Tuesday, July 17, 2018


There have been three murders in Kansas City since the weekend and local homicide count seems to be ramping up as tempers & temperatures rise.

Meanwhile, well-deserved police tribute and a certain degree of political correctness overshadows a very real international public safety concern for Kansas City.



Indian tabloids have been having a field day with this question and have been making a connection betwixt the deadly Austin's Olathe hate crime & the recent fatal J's Fish & Chicken robbery. Interesting aside, while local partisan hacks are obsessed with the racial angle of the story it's fascinating to witness the controversy from the Indian perspective wherein rampant American gunplay and discrimination from both Black & white people threatens their countrymen.

Meanwhile, the local MSM is working with the city college to put down the chatter about Kansas City violence that has now spread around the world:

Fox4KC: UMKC addresses campus fears after murder of international student

Money line . . .

UMKC Chancellor C. Mauli Agrawal authored a letter to students which said, "I want to give you my personal assurance that the University of Missouri-Kansas City is a very safe place to pursue an outstanding education, for domestic and international students alike. I understand your concern. The tragic death of Sharath Koppu has affected us all. But it is important to remember that Sharath was in no way targeted for his ethnicity. Unfortunately, violent street crime is a fact of life in most large cities around the world – a risk that is real, but one that can be minimized by taking prudent steps."

Here's a link to the letter in full.

And sadly . . .


No links, no references, not even typical advice to be REALLY CAREFUL and say a little prayer whenever crossing Rockhill Road on foot.

Just to get even more real, local yokels like TKC know that Troost is a racial dividing line that evokes a cacophony of white guilt and historic anger but it also remains an important point of demarcation wherein students from ALL backgrounds should be serious about their personal safety. Sadly, this info isn't in the student handbook or noted among any of the SJW or anarchist groups who troll the urban campus.

A quick UMKC public safety reality check that was true during TKC's Spice Girls tenure at the city college and remains somewhat relevant today:

- Your car will be robbed. 

- Hidden away campus toilets are used for rando hookups, so be sure to hover. 

- Social justice advocacy doesn't serve as a credit against gunpoint robbery.

Sadly, the issue of student safety is far too mired in politics and practical advice is often discarded as alarmist, reactionary or racist. Hater trolls don't help by spamming their bigoted propaganda which is far less concerned with protecting students than it is with propagating a precious & flimsy worldview.

And so, just as TKC learned the hard way that a degree in Communication Studies has very little practical application . . . We can only hope that current UMKC students are more fortunate and thoughtful as they navigate an increasingly dangerous urban landscape.

You decide . . .

Jackson County Jail Crisis Continues And Politicos Haven't Even Started Figuring Out How To Pay For A New Facility . . .

This community newspaper is trying to be nice . . .

Examiner: "Problems at the Jackson County Jail – nearly all of them compounded by overcrowding – persist, and a consulting group is still trying to gather the data needed for a fuller picture, county legislators were told Monday."

Meanwhile, don't expect any real answers during election season and a MASSIVE TAX INCREASE shortly thereafter.

Developing . . .

Today Kansas City Marks 37 Years Since Tragic Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse

A few resources for this anniversary of a historic Kansas City tragedy . . .

IE: Understanding the Tragic Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse

"On July 17th, 1981, more than 100 people were killed and another 200 or so injured when two walkways collapsed within the Hyatt Regency Kansas City Hotel. At the time, a Tea Dance was being held in the hotel's lobby when the walkways fell. This was the deadliest structural collapse in U.S. history until the tragic events of the World Trade Centre some 20 years later."

Read more:

Wiki: Hyatt Regency walkway collapse

KC History: Hotel Horror

Timeline: When this hotel skywalk collapsed, it was one of the deadliest structural failures in US history

Double Arrest After Tuesday Morning Murder Investigation Police Chase Crash

Kansas City crime scene update as the struggle against the local homicide count gets real . . . Here's the round-up of a chase that reached 100MPH:

Suspect sought in connection to Monday homicide leads police on high-speed chase

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One suspect and another person are in custody after leading police on a chase early Tuesday morning. Police said the suspect was sought in connection to a homicide that happened Monday, though they said they won't disclose which homicide at this time.


