Allegations Of Systemic Racism Target Kansas City Fire Department

Here's the problem . . .

It's not like any of these deets are really surprising to anyone who knows and has an affinity for the fire fighters. 

Sorry but "the culture" of most American fire departments is politically incorrect, bawdy and otherwise inappropriate for present day professional environments. Successful people of color and women within the department have learned to navigate around this fact of life, stifle most of their complaints and do their job to the best of their abilities despite these challenges.   

Generally, the public allows first responders, especially firefighters, a little bit of leeway for their backward workplace environment given that NOBODY else is going to put their life on the line to help people.

Whilst police have endured a "racial reckoning" and demands for change . . . Nobody is out in the streets protesting against the jocular culture of the fire department . . . Most people simply hope that they don't need their assistance.

Consider . . . 

Over the past 40 years or so, a remarkable improvement in American society has gone mostly overlooked: fires are way, way less common than they used to be.

As we've long pointed out . . . KCFD going into the ambulance biz about a dozen years ago makes these complaints more relevant given that most people are likely to need emergency medical services rather fire suppression.  

And so . . . Just as our blog community predicted . . .

The Kansas City Fire Department's gambit to survive has unwittingly facilitated radical change that they are destined to endure in the very near future. 

This city hall report might not seem like a big deal . . . BUT IT'S THE START OF SYSTEMIC CHANGE FOR KANSAS CITY FIRE FIGHTERS and possibly a hint that a massive house cleaning within the department is on the horizon.

Here's the word . . .

The report found Black firefighters and women faced discrimination in the Kansas City Fire Department, also said firefighters were more careless about damaging homes in poorer neighborhoods and celebrated dangerous driving that caused crashes.

Firefighters treated fire scenes in low-income area different from those located in more affluent Kansas City neighborhoods. Fire crews will tear up houses more than necessary in poorer areas, while firefighters put plastic over couches and may not chop a hole in the roof while battling fires in more expensive homes.

Erratic driving that results in wrecks is commemorated in fire stations with plagues or mounted pieces of wreckage.

The report said it was commonplace for firefighters to tell inappropriate jokes and make slurs about a colleagues’ race, gender or sexual orientation.

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In city report, KCFD firefighters say inappropriate touching, racial slurs are common

Kansas City firefighters said they have been grabbed in sexually inappropriate ways and subjected to racial slurs in the city's fire stations, according to a Kansas City Council report released Wednesday.

City Hall releases report on racism and sexism in the Kansas City Fire Department

The Kansas City Council on Wednesday released a report on racism and sexism in the Kansas City Fire Department, assessing how much discrimination persists in the agency years after city leaders promised changes.

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