Show-Me Push Back Against Congressional Demand For Race-Based Mizzou Scholarships

Credit where it's due  . . . The newspaper runs a worthwhile editorial that challenges recent statements from leading members of Congress in Missouri.

Remember that earlier this month we talked about Congressman Cleaver's demand for Mizzou to return "race-based" scholarships & student aid.

Now, here's push back and the crux of the debate . . .

"Reps. Emanuel Cleaver and Cori Bush made this demand earlier this month. They want Mizzou to use what they think is a loophole in the Supreme Court’s ruling. Instead of directly looking at applicants’ race, they want Mizzou to look at how race affects an applicant’s life — a distinction without a difference. They also want Mizzou to continue offering scholarships that are only available to members of specific races. Their transparent goal is to keep discriminating against applicants based on skin color, unfairly benefiting some at the expense of others.

In reality, this demand is deeply insulting to people of color, including me. Reps. Cleaver and Bush are effectively saying that people of color aren’t good enough to succeed on their own merits. Of course we are. We’re just as capable as anyone else. That’s why universities should focus solely on an applicant’s scholastic aptitude and work ethic."

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Missouri Treasurer: Reps. Cleaver and Bush are wrong. Say no to race-based admissions | Opinion

Mizzou should quit benefiting some students at the expense of others, writes Vivek Malek. The color of students' skin doesn't matter.