Better headlines include . . .

KC No Can Do Fondue . . .

Plaza Double Dips Ripped

KCMO Sauce Loss For Now

Of course yours were funnier . . . Here's the story:

Melting Pot temporarily closed by health department

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Melting Pot restaurant on the Country Club Plaza is currently closed after the Kansas City, Missouri Health Department suspended its food service permit. The Health Department report obtained by 41 Action News lists several violations including a lack of proper pest control measures, floor drains backing up and some employees not wearing proper hair restraints.

KCFD Fam Ready To Crowd Jackson County Courtroom For 2nd Day Of Deadly Arson Trial

Update on the case for those who haven't read it already and a glimpse at a local community showing solidarity as they await justice . . .

Trial enters second day for salon manager charged in blaze that killed 2 Kansas City firefighters

The trial for a salon manager accused of starting a fire that killed two Kansas City firefighters will enter its second day on Tuesday. Thu Hong Nguyen, 46, is charged with arson, second-degree murder and causing a catastrophe in the October 2015 fire that killed 43-year-old Larry Leggio and 39-year-old John Mesh.


Double take on the Northland trash issue and middle-class complaints across the bridge . . .

Last week we talked about Council Lady Heather Hall taking on this issue via social media and a conversation with her constituents.

Now, here's a bit of swagger-jacking with good intentions . . .

Dan Fowler, the 2nd district councilman, said in a press release that there have been too many "blatant failures" with the trash service and it's time to get things back on schedule.

"Untimely trash pickup is more than an inconvenience; it’s a health issue, and it can be neighborhood codes issue, as well," Fowler said.

Again, while we welcome trash talk at City Hall . . . Even the Northland has bigger problems than suburbanites and their stupid overly manicured lawns.

You decide . . .

Country Music Star Hurt In Kansas City & Hayseed Fans Trash Stadium Parking Lot

The sloppy crowd left a mess that's nearly as stereotypical as their twangy music.

Read more:

Kenny Chesney Injured During Tour Stop in Kansas City

There's a famous saying in show business that says the show must go on. Kenny Chesney put that saying to work when he played through an injury during his Trip Around the Sun Tour date at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.

Kansas City Now 'Notorious' Dump

Local abuse earns nationwide shame in this celeb mag.


Owner Abandons Pet Pit Bull Dog in 'Notorious' Kansas City Garbage Dumping Spot

Mali is now under the care of the KC Pet Project after being rescued from the 95-degree heat

The Kansas City Early Tuesday Double Take

Quick peek at this celeb mogul who recently offered audiences a peek at her politics and so much more . . .

Peeps: Kim Kardashian West Addresses Cultural Appropriation Backlash for Wearing Cornrow Braids

Cosmo: Kim Kardashian Wore Her Sexiest Pair of Bike Shorts Yet, Complete With a Super Tiny Crop Top

Closer to home, here are more than a few links worth checking for our early risers . . .

Kansas City Saves Historic Hospital Much More Widely Known & Loved As 'The Morgue' Haunted House!!!

Kansas City's First Black Hospital Is Saved Thanks To Redevelopment Deal

The long-vacant Wheatley-Provident Hospital, an important landmark in the Kansas City African-American community, has been purchased by a development group with plans to renovate it as offices. The deteriorating building at 1826 Forest was the only hospital operated and staffed by black doctors and nurses at a time when health care services were segregated in Kansas City.

Golden Ghetto Towers Going Up???

Company buys land of old K-Mart at 95th, Metcalf; could redevelop into office towers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An Overland Park, Kan. company announced Monday it has purchased the land of the old K-Mart shopping center at 95th and Metcalf. A release announcing the purchase, which totals nearly 30-acres of land, doesn't specify any specific plans for future development, but hints that it could be used to build "multiple office towers" on the site.

