Glare Study Always Omitted From Hype About Upcoming New KCI Solar Farm

Eco-hype always ignores reality and doesn't want to address this town's many environmental failures. 

Another for instance . . . Remember that Kansas City electric battery maker that was Prez Obama claimed was going to save the world . . . It went bankrupt. 

Accordingly . . .

Check a similar scheme . . .

The solar farm news is expected to break just as the city gets ready to cut the ribbon on its spanking new $1.5 billion terminal at KCI early next year.

“During the next few months, there will be lots of talk about our airport,” Platt said.

A huge solar development at KCI would help address climate change, he said.

Again, our casual reminder . . . 

Evergy, the investor-owned utility serving the Kansas City metro, scrapped plans in late 2020 for a smaller solar array atop a parking garage now under construction as part of the airport’s new terminal, according to Energy News Network. An engineering study found that arrangement could create a glare affecting air traffic controllers.

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Plan for Biggest US Airport Solar Energy Farm Expected to Land Soon at KCI

Big news about an unprecedented municipal solar farm investment at Kansas City International Airport that would make national headlines - and surprise and delight Kansas Citians - is expected in early 2023. Kansas City City Manager Brian Platt said that the city's request for proposals for the construction of a swath of solar panels adjacent to KCI runways will close on Jan.