crimes: 15 years, a max punishment, for voluntary manslaughter in the killing of Kara Kopetsky; life (30 years), a max punishment, for second-degree murder in the killing of Jessica Runions." 

"The judge will decide whether the punishments will be served at the same time or one after the other."

Cass County Circuit Judge William Collins said Yust’s sentencing will take place at 2:30 p.m. on June 7.

Developing . . .