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Like all showdowns, this could be an anti-climax . .. Insiders tell us that Mayor & Council are likely to punt on this vote until the NEXT meeting.

Nevertheless . . .


Here's the word and a great quote along with locals holding Mayor Q accountable . . .


Kansas City, City Hall, Thursday at 3:00PM -- Leaders from The Coalition for Kansas City Economic Development Reform will be watching City Council vote on the super-sized TIF for Waddell & Reed (a $100million + package in state and local incentives) to relocate its headquarters. The coalition has been opposed to this proposed TIF from inception. This project could have been a new starting point with a development team willing to communicate and negotiate to get the best deal for all members of the community. Instead, it is an extension of the era our mayor and new council promised would end in the last campaign cycle; they were elected on those promises.

“Why isn’t educating our students a part of ‘economic development?’” asked Janet Parks, representing MORE2 within the Coalition for Economic Development Reform. Parks added, “Students who attend and graduate from our public and charter schools can help the city grow a skilled, quality future workforce. But they shouldn’t have to do that when their precious resources are siphoned off to relocate a corporation.”

Key campaign issues included expanding affordable housing and curbing violent crime. If those are the concerns of the city, investing in luxurious office buildings in non-blighted areas at the expense of schools, libraries & mental health services is ludicrous. The group is particularly interested in the final vote from Mayor Lucas, who has been curiously quiet on TIF reform issues since taking office and seems to be a proponent of this project.

Developing . . . 


This morning we share important insight on a decision with citywide impact on residents and neighborhoods.

To wit . . .


There is a great deal of important info in this statement that offers insight into the situation beyond City Hall talking points. This work shares data and real world experience that trumps recent hype about a nice no-bid facility financed by taxpayers . . .

Animal Welfare Organizations Fear Changes to KCMO Animal Control Endangers Public and Animals

Spay and Neuter Kansas City, Chain of Hope and many citizens are speaking out about the impact privatization is having on the pet population of Kansas City.

December 11th, 2019 - Spay and Neuter Kansas City (SNKC) is asking Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO) tax payers to voice concerns to the KCMO city council over an animal welfare crisis in Kansas City.

“In June 2019, the KCMO city council voted to privatize animal control,” explains SNKC founder and CEO, Michelle Rivera. “The department now has only a small number of officers, which puts our community at serious risk and is leaving animals left to suffer. In fact, we’ve seen a dramatic uptick in strays and so has Chain of Hope, whom we work with on the streets every day. Even though we’re not a shelter, our team and the COH team are responding to stray calls that are now coming to us. There will be people who want to blame animal control for this but, even though they didn't create this problem, they've been working day and night to address it during the transition. "

“We’ve seen the impact of this decision already,” added Kate Quigley, founder and director of Chain of Hope (COH). “Now that it’s cold out, we know more animals will be suffering and there’s not anything being done about it.”

The vote to privatize, adds Rivera, was held and approved by council despite special committee recommendations against it. “We feel it was rushed through on new council members before they could accurately gauge the impact of the vote and before they could consider the implications of this plan. Unfortunately, animals are suffering and several groups around town are trying to pick up the slack.”

The KCMO action center receives nearly 18,000 calls each year. Even when the department is fully staffed, it is difficult to keep up with the demand. As of now, there are not enough staff to respond to stray calls. This is and will continue to pose a public safety threat as well as suffering for unwanted, abandoned and stray pets in our community.

This will impact hundreds of animals each month and the fear by welfare groups is that the number will continue to grow since there is no transition plan in place at the moment. “We believe pets will be left to suffer because of this,” Rivera adds. “We’re already getting more calls about strays and, with colder weather arriving, the issue will grow even worse.

“As an organization with 17 years of work in our community, we are asking KCMO tax payers to contact city council and ask for their immediate attention to this matter,” says Rivera. “Tax payers and animals in our community deserve adequate services, which includes public safety, enforcement and sheltering of unwanted, stray and abandoned pets in our community. In fact, we favor animal control retaining a part of animal control services which includes public safety, enforcement and prosecution. We also encourage them to put together a strategic plan to collaborate with existing animal welfare organizations in Kansas City so we can strengthen partnerships and programs with a focus on all areas of animal welfare including education, resources, sheltering and care of animals while aiming to deter unnecessary impounding of owned pets, retention, and re-unification of lost pets.

For more information on SNKC visit SNKC’s mission is to end pet homelessness through education and supportive services to help keep pets off the streets, out of shelters and in homes with the owners who love them.

For information on the Chain of Hope mission to alleviate the suffering of abused and neglected animals and their effort to provide education, medical assistance, food, shelter, and supplies to pet owners, as well as the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of unwanted and homeless pets, visit

Both groups are encouraging citizens to contact their council members to voice their concerns and have listed their emails along with sample text for an email at

Who Will Win Fight For Kansas City Tenants 'Bill Of Rights' Today?!?!

Trick question.

Rents are rising one way or another and this debate mostly serves to reinforce unfair assumptions about low-income residents and, ironically, make their blight even more miserable by way of limiting options as more landlords bail on the increasingly restrictive inner-city bottom-end market.

Read more:

Kansas City one step closer to getting Tenant Bill of Rights

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Kansas City is one step closer to getting a Tenant Bill of Rights. It was less than a year ago people were marching outside City Hall demanding to see some kind of action to hold landlords accountable. Now, they're one vote away from seeing their demonstration turn into regulation.

Should We Cancel KC Secret Santa???

IMHO, it's one of this town's worst traditions a sign that "journalists" have stopped caring about their jobs toward the end of the year.

