Indictment Against John Carnes Exposes Alleged EPIC Casino Gambling

This meth town power player gambled big bucks whilst avoiding taxes according to the Feds.

Here's the most captivating passage of recent reporting along with apt background from JimmyC . . .

According to allegations in the indictment, which was unsealed only after Carnes was arrested, Carnes spent $1.3 million at Kansas City-area casinos and took around $846,000, while evading paying his taxes during a period between 2012 to 2020.

Allegations of failing to pay taxes aren't new to Carnes.

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Indictment: John Carnes spent $1M at KC-area casinos, took more than $800K while evading taxes

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - An Independence attorney was arrested Wednesday, just one day after he was indicted by a federal grand jury on nine counts of tax evasion, obstruction and failing to pay personal taxes. John Carnes has been the subject of several I-Team investigations .

I thought he'd died, but he's just in trouble again

Occasionally, I check out the number of views I've been getting on my website, and sometimes I get surprised. Like tonight. I made a random check and saw that I had over 100 views on a 2018 post about former Independence City Councilman and former Jackson County legislator John Carnes.

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