Did Taylor Swift Force KCPD Captain Into Early Retirement?!?!

Kinda but not really . . .

From our vantage . . . Here's how it happened. 

Certainly it wasn't anybody at the top levels of 12th & Oak who leaked a tidbit to the Kansas City Star. 

The fun fact earned a bit of newspaper coverage bud didn't resonate anywhere else. 

Neither Facebook nor Twitter seemed to garner much interest regarding the topic.

However . . . One of the four decent KC Reddit groups talked it up to about 100 comments that not-so-strangely seemed to echo 12th & Oak sentiments.

Again . . . No other local news outlet was really interested in the story . . .

And here's today's not so stunning conclusion . . .

"A Kansas City police captain — and husband of Police Chief Stacey Graves — who accompanied Taylor Swift at the Kansas City Chiefs game in Green Bay, Wisconsin, will retire from the department at the end of the year, KCPD officials confirmed Wednesday.

"Capt. Daniel Graves appeared to be working off-duty when he showed up in photographs and videos walking behind the singer as she entered Lambeau Field on Dec. 3 before the Chiefs played the Packers. KCPD said Graves was not working in a law enforcement capacity, but it was unclear whether he was working as a private security guard for Swift."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

KCPD captain who appeared to work security for Taylor Swift is retiring. What's next?

This Kansas City police captain - and husband of the police chief - appeared in photos and video walking behind Taylor Swift before the Chiefs played the Green Bay Packers this month.