But maybe handouts can really help locals . . . Longtime readers of the blog know that this tradition has always been a pet peeve . . . If there's anybody who thinks it's worthwhile . . . Let us know . . . For now, here's the annual start to this tear-jerk cowtown holiday constant:

Secret Santa delivers to Kansas Citians in need

Whatever you believe, the holiday season is really all about hope."The greatest gift you can give somebody is the gift of happiness," said Secret Santa.This anonymous businessman named Secret Santa came to Kansas City this week."You ever heard of secret Santa? Yeah. You ever met him? No.

Baby Yoda Mahomes

Fair use posted for educational and news purposes . . . Social media tribute and satire examines hype, pop culture and mythical storytelling mostly stripped of its intended meaning.

You decide . . .


Public radio jumps into the fray of this suburban grudge match that started over a pricey coffee machine and now mostly involves social media bullying amid this suburbanite 1st world contest of egos . . . Newsflash: The audit solved NOTHING and so far nobody can explain how any of this INCREASINGLY TIRESOME GRIPING impacts the day-to-day of residents . . . This report doesn't answer the question but does a nice job of rounding up the everlasting hot mess.

'Disheartening,' 'Hostile' And A 'Lack Of Trust' - A Picture Of Clay County's Troubled Government

Clay County Commission meetings are tense. There are arguments over procedural matters, like what's even on the agenda, as well as policy matters like budgeting. There's a lot of finger-pointing about who is to blame. The county itself is under a microscope, the subject of high-profile legal battles and a state audit initiated by thousands of voters.

Kansas City Thursday Early News Link Stroll

Black & white photography is our fave as a classic set inspires our for the early morning and we review pop culture, community news and other items of interest for right now . . .

Kansas City Road Troubles After GO Bond Cash SPENT

Drivers frustrated with city after 5 cars damaged during Independence Avenue road work

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- At least five cars were badly damaged on one popular Kansas City street where drivers say there should have been warning signs about the recent road work. "It felt like I thought my whole tire went off my car or there was this humongous blow out or something," Melissa Hernandez said.

Saving The Day

Red Cross responds to 14 house fires in one week

Kansas City's Red Cross responds to more house fires than any other region in the country.In one week, disaster teams responded to 14 house fires in seven days, helping more than 40 fire victims."Every morning, we are waking up to a family who has lost their home. They've lost their possessions.

Fast Food Ruckus

Woman says KCK Burger King employee tossed her phone in trash, management did nothing

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A metro fast-food worker is accused of stealing a customer's phone and then tossing it in the trash. Cassaundra Wells said a recent visit to Burger King, at the corner of 40th and Rainbow, left a bad taste in her mouth.

Fashionista In Focus

Bella Hadid Braless in James Russell Photoshoot 2019

Bella Hadid Braless in James Russell Photoshoot 2019, Bella Hadid, Black and White, Braless, James Russell, Photoshoot,

Hottie Money Probs

What Gigi and Bella Hadid Think of Their Dad's $100 Million Bankruptcy Nightmare

Family drama. One month after real estate developer Mohamed Hadid was ordered to tear down his $100 million Bel Air mansion due to safety concerns, neighbors allege that Gigi and Bella Hadid 's dad is committing bankruptcy fraud by removing valuables from the property.

Prez Trump Aquittal Fox X-Mas

2 GOP senators say McConnell will move to acquit Trump, not merely dismiss charges

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is expected to hold a final vote to acquit President Donald Trump should he be impeached, when a majority of senators believe his trial has run its course instead of holding a vote on dismissing the articles of impeachment, two Republican senators told CNN on Wednesday.

Money Market News More Important Than Your Petty Middle-Class Politics And Myopic Worldview

Asian markets move higher after the Fed holds interest rates steady

Asian markets mostly rose Thursday after the Federal Reserve kept interest rates steady, putting an end to the year's series of rate cuts.


Trump Campaign Is Deploying Phone Location-Tracking Technology

President Donald Trump's reelection effort has retained the services of a technology company that specializes in the mass collection of smartphone location data, which can be used to track voters for political targeting purposes.

More Doggie Good Deeds

Wayside Waifs takes in big batch of puppies from overcrowded shelter

One Kansas City-area animal shelter is overflowing with puppies.Wayside Waifs took in transfers from an overcrowded animal shelter in Oklahoma."A lot of those puppies are the heelers. We've got a couple of beagle mixes, Lab mixes," said Casey Waugh, of Wayside Waifs.Fifteen puppies are ready to be adopted now."They're already to go.

Curros & Chocolate Charity

Mission Taco Joint and Andre's Confiserie Suisse Are Teaming Up for Charity in Kansas City

Churros and chocolate are a match made in heaven. This holiday season, Mission Taco Joint and Andre's Confiserie Suisse are bringing them together for a good cause in Kansas City. At both Mission Taco Joint locations in Kansas City, guests can order Churros con Chocolate from the menu throughout the month of December.

Kansas City Old School Midtown Stomping Grounds Endure

Beautifully-landscaped Roanoke Park

Karnes Boulevard meanders through the Coleman Highlands, Volker neighborhoods, Roanoke Park, between Southwest Trafficway and 31st Street, and continues southwest where it intersects with Roanoke Road and Wyoming Avenue. The view on this hand-colored postcard published in 1911 by Hall Bros.

KCMO Autumn Again

The warming trend will continue with some wind

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Dry and warmer through Friday A cold blast arrives Saturday with a few snow showers possible Chance of a winter storm Sunday-Monday, still much uncertainty KANSAS CITY'S MOST ACCURATE FORECAST: Tonight: Increasing high clouds and becoming windy.

