Tony's Kansas City August 2nd Primary Postscript: Winners & Losers

The dust has settled and now our blog community must consider the implication of this historic vote.

We want to leave plenty of space and time for blog community comments so we'll hurry up and get to the basics . . . 

The overriding theme . . . 

Democracy still works for those of the cash. 

Allow us to explain . . .

The Winners

The Establishment GOP Reestablishes Themselves

In Missouri AG Eric Schmitt didn't need MAGA to pull ahead in the silliest Republican primary we've seen in quite some time. 

Sure . . . Kris Kobach & Mark Alford have flirted with the MAGA base but they're on the periphery of their party . . . More than anything we noticed Republicans acting like Republicans again . . . Which is a strangely comforting sign.

Freedom, Inc. Inspires Historic Courthouse Shift

We covered most of this last night but the basics are clear . . . Freedom is the last great old school political organization in Kansas City and their effectiveness was impressive last night. 

Newbie protest groups haven't proven any staying power . . . And both the Citizens Association and the County Committee for Progress have faded.

Meanwhile . . . 

Freedom is changing the demographics of local politics in a way KCMO hasn't seen in our history.

Big Money Donors & Special Interests Rule Our Politics

Nothing gets accomplished without BIG MONEY in statewide & local politics. This is an obvious fact but readers would be surprised how often people forget this truism and fail to realize that corporate donors, fabulously wealthy people, unions and PACs really run this process . . . The rest of us just watch from the sidelines. 

The Losers

Show-Me Effort To Forget Greitens

More than any other candidate last night . . . The former Guv was wholeheartedly REJECTED by the Missouri electorate. 

His campaign was desperate, angry and just a bit sad. The opposition against him was ruthless and unafraid to put his sordid personal life front & center. 

Still . . . The end result was a stunning defeat AND widespread relief at the rejection.

Politically Motivated Catholics Shunned

Holy mother church proves an effective foil and their pedantic leadership mostly serves to inspire more acrimony.

Thank Heaven . . . American Catholics are horrible at politics and last night offered evidence of their election incompetence despite the prayers of the faithful.

Kansas City Demands Submission From Upstart Campaigners

We don't take any pleasure in noting this but it's a reality that this cowtown needs to confront . . .

Kansas City is typically hostile to political newcomers.

Justice Horn found this out the hard way and his friend 4th District Council Contend Crissy Dastrup confronted an equally hard time after all of her political picks faltered

An insider asks: "Does Crissy Want to be a political boss or a candidate?"

It's a relevant question and also speaks to the fact that voters in this town demand that new faces on the political scene prove themselves over the course of years if not decades . . . It's a lot to ask but remains a part of this cowtown's provincial politics. 

And so . . .

We invite our readers to share election insights, smart-ass remarks and other perspectives as we slouch toward Midterms.

You decide . . .