Tuesday, January 26, 2021


A misguided tactic from rookie councilman Eric Bunch has incited outrage among Northeast Kansas City neighbors.

Remember . . .

Kansas City opened Garrison Community Center to help homeless keep warm but a lack of basic planning and accommodation has created a disaster in this 4th District neighborhood.

Reality check . . . 


Here's the word as more homeless will flock to the location as temperatures drop again tonight . . .

"This plan has created a nightmare scenario in Northeast and around Columbus Park. We've basically had all of the city's homeless dumped on us. It's not fair. There are homeless in every neighborhood throughout KC but Bunch wouldn't allow this situation in his own backyard. 

I feel sorry for these folks but they're also desperate and they're stealing everything in sight and camping out front porches when the center turns them out every morning. It's a mess."  

A concern about COVID among this population . . . 

"Again, I have sympathy for the homeless. There's a need to keep them safe and warm but this 'solution' dumps the problem in one area . . . Why aren't we offering more than one place to keep people warm??? There's a risk at Garrison, we now have more than 100 people without the adequate restroom facilities to accommodate them. They're packed on top of each other. During COVID you're really putting these folks at risk." 

A final word on a developing situation . . . 

"Councilman Bunch has basically said, 'Not in my neighborhood' by setting up this homeless way station in Northeast. He's targeting working-class home owners. This kind of stunt would never go over in Brookside. It's bad planning, spiteful and shows us that a so-called neighborhood advocate doesn't really care about dumping all of KC's problems on urban core working-class residents." 

Developing . . .


Just now a failing magazine is piling on the bandwagon of social media outrage against Boulevard Brewery following unconfirmed and anonymous social media hateration.

But here's the backstory you don't know . . . 

Because the beer dudes at Boulevard are exceptionally sensitive and inept at coping with anything less than complimentary coverage, about 10 years ago the company pulled its ads from the so-called 'alternative' publication following a write-up that spoke about the massive egos involved in building the biz. 

Real talk: The Pitch & Boulevard have been at odds for at least a decade.

And so, this 'report' merely offers a critique of bad PR and doesn't really share many deets about the situation other than a rehashing of a social media pile-on . . .

The Pitch: Boulevard Brewing Co. becomes lightning rod for criticism following tepid response to sexual harassment allegations

What's worse is that there's so little info in this report, they're actually begging for tips to write a follow-up . . . In addition to begging for "members" at INSANE prices of up to $2500 per year.

And so, if you have any info about this story . . . Please keep it to yourself because it has now "evolved" into nothing more than another pointless Kansas City culture war smackdown. 

Developing . . .


Actually, this is a preview of a media onslaught on the way . . .

First a bit of context and a quick review on the outbreak in Jeff City . . .

Welcome to the death of personal responsibility — brought to you by the party of personal responsibility.

This headline sets the stage . . .

Amid legislative COVID outbreak, Missouri Gov. Parson set to deliver annual address

And now . . .


Expect blame to be placed at the feet of Guv Parson for the pandemic lock down at the state capitol that has been traced back and blamed on Republican lawmakers. 

Developing . . .

Whiteman Announces Super Bowl Flex

The big game will start with a glimpse at death from above as a nearby base earns a trip to Tampa in order to kick-off the festivities with an EPIC reminder about who remains in charge.

Read more . . .

Fox4: Whiteman AFB will provide B-2 bomber for 'first-of-its-kind' Super Bowl flyover

Deets . . .

A B-2 Spirit bomber from Whiteman Air Force Base near Knob Noster, Missouri, will be one of three Air Force Global Strike Command bombers participating in a “first-of-its-kind trifecta flyover” during the national anthem just before the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Along with the B-2 from Whiteman, fans at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa will also see a B-1B Lancer from Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota and a B-52 Stratofortress from Minot AFB in North Dakota.

Developing . . .

Kansas Democrats Fight Dead Columbus

At a time when the pandemic still ravages the Sunflower State and the unemployment system is in serious need of overhaul amid historic demand . . . Rewriting history inspires the super-minority party.

Read more . . .

Kansas Democrats push to end harmful narrative of Columbus Day

Deets . . .

"American Indian legislators spoke Tuesday in support of a bill that aims to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day in Kansas. The bill seeks to recognize the “historic, cultural and contemporary significance of the Indigenous peoples” of the Americas and Kansas on the second Monday in October each year. Proponents argued the change would not only show respect for the tribal communities of Kansas but encourage a more accurate recounting of the history of the Americas."

