Saturday, December 15, 2018


Notice the uptick in Kansas City homicide during the X-mas season as the so-called progress to curb the local murder count is quickly evaporating.

To wit . . .


Accordingly, here's the link to more resources and a kick-off announcement about this local elecction accountability effort sent our way FIRST . . .

"There is a sad milestone that we will be reaching in KC, maybe this week. We are sitting at murder number 898 under Sly James. 900 will happen soon sadly.

"Residents have set up a Facebook page called Kansas City Survivor. It's using the same terms as David Hogg, Parkland Survivor. It brings attention to the absolute failure of Sly James over his two terms. It also draws attention to the people on the city council running for mayor. Two term council members (Reed, Taylor, Wagner) are noted for the 898 murders under their "leadership" and the one term members (Justice, Canady, Lucas) are noted for the 481 murders under their "leadership". They have pursued the wrong priorities for KC. They have chased jobs out of the city to other areas with tax after tax after tax, increasing the hopelessness of those that do not have the skills to work (many of whom likely attended KCMO schools). Their leadership has consequences and almost 900 families are paying for that."

"People of KC need to know who they are voting for and what the real record of our city council is."

Statement from the page . . .

"Poor policies, bad ideas, and no leadership leads to murders. The James Gang's prioritization and lies concerning street cars, high taxes, and airports drives business away . . .

"The list in the banner ad identifies which council people running for Mayor have presided over KC as it becomes more violent."

You decide . . .


As the community across the bridge continues to expand, there's a growing need for more infrastructure.

Credit to Councilman Scott Wagner & Council Lady Heather Hall who led the way on this effort.

An enthusiastic message from the Northland lady to her followers and fans . . .

Council Lady Heather Hall: "We are moving forward on pouring the foundation for the new Northland Fire Station 15! Progress toward campaign promise. 


More look at the build up on the nicer side of the bridge . . .

Developing . . .


On the topic of a recent brutal shooting of a Kansas City cabbie granny more than 20 times . . .

Here's a look at the heavy weaponry that's proliferating on local streets.

Fox4: Vicious attack on KC zTrip driver highlights ‘rifle-carrying war’ police face every day


But in the last 15 years John Ham, a spokesman with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Kansas City Division, says law enforcement officers are seeing brazen criminals carry high-powered rifles on metro streets.

Rifles that, with a quick click, can instantly maim or kill.

Fact check:

Last year in Missouri, ATF agents recovered more than 6,000 guns from criminals. Almost 600 were rifles.

In Kansas, nearly 3,000 guns were seized from drug dealers, gang members and other bad guys. Almost 400 of those firearms were rifles.

Developing . . .

JoCo Po-Po Confronts Nasty Charges

Early accusations out in the stix but a confirmation of more nasty deets on the way against Golden Ghetto law enforcement. Read more:

Johnson County Sheriff's Deputy accused of sex crimes

JoCo Sheriff's deputy under investigation for sex crimes.

Naming December Dead In Kansas City

A listing of all the victims this week from both the urban core and beyond. Read more:

Kansas City police identify victims in three different homicides

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- To date there have been 126 homicides in Kansas City, and on Friday police identified three of the most recent victims. Police say early on Thursday morning officers went to the 2900 block of Bales where they found a man dead in a Nissan Maxima, witnesses told investigators the car had been there for several hours.

The Kansas City Early Saturday

As always, morning panty news comes first . . .

Inquisitr: Elsa Hosk Goes Topless For A Bathroom Selfie On Instagram

Page6: How to get Elsa Hosk’s party-ready red lips

Glossy: As Victoria’s Secret’s dominance wanes, more inclusive bra brands are swooping in to pick up the pieces

Closer to home, these news links dominate our morning . . .

Get Well Soon Granny!!!
Kansas City grandmother shot 21 times while battling gunman faces long recovery
Tech Credit To Mama

Destiny Wealth HQ to KC: Founder owes debt of inspiration to mother

Grit and the gridiron might have helped shape Parker Graham's business acumen, but it's the influence of his coach in the game of life who inspired Destiny Wealth - his fintech startup that soon will move to Kansas City.