Dead-Tree Media Promo For Kansas City La Migra Legal Opposition

KC's 'top-notch' immigration lawyer on her immigrant roots and Supreme Court win

She was a preemie - 3 pounds, 10 inches long - born in rural India at a hospital ill-equipped to save her. For months Rekha Sharma-Crawford's father cupped her in his hands and held her like a kitten to his chest, keeping Rekha warm as she fought on.

Fixing This Old KCK House

Locals hope to restore KCK's famous Sauer Castle

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Built in 1871, there's nothing else in the metro quite like the iconic Sauer Castle on Shawnee Road in Kansas City, Kansas. "It was one of the first buildings in America with indoor plumbing," Jason Simmons said. "And closets! Closets were unheard of at the time."

Digging West Bottoms Swine

Local Pig, Pigwich relocating to City Market space

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A restaurant location in City Market might have changed owners recently, but the star attraction will remain the same. City Market announced during the weekend that Local Pig and Pigwich, currently operating in the east bottoms, will relocate to the old Winslow's Barbecue space on the south end of the market.

WyCo Karaoke Tearjerker

Grab your tissues before you watch the Wyandotte County Sheriff's lip sync video

Grab your tissues. While many police and sheriff's departments across the country have been singing and dancing in lively lip sync videos, the video just released by the sheriff's office in Wyandotte County, Kansas strikes a different chord. The video, which is set to the song "See You Again," is dedicated to deputies Patrick Rohrer and Theresa King.

Reporting Home Team Heartbreak

Commentary: Kansas City Royals Record Has Fans Singing Dog Day Blues

Here's a newsflash: It's hot. The sky is blue. The grass is brown. And the Kansas City Royals are really, really bad. Commentator Victor Wishna doesn't need to elaborate, but he does in this July edition of 'A Fan's Notes.' Ah, the dog days of summer. The heat. The humidity.

Lauren Daigle - You Say is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Kansas City Thomas Frank Love Fest Tonite!!!

He's required reading for the progressive crowd and maybe KC's favorite political author. His writing offers brilliant theories on the motivations of Republican voters and even a few pretty decent critiques of the Hillary Clinton campaign . . . Which is pretty much why he can only get a steady job writing in the UK.

Check tonight's KCMO appearance or risk having your least favorite Bernie bro drone on and on about what he said for the rest of the Summer.

You decide . . .

Tuesday at the Plaza Library: Thomas Frank

The Baffler founder, What's the Matter with Kansas? author, and native Kansas Citian Thomas Frank has been ahead of the curve on nearly every socio-political-economic topic on which he's weighed in over the last 30 years. He was especially correct in 2016, when he published Listen Liberal, which critiqued the Democratic Party's abandonment of the working class.

It Costs Big Bucks To Live In Brookside

One of our favorite Kansas City real estate bloggers offers this update on the high-cost of home buying in this town's 2nd favorite shrinking middle-class enclave . . . Obviously, these figures don't include alternative for lackluster trash pick-up: Brookside Home Sales Stats-June 2018


For those who haven't seen it already, here's what is probably one of the most important local blog posts of the Summer.


KCPD Chief's Blog: Thank you for your support in wake of officers' shooting

Highlight . . .

"I think the bigger story is what happened before, outside of and after yesterday’s incident. The people of Kansas City really came together to help us solve this senseless slaying of an innocent man. After we released video of the suspect, we got more than 40 tips from community members. About ten of those all identified the same person. I think this is proof both that the people of Kansas City will not tolerate that kind of violence and that the increased $10,000 reward for information in homicides is paying off."

Another important note . . .