The legislation doesn't have much of a chance among the GOP majority that seems to be taking up a more adversarial role against their colleagues at the outset of the Biden years. 

Developing . . .


The threat of bankruptcy looms larger over Kansas City now that the greatest source of 12th & Oak revenue is under legal threat.

To wit . . .


Here's a preview of the legal debate . . .

New Hampshire's Supreme Court Lawsuit Seeking to Prevent Massachusetts from Taxing NH Residents Working Remotely for Massachusetts Firms

"The case was filed directly in the Supreme Court under its "original jurisdiction" over cases filed by one state against another. It could have important implications for the future of federalism."

Actually, the case could have even bigger implications for Kansas City becoming an empty shell akin to Detroit during its darker days.


Depending on the SCOTUS ruling, this bull session might be inconsequential and nothing more than a prelude to the absolute financial decimation of Kansas City via the COVID-19 pandemic.

Developing . . . 


Timely football metaphor amid this tragic set of circumstances with a local conneciton. 

Check-it . . .

Vatican Punts on Bishop Joseph Hart instead of Taking Action, SNAP Renews Call for Secular Involvement

Call to action . . .

Now that Vatican officials have formally chosen to do nothing to punish or isolate serially abusive former Bishop Joseph Hart, it is crucial that police and prosecutors double down on their pursuit of charges against him. 

Cheyenne, WY police have already finished multiple investigations into Bishop Joseph Hart and have recommended that charges be filed against him. Given that this secular investigation by trained investigative professionals resulted in a recommendation for charges, we cannot take seriously the Vatican’s determination that Bishop Hart was not proven guilty “beyond a moral certitude.” The rebuke issued by the CDF is little more than a slap on the hand for Hart, but is surely a slap in the face to the men and women who were hurt by him and hoped to see some measure of justice done. 

We hope that, in light of this disappointing-yet-not-surprising decision from the Vatican to do nothing against Bishop Hart, prosecutors will re-examine the case and reverse their previous decision. 

At least 17 different people have alleged abuse by Hart. We know that there is no magical age at which a predator stops abusing children, and so we believe that Hart remains a threat today. Police and prosecutors should use their authority to get this dangerous man off the streets, helping protect children from the scourge of sexual abuse. We hope that they will act immediately. 

Hart worked as a bishop in both Kansas City, MO and Cheyenne, WY, and therefore had immense power and stature. We can only imagine that there are victims – and victim suppression – in every single place he worked. This makes it even more critical that secular society step in to right the wrongs that allowed Hart to abuse so many and get away with it for so long.


Developing . . .


The 2016 Netflix movie Mascots wasn't a spectacular mocumentary but it had more than a few fun moments imagining the lives of people who care far too much about one of the more annoying & superfluous aspects of the sports world.

Accordingly, we share this not-so-fun reality of the local culture war . . .


Update: The name change will affect Belinder Elementary, Rushton Elementary, and Shawanoe Elementary Schools, and Shawnee Mission North High School in Overland Park.

Forgive us if we can't help but look forward to some of the more clever suggestions that aren't outright hate speech and/or threats.

Check-it . . .

Shawnee Mission votes to remove derogatory mascots, forcing 4 schools to find new ones

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The Shawnee Mission school board voted in favor of a new policy that will remove what it calls all derogatory mascots. Under this new policy, mascots at Shawnee Mission North High, Shawanoe Elementary, Rushton Elementary and Belinder Elementary will all be retired and replaced by more inclusive and culturally sensitive mascots.

Kansas City Nurses Join Frontline COVID Fight Against Cheapskate Hospitals

Sign of the times and real news about worker discontent as the strain of the pandemic risks breaking the backbone of the local healthcare . . . Read more:

Healthcare workers call for hospitals to put patients first

OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) -- The National Nurses United organization is holding a national event to make hospitals put patients first over profits. On Jan. 27, more than 200 people inside and outside hospital facilities in at least 19 states and the District of Columbia will demand that elected leaders, government, and hospital employers take immediate action to save lives.

Kansas City Tuesday News Snapshot: Community Endures Icy Car Crashes And Continued Political Slap Fighting

Let's call this a top heavy brunch for our EPIC diet of news as we celebrate continued reign of social media diva Lindsey and check pop culture, community interest and top headlines.

Take a peek . . .


