Kansas & Missouri Authorize 'Semen Tree' Crackdown Against Stench

Prudish arborists seemingly dominate the discourse in their cynical move to prune the love of this pungent magesty. 

This edge against our pro-life tendencies even if we're just talking about foliage. 

Here at TKC we've been following this drama and discrimination against the EASILY RECOGNIZABLE SCENT for years.  

In fact . . . We've consistently advocated that the trees aren't "stinky" but instead NATURAL and remind us about the circle of life and that so many things related to our bodies are also found in nature. 

Instead . . . 

The puritanical American urge to heavily manicure local brush, brushes and even our senses seems to have won the day.

Check-it . . . 

"The trees, which flower early in the spring season and smell terrible, are an invasive species.

"Last month, Kansas Department of Agriculture Secretary Michael M. Beam, ordered a quarantine of Callery pear trees. As of Jan. 1, 2027, Callery pear plants will be prohibited from any movement into Kansas, as well as any movement within the state.

"On the other side of the state line, the Missouri Invasive Plant Council is partnering with several other organizations, including the Missouri Department of Conservation, for a Callery pear buyback program."

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Kansas, Missouri seek to phase out Callery pear trees, also known as Bradford pear trees

As the 2024 spring flowering season looms, officials are asking residents to start taking longer-term actions to help control the spread of invasive Callery and Bradford pear trees.