"Most importantly, our community has rallied around these officers and our department. We were frankly a little taken aback by all the notes of thanks and support that have come in on social media, e-mail and by phone. That support means the world not only to the officers who are recovering, but to everyone on this department. Because this job is not easy, and in recent years, it’s only gotten harder as tension has erupted between law enforcement and the people they serve across the country. Our job is to protect and serve every single person who lives, works or visits Kansas City, Mo., with professionalism and integrity, and we take that duty extremely seriously. For officers to go out there and know that their work is appreciated means more than a paycheck ever could. I just can’t say “thank you” enough to the people of our city who are partnering with us to make it safer."

Developing . . .

Monday, July 16, 2018


American politicos universally decry Prez Trump and his posturing with Russia amid election tampering allegations.

Here's the round-up with a focus on local politicos and a scathing kicker at the conclusion of the compilation . . .

Springfield News Leader: Blunt, McCaskill condemn President Trump for siding with Putin. Hawley brings up Hillary

WIBW: Moran: "Putin is not our friend" | Kansas Sens. react to Russia summit

Turner Report: Cleaver on Trump/Putin press conference - Today is a sad day in American history

Fox4: Rep. Kevin Yoder said in a statement - “I trust our intelligence community and do believe that Russians have attempted to interfere in elections here and around the globe. It’s why I voted for bipartisan sanctions on Russian officials that the President signed into law and continue to support efforts by the DOJ to hold Russian bad actors accountable.”

Former FBI Director James Comey: "This was the day an American president stood on foreign soil next to a murderous lying thug and refused to back his own country. Patriots need to stand up and reject the behavior of this president."

You decide . . .


Here's a glimpse at 12th & Oak making a bad situation even worse in a money grab chasing away customers and prohibiting growth:

Paid parking debuted in City Market lots four months ago. Here's how it's working

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - More than four months have passed since the City Market began charging drivers who park in the city-owned surface lots on weekdays, and in that time, a private parking company has issued more than 800 citations for non-compliance.

Clay County Is So Screwed Up That They Can't Even Agree On Cop Memorial After KCPD Confronts EPIC Violence

Here's a glimpse of middle-class suburban people bickering at an escalating level that's reaching a full-on blood feud.

Read more:

Clay County Assessor: Donation To Police Memorial Would 'Be Better Spent Making The County Function'

Clay County is pledging $500,000 over two years to build a Law Enforcement Memorial Garden in Kansas City, Missouri, despite concerns over the budget. The Clay County Commissioners voted 2-1 today in favor of the funding the memorial in a contentious meeting.


More deets on the officer-involved shooting released today along with a mugshot and information about the suspect . . .

Today, Chief Smith identified Mack as the man wanted for the killing of UMKC student Sharath Koppu, 25, during a July 6th robbery at J's Fish and Chicken Market near 54th and Prospect. Koppu came to the US from India in January to pursue his master's degree.

Mack was killed during a stand-off at a house near 30th and Topping.

Links and what we know so far:

KMBZ: Police identify Marlon Mack, 25, as murder suspect who wounded three KCPD officers

KSHB: Mack has a lengthy criminal history out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. He's pleaded guilty to robbery, assault with a dangerous weapon, burglary, and possession of a firearm.

KMBC: Two detectives and an officer were shot

KCUR: Of 40 tips that came in over the course of the week, Smith said eight led directly to Mack.

KCTV5: Investigators believe 25-year-old Marlin Mack opened fire on officers Sunday with a high-powered semi-automatic rifle during a confrontation that began outside a motel before moving to a nearby home, Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith said.

Developing . . .

Kansas City 2018 Homicide #64: Police Discover Man Dead At Kensington Park

Here's the 3rd Kansas City homicide in less than 48 hours as the Summer murder count continues to spike . . .

KMBC: KCPD investigating Monday homicide near 38th and Kensington


Officers were originally dispatched to the 7 Oaks Park on an ambulance call. When they arrived, they found a man unresponsive in the park. That man was declared dead on the scene.