Madonna - Cherish is the #TBT song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Kansas City Faith Blogging Continued Catholic Abuse Crisis

Good info and resource here from a local newsman blogger on a global scandal that's tragically connected to many churches in Kansas City . . . Checkit:

More helpful journalism on the Catholic abuse scandal

Some of the best recent reporting on the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church and on how the church is responding has been coming from the Associated Press. For instance, last month, in this blog post, I noted two...

2019: The Year Kansas City Hipsters Finally Told Foodies To Fudge Off

Turns out the fading restaurant biz can't and won't save local journalism . . . KC restaurant owners are too busy bribing social media sites and local hack "influncers" to pay out their typical mordida to metro publications.

The reality . . . The decline of the Kansas City restaurant scene is good for everybody's ethics AND livers.

And so, here's the quick roundup listicle from a foodie writer with noticeably fewer adjectives given the steady diet of garbage that most white ladies are forced to write regarding so many awful establishments . . .

Life and death in KC food and drink in 2019

Verdant vibes inside the Westside's Fox & Pearl. // Photo by April Fleming. For diners, 2019 has been a generous, heaping plateful of a year. Tons of interesting restaurants and bars-too many to name them all here-opened across the metro, offering everything from handcrafted pasta to vegan burgers to CBD cocktails to Burmese food.

The Dotte Celebrates Maj. Bailiff

MUST SEE news item apropos for #TBT as this dedicated law enforcement pro spent her career making her part of the metro a better place . . . Checkit:

Wyandotte County's Maj. Kelli Bailiff retires


Wednesday, December 11, 2019


As always, the Internets continues to change American culture and now politicos and policy makers are pushing back.

A quick survey of the free speech debate along with a local connection and inspiration . . .

Earlier today we noted that KSHB 41 newsie Christa Dubill was hanging it up to spend more time with her family. Here's what the "news" missed . . .

In a public post garnering thousands of views shared via FB, former KSHB worker Lisa Benson called out Ms. Dubill amid a dispute, now settled, over alleged racial discrimination.

"According to the call taker’s report, Christa Dubill told the operator: “Since January 2018, Lisa, an African American reporter, has been very hostile towards white women at work.” and she “feels that Lisa is grouping white women into a category of weakness and that is not right.” 'Remember, I didn’t write the article.'"

"In federal court, when Christa was asked about examples of my “hostility towards white women” and the dates, she brought into question the accuracy of the call taker.

"Nonetheless, Christa is still trusted to honestly tell the stories of all people in the Kansas City, Missouri metro and on NBC News."

The station manged to stifle most debate on the topic until this afternoon . . . When Ms. Dubill resigned, supposedly, to spend more time with her family.

Somewhat related on the topic of talk . . .

Youtube's comment crackdown is actually less controversial but has garnered nearly instant condemnation from their community.

And on the subject of consequences for speech and actions allegedly motivated by bias. Prez Trump is breaking new ground with his declaration against Antisemitism today.

A quick breakdown of our favorite links on this topic tonight:

Seeking 'Family Time' Refuge, Still Under Fire From Critics

41 Action News Anchor Christa Dubill to depart station

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After more than a dozen years at KSHB-TV, anchor Christa Dubill, has announced plans to leave the station by the end of the year. Dubill, who has most recently anchored the 5, 6 and 10 pm newscasts with co-anchor Kevin Holmes, said her family life is at the cornerstone of her decision.

Social Media Comment Crackdown Backstory

6 months after a major public controversy, YouTube is changing its anti-harassment policies

Uncovering and explaining how our digital world is changing - and changing us. YouTube announced on Wednesday that it's making long-awaited changes to its harassment policy, saying it will tighten rules around what's considered a threat and toughen punishment for repeat offenders.

Right Wing Reax

Ben Shapiro, conservatives blast new YouTube policy on 'hate speech': 'Insanely vague'

Conservative media figures are deriding a new YouTube policy on hate speech, arguing it censors free speech and could have a disproportionate impact on right-leaning commentators. Announced on Wednesday, the policy seemed to come in reaction to a months-long controversy surrounding comedian Steven Crowder and his comments about Vox writer Carlos Maza's sexuality.

Prez Trump Flexes Against Antisemitism Via Federal Funds

Trump antisemitism order denounced as bid to silence critics of Israel

Donald Trump has signed an executive order that empowers the US education department to penalise college campuses by withholding federal funds from those that are deemed to be tolerating antisemitism by allowing debate critical of Israel. Trump's order, announced on Wednesday evening from the White House, was pitched as a move to push back on rising antisemitism on American campuses.


Trump to sign executive order targeting college anti-Semitism, Israel boycotts

President Donald Trump planned to sign an executive order Wednesday that would effectively reclassify Judaism as both a race or nationality and a religion under federal law so that the Education Department can take direct action against what he views as anti-Semitism on college campuses, administration officials said.

Free Speech Implications

Trump To Sign Order Against Anti-Semitism At Colleges, Worrying Free Speech Advocates

subscribe to The NPR Politics Podcast podcast President Trump will sign an executive order that will make Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act apply to anti-Semitic acts, the White House said on Wednesday. The order is generating concern that it will stifle free speech by those who oppose Israel's policy toward the Palestinians.

1st Amendment Big Picture

A Critical Fight For Free Speech Is Underway. Can It Be Won?

Whatever happened to the idea that colleges and universities were sanctuaries of free speech, where academics and students could vigorously study and debate differing ideas? Why have so many institutions of higher learning-once regarded as bastions of vigorous, honest scholarship, where the search for truth was inviolable-morphed into places of intolerance and rigid ideological conformity?

