Sunday, April 05, 2020


A hopeful note for Sunday late night readers as Kansas City tribute to workers on the front-lines of the coronavirus pandemic.


In the Spirit of KANSAS CITY STRONG: Union Station to turn on Henry Wollman Bloch Fountain along with Building Light Show to Salute Healthcare Community and First Responders

Kansas City’s historic home, Union Station -- nearly a year since the passing of Henry Bloch and as an extension of its KANSAS CITY STRONG campaign -- will turn on the majestic Henry Wollman Bloch Fountain followed by a spectacular blue light display beginning Monday, April 6th at 7:45 PM.

“As Mr. Bloch stood for determination and a strong sense of community purpose, it seems most appropriate to time the fountain season to coincide with our weeklong salute to our brave healthcare community and first responders,” George Guastello, Union Station president and CEO, said. “Union Station and the Bloch fountain will shine in a stunning blue as a salute to those on the front lines of our battle with COVID-19. Last week, we saluted our fearless healthcare community. This coming week, we add the remarkable men and women of our first responder family. This will be done in solidarity with the national #LIGHTITBLUE campaign kicking off this Thursday across the country.”

Every April, the City of Fountains Foundation recognizes the important role Kansas City’s fountains play across our metro landscape. This year, to celebrate the spirit of KANSAS CITY STRONG, Union Station will kick off the fountain season with a building and fountain light show beginning at 7:45 PM Monday, April 6th.

The historic building will be bathed in blue and white lights and feature the words “KANSAS CITY STRONG” – Unions Station’s citywide battle cry – shining on the historic south-facing exterior. Beginning Tuesday, April 7th, the Henry Wollman Bloch Fountain will run shows daily from Noon – 10PM. Union Station is not encouraging guests to visit the fountain. Rather, guests can watch via Facebook live Monday, April 6th at 7:45 PM on Union Station’s Facebook page.

About the Henry Wollman Bloch Fountain:

This gift to the city in the name of the co-founder of H&R Block, Inc is located at Pershing & Main Streets between Union Station and the Liberty Memorial. It features 232 jets arranged in three concentric rings within an ellipse of black granite. A thin sheen of water on the flat granite creates a mirror to reflect the monumental architecture on either side. A computer choreographs an ever-changing pattern of display. The fountain was designed by WET Design, the designers of the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas.

Developing . . .

Iconic Outburst Of Kansas City Royals Manager Hal McRae Well Remembered: Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It

Real Kansas City baseball fans remember the bad times with even more detail than fleeting glory. This tirade we one of the best in MLB history and offers some real emotion and insight into passion for the game . . . Checkit:

VIDEO: Remembering Hal McRae Destroying a Phone in His 'Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke it' Meltdown

Even though an injury robbed him of his speed, Hal McRae was one of the most consistent outfielders in baseball in the 1970s and 80s. While he made three All-Star teams during his 19-year career, 15 years of which were spent with the Kansas City Royals, he was less successful as a manager, winning just 46% of his games in charge of the Royals and Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Show-Me 'Stay-At-Home' Order For Missouri Residents Starting Monday

Quick guide to these rules that have already been in effect for KCMO for more than a week . . . Read more:

Missouri's new stay-at-home order has provision to limit business occupancy for social distancing

Missouri's new stay-at-home order requires people to avoid leaving home unless necessary, and to practice social distancing.That means no gatherings of more than 10 people, and keeping a distance of at least 6 feet from others.The state order has similar provisions to Kansas City's order regarding schools, childcare and restaurants, but the state allows many businesses to remain open as long as they follow social distancing guidelines.

Esquire: AOC's Biggest Mistake Was Battling Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids

A local note in this progressive think piece . . .

"The real mistake AOC made was opposing Sharice Davids’s campaign in Kansas. She and Sanders lined up behind Brent Welder, a former Sanders staffer, against a gay Native American woman running on a shoestring. One of AOC’s major political talents is that she learns from mistakes and never makes the same one again."

That would be nice but it's really not accurate . . . Remember that team AOC also attacked Rep. Sharice when the Kansas Rep. didn't want to jump on board a doomed immigration bill. Fair play, eventually AOC booted the staffer that picked the fight.

