The complaints of Kansas City voters resonate across the State as this Democratic Party lady identifies a Kansas City ballot question currently underway very much like the first streetcar secret vote that was described as the "most corrupt election since the Pedergast era" by local power players.


STL Public Radio: Missouri State Auditor calls for overhaul of Transportation Development District laws


"Outrageous. That’s the word Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway used over and over to describe her office’s findings after an audit into the state’s 205 Transportation Development Districts. “The average citizen is getting taken advantage of here,” Galloway said Monday at a press conference to release the report . “It’s outrageous that there’s almost $1 billion in project costs that taxpayers are on the hook for. They don’t know about it and they didn’t vote for it.” Galloway, a Democrat, is calling on legislators to overhaul state law regarding Transportation Development Districts or TDDs. The Missouri General Assembly first passed a law in 1990 to allow the creation of the districts, which can charge sales taxes for the construction or maintenance of transportation projects . . ."

Read the article in its entirety . . .

Meanwhile, most of the media is complicit in keeping the current streetcar vote a secret.

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  1. Another KC Scam.

  2. Whoa! Hey, a real story affecting KC. Topical and important. Hey have you guys seen any Star reporters on this?

    Oh. OK. Well when they're done servicing Mayor Bullhorn let them know!

  3. Damn! Thank you Nicole Galloway, whoever you are. Is someone finally going to reign in Sly and the gang or is this a belated April Fool's joke.

  4. Fag hag Johnson said everything was above board. Hmmmm. I guess when a man takes it up the hiney, everything else seems above board.

  5. Earlier today, TKC posted a Politico story questioning trolley ballots in other cities.
    Specifically, voters approved a tax to pay for it--but were NOT told there were additional $100 million plus charges to relocate utilities.

    Nicolle Gallaway, Mo. Autitor, please look into this.

    Also--why is this TDD for the Toy train/trolley extension/monorail/White People's Train, an opt-in just to be allowed to receive a mail-in ballot? Where the voter must prove, to the election board, that the voter is registered, even tho the application goes to the election board, which is the only arbiter, and knows, per their records, IF the person is indeed registered.

    And if there is a mistake in the application, the judge, who should not be returned to office, did NOT order that ehe KCMO election board contact the applicant and coach them how to correct their application. Just don't send them a ballot, and by the time they realize their error, it will be too late to "reapply" aka correct their faulty application for a mailin ballot.

    In other words, only the supersmart and highly motivated residents who are highly likely to vote YES are even allowed to vote.

    This is clearly a case of voter suppression! If this were the 1960's, and the election board was pulling this kind of crap, the jump-thru-unreasonable-hoops--on black voters, it would be illegal.

    Why isn't the election board just sending out the ballots to ALL registered voters in the special rigged district, eg 300 yards on either side of the proposed tracks???

    I've never heard of such.

  6. Sisyphus Says4/10/17, 8:31 PM

    I hear the hill is too steep, at 45th and Main, for the "little train that could NOT" to make it up the hill.

    which would be a real bummer for the armed hoodrats at the Nichols Fountain, wanting to flee, back to Power and Light District, after they've shot another prom couple or three. The hoodrats don't have credit cards, so they can't pull a Plan B and call an Uber. Can you just imagine, them behind a stalled Toy Train, trying to push their buddies up the hill?

    1. Yes, the same exact problem the it had nearly 100 years ago. They have not solved this problem in a 100 years. That should tell you something. Anybody who's done any research on Union station and the trolly tracks knows this.

  7. Silverback Sly4/10/17, 8:32 PM

    I hate it when Tracy Thomas is right.

  8. ^^^ We can only hope.

  9. We've been requesting TDD reform since 2013, and it sounds like someone is listening. Folks should write their state legislator and state senator to let them know we support reform of these laws that allow for legal gerrymandering, voter suppression, taxation without representation, third party collection and management of public funds, and a host of other questionable practices.


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