Radio Daze Playlist

Will Sterrett shares his Top 10 'Jam or No Jam' playlists

Breaking News If you've not heard Will Sterrett deploy his magic during Jam or No Jam on the Dana and Parks Show... you really must. Typically he only needs to hear about a third of a second of a song and he can identify both song name and artist.

Show-Me Bovine Photo Bomb

Cow steals spotlight at MU student's graduation photo shoot

COLUMBIA, MO (AP) - University of Missouri students were stunned when a towering dairy cow appeared on campus to make a cameo in a graduation photo shoot. The Columbia Missourian reports that senior animal sciences major Massimo Montalbano brought 3-year-old Amelia on campus Thursday to join his commencement photo shoot.

Kansas City Artsy Guide

Ralston Crawford at Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri -

Today's show: "Structured Vision: The Photographs of Ralston Crawford" is on view at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri, through April 7. The solo exhibition presents the late artist's photographs, which "provide an essential look at a vital era of abstraction in American art, and at the cultural scenes and subjects from which that creative sensibility arose," according to the museum's website.

KC Take On Christmas Comet
'Christmas comet' - the year's brightest - to pass by Earth this weekend
Sound Of KCMO History Tribute

The Kansas City Chorale Remembers Apollo 8's Christmas Eve Greeting From Space

Fifty years ago on Christmas Eve, the astronauts of Apollo 8 - the first humans to leave Earth's gravity - orbited the moon, photographing its dark side and witnessed the first view of an earthrise. Broadcasting back to Houston, they offered a Christmas greeting to those on Earth, where one in four people were watching the televised event.

Kodak Black - Gnarly is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Kansas City Newsie Chatter This Week

A quick glimpse at all the worthwhile topics this week according to those paid to make the news. Checkit:

"Nick Haines, Steve Kraske, Micheal Mahoney, Steven Dial and Colleen Nelson discuss the latest squabbles over the new KCI terminal project, the growing list of KCMO mayoral candidates, KCPS announcing it will not support a pre-K tax, Laura Kelly's busy agenda as she prepares to take over as governor, the early impact of Clean Missouri, Kansas legislators considering party switch & McCaskill's exit."

Take a look:

You decide . . .

Steve Rose Seyz Prez Trump To Blame For Congressman Kevin Yoder Defeat

One of only two worthwhile columnists still writing at The Star, this local pundit shares the last word on one of the biggest upsets of the Midterms. Take a look:

Kevin Yoder was derailed by Trump, but he served Kansas well | The Kansas City Star

Another time under a different president, Keven Yoder could have been re-elected to Congress for decades. President Donald Trump derailed his political career, but the Kansas Republican will still utilize his talents.

Kansas City Chiefs Must Move Forward

Maybe the best local take on the road ahead for Kansas City footballers, checkit:

The Re-Up: Unlike in the past, the Chiefs have no time to dwell on division loss

It's our Monday column, Thursday Night Football. Arrowhead Stadium. AFC West showdown. 's first regular-season home game since he defeated Hodgkin's lymphoma. The Re-Up. In this column, I'll write about some deeper thought I had about the last game and finish with some fun stuff to ponder at the article's end.

Kansas City Faith Blogging The Big Question

An important question from this local faith scribe on the topic of human nature and our better angels or not. Read more:

Are humans hardwired for war? 12-15/16-18

In the early 1500s, the great reformer, Martin Luther, wrote this: "Cannons and fire-arms are cruel and damnable machines; I believe them to have been the direct suggestion of the Devil. If Adam had seen in a vision the horrible...

Friday, December 14, 2018

Kansas City Weekly Power Rankings

A quick week with a lot to accomplish ahead of us, right now we look at the local strongest and how they stayed ahead of the rest as X-mas approaches.


