Kansas City Country Club Plaza Stays Losing Storefronts

There's a great deal of excitement over the Super Bowl and the faux romance of a pop diva that's slightly less ridiculous than Prez Biden rigging the big game against a former prime time TV host in order to reboot The Crusades thereby protecting shipping routes for all of the useless Chinese junk purchased by lonely American housewives. 

Clearly, Americans aren't having enough sex and for once we might all agree with "the science" on at least one sordid aspect of the discourse . . . Basically, that the "horizontal boogie" might help calm nerves going into 2020.

Closer to home . . . 


Here's a quick peek at the data that cowtown news hopes to downplay and replace with more hopeful stories about everybody selling Chiefs cookies in order to make a few extra bucks . . .

"The Plaza is starting the year with two more vacancies.

"The North Face, an outdoor and sporting goods retailer, has closed at 312 W. 47th St. It opened in late 2007.

"The North Face opened a store in Leawood's Town Center Plaza in late September.

"Moosejaw also recently closed at 439 W. 47th St. as part of a national downsizing. It had been on the Plaza for more than a decade.

"The Plaza has about two dozen empty spots."

And yes, more closures are on deck. 

This info comes from former Kansas City Star reporter Joyce Smith who has a great Facebook page worth following. 

Most of her reporting is far more upbeat and also provides some great suggestions for foodie offerings throughout the metro. 

The newspaper cut her and there's no other print out let around to pick her up  . . . This tragic fact of life also kinda confirms our skepticism about the allegedly rebounding American economy. 

But again . . . Back to the home front . . . 

Recently, our blog community noted the impending Hunt Family takeover which isn't finalized. 

In the meantime, the Plaza doesn't look like it's going to recover from a $295-MILLION loan default any time soon. 

Moreover . . . 

This Kansas City entertainment district has yet to recover from COVID and weeks of 2020 BLM social justice rioting that seems to have scared customers away for good. 

For voters, it's important to remember that Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas joined "mostly peaceful" protesters during nationwide outcry after the murder of George Floyd and chanted "No Justice, No Peace" along with the mob. The Mayor also lead nighttime protests but DID NOT stick around for a spate of violence that killed one part-time photographer, burned a police car, torched a news truck and wrecked a shopping district that had endured for more than 100 years. 

To be fair . . . 

The Mayor's office has been front & center trying to find new merchants to replace the old after potential anchor tenant Nordstrom backed out. 

Mayor Q has offered vague hope that eliminating street parking in favor of better pedestrian access might help revive the district.

Sadly . . . The decline of the Country Club Plaza persists with Springtime looming along with warmer weather wherein "rowdy urban youth" or maybe more election year riots threaten to chase away even more paying customers.

Developing . . .