And so we ask our blog community . . .


You decide . . .


Here's a glimpse at the last of hope of po'folk looking to avoid THE BIGGEST TAX INCREASE IN KANSAS CITY HISTORY.

That continues to resonate across the city . . . Here's the latest:

Jackson County's assessment was 'discriminatory' according to Western Missouri Legal Aid

JACKSON COUNTY, MO (KCTV) - A newly released report warns that Jackson County's recent assessment is discriminatory. Lawyers from Western Legal Aid of Missouri warn that the Board of Equalization will become a partner in that discrimination if problems are not corrected.


The local publishing biz is brutal and it's mostly filled with unemployed hacks hating on everybody elese's good fortune. HOWEVER, we don't offer hate but rather provide news link encoruagement this "upscale" mag has found a way to make it work . . . Sent in by our readers, here's a glimpse at the local good life.

Should this place serve as the next TKC meetup spot???

You decide . . .

European-Inspired Book Shop and Wine Bar is a Calming, Creative Haven - In Kansas City

Sponsored content: Andrea Baca and Amy Covitz took a once-in-a-lifetime leap of faith: they left their careers as attorneys and opened Our Daily Nada, a European-inspired book shop and wine bar in the River Market neighborhood. Now, after almost a year and a half in business (they opened their doors in August 2018), Baca and...

Kansas City Midweek News Link Look

Quick peek at Abby hotness, pop culture, community news and some of the more interesting news items tonight . . .

New KCI Now Hiring?!?!

Builders of new airport say more Kansas Citians working on project


Fam Needs Holiday Home

Local family of 6 might be homeless for the holidays after getting hit by fake rental scam

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City family of six might be homeless for the holidays after a scammer targeted them and took hundreds of dollars, too. "Obviously he needed the money more than we did," victim Yesenia Valdespino said, "but he did leave us in a big bind.

Still Waiting For Justice

Family of Dylan Hill demands answers 1 year after death

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One year ago today, Dylan Hill His family wants answers, which have been slow-coming. Hill's wife, Taylor, said as far as she knows, there are no new leads in his case. She said she believes someone lured him out to East 80th Terrace and James A.

Lesson In Student Danger

KCK mom demanding change after bullet hits bus outside of J.C. Harmon High

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- The parent of a KCK student is calling for changes to the school district's policies after a shooting Tuesday outside of J.C. Harmon High School. Donna Washington has a 19-year-old daughter with special needs who suffers from a serious mental illness.

Insta Fights Back!!!

Instagram model confronts robber while naked, refutes claims it was staged

An Instagram model is fighting back against claims she staged a terrifying robbery. Shocking footage captured by security cameras caught the moment that the model, Danii Banks, came upon an unidentified man with a gun while she was naked in her apartment. The young woman says she was woken up by her barking dogs.

Queen Of Curves Reigns

Abigail Ratchford Shows Off Ripped Abs In Lacy Red Lingerie: 'Bad & Boujee 4 Life'

Abigail Ratchford, otherwise known as the Queen of Curves, brought some heat to Instagram on Monday morning with a new photo of herself rocking a lacy lingerie set. The photo, which was snapped from a side angle, showed Abigail standing between two light pink curtains in front of what appeared to be a pink vanity.

America Remains Sanctuary

ICE arrests plummet amid sanctuary cities, border diversion

Arrests of illegal immigrants inside the U.S. plummeted over the last year as sanctuary cities shielded more people from ICE and the agency pulled officers from the streets and sent them to the border, officials said Wednesday as they revealed their 2019 numbers.

Harvey Makes EPIC Deal

Reports: Harvey Weinstein close to $25M settlement with some accusers but won't have to pay

Less than a month before his New York trial on sex-crime charges, Harvey Weinstein is reported to be close to a $25 million settlement deal over civil suits with some of his accusers - under terms in which he won't have to pay nor admit to wrongdoing.

Kansas City Furnace Concern

Woman says home warranty program hasn't fixed furnace

A woman reached out to KMBC 9 Investigates because she has no heat in her home. She said her home warranty company has not come through as promised.

Noetheast Arts Block Debuts

Pendleton Arts Block opens to artists on Independence Avenue

Pendleton Arts Block, an art-focused community, is officially open in the historic Pendleton Heights neighborhood. On the corner of Independence Avenue and Olive, the space offers 38 mixed-income units including 6 studios, 21 one-bedroom units, and 11 two-bedroom units.

Wrapped In Local Kindness

Lee's Summit woman finds unusual knack to bring comfort to people who need it most

LEE'S SUMMIT, MO (KCTV) -- There are many ways to give. A Lee's Summit woman has found an unusual knack for an item that brings comfort to people who need it most, especially in the cold. A winter hat or scarf is no trouble for Sarah Stolberg.

AWESOME KC Autumn Persists

Thursday will be mild, breezy

Clouds will be moving in. Temps will drop through the 40s and end into the middle 30s. Thursday will be partly cloudy and mild but with wind gusts up to 35 mph. Friday will breezy and warm, too, with highs in the lower 50s.Changes move in for the weekend.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


It's scary to think that MSM sensationalism on behalf of Hollywood starlets is impacting local cases against suspected creepers . . . Here's a right-wing perspective from one of our readers who is most likely a horrible date. Checkit:

Kansas Prosecutors Drop False Accusation Charges, Claiming Real Victims Would Be Hurt

A claim that has permeated throughout the culture and infected law enforcement is that prosecuting women who lie about being raped or sexually assaulted will hurt women who have actually been raped or sexually assaulted.