Sen. Claire McCaskill

This week she said farewell to the Senate and offered not only a word of warning regarding the fate of Democracy but also insight about Prez Trump and a priceless quote about all of the "embarrassing uncles" in the Senate.

Councilman Scott Wagner

The mostly mild-mannered Council Dude offered his social media followers a look at his fiery side this week when he let loose on two colleagues and proved his able to mix it up when it comes to debating policy and politics.

Councilmember Heather Hall

Mostly under the radar, this week the Northland Council lady was appointed to the National League of Cities (NLC) Public Safety and Crime Prevention (PSCP) federal advocacy committee. Even better, she has kept her promise to focus on public safety and supporting the police as locals across the bridge are starting to see more crime as well.

And so . . .

This list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people, trends and our times.


We talked about this in a compilation earlier today but it bears repeating given that she's gotta shake it hard in order to work off $293K that she owes to Prez Trump.

Another good link on the topic:

President Trump accuser Stormy Daniels to perform at Salina strip club

A porn star who was recently ordered to pay President Donald Trump's legal fees over her dismissed defamation lawsuit will be performing at a Kansas gentlemen's club in February. A photo posted to Facebook by The Shady Lady in Salina says Stormy Daniels will be at the club February 13 and 14.


Good news for local dating life and those precious few among us who think that bacon is overrated.

Money line:

"The nonprofit’s members have rescued or rehabilitated more than 200 pigs in the last two years."

Read more:

Kansas City Pig Rescue Network helps find abandoned pets new homes

CLEVELAND, MO (KCTV) -- You likely know who to call if a stray dog or cat wanders into your yard, but what if a pig is on the loose in your neighborhood? It happens a lot all around the metro. So much so, that a group of pig owners teamed up to create the Kansas City Pig Rescue Network.

Help Find This KCK Youngster

KCKPD report his young lady has been missing for almost a week. Here's more info and details about the ongoing search:

KCK police ask for help in locating missing teen


This scathing report was released Friday in the afternoon by an out of town outlet because it's filled with the kind of uncomfortable fact that makes people question their beliefs and loyalties . . . Nevertheless, the controversy that started in Kansas City should resonate for a lot of reasons.

Take a look:

Exclusive: Internal documents detail VA police altercation with veteran who later died


WASHINGTON – A 66-year-old veteran was found severely injured and nearly unconscious following a traffic stop by a Veterans Affairs police officer in May, and he died two days later . . . The VA has repeatedly refused, even seven months later, to disclose any details about what happened, citing an ongoing investigation. But the internal report provides an account of a tragic altercation between the veteran and officer outside the VA medical center in Kansas City, Missouri.


In Kansas City, on the night of May 10, a VA police officer, who is not named in the report, stopped a motorist driving the wrong way on a driveway outside the VA medical center. The driver was a VA patient.

After being pulled over, the patient began making inappropriate gestures and physically threatening motions with his arm,” the report says.

The officer also noticed a “large ‘bulge’” by the driver’s abdomen “(later found to be due to recent hernia surgery).” He decided to detain him. The man “struggled.” So the officer “brought the patient to the ground.” He then completed the “handcuffing process.”

During the incident, the patient’s son approached “from behind.” The officer directed him to stay back, and he called for backup.

But something was awry.

“While being brought to the ground, the patient seemed to suffer some injuries,” the report says. So he was taken inside the hospital to be checked out.

“Upon arrival to the Emergency Department the patient was non-verbal, moaning with a decreased level of consciousness,” the report says.

Medical workers found he had a gash in his scalp and “multiple” cuts and bruises on his face. A CT scan of his head showed areas of bleeding around his brain, one on the left frontal lobe and another on the right . . .

He continued to deteriorate. He became less responsive, had to be intubated and lost some movement in his arm. Another CT revealed several areas of bleeding in his brain, and a scan of his neck showed a blockage in an artery that could have caused a stroke.

He died soon after . . .

Read the whole thing.

You decide . . .


