Sunday, January 26, 2020


The newspaper isn't going to be around in 10 years . . . That's okay because many reading this blog won't make it that far either . . . But few of us attempt to claim the moral high-ground amid the eternal struggle to make a buck.

And so let's offer a quick recap of yet another costly Kansas City issue because some of our favorite commenters have been debating this one behind the scenes . . .

We broke news on the KCFD sales tax more than a week ago and started the local conversation.

It took half a week for the newspaper to catch up and rehash our FIRST NEWS deets.

Before any other local media outlet in town we revealed insider scoop on opposition from KCPD supporters.

And then Friday we were first to call out Mayor Quinton Lucas because he was ABSENT on the vote.

This isn't just the work of a basement blogger . . . SPECIAL THANKS TO A VAST NETWORK OF KANSAS CITY INSIDERS sending us info and keeping us far ahead of pricey private dead-tree media options hiding in an ivory tower guarded by a paywall.

Still, everybody has a purpose and even newspaper pundits help CONFIRM TKC FIRST DEETS with a snoozy editorial rounup of TKC FIRST reporting . . . About the police tax proposal:


City Council, conveniently minus Mayor Quinton Lucas, approved a quarter-cent sales tax for the April 7 ballot (the election itself will cost taxpayers $600,000). The funds from the tax, $315 million over 15 years, would go toward operating and equipping the city’s fire department.

About KCPD pushback we talked FIRST:

"Kansas City Councilwoman Teresa Loar tried adding another quarter-cent sales tax to the April ballot — this one for the police department. The cops, she argued, have needs that are just as important as the firefighters’."

And so, like everything else in the Sunday paper . . . This is old news now and nothing more than bloggy leftovers reheated for Sunday.

Moreover . . .

For about a year we're talked about Council lady Katy Shields as the REAL Mayor of Kansas City but newspaper dudes think this is come kind of a revelation.

Also, it's a longstanding fact that public safety eats up the budget but KC resident must wait for more cops on the street and constantly tardy emergency services.

OF COURSE we welcome all discussion of these fun facts even if they are AFTER TKC FIRST NEWS . . . We simply work to note that myth about news or "truth" dying without dead-tree media is nothing but a sales pitch.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

I would subscribe to the newspaper but they never deliver on time.

Thanks T.

Anonymous said...

^^I care very deeply. So, speak for yeast-ridden, herpetic, crab-infested cunt.

chuck said...

Tony's "Truth To Power" KC.

Retro ROCKER said...

Seventy percent of the Metro is one paycheck from disaster. And the other thirty percent is holding on to there money. Yes the Star is toast. I