Kansas City Star Celebrates Top 2022 Stories

More than anything, this year we learned that the voting public in Kansas City doesn't really care much about journalism or a functioning democracy. 

For all of the midterm outrage, political hyperbole and the so-called "red wave" that never really happened . . . VOTER TURNOUT ACTUALLY DECLINED FOR THE KANSAS CITY METRO IN 2022.

Meanwhile . . .

The newspaper became irrelevant in the daily metro discussion as the discourse segmented across partisan lines and into little fiefdoms . . . Of which TKC is the worst and least productive. 

Don't worry, it gets worse . . . 


Smarter people than TKC are predicting turnout of 6 to 7 percent of registered voters.

And so . . . 

The fortunes of the newspaper seem to be following this fading trend as Democracy shrinks and becomes just another bit of cheaply manufactured online content.

And all of THAT tells us how much impact the newspaper REALLY has despite their protestations. 

Take a peek . . .

"Today we want to highlight a collection of 2022 Star journalism that held the powerful to account and gave a voice to those who needed one.

We love to win national awards like a Pulitzer Prize, but our success is not measured in trophies. It’s measured in impact, in being part of changing laws and bad behaviors and making lives here better."

Moreover, so many year-end "best of" roundups are mostly just an excuse for lazy content. (Don't worry, we might have one or two over the weekend.)

For instance . . . We broke the story about Northland KC support for police but some low-rent donation bloggers are trying to take credit for it. 

That's cool . . .  The "favors" that pay-for-play blogs have to perform are far too costly for anyone with a modicum of dignity . . . In much the same way that journalists singing for their supper is always kinda cringe.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

As we enter 2023, let's celebrate a year of Kansas City Star journalism with big impact

The Kansas City Star aspires every day to be a force for positive change in this city and region we love. It is my privilege to work alongside The Star reporters, visual journalists and editors who dig out stories that need telling and do all they can to make sure those stories are seen by readers who will demand the problems be solved.