Kansas City Confronts Flooding Risk As We Remember Royals Fountain Lady

Of all of the Kansas City celebrities we've blogged, the Royals fountain lady ranks among our favorites because of her sense of fun & whimsy preceded World Series marketing hype.  

In the media onslaught she reminded folks that she wasn't a bad person, just somebody who had a bad idea whilst enjoying one too many beverages.

The old school caption contest regarding her antics on the TKC blog was one of my favorites if only because it didn't include outright hate speech . . . Just a bunch tragic misogynistic chatter from dudes who would NEVER have a shot with such a remarkable beauty who remains a part of Kansas City history.

We only remember her story today because this week of rain brings the risk of flooding as Kansas City streets are already awash in in sewer overflow backup. And there is a forecast for more rain on the way.

Developing . . .