Kansas City Tech: Start Next Fake Jack The Ripper Social Media Rumor!!!

Local authorities said time and time again that 2022 urban serial killer rumors were UNFOUNDED and so far there hasn't been any more evidence after a FAKE NEWS TIKTOK about a local serial killer.

Perspective . . .

As murder stats spiked to historic levels in 2022, Kansas City activists dutifully pushed fear of "Jack The Ripper" stalking young black women whilst ignoring the statistically provable and all-too-real surge in deadly domestic violence.

Sadly, the dearth of evidence doesn't stop our progressive friends from hyping this sketchy tech effort that users are expected to take on good faith alone . . .

"After Black residents criticized how Kansas City Police were not taking their concerns seriously, Bishop Tony Caldwell and his community group, the Justice and Dignity Center, say they've created a new app aimed at finding missing people."

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New app will allow Kansas Citians to report missing people without the police

People in the Kansas City community have expressed frustrations lately with how the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department has dealt with searching for missing people, especially Black women. The community organization Justice and Dignity Center, led by Bishop Tony Caldwell, decided to take action on their own and created an app for residents to report people who have gone missing.