Downtown Hacks Claim Full COVID Recovery Despite Empty Storefronts & Offices

It's fair to be skeptical about his data given that anybody taking a walk through downtown during the day will notice a lot of empty buildings and quite a few vacant properties. 

The claim: Downtown is back to biz as usual . . . However, a look at half empty parking lots and noticeably less traffic in the area suggests otherwise.

We talked about this last week but they're repeating the lie until it sticks.

Check their side of the story . . .

"The report from Downtown KC, a nonprofit advocacy group, also shows the number of people living downtown increased 13% compared to 2020. Roughly 72% of office employees who worked downtown in 2019 have returned to those buildings."

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Visitors to downtown Kansas City in 2023 matched pre-pandemic numbers

A new report shows the number of office workers, residents and visitors in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, continue to rise from dips during the COVID-19 pandemic.