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Recently . . . 

Our blog community offered pix, opinion, analysis and reporting on 12th & Oak subsidizing rent touted as a "victory" by local news. In the post we contend that city hall is taking over as "de facto landlord" and criticize the plan. 

We don't retract a word of that post.

Moreover . . . After a lifetime of living in KCMO . . . We contend that everything 12th & Oak touches turns to garbage . . . Like King Midas in reverse. 

However . . .

Our pathological TKC cynicism DOES NOT mean that we aren't open to discussion and other perspectives. 

Accordingly, with just a few minor edits for brevity & legal consideration . . .

This morning we'd like to share a response and "fact check" against our arguments from one of the most important local protest & advocacy groups in Kansas City. 

Here's the word  . . .

KC Tenants Leader: North Lawn Post

City Hall is not the de facto landlord nor taking over the property.

Tenants will be relocated into safe, recently rehabilitated units on the same property. The rent to tenants will be $400 per unit, per month, and the City will subsidize the remaining $450 per unit, conditioned on a set of tenant protections ($850/month total). The City’s intervention is being executed with the public municipal purpose of preventing homelessness.

The properties on North Lawn (118-146 and 135) are owned by THE LANDLORD. The agreement has a term of two years and guarantees (but is not limited to) the following conditions:

- THE LANDLORD must maintain the units at 135 N. Lawn in a manner that complies with state and federal law and the City Code of Ordinances, including Health Department inspections through the Healthy Homes Rental Inspection Program;
- THE LANDLORD must initiate repairs within three business days after initial report, or within 24 hours in the event of an emergency maintenance issue;
- THE LANDLORD must provide regular recycling and trash services;
- The Landlord must provide pest treatments at the Tenants' request;
- Shared spaces such as parking lots, hallways, community rooms, etc. shall be well-maintained by the Landlord and open to all Tenants during reasonable hours.

For years, negligent landlords forced the tenants at North Lawn to live in buildings with broken and boarded-up windows and doors, fires, leaks, pests, frequent break-ins, no mail service, unresponsive management and ownership, a lack of maintenance and vital repairs, and dangerous gas and heat outages. The property was cited for building violations, health code violations, dozens of Healthy Homes complaints, and eight property violations. The agreement is the result of tenants at North Lawn holding both the property owner and City accountable. It allows them to stay housed while also substantially updating the buildings on North Lawn.

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