EPIC Police Support In Clay & Platte County: Kansas City 'Local Control' Unlikely To Win

For close readers we'd like to share a bit of raw data to better inform a local discussion.

The argument . . . 

Look closely at voter returns for the recent Missouri Amendment 4 vote to increase police funding and notice overwhelming victories in Clay & Platte Counties INCLUDING VOTING DISTRICTS INSIDE OF KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI.

We'll show our work on this because there are quite a few political liars trying to deceive local reporters. 

In Platte County the numbers easily show the trend . . .

Click the image or this link in order to take a closer glimpse . . . There's no big divergence throughout the county and every voting district seems to support voting to increase police funding by a margin of 25-30 points.

Clay County numbers follow a similar pattern . . .

Again, click those images or visit the Clay County Election Board to see for yourself. 

There was only 1 voting jurisdiction of 1600 voters where the effort didn't pass . . .

Throughout Clay County and most areas INSIDE OF KCMO CITY LIMITS the margin of victory for Amendment 4 was A LANDSLIDE average of about 15-20 points in support of police funding. 

Want can we take away from these returns???

A vote for local control isn't an assured victory for anti-police advocates. They face a brick wall of Northland opposition and a great deal of skepticism from throughout KCMO.

None of this is to say that we shouldn't have a vote on it. 

But, it's important to offer an accurate summary of voter sentiment given that MSM is only presenting a biased view from city hall with no supporting data. 

Developing . . .