John Carnes Proves He's Still Hilarious In Court Appearance For Tax Beef

The behind the scenes power player continues to have a bit of fun despite deets of EPIC tax debts and gambling loses became part of the Kansas City discourse.

Here's a quick giggle amid harsh times . . .

When Carnes came into the courtroom, he walked over to reporters and said, "Here's my fan club."Carnes sat quietly alongside his attorney during the arraignment, only speaking to answer yes or no questions from the judge.

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John Carnes pleads not guilty to charges in federal indictment

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - While appearing in court Thursday before a federal judge, John Carnes pleaded not guilty to nine counts of tax evasion, obstruction and failure to pay his taxes . Rudolph Rhodes, assistant United States attorney, told the judge the state has 1.5 GBs of Carnes' tax records that will be submitted into evidence.