KCMO Permits Plummet Amid Housing Crisis: Builders Blame New Environmental Regs

This bit of info has been out there for a minute but right now we're pulling a quote with even more perceptive on how Mayor Q and his Council majority have WORSENED THE LOCAL HOUSING CRISIS with restrictive policy that discourages more affordable new homes.


Will Ruder, executive vice president of the Kansas City Homebuilders Association of Greater Kansas City, attributed the decrease in permits to Kansas City's implementation of new energy efficiency standards.

“It’s important to note that since Kansas City, Mo., began requiring the use of the 2021 IECC energy code in September, not one single-family housing permit has been issued under the new code even though more than 80 applications have been submitted,” Ruder said in a release. “Any permits currently being issued are pre-September 29, when the code went into effect, so they are still under the previous code.”

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