Mayor Q Maserati Quote Kills Downtown Kansas City Baseball Stadium

TKC doesn't feel so bad about taking it easy on Sunday . . . Especially when the newspaper is blogging fresh content from 2019. 

Remember this pithy retort from Mayor Q: 

“We need a new downtown baseball stadium like I need a new Maserati. It’d be cool to have, but I don’t have the money.”

And now there's survey "data-driven journalism" to back up this sentiment and pretty kill the dream of the Royals moving downtown . . . 


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No Maserati for us? Poll says KC would pass on downtown baseball even if Royals paid

Since we keep mentioning it, we're pretty sure you remember when mayoral candidate Quinton Lucas said he saw the prospect of downtown baseball in Kansas City the same way he saw the prospect of a nice new Maserati: "It'd be cool to have, but I can't afford it."