Super slick roads: 20 crashes underway at same time in Kansas City metro

KANSAS CITY METRO - Nearly two dozen simultaneous crashes across the metro have been reported this morning as wet roads freeze in the chilly January air. FOX4's Nick Vasos said he counted 20 wrecks happening at the same time at 7:30 a.m.

Super Bowl Hype Helps Embattled Local Biz

Chiefs' win gives some businesses a much-needed boost

The Kansas City Chiefs' win in the AFC championship and berth to the Super Bowl is giving some businesses a much-needed boost.One business owner said her inbox has been flooded thanks to the team's success.Victory never tasted so sweet for Council Grove, Kansas, baker Cami Sanromani."This has been really good," said Sanromani, of Cami's Cake Co.As the name implies, cake is at the heart of her business.

Emergency Merch En Route

New Chiefs merchandise sells out in minutes; new shipment on the way

MISSION, KS (KCTV) -- Just a few minutes after the Chiefs clinched a spot in their second straight Super Bowl, fans wiped out all of the new gear at the Rally House off Johnson Drive, a popular spot for local sports merchandise.

Diva Does Brisk Biz

Influencer Lindsey Pelas Talks Reality TV, Standing Up For Women, And Investing In Sugar Taco - Exclusive Interview

Rich Fury/Getty Images You might know Lindsey Pelas as a model and social media influencer, but she's so much more than that. In 2019, Pelas became a reality TV star when she appeared on the first season of The Hills: New Beginnings when she was dating Justin Bobby, and she hosts the podcast Eyes Up Here , which, as of this writing, is about to enter its third season.

Pets Needs Vaxx

Cats and dogs may need to get Covid vaccine to stop spread of virus

CATS and dogs may need to get the Covid vaccine to curb the spread of the virus, a group of scientists has said. Coronavirus can infect a wide range of domesticated animals - and experts have said that giving pets the jab is a "precaution" to reduce the risks of the virus spreading further.

Prez Trump Rule Over Republicans Questioned

Trump impeachment goes to Senate, testing his sway over GOP

WASHINGTON (AP) - House Democrats delivered the impeachment case against Donald Trump to the Senate for the start of his historic trial, but Republican senators were easing off their criticism of the former president and shunning calls to convict him over the deadly siege at the U.S. Capitol.


Twitter permanently bans My Pillow CEO

Twitter has permanently banned My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell's account after he continually perpetuated the baseless claim that Donald Trump won the 2020 U.S. presidential election Twitter has permanently banned My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell's account after he continued to perpetuate the baseless claim that Donald Trump won the 2020 U.S.

Different Sides Of Same Coin Basically Agree

Senior Senate Republicans voice new optimism that a power-sharing deal could be within reach

Senior Senate Republicans expressed new optimism that the two parties could be within reach of a power-sharing agreement to allow the 50-50 Senate to officially organize and let Democrats take control of key committees in the chamber.

New Hotness: Riot Selfie

'THIS IS ME': Rioters flaunt involvement in Capitol siege on social media

WASHINGTON D.C. - These suspects weren't exactly in hiding. "THIS IS ME," one man posted on Instagram with a hand emoji pointing to himself in a picture of the violent mob descending on the U.S. Capitol. "Sooo we've stormed Capitol Hill lol," one woman texted someone while inside the building.

Plague Of Disney Returns

Live performances return to Downtown beginning this week

This week marks the return of live performances at the T-Mobile Center, as Disney On Ice prepares to open a series of 15 shows over eight days beginning Thursday. The ice extravaganza marks the first live events at the center since the pandemic shut down the Big 12 Men's Basketball Tournament last March.

Online Learning FAILS

Teachers Say Hybrid Learning Is No Better Than All-Virtual Classes

Hybrid learning has become the go-to compromise for Kansas' largest school districts to get students back in classrooms. Districts in Lawrence, Topeka, Olathe and elsewhere rotate students between in-person and online lessons. Kids get physical time in front of a teacher without risking crowded classrooms during the pandemic.

Forecast: Winter Worsens

Your Storm Track 5 Daily Forecast

Today is a Storm Track 5 Weather Alert Day. We are tracking a 90% chance for cold rain this morning for the KC Metro and even a few rumbles. The metro will see a transition to a light winter mix this afternoon through tonight with a high temperature near 37.

Eminem - Higher is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now. Keep going for more local links . . .

