Independent LGBT 'Catholic' Christ The King Opens On Kansas City Westside

A new Kansas City religious outfit is about as "Catholic" as St. Pauli Girl imported German beer.

That's not to say that we don't appreciate a good hustle.

Coming Soon: TKC's Low-Carb* Snack Cake & Donut Shop!!!

*Low-carb = Little or no carburetor fluid in the pastries.

We're also working on a "vegan" recipe for short ribs . . . Assuming that the cows ate some grass at some point.

Anyhoo . . . The mission of the new Church seems nice . . . Especially given that the old school Catholic Church has turned away quite a few of the faithful with historically strident views on abortion/reproductive rights and moving around predator priests . . .

"We are a new independent Catholic church in Kansas City. Our community is committed to including all people in the full life of ministry. We seek to grow deeper in our relationship with Christ the King, ask questions and uphold sacred worship."

Read more via news link that offers more study of the institution that took over an old yoga studio and hopefully cleaned out the smell of feet and patchouli oil . . .


We don't just recite and memorize, we live the Gospel. We grow together, seek Christ together, and strive to fully engage in the life of the Church. Our church is not confined to buildings, our church is in the hearts of the faithful and fully alive!