Kansas City Star Sports Scribe Applauds Whit Merrifield For COVID Jab Gamesmanship?!?

The column is a bit convoluted but here's the closest we can get to a main point without all of the post-pandemic posturing . . .

The events preceding his departure are still fresh, perhaps still raw for some. He had refused to take the COVID-19 vaccination, keeping him home as his teammates made a trip to Toronto, before he then stated he’d be willing to get the shot if he was on a team in playoff contention.

You know all this. It’s been a mere nine months, so I’m not going to tell you that you should be over it by now — nor am I providing a required reaction as though it’s a homework assignment — but if we’re talking what’s deserved, well, he’s earned an ovation.

As we we're posting this .  . . We remembered that TKC PREDICTED REGRET for local fans booing the baller not so long ago. 

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Whit Merrifield deserves an ovation in his return to KC. But there's much more to it

Some 257 days ago, I sat at the computer and wrote a column encapsulated by this headline: Why it's time for the Kansas City Royals to trade Whit Merrifield. It was about more than baseball. Almost exclusively more than baseball, actually.