Show-Me Voter 'Fix' For Missouri?!?!

The Super majority seems oddly concerned about the upcoming vote as Democrats ramp up rhetoric against The Prez and GOP going into 2020. Here's a worthwhile link suggestion from one of our readers that claims a non-partisan solution . . . Checkit:

Missouri State Rep. proposes 'three-word fix' so that only US citizens can vote in his state

The legislation would strike "every citizen" and replace it with "only a citizen."


Afternoon news blast offers a bit of hope as Kansas City violence escalates at the end of the year and still threatens to break a historic murder record.

Our first look at the effort tells us:


This is welcomed news as violence in Mexico ramps up and threatens to spill across the border. Already our blog community has outlined more than a few instances where cartels have left their mark locally . . . Of course the crackdown documents a few illegals busted but then promises to continue enforcement from there . . .

Now, here's a glimpse at law enforcement pushing back against rising drug crime throughout the metro . . .

U.S. Attorneys Say Strike Force Targets Drugs, Violence in Kansas City Metro

KANSAS CITY – A new Kansas City Metro OCDETF Strike Force is targeting drug traffickers and violent criminals on both sides of the state line, U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister in Kansas and U.S. Attorney Tim Garrison in the Western District of Missouri announced today.

McAllister and Garrison held a joint press conference to announce that local, state, and federal law enforcement officers are working together on Strike Force cases.

“The Strike Force already is conducting investigations and filing charges against the criminals who are poisoning our community with drugs and violence,” McAllister said. “Crime does not stop at the state line and neither does the Strike Force.”

“This new Strike Force presents a united front against drug trafficking and violent crime throughout the metropolitan area,” Garrison said. “We are marshaling agents and officers from both Missouri and Kansas under the same roof and equipping them with additional investigative resources to better protect our community from the violent scourge of drug trafficking.”

The Strike Force, which launched in April 2019, is targeting drug trafficking organizations that are making the streets of metro Kansas City less safe and more violent by importing large quantities of methamphetamine, heroin, fentanyl, and other drugs from Mexico and elsewhere.


Crystal clear video of this home break-in "artist" pillaging a home east in a nice but high-crime section of town . . .

"Police are trying to identify this suspect in a home burglary that took place about 10:45 a.m. Nov. 14, 2019, in the 2700 block of Harrison. If you recognize him, please call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS (8477)."

Here's the video:

Developing . . .


Check toilet news on this project that's DELAYED and desperately looking for culture war distractions as locals have time to debate for the grand opening sometime in 2030. Checkit:

New single-terminal KCI will have 2 gender-neutral restrooms

The new single-terminal Kansas City International Airport will have at least two gender-neutral restrooms.Deputy director of aviation Justin Meyer told a Kansas City Council committee Wednesday officials have been working with designers to create inclusive and convenient restrooms in their design.One of the gender-neutral restrooms will be outside of security and one will be after passengers pass through Transportation Security Administration screening.Along with the gender-neutral restrooms, Meyer said the designs include changing rooms for travelers, nursing rooms for mothers and large enough stalls to accommodate luggage.

Christa Dubill Kaput At 41

She's not moving up in the world . . . We want to know your first reactions and then we might have more . . . Check the afternoon news blast:

41 Action News Anchor Christa Dubill to depart station

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After more than a dozen years at KSHB-TV, anchor Christa Dubill, has announced plans to leave the station by the end of the year. Dubill, who has most recently anchored the 5, 6 and 10 pm newscasts with co-anchor Kevin Holmes, said her family life is at the cornerstone of her decision.

Kansas City News Spin Injury-Prone Patrick Mahomes Into 'Tough Guy' Image

Don't get it twisted . . . We admire his play and believe he's giving his all, but the hype downplays the brutality of the game and increasingly short NFL careers. Checkit:

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes earning tough-guy reputation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - Patrick Mahomes is quickly earning a reputation as one of the toughest quarterbacks in the NFL. That's not necessarily a good thing for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kansas City Midweek News Link Pool

Quick look at the top news links for the midday along with a peek at pop culture, fast fashion and community news . . .

The Not-So-Great Kansass City Parking Garage Debate Redux

KCMO leaders debate parking structure at 12th and Broadway

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The city of Kansas City, Missouri, is poised to purchase the surface parking lot at the southwest corner of West 12th Street and Broadway Boulevard, directly across from the Convention Center. One reason the city considered the property is the redesign of the Barney Allis Plaza, which will eliminate most of the parking beneath the square.

Meet The New Bosss

Midtown KC Now hires Klinkenberg as executive director - Kansas City Business Journal

Midtown KC Now has hired a new executive to lead the organization. The nonprofit named Kevin Klinkenberg as executive director, effective Dec. 19. Klinkenberg replaces Diane Burnette, who worked with the organization for more than 16 years. Burnette left in November and now is vice president of district councils for the Urban Land Institute in Washington, D.C.

KCK Police Search For Clues

KCK police say 19-year-old man's death being investigated as a homicide

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Kansas City, Kansas police say a death investigation earlier this week is now being investigated as a homicide. Just after 4:30 p.m. Monday, officers responded to a home near 22nd Street and Franklin Avenue, just south of Parallel Parkway. There they found a man deceased inside.

Push Back On Eco-Prize

Here's What's Wrong with Time Declaring Greta Thunberg Person of the Year

Climate Change The secular canonization of Greta Thunberg is complete: Time magazine has named her the 2019 Person of the Year, passing over candidates like the Hong Kong protesters or the Trump administration whistleblowers. The designation is fairly arbitrary-how does one exactly quantify influence?-and shouldn't be taken too seriously ( at least not after 2006).