This is the 64th KCMO 2018 homicide compared to 77 at this time last year and 55 the year before that . . .

Developing . . .

Yust Fam Fire Charge Report

News on a high-profile local fam and their continued (alleged) trouble with the law . . .

Yust's half-brother charged with arson in KCMO house fire

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The half-brother of Kylr Yust, the man accused of killing two local women nearly 10 years apart, is now facing arson charges. Jessep Carter is charged with second-degree arson. He's accused of setting fire to a home Friday on the 5900 block of Manchester.

KCFD Fam Crowd Jackson County Courtroom Amid Deadly Kansas City Arson Trial

Locals await justice following a local tragedy. Read more:

Murder trial begins in blaze that killed two KCFD firefighters

Kansas City, MO - The murder trial of a nail salon manager accused of starting a fire that killed two Kansas City firefighters began today.No jury has been seated. A judge will hear arguments in a bench trial and decide her fate.

Northland Po-Po Desire Stolen Credit Card Conversation With This Happy Couple

Check spy cam quickie-mart spy cam footage of these two locals across the bridge who are all smiles despite concern from authorities about fraud. Read more:

Clay County deputies asking for help to identify individuals seen using a stolen credit card

The Clay County Sheriff's Office is asking for help to identify two people wanted in connection with a stolen credit card investigation. Authorities said these people used a stolen credit card in the areas of NE 72nd Street and N Prospect, and near the 6400 block of N Oak.

The Kansas City Monday News Post

A busy day in Kansas City but first we start with a newsworthy informative look at health & happiness . . .

Daily Mail:Charlotte McKinney flaunts enviable cleavage and killer physique during racy Miami photo shoot

Gotham:Charlotte McKinney's Summer Wellness Secrets

GQ: Charlotte McKinney: The 5 Things I Say When I'm Asked If They're Real

Closer to home, here's a quick rundown of some of the top stories for tonight . . .

KCI Afternoon Spray Down Scare And Rampant Flight Delays

Delta flight makes landing with fuel emergency at KCI

Delta Airlines flight 923 made a landing with a fuel emergency around 5 p.m. Monday afternoon at Kansas City International Airport. The Boeing 717 coming from Detroit Metropolitan Airport landed safety with equipment from the Kansas City Fire Department spraying the plane down with fire retardant and on the scene to address any additional emergencies.

Gaming Trumps All In College

This university will be the first in the KC area to add a new varsity team: Esports

This sport has the fastest-growing fan base around, and Park University plans to be the first college in the Kansas City area to become a player. Park is set to launch its first varsity esports team in the spring, complete with a new gaming facility, scholarships and a national search for a coach.

Rep. Yoder Stays Winning Big Bucks

Yoder Far Ahead In Kansas 3rd District Money Game, Davis Holds Fundraising Edge In 2nd District

Republican U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder's most recent campaign finance report shows him far ahead of challengers in raising funds to hold the seat representing Johnson and Wyandotte counties. In the race to replace Republican U.S. Rep.

Show-Me Big Money Downfall

Greitens' campaign spends $600k on legal bills, more on political consultants

JEFFERSON CITY * Former Gov. Eric Greitens spent more than $588,000 on legal fees in the final months of his scandal-plagued administration. According to campaign finance reports released Monday, the ex-chief executive funneled more than $551,000 from his campaign fund to Husch Blackwell, the law firm of Catherine Hanaway, a former Missouri House speaker who was hired to defend Greitens' campaign operation amid the multiple investigations that led to his demise.

Here's How Former Guv Brownback Nearly Bankrupted Your Suburb

How state tax cuts in Kansas raised municipalities' borrowing costs

Ng and Wessel discuss the paper by Komla Dzigbede and Rahul Pathak on how large tax cuts enacted in Kansas increased interest rates and reduced credit ratings on state and municipal bonds, compounding on the state's already significant fiscal woes.

