Kansas City Chiefs Fans CONCERNED Amid San Antonio-Austin Push For NFL Football

This weekend KMBC files an EXCELLENT report on the fate of the Chiefs that speaks to some of the very same things our blog community considered last month in a post that earned a viral FB response.

Something to consider . . .

CEO Clark Hunt downplaying a potential central Texas move was BEFORE the NO VOTE. It was also before he changed his mind about a new stadium. 

Again . . . The population figures are the part of the story that should give locals pause:

"Census records show that the greater San Antonio-Austin area has 5.2 million people, with growth expected to reach 8 million by 2040.

"The Kansas City metro area has just under 2.4 million people."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Former San Antonio mayor discusses city's potential interest in bringing the Chiefs to Texas

Jackson County Legislator Manny Abarca says one reason he's been so aggressive in trying to reach new deals with both the Chiefs and Royals is his concern about Texas.