TKC Exclusive: Jackson County Question 1 CBA Sneak Peek!!!

For those who don't know or just like trolling for love of our 28-year-old Wayback Wednesday Jerry McGuire movie reference:

CBA stands for "community benefits agreement" and it's the only real incentive for locals to vote yes on the upcoming Jackson County Sales Tax Extension & Downtown Stadium Question 1 ballot. 

The CBA issue is make or break for the teams and everyone with an interest in passing the deal. 

Truth be told . . . 

In anticipation of the payout we've already seen "transit activists" back down from most of their criticism and a slew of other local leaders ready to switch teams . . . Again . . . Lulz. 

Anyhoo . . . As we noted previously . . .


Given that development will come at the cost of a couple of decent restaurants & LGBT bars . . . That's not too much to ask. 

Yes, the economics still don't "work" for our think tank friends but the CBA is a practical demonstration that more locals will get to line up the feeding trough funded by taxpayers . . . Sure, it's kinda like printing money on a smaller scale . . . Then again, we didn't notice the "conservative" Wall Street guys refusing their bailouts or any red state denizens giving back their pandemic stimulus check. Moreover,  NOBODY in Kansas City wants to listen to a debate on modern monetary theory that didn't help to keep Tucker Carlson on the air. 

Yes, there are very smart people who try to explain the economics of these deals to the plebs and history has shown us that they almost always LOSE when they aren't backed by other economic interests with the skill and cash to mobilize sympathetic voters.

And all of that is not to say that any of this is a done deal . . . TKC merely serves to explain HOW the arguments are going to be presented to the 20% of registered votes who will make this decision.

Accordingly . . . Here's the word from insiders shared with our blog community:

"So we are likely days away from a HUGE CBA announcement. The pressure of doomsday is literately driving the teams to turn up their contributions, conceding millions each round. We could see the largest CBA in the country, then Crossroads developments to make folks whole, a KCPS property tax offset, and a labor agreement."

From the looks of it . . . Question 1 supporters are quickly getting their "ducks in a row" as opposition is now mostly grassroots, still VERY feisty but lacking the resources to buy media and inspire voters outside of social media activism.

Developing . . .