Aftermath of this bit of local brutality that earned nationwide attention and will cost the taxpayers of Independence, MO for generations to come. Checkit:

Teen tased by Independence police awarded $6.5M by jury

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An Independence, Missouri teenager tased by Independence police in 2014 was awarded nearly $6.5 million in damages by a federal court jury. Bryce Masters, then 17, was tased by officer Timothy Runnels during a traffic stop in September 2014. The incident was recorded on body camera video that was made public.

Kansas City Fright Night Murder Charge

Out of four murder this week, here's a look at charges according to authorities. Take a look:

Kansas City man charged in deadly shooting at home near 46th and Chelsea


Mania and hype dominate the holiday season but it turns out our KICK-ASS TKC BLOG COMMUNITY might be the only place where locals can unite in order to accurately identify politico & corporate transit misdirection.

To wit . . .


The offending headline that we talked a bit about yesterday:

KC Streetcar Authority secures $3M for Main Street extension

Now check the EPIC takedown . . .

"It comes across as boosterism about a whopping $3 million secured but within this story are 3 important facts: 

(1) That federal BUILD cash *is not* going to the toy train and

(2) The KCATA is spending a million on it. That is pretty outrageous. KCATA should not be hemorrhaging money on the rail plan. They should focus on buses. There have been significant cuts to bus lines since the toy train e.g. 47, 28, 570 etc. It is silly because the rail line does not go anywhere that wasn't within the mainstreet MAX (or the 56 line before it),at least before they moved the downtown leg of the Main St. MAX line over to Grand because of the embarrassing reality that the streetcar is completely within an existing bus line. 

(3) This is NOT new money it is just shuffling money around from pocket to pocket among shady quasi public entities, from a TDD to a Streetcar Authority. The reality is there's no big fat federal check paying for this expensive turd - it is just money sucked from local pockets."

You decide . . .


Afternoon trend and just an indication that this is going to be a wild weekend. Take a look:

Police investigating reports of shot fired into air and shooting at 2 metro high schools

Small Segment Of Northeast Kansas City Stays Winning Against Crime

Drilling down to devise a win . . . Here's the conversation:

Seg. 1: Crime Drops In Historic Northeast Kansas City. Seg. 2: Librarian Picks For Young Readers.

Police, county authorities, neighborhood associations and other community groups have stepped up to a complex crime problem in Kansas City's Historic Northeast with a multi-layered solution. Today, we heard about their efforts, credited with bringing the rates of homicide, aggravated assault and robbery down.

KCK Catholics Begging For Christmas

Money ask amid more nationwide sex abuse scandals. Checkit:

Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas takes to Facebook to encourage members of church to keep donating

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- The Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas has taken to Facebook to encourage members of the church to keep donating. Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann says the current crisis has created a myth that the church is not being responsible.


Once again fanboy actions out of frustration reflect poorly on all of Kansas City.

Check bean town d-bags talking trash on River City . . .

"Typical Kansas City: Disgusting Chiefs fans rain trash down on Chargers after loss"

We hinted at this in the early morning and now the sentiment has been widely repeated today across social media.

The reality is that Boston fans are derided across the nation from New York to LA. And while it may not be as nice as it used to be, generally Arrowhead is much more hospitable than any other big city.

Still . . . The turnabout makes sense given that KC fans got on their high horse after Tyreek Hill was bullied by beer guzzling New England fans earlier this season.

Admittedly, this might all be fake news to create a bigger jock payday rivalry for the playoff anti-climax but it serves as a teaching moment regarding the power of sports to define conceptions of cities that mostly don't benefit from their games.

You decide . . .

Kansas City Fake Gronk Winning Big Bucks Amid Crushing Defeat Reminds Us That American Class Warfare Is For Realz

I bet TKC Readers worked hard this week. I'm sure that most TKC readers lost sleep, put in hours that were unaccounted for and went the extra mile to make sure the job was done right. Meanwhile, one of the biggest douches associated with town made more 10x the average annual KC area salary for catching a ball in a losing effort.