Survey Seyz Support Slipping For Embattled Missouri Senator Josh Hawley

This polling company isn't completely biased and their surveys show up on both Fox news & CNN from time to time.

Their latest gem is clever if only because it still reveals pretty much unanimous support for Sen. Hawley in a decidedly red state . . .

Morning Consult poll shows Hawley's approval rating in Missouri has declined from 42 percent to 36 percent following the events of January 6.

While a majority of Republicans in the state still support Hawley, his approval among GOP voters had fallen 9 points up to January 18. The senator enjoyed 63 percent approval among Republicans in the typically red state, down from 72 percent.

Read more . . .

Josh Hawley draws fire from GOP ex-Missouri senator as approval rating slides

Former Missouri Senator Jack Danforth has strongly criticized Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) following his decision to support objections to some Electoral College results on January 6. Danforth, a Republican, represented Missouri in the Senate from 1976 until 1995 and is considered a political mentor of Hawley's and strongly encouraged his political ambitions.

COVID Threatens To Kill Kansas Tenure

A warning to professors from legal eagles, the pandemic and ensuing cash crunch might help politicos target so many progressive profs throughout the state.

Check-it . . .

Kansas, Crisis, Tenure and the US Contracts Clause

William H. Widen, Professor of Law at the University of Miami School of Law, in Coral Gables, Florida discusses the emerging issues with tenure and employment contracts... The Kansas Board of Regents recently voted to endorse a policy making it easier to terminate tenured faculty members.

Fear Pr0n: Show-Me Car Crash Protection From Missouri Roadblock Protesters

The civil liability of willfully hitting somebody with a car has, ACTUALLY, always been much worse than any criminal charges . . . At least for the middle-class. And so headlines about Missouri political chest-thumping garbage legislation are often overwrought and simply serve to drum up publicity for otherwise ignored politicos on BOTH sides of the aisle. 

Here's one example out of many that has garnered crocodile tears from "many sides" via social media.

Read more . . .

Missouri senator proposes to let drivers use deadly force against some protesters

Missouri State Sen. Rick Brattin, R-Harrisonville, wants to make it a Class E felony for any protester who interferes with or blocks a public road, according to a report from MissouriNet. Under his bill, drivers could use deadly force against these protesters, and ones who illegally cross or attempt to cross private property.

Transit Activist Clay Chastain Calls Out Mayor Q & Council For Holding Kansas City Back From Prez Biden Infrastructure Boom

Friend of the blog Clay Chastain seems optimistic about the future of Kansas City given more cash for infrastructure, remember he's the only person to have ever one a citywide vote for light rail . . .

Biden Infrastructure Plan Pushes Better Roads, EV Chargers, Mass Transit

Accordingly, here's his note hoping that City Hall will seek partnership over legal battles . . . Read more:

Clay Chastain: (Mayor) Lucas & Council are blocking Clay's petition vision from the ballot - jeopardizing Biden's infrastructure funding for Kansas City - stopping Kansas City from moving forward!

1.  President Biden's pledge to fund, "high-quality, zero-emission public transportation options" = Clay's petition vision.

2. President Biden's pledge to fund "light rail networks and infrastructure for bicycle and pedestrians" = Clay's petition vision.

3. President Biden's pledge to get "green infrastructure" going right now across America = Clay's petition vision.

So why is Lucas and the Council destroying Kansas City's chances to vote, take off and secure federal funding by refusing to place Clay's petition vision before the voters of Kansas City?  What are they afraid of, success for Kansas City?


Developing . . .

Kansas City Star Seyz Senator Hawley Lying, Flexes On Police & Rants Against Bullying

This morning we save readers at least 2 bucks and/or close at $1K annually by reviewing cowtown dead-tree headlines so you don't have to . . . Check-it:

Fighting Words Against GOP Future: Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley is no dummy. He’s true to himself, but lying about the law

Blaming Po-Po For Troubled Teen Demise: Overland Park must come clean about 2018 police killing of teen John Albers in driveway

Column From Karen: Jerks will be jerks. But do we have to silently put up with their behavior, words?

You decide . . . More in a bit . . .

TKC Newsflash: Kansas City Streets Transform Into Treacherous Garbage Yet Again Thanks To Typical Winter Weather

Drive carefully. 71 at Swope Park was shut down this morning and there are quite a few reports of accidents already.

Here's the best round-up so far . . .

