Chastain Claims Persecution By Mayor Q Team In Latest Lawsuit

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Here's more follow-up and an important look at the current state of Kansas City free speech and grassroots politics.

At the very least, we wanted to share Clay's side of the story . . .

Clay Chastain: Added clarification to assist you in future coverage about my being arrested by the City & my subsequent lawsuit against Lucas & City.

I had Campaign flyers with me (& board) when I cleared security. I had been passing them out in front of City Hall and intended to do so (outside) after I left the Council hearing. Surprisingly, additional security immediately confronted me in the Hall and said it was illegal for me (a candidate) to Campaign inside City Hall. BTW, that is not true. The law the City cited (in court) only applies to Employees! Anyway, I told security I would not be passing out flyers or campaigning inside City Hall.  I told security I was just there to question the Mayor in the public forum soon to take place. They said no you can't go up there. I said okay I will leave everything at the security desk. The head of security said no we will throw it away. That is when things got heated and they subsequently arrested me.

Here is the most important part (and revealed their mean spiritedness), 3-weeks later I called the City Prosecutor to see if they would be reasonable and just let this matter go. No she said, you trespassed, refused to leave and we (Lucas) are going to prosecute you in court. That was a bad faith action against me by Lucas and the City when no harm had taken place. And, it required I make another 2,000 mile (round trip) back to KC. Hence my lawsuit, (after I won in court).

The judge said the law was "ambiguous" but even it were unlawful for a citizen (candidate) to campign on a Council day, she correctly ruled I wasnt campaigning. I didn't Campaign and had no intention to campaign inside City Hall that day. They detained me and had me arrested for something they thought I Might do. Now you know "the rest of the story" that Lucas and the City refuse to comment on.

I believe your story omitted that I was acquitted by a court of law.

Sincerely, Clay


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TKC did blog Clay's acquittal on two separate instances.

However, we're looking forward to watching the future of his latest case.

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