Kansas City Barbecue Society Blame Software Glitch For EPIC American Royal 2023 FAIL

At the outset of this month our TKC blog community covered this issue better than most local media outlets.

Now . . . Check hipsters running a bit of PR from a local institution that suffered a great deal of fiery criticism and heated rebuke from BBQ pitmasters from across the nation . . . Here's the cover story:

One root of the issue stemmed from misconceptions within data entries, resulting in teams having scores of ‘zero’ when staff were reviewing results.

“At a KCBS contest, we don’t see zeroes. Zeroes mean something went wrong, but at the American Royal, which is definitely a one-of-a-kind event, over 20 teams didn’t check in or pick up their turn in containers,” KCBS CEO Rod Gray says.

“As they got further into it, there were zeroes for teams that they felt certain had turned in as well.”

This is where the stream of complications began for KCBS staff.

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Kansas City Barbecue Society reveals what went wrong at the 2023 American Royal

KCBS has opened up about mistakes that were made after hiring an IT firm to investigate errors that took place the 2023 American Royal.