Still, the local mention was nice as progressives contemplate moving forward without the leadership of Senator Bernie Sanders. Read more:

AOC Isn't 'Breaking' With Bernie, She's Evolving Beyond Him-as Progressive Politics Must

In the realm of ordinary politics in extraordinary times, this story about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is causing no little buzz in and around the Intertoobz. Ever since she backed Nancy Pelosi for the speakership in the newly elected Democratic-majority House of Representatives, I've been telling people that she has natural political chops that it's dangerous to underestimate.

Missouri & Kansas Coronavirus Stat Roundup As Nation Preps For Worsening Pandemic

At last report KCMO counted 154 COVID-19 cases & 2 deaths.

Right now we're sharing health update numbers links and more reader suggestions for Sunday . . .

Fox4: Missouri reporting 76 new COVID-19 cases Sunday, bringing total to 2,367, including 33 deaths

WIBW: 747 positive coronavirus cases in Kansas, 22 deaths

KSHB: With Dozen More Cases Confirmed Totaling 161 -- Wyandotte County, Unified Government stiffen penalties for stay-at-home order violations

CNN: Fauci -- US is 'struggling' to get coronavirus under control and to say otherwise would be wrong

Fox News: Fauci warns coronavirus could become 'seasonal' illness if not controlled soon

CNN: The mystery of why the coronavirus kills some young people

New York Post: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hospitalized for coronavirus

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Quick note with facts to back it up from one of our BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC READERS:

Citizens who lost health coverage in past 2 weeks due to economic collapse:

USA 3,500,000
Australia 0
Belgium 0
Canada 0
Chile 0
Denmark 0
Finland 0
France 0
Germany 0
Greece 0
Hungary 0
Italy 0
Japan 0
New Zealand 0
Norway 0
Portugal 0
S Korea 0
Spain 0
Sweden 0
Turkey 0
UK 0

You decide . . .

Kansas City Blogger Coronavirus Juxtapostion: Guv Cuomo Vs. Prez Trump

A partisan viewpoint and popular comparison amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis:

If you want facts and inspiration, listen to Cuomo. If you want fantasy and flagellation, listen to Trump.

I hope some of you have been watching New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's daily briefings on the coronavirus. Where President Trump's White House briefings are meandering and boring, Cuomo's are well organized and compelling. Where Trump's are equal parts wishin' and hopin' and recrimination, Cuomo's are a combination of illuminating facts and exhortations for Americans...

Kansas City Restaurants Expanding Curbside Service And Delivery

Worthwhile Sunday foodie news and resource from Feast . . .

Kansas City Restaurants Offering Expanded Curbside Pickup and Delivery Options

As COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, continues to spread throughout the U.S., few industries are being hit quite like the restaurant industry. One of the ways many restaurants are trying to adapt is by offering expanded options for delivery, takeout and curbside pickup.

Kansas City Royals 1985 World Series Legend Dan Quisenberry Well Remembered

Masterfully crafted essay on a Kansas City legend worth a read on a Sunday afternoon . . . Free after a signup:

Favorite Players: Dan Quisenberry

With the baseball's Opening Day delayed and all of sports on hiatus, we thought it would be a good idea to spread out the Baseball 100 essays. Going forward, the countdown will appear Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. And on off days, we will feature short baseball essays about some of your favorite players and their greatest moments.


Under the radar and unchallenged by local media, a legendary Kansas City weatherman and JoCo politico offers insight on dire forecasts regarding the coronavirus.

To wit . . .


To be fair, unlike his skeptical stance on global climate change, his position has "evolved" as the crackdowns have grown more serious.

At the outset of the coronavirus crisis he attacked Kansas Guv Kelly on her precautions . . . Checkit:

"Freshman state Sen. Mike Thompson adapted his philosophy on delivering forecast of dangerous weather to accommodate a critique of Gov. Laura Kelly’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

"Thompson, the retired chief meteorologist in Kansas City, Kan., appointed to a Senate seat after resignation of a Johnson County Republican, said Kelly’s orders to close schools and limit gatherings of people broke a fundamental rule of warning psychology.