Kansas City Techies Crusade To Solve All Of The Worlds Problems

Newest Techstars KC class tackling payday loans, food safety, bots for business

Techstars Kansas City has revealed its 2018 cohort of startups. The 10 companies will make a big impact not only on Kansas City but the global economy, said Lesa Mitchell, managing director of Techstars KC.

Hipster Plans This Week

Shatto Milk Company teams up with Lidia's, Kansas City's Big Picnic, and more: KC's food and drink events for July 16-22

Courtesy Shatto Monday, July 16 The Pitch's Burger Week begins today! This means $5 burgers all over town. Details and all the wheres here. Tuesday, July 17 Enjoy $8 craft cocktails and free bar snacks from 4 to 11 p.m. tonight (and every Tuesday night) at Freshwater (3711 Summit).

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Kansas SecState Kobach Toy Gun Stunt Stays Losing: NRA Loves Guv Colyer

An important policy decision on POLICY OVER THEATRICS as extreme right-wing bully tactics are rejected by the GOP establishment once again. Take a look:

NRA endorses Kansas Gov. Colyer in GOP primary

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - The National Rifle Association has endorsed Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer in his Republican primary race against a field that includes Secretary of State Kris Kobach. But Kobach touted his own endorsement Monday by Gun Owners of America. The group describes itself as a "no-compromise" gun-rights organization.

Missouri Democrats Can't Sell Baby Killing

There is a small but growing faction of Democrats who oppose abortion and the latest move from Missouri Democrats seems to reflect the trend:

Missouri Democrats' New Platform Caves on Abortion Rights - Rewire.News

At a time when women's constitutionally-protected freedom to make decisions about their own lives, bodies, and futures-including the right to use contraception and to have an abortion-hangs by a thread, Missouri Democrats are sacrificing women's lives for a perceived political expediency that does not exist.


The latest July 2018 weekend in Kansas City was exceptionally brutal and the level of local killing is carrying over into the work week.

A quick round-up for Monday morning . . . 

There were two murders, a dangerous carjacking chase that ended in a downtown crash, half a dozen cars lit ablaze, a shootout with police wherein a suspect injured three detectives and the ensuing deadly standoff which transformed an east side neighborhood into a battlefield.

Meanwhile . . .

Notice that that politicos are mostly talking byzantine ethics rules, luxury development and housing whilst chaos erupts on local streets.

And so we ask . . .


This is actually easier than it sounds. Remember last election there was a gentleman's agreement to politely ignore any challenge to the incumbent mayor and some homeless guy proved to be the only general election opposition.

Now, check the links and lament that KCMO has earned far more Summer 2018 international notoriety for gunfire and homicide rather than BBQ & Jazz . . .

New York Times: Suspect Killed and Three Officers Wounded in Kansas City Gunfight

Daily Mail: Man suspected of killing of university student in botched robbery shot and wounded three Kansas City police officers before dying in hail of bullets

ABC News: 3 police officers shot in Kansas City, rifle-wielding suspect killed

Reuters: Suspect dead, three officers wounded in Kansas City shootouts

Times Of India: Suspect involved in killing of Indian student in US shot dead

CNN: Murder suspect killed, 3 officers wounded in Kansas City gunfight

Fox News: 3 Kansas City, Missouri, cops shot; gunman killed in standoff with police, officials say

You decide . . .

Kansas City Homicide #63: East Side Gas Station Clerk Killed During Robbery

Here's the 2nd local homicide in less than 48 hours as the level of local violence begins to ramp up this Summer. Check the deets:

1 dead after shooting inside east Kansas City gas station

Police in Kansas City are investigating a shooting on the city's east side after one person was found dead inside a gas station early Monday morning.

Show-Me Prez Trump Trade War In Missouri

Local angle and Red State voters attempting to hold on to their political loyalty amid always harsh times. Take a look:

'Trying to keep the faith': Missouri farmers brace for Trump's trade war - and drought

CEDAR COUNTY - Friday in southwest Missouri was all sun and heat, but Kalena and Billy Bruce were preparing for an economic storm they hope is short. The Bruces are part of the fifth generation in a family that holds more than 3,000 acres of farmland near Stockon, where they've owned land since before the Civil War, according to Kalena.