Slick, hazardous roads reported Tuesday morning

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - 6:54 a.m. | U.S. 71 was reopened around 6:50 a.m., but drivers should still use caution if they need to travel in the area. 6:30 a.m. | U.S. 71 became a major problem spot as drivers began their morning commute.

Overland Park Granny Denied COVID Vaxx

Justified EPIC old school complaints remind us that THERE IS NO PLAN for distribution of the plague cure and what we've seen over the past year has been mostly panic from elected leaders.

Read more . . .

101-year-old Overland Park grandmother still without vaccine says granddaughter

Receiving a COVID-19 vaccine has been a challenge for many Kansans---including one 101-year-old Overland Park woman----who's granddaughter says is waiting for her shot. "How can we let this continue?" asked Traci Mattis. Mattis says her 101-year-old grandmother is still without a COVID-19 vaccine. "I want my grandma cared for and I can't go in.

Super Bowl Battle Of The GOATz Declared

Fanboy perspective and a sports newsie narrative emerges. Meanwhile, more dedicated football fans doubt the hype supporting either the has-been or the rising star.

Read more . . .

Arrowheadlines: The NFL's version of LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan

Tom Brady vs. Patrick Mahomes Is Super Bowl Mythology in the Making | The Ringer In most NFL seasons, being crowned champion is enough. But this Super Bowl is about legacy. Who will end up on top of the pantheon? The sport's biggest legend is about to face its biggest legend in the making.

Monday, January 25, 2021


Hip-hop singer and suspected cop puncher Trey Songz is out of jail after his Kansas City Chiefs AFC Championship fight with security & law enforcement proved to be more exciting than the football victory.

Accordingly . . . 


A roundup from "many sides" of this ongoing debate . . .

From the Courthouse: "Popular music artist Trey Songz was released early Monday from custody as an investigation into his arrest Sunday night during the Kansas City Chiefs game at Arrowhead in Kansas City continues, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced today."

According to police . . .

"During the NFL's AFC Championship game on Jan. 24, 2021, fans complained that a man was not following the Arrowhead fans’ code of conduct or the mandates of the Kansas City Missouri Health Department. They asked for private security to address the matter. The man was not receptive and refused to comply with Arrowhead security three different times. Security then asked him to leave. He refused to leave. At that point they requested law enforcement assistance in ejecting him from the stadium. Officers advised the man that if he did not leave, he would be arrested for trespassing. He still refused to comply, at which point officers told him he was under arrest. The man then punched a police officer (at about 4:44) and put him in a headlock. Other officers then came to the scene and were able to get the man into custody without further incident. He was arrested and booked at the Jackson County Jail. Missouri Sunshine Law prohibits the release of a suspect’s name who has not yet been charged. The case has been referred to the Jackson County Prosecutor."

Take a look . . .

You decide . . .


An inevitability and tonight's teachable moment regarding the American cultural shift that's currently underway.

Read more . . .

4 schools in Shawnee Mission School District will have to change mascots

Four schools in the Shawnee Mission School District will have to change their mascots. Board members voted 7-0 Monday to change the district's non-discrimination policy.

Kansas City Sideshow Stays Winning

Authorities hope to drive this illicit entertainment outside of the loop. Reality check, COVID has forced locals to organize a good time more effectively and these auto antics show no sign of slowing down despite continued community outcry.

Read more . . .

KCPD makes no arrests for 'sideshows' after AFC Championship

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After the Chiefs secured their second straight trip to the Super Bowl on Sunday night, the roaring sounds of car stunts known as "sideshows" could be heard on Kansas City streets. Some of them gathered outside Union Station to perform illegal car stunts known as sideshows.

Kansas City EPIC Settlement Postscript

We talked about this BIG MONEY HOT MESS @ 12TH & OAK last week. Here's public radio followup and some dusty old dox they mistakenly confuse with news.

Read more . . .

Kansas City Agrees To Pay $450,000 In Discrimination Case Even As Alleged Harassers Remain On The Job

NaToyia Wilson spent four years investigating cases of discrimination for Kansas City. Now, the city is preparing to pay Wilson $450,000 to settle allegations of gender discrimination, retaliation and hostile work environment she said she experienced at the city's civil rights division.

Kansas City Monday Night News Spotlight

Tonight we take a quick peek at a fighting hottie along with a glimpse at pop culture, community news and top headlines.


The top politico in Kansas City is forced to make a tough sale to football fans.