“There’s a reason that you don’t scream fire in a crowded theater,” Thompson said. “We’ve got a lot of people now who are sitting at home who are watching the news media, watching these reports, and it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy of doom and gloom. It doesn’t give our citizens a clear view of what is happening.”

“For us to limit access of everyone to schools, to business, I think is inciting a panic that is unnecessary. This is not the ebola virus,” he said.

Again, in fairness, that was before the numbers started to worsen in the U.S. . . .

Currently, even the Commander-In-Chief is putting Americans on notice despite his earlier denials of the crisis:

Prez Trump warns 'there will be a lot of death' as U.S. coronavirus cases top 300K

Still, in a more recent social media share, the local weatherman continues to throw a bit of shade on the accuracy of computer modeling:

"Life has been disrupted in so many ways lately...this is just one more that almost no one thought about. As for computer modeling...garbage in-garbage out as they say...and this shutdown may increase the "garbage-in" factor in forecasting for a while!"

Finally, showing a bit of range . . . The weatherman applies his forecasting skills to the oil industry and threats to American energy independence in a post he promoted via his socials.

Accordingly . . .

All of this insight from a widely supported Johnson County conservative reveals more than a bit of skepticism regarding coronavirus remains in local right-wing circles. Meanwhile, ALL AMERICANS hope to avoid dire forecasts on the loss of life and would much rather debate the politics of the pandemic than continue to monitor the rising death count.

You decide . . .

Sharing Kansas City Head Check Deets During Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdown

The fight against depression, anxiety and anger during this lockdown is REAL for locals . . . Credit where it's due, here's an important article to help locals endure this struggle. Checkit:

Here's How To Find Mental Health Help In Kansas City Under Stay-At-Home Orders

Mental health experts say that even people who remain physically healthy throughout the COVID-19 epidemic are already experiencing high levels of trauma, which will be with them long after the spread of the virus is under control.

Local Farmers Endure More Hardship Amid Coronavirus Pandemic Economic Impact

A worthwhile glimpse at the workers who keep the nation and the world fed suffering yet another disaster in an ongoing series of challenges. Checkit:

Local farmers call COVID-19 industry's latest setback

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Many industries, including hospitality, were doing well before the coronavirus pandemic, but not farmers. COVID-19 is the latest setback keeping the farm economy down another year. From weather to the trade war and low commodity prices, Matt Moreland said farmers around the country are hopeful the pandemic will end soon.

Kansas City Sunday News Gathering

Once again, inspired by angel Candice, we take a peek at pop culture, community news and info form across the nation. Checkit:

KCMO Audit Plan Revealed - City of Kansas City, MO

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 1, 2020 CONTACT: Douglas Jones, City Auditor, (816) 513-3300 The City Auditor's Office's annual audit plan focuses on audits that will provide information and recommendations to improve city services, ensure careful use of tax dollars, and provide transparency. Our goal is to issue seven performance audits in Fiscal Year 2021.

KCK Pandemic Good Deeds

Giving Hope hosts grocery pick-up in KCK

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A local organization is helping the community during the coronavirus pandemic. On Saturday, Giving Hope passed out more than 250 bags of food and necessities. The items were provided by Harvesters and Convoy of Hope.

Cure For Boredom Whilst Fighting Coronavirus At Home

Tired of staring at the same four walls? Here are some of the newest paint trends

By Kathy Feist So you're stuck inside. Look around you. Does your home need a little upgrade? Maybe you still have the pink walls from the 90s. Or the "everything tan" from the Tuscany period. If so, it's a good time (what else is there to do?) to transform your surroundings.

EPIC Kansas City Chiefs Practice Kick Celebrated

Chiefs kicker drills 77-yard field goal during lonely offseason workout and he has video to prove it

If the Kansas City Chiefs need to free up some salary cap space, they might want to think about just cutting their punter, because based on how Harrison Butker's offseason is going, the Chiefs might not ever have to punt again.

Redeeming Angels Calls Upon Former Glory Of Hotties

Victoria's Secret's New Era Already Looks Like a Time Capsule

Last month, Victoria's Secret attempted to put its past year and a half of turmoil in the rearview mirror by cutting ties with L Brands, its longtime parent company.