Hottie Self-Esteem Advice

Daphne Joy tells fans 'insults people throw at you are projections'

Daphne Joy is known for inspiring her Instagram followers to work out so their body can look its best. But on Friday the ex of 50 Cent - with whom she has the son Sire - inspired her fans to do something else: ignore the haters.

Artsy Satire Evokes Ire

Nude portrait of Emiliano Zapata in high heels sparks fury in Mexico

A new portrait of Emiliano Zapata has caused a firestorm of outrage for its portrayal of the Mexican revolutionary hero striking a seductive pose - clad only in a pink sombrero and high heels.

Prez Hottie Power Player

Ivanka Trump fights to keep impeachment from overshadowing trade victory

Ivanka Trump says Tuesday's announcement that House Democrats will bring articles of impeachment against her father was "a predetermined outcome" and she is keeping her focus on advancing the White House agenda, which includes securing a vote on a trade deal with Mexico and Canada.

Rolling Forward

Barring any roadblocks, I-70 Motorsports Park owner excited to restore racing to speedway

ODESSA, Mo. -- After hitting some major roadblocks, it appears I-70 Motorsports Park will get the green light to go racing again at the old I-70 Speedway. The dirt track has announced World of Outlaws, which bills itself as the "Greatest Show on Dirt," will be I-70's opening event in May.

Good Deeds For NextGen

Boys and Girls Club takes kids on shopping spree

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some local kids got the chance to cross a few items off their Christmas list Tuesday. Hallmark donated a shopping spree to the Boys and Girls Club of Kansas City. Each child received $100 to spend as they wished. Volunteers helped the kids shop.

De-Stress Tech Debuts

Student-led Rockhurt group pushes app to lower anxiety during pressure-packed holiday season

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- A student group at a local university is putting an emphasis on helping students' stress this holiday season as anxiety looms over finals and family. A new survey shows more than half of Americans dread the holidays because of the stress that comes with spending, hosting and traveling.

Holiday Candy Tribute To Kansas City Chiefs Nearly As Apropos As House Of Cards

Artist creates astounding Arrowhead Stadium faux gingerbread house

Start the Tomahawk Chop! This incredible replica of Arrowhead Stadium is ready for the big game!Mitchell Biernacki, of in Troy, New York, spent weeks making the faux gingerbread replica of Arrowhead Stadium as a gift for the Chiefs owners, the Hunt family.Biernacki said Kathy and Mark Donovan, president of the Chiefs organization, saw his work and reached out about creating this amazing Arrowhead replica.

Winter Is Coming, Again

New Storm to Spread Snow, Ice, Rain Coast to Coast | The Weather Channel

A new storm from the West will spread snow, ice and rain through parts of the central and eastern states into early next week. The energy from this next storm will move into the West Coast by Saturday. It will then spawn low pressure in the Plains, which will track toward the eastern states early next week.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Afternoon investigation and a terrifying discovery . . . Here's the latest:

Police find body in barrel near 18th Street and K-5, homicide investigation underway

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Kansas City, Kansas police are investigating a homicide Wednesday. The scene is near 18th Street and K-5, which is close to Memorial Park Cemetery Sunset. According to officials on the scene, someone driving by noticed a foot sticking out of a barrel on the side of the road, and pulled over.

Life Lesson Against Platte County Racism

More deets on a school district coping with social media threats and a scare after finding a recent shoestring noose . . . Read more:

Platte County school district vows to crack down after racist incidents

PLATTE CITY, Mo. (AP) - Leaders of a school district located just north of Kansas City are vowing to push for tougher discipline after a string of racist incidents.

Kansas City Fair Housing Conversation

Credit to community news for this important discussion with activists looking to change the status quo . . . Posted in fairness:

Northeast Newscast Episode 117: A closer look at the KC Tenants Bill of Rights

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We're trying to do our best to say objective and offer a glimpse at both side of this issue . . . This week the discussion continues. KC Tenants are phone banking furiously in order to drum up support.

However, in an interesting social media and e-mail blast sent our way . . . Kansas City home providers offer a glimpse of their perspective.

To wit . . .


Here's the back and forth along with the COMPREHENSIVE response . . .

If you're an honest landlord taking care of your properties what are y'all afraid of???

Here's how a home provider leader answered the question. . .

What honest housing providers who take care of their properties are scared of is:

1. A city government that keeps duplicating ordinances that they've previously failed to enforce.

2. Scared of a city government that refuses to hold tenants accountable for their own actions and instead fines and threatens the housing provider when tenants park in the yard of their rental homes, pile tons of trash at the curb without arranging for proper disposal or otherwise trash up the neighborhoods they live in.

3. Scared of a city government that allows tenants to use these various tenant complaint programs to retaliate against their landlord when the tenant is being forced to deal face the consequences of not having paid their rent or otherwise meeting their own obligations of their agreement.


The complaints from TKC suburbanite readers are nearly indecipherable and the boomers aren't bothering to write in complete sentences. I don't blame them but from this background chatter we can confirm that the 'emoji degradation' of the language didn't start with the millennials.

Anyhoo . . .

Here's the sitch:

An old school dude was admittedly talking out of turn in a recent Shawnee public meeting that was exceptionally heated. The old codger didn't back down. And now he confronts one of the biggest fines for running his mouth that this neighborhood has ever seen.

$2500 is the damage and it looks like the "charges" might stick. 

His friends are working diligently to avoid the EPIC fine that was a threat to a public official BUT from somebody who is a fall risk.