To wit . . .


Update reference . . .

JOE.I.AM'S UNITY - Prez Joe Biden's Inauguration Speech Remix.

The reality is that "big game" could be one of the worst super bowls in modern history.

Our reader community notes that Budweiser, Coke & Pepsi have already pulled out of the Super Bowl party.

Moreover . . .

The real "great" American competition that might draw more spectators is the 2.0 impeachment of former Prez Trump.

On the bright side, we could count this as a win for voter engagement . . .

And so, all we're left with is political cheerleading as this cowtown attempts to put on a happy face for a football contest in the midst of an evolving American crisis.

Check the links . . .

Fox4: KC Mayor Lucas celebrates Chiefs' unifying success after divisive 2020

KMBC: KCMO Mayor Quinton Lucas pumped for community after Chiefs win in tough year

Fox4: KC restaurants juggling Chiefs games demand with pandemic restrictions

KCTV5: KC Sports Commission says no parade if Chiefs win

KMBC: Mayor Quinton Lucas says 'it would be inappropriate and irresponsible' to host an in-person celebration

Developing . . .


Check the "new normal" and welcomed local relief among a great many broke-ass people who might not understand inflation or the sketchy proposition of government taking total control of providing "housing as a human right" for the burgeoning underclass.

Read more . . .

Kansas City area renters to benefit from $30 million in assistance

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The city of Kansas City, along with Clay and Jackson counties, will receive $30 million total from the federal government to help renters impacted by the pandemic. Those funds are part of the relief package passed by Congress last month.

Jackson County Lady Stays Losing After Midtown Kansas City Woman Shot In Back

Follow-up on what may be the worst "cat fight" Kansas City has ever witnessed . . . And a reminder that po-po confront quite a few local "challenges" that don't always meet with protest powered by social media outrage.

Read more . . .

Jackson County sheriff's deputy pleads guilty in 2019 Midtown shooting of woman

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Jackson County sheriff's deputy has pleaded guilty to felony charges in connection to an August 2019 incident in which a woman was shot in the back in Midtown following the deputy's attempt to arrest her. Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced Monday that 30-year-old Lauren N.

Kansas City Star Laments Creeper Priest Cleared By Vatican

Here's a story without absolutely no good guy . . . After disgusting allegations, the newspaper champions claims of abuse from decades ago and fakes an "investigation" after merely picking up a press release.

Disgusting Church followup dutifully hidden behind the paywall . . .

Vatican clears former Kansas City priest of sex abuse claims, infuriating victims

The Vatican has exonerated former Kansas City priest and retired Wyoming Bishop Joseph Hart of seven accusations that he sexually abused minors and said five others could not be proven "with moral certitude," the Diocese of Cheyenne announced Monday.


This was probably the top story of the day as local news offered dutiful converge BUT locals were discouraged from asking too many questions about real life evidence of corruption among municipal workers. 

Thankfully, the feds stepped in to bust it up.

Read more from the official statement with highlights regarding the crime conviction . . .

Former KC Fire Captain Sentenced for Illegally Selling Firearms to Felons

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A former captain in the Kansas City, Missouri, Fire Department was sentenced in federal court today for illegally selling dozens of firearms over a five-year period, and to selling firearms to convicted felons.

James Samuels, 55, of Kansas City, Mo., was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Gary A. Fenner to six years in federal prison without parole. The court also ordered Samuels to pay a fine of $11,282, which is the amount of cash seized by law enforcement officers at the time of his arrest.

On Aug. 31, 2020, Samuels pleaded guilty to seven counts of a federal indictment, including one count of conspiracy to make false statements during the purchase of firearms, one count of engaging in the business of dealing firearms without a license, four counts of selling firearms and ammunition to persons prohibited by law from possessing them, and one count of possessing an unregistered firearm. Samuels has been in federal custody without bond since his arrest on Oct. 4, 2018.

Samuels admitted that he purchased 77 firearms from November 2013 to August 2018. Of those 77 firearms, 57 were Jimenez pistols. Samuels transferred 47 of those 77 firearms to third parties (including 43 Jimenez pistols). During this time, Samuels was not a licensed dealer of firearms.

Samuels also admitted that 10 to 20 of those firearms were sold to persons who were forbidden by law from possessing them. Samuels bought the firearms at a low price and sold them for a $40 to $50 profit.

