Progressives & Politicos Target Kansas City Firefighter Unions

This one might even be too hot for TKC to touch . . . We have been burned by unknowingly and unwittingly getting a bit too close to union beef in the past. 

However, we will watch from the sidelines with popcorn.

Last night we pondered a housecleaning on the horizon.

It looks like it might be closer than we imagined.

Today a group of local Black leaders lashed out at KCFD's worsening reputation for discriminatory behavior. 

Similarly, here's the money line from an even more popular report . . .

The report blames KCFD’s two unions for preventing KCFD management from holding employees accountable because of their power over daily operations and Kansas City politics.

“They seem to enjoy the benefits of favorable policies and practices codified in their (collective bargaining agreements), but do not share the responsibilities for managing and maintaining a safe, harassment-free, equitable workplace,” the reports states. “This also has an impact on effectively stewarding taxpayer dollars.”

The International Association of Fire Fighters Local 42 represents 1,113 KCFD personnel, which includes Fire Captains, in-line personnel and first-line supervisors. The IAFF 3808 represents 73 Battalion Chiefs and Division Chiefs. There are 1,240 KCFD employees.

The IAFF Local 42 did not respond to requests for comment at the time of publication.

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Investigation into Kansas City Fire Department says unions block needed reform on racism

A new report on the culture within the Kansas City Fire Department finds that its two unions wield too much power, making it difficult for the department to work with the city.