New KCI Solar Array Proposal FINALLY Acknowledges Glare Problems

Credit to our friends at The Pitch . . . They're the only local media outlet to report on a potential roadblock confronting city hall plans to save the planet.

Whilst they echo a great deal of the 12th & Oak Eco-hype . . . We picked out a passage that reveals a major stumbling block for new "green" tech  . . . Which, ironically, is mostly Chinese junk that isn't so good for the environment:

It’s not the first attempt to bring a solar farm to the airport. Evergy, the investor-owned utility serving the Kansas City metro, scrapped plans in late 2020 for a smaller solar array atop a parking garage now under construction as part of the airport’s new terminal, according to Energy News Network. An engineering study found that arrangement could create a glare affecting air traffic controllers.

The utility’s spokeswoman, Gina Penzig, said in an email that Evergy is reviewing the feasibility study, completed by the Kansas City Aviation Department and two engineering firms.

“The study is encouraging, noting solid options to build meaningful solar at the airport,” Penzig said. “We remain interested in partnering with the city to build solar at KCI.”

Evergy declined to comment further.

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