Some reading on the topic growing American economic disparity from both sides of the issue:

Time: The Median Amazon Employee's Salary Is $28,000. Jeff Bezos Makes More Than That in 10 Seconds

Fox News: Steyn - Al Gore Committing 'Class Warfare' Through Climate Change Fanaticism

Vice: How a Real Class War, Like with Guns, Could Actually Happen

To be fair, job growth is the best weapon against economic inequality, especially for those who find work playing meaningless games for a taxpayer subsidized team owned by a billionaire family and comprised of millionaires. Read more:

Travis Kelce made $750K on one catch against the Chargers on TNF

By: Andy Nesbitt | December 13, 2018 11:36 pm It's good to be Travis Kelce. Not only is the Chiefs tight end a key player on the NFL's No. 1 offense but he also picked up a nice little six-figure bonus in Thursday night's game against the Chargers.

Show-Me Auditor Investigating 'Golden Boy' Josh Hawley Under 'Heightened Security' Amid Public Fund Misuse Allegations

Now a bi-partisan effort against the noob Senator-elect who has fewer friends then he expected after hitching himself to Prez Trump's star.

Auditor Galloway to give 'heightened scrutiny' to allegations Hawley misused state resources

JEFFERSON CITY * Auditor Nicole Galloway said Friday she would give "heightened scrutiny" to allegations that outgoing Attorney General Josh Hawley used taxpayer resources to pump up his successful bid for U.S. Senate. Galloway, a Democrat, said in response to a request for aid by Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, a Republican, that her office would work with Ashcroft's office.

Stormy Stripping In Kansas For Cash To Pay Prez Trump & More Local Midday News Links

Pr0n life reality check for the end of the week . . .

KWCH: Stormy Daniels to perform at Kansas strip club for Valentine's Day

Independent UK: Trump 'directed me' to pay Stormy Daniels hush money and knew it was wrong, Michael Cohen claims

TMZ: Stripping Could Help Pay Trump Bill$

NYT Roundup: Stormy Daniels Ordered to Pay Trump $293,000 in Legal Fees

UST: Why hush money Michael Cohen paid Stormy Daniels was an illegal campaign donation

In slightly more classy news closer to home . . .

Kansas City Deadline Looms

Last minute shipping deadlines arrive for Kansas City holiday gift givers

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Christmas is just around the corner and shipping deadlines are fast approaching. If you wait until this weekend, it could cost you. Friday is the last day to ship it or you will pay a premium! The deadline is for ground shipping is for all delivery services UPS, FedEx, and the post office.

Show-Me Worsening Roads

MoDOT chief McKenna: Proposition D failure imperils funding - Kansas City Business Journal

The failure of Proposition D in the November election presents serious challenges for Missouri's highway system absent more funding, the state's transportation leader said Thursday. Patrick McKenna, director of the Missouri Department of Transportation, said the additional money from Proposition D's increases in the fuel tax would have gone a long way toward addressing funding shortfalls for maintenance and new construction, the Columbia Daily Tribune reports.

Missouri Work Plan

Monday: Missouri Gov. Mike Parson highlights priorities ahead of legislative session

This interview will be on "St. Louis on the Air" during the noon hour on Monday. This story will be updated after the show. You can listen live . St. Louis on the Air brings you the stories of St. Louis and the people who live, work and create in our region.

Good Deeds For KC Rugrats

New renderings of improved Wonderscope Children's Museum

Wonderscope Children's Museum got a big boost in its $15 million capital campaign to build a new museum at the corner of Red Bridge Road and Oak Street in south Kansas City. The museum, currently located in Shawnee, recently received a $4 million matching grant from the Regnier Family Foundation, according to a report in The Kansas City Star and confirmed to KMBC 9 News.

Check Fanboy Fortitude

Chiefs playoff picture: ugly division loss edition

As ugly and unexpected as it was to endure the Kansas City Chiefs ' 29-28 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers on Thursday night, it's important to remember one thing: The Chiefs still control their own postseason destiny.