Samuels conspired with others to make false statements to federally licensed firearms dealers by misrepresenting the identity of the actual buyer of firearms. Samuels purchased firearms then transferred ownership to another person, who later reported the firearms had been stolen.

Samuels was arrested on Oct. 4, 2018, following an undercover operation in which he sold an Armscor of the Philippines .38-caliber revolver to a confidential informant whom he knew to be a felon. Law enforcement officers executed a search warrant at Samuels’s residence the same day and seized 28 firearms (including 22 handguns, five rifles and one shotgun). Among the firearms seized was a Glock .40-caliber pistol with a TAC Isran GLR 440 stock installed, which was not registered to Samuels, and a Colt .45-caliber pistol, which had been reported stolen. In addition to the firearms, officers seized approximately 12,000 rounds of assorted ammunition, as well as firearm parts and accessories.

The Oct. 4, 2018, transaction is one of four instances cited in Samuels’s plea agreement in which the same confidential informant, whom Samuels knew was a felon and thus prohibited from possessing firearms and ammunition, purchased a firearm and ammunition from Samuels. In each of those four instances, Samuels accompanied the confidential informant and an undercover federal agent to a licensed firearms dealer, where the undercover agent completed the paperwork for the straw purchase of the firearm on behalf of the confidential informant. In each instance, the straw purchase was at the direction of Samuels.

This case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Brad K. Kavanaugh. It was investigated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Kansas City, Mo., Police Department.

Project Safe Neighborhoods

The U.S. Attorney’s Office is partnering with federal, state, and local law enforcement to specifically identify criminals responsible for significant violent crime in the Western District of Missouri. A centerpiece of this effort is Project Safe Neighborhoods, a program that brings together all levels of law enforcement to reduce violent crime and make neighborhoods safer for everyone.


Developing . . .


The pandemic is forcing middle-class patrons to be more practical with their donation dollars. And so, whilst nearly EVERY denizen of the local creative-class has their hand out . . . There's simply not enough money to go around.

Read more . . .

As COVID-19 Pandemic Drags On, Donors Scale Back Support For Kansas City Arts Organizations

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic is taking a financial and emotional toll on the arts in Kansas City and elsewhere. "In some cases, some of our donors have made, I think, a very conscientious and very conscious decision to allocate resources over to frontline workers and other parts of our community who are dealing with this pandemic," Kansas City Ballet executive director Jeff Bentley said.

Say Farewell To Shawnee Mission Indians

There is now "momentum" to replace the newly controversial moniker after 99 years. Sadly, this upsets a great many suburbanites living in the past along with poor souls fans of mediocre youth sports.

Read more . . .

A century of tradition: Shawnee Mission North Indians may be thing of the past

by: Heidi Schmidt Posted: / Updated: OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The Shawnee Mission Board of Education will vote Monday night whether or not to retire a district mascot. According to the meeting's agenda, it's recommended that the board determines the mascots "Indians" and "Braves" fail to comply with Policy ACA.

KCK Fire Honcho Earns 'No Confidence' Vote

Backlash against this local fire dude continues to smolder for a lot of reasons that are mostly off record. Here's local news doing their very best to break the silence or at least get people talking.

Check-it . . .

KCK firefighters union votes 'no confidence' in Chief Callahan

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The union representing Kansas City, Kansas, firefighters unanimously voted "no confidence" in KCK Fire Chief Michael Callahan last week.


An altercation amid the AFC Championship victory now threatens to overshadow a return trip to the Super Bowl for the Kansas City Chiefs. 

To wit . . .


For those who don't know, Trey Songz is an award-winning, top selling and internationally acclaimed American singer, songwriter, rapper, and actor.

Interestingly . . . 


Watch the clip and listen to a "Karen" in the background pleading with the police to 'get off' of the celeb. Another fan repeatedly exclaims 'he didn't do anything wrong!' whilst only a single-voice of reason warns the entertainer 'don't do it Trey' during the tussle.

We woulda missed this one if it wasn't sent by one of THE MOST KICK-ASS TKC READERS, here's the first & best report that offers a comprehensive review of the conflict whilst most local newsies are simply running promotional content for a team that continues to struggle defining their relationship with law enforcement . . .

TMZ: Trey Songz in Violent Altercation with Cop at Chiefs Game

Deets . . .

"A law enforcement source tells us Songz was arrested for trespassing, resisting arrest -- both misdemeanors -- and for assaulting a police officer ... a low grade felony. We're told he's on a 24-hour hold, and will likely be released tomorrow night."