Dire Prez Trump Prediction

Trump Warns "There Will Be a Lot of Death" in "Toughest Week" for Coronavirus Crisis

The Roberts Court Has Made the Looming Coronavirus Election Crisis So Much Worse Coronavirus Supply Czar Jared Kushner Demonstrates He Has No Grasp on Coronavirus Supply Situation After 9/11, America Rallied Behind New York. Not This Time.

Money Talk From AOC

AOC offers advice for young people to get around stimulus check exclusion

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez railed against a provision in the coronavirus cash assistance program that penalizes young people and offered advice on how to potentially get around that during a virtual town hall this week.

Coronavirus Briefing Debate

Trump team picks fight with Twitter, TV networks over political speech

's reelection campaign is aggressively pressuring Twitter and broadcast outlets to sanction or pull misleading political attacks from Democrats, accusing the social media giant and the news media of using a double-standard when it comes to policing political speech.

Veep Talks Virtual Democracy

Biden says 2020 convention may be 'virtual,' will wear mask in public amid COVID-19 outbreak

The convention was delayed to August. Former Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday on ABC's "This Week" the recently delayed Democratic Convention will have to happen, but conceded that it may need to be held virtually if the novel coronavirus continues to pose a public health threat by mid-August.

Cheifs Game Plan Examined

Kansas City Chiefs' Approach Is Perfect For Coronavirus-Affected Offseason, According To NFL Analyst

The Kansas City Chiefs have a plan in place for how they want to approach the offseason. After the restructuring of wide receiver Sammy Watkins' contract, it's clear the plan is to bring back as many pieces from last season as possible.

Local Cooking Advice

Looking for recipes while stuck at home? Try some of these local chef recipes

While stuck at home, you may as well make something delicious. A few renowned Kansas City chefs have shared their recipes for you and your family to try out during your coronavirus self-quarantine. You just may find your new go-to. Plowboys Burnt End Chili Photo provided This smoky, slightly spicy chili by Todd Johns, Plowboys Barbeque owner and award-winning Chief...

Kansas City Forecast For Now

60s Sunday, much warmer Mon. through Wed.


Aretha Franklin "How I Got Over" is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Celebrating Kansas City Palm Sunday

This Holy Week will be remarkably different and historic. One of the most contentious debates of the pandemic struggles to balance religious freedom with public health concern and restrictive orders against gatherings of any sort. Thankfully, tech and social media livestream efforts allow the the faithful to consider these philosophical issues from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Here's a glimpse at how some faith communities are adjusting, enduring and opposing coronavirus edicts in Kansas City and across the nation:

KMBC: Places of worship in Kansas City offering livestreamed services this weekend

The Leaven: Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

KSHB: Churches adjusting on Palm Sunday

Crux: Opening Holy Week under quarantine, Pope tells suffering, ‘You are not alone’

Guardian: The US churches undermining coronavirus containment efforts

Developing . . .

Missouri Progressives Playing Politics With Coronavirus Pandemic Against Guv Parson

Maybe they're right to do it . . . COVID-19 cases exploded in Missouri and the "Stay-At-Home" order isn't effective statewide until Monday.

The KC newspaper is pushing this point as well but here's a much better writer making the case without the paywall . . . Read more:

Messenger: Pressure of coronavirus pandemic pushes Missouri governor into a corner

UPDATED at 6:25 p.m.: An earlier version of the online version of this column said a veteran at the Missouri Veterans Home in North County had died from COVID-19. His test came back negative. About an hour before Gov.

Kansas Medical Honcho Earns High Praise And Col. Sanders Comparison Amid Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis

Really nice write-up of this local medical leader sharing helpful advice via social media livestream . . . Take a look:

Yes, he resembles Col. Sanders. But for Kansas, Lee Norman's the go-to guy in crisis

About 20 minutes into a recent press conference, Lee Norman, the man spearheading Kansas's response to the novel coronavirus, coughed. People noticed. "Is he coughing into his hand?," one person asked on a Facebook livestream. "Your cough worries me. Hope you are ok," wrote another.