Kansas Hemp Is Farmer New Hotness

Classic cash crop comeback as politicos now seem far more conservative than farmers just trying to make a buck. Checkit:

Kansas farmers face challenges in budding hemp industry

Experts and economists warn that creating an industrial hemp market in Kansas is full of obstacles. KCUR-FM reports state lawmakers legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp earlier this year, and final regulations are expected later this year.


The renowned and sometimes controversial Kansas City lawman begins his journey into local politics with a decent website and this pitch to voters:


Description . . .

"Sheriff Forté served as Chief Executive Officer of a major metropolitan police department for 5+ years. He is a result-oriented professional with 31+ years of comprehensive experience in all areas of administrative police affairs, including a proven record of leadership; suppression of crimes through community partnerships utilizing crime prevention strategies; national recognition for successful risk management initiatives; effective management of civil unrest in Kansas City, Missouri, during tumultuous times; and recognition for outstanding community engagement efforts.

"Sheriff Forté has demonstrated the ability to build and maintain relationships and has a history of valuing diversity. He's responded to 800+ homicides during career to support police personnel and consistently displays concern for victims and families."

You decide . . .

Kansas City Books EPIC Convention List

Here's just a bit of propaganda and local hype about an upcoming visitors who may not total 25-million but might help to boost the local economy nevertheless . . . Take a look:

Kansas City secures 17 large conventions for future meetings

Published by Ozgur Tore Visit KC announced 17 major convention bookings for future years, marking a fruitful first half of 2018 for the organization. Representing the corporate, religious, health science, sports and educational market segments, these events will cumulatively generate more than $174 million in local economic impact based on a calculation using the combination of attendance and room nights.

More Deets On Kansas City 'Queer Eye' Visit

National LGBT press takes notice of an upcoming makeover show extravaganza making a return trip. Take a peek:

Queer Eye Gets a 3rd Season to Work Magic in Kansas City, Missouri

Queer Eye Gets a 3rd Season to Work Magic in Kansas City, Missouri Keep the tissues handy. The second season of the revamped Queer Eye dropped in mid-June, and already, Netflix has announced via a teaser on Friday that the feel-good juggernaut has been renewed for a third season to be set in Kansas City, Mo., reports.

Former KC Royals Legend & Jackson County Exec Frank White Auction Aftermath

Old school glory helps this embattled politico pay some bills. Take a look:

Frank White's 1985 World Series trophy brings record price and much-needed cash

Frank White's miniature World Series trophy went for $33,000, while another online bidder claimed the former Royals great's 1980 Gold Glove award for $13,398. In all, a trove of baseball memorabilia owned by the onetime Kansas City second baseman and current Jackson County executive brought close to $80,000 at last month's online auction, according to Crown Sports Auctions .

The Kansas City Morning Arrangement

First, a note on where we stand as a culture . . .

ABC News: Kim Kardashian West defends sister Kylie Jenner's 'Forbes' cover: 'We are all self-made'

Closer to home, a quick glimpse at the Kansas City Monday morning agenda . . .

Agenda In The Loop This Week
Fringe Festival tops an eclectic week ahead in Downtown
Justice For KCFD???

Nail salon worker to stand trial today in fire that killed two KC firefighters

A 46-year-old nail salon worker will face a judge Monday on charges she started a fire in her shop on Independence Boulevard, leading to a conflagration that took the lives of two Kansas City firefighters. Thu Hong Nguyen could face decades in prison if convicted of arson, second-degree murder and causing a catastrophe.

