Black Panther Party Declares Racial 'Crisis' In Kansas City Schools!!!

Activists with a controversial reputation for armed protest earned the Kansas City media spotlight today . . .

"More than 50 people gathered at the town hall meeting at Equal Minded Cafe to discuss the recent racist incidents taking place at Kansas City area schools."

Most TV news skipped the event but the newspaper and public radio were on the scene to highlight the dramatic conversation. 

We suspect that the event was partly a bit of performance art follow-up for today's CNN story on this very same topic. 

Progressive news organizations downplayed the racially charged tenor of the meetup and instead focused on social justice outcry. 

Whilst this new faction of "Black Panthers" aren't affiliated with the original activist organization . . . Over course of the pandemic and following the killing of George Floyd, the group has garnered local media attention and headlines for strident protests that often include incendiary rhetoric, guns, replica guns and unloaded guns paraded through local streets and sometimes at the homes of elected officials

Accordingly . . .

Of course we support everyone's 2nd Amendment rights but we're uncertain if a group which has garnered notoriety for toting guns on local streets and espousing extremist ideology has a place in a serious conversation about public education. 

Luckily, the chat didn't really seem that serious and mostly resembled a group therapy session — Which has value and is often cathartic but, thankfully, doesn't impact public policy.

Check even more deets . . . 

The meeting, organized by the Kansas City Defender, the Revolutionary Black Panther Party of Kansas City and the Black Futures Coalition, was called following a student walkout at Raytown South High School and three other school districts launching investigations into racist incidents.

“Young, Black students should not have to experience terrorism, should not have to experience threats,” said Ryan X, editor of the Kansas City Defender, who called this "a moment of crisis."

“We don't have time for Black children's futures to be at stake, to be lost anymore.”

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Activists say Kansas City is in 'a moment of crisis' after racist incidents at local schools

A string of racist incidents hitting area schools in recent weeks has placed Kansas City in "a moment of crisis," Black leaders, students and their parents said at an emergency town hall Saturday.