Show-Me Worsening Battles With Addiction During Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdown

People coping with substance abuse problems are under additional stress and often can't reach out for help with social distancing enforced. Read more:

Coronavirus outbreak expected to increase drug and alcohol addiction in Missouri

(MONET) - COVID-19 related limits have made many Missourians feel cooped up at home. Getting out and staying active serves as an outlet for people, especially those battling drug and alcohol addiction. Missouri Department of Mental Health Director Mark Stringer expects an increase in the number of people who mishandle these substances and who struggle [...]


Murder stats aren't a game . . . We notice some MSM outlets making up their own stats. Here at TKC we count numbers based on KCPD stats that are then reported to the FBI ever year . . . Meanwhile, some MSM outlets are devising their own metrics and including justifiable killings, deadly police shootings and fatal violence committed under circumstances where there is no prosecution. Whilst everyone is entitled to their own ideology . . . TKC wants to provide a more accurate view of the local murder scene by way of following stats that are VERIFIABLE FROM ANOTHER INDEPENDENT SOURCE.

Accordingly, here's the latest local murder:

Police searching for suspects in deadly apartment shooting


"Kansas City police were called to an apartment in the 8000 block of Campbell just after 1:00 a.m. Police said the caller saw two suspects shoot the victim and leave."


"Officers said they immediately began rendering aid to the victim, but EMS declared the victim deceased inside the apartment."

No suspect info was released.

Anyone with info is encouraged to call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS. The reward is now up to $25K if the info leads to an arrest.

Again this is the 41st homicide so far this year compared to 37 at this date on the calendar last year.

Developing . . .

Kansas Prison Confronts Coronavirus

This latest update counts the first inmate and fourth staff member test positive for COVID-19 at the Lansing lockup . . . 40 officers are out for virus related reasons.

Meanwhile, prisoners across the nation plead for release amid pandemic danger. Read more:

Two more positive tests at Lansing Correctional Facility announced

LANSING, KS. (KCTV) --- The Kansas Department of Corrections said Saturday evening that a fourth prison employee and an inmate at the Lansing Correctional Facility have tested positive for the coronavirus. The staff member is a male over the age of 20 and the inmate is a male over 50 years old, the state said.

Search For Mengqi Ji Could Cost $500K

Aftermath report on this scary Missouri charge and costly search for justice . . . Read more:

Search for body of missing woman could cost $500,000

The search for the body of a Missouri woman presumed to have been murdered by her husband could cost at least $500,000, forcing her family to ask lawmakers and the community for help in funding the effort.

KCK Social Distancing Parade Shut Down

No fun during the pandemic enforced for the benefit of public health. Read more:

Police disperse KCK elementary school social distancing parade because it violated 'stay-at-home' order

by: Travis Meier Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Police intervened and broke up a driving parade of elementary school teachers and administrators on April 4. A police spokesperson said the celebration was nonessential and against state orders. John Fiske Elementary School workers gathered at 11 a.m.

Saturday, April 04, 2020


Life never stop changing and there's no denying that the impact of the historic coronavirus pandemic will transform American life and transform the culture of the nation and Kansas City.

Tonight we invite our blog community to consider how life will and won't return to "normal" in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Of course we know there is a long way to go before stay at home orders are lifted and most experts claim the challenges of virus still lay ahead.

And so tonight's collection of news, views, insights and analysis is also a reflection of where the U.S. stands right now.

Congressman Cleaver Shares Coronavirus Info & Starts Work On Next Relief Bill

Aside from culture war garbage . . . More informed constituents typically judge elected officials on their ability to "bring home the bacon" and in this respect there is no denying the ability of Rep. Cleaver in his skill at securing local resources and funds. Here's one example out of many:

Cleaver offers information on COVID-19 and Cares Act

(From Fifth District Congressman Emanuel Cleaver) I am writing to update you on the latest in the fight to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and to provide you some resources and information that will be helpful.

Kansas City Medical Pro Describes Tough Fight Coronavirus Diagnosis

This afternoon an associate at the John Knox Village Care Center has been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

For another perspective, this confessional report offers first person insight and reminds us that this pandemic is no joke . . . Take a look:

"I Got Diagnosed Over A Week Ago and I Still Feel Like I've Been Hit By A Truck" - In Kansas City

An area healthcare provider who is typically on the front lines of medicine-and chooses to remain anonymous-shares their personal experience with getting tested positive for COVID-19 on March 25th. "Want to know how bad COVID-19 is? Three weeks ago, I was a perfectly healthy 40-something soaking up some much-needed sun on a cruise.