Celebrate Rabbit Food Local Lunch And You Might Actually Live Longer

Eat This Now: the charred broccoli salad at the Savoy

April Fleming It seems unlikely that the phrase You must try this broccoli salad has been uttered very many times in the history of the world - and particularly not in this beef-obsessed town. But here I am saying it: chef Joe West's charred broccoli salad from the lunch menu at the Savoy must be tried.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Turns out the historic Kobach defeat was merely a symptom of a deeper problem as another political lady offers the GOP a harsh insult and reality sets in that Red State hegemony might be at risk if the ruling party alienates more than half the state and some of the most active voters.

Money line:

"Outgoing Rep. Joy Koesten, of Leawood, Thursday that she's changing her party affiliation. Koesten wrote that she "just can't stomach trying to 'fit in' anymore to a party that grieves me so each and every day." Her announcement follows state Sen. Barbara Bollier's decision to switch after she endorsed Democratic Gov.-elect Laura Kelly and was stripped of a committee leadership post."

Read more:

Outgoing lawmaker switching from GOP to Democratic Party

Another Kansas lawmaker is switching from the Republican to the Democratic party. Outgoing Rep. Joy Koesten, of Leawood, announced Thursday that she's changing her party affiliation. Koesten wrote that she "just can't stomach trying to 'fit in' anymore to a party that grieves me so each and every day."

Show-Me Missouri Rape Kit Crisis Amid Kansas City Backlog, Too

Let's not forget KCMO has the longest turnaround time for rape kits as this national news scandal targets a local department. Checkit:

Springfield Police to review rape kit destruction after CNN story

The police chief in Springfield, Missouri, on Thursday told a rape victim advocacy group that the department will review sex crimes cases in which the agency destroyed rape kits.

The Kansas City Friday Crime Roundup

Quick peek of some of the more interesting local crime stories accompanied by AND EPIC LOCAL MUGSHOT sent by one of our best and brightest readers. Here's more:

Kansas City Creeper Doc Hard Time

Former Kansas City Doctor Sentenced To 10 Years After Pleading Guilty To Child Enticement

A pediatric rheumatologist who once worked at Children's Mercy Hospital was sentenced to 10 years in prison Thursday after he pleaded guilty to coercion and enticement of a minor. In his guilty plea agreement in September, Mark Franklin Hoeltzel admitted that he created a fake Facebook persona under the name "Ryan Gardner" to contact minor girls, including an 8th grader from whom he requested sexually explicit photographs.

Help Find This Local Lady
Police seek missing Kansas City, KS woman who may be in danger
Multiple Charges For The Holidays

North Kansas City woman indicted for stealing more than $115K from employer

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- A North Kansas City woman has been indicted for embezzling $116,367 from her employer. Tonya Topel, 41, was charged in an 11-count indictment returned by a federal grand jury in Kansas City on Wednesday. According to the indictment, Topel worked at SunSource Homes, Inc., from October 2016 to April 2018 as the officer manager and accountant.

Creeper Gamer Charges

Registered JoCo sex offender had child porn on his Xbox | The Kansas City Star

A man on probation in Johnson County for a sex-related crime is facing a new charge after child pornography was allegedly found on his Xbox gaming system. He was booked into the jail on Thursday night.

Golden Ghetto Gunfire Report

Shawnee police investigate after person shoots at occupied vehicle

SHAWNEE, KS (KCTV) - Someone in Shawnee was uninjured after an individual shot at their vehicle while they were inside. The vehicle was hit by gunfire at about 2 a.m. on Tuesday in the 10900 block of 65th Place. Police said they did not find any buildings in the area that were hit by the gunfire.

Developing . . .

