Friday, May 02, 2014


This was an exceptionally busy Kansas City news week as this town preps for warmer weather and plays for better position.

Now . . .


Here we go:

Mayor Sly & Co. Dominated The Week With A Strong Anti-Gun Push Against Missouri Nullification

Insiders argue that the Mayor & Co didn't accomplish much with his Jeff City visit this week but he did win a great deal of coverage and interest from opponents of Missouri nullification of Fed gun laws.

Super-Lawyer Lynne Bratcher Fought For A Firefighter As She Held KCMO Accountable For Discriminatory Practices And Retaliation This Week

Time and time again, KCMO is taken to task because of outdated workplace practices. This week, Kansas City's best lawyer Lynn Bratcher fought AND WON her defense of the rights of a local firefighter.

Show-Me The New Change Agents In Missouri

Earlier today we highlighted the impressive work of Eapen And Toni in their struggle to change the local status quo.

Dr. Ernest Evans Presented A Strong Analysis Of Lower Homicide Numbers That, Hopefully, Will Hold Up

For the moment, the murder count is lower in Kansas City and Dr. Ernest Evans offers a bit of statistical evidence into what might be the underlying cause. Dr. Evans makes a strong case that community support of police has a positive outcome.

Bill George Stays Winning Against The Internets This Week

After the dust settled it was Kansas City Yellow Cab Transit Dude Bill George who held the upper hand against his competition once again. Some say that he has a monopoly but with a series of challenges to the Lyft ride-sharing service, he kept his company competitive with an unparalleled and masterful knowledge of the nearly indecipherable municipal code.

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


Anonymous said...

I wonder of Uber is going to be better organized? I wonder if we will get a challenger to Sly?

chuck said...

We should all feel better about things now.

The mayor's self aggrandizing grandstanding in Jeff City designed to hypnotize the fuckin chickens and force the facist media to fawn over the liberal agenda should have us all puking in our fuckin crotches.

Lynn Bratcher T Rexes the taxpayers up the ass again over bullshit "Rayciss" charges.

Dr. Evans wants us to celebrate the fact that criminals are killing each other less, giving them opportunities to kill every one else.

And Bill George gets richer.

Fuck yeah!

How bout a reach around?

Anonymous said...

Eapen Lizards Batman!
Who stole the bong?

Really now Tony, these two only get a "power" ranking for their collective stench.

RJ said...

Agree with some of this list. We have to stop being so negative in KCMO and support some of the positive changes that are happening.

power play with deez nutz said...

If by "Power Player " you mean a whiskey tango chick who thinks she is the white Angela Davis, then yes T Bone is a power player. Nothing says upward mobility and influence like an Arboretum made out of old Goodyears and bright paint. Hopefully she will start getting paid for her activism, then she can afford a pair of gloves that have fingers instead of stumps.

Agrippa said...

I agree with most of that but I still think she's cute.

Anonymous said...

The D-List "celebrities of KCMO!
Cowtown World Class.

Anonymous said...

Byron likes Lynn, Lynn likes Byron and they both share the common bonding of fucking the taxpayers out of their money.

Both feel very good at night knowing they are the taint of good and bad.

If you are so good at what you do Lynn when are you going to represent someone from the white race who has been the victim of racists remarks or actions from blacks?

Anonymous said...

The Conservative Republicans have abandoned the cities for a generation.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone say "Mob-STAR" Bill George gets what he wants, and thats cool, but I think he should tell us where Hoffa is!

BTW his "father" owns Bill Georges Olathe Kia, but I am sure they have a ton of used wiped down Lincolns if you are interested.

And for those of you retards that support smelly yellow cab, 10/10 taxi, share a fare, supper shuttle (which is the short bus for tightwads) Carey transportation (which is the non late model high mileage Lincoln town cars that still have shreds of plastic in the trunk from the last "wack" job to the desert they did when a mustache rouge company came to town.

While permits and leverage, and corruption may be the topic of Bill George Jr., and his transportation monopoly empire, its you fucks that use the services that keep it going. Permits dont mean shit if the company that monopilizes it can't make a profit. Think about that next time you take one of BG'S cabs to the airport or home from Power and light with the driver who doesnt even speak our language.

Anonymous said...

Super-Lawyer Lynne Bratcher has the right idea, as far as MAST especially Its apparent if one department joins another than why not all apartments as one? Police included its only fair. I was informed that the firefighter's and Ambulance (EMT's) were promised a lot, and it was paused. It goes to show even if John Sharp might o had felt higher salary's or less money on kc's spending that even after MAST got past establishment's were only made to select few, hush money?. Even if it is still to late I still say today vote NO to MAST, imagine your dream is to be a firefighter, and then one day out of no where you have to be a E.M.T to, that be like making a cop be a firefighter, just so the city can cutback on its money. ITS CRAP, I say go back and fix it, ITS just not a duet its two totally different department's!!

Anonymous said...

FYI- saturday is 'teacher appreciation day' at the zoo so be aware. Any teacher gets in with their teacher ID and gets to bring in up to 3 guests.

Anonymous said...


yeah fuck that guy, plus Im awesome at drunk driving.

Anonymous said...

If that's the KC Power Ranking for

this week, one easily understands

why Killa City sucks the big one.

Chuck, let me cover your omission. I agree with your post totally. The omission of Toni Bones was glaring. Are you in competition with Frito for her favor? I jest.

No, if this is the POWER in the

Killa, we are totally fucked and

I am thankful to be at the zoo.

At least we only have free negro

day a couple of times a year, and

after the primates rebelled a

couple of weeks ago, hopefully

Randy got the memo.

Anonymous said...

2:43 you are wacked in the head. Many and I mean many fire departments started making their firefighters be EMT's as well starting way back in the mid seventies. In fact you brain dead stupid fuck in todays world if trying to get hired on a department already being an EMT will probably get you hired over someone who isn't one.