Behind The Scenes: More Critical Questions Confront KCPD Chief Graves

Our online community has noted that the move against Chief Graves is now in motion. 

Before we start: 

Our TKC perspective is merely to blog & report these points of contention . . . Do not consider our documentation an endorsement . . . But local law enforcement supporters can no longer deny this effort is taking hold.

Accordingly . . . 

Here's a brief summary of the chatter we've noticed taking place behind the scenes:

- There are continued questions and complaints regarding the Chief's husband working security for Taylor Swift. 

Now, we thought it was funny when KCPD media told the newspaper to go ask Taylor Swift about her hiring practices . . . And the quick retirement of KCPD Captain Graves might have stalled these questions but they continue to confront the Police Board and gain more documentation. 

Additional TKC perspective . . . We talked to a few friendly media outlets about this topic and they were eager to try and defend the Chief and her husband but were also SHUT DOWN and almost treated like opposition. Sure, stalling tactics are effective to start but inevitably . . . Chief Graves will have to confront the criticism of her detractors front & center. 

- The KCPD Chief's recent absence has earned more criticism.  

OF COURSE, she is entitled to time off for a multitude of valid reasons but the chain of command in her absence is now a talking point of her critics.

- Personnel allocation criticisms now confront Chief Graves. 

 Again, in fairness the new Chief garnered a great deal of well-deserved praise for reinstating the Missing Persons Unit. A recent 11-hour plan to extend hours for patrols has been met with far less enthusiasm as an answer to historic homicide numbers. 

Behind the scenes . . . Other allocations of scarce resources are creating divisions within the department. 

From our vantage, here's what's important . . 

KCPD isn't a monolith. There are ALWAYS several factions within the department working to advance their own agenda. 

As rising crime and election season confront KCMO, the Chief is going to have a harder time holding on to the mostly good vibes directed her way. 

Translation: This town needs a scapegoat and the job of KCPD Chief has far less political support built into the position than most voters realize.

There's more to come on this debate but here's the crux of arguments advancing behind the scenes:

"The bottom line is that the BOPC needs to take a close look at Chief Graves. They should be regretting their decision."

Developing . . .