Journalism: Blame Kareem Hunt's Family Life For Why He Punted That Hotel Hottie

KICK-ASS TKC READER suggested link and one more quick football note as some of us prepare for the inevitable disappointment of the holiday season. Checkit:

Family of former Kansas City Chiefs star Kareem Hunt has history of criminal behavior

CLOSE AMHERST, Ohio - Kareem Hunt peeked through window blinds. It was early Sunday evening when a reporter knocked on the front door of his mother's house about 35 miles outside of Cleveland. Stephanie Riggins, Hunt's mother, opened the door.

Kansas Telephone Abortion Stays Losing?!?!

Or "murder by numbers" at risk . . . Here's a glimpse at why "facetiming" infanticide isn't a good look for the medical profession. Checkit:

Kansas judge considers blocking telemedicine abortion ban

TOPEKA, KS (AP) - A state court judge is considering whether to block Kansas from enforcing a ban on telemedicine abortions that are to start in January. With telemedicine abortions, women in rural areas are allowed to get abortion pills without an in-office consultation in a city clinic.

Show-Me HUGE Missouri Weed Bust Whilst The Nation Moves Toward Legalization

An EPIC shipment takes a hit whilst the laws in this state remain in flux and only the most reactionary politicos are holding on to outdated draconian rules that are mostly ignored.


Marijuana legalization is working; most Americans are on board

Meanwhile, the drug war is mostly yet another crackdown against po'folk and authorities attempting to justify their budgets. Take a look:

Missouri State Highway Patrol confiscate 301 pounds of marijuana during traffic stop

COOPER COUNTY, Mo. (KHQA) - On Thursday, the Missouri State Highway Patrol seized hundreds of pounds of marijuana. A traffic stop was conducted for a vehicle following too close on eastbound I-70 at the 101 mile marker in Cooper County. From the traffic stop, 301 pounds of marijuana in vacuum sealed bags was seized.


Because sports talkers will offer nothing but excuses and saccharine pleasantries, we wanted to start the day with the main local topic of discussion imposed by every office bully if only because our blog community will likely contradict typical fanboy talking points.

To wit . . .


Just a bit of backup proof . . .

- The secret is out, QB Patrick Mahomes isn't so magical under pressure. Yes he has the ability to make amazing plays but he's not (yet) a miracle worker against a solid defense. Last night he was "unspectacular" according to most.

- Kansas City needs a good running back. The Kareem Hunt controversy might have been the beginning of the end for this season despite a few surprising performances from backup players.

- The defense is good but not great. Reality: In less promising seasons, the team has put forward a more fearsome squad and last night they were picked apart when it counted.

More than anything . . .


Check the links:

Kansas City Defeated

Chargers top Chiefs at Arrowhead on game-ending 2-point conversion

The Kansas City Chiefs had all the momentum. Not only were the Chiefs at home at Arrowhead Stadium against the visiting L.A. Chargers, but they were inducting a legend into their Ring of Honor in record-setting tight end Tony Gonzalez.

Early Lead Fizzles

Chargers beat Chiefs 29-28 on last-second touchdown

The Kansas City Chiefs jumped out to an early lead thanks to big plays from their defense and led by as many as 14 points, but ultimately couldn't contain the Los Angeles Chargers offense in the fourth quarter, losing the game 29-28 on a touchdown pass and two point conversion with just eight seconds left in the game.

Last Minute Extra

Philip Rivers offers two amazing details about Chargers' stunning two-pointer to beat Chiefs

The Chargers pulled off one of the most dramatic wins of the NFL season on Thursday and they did it by making a gutsy call with four seconds left in the game. After Los Angeles scored a touchdown to cut the lead to 28-27, the Chargers could have kicked the extra point to go to overtime, but instead, they decided to go for the win.

Comeback Disappointment

Chiefs' Berry misses 2nd half, says it was planned

2:03 AM ET Adam TeicherESPN Staff Writer Close Covered Chiefs for 20 seasons for Kansas City Star Joined ESPN in 2013 KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Playing in his first game in more than a season and a half, safety Eric Berry led his team in tackles in the first half with six, and the Kansas City Chiefs took a 14-7 lead into halftime.