And so, we offer this update as the 2nd greatest generation argues for their right to spout off without consequences in places other than the Internets.

Developing . . .

Corporate Welfare For Tech: Kansas City E-Scooter Parking Coming Soon???

Bigger & better cities have banned these nuisance machines but KCMO might soon pay big bucks to help accommodate scooter companies that aren't viable for the long term and might soon fall out of favor and disappear very quickly.

Kansas City experiments with parking for scooters

Trendy electric scooters like Bird aren't flying south for the winter. They're here to stay along with e-bikes and other two-wheeled rental shares. The city is experimenting with a way to get them out of the way.

Overland Park Mom Rejects 'Suicide By Cop' Theory Years After Deadly Overland Park Officer-Involved Shooting Killed Her Son

More insight and journalism advocacy on behalf of a JoCo mom who hopes to change the status quo in how suburban law enforcement deals with youngsters . . . Here's her story that echos some of the very same complaints from so many urban core moms:

Two Years After Police Killed Her Teen, This Overland Park Mom's Fight For Reform Isn't Over

It had not been a good day for John Albers. The 17-year-old Overland Park teen had ADHD, and occasionally went through extreme ups and downs. It was January 20, 2018, and he told his parents he didn't want to go out to dinner with the family that night.

Kansas City According To 12th & Oak

The Weekly Report provides news and insight about Kansas City, Mo. programs and services provided by City departments. The program also serves as a nice place holder and round-up of local exaggerations and hype courtesy of this town's political establishment.

Developing . . .

STL Loop Trolley Stays Losing

Another glimpse at MISSOURI RAIL FAIL that needs to be bailed out by taxpayers very much like the toy train streetcar and the Kansas City freebie ponzi scheme in the works . . . Read more:

Despite opposition, Bi-State CEO gets OK to negotiate a possible takeover of troubled Loop Trolley

ST. LOUIS - The executive board of Bi-State Development voted Tuesday, despite fierce opposition, to negotiate a possible takeover of the financially strapped Loop Trolley. CEO Taulby Roach pitched operating the trolley for the next four years with nearly $1.1 million left over from federal grants, and said he had preliminary approval from federal transit officials.

Guidelines To Stop Kansas Bullies Published

Now that escalating violence is frowned upon . . . Here's a solution by committee that also won't work. Read more:

Kansas bullying task force shares recommendations

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas Blue Ribbon Task Force on Bullying is sharing seven recommendations for schools across the state in its final report. , a group of 35 people held hearings all over the state. This report is the culmination of that months-long effort. The top recommendations are: 1.

Kansas City Early Morning News Look

We start out with lingerie biz hotness, pop culture interest and community news links for our most dedicated Kansas City news watchers . . . Checkit:

Dreaming Of New KCI Jobs

Apprenticeship program for KCI terminal to give people life-changing opportunity

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- An apprenticeship program for the KCI terminal will not only help fill a labor shortage but can give some people an opportunity that experts with the program say, could be life-changing. It's called the KCI Workforce Training Program, and according to Dave Wilson with the St.

Gun Safety Check For Deadly Kansas City Holidays

Metro mom who lost 11-year-old daughter fights for law on celebratory gunfire

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- As much as she'd like to, Michele Shanahan DeMoss can't forget the tragic chain of events that upended her life on July 4, 2011. The metro mom was enjoying the fireworks and festivities with family and friends near the Truman Sports Complex.

Meet The New Bosses

Dunn family deepens baseball roots with Royals ownership stake - Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas City entrepreneur and philanthropist John Sherman assembled a group of similarly minded Kansas Citians to acquire the Kansas City Royals , creating a unique ownership structure for the Major League Baseball team. The Kansas City Business Journal wanted to get to know the people behind the investment group - comprised of 22 co-owners - that bought the Royals in November.

Hottie Sara Good Life

Sara Sampaio flaunts her enviable physique in an animal print bikini

She recently engaged in a war of words with actress Jameela Jamil over body positivity. But if Sara Sampaio was worried, she didn't show it on Saturday, when the Victoria's Secret Angel frolicked in the waters of Tulum with boyfriend Oliver Ripley. The 28-year-old lingerie model flaunted her killer physique in a skimpy animal print bikini.

Culture War For Hottie Lingerie Almost Lost

L Brands: Another Threat Emerges For Victoria's Secret

When it rains it pours for L Brands ( LB). Its revenue is in decline amid a protracted slump at its Victoria's Secret brand. S&P recently downgraded the company's debt to BB- (non-investment grade, speculative): S&P Ratings downgraded L Brands (ticker: LB) and Gap ( GPS) by one notch each.

Elite Friendship Winning

Michelle Obama explains friendship with George W. Bush: 'Our values are the same'

They may sit on different sides of the political aisle, but George W. Bush and Michelle Obama share a mutual respect that transcends politics.

Prez Bad Guy Meme

Thanos Creator Feels "Violated" After Trump Campaign's 'Avengers' Ad

"After my initial feeling of being violated, seeing that pompous fool using my creation to stroke his infantile ego, it finally struck me that the leader of my country and the free world actually enjoys comparing himself to a mass murderer," Starlin said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

Border Wall Court Block

Federal judge blocks transfer of $3.6 billion in military funds to build border wall

WASHINGTON - A U.S. federal judge on Tuesday ruled against President Donald Trump's attempt to transfer $3.6 billion in military construction funds to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. In a 21-page opinion, El Paso, Texas-based U.S. District Court Judge David Briones issued a permanent injunction that prohibited the Trump administration from using the funds for border barriers.

