Wednesday, August 12, 2020


One of the biggest financial decisions impacting Kansas City is under consideration at City Hall tomorrow and local news is keeping everyone stupid about the inside baseball struggle to win 80 MILLION BUCKS!!!

The bids are due tomorrow and we won't bore the plebs by rehashing the deets. However, this controversy has already sparked a bitter dispute among council members along with allegations of not only racism but also bid rigging and corruption from "many sides" of this conversation.

One thing we know for sure . . .


Airlines are on the record warning that political debate thwarts their progress.

Accordingly an in fairness . . .

Our blog community was FIRST in documenting arguments from union and urban leaders.

Now, here's a last minute plea by an airport construction company which offers their perspective and a hint of more fighting to come . . . 

E-mail Forwarded To KCMO Council Before Airport Vote

Thank you for taking the time to read this brief email. Myself, and the ESCO Construction family, would be grateful for your voting support in opposition to resolution 200602. Below are a few key points that I feel all voting members should be educated on:

1. As this is a re-bid, ESCO’s participation in the re-bid made 7A a competitive bidding environment. We ask that you understand how this changed Ideker’s price and M/WBE participation from the original bid.

2 . Has the council viewed our technical proposal in which CWC made their recommendation?

3. ESCO brought value to KCI by being the low bidder.

4. ESCO is using local union labor and local subcontractors and suppliers.

5. ESCO exceeded the M/WBE goal for the project. ESCO included more M/WBE than our competition, on both of their bidding attempts. We have continued our pursuit to include more than our 7 MBE’s even after bid submission.

6. CWC conducted a best and final offer process already. Our price and our M/WBE participation was adjusted since submission of our original bid. Our competitors had the same opportunity.

To date, ESCO has invested over $100,000.00 in this pursuit. This is a big deal to us. We followed the rules set forth by CWC, we were low bidder with more M/WBE participation, and we are struggling to understand why our firm has been put in this situation after so much cooperative effort. At this point, our pricing, proposal, M/WBE figures, and other proprietary information has been made public, to our competition as well, and a Best and Final Offer process is no longer privileged and confidential.

If the Council passes this resolution, it will diminish the competitive bidding process and will negatively impact the future of KCI bidding. This is not the right solution.

Devleoping . . .


Anonymous said...

And this is how the new airport went bankrupt.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

So sick of this why don't you just leave KCI alone and deal with the one terminal left. City Hall has bigger fish to fry right now and they can't even handle that how are they going to handle KCI. Should have left things alone. Besides isn't there this big huge virus to worry about seems like they want everything closed or open at 50% and they are arguing over KCI? Worry about who's going to be here to use it.

Cgc said...

If the mayor & council don't get this right, the airport disaster could ruin Kansas City. We're talking about 1 billion dollars at risk over all.

Think about it!

Anonymous said...

We needed a new airport like we needed another Democratic mayor.

Bandit said...

NEWSFLASH: Kansas Shitty is already ruined. They are just debating on how much further to destroy it.

But hey! Enjoy those street murals ya hear?

Anonymous said...

Democrat greedy union slobs and minority quota scammers screwing over the K C taxpayers.

The Ayatollah said...

Bidding contractors better show up wearing traditional African garb.

Bandit said...

It is very telling how freely Democrats are with other people's money but yet are so niggardly with their own 10:41. That is especially true when it comes to paying their taxes or charitable contributions.

Watch Boomer Hater's head explode while he screams, "RACIST!" when that particular N-word has nothing to do with race and was, in fact, used properly in a sentence. We all know how he gets with the grammar Nazi routine. :D

Just so he doesn't have to bother looking it up:
not generous; stingy.
"serving out the rations with a niggardly hand"
in a stingy or meager manner.

English to libtard translation: Cheap bastard

Anonymous said...

And THIS is how KC went bankrupt.

Kim Jong Un said...

And local control over the Police is a good us.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, another late night with nothing cooking Bandit? Why do you get up every day? Clearly you have nothing or nobody else. Why do you go on?

Bandit said...

*notes Karen 7:26 stalker behavior*

Anonymous said...

This just shows how corrupt this process has been. Hope the Contractor that wrote the letter, and had low bid, prevails in their pursuit despite having to wade through the political BS that is our City Council.

Anonymous said...

I hope the city realizes the value of our minority and women contractors and they prevail.

jonsaf said...

supporting women and minorities!