Kansas City Northland Fights Building Code Environmental Activism Amid Housing Crisis

For months our blog community has called out VERY CLEAR CUT DATA revealing a clear cut drop in home building despite increased demand.

Local builders have been crystal clear:  More restrictive building codes crafted with help from environmental activists make it impossible for them to make a profit.

Now . . .

With dire need for more housing confronting KCMO, the council reconsiders the skyfall power move.

Here's a peek . . .

Sponsored by Councilman Wes Rogers, Ordinance 240434 creates a new path for developers to comply with the green building codes instituted last year as part of the city’s Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan. The new compliance option would be less stringent than the requirements in place now, drawing opposition from environmental groups.

Proponents of the measure say that it will encourage developers to build new homes in Kansas City amid an ongoing affordable housing crisis and what they describe as a steep decline in new residential construction. Opponents say the ordinance prioritizes developer profits over the climate resilience goals the city has committed to supporting.

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Are new green building codes hurting KC's housing stock? Controversy brews over proposal

Supporters say adjusting recently adopted green building codes will encourage developers to build new homes in Kansas City. Critics say it prioritizes developer profits over climate resilience.