Kansas City public radio offers a worker warning and possibly a reason to wear a mask and gloves just to be safe . . . Here's the crux of their argument:

"There have been a handful of workers in big box stores around the country who have tested positive for COVID-19. None, as far as we know, from the Kansas City area. But experts say big box stores present particular challenges in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 because, well, they’re so big."

“Some people might not consciously realize whether they’re standing six feet away from each other or not in a facility so big,” says Elaine Nsoesie, assistant professor of global health at Boston University.

More interestingly, we notice most of the quotes feature works largely satisfied with protections that companies have developed despite the scary headline . . . Checkit:

Shoppers Put Everyone At Risk When They Converge On Kansas City's Big Box Stores

"Experts are concerned about all of it: The proximity to others, multiple hands on products and the germs on our handheld devices."

You decide . . .

Restaurant Worker Relief Fund Swamped With Requests As Kansas City Confronts Continued Coronavirus Lockdown

After opening his first Kansas City restaurant just last year check this important offering of foodie support started by Guy Fieri . . . Here's a link to the RESTAURANT EMPLOYEE RELIEF FUND but even this news tease reveals that help is hard to come by . . . More info for subscribers here . . .

Restaurant Employee Relief Fund offering $500 grants to workers overwhelmed by 'extremely high user volume' - Kansas City Business Journal

The Restaurant Employee Relief Fund is offering grants of $500 per person to those experiencing loss of wages or unemployment. The National Restaurant Association estimates that as many as 7 million of the industry's 15 million workers could lose their jobs as a result of COVID-19.

Missouri Democratic Party Leader Slams Guv Parson And Demands Stricter Statewide Shutdown To Fight Coronavirus

This report excludes the partisan angle but the reality is that even on COVID-19, left and right are divided.

Read more:

Missouri House Minority Leader says statewide stay-at-home order is not enough

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri House Minority Leader Crystal Quade says Gov. Mike Parson's statewide stay-at-home order - issued Friday - is not enough. In a statement from Quade, she says the order is not what was advertised and what health care professionals and residents have been demanding.

Kansas COVID-19 Testing Q&A

Worthwhile glimpse at medical situation in the Sunflower State for now . . . Read more:

This is How Coronavirus Testing Works if You Live in Kansas

Have you gotten tested for COVID-19 in Kansas, or have you tried? We want to hear from you. We're also interested in hearing from health care workers about what they're seeing in their clinics and hospitals, and from patients.

KC Saturday Lounge: Pr0n Shop Surgical Mask Giveaway & More News Hotness

Special thanks to our KICK-ASS TKC READER community for sending some of these news links and a great deal of encouragement as we unpack the American news scene for Saturday afternoon with info regarding pop culture, community news and info from across the nation . . .

Authorities Identify Kansas City, Kansas Coronavirus Cluster At Care Center

A local outbreak emerges as health officials continue working to "flatten the curve" despite more local hotspots:

Virus cluster found at KCK rehabilitation center

A cluster of coronavirus cases have been found at a rehabilitation center in Kansas City, Kansas. Seventeen residents and two staff members at Riverbend Post Acute Care Center have tested positive for the virus. The chief medical officer with the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas said six of those residents have been hospitalized.

Kansas Saturday COVID-19 Spike Amid Social Media Rumors & Phone Spying Debate

This afternoon the Topeka Capital Journal does a great job of trying to myth bust rumors still emerging via social media.

However, their effort to fact check the debate on phone spying is a bit flawed given that government officials are, in fact, using "anonymized" data to track cell phone users.

Meanwhile, here's an important update on the latest number of rising Sunflower State infections:

Coronavirus cases jump in Kansas to nearly 700 on Saturday

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) - Coronavirus cases in Kansas jump to nearly 700 on Saturday. According to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment on Saturday, Kansas now has 698 positive cases of the coronavirus with 21 statewide deaths. On Friday, KDHE recorded the state had 629 positive cases.

