Slavery Petition & Racial Drama Spark CNN Exposé Of Kansas City Metro Public Education

MSM now targets the NEXTGEN, parents, teachers and school board trolling Karens for public scorn.

CNN offers a glimpse at the crisis and response to controversial social media trolling that sent locals into a frenzy . . .

District leaders condemned the petition and Jeanette Cowherd, Park Hill's superintendent, released a video message . . .

"Going forward, we have two options. We can react, or we can respond. We are choosing to respond, to create a long-term solution that best meets the needs of our students, our staff our families and our community."

Part of that response is the district's search for an expert adviser on race and inclusion. Yet many White parents across the US have pushed back against these efforts and conflated it with the debate over what critical race theory is and isn't.

Park Hill is no different. 

At a recent school board meeting, Sally Roller echoed an opinion that many White parents share.

"I would like to address critical race theory, sometimes called culturally responsive teaching. History is what it is, whether we like it or not, and should not be rewritten," she said. "I fear this would cause more division and racism by causing others to be seen by skin color rather than the other individual personal qualities of the person."

Critical race theory is not taught in the K-12 curriculum.

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A slavery petition was the latest racist incident at this school. Parents and lawmakers are fed up

In schools across the US, while some White parents are telling school officials that lessons about race make White students feel bad, racist incidents are increasing, says one Kansas lawmaker.