KC Voters Tout MIRACLE CURE For 'Concrete Cancer' At The K

Amid the rhetoric exchanged amid the upcoming Stadium Tax Vote . . . Beloved Kansas City Royals Kauffman Stadium endured a terminal "concrete cancer" diagnosis.

However . . .


Brief aside . . .

The "concrete cancer" diagnosis was so repellent to many Kansas City voters that the team stepped away from the terminology late in the campaign. Yet, given that so many metro denizens have lost loved ones to cancer . . . It's bittersweet that baseball fans were quick to try and find Internets info on alternative "healing" for a beloved building that's doomed no matter how this vote turns out. It seems that one thing that so many of us have in common is hope in the face of overwhelming odds with the not-so-secret knowledge that our most desperate prayers for the survival of loved ones will ultimately, inevitably go unanswered. 

Again . . . If you're able . . . Go and hug your grandma. 

Also, consider including more broccoli in your diet.

But I digress . .  .

Check "the science" that still might not convince the front office that just doesn't want to play there anymore . . . As demolition contracts are already being negotiated:

The BioFibers demonstrate three key capabilities: a self-repairing mechanism, control over widening fractures, and effective damage response.

The authors made comparisons to human tissue’s inherent self-healing characteristics, noting that BioFibers imitate this concept by employing bacteria to generate damage-responsive living self-healing concrete.

It comprises several components, notably a core fiber surrounded by a hydrogel sheath containing inactive bacterial spores called endospores. These bacterial spores can easily withstand extreme conditions. A thin polymeric-based outer shell protects the whole hydrogel layer.

While BioFiber concrete functions like conventional concrete in everyday use, its unique capability becomes apparent when cracks appear.

“When a crack forms in the concrete and ruptures the BioFiber, water penetrates and causes the hydrogel to swell and the bacteria to produce calcium carbonate, which seals the crack, healing the damage in the concrete,” explained the official release.

Interestingly, BioFiber concrete is capable of repairing cracks in as little as a day or two.

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Study: Inactive bacteria powers self-healing concrete to repair cracks

Researchers have created a novel concrete technology called BioFiber that leverages the power of some dormant microbes.

Bacterial 'blood' could heal cracks in concrete

A damage-activated polymer layer may help extend concrete's relatively short lifespan.

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