TKC Told You So: Kansas City Streetcar Riverfront Extension Kaput Amid Inflation?!?

Our blog community called out this nightmare last month

Even more recently . . . Remember that we talked about even more KC Currents disappointment amid the proposed pedestrian bridge FAIL that goes along with toy train developments.

Check a bit more of the bad news in today's dead-tree catch-up . . .

"The original budget included $20.7 million from the federal government and $14.2 million from local sources. The Kansas City Port Authority, now known as PortKC, pledged to contribute $8.5 million of that from special taxes levied to pay for the extension. The streetcar authority promised to kick in $4.75 million, and the KCATA another $1 million. 

"That’s not nearly enough to build it now. It will cost at least $12 million more, based on documents in the public record."

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Soaring costs derail Kansas City streetcar riverfront extension. When could it be done?

Officials believe they have raised enough money to cover the higher pricetag and get the project moving forward, but not in time for the 2025 soccer season.