Moving Up From KC

Eric Bieniemy linked again with Washington Redskins head coach opening

Eric Bieniemy was likely going to be a hot commodity on the coaching search, but it might not take him long for a new opportunity to emerge if the smoke out of the nation's capital is linked to a very real fire.

Local Hipster Cuisine Abounds

Australian cafe, Chinese restaurant coming to South Plaza

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There are two new restaurants coming to the South Plaza neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri. One of them is part of an expansion. "I really missed was a place where you could go that was a casual atmosphere but really, perhaps sophisticated food for breakfast," Robert Joseph said.

Nice Local Sounds

Local business helps couple spread holiday cheer after their guitar was stolen

MISSION, KS (KCTV) - Tuesday, a photo is all Mark Gordon has left of his refurbished WWII era Epiphone guitar. He proudly purchased it when he was just seventeen. "I sold Amway shoe shine to make money to get it. Got it and I have played ever since.

Slight Midweek Rise

Warmer temps on tap for Wednesday


Lizzo - Good As Hell is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

El Bryan On The Kansas City Freebie Bus

The bus might be a symbol of hope/hype to progressive Kansas City transit activists but most Midtowners view it simply as one of many local slogs with a soundtrack from a lost Beastie Boys 90s track.

And so, community news reporting from Northeast News and a really great column explains the policy perspective:

No Free Lunch

And El Bryan offers a laugh on the sitch:

retorts illustrated by bryan stalder

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Sexy Lenexa Holiday Decor Suffers Rebuke From Uptight Johnson County Neighbors

Golden Ghetto gossip ruins this season of peace as prurient imaginations interpret displays with dirty images dancing through their heads . . . Here's a news peek at local 1st world problems:

Woman's naughty Christmas light display turns off some in Lenexa neighborhood

LENEXA, Kan. -- There's a Christmas light display that's definitely on the naughty list in suburban Johnson County. In fact, this display is for mature audiences only. It's a bit graphic. Don't worry, FOX4 blurred it to keep it PG-13. "Well, it looks like a p***s," Marcelo Vergara said.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Special thanks to KICK-ASS TKC READERS who sent this our way so we could post it FIRST . . . Here's run down a tacit admission that the news is now online. Take a look . . .

Important account information from The Kansas City Star

The Kansas City Star is changing to ensure we are able to meet the needs of our readers and the communities we serve long into the future. More and more of our customers are engaging with our local journalism online. This is not unique to the Kansas City metro, it is a widespread trend in journalism, and in fact, many industries.

Starting March 14, we will launch a new weekend package with expanded newspapers on Fridays and Sundays and access to the Saturday edition exclusively online. While we will no longer produce a printed newspaper on Saturday, we will continue to publish the strong independent local journalism you expect from The Kansas City Star online seven days a week.

Here are the changes you can expect:

- Friday: The newspaper will have new puzzles as well as a new themed section called “Uplift,” your source of good news for the weekend.
- Saturday: We invite you to “go digital” and visit our website or eEdition, which replicates the experience of a printed newspaper online. You’ll also find our EXTRA EXTRA digital supplement with more national, international and entertainment news and Sports Xtra, our sports supplement.
- Sunday: In addition to the usual comics content, we will add the puzzles and comics that you love to read in your Saturday paper.
- If you are receiving your weekly TV book with your Saturday delivery it will now be delivered on Sunday.

With this change, your new subscription package will now include delivery on Sunday - Friday. Your subscription rate will remain the same and will also continue to include 7-day unlimited digital access. We now provide many different ways to connect with The Kansas City Star -- on our website, on mobile apps, newsletters, and on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. These digital platforms are accessible wherever you go and whenever you want.

You readers could go on Twitter for free and get all the same stuff or sign up for WaPo or NYT where all the exact same sentiments start first.

Then again, the smartest news local news denizens hang out in this dump.

You decide . . .


The definitive note on this controversial process from the top ranking elected official in Kansas City, Missouri . . .

Congressman Cleaver’s Statement on House Judiciary Committee Introducing Articles of Impeachment

(Washington, D.C.) – United States Representative Emanuel Cleaver, II (D-MO) released the following statement after the House Judiciary Committee announced the introduction of articles of impeachment against the President of the United States.

Today is a profoundly sad day for our nation. My heart is heavy, as we enter only the fourth time in our country’s history that the House of Representatives has been forced to introduce articles of impeachment against a sitting President. While no member of Congress comes to Washington to remove a President from power, we all swear an oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States. In recent months, the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees have presented a case with overwhelming evidence exposing significant presidential misconduct. The case presented alleges that the President abused the power of his office and undermined American national security by withholding congressionally-approved military aid in an effort to coerce a vulnerable foreign government into smearing a domestic political rival before the 2020 elections. This is a grave perversion of presidential power and antithetical to America’s founding ideals based on fair elections free from foreign interference.”

“I was extremely reluctant to agree to support an impeachment inquiry into the President. It was, and still is, a discomforting decision. But, as is the case in all of life, the most painful thing is ofttimes the most principled thing. After reviewing witness testimony, the call summary, and public statements from the President and his Chief of Staff, I am left with no other choice but to support the articles of impeachment introduced in the House. The evidence presented is unquestionably sufficient for a trial in the Senate. Should the articles of impeachment be sent to the Senate, I’m hopeful that every American will pay close attention to what is being presented and ask themselves whether or not this is the way we want our democracy to function moving forward. In this pivotal moment, I am thinking about my grandchildren and the country I want to leave for them. Future generations will look back on this time as a defining moment in American democracy. I intend to be on the right side of history.

You decide . . .