Kansas City Streetcar Main Street Tax Bill FAIL EXPOSED!!!

This is as good of a place as any to start Kansas City Monday. 

Here's the word . . .


More to the point . . .

Hundreds of homeowners are getting tax bills outside of district lines and so far the despicable TDD hasn't been communicating their tax messaging effectively and their supporters are stonewalling angry KC residents. 

But it gets worse because residents tricked into casting rigged and gerrymandered mail-in ballots clearly didn't read the fine print. 


This isn't just a worthless blogger opinion . . .

Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway . . . Is a Democrat who found out too late in life that she didn't have the charisma for higher office . . .But before that she wrote a scathing report on Missouri TDDs and called their practices that were deemed "outrageous" as she detailed the scary way they basically make up the rules as they go along.

Already we've been privy to so many residents attempting to decipher the Main Street TDD map like Indiana Jones looking for buried treasure. 

Real talk . . . The adults in the room ALREADY KNEW that the toy train was a bait & switch swindle whilst hype men, assorted lawyers and creeps sold this dream with the help of real estate speculators. 

Now the bill is coming due and it's more expensive than residents imagined.

So far the price tag is at least a few hundred for average homeowners . . . Annually . . . And the bills are thrown out more casually than lube and breath mints at a swingers party. 

Still . . . 

TKC is all about hope. 

And the glimmer of good news we're offering readers this morning is that optimists and very nice people contend than many residents won't have to pay this HORRIFIC bill . . . Some say the Main Street TDD will gently walk back this bill with the help of the newspaper that won't call them out on their disgusting mistake that had a few old ladies inside the district budgeting for dog food and salsa in order to make tax time more economical and palatable. 

However, the Grateful Dead taught us that with every silver lining comes a touch of grey

And what this episode has taught is that the taxing power of the toy train streetcar is capable of breaking local budgets and imposing hefty levies without much public notice, checks or balances. 

Elections have consequences . . . And rigged mail-in votes are even more insidious than most.

Meanwhile, Main Street is an obstacle course nightmare that's even more dangerous in some sections now that the traffic mess has the criminal class camping in more "comfortable" spots.

Sadly, COVID closed down the only decent coke bar with good music. Now only jungle drums and the greasy salsa music of my cousins provide the soundtrack for this dystopian stretch of land on track to become one of the worst real estate nightmares in Kansas City history.    

Then again, TKC might just be in a bad mood. 

Main Street might be the next hipster paradise won at the cost of so many deadly hate crimes which targeted newbies.

Currently, the reality of the Kansas City Main Street corridor is that pedestrians and friendly travelers must be on guard at all times and even have to be scared of the white people walking around at night.  

Still things change and always keep changing . . .

Very much like public "excitement" over increasingly pricey streetcar transit . . . Which is now starting to fade.

Developing . . .