Transit Activist Clay Chastain 2023 Lawsuit Against City Hall Moves Forward

The latest update from KC's most prolific petitioner.

In this blast he seems a bit more conciliatory after his complaint against 12th & Oak earned a bit of recognition.

Here's his latest . . . 

Activist Chastain Press Release: Honorable US District Court Judge Howard F. Sachs has "ordered" Clay Chastain's Section 1983 Civil Rights Lawsuit (case # 23-00490-CV-W-HFS) against Mayor Lucas and the City to proceed because it does NOT lack, "an arguable basis in either law or fact."

"Plaintiff asserts claims pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 1983 for humiliation, emotional trauma, damage to reputation, and deprivation of civil rights stemming from an alleged unlawful arrest at City Hall as he attempted to question Mayor Lucas for declining to debate him during a recent Mayoral campaign."

"Accordingly, it is hereby Ordered that plaintiff's motion to GRANTED."

"Ordered that the clerk of the court issue summons....upon defendants".

Keep in mind, Lucas, Platt and the City could have dropped the case. However, they proceeded instead to act even meaner by deciding (3-weeks later) to prosecute me in court. They did and they lost. A court of law acquitted me.

Simply put: Mayor Lucas & the City tried to criminalize Lucas' political opponent by unlawfully prosecuting Chastain for exercising his (political) free speech at City Hall during a City Council hearing (public forum).

For the last week, the City Manager, Brian Platt,  has refused to return my calls. Given the Judge's order, perhaps now he will to see if we can resolve this lawsuit, put aside our political differences and do the patriotic together on a (joint) public transportation initiative for the greater good of Kansas City.

Kansas City Activist, Clay Chastain


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