EPIC Kansas City Airport Solar Farm Scheme Cleverly Sold Off To Evergy

This is a good move considering one fact the local media is downplaying . . .


Maybe the project can overcome some logistical problems that have thwarted similar efforts in the past

The last progress report in June revealed that KC is still working with the FAA to complete a new glare study with local engineering firms.

Here's this week's info on the new tactic wherein 12th & Oak plays "green" landlord . . .

The city will not own the solar farm but receive $300,000 a year in rent on the land at KCI used for the development, Platt said.

“It won’t cost anything to taxpayers,” he said.

The city does not seek to share in any of the profits from the solar power generated on its KCI land.

“We are not trying to profit off ratepayers,” Platt said. “Our vision and our goals in addition to sustainability is to keep electric rates at or below where they are now.”

The deal was considered and approved Wednesday by the City Council’s Transportation, Infrastructure and Operations Committee, Platt said. Final City Council approval is pro forma and expected next Thursday, he said.

In the first phase, 35 megawatts will be developed on 136 acres at the airport, immediately vaulting the city to a leading role in renewables deployment.

It will be the largest array at any U.S. airport, outdistancing such cities as Denver, whose airport has had solar for many years, according to the city.

After Evergy and the city learn how from this initial deployment, a more ambitious phase two over several years calls for the development of solar arrays on the balance of 3,100 acres identified by the city and its consultants as prime turf for expansion.

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Evergy to Lead Group Building Massive KCI Solar Farm

Kansas City has struck a deal with a consortium led by Evergy to develop a massive solar farm at Kansas City International Airport.