Congressman Cleaver Demands Return Of 'Race-Based' MU Scholarships & Student Aid

In the aftermath of a controversial SCOTUS decision on affirmative-action . . . The congressman advocates for continues assistance for minority students. 

Here's the money line . . .

Members of Congress, Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver and Rep. Cori Bush, appealed to those in power . . .

"This is an image issue," Cleaver said. "Anyone from Missouri can tell you MU has had a bad image as it relates to minorities; all we're saying is try to fix it. Fix it."

In a letter sent to the UM System President, congress members stated, "The [Supreme] Court did not restrict the use of race-based scholarships or financial aid."

"The SCOTUS decision did not mention the word scholarship or scholarship program . . . It ain't there," Rep. Cleaver said.

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UM System president responds to request from Congress members to restore race-based scholarship programs

In late June, the U.S. Supreme Court ended a decades-old practice in higher education. Now, there have been calls for the UM System to restore race-based scholarships.