This isn't so much a newsflash but an inevitability . . . In fact, our blog community has been telling you that this thing was going to happen since 2019

Now . . .


A Twitter blast dominates cowtown headlines tonight . . . Here's the money line . . .

“A new home would be a far better investment, both for local taxpayer dollars already supporting our facility, and for the Kansas City community,” Sherman said in a letter posted on the Royals Twitter account.

“Our vision is to not just build a facility that does justice to the spirit of The K. We want to construct a world-class experience – a new ballpark district and all that comes with It – one that is woven into the fabric of our city, can host events and concerts, and boosts our local economy.”

“Each site offers unique opportunities. We look forward to seeking input from the public over the coming months about our vision to best serve our residents and build on the momentum our city is experiencing.”

And so . . . On the home front these BILLIONAIRE BIG PROMISES deserve a great deal of skepticism. 

The annoucment claims the stadium redevelopment plan will cost 2 BILLION bucks . . . Probably double that.

Of course we invite KICK-ASS TKC READER hot takes . . . 

And what stands out in our mind is this . . .

Mayor Q will have to backtrack after claiming that a new downtown stadium would be akin to purchasing a Maserati.

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Royals owner John Sherman pens letter to fans, Kansas City on new baseball park

Royals owner John Sherman posted an open letter Tuesday to Royals fans and the Kansas City community regarding a new ballpark district."We are excited to now share that we have several leading locations under close consideration, both in downtown Kansas City and close to it," Sherman said in the letter.He

Royals have locations 'in downtown Kansas City and close to it' under 'close consideration,' John Sherman says

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - In a multi-page statement posted Tuesday, Royals Chairman and CEO John Sherman said the Royals want to move out of Kauffman and addressed the idea of a downtown stadium. We're sharing Sherman's full statement below, which you should be sure to check out.

Royals signal intent to move downtown with $2 billion stadium

After months of hinting at relocating to downtown Kansas City, Royals owner John Sherman made his strongest indication he intends to pursue a downtown stadium in an open letter to fans released Tuesday. In the letter, Sherman states his intent to build a "ballpark district" that will "allow for residential, commercial, and community components."

Kansas City Royals confirm new stadium plans

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Royals confirmed Tuesday they plan to build a new baseball stadium. Royals Chairman and CEO John Sherman penned a letter to Kansas City and fans saying the team is building a new ballpark district and are looking at options in downtown Kansas City or close to it.

Developing . . .