Most Candidates Skipped KC Tenants Forum

To be fair . . . They had fiddy fifty people waste their time on a Saturday in order to advocate for freebies at the cost of local taxpayers . . . Thankfully, I'm not at the point where I'd do that, even in exchange for a cool t-shirt.

Here's the promo report dutifully offered by the newspaper . . . Meanwhile, let's not forget that this group was touted by none other than the New York Times for their potential to impact this local election.

Check-it . . .

"Many attended the forum, including Mayor Quinton Lucas, who participated in a brief Q&A halfway through the event. At least 50 community members and activists were in the audience, each eager to provide feedback to candidates and hear solutions to the metro’s growing affordable housing crisis."

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'Making some change': Candidates for city council vie for KC Tenants endorsement in forum

Twenty-four-year-old Erica Flores had Saturday's affordable housing panel between Jackson County City Council candidates marked on her calendar weeks in advance. For her, the 2 p.m. political forum at Robert J. Mohart Center was different from any other in Kansas City.