Missouri Needs Medical Reinforcements For Worsening Coronavirus Fight

At last count 2,291 Missouri residents have tested positive for coronavirus with 24 fatalities . . . Here's the latest call for help to battle the pandemic:

Missouri seeks more doctors, nurses for coronavirus response

Missouri is waging a campaign to boost its current health care workforce as it faces a personnel shortage amid the coronavirus outbreak. The state's Department of Health and Senior Services, Emergency Management Agency, and Department of Economic Development are teaming up to recruit medical professionals who are not already working for the state to join a "specialized" team fighting health emergencies.


Special thanks to all of the KICK-ASS TKC READERS who sent messages our way about a significant 12th & Oak shakeup during already tense times for Kansas City.

To wit . . .


As noted in the headline, her tenure at City Hall was sometimes tumultuous.

Locals blamed her for a great many delayed projects, she was front and center amid so many pothole debates and she was highlighted in a questionable streetcar junket to Spain.

However, she was one of the few female department leaders at City Hall and was even more exceptional in her willingness to debate with elected leaders and tell politicos "NO" on occasion.

Word is she's taking the job as the Liberty, MO public works leader -- A seemingly boring gig that will likely have fewer headaches but far less perks.

In a controversial move, 12th & Oak Insiders reveal that she attempted to anoint her successor on her way out. City Engineer, Ralph Davis is now first in line for the job as interim public works leader but nothing has been formally announced yet.

Eventually, the new city manager will play the biggest role in picking the next KCMO Public Works Director.

Accordingly, as revenues plummet amid the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, KCMO will be forced to do more with less . . . Ms. McIntyre's replacement will confront a far different local landscape wherein the serious biz of maintaining infrastructure will/should trump pet projects and tourist attractions.

Developing . . .


In fact, across the Heartland this report reveals the 2nd Amendment is alive and well as other parts of the nation are fighting to keep gun shops open.

Here in the KC area, firearm merchants are doing a brisk business while crime overall is trending downward amid fewer social interactions . . . Read more:

Gun sales continue to climb in Missouri and Kansas amid COVID-19 pandemic

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The number of people buying guns in Missouri and Kansas continues to rise amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). Anyone who buys a gun from a federally licensed dealer must go through a background check to confirm they are not prohibited from [...]

Jackson County And The Nation Debates Bass Pro & 'Essential' Coronavirus Biz

Big picture perspective on the arguments for and against this retailer doing biz as consumers push back against government edicts during COVID-19 lockdown . . . Read more:

Is Bass Pro An Essential Business Because It Sells Guns? It Depends On The Town

There's a debate raging across the nation about whether gun stores are an essential business during the coronavirus pandemic, which would make them immune from shelter-in-place orders that have forced thousands of retailers to close their doors. At the center of it all is Bass Pro Shops.

Kansas City Saturday Coronavirus Update

An collection of stories regarding the ongoing fight against the pandemic, public health and just a few Kansas City human interest items.

Coronavirus Lockdown Sparks Kansas City Domestic Drama And Greater Need

Long-term relationships can be tough even in the best of circumstances and a historic stay at home order has tensions rising among local couples. Checkit:

Pandemic coincides with increase in domestic violence calls

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- "They don't call and say, 'COVID has brought on DV in my home.'" Megan Stuke with Willow Domestic Violence Shelter in Lawrence said that although they can't blame the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason, it has increased on the number of cases they're receiving.

Meth Town COVID-19 Cash Power Play

Keeping the lights on amid RECORD BREAKING AMERICAN UNEMPLOYMENT is a major concern . . . Here's the plan from one local corporation that talks cash assistance and MAYBE SHOULD consider a month or two of discounts, delays or maybe even forgiveness . . . Read more:

Independence advisory board asks city to give utility rate payers money

INDEPENDENCE, Mo - Independence Public Utilities Advisory Board (PUAB) wants the city to give rate payers money. On Friday, the PUAB approved a proposal from Mark McDonald, a PUAB board member, asking the city to take funds from Independence Power and Light and put it back into the pockets of rate payers.