Developing . . .


Actually, this move isn't really that exciting but demonstrates that partisan politics is much more captivating for power players than working on any of the challenges which threaten to drag this nation into the pandemic abyss.

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Hawley calls for ethics investigation into Dems who filed complaint against him

Sen. Josh Hawley in two letters sent Monday slammed the Democrat senators who filed an ethics complaint against him and Sen. Ted Cruz over their Electoral College objections on Jan. 6 and continued to defend his decision to object to electoral votes during the joint session to certify President Biden's Nov.

Former Hipster Pundit Demands Name Change For Victorious Kansas City Chiefs

Quick fact check for a local pundit on her high horse this morning.

Back when CJ ran The Pitch it was the whitest publication in town and pretty much ignored every "diverse" community in Kansas City.

Now, that times have changed and progressives realize that can't win elections without co-opting people of color . . . Apparently, CJ is now a champion for minority communities.

Her latest screed starts by admitting she's about 15 years late to this story as she "white knights" in order to play party-pooper on behalf of a Democratic Party blog that begs for 50-buck-per-month donations from readers in order to power their next losing candidate.

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What if we listened to the people who've spent 15 years protesting the Kansas City NFL team's name | Kansas Reflector

We're not going to debate whether Kansas City's NFL team should change its name. It should. What we're going to do, as the team and its fans celebrate their second trip to the Super Bowl in as many years, is spend a couple of minutes listening to the people who've been peacefully protesting before games near an entrance to Arrowhead Stadium since long before the team was a contender for anything.

Kansas City Chiefs AFC Championship Victory Street Takeover Sideshow Busted

Given that COVID has turned downtown Kansas City into a wasteland, a street "sideshow" takeover was easily established near Union Station on Main street following the Chiefs victory last night.

In a public video, a citizen journalist offers a glimpse at seyz:

Straight People always be doin just the absolute worst 🙄

He's probably correct. 

Later the cops broke up the disturbance because it likely awakened a few hobos sleeping in the park nearby.

For what it's worth, this is the the apex of the new streetcar extension - A mode of transit which contends that people don't like cars anymore . . . Strangely, that premise seems counterintuitive given this late night celebration.

Meanwhile, there weren't any busts reported in a longstanding effort to push "sideshow" gatherings away from downtown as these impromptu drag racing takeovers have attracted bigger crowds during COVID crackdowns.

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Kansas City Bar Biz Suffers Devastating Losses Despite Chiefs Super Bowl Redux

An EXCEPTIONAL report hopes to better inform our progressive pals about the consequences of pandemic lockdowns and continued economic devastation mostly at the hands of the mayor and the health department director.

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Despite Chiefs Win, It's A Tale Of Two Seasons For Kansas City Bars Due To The Coronavirus

Peanut on Main is a mainstay in the Kansas City bar scene, and thanks to its popular buffalo wings, one might expect the joint to be packed during playoff football - especially with the Chiefs playing the Buffalo Bills in Sunday's AFC Championship Game. Alas.

Local Bankers Fear Worthless Paper Money

The economic concerns of execs and money managers are worth consideration every time pundits and newsies celebrate more "free money" that keeps flowing from the new administration.

Accordingly, some very smart people in the Kansas City metro share worries about future of the currency whilst we all might benefit from realizing the paper money is really nothing more than a promise.

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January Rural Mainstreet Index ticks up in Mo. and Kan., bankers concerned about inflation in 2021

The overall index rose to its second highest reading since before COVID-19 in the 10-state region, Missouri's rising to a regional high. A monthly survey of bank CEOs revealed their concerns in 2021 center around excessive inflation and higher long-term interest rates. The Creighton University Rural Mainstreet Index (RMI) climbed above growth neutral across the 10-state region.

Desperate Kansas City Restaurants Offer Patrons Freezing Patios Amid COVID Winter

Pricey restaurants and beleaguered wait staff want customers to enjoy all the benefits of camping in the cold along with higher prices.

Check the options that aren't nearly as good as cheap and easy drive-thru fare . . . Read more:

These Kansas City bars and restaurants are offering heated patio seating this winter

It's getting colder in Kansas City, which is putting even more pressure on bars and restaurants as coronavirus numbers continue to rise. Many of our favorite spots are working to give guests a little bit of warmth while keeping them safer outside.