Celebrate Faux 'Catholic' Westside Church

Don't get it twisted . . . We respect everyone's superstitions. 

However . . .

An upstart Westside church we wrote about years ago is "Catholic" in the same way that the McRib is technically barbecue. 

Nevertheless . . . On the extended weekend we share a notice from this town's top faith writer doing a bit of journalistic gymnastics for the benefit of the local "news" cartel . . .

"The church is attached to the California-based Society of Christ the King, which is not under the pope’s jurisdiction though it adheres to the Roman liturgy. "

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Gay Priest Shepherds Nontraditional 'Catholic' Church

The red brick church at 700 West Pennway on Kansas City's West Side has undergone several religious conversions in its long history. This late 19th-century building was home to West Side Christian Church from 1893 until 1986, when property managers Jeff Krum and Adam Jones bought it.