Newsflash: Nobody Likes The City Manager

Quick follow-up . . . 

Middle-class white liberals are climbing aboard the effort to oust Brian Platt - It's an East side struggle that has been going strong for most of the guy's disappointing term.

We talked about this back in November. 

Yes, we even noted the dude's divorce back in September. 

In the meantime there has been even more gossip that pretty much signals the dude has FAILED to find much support on the council, among co-workers and/or anywhere other than the Mayor's office.  

Our thinking: Getting rid of the city manager might make an easy campaign promise that Mayor & Council can ACTUALLY FULFILL. 

Meanwhile . . . 

Here's a nice recap from JimmyC to help the plebs in Brookside get up to speed . .  .

"I don’t see the 37-year-old executive making it through 2023. He will either resign or be fired.

"At this point, it’s fair to say, the City Council members, including Mayor Quinton Lucas, have their fingers in the air to see if this story “has legs,” and they are trying to gauge how strong public reaction will be and how long blowback will last."

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The chess board is not shaping up well for Brian Platt. At this point, the "King" has been put in "Check."

It's unfortunate, in a way, that Chris Hernandez' legal allegations that Kansas City Manager Brian Platt enthusiastically endorsed lying to reporters as an an acceptable "media strategy" is getting overshadowed by the news swirling about the Kansas City Police Department and Board of Police Commissioners. Make no mistake, however, that the civil allegations by the...