Raymore Hates Dumpy Kansas City

Right now we notice a worthwhile round-up of continued controversy that's only going to get worse as 2024 moves forward. 

Close followers of this story get a bit scared when we remind folks that . . .

We even notice demands for a Kansas City landfill are part of the local "racial justice" agenda. 

And that's not ridiculous at all. 

For now, here's a great peek at rural push back . . .

"Communities south of KC have been fighting plans by a private company to build a solid-waste landfill in a part of KC that borders Jackson and Cass counties. For the residents of Raymore, the landfill is practically on their doorstep, with the proposed 460-acre landfill visible from city limits."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Raymore city officials want to put the kibosh on a KC landfill proposal.

Raymore officials are hoping halt a KC landfill proposal. An intense battle battle has consumed the area over a proposed KC dump.