New Playoff Power???

Don't Look Now, But Rivers-Led Chargers are AFC's Most Dangerous Team

Ever since the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 1, the Chargers have been looking up at the Chiefs in the AFC West. Even after the Bolts peeled off nine wins in 10 games following a 1-2 start, Kansas City's victories overshadowed L.A.'s success.

Blaming Refs Is For Losers

Epic ending in Chargers-Chiefs overshadows poor job by officials

Please enter your email address associated with the account so we can help reset your password. My SI Settings Favorite Teams You currently have no favorite teams. Favorite Writers You currently have no favorite writers.

End Game Truism

Chiefs might not have supporting cast capable of winning title with Patrick Mahomes

Dan Marino is football royalty. Almost any quarterback would be flattered to be mentioned in the same breath as the legendary Hall of Famer. But in Patrick Mahomes' case, such a comparison could be a cautionary tale.

You decide . . .

Kansas City Gig Economy Workspace Win

The gig economy is a fancy term for temp work as salaries become an outdated luxury and locals adjust to new, lower standards. Take a look:

Co-working spaces in KC metro see high demand

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Co-working spaces in the KC metro are seeing a boom in business as the demand increases. Quest Moffat didn't like his work environment. "We got there at 9 o'clock in the morning and I would see Fred and we may have saw each other in passing and it kinda got boring," Moffat said.

Audit Underway In Raytown

Here's a glimpse at high hopes for suburban accountability and more Kansas City metro towns calling the actions of their government into question. Checkit:

Raytown citizens demand state audit of city officials

Concerned Raytown citizens turned in a petition for a state audit of Raytown city officials, Thursday. State Auditor Nicole Galloway accepted that petition from Raytown city government watchdog Tony Jacob after he and fellow volunteers gathered more than 1,800 signatures.


Fair play for Friday, there was local outrage when Pats fans threw their beer on Tyreek Hill after an EPIC catch but now, once again, home team fanboys prove themselves hypocrites:

VIDEO: Chiefs fans throw beer at celebrating Charger players


41 Action News Reporter Jordan Betts was in the stands when Chargers players walked into the endzone to celebrate. Betts said angry fans then began throwing beer cans, cups and other trash at the players.

To be fair, it does seem like the Chargers are kinda taunting but nevertheless its a reminder that the games are anything but a family affair like the team claims.

You decide . . .

Dreamers Defeated Mighty Kris Kobach?!?!

Money line that might be a bit too optimistic and overlooked the GOP palooka running around suburban parades with a toy gun:

"One of President Trump’s biggest supporters, Kris Kobach—a candidate in the Kansas gubernatorial race and a prominent voice in the U.S. nativist movement—made it a campaign promise to encourage undocumented immigrants living in the state to leave. Ultimately, his tough immigration policies, coupled with his history of voter suppression, cost him the race."

Read more:

Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Was Defeated in the 2018 Midterm Elections - Center for American Progress

In what has been coined the "blue wave," the 2018 midterm elections resulted in 40 seats being flipped from Republican to Democratic control, the largest midterm gains by Democrats since Watergate in 1974.

Show-Me Rage Lesson In Daddy Rage Against Missouri LGBT School Club

Anger control issues arise and a school administrations ignores the threat in this wothwhile story of changing times in Missouri. Checkit:

Smithton Middle School LGBTQ poster torn down by Missouri dad | Miami Herald

Ken Allen stole a Gay-Straight Alliance poster from Smithton Middle School in Columbia, Missouri, in a "fit of rage" because he says the club shouldn't be allowed. The school board declined to press charges.

Feds Warn Of Kansas Human Trafficking Risk

Sad realization that the Sunflower state is threatened by creepers targeting the helpless. Check the tragic ranking:

Kansas named one hub for human trafficking in the U.S.

The federal government has named Kansas a hub for human trafficking in the U.S., and now Kansas organizations are partnering together to decrease these crimes.