More KCPD Support

Kansas City Communities Express Gratitude To Police As They Mourn UMKC Student

Kansas City police confirmed that Sunday's exchanges of gunfire involved a man suspected of killing University of Missouri-Kansas City student Sharath Koppu on July 6 in Kansas City. The suspect was killed and three police officers were injured.

Remember Kansas City Old School Media Sales School?!?!

Broadcast Media's Future? A 'P1' Boost Is In The Works

Every radio industry ratings nerd knows what a "P1" listener is. Back in the day, there were even "P1" playlists, reflecting the biggest of markets and what was tops of the charts there compared to a smaller market.

Golden Gehtto Wreck Report

Life-threatening injuries following motorcycle wreck on I-435, 87th Street

Critical injuries are being reported following a motorcycle wreck at Interstate 435 and 87th Street in Kansas City. I-435 southbound is currently shutdown in the area due to the crash. It's unknown what led up to it. Copyright 2018 KCTV (Meredith Corp.) All rights reserved.

Oiker Kansas City Report

Local Pig and Pigwich to Relocate to City Market This Fall

After six years in their original East Bottoms location, Local Pig and Pigwich co-owners Alex Pope and Matt Kafka have outgrown their current space. They have spent months searching for a new home to bring their meat market and sandwich shop under one roof, and have now announced plans to relocate both to the City Market by mid-October.

Kansas City Hipster Weekend Review

Photos + Setlist: Jason Isbell, Turnpike Troubadours, and Old 97's at Providence Medical Amphitheater

Americana KC: Providence Medical Amphitheater Friday, July 13 Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit, Turnpike Troubadours, and Old 97's All photos by Nick Spacek Friday night was a fine night for fans of "redneck rock 'n' roll," as Jason Isbell put it toward the end of his set at Providence Medical Center Amphitheater.

Cheat Codes, Little Mix - Only You is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Kansas City Royals FAIL Point Of No Return

The home team is halfway through one of the worst seasons in recent memory. Still, local media is having a tough time forgetting glory days and all of the misguided notions that World Series winning was anything but moneyball luck.

Take a look:

Royals finish first half with fewest AL wins after 10-1 loss to White Sox

CHICAGO - Although the White Sox head into the All-Star break with nearly twice as many losses as wins, the players remain optimistic. Sunday certainly provided a reason for hope. Daniel Palka and Yoan Moncada homered, and Lucas Giolito tossed two-hit ball into the seventh inning, lifting Chicago to a 10-1 victory over the struggling Kansas City Royals.

Kansas City Blogging Against Sports Idolatry

Kansas City's top writer on the topic of faith and morals offers a fact check for fandom both local and across the world . . .

The idolatrous worship of some sports: 7-16-18

If you were to ask me -- and you don't even have to because I'm going to tell you anyway -- I would say that all sin comes down to idolatry, which means putting something ahead of God. It's why...

KCK Ethnic Glory Stays Losing

As always, the return trip hope ends in disappointment as these middle-class denizens quickly return back to the suburbs. Read more:

Kansas City's Croatian population takes World Cup disappointment in stride

Even with Croatia's loss to France in the World Cup there were no long faces on Strawberry Hill, the neighborhood in Kansas City, Kansas that has drawn Slavic immigrants for more than a century. Red and white checkerboard Croatian seemed to be everywhere before Sunday morning's final against France.

You Paid For It: Kansas City World Cup Hype

Local news covers tourism hype and subsidized city hall advertising . . .

Sporting Kansas City releases hype video for Kansas City's 2026 World Cup bid


"Kansas City was named to a list of 23 potential host cities on the continent. Following France's victory in the 2018 World Cup Final on Sunday, Kansas City wasted no time in reminding everyone they want to be part of the 2026 event."

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Sunday, July 15, 2018


At the conclusion of a violent day for Kansas City it's important to document an outpouring of support and solidarity with the KCPD from not only elected officials but also residents and social media influencers.

Right now, in the aftermath of gunfire targeting the po-po, here's a quick look at leading KCMO power players and their police endorsement . . .