Kansas City Mayor's Chief Of Staff Works SO Closely With Brian Platt!!!

In the course of human events . . .

Things are just as "complicated" at 12th & Oak as they've ever been. 

However, there's nothing that teamwork can't help us overcome.

To wit . . . 

We're going to be careful, cheeky and FAIR in this post that keeps track of City Hall biz that has now become the topic of hot talk amongst local political elite from here to Jeff City. 

What we feel comfortable noting tonight . . .


About working "SO close" together . . . A nimrod like myself might ask . . .

How close is it???

Well . . .

It's soooooooooooo close that it's downright cozy.

You know . . . The kind of close like when you're taking a great deal of care whilst making macaroni and you can hear the squishy sounds.

That's pretty close.

In fact . . . So close that we're cutting comments off on this post because we're not going to help spread any nastiness not related to INFO ABOUT CITY HALL WORKING CONDITIONS THAT TAXPAYERS ARE ENTITLED TO KNOW. In fact, no matter how hilarious it might be, our broke-ass doesn't want to end up in court debating the exact meaning of squishy macaroni.  

Truth is . . . Mayor Q's chief of staff Morgan Said seems like a nice person with a great future ahead of her, we honestly feel like she is innocent of any nasty chatter directed her way. 

Still . . .

There's ABSOLUTELY NO DENYING that the great working relationship of this pair certainly has generated quite a bit of speculation. 

In fact . . . The Star is also working on a story about this topic but our take is so much more fun, light & breezy. 

Sure people always gossip about public figures and movers and shakers who are "masters of the universe" despite their place in an otherwise humble, small Midwestern town.

What have they accomplished for the voters and taxpayers of KCMO???

No idea. I'll wait for an answer on that one.

We don't know exactly what they're working on but they'll have more time after city manager Brian Platt's recent divorce.

What we do know is . . .

More than a few women on city council aren't happy about loose talk and gossip despite the benefits of such a great working relationship betwixt the Mayor's Chief Of Staff & City Manager Brian Platt. 

More importantly . . . We hear that the Mayor's office is now undertaking quite a few conversations and seeking advice from lady council members about how to effectively deal with this situation.  

Translation . . .

The vote counting is already underway.

The magic number is 7. 

Developing . . .