American Royal BBQ Hot Mess Explained Amid Outrage & Apology

This year a Kansas City culinary tradition turned into an outright clusterf*ck wherein tech glitches and bad planning left a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

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Re: American Royal BBQ Contest

As you may know the American Royal BBQ contest is a big deal in the world of competition bbq. The contest itself is over 400 teams from coast to coast and even some international teams compete. There are two sides to the Royal which are the open that anyone can enter and the invitational which you can enter if you have won another contest around the country first. Open side had over 450 teams and invitational had over 180 teams.

The Royal used to be fun before the late Patterson from Cerner was the president of the board and he turned it all corporate and started hiking up the price to compete. It went from friends hanging out and bbq'ing to a corporate party. He also didn't make fans by first moving it from the West Bottoms to first Truman Sports complex  and now the Speedway. He is long gone but his minions are in charge and still running it like he wanted.

"The sanctioning body behind this is the Kansas City BBQ Society which their office is down Boulevard Brewery btw. They sanction all contests around the world. There where close to 300 judges there over the weekend that was trained by KCBS.

Team wise it costs a lot of money to do this. On the low end teams are spending $2k just to compete.

There is the backstory and now onto the current crisis. Sunday at the awards they first postponed them for technical issues. Hours went by and they finally announced the winners.

One would think this would be the end of the story but it's just the beginning... Next some teams started looking at the scores and noticed that theirs wasn't even posted like they were not even there and ironically enough some teams received scores who wasn't even at the contest. Obviously lots of finger pointing started at this point. Flash forward to this afternoon and KCBS says they did an "audit" of the contest and lo and behold the dude they crowned the winner wasn't actually the winner and it was another team. Lots of money on the line here as well I should add.

KCBS blames the American Royal and the Royal blames KCBS. End of the day teams are upset and wondering wtf is going on and what has went on in years past that nobody knew about. Nobody knows the true reason and neither organization is saying much other than the typical pr BS.

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